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  • Halo is coming to Nintendo Switch... in Minecraft

  • Bauul 19/09/2017

    When Microsoft bought Minecraft, we all feared the worst: console exclusives, removal from other platforms, shutting down the original PC version etc.

    Who would have thought things would have turned out like this? If we'd said at the time we'd end up with mass console cross-play, IPs like Halo appearing on other platforms, keeping the PC version with full mod support, and about as far from platform exclusive features as you can get, we'd be laughed at.
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  • DF Retro: we play every single Doom console conversion

  • Bauul 18/09/2017

    @DrStrangelove The Build engine approach, if I remember correctly, had a system whereby two sectors could occupy the same physical space, and which was rendered depended on the direction you arrived in.

    I don't think anyone has reproduced that system in the Doom engine. The two methods generally used in modern source ports (GZDoom is the most advanced, incidently) are portals and 3D Floors.

    Portals work like you imagine. You can see through them, shoot through them, walk though them etc. all without knowing it's a portal. The engine supports horizontal and vertical portals. So a "room above a room" can be as simple as sticking a portal on the floor of one and on the ceiling of another, which the player then falls through (or jumps back up).

    3D Floors are for inserting 3D sectors into another sector. So if you have a big room and you want a 3D bridge running across the middle (for example) you'd use a 3D Floor. These use control sectors off at the side to control the height and look of the 3D Floor, and are very easy to implement.

    Combined with sloped floors and even sloped 3D floors, and you can create extremely detailed maps that barely even look like Doom any more.
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  • Bauul 18/09/2017

    @digitalash It's not a technical limitation, that bit of the article is total garbage. When it came to shooting stuff, heights in Doom worked exactly as they do in any modern FPS.

    You were right the first time: the technique for vertical aiming at the time looked awful (it was called y-shearing, and it looks terrible even today) so id just never bothered to implement it and instead had the game autoaim for you.
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  • Bauul 17/09/2017

    @Jenuall Modern Doom source ports do support rooms over rooms. Technically speaking, in the original engine every physical space had a ceiling and a floor, and while you could change the heights of those to your hearts content, you could have nothing above the ceiling or below the floor.

    Modern source ports use control sectors (rooms placed off in the void at the side) that are then projected into the main room as a kind of 3D object (in between the original ceiling and floor of course). It's an elegant work around for the limitations of the engine.
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  • Bauul 17/09/2017

    The "is Doom really 3D?" debate I don't think will ever end. It's not accurate to say it's really a 2D game, but it has limitations on the 3rd axis (none of which are related to the BSP process incidentally. Even modern games still use that). All know for sure is the following:

    - Rooms are not allowed above other rooms, but all ceilings and floors do have a defined height. 3D structures such as stairs, cliffs, holes, chasms etc. etc. are all possible and accurate geometrically.
    - The collision calculation between physical entities (monsters, the player etc.) did not take the z-axis into consideration, but they did have a height value for rendering purposes.
    - Non physical entities (like monster fireballs) are fully 3D (you can duck under them or jump over them)
    - Gravity is fully realized, and enemies won't jump off high ledges or miraculously climb cliffs (i.e. the AI understands height)

    Does that make it 3D or 2D? Who knows!
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  • How Tomb Raider got lost in the wilds

  • Bauul 18/09/2017

    @chischis I point out one thing about your critique: there's no quick-time events in the latest game. So they are at least learning! Reply +1
  • Bauul 18/09/2017

    @YenRug Couldn't agree more. I completed both the reboot and ROTTR using nothing but the bow. It just feels *right* to play the entire game as stealth, eschewing guns entirely.

    I know I'm in the minority, but I really, really enjoyed both the last two games. It said a lot that Horizon Zero Dawn lifted quite so many elements from them, and that turned out to be absolutely amazing too.

    And yes, I completed that 100% using the bow too.
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  • PewDiePie apologises for racial slur

  • Bauul 12/09/2017

    He's clearly an immature idiot, but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, it's literally how he became famous.

    I don't think he's racist though. It's more he's too ignorant or too short sighted to care that using racial slurs isn't merely controversial, but actually has a genuine real world impact.

    He's the YouTube equivalent of a bunch of 13 year olds saying "Sup n******" to each other behind the bus station because they think it makes them sound cool and rebellious.
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  • Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

  • Bauul 11/09/2017

    @Stranded87 Yes very true. The public tends to be very interested in ranking as validation for what they themselves like. But that's not why Chart Track was founded, or why they were bought for millions by GFK a few years back (which is when I worked with them for a bit).

    It's because they fill in a gap in the knowledge for publishers, which is a very specific aim.
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  • Bauul 11/09/2017

    @Stranded87 Chart Track is EXTREMELY relevant for the purpose it was created for: allowing publishers to see how many games retailers sold. Chart Track doesn't need to track digital sales because publishers know how many digital copies they've sold. They don't need to buy that information from Chart Track.

    But once a retailer has bought a load of physical stock from the publisher, they don't have to tell the publisher how many they've sold. Most do, but some can't or don't. Chart Track does the leg work to compile this information (for a example writing custom software to help a retailer extract the data) and then sells the results to the publishers.

    That's the whole business model. Digital sales would be very interesting to include (and Chart Track have really, really tried, but Steam set the precedent by not sharing them) but it's not actually crucial for them.
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  • Killer Instinct on Steam supports cross-platform play with Xbox One and Windows 10

  • Bauul 08/09/2017

    @Seafort The slight issue is Microsoft themselves always refer to games only available to download through the Windows 10 store as "available only on Windows 10", which technically is true (as you can't get them if you're not on Windows 10). Press outlets tend to just continue with that language for continuity. Reply 0
  • Blizzard will open its own esports arena next month

  • Bauul 08/09/2017

    As much as e-sports doesn't really interest me, if I lived in LA I probably would wander down to see an event if the tickets were reasonable enough.

    I wonder if they'll rent the space to other publishers? Seems a bit of a waste of investment if they limit it to just four games or so.
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  • A new season of Siege means that Rainbow Six is a step closer to taking down Counter-Strike

  • Bauul 06/09/2017

    @Badoink Concurrent players is not the same as daily players. If 28,800 players all played for one five minute match and then logged off, the top concurrent players stat could be as low as 100 and still be correct. Reply 0
  • Is there a "right" or "wrong" way to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

  • Bauul 06/09/2017

    @Fourfoldroot That wouldn't work for the simple reason the map the game is played on is many miles across. If there was no mechanic for forcing players to a single 100 foot circle, a game could last a week and the 50+ players would never find each other.

    They used the contracting play-area in the original film/book for exactly this reason: it would just be a story of a bunch of school kids chilling out otherwise. Move or die is the crucial backbone of the whole setup.
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  • Observer review

  • Bauul 19/08/2017

    @Matroximus If you'd carried on reading, all your questions about the game would have been answered.

    I think with a lot of these narrative-heavy releases a lot of what makes them memorable IS how the game makes you *feel*, as opposed to the pure mechanics. The game itself is probably quite simple, but it's worthwhile if the theme appeals, so talking about how successful it is at communicating its theme is more important than what the actual gameplay is like.

    I know many people don't want that in their games, and that's fine, there are plenty of games that aren't like that.
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  • World of Tanks gets its first ever single-player campaign next week

  • Bauul 17/08/2017

    @mrcheesyelf I genuinely get where you're coming from, but I don't think it's any more egregious than any other F2P game. In everything from recent Angry Birds to Candy Crush, you have to pay for lives (or else wait for hours on end) and if you mess up then you lose the money. That seems much worse than WoT's premium ammo, because the premium ammo isn't required to play the game.

    Definitely worse are things like one-off power-ups available to buy in fully-priced games. Battlefront for example has Charges, that are one off special abilities (that can include special ammo) that you lose after you use, and can be bought with real-world money. It's basically exactly the same system as WoT, but the difference is Battlefront is a full retail game.
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  • Bauul 17/08/2017

    @mrcheesyelf Eh, it's a Free-to-play game so vile money making schemes are par for the course.

    I don't think it gets any press because it just isn't a big part of the game. The fact you can happily play WOT without spending any money at all means no-one really cares what money-making schemes are in place.
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  • Bauul 17/08/2017

    @mrcheesyelf I never liked the idea of spending money on ammo either, but then I realized the premium ammo isn't actually "better" than the basic stuff, it's just more specialised (e.g. higher penetration, but lower damage, or bigger area damage, but lower range). Reply 0
  • Sonic Mania is the sequel we've waited 23 years for

  • Bauul 15/08/2017

    For me the most impressive thing is how perfectly they've implemented the physics and movement.

    I remember when tool-assisted speed-runners first started trying the Sonic games, they realized how complicated and nuanced the physics were. It was much harder to manipulate than other platformers of the era.

    The fact the devs have perfectly recreated it on a brand new engine is absolutely outstanding.
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  • Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita this summer

  • Bauul 15/08/2017

    It's one of my biggest regrets was how much I bounced off Undertale. I played a few hours, but just found it a super low-res, predictably written, rather dull JRPG. I just didn't understand what everyone liked about it.

    I know I'm missing something. I just don't know what. :|
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  • Nidhogg 2 review

  • Bauul 15/08/2017

    "Drunken Nidhogg" is a mainstay of what my house gets up to after the pub, so I'll definitely be checking this out.

    I too initially extremely disliked the art style, but have warmed to it (I think it helps that you don't have to play as the naked Homor Simpson shown off in the first videos). It reminds me of the some of the weirder, bog-eyed art styles of the Amiga.
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  • Sonic Mania review

  • Bauul 15/08/2017

    @Morat_Gurgeh Damn right it does! Made me grin like an idiot when I booted it up!

    Played a couple of Acts and so far it's absolutely fantastic good fun. Unforgiving, but that's just the way it should be.
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  • Bauul 14/08/2017

    @Brainflowers Dr. Eggman was his name in the Japanese release of the first game, and Dr. Robotnik was his Western name.

    In subsequent releases, it's been retconned that his official name is Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman is his nickname, although in more releases than not recently he's just been Dr. Eggman.
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  • No Man's Sky update 1.3 adds 30 hours of story, multiplayer-lite and much more

  • Bauul 11/08/2017

    Anyone know if they've added an option to increase the FOV of the PS4 version?

    On release it was like peering through a letterbox.
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  • Horizon DLC The Frozen Wilds gets a release date

  • Bauul 07/08/2017

    Article wrote
    Could it be the Metal Devil we've heard about?
    Well, no, the Metal Devil is just the Nora name for the BOR7-Horus, of which a bunch of dead ones are scattered around the world map. You even zipline down one at one point.
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  • Spelunky, Downwell and more indie devs announce 8-bit game anthology UFO 50

  • Bauul 07/08/2017

    @Brainflowers 8-bit is so popular for Indies because it means the gameplay isn't held back by trying to add complex graphics.

    Graphics are by far and away the most expensive part of game developing, and the area furthest in skill removed from the coders coming up with the game design. So Indies like to stick to 8-bit because it means they can focus on the gameplay and not have the project sunk under the weight of needing hi-res graphics.

    While understandably low-res graphics aren't to everyone's tastes, expecting Indie devs to always create hi-res graphics is similar to expecting an independent singer-songwriter to always record their songs with a full orchestra as opposed to just them and a guitar.
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  • Dragon Quest 11: is Unreal Engine 4 a good fit for JRPGs?

  • Bauul 05/08/2017

    @HokutoNoKen Except developing your own AAA engine takes years, requires specialist programming skills, and adds hugely to the budget. And the end result might not be as good as simply licensing one where someone has already done all the work.

    Some devs might prefer to put that time and effort into game content instead.
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  • Friday the 13th has sold over 1.8m copies

  • Bauul 04/08/2017

    @SpaceMonkey77 Voice chat is a must in my experience. Without it is like watching a slasher movie where the characters don't speak.

    I played a game just the other night where I witnessed one playing begging another to come out from under the bed to help them escape, and the hiding player whimpering back "I'm too scared!" and refusing to move.

    In the end we did get them out from under the bed, got the car working, but the driver crashed it and Jason killed us all. Fun times!
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  • Microsoft reveals three new Xbox One controllers

  • Bauul 02/08/2017

    @CrashOkami People are downvoting you because a comment thread about a different (albeit similar) topic isn't the right place for questions like that. Keeping on topic is good. The forums would be a better place to go.

    Alternately, everything you could possibly want to know about the Elite controller is just a Google search away.
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  • Titanfall 2 lands on EA and Origin Access

  • Bauul 31/07/2017

    It's been said on every comment thread about Titanfall 2, but it really is an excellent game that deserves all the exposure it can get. Reply +23
  • Input lag tested: COD vs Battlefield - which is the most responsive FPS?

  • Bauul 30/07/2017

    I'm really glad DF are now able to easily test input lag, and I really hope you start including it as standard in all your game tests.

    I've discovered I'm very sensitive to it, and have actually quit playing games because the input lag was so bad (Shadow of Mordor on PS4) so I'd be extremely interested to see it measured on a wider scale.
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  • Breath of the Wild and telling stories through archaeology

  • Bauul 30/07/2017

    Excellent article, and one I completely agree with.

    When friends have asked about what it's like to play Dark Souls, I've often used the analogy that it's like an archeological dig. That the story is there, but hidden in the ruins of the game, and it's up to you to unlock what they mean.
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  • Dark Souls trilogy is getting a limited edition vinyl soundtrack

  • Bauul 27/07/2017

    I like releases like this, especially if you're a fan of the soundtrack.

    Personally I thought some of Dark Souls' music is absolutely excellent and highly memorable, but a fair bit of it is also generic JRPG orchestral boss-themes.

    If they did Bloodborne's soundtrack though...
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  • Overwatch League players to be paid at least $50k a year plus perks

  • Bauul 27/07/2017

    @MizarMizar I suspect BLizzard have an eSports department that looks into the official competitions for all their games. They're not going to be pulling actual Overwatch devs off the game to work on eSports. Reply 0
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds introduces paid cosmetics inspired by the Battle Royale movie next month

  • Bauul 26/07/2017

    Looks like they were inspired by the compendium offered ahead of The International, where the money goes towards the tournament. Reply +2
  • Pokémon Go Fest's online stream made the event look like a disaster

  • Bauul 24/07/2017

    @Stranded87 I was also at that 50 Cent show, and I didn't think it was despicable. I have always half suspected the organisers deliberately booked them so we'd have someone to boo, like how they booked Daphne and Celeste a few years before.

    I've seen bands who were initially bottled completely win over the crowd through humility and humour (Good Charlotte for example). 50 Cent had neither, which is why he only lasted three songs.

    On topic: Is it just me, or is absolutely no-one surprised this had technical issues? Pokemon Go has never seemed the most robust app in the world.
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  • The Doom Marine was modelled after John Romero

  • Bauul 21/07/2017

    @Gazz You're talking like Romero keeps bringing up Doom when no-one wants him too. The opposite couldn't be more true, he gets asked about it constantly.

    And I mean really detailed, technical stuff. Like origins of sprite designs, reasons for specific coding choices, level design inspirations. For years he actually didn't really want to talk about it, but in the last few years he's embraced it a bit more (even made a couple of new maps a year or two ago).

    For us in the Doom community, little titbits like this about the history of the game are extremely interesting, and I for one am very happy Romero wanted to share.
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  • American Truck Simulator closes in-game California highway after real life landslide

  • Bauul 20/07/2017

    I drove up Highway 1 once. The area around Big Sur was closed due to a massive forest fire. The place seems cursed! Reply 0
  • How developers really deal with bugs

  • Bauul 19/07/2017

    Fantastic article EG! Really enjoyed it.

    I'm not a developer, but I do occasionally release custom levels for games. I created a big one for Doom that somehow gained media attention last year (it was even featured on EG), and I managed to ship it initially in a completely unwinnable state.

    It was a stupid mistake. Basically in Doom you have plenty of elevators, and when you create them in the map editor you insert at their "up" position. The player in game presses Use on them, they lower, the player steps aboard and they rise up. The slight difficulty in the map editor is that if you want to edit the wall textures in the elevator shaft you have to lower the elevator manually to do so.

    The day before release, I was play testing and discovered I hadn't given the walls of one particular elevator shaft any textures at all. When you Used the lift in game, you were confronted with a swirling mass of visual noise.

    It was an easy fix: load the map editor, lower the elevator, add some textures. Which I duly did. Unfortunately, I forgot to raise the elevator again when I was finished.

    The end result was a lift that only rose two feet, and no way to proceed from there.

    Doom levels have no auto-update feature, there's no way to push out a fixed version automatically. Over a thousand people downloaded the broken version in the few hours before I could get a fix up. I posted that there was an update everywhere I could, but there's no way to know if those people went back and redownloaded it. It could be they're still out there now. Every time I see someone playing the map on Twitch or YouTube, I live in fear they'll reach that lift and it'll only be two feet high.
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  • Titanfall 2's co-op horde mode Frontier Defense drops next week

  • Bauul 19/07/2017

    Great news, the way Respawn has approached this is should be a lesson to all devs: great single player, free DLC to avoid splintering the player base, long support life to keep the game interesting, and micro-transactions limited to cosmetic items only (and no-gameplay impacting XP). Reply +4
  • American McGee's had enough of your Alice 3 questions

  • Bauul 18/07/2017

    I would also love another Alice game (I still listen to the soundtrack for the first one) but I can understand his frustration.

    It must have taken years of him badgering EA to let him make a sequel because of all the fan attention, and then it doesn't sell very well. He must be quite tired of the situation.
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  • Sounds like Telltale's not making more Wolf Among Us or Borderlands any time soon

  • Bauul 18/07/2017

    What a shame, The Wolf Among Us was by far my favorite release of theirs.

    Sadly it never seemed to get as much attention as their games built on more well known franchises.
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  • The pleasures of a good video game horizon

  • Bauul 17/07/2017

    Something I've always loved in horizons is showing you a glimpse of future levels.

    This one from Rocket Knight Adventures is a classic:

    You can see the next part of the level (the castle), the end of level boss (the big spider) and even a glimpse of the airship that makes up an area of the game two levels in the future.
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  • Nidhogg 2 release date set for next month

  • Bauul 15/07/2017

    @Plumbus I'll be picking it up for exactly the same reason. Huge fan of the original and anything that expands that formula is a good thing in my book.

    I've grown to like the new art style too, it reminds me of those weird old Amiga games.
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  • PlayStation Now's PS4 game performance analysed

  • Bauul 13/07/2017

    Maybe this is just me, but I was lost at the 174ms latency figure for something like Killzone.

    Trying to quickly play a fast placed game with that much delay would feel like swimming in custard. I can't stand it, and have quit otherwise supposedly good games because the input latency is so bad (e.g Shadow of Mordor on PS4).
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  • Dota 2 The International beats its own biggest esports prize pool ever record

  • Bauul 13/07/2017

    @FrozenMetalHead I live just over the lake from Seattle (Valve's offices are next door to where I work) and I've toyed with the idea of going to The International just for the atmosphere.

    Would you say it was worth it even if I don't really know the intricacies of DOTA2 (or any MOBA for that matter)?
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  • What Remains of Edith Finch flutters to Xbox One next week

  • Bauul 12/07/2017

    I played this quite recently and really enjoyed it. Definitely something to experience in a single two hour sitting. Reply 0
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players team up to try and break the game

  • Bauul 12/07/2017

    @Foxtrot-Oscar Fight clubs are still a very regular occurrence on any Souls game. Hosts will even decorate the location and organize the order of fights, and complete strangers still know how to take part and follow the rules. Reply 0
  • Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 coming to EA Access this month

  • Bauul 12/07/2017

    Can you sign up on a month by month basis? Because Ł3.99 for Titanfall 2's single player campaign alone is more than worth it. Reply +19
  • Valve issued its biggest banhammer in history following Steam Summer Sale

  • Bauul 11/07/2017

    @riceNpea Thanks. I looked it up, turns out it's originaly cockney rhyming slang. It would explain why a northern lad like myself hadn't heard of it! Reply -1