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  • Quantum Break is coming to PC, too

  • Bauul 11/02/2016

    @Max_Powers It's worth remembering that the Windows team and the Xbox team are Microsoft are entirely different, and basically act like different companies. I almost wouldn't be surprised if Remedy essentially have two contracts: One for Xbox, one for Windows. I've worked with them for a few years now (I live just outside Redmond, WA) and it never ceases to amaze me quite how much internal competition goes on. For example, I heard a rumor someone there wants to launch a competing online store to It's pretty crazy. Reply +6
  • Firewatch dev assures a PS4 framerate fix is on the way

  • Bauul 10/02/2016

    @ahrmon Oh come on. So you reckon EG did experience issues, but just pretended they weren't there for some nefarious reason. But then did decide to report on those very same issues the following day? Think about that for a moment.

    Stop looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one.
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  • Descent creators launch Kickstarter for spiritual successor Overload

  • Bauul 10/02/2016

    I only played Descent for the first time a few years back, after wondering to myself "Why has nobody made a game that's like an FPS, but you're in a spaceship?" Turns out they had, and it was great!

    But obviously coming to an old game years after release is always a little challenging, so a nice new shiny version looks very tempting indeed!
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  • Behold this functional real-life version of Bloodborne's Saw Cleaver

  • Bauul 09/02/2016

    @weaselrat The Saw Clever is never used in a two-handed mode. Both its forms are used one-handed in the game (although the Hunter in the opening cut scene does use it two-handed, so you can give them some slack). Reply 0
  • Cookie Clicker v2.0 released, global productivity nosedives

  • Bauul 09/02/2016

    I played the first for about a week mostly because of the "story" (if you can call it that). It starts off the innocently but then rapidly becomes so twisted and evil.

    I reached something like 15 billion CpS, and had completely annihilated the world and brought about the end of days in the process, so it seemed like a good time to stop making cookies. :)
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  • Yes indeed, this Dark Souls 3 intro highlights the Lords of Cinder

  • Bauul 08/02/2016

    @Liuwil Great post! Debating this stuff is always fun. The Eurogamer forum thread ( is a great place to start if you enjoy it.

    Personally I've always thought that the Abyss is simply the physical manifestation of the power of the Dark Soul (aka the Dark), a minute piece of which exists inside all humans (and became known as Humanity). Get too much of the Dark Soul back in one place, and the Abyss is the result. But of course it's all open to debate. It's like bible study or something! :D
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  • Bauul 08/02/2016

    @simpleexplodingmaybe No problem! It's suggested in DS2 is that even if you don't pick the light-the-fire ending in DS1, someone else will always come along and do it instead. It's almost irrelevant which ending you pick, as the cycle always continues. The three characters mentioned in the intro sequence are likely three characters who went ahead and rekindled the fire in their own cycles. One might even have done it in yours if you didn't.

    But yeah, the footage is very reminiscent of DS1!
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  • Bauul 08/02/2016

    @jabberwocky Yup, she says: "When the link of fire is threatened, the bell tolls. And unearthing the old Lords of Cinder from their graves. Aldrich, Saint of the Deep. Farron's undead legion, the Abyss Watches. And the reclusive lord of the profaned capital, Yhorm the Giant." Reply +2
  • Bauul 08/02/2016

    Squeeeeee. I'm super excited by this. As someone who nerded out on all the lore in the Souls games seeing it all kind of tie back together here is amazing.

    For those who haven't really followed the story so far:

    The basic premise is there is a seemingly unending cycle where the First Flame (the origin of all disparity, and therefore variety, in the world) seems to be about to die out, when someone comes along and rekindles it. These cycles are so long (like thousands of years) few are even aware they exist. Those who successfully submit their souls to rekindle the fire are known as the Lords of Cinder, and this can include you in the ending of the first two games if you choose those endings.

    The premise here seems to be that the fire is finally, finally actually dying out, although all that seems left of the world is just ash anyway. For an unknown reason, all the Lords of Cinder from all the previous cycles (including, hopefully, the cycles from DS1 and DS2) are returning to life.

    Exactly what your role in all this is is unclear as yet, and the story is bound to be far more complex than just this: there's a tonne of other stuff (for example, The Dark, which is what is left in the absence of the First Flame, and is the corruption at the heart of all humans) that we don't know how it'll tie together. But working all this out is part of the fun of the Souls games, so bring it on!
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  • Dear Charlie: A letter to my son about video games

  • Bauul 06/02/2016

    @Malek86 You are my new favorite person for that HOTD2 reference. I literally spat my tea out laughing when I read it. Reply +1
  • The new Doom comes out in May

  • Bauul 04/02/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- It's deeper than you might think actually. Like any "basic" game (e.g. Pac-Man, Mario, Geometry Wars) there are advanced strategies that emerge from being able to fully comprehend the workings of the game in their entirety. Bi-chording, in-fighting, infinite splash damage on the z-axis, the nuances of the BFG's cone of secondary damage... Some modern levels are so unbelievably challenging they require a very deep understanding of the game to complete, it's similar to how Super Mario Maker has enabled levels to be built that push the very limits of what's possible in that game. Reply +9
  • Bauul 04/02/2016

    I'm a little apprehensive about this. Doom is my all time favorite game (I still play it today) but there's far more to it than just gore, metal and demons. What made it great were things like the huge non-linear levels, the joy of movement as much as shooting, and the careful balance between action and horror (fun fact: Metal tracks make up less than half of the level soundtracks in the first game, and less than a quarter of the sequel).

    I've not seen anything in the new trailers that speaks to these things. I'm hopeful they're just not showing them because gore and demons are more marketable, but I'll be sad if in the final release it is just an arcade shooter.
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  • Watch six minutes of new Dark Souls 3 footage

  • Bauul 04/02/2016

    @Minmat "This looks a thousand times better than BB and this game will actually be a legit RPG."

    This point of view always rubbed me up the wrong way a little. Since when was Bloodborne meant to be an RPG? It's an action game, pure and simple. The devs never said anything different.

    I'd almost put it alongside the likes of God of War more than a full-fat RPG like Dark Souls. In that context, the lack of variety in weapons, outfits and locations makes sense, as it's a focused title around a specific style of play.
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  • What's different about Dirt Rally on console? Thankfully, not much

  • Bauul 02/02/2016

    @DX12 "Is this sim or arcade"...

    Did you not even read a single word of the article? The whole POINT of the article answers that question. Jesus wept.
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  • The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers

  • Bauul 01/02/2016

    And this is why I still own a console, short of a lag switch there isn't much cheating going on there.

    On PC I always assume that if I am playing a MP game, somebody somewhere is cheating.
    Ironically I've been playing a bit of Diablo 3 on PS4 recently, and the exact opposite is true. The console versions are hacked to shit, whereas the PC version (because it's constantly online) remains mostly free from that stuff.
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  • XCOM 2 review

  • Bauul 01/02/2016

    @spamdangled That's all perfectly true! But wasn't really what I was getting at. Most of the negative reaction to PC port-begging (as much as I dislike the phrase) are around exclusive console titles developed by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. Games where one of the primary reasons for their existence is to sell the console.

    It's almost assured these games will never come to PC any more than they're likely to appear on a rival's console, but you still see people asking about PC ports. That's what people get tired of.

    The opposite doesn't happen so much as you don't get people making PC games for the purpose of selling PCs. If they did somehow, then people would be just as tired of console owners asking for it to come to their platform.
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  • Bauul 01/02/2016

    @spamdangled Exclusive games are part of the whole idea of consoles - using the Nintendo model, you buy the hardware for the specific software. But PC gaming has never been about platform exclusivity, it's an open platform after all, so there's less obvious logic behind a PC exclusive. So asking for a console version of a PC game is just a matter of porting it. Asking for a PC version of a console game is a matter of undermining a key part of how the industry is perceived to operate. It's a gross generalization, but that's the idea. Reply +7
  • Remembering Dragon Age: Origins

  • Bauul 31/01/2016

    @ubergine I've only ever played this on 360, and couldn't agree more. I never really understood any nuances of the combat: It just seemed like you ran in and spammed whatever attack move you had lined up. I played for maybe 10 hours and then just stopped.

    I think I came to this after finishing Dark Souls 2 and was looking for more RPG fun, and whilst the world was interesting the combat just seemed as deep as a puddle in comparison. Is there more to it then?
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  • We now have a clearer picture of how Xbox One is doing

  • Bauul 29/01/2016

    @Mr_Writer85 "They said that like a year and a half ago and I am sure it was just to come across as humble rather than be arrogant which they always get accused of being.

    Sony know full well why they are ahead. And so does everyone else, the PS4 is a great machine, with great games and a good price.

    It's not rocket science."

    Actually, they're not as sure as you might think! I work with SCEA (SIEA now?) from time to time, and there remains a slight bewilderment at how well the PS4 is doing, or more accurately why the Xbox One isn't doing as well. Each quarter they're like "This will be the quarter that the One starts to catch us up" and every quarter it doesn't happen. It's been so long the sense of elation with the early sales has been slightly replaced with a feeling of trepidation. It's hard to feel totally confident in your success when you're not totally confident why you're being successful.
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  • Teenage dev's Way To The Woods signs with publisher Team17

  • Bauul 27/01/2016

    @Nazo True, but the dev signed up just this game to Team 17, not himself entirely. So you'd almost need to say "Teenage developer of Way To The Woods signs game up with publisher Team 17".

    Or perhaps simply:

    "Not inexplicable teenage developer of Way To The Woods signs contract with publisher Team 17 for them to publish Way To The Woods, developed by a teenager, not inexplicably"
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  • PlayStation 4 players can download The Division beta now using this one weird trick

  • Bauul 27/01/2016

    @jetsetwillie I did as you suggested. The very first footage released looks far, far worse than the finished game. Then the footage a few months from release looks the same as the final footage (albeit with the contrast turned up for the trailer).

    Dark Souls 2 was clearly downgraded, but I genuinely cannot see any changes to Bloodborne, other than the contrast is a little lower than in some of the trailers.
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  • Bauul 26/01/2016

    @jetsetwillie Since when was Bloodborne downgraded? Reply +2
  • Watch: What is FNaF world and why is it awful?

  • Bauul 25/01/2016

    The ironic thing is shortly after the first FNaF was released, someone made an utterly puerile JRPG spoof of it called Five Nights at Fuckboys. And, somehow, it's actually better than this. Reply +12
  • A different creed: the legacy of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

  • Bauul 24/01/2016

    Seems I'm not alone in actually rather liking Warrior Within. I have quite fond memories of the Godsmack style metal music accompanying the Dahaka chases. A truly terrifying enemy design, the way the screen faded to brown as he got close was ingenious.

    For those who haven't played it, the Forgotten Sands is a fun little diversion. Some epically challenging rooms to jump through (anyone remember the room at the end with the series of waterfalls you jump through/off?)
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  • Fire Emblem: Fates controversial scene changed for Western launch

  • Bauul 21/01/2016

    @diversitydan Bare in mind that Nintendo don't want to have a product that might turn people away (as you suggest) because of questionable content. It's not just their right, bit their actual job, to review what's best for the markets and make necessary changes.

    To be honest, this is pretty small fry compared to what localization changes Nintendo US has made in the past (e.g. Rejecting Super Mario Bros 2 in its entirety and instead insisting on an entirely new game be made for them).
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  • Why the internet is in a flap about Nintendo's NX console

  • Bauul 20/01/2016

    You won't hear anything back from GfK I'm afraid EG, if it really was commissioned by anyone other than themselves they're tighter than a gnat's asshole on releasing details (I used to work for them).

    I will say these surveys don't necessarily mean anything. They could be done for all sorts of reasons, and even then Nintendo might not even listen to the results. You should have seen the market research feedback to Sony naming Moprheus "PlayStation VR"..
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  • Prison Architect tunnelling to PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

  • Bauul 20/01/2016

    I've a real soft spot for these managerial sims ever since Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital of yester-year, but have never played this as my laptop isn't up to snuff.

    I'll be very interested to see if it translates well to a controller. Does the PC version have controller support, and if so does anyone have experience of it being any good?
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  • The Witness costs 29.99, pre-orders now live

  • Bauul 20/01/2016

    @rotmm Interesting! He's always seemed like a sharp cookie on the business side of things (for better or worse): he's one of the founders of Indie Fund, who have invested in some real critical hits (most recently Her Story). He clearly knows what's up.

    It's funny though in hindsight remembering the uproar about the Braid price, given how hugely vital it turned out to be. It'd be like hearing someone refused to see Citizen Kane at the cinema when it was released because the ticket price was three quid too high.
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  • Bauul 19/01/2016

    Braid remains one of the best titles of the last generation, so whilst a seven year development might sound alarm bells for some games, I'm hopeful this isn't one of them.

    But whatever the outcome, I'll definitely be interested to know how it turned out!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider's Baba Yaga DLC due next week

  • Bauul 19/01/2016

    If Squenix decide to be really lovely and bundle all the DLC into the base game when they release the PS4 edition, I'd definitely buy them a cookie. Reply +6
  • What does Diablo 3's new patch offer for the end-game player?

  • Bauul 19/01/2016

    I naively didn't realise the super-powerful people I joined online were hacked: I just presumed they were just very highly levelled. I was rather disappointed when I discovered they were cheating and one day I wouldn't be so powerful I could kill everything in an entire level in 20 seconds.

    My highest level character has ended up with like 500 paragon points, but thankfully the game is still more or less playable as I don't have any hacked equipment.
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  • Cities: Skylines will add snow and trams

  • Bauul 19/01/2016

    @Branoic I've no doubt they'll add them at some point. The developers are pretty interactive with the community (I recall them even saying they're trying to ensure their DLC would avoid overlapping with popular mods) so I'm sure they know disasters are a a big request. Reply +4
  • Here's everything in Xbox One's February system update

  • Bauul 19/01/2016

    Nice to see MS continuing with the regular updates, it's reassuring that they're being diligent about keeping up with the improvements. Reply +10
  • There's a new Iron Maiden RPG

  • Bauul 18/01/2016

    @Dagdriver Brutal Legend had a fantastic plot, amazing characters, utterly brilliant music and a phenomenal world to put it all in. Unfortunately the gameplay just a bit confused and the open-world nature didn't lend itself to what was really a linear story. It's up there on my all-time-list of "So close, but not quite". Reply +4
  • John Romero releases his first Doom level in 21 years

  • Bauul 16/01/2016

    @Baban_Iesu Just played through it. It's definitely rather old school (modern Doom maps have quite a different feel to the original games) but it's an exciting little level. Vastly more difficult than the original games, that's for sure! Reply +1
  • Bauul 16/01/2016

    I'm actually building a Doom map at the moment. It's kind of relaxing. No complex scripting, no difficult advanced engines. I just think of a cool room, and 30 minutes later it's done and I'm feeling proud of myself.

    Unless I'm drunk at the time. Then I come back to it the following morning and wonder why I thought making the room in the shape of a giant penis was ever a good idea.
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  • Meet the man trying to finish all the Steam games

  • Bauul 15/01/2016

    My journalist friend has a Steam Journalist account which has automatic access to every game released.

    It's interesting how having free access to all the games has changed his playing habits. He tries endless new games but moves between them pretty quickly if they don't grab him.

    On the one hand I envy him not needing to spend any money, but I rather like that my games are somehow bigger deals just because I spent money on them.
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  • Call of Duty maker sued by family of Angolan rebel leader

  • Bauul 14/01/2016

    Doesn't US law basically allow you to make a fictional version of any real person, living or dead, as long as you don't try to claim it's a real depiction? Reply +4
  • Five Nights at Freddy's World release date

  • Bauul 14/01/2016

    @jihon83 In its defense, the games are actually quite scary, in a slightly silly way. A mate of mine, who knows nothing about games and has never heard of even the concept of YouTube Let's Plays, played it the other day knowing nothing about it and it scared his nuts off.

    He was quite embarrassed when I explained it's most popular amongst 12 year olds.
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  • World of Tanks rolls onto PS4 next week

  • Bauul 14/01/2016

    I dusted off the 360 version after missing the beta. Great fun, but it does seem to be a little slower in the menus than I remember it (presumably from before all the recent updates?). So very much looking forward to this on PS4. Reply +1
  • Watch the Xenomorph from Alien rip apart Mortal Kombat X

  • Bauul 12/01/2016

    I'm slightly torn between thinking "OMG the Alien how awesome!" and "Come on, literally none of the other fighters would stand a chance against it". But if you can ignore the complete lack of continuity I applaud the devs for having a bit of fun. Reply +6
  • Performance Analysis: World of Tanks on PS4

  • Bauul 12/01/2016

    @Agermemnon Well yes that's all true, but I was trying to keep it simplified. But aren't the tiers are always marched between teams? (I.e. If the opponent has tiers higher than you, so does your team). Besides, if a team has like one Heavy tank that's three tiers higher than everyone else, it's often the first to die as everyone gangs up on it. :)

    I'm not sure what you mean by gold ammo spamming. I played it lots back on the 360 before I got my PS4, so that was like a year ago so if things have changed I don't know about it. I'm no WoT expert, certainly not close enough to notice and nuanced unfairness, I just really enjoyed it. :)
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  • Bauul 11/01/2016

    @riceNpea I think it's more because it's free-to-play, the presumption is its pay-to-win.

    I've not played BF4, so I can't really comment. It is theoretically possible to pay to unlock all the tanks in WoT, but there's no in-game advantage as you only play against other tanks of that tier. You speed up your own progression in the game, but that's all.

    Put it this way: when I played it on the 360, I purchased 10 quids worth of in-game currency, because I felt like the developer deserved something. 30 hours later I still hadn't found anything I wanted to spend it on. :)
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  • Bauul 11/01/2016

    @Episode13 It's probably my favorite shooter, I seem to certainly like it more than a couple of others here!

    It reminds me kind of like a vehicular version of Counter Strike. The way a game progresses is similar: teams move together (apart from lone wolves who may or may not make a difference), firefights happen typically at choke-points, patience and tactics are as important as skill, and of course you only have one life per round.

    There are plenty of added things to think about compared to other shooters that makes it more of a thinking game: for example merely shooting an opponent often doesn't work, especially if they have strong armour and you're aiming at an angle (your shot will just ricochet off). Instead you need to hit them in the side (or ideally the back), but flanking is difficult. So you get a teammate to take out the tracks so they can't turn, allowing you to get around the back and take them out. It's that kind of thing that means simply being quick on the joypad means nothing if you're not intelligent about how you play the game. So perfect for old farts like me who don't have the dexterity I used to! :)
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  • Bauul 11/01/2016

    @riceNpea It's really not pay to win. Each tank is part of a "tier" - you start at the oldest, worse Tier 1 tanks and earn money to purchase the better Tier 2, Tier 3 etc. tanks up to like Tier 12.

    However, you only ever play against tanks of your tier, so it's never unfair. The grind is to unlock different kinds of tanks for yourself, not to have an advantage over your opponents. And to be honest I had as much fun at Tier 1 as I did at Tier 5 (in fact, possibly more).

    There are some minor buffs you can purchase to give you a boost in the game (for example slightly better ammo) but they're really pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, and mostly far too expensive for anyone to actually use. All in all I've personally never been in a situation where I've felt I lost, or was unfairly disadvantaged in any way, because I was against someone who paid.
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  • Bauul 11/01/2016

    Aww damn, I'm sorry I missed that. Especially if it seemed to be running nice and smoothly. I was a huge fan of WoT on the 360 so have been diligently waiting for the PS4 version.

    It's a nice slower-paced alternative to the usual more twitchy shooters out there.
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  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • Bauul 06/01/2016

    @grassyknoll "I honestly can't believe people think 425 is realistic. Jesus Christ."

    People said the same about the Oculus Rift too! I'm not saying the PSVR will definitely be a similar price, but it's not completely impossible that Sony will simply follow suit. It's their one opportunity to set the expected price for the device. It's not unusual to set a high price for launch just so there's room to discount later (e.g. Christmas 2016).

    In fact: set a high price now to encourage only the earliest adopters, spend the year ironing out the bugs and building up goodwill/market interest, then slash the price for Christmas 2016 and voila - you have the season's must-have-gift. It's certainly feasible Sony might take this approach!
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  • Bauul 06/01/2016

    @dogmanstaruk Valve and HTC have already said the Vive will be a "premium" product. Given it also comes with the base stations as well as the headset, it's likely it'll cost even more. Reply +5
  • Bauul 06/01/2016

    @Bilbur The PS3 cost 425 at launch and the Xbox One cost 429. Call me cynical, but when Sony said "the price of a new console" my gut instinct went to that kind of price. Then they can still claim they were telling the truth when the announce the price. Reply +4
  • Bauul 06/01/2016

    @Ajent I didn't mean a saving of 100-250 isn't loads, I meant I suspect it won't cost loads less.

    I interpreted it as them saying "It'll cost about the same as a new console release", which even just last generation went up to 425 for the PS3. Call me cynical, but that's what I suspect it'll cost.
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