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  • Ubisoft's E3 host hits back at "GAF dicks, Gamespot trolls, every illiterate racist douchebag on YouTube"

  • Belmonth 13/06/2012

    fucking black cunt Reply 0
  • Belmonth 13/06/2012

    the sissybois taking her defense with ,,you go girl! '' and whatnot are more pathetic than the trolls she refers to. Reply 0
  • Belmonth 13/06/2012

    We were there to see new games/gameplay and she kept barking in a ghetto style of talking that I barely understood something (not being a native english speaker) and kept repeating GIRLWOOD GIRLWOOD after each freakin game shown. You know what? how about she fucks off Reply -2
  • Belmonth 13/06/2012

    bluetooth feels for her, isnt that cute? she just a freakin impressionist bitch Reply -9
  • Belmonth 13/06/2012

    nice, now go and cook something Reply -13
  • THQ has "hit the bottom" but is now rebounding, says CEO

  • Belmonth 12/06/2012

    ''A lot of the upside came from the digital downloads coming from Saints Row: The Third. So you ship a successful game, and the follow-on digital revenue is really strong. We had great cash flow as the result of those two things.''

    Steam to the rescue ! pc gaming is dead my ass..
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  • EA likens difference between Origin and Steam to difference between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty

  • Belmonth 12/06/2012

    Seriously...I had no problems with Origin .This needs to stop. People are just upset that they cant have their entire library in a single place. Well..thats thought luck, it doesnt work that way. Im getting tired of all these people saying, I dont play ME3 or BF3 cause Origin only ! So what? its your loss for not playing some great games. The service is fine and all this hate is just cause ppl want an entire library in one place. Which is a nice idea, but not a reason to hate something...grow up.. Reply -19
  • The Rise and Collapse of Yoshinori Ono

  • Belmonth 11/06/2012

    his wife? wasnt Ono gay ? Reply -36
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard Preview

  • Belmonth 06/06/2012

    Van Helsing ,witch-hunter style! yea ! Clearly going for the dawnguards first. Now if only they would put some new armors to fit this new theme Reply +8
  • Ubisoft's Watch Dogs unveiled, platforms not yet disclosed

  • Belmonth 05/06/2012

    God I hope its not MMO or just multiplayer. Optional multi and coop is fine but I hope it has singleplayer also Reply +5
  • Former GTA, Red Dead and LA Noire designer founds indie dev Red Kite Games

  • Belmonth 01/06/2012

    GTA...nice! RD...nice! LA Noire....nice?!? ->Making iPhone and iPad adventure inspired by 2D animated Disney films. WHA ? have fun in shovelware land..with that hair...ur gonna need it. Reply +11
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Dawnguard trailer

  • Belmonth 31/05/2012

    Fuck Microsoft. Reply -27
  • The Witcher 1 to launch on PS3 and Xbox 360, shops suggest

  • Belmonth 29/05/2012

    While I dont mind making Witcher available to even more people (im not the platform fanboi type), I feel abit sad that they ,,waste'' so much time on remaking for the consoles ,instead of concentrating on Witcher 3. I can only hope they have the main team working on it and a port team that handles these console remakes. Reply -17
  • New Star Wars franchise to be unveiled next week

  • Belmonth 25/05/2012

    Star Wars 1313 , open world RPG about bounty hunter. Yes pls. Reply +11
  • Anarchy Reigns delayed in the West, Platinum says

  • Belmonth 25/05/2012

    man July is always dead, and what...june is better with Spec Ops The Line, Inversion etc ? sure they arent the same genre but most people like many genres of games not just they decide on what to spend their money that month.

    also if you check the releases of June right here on eurogamer you can see Lollipop is in mid june not july
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  • Belmonth 25/05/2012

    I think SEGA is smart here, launching it now it will be DOA. July is totally empty..even if its a month when usually games dont sell much, at least it wont have competition. I mean lets face it ,the game doesnt look like it could sell alot in the West Reply 0
  • Amalur developer 38 Studios lays off all staff - report

  • Belmonth 24/05/2012

    Really sad what happened here, maybe this mmo trend will stop soon so we can go back to normal games and stop waste talent. I was already sad that instead of Kotor3 I got SWTOR, now it seems ill never get a sequel to Amalur Reckoning..heck..not even a patch. I know this is also because of bad management but seriously...this mmo market is too risky unless you aim for some low tier f2p thing....MMOs need to die. Reply +7
  • Diablo 3 real money auction house delayed again, client side patch out next week

  • Belmonth 24/05/2012

    then if not this or ANY pvp why we still need to log for singleplayer Blizz?? OH YEA...piracy hihi Reply -1
  • Diablo 3 fastest-selling PC game ever, biggest PC game launch in history

  • Belmonth 23/05/2012

    Diablo 3 , the most hyped game which failed to deliver like a 12 year planned game with countless delays and buget should. This doesnt mean anithing, it was just very hyped...I know lots of ppl who are now waiting for Grim Dawn and Torch 2 much more than they were at first, even the Grim Dawn kickstarter im sure got lots of boost after the crappy server launch of D3 who ruined our singleplayer experience without giving us any reason to go online besides some crappy Achivements (no pvp , no real money AH). Reply -21
  • Diablo 3: Blizzard nerfs monk in first hotfix

  • Belmonth 23/05/2012

    YE THE GAME IS YOUNG. Sure...if you call at least 5 years (was announced in 2007) and endless delays ..something ,,young''. I would expect this from a developer with much lower budget like Torchlight or Grim Dawn guys not from Blizzard.

    And like the balance was the only problem this game had...LAG, Error 47, No PvP (not even duels) - > arena not introduced real money AH (yet we need to log and ruin our singleplayer experience for whatever reason, hint: piracy).

    Yea Blizz the game is young, fuck you and fuck Kotick!
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 to launch on Wii U, PS3, Vita and Xbox 360

  • Belmonth 22/05/2012

    lol I get downgrades cause I asked why no PC version. Desperate console fanbois at their best. Reply -3
  • Belmonth 22/05/2012

    Why is Konami avoiding PC... DmC is coming, Namco brings Dark Souls, Sega came with Binary Domain...Konami didnt even porty Silent Hill Downpour when SH had all main games on PC until this one. Is it hard to put a game on Steam Konami ?? Reply +1
  • UK top 40: Max Payne 3 beats Diablo 3

  • Belmonth 21/05/2012

    Error 47: BOMBA Reply +4
  • Dragon's Dogma Review

  • Belmonth 21/05/2012

    gief PC version done with 6 year old hardware.. Reply -17
  • Always Online: What Diablo 3's Does Right

  • Belmonth 17/05/2012

    I smell eurogamer got payed. Who gives a crap about achives n such ?? There is no reason right now why we should need to be connected to their server. There is not even a freakin real money AH or pvp yet...yes..not even world pvp, cause it doesnt exist anymore, it will be just arenas, and arenas arent implemented yet. So now we log to their servers just so they make sure its not pirated. You know what? Fuck Morhaime and Kotick ! Reply +9
  • THQ delays South Park: The Game, ditches Devil's Third

  • Belmonth 16/05/2012

    @miiiguel , why ,,boo thq'' ?? Cause they try to save themselves ? Devil's Third was in no way a certain success and right now THQ cant afford to take risks. This isnt them being dicks, its just them trying to survive. And to be honest...if this means they will still be around to deliver my Warhammer 40k RPG (Dark Millennium turned singleplayer) then im glad they ditched this. Freakin Sega is rumored to have canceled Bayonetta 2 and you want THQ in this state, to take this risk ? Reply 0
  • Kingdoms of Amalur dev struggling to stay in business

  • Belmonth 15/05/2012

    Amalur was a fine game. I would say Witcher 2 and Skyrim were better but still, those are one of the best rpgs this generation so the bar is set high. Even so, it was a great game and a good new IP. I think it also sold fine, most probably the problem here is that MMO they are doing. They should just cancel it and work on Amalur 2... Reply +21
  • Diablo 3 servers "at full capacity" following midnight launch

  • Belmonth 15/05/2012

    @darkmorgado fanboi detected, I repeat, fanboi detected ! Reply +11
  • Belmonth 15/05/2012

    Solution to Error 47 ! Reply 0
  • Belmonth 15/05/2012

    agree with people above, fuck blizzard and their online DRM. I was only interested to play alone...and I cant. Reply +50
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

  • Belmonth 03/05/2012

    exacly what NiolK said. I meant to read them but just take them as 1 guys opinion. Not just decide its not a buy cause 1 person said its a 6/10 game. Seriously, Dragon Age 2 got 8/10 from most cause it was more accesible...and this gets threated badly cause its harder and you can make mistakes that make you reboot it. Since when was difficulty a bad thing for PC games (this was reviewed on pc) or for pc gamers. And I didnt meat this review, I mean all Risen 2 reviews in general. Also another wrong thing is to say it doesnt reward exploration. What were these people playing, Ive found tons of chests really hidden and collection items that give permanent bonuses. The land is huge, just that its structured in more islands, as I said ive already played more hours than I did Risen 1. Many of the reasons they give are not really accurate so people need to try it for themselves. Reply +1
  • Belmonth 03/05/2012

    Professional reviwers will never understand Pirahna games. NEVER. You are simply too used to the mainstream western rpgs like Dragon Age and Oblivion to understand games like Gothics and Risens. Ive been a huge Pirahna fan since Gothic 2 which is probably my favorite game of all time and ive played lots of rpgs. Their games have this unique exploring and discovery about them, they have a fantasy world but never go too high fantasy even if it has orcs or dragons it never felt like an Amalur. Obviously they never had the best animations cause Pirahna never had huge bugets for their games but they had the best exploration/discovery and generally well put world out there.

    People seriously need to give this game a try and stop reading all these reviews. Its a great RPG game. The world may be structured in smaller parts now...but trust me...the actualy land is bigger than Risen 1 if you would join all the island. Risen 1 took me around 25h , im already 30h in Risen 2 and feels like I still have a while. Meelee is abit clunky sure, but Musquests, pistols and voodoo are so awesome. Same for dirty tricks like coconut,sand,parrot and such.
    You simply need to play the game and enjoy it and stop with the ,,oh so 6/10 , bargain bin then'' attitude.
    And also let me ask you this. Why is it that for a game like Dark Souls, difficulty is considered a good thing and for Risen 2 its considered a bad thing. Seriously, just cause a game doesnt hold your hand and lets you make mistakes like putting points in bad talents thus making the game more difficult or not giving you pickpoket and picklock from the start just like that like in Skyrim,doesnt mean its a bad thing. If you are a real RPG player you are gonna like that actually.

    Risen 2 6/10
    Witcher 2 6/10 on destructoid. Seriously people, some of the best rpgs since good years got these scores. Simply stop reading all these reviews from people who cant understand this types of games and try them for yourself. Let em give Dragon Age 3 a 9.5/10.
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  • Fantasy RPG Kickstarter accused of scamming, plagiarism

  • Belmonth 01/05/2012

    Fake stuff usually gets into the open. I dont see a problem here. A dude saw an oportunity and tried to fool people but he did not succeed. This should not affect Kickstarter in any way. There are scams regarding everything on the internet. Its the duty of the people who pledge money to make sure its a trustworthy project.

    And now that we settled that, go and pledge for Grim Dawn. Those people payed from their own money instead of using it for themselves/family and just need some more to finish it faster. Its a real project from ex Titan's Quest developers. Baner Saga got 500k and this barely got 220k out of 280k goal. I dont think thats fair.
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  • Nexon interested in buying EA - report

  • Belmonth 26/04/2012

    Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Crysis Free to Play MMOs comfirmed. Reply +27
  • Dishonored Preview: The Ways of System Shock and Thief Return

  • Belmonth 26/04/2012

    If this and Thief 4 comes along this year also, this gen is saved. Reply +8
  • Torchlight 2 Steam pre-order bonus, price revealed

  • Belmonth 26/04/2012

    20 dollars and first game for free. Look at this company.... And Blizzard are desperate for money and ask 60euros + real AH to make more money, always on internet and no mods ...and for what...cause they got some cinematics ? jesus christ Reply +5
  • Stalker 2 "frozen", developers start new studio

  • Belmonth 25/04/2012

    people you have to realize what made Stalker games famous. The fact that you were ALONE in that desolate Zone with not many to help you.In situations like alone at night and creatures coming towards you and you could only hear them. That was the feeling of the games and the point. Making this MMO would only ruin that. Its one thing to ..lets say be 2 Player COOP, and another to be freakin F2P MMO. Random retards of the internet will for sure ruin the feeling and experience of such a game. Reply +10
  • Belmonth 25/04/2012

    *Ah well at least they make a new game as kinda spiritual succesor* -> f2p mmo -> ok...No Thanks. Seriously, can this f2p multiplayer/mmo crap end soon ? Reply +5
  • Resident Evil creator's new game is a survival horror codenamed Zwei

  • Belmonth 25/04/2012

    If ZeniMax/Bethesda then I hope this turns up on PC also. Reply 0
  • Ex-Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling founds new game studio

  • Belmonth 24/04/2012

    @syra what you are saying simply is not true, since there are games that are mostly made for atmosphere and exploration while gameplay comes second . Its each developers choice to make the type of game they want and its also the consumers choice to buy it or not. Im pretty sure in most RPGs from the past 5 years the devs first thought about the world/setting/universe and then the gameplay. For example Witcher, im pretty sure they first thought on how to make the universe from the books appear in a game. Same goes with Mass Effect. Im sure they first said they wanted to make it a SF with aliens, space exploration,planets resources etc and then they decided to make it like a 3rd person shooter or in the vein of Kotor. Its the devs choice to start with what they want (universe or gameplay) and if the result is ok, I dont see the problem.

    If gameplay is the only important thing for you, then go play more indie games, since thats basicly what they are about , and most do it well. But when you play AAA games with big buget you also expect a believable world , an interesting universe, a good keep things going and keep it interesting...WITHOUT these things you might aswell play in an arena with bots and be done with it and just frag stuff... Dunno about you but thats not what I call fun.
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  • Belmonth 24/04/2012

    @bobfish09 you argument is simply put down by a recent game: Dear Esther. That game had NO game mechanics. You were exploring the world and experiencing what the developers put on that island with some scary moments thrown in. If Dear Esther is considered a game (and it is) then you argument is invalid.

    Another example. If I see a new FPS and I see the setting is cyberpunk (my fav) then I will prolly give it a try, but if its just another FPS set in an arab world with same desert/terrorist crap then I wont even bother NO MATTER how good it is at shooting mechanics ,gameplay etc. Im sure there are other people who think like this so sorry but Universe/Setting matter just as much as gameplay.
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  • Belmonth 24/04/2012

    No schnide, thats simply your opinion. Tons of people played Skyrim simply to explore the world, to travel around and admire things, questing and such came as second. How do you justify that?? The universe/setting matter just as much as gameplay. Of course if you look only at multiplayer FPS then sure, gameplay prolly counts more,but I was talking in general, about all genres of games. Reply +7
  • Belmonth 24/04/2012

    i dont agree with the comments above. I usually can only play and like a game if I first like the Universe, the Setting, the Story/Plot. If these are of no interest to me then I dont even bother to try the game even if it has fun gameplay etc. Of course usually it depends on the genre of game, but if the environment and story are of no interest what is the point of fun gameplay and can find those in indie games also, whats different with AAA is that you got the budget to build a believable world/setting/universe.
    So I kinda agree with what Bowling said, altho of course, like always there will be some who wont.
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  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare found on Steam registry

  • Belmonth 24/04/2012

    YES! Reply +2
  • Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

  • Belmonth 19/04/2012

    I was still waiting for the sequel to Clive Barkers Jericho . This is why you end a game properly if you are not sure you will be able to finish the story. But I guess I can live without knowing the end to that lol...was just saying, cause it happens too often these days (HELLO BULLETSTORM).

    About Operation Flashpoint..good riddance ...we now have ARMA, much better in...everything.
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  • God of War: Ascension outed by Amazon

  • Belmonth 19/04/2012

    This is the same reason COD is being milked, NFS is being milked, AC is being milked. Because people are fast to say ,,but ..its KRATOS'' what? there are so many good mythologies ,is it that hard to change the damn style after 4-5 games (if you count PSP remakes) ..make a new char, with new story, new setting...same old Kratos and greece mythology is becoming tiresom.

    and lol at the guy who gave Mario as example of reusing same old char. Thats a damn platformer . It doesnt have an immersive universe and story. Nintendo games and core games are NOT the same thing. I dont judge what people play, its their choice, but dont give that example lol...its just..wrong.
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  • Belmonth 19/04/2012

    seriously , arent you guys tired of the same old char in the same universe ? I understand to play 2-3 games, but then you also have the HD remakes of the 2 PSP games and now GoW 4.... When does enough become really enough ?
    I was really hoping they would turn it to nordic mythology or something, really disappointed by this.
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  • Dead Space 3 listed by leaky South African shop

  • Belmonth 18/04/2012

    I really hope the ice planet thing is real. I want something in the style of The Thing :D . Necromorphs popping up in the middle of a snow storm , holy foshizle !

    @ OllyJ , ever heard of bases of operation on planets? In Dead Space universe the main drive for mankind into space was the need for resources, which most planets have. They have a base on ice planet either for that or for research or various reason. Dont tell me you are that closed-minded to think this isnt viable explanation.
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  • Wasteland 2 Kickstarter ends with over $3m raised

  • Belmonth 17/04/2012

    @Haq-1 are you right in the head buddy ? not good enough PC? what do you think this is...Crysis 2 or BF3? im sure it will run even on almost 10years old setups.. Reply +14
  • Panned survival horror Amy receives major update

  • Belmonth 12/04/2012

    ,,The game scored a meagre 2/10 from Eurogamer when it launched on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade back in January.''

    This is false...its not on PC yet.
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