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  • Where Lovecraft and Minecraft meet

  • BeheretiK 23/01/2013

    @Jimjamyaha Not sure if that was from a previous version, but I have been playing for the past couple of weeks and you don't have to repeatedly click to do things like chop down the tree. Keeping the mouse button pressed does the job. Lovely game though. Definitely still needs work for mid and end game as survival is currently reasonably easy once you have died a few times and figured your way around. Still keep going back to it is a lot of fun. Great for short bursts or longer sessions. Oh, and buying it through the Chrome app store still gets you the Chrome app and Steam keys. For 2 people! :-) Reply +3
  • The Secret World Review

  • BeheretiK 13/07/2012

    Totally agree with Eraysor - I have played since launch (or the early start) and I have loved my two weeks with it thus far. But, still I think Oli has got it right, 7 is about right for it as it stands. Fun, but with questions over whether it will be worth paying Ł11.49 a month for an extended period of time. Also, there are things like the crafting that can definitely be improved on. Time will tell I guess, but for the moment, I love it and will be spending lots more time with it! Reply +3
  • Nintendo 3DS black screen error revealed

  • BeheretiK 28/03/2011

    Happened to me twice in quick sucsession while playing Ghost Recon yesterday... Played for another hour now and it hasn't happened again. Touch wood!!! Reply 0
  • Jeanne D'Arc

  • BeheretiK 04/10/2007

    Spent a lot of time with this game recently (30+ hours) and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It is (IMO) very easy though and I only ever had a tough encounter, where I absolutely needed to go back and level up, at the final stage...

    8/10 for me
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  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • BeheretiK 28/06/2007

    Not interested in the game but like the Dark Angel reference (assuming it was deliberate of course)... Reply 0