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I'm so silly I used a picture of a character from Sesame Street to represent me! Get outta town I'm wacky.

I'm Bertie, or Robert Purchese if we're being formal, and I'm a long-time writer for Eurogamer. Let's call me the boss, although I'm not, but let's pretend.

It's nice here and I hope you like the things we write about and share with you. If you don't, talk to us, tell us what you'd rather. I can't promise we'll be able to do whatever you suggest but we'll try.

Hi bye!
  • Gamertag Clert
  • Twitter @Clert

Bertie (aka Clert) has most recently played The Witcher 2, Diablo III, PES 2014/WE 2014, and Kinect Sports on Xbox Live.

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