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  • Tech Interview: Gears of War 4

  • Bauul 23/07/2016

    @Shakey_Jake33 The guy being interviewed has clearly been media trained on what pertinent marketing points to land, but it's clear he's an engineer at heart and given a push will happily drop into talking in-depth tech stuff.

    I can't really fault MS for wanting to be careful with interviews - this is the company that had to put up with Peter Molyneux's interviews for years for example - but kudos to DF for getting past the marketing speak and into the heart of the subject.

    I'm enjoying these tech interviews recently. The one with id Software for example was fascinating.
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  • Gears of War 4's PC-exclusive features detailed

  • Bauul 23/07/2016

    @Nynja On PC, I can buy a game from many stores, not just MS'."

    No you can't, at least not Microsoft games. GOW4 for example will only be available through the MS store. Microsoft would lose out any share they take from third party games sold for Xbox though, but I don't know how much that is.
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  • Bauul 22/07/2016

    @Nynja Also, if you look at it another way, what does it matter if you don't buy one? Microsoft gets as much money from you buying your Xbox stuff on PC as if you'd bought it on a console (remember the console itself is generally sold at cost or even at a loss) so it makes little difference to Microsoft. Reply +2
  • Rocket League, Gwent "ready" for PS4 Xbox One cross-network play

  • Bauul 22/07/2016

    @omniscient MS would never agreed to this now either if Steve Balmer was still in charge. He ran a campaign of exclusion and lack of collaboration. Since Satya Nadella has come in, MS has changed quite a lot. Office has appeared on iPhones, Windows is free, even their super successful stuff like the Azure cloud service can run other OSs and they ditched the Surface model that was closed down.

    I'm sure Xbox not being on top is part of it, but it's also in keeping with a wider strategy at the company.
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  • Dark Souls 3 mod replaces every texture with crab

  • Bauul 21/07/2016

    I wouldn't shell out for this, seems a bit fishy to me. Reply +19
  • Why No Man's Sky fans are worried about a patented Superformula

  • Bauul 21/07/2016

    @EggyDeth On the other hand this isn't a patent for the formula, this is a patent for the creation of a graphical creation tool that uses it. That's subtlely different and would appear to be permissible to patent.

    An equivalent example might be the formulas that make Havoc Physics engine work are not patentable, but their use in a physics based game engine probably are.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 includes a PSVR chapter when it launches

  • Bauul 19/07/2016

    @mjgrierson "Uncharted felt much better to play and a lot more varied in its gameplay mechanics than ROTR"

    I've not played Uncharted 4 yet, but you just put me right off it. I have grown to genuinely dislike games that bounce you between gameplay mechanics. It smacks of a game where story and setting is more important than being a game. Please tell me it doesn't have a turret section, a stealth section and a car chase section?
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  • Buried in the first Legend of Zelda is a glimpse of Dark Souls

  • Bauul 17/07/2016

    @Devox I suspect what happend is Christian booted up Zelda to write an article about what it's like to play now (given the new Zelda is apparently strongly influenced by it).

    He gets an hour or two in, and suddenly goes "I know what this feeling reminds me of! It's the same feeling I get playing Dark Souls!"

    And lo, an idea for an article is born.
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  • 90s Doom mod made to advertise cereal is getting an HD remake

  • Bauul 15/07/2016

    @anonim1979 Check your dictionary I'm afraid:

    Sentient: self aware and able to perceive oneself in the context of the wider world (basically "intelligent life")

    Sapient: either "related to humans" or "wise".

    As the game makes no mention of the Chex people being related to humans, or people particularly wise, sapient isn't remotely the right word.
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  • Pokémon Go officially released in the UK

  • Bauul 14/07/2016

    @mega-gazz My wife, who couldn't name a single Pokémon before this game, is loving it. We'll go for a walk around the local park and she's there surveying the place like a battlefield, working out where the Pokémon are likely to be, calculating the places we haven't walked yet, and setting off like a bloodhound on a hunt.

    She's actually said she's happy she doesn't know Pokémon as it's still a surprise what kind of creature she'll find next.

    I can't say I quite share her enthusiasm, but there's no denying this isn't just limited to Pokémon fans.
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  • Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in US history

  • Bauul 14/07/2016

    I went for a walk around my local park last night. It was the most surreal thing, there were dozens of groups of people walking in slow circled staring at their phones. It looked like something out of Black Mirror.

    But there was this atmosphere in the air - people smiling, laughing, it felt a little like that vibe when you first arrive at a musical festival and spot people with tents and backpacks. You all know you're there for the same thing and it's kind of exciting.

    I have no idea how it'll maintain longevity, but seeing all those players was certainly a memorable experience!
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  • Warner Bros. "misled" with paid-for positive Shadow of Mordor videos

  • Bauul 13/07/2016

    If he's been fully open about sponsored videos for the past couple of years, it does seem a little harsh to call him out about something he clearly recognized and improved on a long time before this ever came to light.

    I think this probably is a case that his name generates more interest than Generic_L33t_Newb_Poner_no.33.
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  • Doom's Vulkan patch is a PC performance game-changer

  • Bauul 13/07/2016

    Aside from the conversation about Vulcan, it's just nice seeing id Software back at the forefront of driving graphics innovation.

    It really is preposterous how well Doom runs considering how good it looks.
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  • Brutal Doom adds weapons from 2016 Doom

  • Bauul 11/07/2016

    While it gets my hackles up when people say Brutal Doom makes the original Doom better, it is undeniably good fun. The new weapon implementations are well done! Reply +2
  • Someone finished Doom's insane permadeath mode without any upgrades

  • Bauul 11/07/2016

    ZeroMaster has been a top class Doom speedrunner for a very long time. To see him get as much out of the new game as the old ones is credit indeed to the quality of the new game. Reply +16
  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • Bauul 10/07/2016

    @drhickman1983 I just downloaded it to see what the fuss was about. Apparently there's a Pokemon sat on the pavement just outside my apartment. I feel genuinely tempted to go get it. It's the same feeling you get in a FPS when you see there's an useful item on the minimap just in the next room. You feel drawn to go and pick it up.

    But then I decided I was too comfy in bed so quit the app.
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  • Next Tomb Raider movie sets 2018 release date

  • Bauul 08/07/2016

    @Les-Whinen There have been a few things recently I am extremely glad I saw in the cinema. Mad Max for example.

    I'm optimistic about this. The rebooted game was a pretty well formed story.
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  • Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

  • Bauul 07/07/2016

    @deanimate Yeah, I found it hilarious they said in the notes above the game had any kind of "pick up and play" value.

    Because there's only five of you and each player has such a specific role, if anyone is particularly crap then the entire game falls over. I tried the tutorials at least twice and a bunch of bot games but never felt confident enough with what I was doing to risk going online and messing someone else's game up.

    I don't think I've ever actually tried an online game.
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  • Red Dead Redemption finally gets Xbox One backwards compatibility this Friday

  • Bauul 06/07/2016

    @FuzzyDucky Couldn't agree more. Irish was like a tick list of the laziest possible stereotypes. Even aside from whether they were offensive stereotypes, the sheer amateurishness of them offended me!

    It was like for every single character they came up with, they decided to make the most over the top stereotype they possibly could.

    The local Sherrif is old, tough and grizzled (of course). The deputy is nervous and uppity (of course). The traveling salesman is an over the top buffoon (of course). The Irish guy is a drunk violent (of course). The grave robber is a creepy Golum type character (of course). The old sage cowboy is wise and knowledgeable (of course). Every single Mexican wears a sombrero and shouts "Gringo!" a lot (of course)...

    The list just goes on and on. It made me feel like I was playing in a world full of bad actors playing roles, not actually real people. And it wasn't helped by the fact Marston spends the first half of the game being nothing more than an errand boy for them.
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  • Bauul 06/07/2016

    @FuzzyDucky I really liked Marston too, but the rest of the characters were such one dimensional stereotypes it was painful. I know we're absolutely in the minority on disliking it though !

    My issues with the writing can be summed up in one specific side mission. An old man asks you to collect flowers for his wife, which you duly do. He keeps talking about how much he loves her and how happy they are, and invites you in for tea with them.

    I was so done with whacky characters being whacky that I genuinely prayed there would just be an old woman in there and we could have a nice chat. But I *knew* Rockstar couldn't resist being *crazzzzzzy* and that the woman would actually be a corpse, Psycho style. Because they literally couldn't resist throwing in every single clichéd story that could lay there hands on.

    Lo and behold, she turns out to be a corpse. By trying to be edgy, instead Rockstar just made the most painfully predictable story they possibly could. I remember just looking at this corpse, sighing, and leaving. It was the kind of utterly lazy writing that made me dislike the the game the more I played it.

    By the time I quit about half way through, I'd grown to genuinely dislike the whole experience.
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  • Bauul 06/07/2016

    @FuzzyDucky No-one else agrees, but I do. I really wanted to love it, and I think my mistake was trying to do all the side missions (which get so repetitive, so quickly) instead of sticking to the main mission, but I was rather disappointed in RDR.

    I got to Mexico, and my main memory was talking to *crazy whacky* stereotype characters who would send me on endless fetch quests. I found myself longing for just one single normal person in the whole wild west!
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  • Blizzard is hiring for a new Diablo game

  • Bauul 02/07/2016

    @grassyknoll I tried co-op once with a character on my console version of D3. I accidentally joined with a guy with a hacked account, who instantly killed every enemy in the level. Before I realized what was happened, I leaped about 1,000 paragon levels in about five seconds. That character is now effectively broken, and I had to start again.

    This simply doesn't happen on the PC. I love the console version, but the hackers do ruin it.
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  • Wreck-It Ralph sequel coming March 2018

  • Bauul 01/07/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 I rather enjoyed it personally. And I think last time they had no Nintendo characters, but Sonic was there briefly. Reply 0
  • BioShock: The Collection finally announced

  • Bauul 30/06/2016

    Am I the only one that really enjoyed BioShock 2? It didn't have the cool twisty story of the first or third, but I'd argue the gameplay was actually the best of the three.

    Plus, of all BioShock's characters, Eleanor Lamb remains my favorite. She was a bonafide badass.
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  • Overwatch ends League of Legend's four-year reign atop the weekly South Korean gaming chart

  • Bauul 28/06/2016

    @Neuf It's a lot of fun. The variation in characters can't be overstated compared to TF2. The way they play is hugely varied, any their abilities take far more influence from MOBAs than FPSs.

    For example, most weapons have infinite ammo, but are controlled by cool downs and reloading. So the best teams learn to coordinate their attacks at the perfect moment to progress. TF2 is more about steady pressure and good supply chains (getting back to the action quickly, having ammo supplies and health etc.). and doesn't reward the same kind of second by second coordination as Overwatch does.
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  • Why BioWare showed Mass Effect Andromeda's female hero first

  • Bauul 24/06/2016

    Isn't it that Shepherd is a reference to first American man in space, and Ryder is a reference to the first American woman in space?

    So it kind of makes sense that the "default" Shepherd is male and the "default" Ryder is female.
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  • Doom 2 Seinfeld mod is totally spongeworthy

  • Bauul 23/06/2016

    @HappyGator When a mod for a 22 year old game gets half a million YouTube views in a couple of days, it's probably worth mentioning yeah! Plus Doom is kind of in vogue right now thanks to the new game, so people are going to be interested in it. Reply +7
  • You can play the first level of the new Doom for free this week

  • Bauul 22/06/2016

    @Uberheertje I dunno, the build up to him I found very intimidating. Finding his broken glass case, reading all the stuff in advance about him, approaching that giant door just knowing what's on the other side.

    I genuinely stood there in front of that door for a good few while steadying myself for what I knew was coming.

    Granted the actual fight wasn't as terrifying as it could have been (certainly compared to the Tower of Babel in the original) but the build up was awesome.
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  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole lets you play as a girl

  • Bauul 21/06/2016

    I was surprised by how much I thoroughly enjoyed The Stick of Truth, so will be absolutely picking this up. And as someone who always plays as a girl in RPGs this is also very welcome news!

    The real question is: will we still get the chance to be crushed to death by our father's giant ball sack?
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  • Watch: Ian goes hands on with Serious Sam VR

  • Bauul 20/06/2016

    @Dizzy I beg to differ, that looks the most awesome implementation of VR I've seen yet!

    But then again I loved those old arcade shooters and I also loved Serious Sam, so this seems like the best of both worlds to me. :D
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  • Skyrim remastered: PS4, Xbox, PC, mods and everything we know

  • Bauul 20/06/2016

    @robthehermit On the other hand, Diablo 3 PS4/X1 edition is still full price, as is GTAV. And they have even fewer graphical improvements than Skyrim is getting.

    Obviously I'd rather pay less than more, but some games have such long life-spans that publishers clearly feel they can get away with charging full price.

    And put it this way: if no-one buys it at that price, they'll reduce it until people do.
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  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • Bauul 18/06/2016

    @Darren I am willing to put money on MS/Sony actually are targeting 1080p/60fps. But if they'd come out and said that, sales of their current consoles would obviously collapse.

    When Apple announce the new iPhone, they do it mere weeks before it launches so as to minimize the effect on their sales. MS/Sony have been outed months and months in advance, so they've had to come up with a convenient reason why these consoles exist. 4k is the perfect excuse. They might even make it true for the first year or so, but I am absolutely convinced it won't take long for them to refocus the new consoles back to their true purpose of a 1080p/60fps version of the current ones.
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  • Bauul 18/06/2016

    @Badcompany88 It's not remotely baffling why they said that. They've said it to prevent the Scorpio/Neo from cannibalizing existing X1/PS4 sales until they launch.

    MS/Sony don't want existing owners to feel left behind, or to prevent a sale today of their consoles while someone waits for the new versions.

    I suspect in reality this whole "only for 4K" is not remotely true, and we'll start to see PC style sliders to enable 1080p/60fps pretty quickly after the consoles come out. But for now, "4k only" is a handy message to explain the existence of these consoles without putting people off buying the current ones.

    I know if I was MS/Sony, that's exactly the message I'd say.
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  • Xbox One S: release date, price, specs and everything we know

  • Bauul 15/06/2016

    @Malek86 I don't think MS are expecting existing X1 owners to pick up many of these. It's just a standard form-factor revision (likely using a design that's cheaper to manufacturer as well). The 360 went through, like, three of these didn't it? Reply +3
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer: the big interview

  • Bauul 15/06/2016

    Simple, it's the Osborne effect. He doesn't want to sink sales of the S by just saying "Scorpio will do everything better!" so they're pitching the Scorpio at a very specific niche, namely 4K.

    I wouldn't at all be surprised if in 18 months they come out and say "Actually, we've decided it can do 1080p/60fps too".

    Everything he says right now is just to mitigate cannibalizing their current hardware sales, that's all.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 uses the Xbox One S high dynamic range tech

  • Bauul 15/06/2016

    @SinglePlayer It sounds like this a hardware solution to support brightnesses that fall outside the usual spectrum (utilizing the latest batch of super bright TVs) not the software solution games have had since Half-Life 2.

    Edit: ah, ninja edit! But yeah, HDR is such a catch-all term that it's basically meaningless these days.
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  • Bauul 15/06/2016

    My basic understanding is that games often calculate 'blacker' blacks and 'whiter' whites than the engine/monitor/whatever is capable of showing. HDR is essentially a catch-all term to describe handling these colours that fall outside of the basic spectrum.

    In photography, you can capture these colours by opening up the shutter longer for dark areas, or closing it faster for light areas. But this washes out/kills all the detail of the opposite end of the spectrum, so an "HDR" photo stitches together multiple takes at different exposures to handle the different lights.

    In the old game engines like Source (HL2), the first and most basic HDR method they introduced was to 'bleed' a white pixel that passed 'maximum whiteness' into nearby pixels. Basically it could indicate a "whiter than white" pixel by having it glare across the screen. This was called Bloom. Then later on they introduced a method where the rest of the screen would darken/lighten to increase the range between black and white until the relative distance between the extreme light/dark pixels could be shown. In effect, it was simulating the effect of the pupil contracting when you walk from a dark room into sunlight, for example.

    So absolutely nothing like the photo "HDR", but still solving the same problem.

    In this new Xbox case, I can only imagine modern TVs have introduced yet another method to indicate whiter-than-whites, and the Xbox S supports it. I don't know the specifics though.
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  • How the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare campaign actually works

  • Bauul 14/06/2016

    @jetfire10 Same! I glanced up and saw space dog fighting and thought "damn this looks cool! I wonder what it is?"

    But when the player hops out and started shooting FPS style, I did instantly go "Oh, it's just turned into a COD clone. What a shame".

    It then dawned on me what I was watching. I kind of laughed that the most COD bits where the bits I was least interested in for a COD game.
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  • Project Scorpio won't have any exclusives

  • Bauul 14/06/2016

    I personally don't believe the forwards-compatibility with the current X1 will hold back the Scorpio.

    Aside from being much faster, there's not exactly much fundamental differences between the two. Not like the 360 to X1 for example, where it for example the RAM was increased by over 1,500%, this time we're looking at a much smaller incremental jump. I suspect most of the games released this gen that simply wouldn't work on the 360 are down to memory requirements.

    Indeed, if you look at PC games, generally the one absolute requirement that games have (and stops them from running on older hardware) is memory.

    In addition to that, if Microsoft are serious about 4K at 60fps, they're not going to manage that with anything other than games of the X1's fidelity now.

    It's likely for the next few years, each X1 release will look something like:

    X1: 1080p, 30fps
    Scorpio: 4K, 60fps

    Then perhaps in three or four years, the old X1 will be retired, and the Scorpio replacement (perhaps also forwards and backwards compatible with that) will come out.
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  • id Software announces Quake Champions for PC

  • Bauul 13/06/2016

    While I'm no fan of the class based idea, man that trailer got the nostalgia going for Q3! Especially seeing Visor rock up at the end (who was the original beta character IIRC) with the Gauntlet.

    There's nothing in the trailer that suggests it's class based, so I'm going to gleefully ignore the rest of the information and just pretend this is a follow up to Q3.
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  • Dishonored 2's first gameplay revealed

  • Bauul 13/06/2016

    I couldn't easily tell you what about Dishonored's art direction was so unique, but the moment the gameplay started you can instantly tell it's a Dishonored game.

    If it's anywhere near as good as the original, along with the new Deus Ex we're in for a treat for first person stealthy RPG type games.
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  • Behold the most impressive Dark Souls and Bloodborne videos online

  • Bauul 10/06/2016

    I once completed Dark Souls using only my own personal skills.

    I'd like to see these guys attempt the above using only my bear hands and total lack of hand-eye coordination!
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  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

  • Bauul 10/06/2016

    As with most people, I went with a PS4 this generation instead of an Xbox One. So ironically, an enhanced Xbox actually is more interesting to me than an enhanced PS4, as long as all PS4 games continue to work on the original hardware too (which Sony has indicated is the case). Reply +9
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided gets new online challenge mode, microtransactions

  • Bauul 08/06/2016

    @nottorp I don't quite think this is worth missing out on what might be an excellent, microtransaction-free main campaign.

    Better than not buying the game at all would be to buy it and then not touch the microtransactions. The devs see they don't make any money and are less inclined to include them in the future.

    Potentially if you don't buy the game at all, the devs are *more* inclined to include them in the future as they hunt for ways to replace the lost revenue from the lack of sale.
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  • XCOM 2 comes to PS4 and Xbox One in September

  • Bauul 07/06/2016

    Excellent news! I played the original on 360 and thoroughly enjoyed it, so was genuinely sad when the sequel was a PC exclusive.

    I'm also already pre-empting all the loss and heartache. Random soldier number 5, nooooooo!
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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst review

  • Bauul 06/06/2016

    @albertino The issue with the original was mostly down to the marketing.

    Unsure of what they had on their hands, EA's marketing campaign made the game out to be an FPS, not a first-person platformer that it really was. Many reviewers went into the game expecting to shoot stuff, but the shooting is deliberately bad in the game to emphasize that Faith is no good with guns.

    Unfortunately this meant many of these early reviewers, who tried to play the game as an FPS because that's what EA had told them it was, found it lacking and underwhelming.

    It was only once the public got their hands on it did it become apparent that shooting was only ever meant to be a last resort.
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  • Capcom bans pro fighting game player due to sexual harassment

  • Bauul 03/06/2016

    Seems to me this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    If he had a spotless record they might have been more tempted to believe his side of the story, but if you have a history of bringing negative press by being an ass, eventually people are just going to get tired of you.
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  • Minecraft sales pass the astonishing 100m milestone

  • Bauul 02/06/2016

    At 53,000 copies a day, at an average of say $10 per copy, it would still take just shy of 13 years for the revenue to catch up to the $2.5b Microsoft paid for it.

    I hope there is some other money coming in from somewhere!
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  • Minecraft will no longer allow companies to promote products in-game

  • Bauul 31/05/2016

    This is fair enough. Microsoft clearly see Minecraft as having real legs inside and outside of gaming, and they might as well get their legal ducks in a row sooner rather than later. Reply +3
  • Doom's soundtrack contains satanic Easter eggs

  • Bauul 31/05/2016

    @Eraser IIRC "Eat my ass and balls" was the original words to part of the chorus of Fatal Tragedy on SFOAM before they wrote the proper lyrics, and it kind of became an in-joke. There's an excellent rendition of the band singing the original lyrics on the commentary track of Live Scenes from New York.

    I had heard of the link between Lateralus and the Fibonacci sequence, but hadn't ever really looked into it. I will do, thanks!
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