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  • Marvel at the first footage of Full Throttle Remastered

  • Bauul 03/12/2016

    As the only Star Wars game that's ever interested me
    Please tell me you've at least tried the sequel, Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight?

    I cannot even begin to articulate how much I enjoyed that game.
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  • Bauul 03/12/2016

    @milomikic I think you're being unfair. It's *extremely* faithful to the original, just with increased resolution.

    The ironic thing is that flat vertex style drawings such as this arguably look better in low res as the lines between the colors are more pronounced, but that's a matter of taste.

    I'm far happier they've stayed true to the art of the original than attempted to change it for the increased resolution.
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  • Five minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay reveals krogan, turian squadmates

  • Bauul 02/12/2016

    The combat looked quite interesting, but the dialogue bits were pretty poorly done.

    However, those are pretty easy fixes, and we're still months from release, so I'm not concerned yet.

    I think the biggest issue is it just doesn't *feel* like Mass Effect. I'm not sure if it's the change in camera angle or perhaps the engine change, but it's going to take some getting used to. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it'll just take some adjustment.
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  • Why I think big console game sales are down

  • Bauul 01/12/2016

    @dsmx "agoThe reason sales are down is because people have less money to spend and all these big games release at the same time and people don't have enough time to play through the last game they played"

    Except as pointed out in the article, Q4 2007 saw a huge number of games released, and that was in the depths of the recession. Yet we all played and bought those games. 2007 did totally spoil us though.
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  • What I think after five hours of Resident Evil 7

  • Bauul 30/11/2016

    @Nikanoru Fixed angle, fixed position flexible angle, or over-the-shoulder third-person?

    RE has had a bunch of camera angles, including first-person in some cases (bonus mission of RE Code Veronica springs to mind).

    I for one am glad they're trying something new. First-person-horror is all the rage at the moment it's true, but frankly I'd rather that than a mediocre third-person shooter like the last handful of RE titles.
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  • Advertising Standards rules No Man's Sky Steam page did not mislead consumers

  • Bauul 30/11/2016

    @_TheDarkSide_ In my experience, the game does genuinely deliver about 75%-80% of what's shown in the videos and screenshots most of the time. Taken each element individually, the game does deliver more or less.

    The problem is when you roll up all the elements together, the combined effect is very different. That extra 20% shown in the promotional material adds up to a feeling of dynamism and life that the final game just doesn't have.

    It's definitely a case of the overall issue is greater than the sum of each issue individually, and that's why the ASA hasn't found fault. Because it's very hard to objectively rate a game on the "impression" the promotional materials give.

    It's the idea of the game that's so different to the final experience more than the individual things.
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  • No Man's Sky files suggest land vehicles are on the way

  • Bauul 28/11/2016

    @telboy007 No FOV slider on console unfortunately. Reply 0
  • Bauul 28/11/2016

    Add a few more features like this and I might just give it another shot.

    A bigger FOV so I don't feel like I'm squinting at the world is a must though!
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda will leave some familiar alien races behind

  • Bauul 25/11/2016

    @jabberwocky Yep, that's all true. From the character's point of view, nothing in ME3 has happened yet.

    Might make for an interesting spin on Andromeda 2 if a few people from the Milky-Way arrive having witnessed ME3 and have a lot to update the characters in Andromeda about!
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  • Sounds like Xbox One is getting a new Guide menu

  • Bauul 23/11/2016

    @chucklepie Funnily enough I find the PS4 menu almost too basic (although it's a big step up from the PS3 menu). The way things move about always bugs me: not just the games (although I wish you could pin positions!) but like the media apps always seem to change. One day YouTube is at the top of the list, the next it's at the bottom underneath a bunch I haven't even installed. It's baffling!

    Most of the system menus are nice and slick (the top row of icons) I just wish we had more control over the quick-access games and apps on the bottom row.
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  • So, about that Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection glitch video

  • Bauul 23/11/2016

    @IronSoldier True, these are small bugs that Ubisoft could have fixed (although in the hundreds of hours I've spent on those AC games I've never experienced them), but the issue is that Polygon has explicitly made out these are new problems introduced as a result of the remaster.

    Taken at face value, the remaster could go down as a "bad remaster" when in reality it's very faithful to the original. At a time when so many new releases genuinely do have mass problems at launch, shouldn't we be focusing on the games that have actual issues? If no-one cared about the climbing glitch in the years since AC2, it's likely no-one should care now either.

    What it boils down to is inaccurate reporting, and in an industry where hearsay and fan-boy opinions often shout louder than real facts, it is the absolute responsibility of gaming sites like Polygon to be a voice of reason and truth. Spreading misinformation like this just for clicks is pretty low.
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  • The promising-looking Space Hulk: Deathwing just got a 17 minute gameplay video

  • Bauul 18/11/2016

    @bushwod I rather thought they nailed the techno-gothic look of 40K! Besides, they're probably super bricks. :)

    On topic, it looks promising! I'm extremely impressed with how they've got the proper feeling of weight and heft to the Terminator armor, and the look of the levels is supreme. Hopefully the gameplay varies up a bit. It's moments like this you really appreciated Left 4 Dead's special infected.
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  • Is it worth upgrading PS4 Pro with an SSD?

  • Bauul 18/11/2016

    @Mar27w In case you were wondering, the downvotes aren't people being annoyed with you, they're merely answering the question as "no".

    As others have pointed out, the benefit of cloud storage is that it's effectively endless (if you can afford it) and can be accessed anywhere. But it isn't fast at all - storing assets in the device itself will always be substantially quicker than storing it miles away on a server.

    You might be thinking of cloud computing. That's where you have a giant super-computer do the in-game calculations instead of the local console. That does offer theoretical benefits (although yet to be realized in gaming) because the actual quantity of data is relatively small, so the low bandwidth that affects cloud storage isn't an issue here. All that is an issue is the delay in the data physically traveling from the server to you.
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  • Xbox 360 games are getting Xbox One boxes

  • Bauul 17/11/2016

    @Isonic I disagree. With the 360 stopping being manufactured, the risk is the opposite: the man on the street thinking they can't buy a BC 360 game because they have an X1.

    It's no different from a PC game originally being released that says "Designed for Windows 7" having it's boxart updated to "Designed for Windows 10" to avoid modern PC players thinking they can't run it if they have Win 10 installed.
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  • Time to kill genre?

  • Bauul 17/11/2016

    @Kiliko I agree that genres are useful when well applied. The issue is when they're not.

    In this case, "first-person-shooter" is just so broad a term that it manages to define everything from Devil Daggers to Titanfall 2. We need a better vernacular to describe the nuances of FPS games better than we do, and that's what TF2 struggled against.

    I've seen it in other situations too, like I once saw someone say they never wanted to play Bloodborne because they "didn't like JRPGs".

    I mean, technically, Bloodborne is just about an RPG and was made in Japan, but to describe it within the terms of JRPG is so misleading as to be effectively incorrect.
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  • PS4 Pro gives Battlefield 1 gamers a multiplayer advantage

  • Bauul 15/11/2016

    @Bennyjj81 I can't tell if you're being sarcastic?

    The playing field was never level anyway. Everyone's ping is different, everyone's TVs have different latency, custom hard drives make for faster loading times, even interference in your room will add latency to your wireless controller.

    But the reality is, as any PC player will tell you, beyond playing on a really terrible machine, it doesn't really make a difference. Especially when using a controller when huge sweeping nano-second quick aim movements aren't even possible anyway.
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  • Sharing Watch Dogs 2 genitalia got someone banned from PSN

  • Bauul 15/11/2016

    @markmitt It's San Francisco. There's nudity everywhere. My wife joined me there last week and upon landing, her literal first text message to me was:

    "Have landed in airport. Found a taxi. Just saw a woman's vag. So far SF does not disappoint!"
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  • Watch Dogs 2 online is broken: what works and what doesn't

  • Bauul 14/11/2016

    @Auntie_Social Well it's a take-off of Dark Soul's invasion mechanic, so if it's implemented as thoughtfully it should simply add to the experience. *If* being the operative word though there! Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs 2 copies arriving early and seamless multiplayer doesn't work

  • Bauul 12/11/2016

    These days it really does seem as though games aren't expected to be working until literally the launch day.

    No wonder day-one patches are so common!
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  • Arkane looking into Dishonored 2 PC performance complaints

  • Bauul 10/11/2016

    @Master09 In fairness, Bethesda don't have a day-one embargo on reviews, they simply don't provide early review copies anymore. If a publication can get hold of the game ahead of release, they're perfectly allowed to review it.

    I'm not saying this is right of Bethesda, but it is worth getting the facts straight.
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  • Overwatch: Blizzard talks Sombra, Arcade Mode and Symmetra's overhaul

  • Bauul 06/11/2016

    I'd like to add to the chorus that EG's policy is to put "Watch:" at the beginning of video articles to avoid the disappointment of clicking on something I can't view (as in my case, I'm next to a sleeping wife and have no earphones). It genuinely does help!

    I will watch it later when I'm able (Chris is a good interviewer) and I know that transcribing interviews takes longer than most people realize, just please label them as such to avoid annoying everyone.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's campaign is slick, morbid and a bit dull

  • Bauul 03/11/2016

    @Uncle_Fishboy When every COD campaign for the last half-dozen games has been the same, what else is there to talk about?

    The bits that are new (the plot, settings, the hub ship and the space dog-fighting) are all discussed.
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  • Watch: 7 things we want from Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Bauul 02/11/2016

    While you make some good points Ian, I strongly disagree with a couple about the pacing.

    The game is only fast if you choose to rush through it. In the latest game I've spent more time picking my way slowly and carefully through the open worlds, completely ignoring the yellow objective marker, than I have in Michael Bay action scenes. If you feel compelled to rush towards the objective marker like a moth and ignore the vast amounts of off-the-beaten-track locations, that's not exactly the game's fault!

    On another point about the old levels that needed exploring: that's incredibly difficult to do well with modern detail rich engines. The more detail in a level, the harder it is to be a space you can easily explore (I'm learning this the hard way as a level designer). Glowing objectives is a sure-fire of indicating what is interactable and what isn't. Get rid of that, and it becomes hunting for a needle in a haystack without dumbing down the visual complexity of the levels, and grumpy graphics obsessed gamers would never accept that.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser drops a big hint when the game is set

  • Bauul 01/11/2016

    @riceNpea The Mass Effect relays did faster-than-light travel. Maybe they just got one of those and aimed it at Andromeda? It's Sci-Fi, they can make up whatever they like!

    On topic: I can't help myself, I'm super excited about this one. A new Mass Effect without any prior idea of what we'll be encountering is something we haven't had since Mass Effect 1.
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  • Next Tomb Raider game leaks after someone leaves laptop open on the subway

  • Bauul 01/11/2016

    @lexlaureijssen1 Don't worry, it stops being grey pretty soon (without wanting to spoil anything!). In fact the freezing winter locations are probably in the minority all said and done.

    On topic, I'm not sure how I feel about this. I *really* enjoyed the two new Tomb Raider games, but they were a good few years apart and there wasn't much like them in-between. If they start churning them out through multiple studios I do worry if they'll suffer from Assassin's Creed burn-out syndrome.
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  • Doom's new Arcade Mode is Doom at its very best

  • Bauul 31/10/2016

    @YouMeandEveryoneElse I'd say go for it. I too am a huge fan of the original Doom, but for some reason only more-or-less enjoyed Wolfenstein The Old Blood (which I hear is very similar to TNO).

    But I absolutely adored the new Doom. It's just out-and-out fun. The demo is the first map right? That's basically just an intro, and is easily the tamest level. The action ramps up significantly, and Doom Guy is an absolute joy to play as (distain for the game's plot and all). It'll probably be my game of the year.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Skyrim Special Edition

  • Bauul 30/10/2016

    @fabio78 Just to address one point about Skyrin's combat: the mle is clunky, but it's pretty simple so you don't have the Witcher button mashing problem. However, mle is just one way to engage in combat. There's also a load of magic approaches and ranged approaches too. Combined with the game's stealth system, I barely openly engage any enemies at all.

    Stealth archers for the win!
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  • Brutal Doom 64 mod will launch next week

  • Bauul 26/10/2016

    @jamespepworth Actually Brutal Doom can be pretty draining on anything that doesn't have a half-decent graphics card. My little Intel laptop can't last three minutes playing it until it chugs to a standstill whereas it can power through vanilla Doom source-ports with ease. Reply +1
  • The making of The Witcher 3's greatest villain

  • Bauul 25/10/2016

    @StollenSpider No I never finished it. I just found I had no motivation to. I don't know why, objectively I should have loved it, but I think because I felt I was endlessly wrestling the systems in the game I couldn't sit back and just enjoy the plot.

    Also, I felt like the whole Baron plot was ruined for me when I selected a polite "I'd rather not talk about it" answer right at the beginning when the Baron's henchmen were quizzing me, but Geralt decided instead to take that to mean I wanted to attack them, thus totally changing my entire approach to that section.

    And of course the game auto-saved so I couldn't go back and change it.
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  • Bauul 23/10/2016

    @JiveHound @Bagpuss I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I completely agree with both of you.

    I really, really wanted to enjoy it: the world building, characters and plots are excellent. But I just didn't enjoy the game itself. The gameplay somehow managed to be both overly fiddly and also button mashy at the same time.

    I think I made a mistake by playing it straight after Bloodborne. To go from something so perfectly fine tuned to something so unintuitively intricate just meant I bounced right off it.

    I got as far as the Red Baron, and just felt no motivation to carry on. It's a real shame.

    On topic though: I totally missed this guy in my play-through, and I thought I did the prologue pretty comprehensively. I guess not!
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  • Watch Dogs 2 successfully ditches Ubisoft's towers for a fresh, fun open world

  • Bauul 24/10/2016

    I'm sorry, this version of San Francisco appears to be sunny, whereas everyone knows in reality it's bathed in a constant freezing, totally illogical and unwelcomed fog. Called Karl.

    Fuck Karl the fog.
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  • Battlefield 1 outsells combined week one of Battlefield 4 and Hardline

  • Bauul 24/10/2016

    @SkankwOn They're still a good indication of the ranking of titles. As far as I'm aware, big AAA titles typically have a similar ratio of retail to digital sales, so even if Chart-Track was somehow able to include digital sales, the ranking of the titles probably wouldn't change that much (except I suspect Minecraft would jump a few places). Reply 0
  • Input lag issues fixed on PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Bauul 23/10/2016

    I've just started playing this (really enjoying it so far) but I noticed the input latency on literally the first screen of the game: the set-the-brightness screen. I think I'm more sensitive to it than some people (I found Shadow of Mirror literally unplayable because of it) so I'm extremely grateful they've patched it on ROTTR. It's gone from being something I likely would have given up on to something I can enjoy. Reply +4
  • Doom 2 modder spends 300 hours making a three-hour level

  • Bauul 19/10/2016

    @quadfather Thanks Quaddy! There are plenty of ledges in the map just for you! Reply 0
  • Bauul 19/10/2016

    @FuzzyDucky You're not wrong!

    I wanted to thank Jeffrey for being such an affable interviewer, and I've been very humbled by all the positive feedback. My map isn't a unique venture by any means though: the Doom mapping and modding community is as active as it ever has been and is a really great group of enthusiasts: there continues to be a steady stream of brilliant custom maps, mods, and content released (not all of it as huge as my map thankfully!) that features some really creative stuff.

    If anyone's interested in checking out what else is out there, the Cacowards celebrate the best of the past year and feature some truely phenomenal creations. I wholeheartedly suggest people check them out!

    Also if anyone has any questions about the map or mapping for Doom in general, just shout! I never object to talking about Doom!
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  • Dark Souls 3 patch will adjust the game's "poise" stat

  • Bauul 18/10/2016

    According to the Dark Souls 3 wiki, player's have a certain invisible poise value that decreases each time they're attacked, based on the poise value of the weapon hitting them, and if their poise-value decreases to zero, they'll be staggered even if it's in the middle of an attack animation and they're wearing heavy gear.
    Hang on, I thought that was always how poise worked?

    I thought the difference in DS3 was that poise only came into effect during specific animations (e.g. attacks) and not just when you were running around like back in DS1.
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  • Here's your first look at Dark Souls 3's DLC PvP arena

  • Bauul 14/10/2016

    @saxxonde Save the Nameless King until last (or at least prior to the final boss) if you can. He's by far the hardest boss in the game, so he's worth building up to. Reply +1
  • The Overwatch kid who challenged ageist stereotypes

  • Bauul 14/10/2016

    The only time I might ever consider voice chat with randoms is in a co-op situation that requires a high degree of team work. I actually remember reading complaints from the L4D community about the number of people who didn't use voice chat with randoms.

    I say "might consider" though, because I never actually have. I just don't like people enough for that!

    If it was up to me, the only way to communicate in games would be using the obscure messaging system in Dark Souls.
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  • Actually, I think you'll find the "time paradox" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered isn't really a paradox

  • Bauul 07/10/2016

    Additionally, it occurred to me the non-remastered version *already* has a contradiction in. In reality (in the context of the fiction) Price slightly misses his target and only takes the arm off. However when we get to play through his memory, we have the option of not missing and hitting Zakhaev square in the face.

    The game instantly corrects this contradiction by going "no you didn't!" and only taking his arm off. The Remastered actually could have followed exactly the same approach when shooting Makarov and just had him survive.

    So frankly the whole scene is just a bad case of unreliable narrator. Playing it any differently than the "real" outcome (namely missing Zakhaev and not shooting Makarov) is just you essentially role-playing as Price making things up.

    "I shot him square in the head, but would you believe it, only his arm fell off! I didn't miss, honest!"
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  • Bauul 07/10/2016

    @Merples54 The article's point is that it's not a paradox because that's not what a paradox means. What we have here is a rewritten story line that contradicts the events of previously written stories. It's a contradiction yes, but not a paradox, because a paradox is two conflicting facts that both seem true at this point in time, but in reality are mutually exclusive.

    Either way, as rightfully pointed out above, this can be very easily explained in the context of the scene as you're not witnessing reality, simply Price's memory. The Remastered version could have also included flying unicorns, but it's not a paradox because it's just Price misremembering things.

    Shooting Makarov is the equivalent of Price just telling Soap "Oh and then I shot a dude in the Jeep!". Which as we know isn't true, but that doesn't stop Price from telling it that way.
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  • What do the creators of Dear Esther think about the term Walking Simulator?

  • Bauul 06/10/2016

    @Aj64 Can a book provide me with a rich, visually beautiful virtual world to explore and admire at my own pace, with accompanying (dynamic) music and sound?

    The problem with books, films and other linear media is that the information they present to you is fixed. Without doing something like deliberately missing out words or covering half the screen, it doesn't require any input to receive 100% of the content provided. You just sit there and it arrives with no effort on your behalf (save the physical requirements of letting the information in).

    But with a game like this, it's up to you to physically go and get that information by playing through the game. It doesn't just present itself to you (unless it's a cutscene or something, but those are antithetic to games like Dear Esther), you have to navigate through the world to find it. And if you aren't thorough, you'll miss key things.

    It saddens me this genre gets so much stick. These are experiences that games, and only games, can provide. No other medium could provide the same experience these "walking simulators" do. We should be embracing the variety of experiences games can provide, not disowning them.

    The ironic thing is I seriously dislike overly scripted games. If they're cutscene heavy or keep taking control away from you, that's when a game becomes a film or a book like you suggest. But Dear Esther, in reality, has (as far as I can remember) a grand total of two scripted events, and only one of them takes control away from you (the final scene of the game). I'd argue that makes it a far more "pure" gaming experience than some super cut-scene heavy scripted AAA title.

    Edit: After giving it some more thought, I think Walking Simulators come down to a single idea: is it possible to tell a compelling story through nothing more than the game level itself?

    As a level designer myself, I always try to input stories into the architecture of a level, so I think that's why I find myself so impressed with the likes of Dear Esther. It's one of the reasons I love Dark Souls so much too - it's a great skill to create a level so well done it can tell a story all by itself with no need for cutscenes or scripted sequences or even NPCs.

    It's like that opening scene in Aliens when they first arrive on the planet and explore the colony. Absolutely nothing happens - they don't meet a single living thing in that scene - but you learn so much about what happened through what they find. The half-eaten doughnut, the holes in the floor, the hastily erected barricades, it's all an example of the same trend of narrative world-building.
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  • Bauul 06/10/2016

    @ourumov That's an excellent point. I never finished the Vanishing of Ethan Carter precisely because it had "gamey" bits in. I wanted to experience the story, not get stuck at some ridiculous one-hit-kill jumpscare stealth section (which the game genuinely does have).

    I couldn't care less if the likes of Dear Esther was labelled a "game" or not. I thoroughly enjoyed my play through and would recommend it to anyone with a disposition for quiet, self-reflective stories.

    I would argue Dear Esther does have a gameplay hook: it's working out what story is. It's like a detective adventure or an archaeological dig: your mission is to work out what the hell is going on and why. If you reach the end of the game and have no clue what the story was about because you did it too fast or didn't read the clues right, that's your fail state.
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  • Overwatch dev Blizzard settles it: Roadhog's hook attack isn't hitscan

  • Bauul 05/10/2016

    @TimmishMcgraw The negs are just people answering your question: they're not downvoting because they're unhappy you asked, they're downvoting because the answer to your question is not what you thought. It's just a way of people saying "I don't think that's correct".

    It comes up quite a lot that someone will ask a question, people will answer "no" by down voting, and then the OP presumes that people are objecting to asking the question, not simply answering it.
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  • Bauul 05/10/2016

    @TimmishMcgraw It's likely there is a moment's delay after you're hit by the sphere, perhaps deliberate, perhaps the game attempting to work out a good route for the chain part of the attack the drag you back.

    Based on some of the gifs above, it's got some pretty robust pathfinding technology, it doesn't just pull in a straight line (that would inevitably get caught on the tiniest bit of level geometry).

    Plus, if the blast-radius of the sphere when searching for a target is as big as hypothesised above, it could well seem to reach around corners. That combined with the above delay, and the delay in the sphere actually reaching you, means you and the Roadhogg could be well out of line of site by the time you actually start being hooked in.
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  • Watch: Chris and Ian experience PSVR and have a lovely time

  • Bauul 05/10/2016

    @vert1go For VR yes it's novel. I know you're being facetious, but you just come across as petulant I'm afraid.

    On topic: these games both looked fun when playing with someone enthusiastic next to you, but I wonder how much they'd keep your interest without the fun novelty factor and good company egging you on.
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  • Destiny: Rise of Iron review

  • Bauul 05/10/2016

    I tried the public beta of Destiny when it first came out, and absolutely despised it. None of the scale of an MMO, but all the lack of permeance and feeling you're not actually achieving anything in the game world.

    Has any of that changed with these umpteen DLC packs?
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  • Watch how Modern Warfare Remastered's campaign stacks up to the original

  • Bauul 05/10/2016

    While the new one looks better, at least the original didn't force you to also buy a second game you don't want in order to play it. Reply +36
  • Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda on difficulty, player feedback and what's changing

  • Bauul 04/10/2016

    @Hellotherenow I tried the Witcher 3. If anything, the combat in that is the dated thing. Somehow clunky and button-mashy at the same time. Made me yearn for the refined ballet of the Souls series.

    Thankfully the rest of the game was good enough to make up for it.
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  • There's a new sound for rare Xbox achievements

  • Bauul 04/10/2016

    @willberry88 "Doesn't that mean then, if you buy a game day 1, all achievements will unlock as Rare for a while?"

    Not automatically, because it's based on % of people who own the game. If you're the only person to own a game for example, then each achievement you unlock would at that point be unlocked by 100% of the game's players (i.e., you) so none of them would be rare.

    But if you are the *first* to reach the achievement on a day where a lot of people have bought a game, then yes they'd be rare until other people catch up. But in my experience on the PS you have to be insanely fast (like literally charge through the game) to have achievements be noticeably "rare" even if they're quite easy.
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  • FIFA 17 breaks series' launch week sales record

  • Bauul 03/10/2016

    @thebuttonz I literally bought GTAV for the first time just last week. Granted it was digital so it won't show up on the above stats, bit it's one of those games that even if you're super late to the party you'll probably end up getting it at some point.

    Can't say it's blowing me away though so far. Last GTA I played was Vice City and at least gameplay wise it so far doesn't feel like I'm getting much more out of it than I did way back when.
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