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  • Nintendo "pleased" with VC pricing

  • Benraiben2k 17/05/2010

    It would not hurt them to make some of them a bit cheaper at all. With all the emulating that goes on, I'd think if I work for Nintendo: "How can we reward people who want to actually buy and not download for free?I know, let them have a "legit download" at a cheap price". If you could decide how many points you want and pay, that'd be ok. But you are forced to buy bulks for 7 or up!

    Also, as people said - downloads tied to a console...I am still annoyed over this. I have games purchased on my Wii from the VC - but...if my Wii breaks I have to go thru the hassle of sending it off etc for a repair. Can't pick up a wii cheap, set up my account and download from a profile.

    Also, what happens if the Wiis shop servers go down forever in future and my Wii has all these digital content games purchased - but I cant access them if my wii breaks, since the servers are gone?!
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Benraiben2k 17/05/2010

    I agree with you JDFreeman. What I am fed up about, with Star Wars games is this constant focus on Jedis and sabers, there is more to Star Wars than this! Seriously look at the original movies, and you hardly see sabers all that often. A MMO is a perfect chance to create a Star Wars universe where you can be a smuggler, some disgusting denizen dwelling in a cantina that kills others off on the side, a bounty hunter, anything!

    Heck, I'd even enjoy being a Jawa that scavages peoples left over droids/goods theyve discarded and then go around Tattooine selling them on/making droids out of them. Or even be a Tusken Raider attacking a sandcrawler/near by homes in the desert. But Jedis, once again..yawn, the same thing over and over.'
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  • New Resi film lifts stuff from Resi 5

  • Benraiben2k 15/04/2010

    Resi 5 is a game that initially I was a bit let down by, a year on, probably one of my favourite games. Story mode is weak as a single player (like the rest of franchise), but as a co-op adventure with a friend, and the mercenaries mode and DLC paks, I love Resi 5. Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain Taxidermist on PS3 Store

  • Benraiben2k 04/04/2010

    I do like Heavy Rain, but it is true, it doesn't change as much as it was said it would based on your choices. You leave Lauren to get beaten up - she pps up later to help anyway, just with a blackeye. You do get shoe horned somewhat along the game and only towards the end do changes show. However I read before I got the game that was sort of the case, so can't say I was let down.

    Still a good game, and as for the DLC...I really liked it! I might know who the killer is - but I am walking about a creepy house of some dude who stuffs people! He is scarier than the Origami killer in my eyes! I thought the atmosphere was good, and it was quite tense, especially playing it at night time! Shame more of the main Heavy rain game wasn't as tense as this!
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  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Benraiben2k 19/03/2010

    I don't see really any alarm for people to be upset or annoyed at this game, compared to previous TR games. As it is mentioned, this is just a different styled lara adventure to playthrough and expand the universe, whislt they work on the next major title, which will most likely be back to 3d landscape exploring. Reply +1
  • Metroid: Other M

  • Benraiben2k 26/02/2010

    I'm looking forward to this. I really don't care if Samus is going to be talking in this, as long as it is an enjoyable game. Mario would never have gone 3d if it was my choice, but Mario 64 turned out to be my favourite Mario ever. Reply +1
  • Games of 2009: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Benraiben2k 24/12/2009

    Brilliant game. Everything about it. I don't play online multi-deathmatch games much, so that aspect doesn't even come in to my view on this game. Solid, good single player story mode is what I like and what I got. My friend is (or was) an Xbox fanboy, he played Uncharted 2..loved it, and says its his game of the year too. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2

  • Benraiben2k 06/11/2009

    I don't have an Xbox, but play my friends and i loved Mass Effect 1! I hope it isn't too focused on shooting through and that exploration is still a big part. Reply 0
  • Mario shows up at Eurogamer Expo 2009

  • Benraiben2k 28/10/2009

    What is daring about dressing up as Mario at Eurogamer Expo? It is about video games anyway. Now if he dressed as Princess peach, that may have been somewhat daring. Reply +5
  • EG Expo 2009: Soap stars

  • Benraiben2k 27/10/2009

    In one of my old gaming magazines from the 90s, there is a photoshoot of "Phil" and "Grant Mitchell" from Eastenders versing one another on a Mortal Kombat arcade machine :s Reply +1
  • LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias

  • Benraiben2k 10/10/2009


    I can say Contra Rebirth is a good game! Possibly on the easy side, due to infinite continues/checkpoints. However, I guess you can limit your continue count yourself. It is rather easy to blast through on 2 players, but the harder modes on single mode are a good challenge. Stage 3 is the hardest I think. Couple of unlockables, Genesis Contra styled music (but of various Contra games), stages are a little too short, but still plenty of fun. I think it is worth it, always good to lbast through. The spreader gun is satisfying!

    As for Lost Winds, I have never played the first one, I do intend to soon. I played NyxQuest Kindred Spirits and really loved it, so I can't see why I wouldn't enjoy this games, especially as I really enjoy 2D platformers.
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  • First Epic Mickey details spilled

  • Benraiben2k 07/10/2009

    ^ That tired repeated comment. Could be said for everygame. Reply 0
  • Benraiben2k 06/10/2009

    Haha I like the storyline idea. I figured, obviously from the artwork, that Mickey would have to liven things up with his paintbrush. This could be a really good game if handled right! Reply +3
  • Epic Mickey confirmed as Wii exclusive

  • Benraiben2k 06/10/2009

    I loved the Mickey's Magical Quest games on the SNES. I hope this will turn out to be a new quality Mickey Mouse game, it looks promising.

    I am already bored of the "its on the Wi! :-(" "fails on the Wii" comments. The Wii is capable of doing good graphics when the developers can be bothered to take the time, Mario Galaxy/Metroid Prime 3, sure the Xbox/PS3 still look better. However it isn't especially the power of the graphics, but the art style that makes the real difference. As long as the game's art style, music, and sound manages to create the steam-punk atmosphere displayed in the concept art I don't have any problem at all.

    I doubt the game will be overly dark at all, if anything I'd expect the games feel to be similar to Kameos, if even that "mature" styled.

    I'll be keeping my eyes out for this game's development.
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  • Game Informer teases Epic Mickey reveal

  • Benraiben2k 05/10/2009

    I think it is a nice twist to have a "kid cartoon" turned darker for once instead of Mickey on his usual light hearted games. Reply 0
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii dated

  • Benraiben2k 24/09/2009

    Looking forward to this :-) Reply +1
  • Zelda man obsessed with besting Ocarina

  • Benraiben2k 28/08/2009

    One of the things that makes OoT so great is the simple fact it was the first 3D Zelda - never had we experienced it. Personally though, I think it was already beaten by Majora's Mask which I do prefer to OoT. Reply +1
  • "Okamiden" in next week's Famitsu

  • Benraiben2k 28/08/2009

    I'd love a sequel, though it shocks me to see Okami in bargain baskets for 5 here in the UK, along with those really bad games like Carnival Games. Surprising (as its a great game) but not surprising...I am a big adventure game fan and had never heard of this game til early 2008, despite it being on PS2 before hand.

    No "Zelda/Okami" debate for me - enjoy them both.
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  • Nintendo giving NES Metroid away

  • Benraiben2k 28/08/2009

    It is a good deal for me! I haven't played the original..I have registered MP3 and traded it in for close to what I bought it for ages ago... and I am getting trilogy and not played the 2nd before. All good for me. Reply 0
  • E3: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Benraiben2k 27/08/2009

    Nice to see some people moaning again over a game that looks good fun to play! Reply 0
  • Wii Sports Resort

  • Benraiben2k 27/08/2009

    I am not a fan of party games as such (asides from Mario Party 1/2!), but I do think Sports Resort is actually pretty good fun. It isn't as such good fun alone, but with friends it really is good to do archery and sword fighting. Alone I enjoy Wakeboarding and using the Airplane, it reminds me of Pilotwings. Stop being mierable you people hating on it and have a little fun. There is still plenty of time in your life to enjoy the other games you enjoy as well. Reply +1
  • E3: Perfect Dark N64 for Xbox Live

  • Benraiben2k 27/08/2009

    "But then it turned weird with all those alien ships and things " - Well it is a sci-fi shooter... :-p
    As for worries of it being "dated", well, Rare have updated the game somewhat as you can see. Gameplay wise...nah, that wont be dated either, I enjoy the gameplay like it is, and mainly why a lot of new FPS games just don't appeal.
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  • E3: Metroid Prime Trilogy dated

  • Benraiben2k 27/08/2009

    To be honest I don't think it is fair to grumble at Nintendo for porting the 2 Cube Metroids Primes over, especially when all are on one disc and all priced as one game. I personally found Prime 3 controls a lot better. I think however, Nintendo should have released the new play control Pikmin 1/2 on one disc as well, as opposed to seperate. Reply 0