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  • Cara Ellison on: 2014: A Space Engine

  • Bauul 31/01/2015

    @dirtysteve The problem is that the criticisms of the article haven't been "I appreciate the objective, but I don't quite feel it hit the mark", it was simply "this should just be a review. We don't want any articles like this on Eurogamer".

    It's one thing to dislike this exact article, but it's quite another to propose EG shouldn't have articles like this at all. But sadly the latter is what most criticizers are saying.
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  • Retro FPS Strafe gameplay rekindles memories of Quake

  • Bauul 31/01/2015

    I agree with the other statements: the gameplay looks great, but the graphics are just too rough at the moment. The likes of Quake obviously weren't technically better, but they were far better artistically. It won't take much to improve it to a suitable level. Definitely one for some more research. Reply 0
  • Video: "Well excuuuse me, princess!"

  • Bauul 30/01/2015

    @ghostgate2001 Yeah, the MK series totally redeemed itself by having Shao Kahn literally out-right murder the entire cast . I'd rank it as one of the best turnarounds in story quality out there.

    As for the above shows: I feel dirty just watching these clips!
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  • Life is Strange: Episode 1 review

  • Bauul 30/01/2015

    @cooliowithdaflow What's your point? That there is one character who doesn't like men? So what? I'm genuinely not understanding what the point is you're trying to make. Reply +12
  • Spotify headed to PS3 and PS4

  • Bauul 28/01/2015

    @monkeighy I'm a fan of Xbox Music, particularly because they pay artists about 6 times as much per stream than Spotify does, so it feels a better service to use. I've also got an HTC Windows Phone and it's all integrated into the OS, so there's that going for it too. Reply +2
  • Reptile pops skulls and melts faces in Mortal Kombat X

  • Bauul 28/01/2015

    @kinky_mong I don't know if they'd have to properly retcon, the story is so fantastical they could just say "killing Shao Kahn turned back time" or something.

    In fairness quite a few of the confirmed deaded dudes aren't on the above list, but Kung Lao was definitely deaded and he's back, so who knows?
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  • Video: Elite doesn't care about you - and that's why it's great

  • Bauul 27/01/2015

    Enjoyed the video, thanks. EG is definitely getting better at producing videos that should be videos and not just articles in video form. Good job! Reply +5
  • Microsoft sold 6.6m Xbox consoles in Q4 2014

  • Bauul 27/01/2015

    @SavageEvil Oh if only it was as simple as you made out! There is a huge research industry built specifically to try to collate how much products have sold (GfK and NPD are the two big players). It employs thousands of people and makes hundreds of millions each year. If it was "3rd grade math", why would this industry exist?

    Let me try to break it down for you:

    A company who has to make devices for sales and each and every devices has it's very own unique number and also when stores request the product they usually ask for an amount.
    Yes, that's how a company knows how many products they sold to the retailer. Doesn't tell them anything about how many the retailer than sold to customers.

    It's not impossible to figure out how many were actually sold to customers, all they have to do is request inventory check from their consumer end partners.
    Lol, and you think retailers will just happily tell them this? Retailers (especially big ones) are notoriously opaque about quantity of products sold, even to their suppliers. The relationships retailers have with their suppliers are complicated tug-of-wars between demand and supply: the suppliers want a demand situation, the retailers want a supply situation. If the retailers simply told the suppliers what they had sold, that removes a lot of their negotiation power.

    If a store that ordered 10K Xbox One's and next call they only request 4K, it means they possibly sold through about 4k give or take.
    Or they're merely inventory managing, or it's a tactic to influence the supplier, or they're utilizing exchange rates by buying in one country and shifting to another, or it's a cartel where groups of retailers take it in turns to buy to keep the supplier keen, or it's one of a thousand complex supply chain reasons, none of which are to do with sales in that period. You can't just go "oh they sold about X-amount, give or take", it simply doesn't work like that.

    So if a store is not requesting as much inventory of your product as before, what do you think that means? It's not selling, they still have a lot of back log.
    Across a 12 month period? Potentially. In a single quarter? God knows why. It might be simple stock levels, but it might be all sorts of other things.

    Not that it matters but if they wanted to they can get specific numbers,
    No, they can get rough numbers, which is useless for an investor call, which was my point.

    Sony does it and MS was doing it when the One launched, how did they have those numbers but now they suddenly can't count the Xbox One and 360 separately or actually figure out how many Xbox One's actually sold out to customers? Right and I'm the pope!
    Of course they can make a good guess based on research firms and any feedback they do get from retailers, but as it's just a guess it's no good for investors/auditors/the IRS etc. I'm sure they do have a good idea too, but whether they release them or not is down to whether they think it'd benefit them as a company for those figures to be out there.

    You say companies reveal those for marketing purposes? Yet MS doesn't release theirs as that would mean they don't want to taint their marketing or something.
    Exactly. You think MS releasing Xbox One figures that are way lower than the PS4 is going to HELP them? People like to buy successful products. Admitting they're losing the race (if you want to look at like that) isn't going to help them at all.

    I don't buy just for marketing purposes numbers release, if you are proud of your throughput then show it.
    Lol, this isn't about being "proud", this is about putting on the best possible face. And what makes you think they even are proud of their throughput?

    Don't release other numbers to attempt to obfuscate the truth and folks have to decipher what you mean.
    Now you're being silly. They released total console sales figures today because they HAVE TO for the financial results. They'd probably prefer not to release this info either, but they're bound to by law (being a PLC and all that). You somehow think they chose to announce actual, real sales figures to retailers (which is when MS get paid) instead of estimated sales-through figures (which by your own words are "roughly, give or take a few")? Think that through for a moment.

    This is the Tomb Raider exclusivity PR nightmare all over again. It's like these guys enjoy making things harder to understand just because.
    They have released the required figures they had to, which are accurate and correct. This isn't an "either/or" situation. It's like you're looking at these financial results and presuming they're some kind of PR release.
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  • Bauul 27/01/2015

    To those asking about sold-to-customers numbers: Companies release that only for marketing purposes. They don't have to release it if they don't want to: The only thing they have to (if they're a PLC) is the sold-to-retailers number, as that's what the company has actually sold and been paid for.

    The sold-to-customers is also not 100% accurate: Microsoft don't have some global machine that tracks when an Xbox is sold (although they do have Live subscriptions), they rely on retailers to tell them. I used to work for a research firm (GfK, who owns Chart-Track) and attempting to collate sold-to-consumer figures from retailers for even flagship products was a full time job. Even then, it wasn't 100% accurate. So it's useless for an investor call where they need accurate specifics.

    Yes we'd all like to know what Microsoft reckons the One has sold through to consumers, but for this investor call they had no need to share it.
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  • Valve bans Counter-Strike pros accused of match-fixing

  • Bauul 27/01/2015

    @Bennicus "caught cheating" implied they broke the rules to win, which is still at least in the right spirit. These guys broke the rules to lose, and profit at the same time, which is like, doubly bad. Reply +1
  • A guide to gaming's most valuable treasures

  • Bauul 25/01/2015

    Worms Armageddon was an N64 exclusive? According to Wikipedia (and my memory) it was released for pretty much everything... Reply -3
  • Video: When games humiliate us with pity

  • Bauul 24/01/2015

    @fizzyfish That always annoyed me, as the only reason I ever died of GoW was environmental challenges, and easy mode didn't help with them. Really fucked me off whenever it popped up! Reply +3
  • Microsoft investigating PC to Xbox One streaming

  • Bauul 22/01/2015

    @KenpoJuJitsu3 Ok, agreed, I was a little churlish, my apologies for that. I guess you came across exactly in the same churlish manner I replied to you in.

    It's worth pointing out at no point in your post did you state you were asking about your household. You simply said "I'm reasonably sure I'm missing the point of this so someone can clue me in please." If you had already figured out why anyone would use it, why did you even ask the question? You had all the answers already.

    I'm guessing therefore what you meant to ask was "I understand why people would use this, but given I have all the required physical set up already, is there anything here for me?" which of course the answer is no. But you didn't ask that, instead you asked the same question a dozen other people had asked, and been answered, already. So you can understand my rather wearisome reply, and why (at present time) you are at 100% negative votes for your original comment.
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  • Bauul 22/01/2015

    @KenpoJuJitsu3 Despite it being really bloody obvious, I'll explain it to you.

    Why you would want to play your PC games on your Xbox:

    You want to play your PC games on your TV, but consider if you didn't have your 30 foot HDMI cable. Then how would you do it? You could buy a 30 foot HDMI cable (if 30 feet is long enough) and play cable management. Or, with this new feature, just do the whole thing using wireless streaming with the click of a button. Guess which will be easier?

    Why you would want to play your Xbox games on your PC:

    Your wife wants the TV, but you want to play Halo, or Sunset Overdrive, or Forza, or any other of your Xbox exclusive games. What do you do? At the moment you say you use your 30 foot HDMI cable and your separate PC monitor, but what if you have neither? Perhaps you only have a laptop. Previously you were stuck, but with this you can use any Windows 10 powered device in the house to carry on playing.

    Basically, you're argument is this: "I have a load of specialist equipment, such as a powerful gaming PC, long HDMI leads, and separate PC monitors. Why would I want this?" Well, obviously, you wouldn't, as you've got all that equipment. But if you didn't have any of that (like me, for example) it's incredibly useful.

    For one microsecond, please stop thinking just about what you have and try to think of other people for a change.
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  • Windows 10 will let you stream Xbox One games to PC, tablets

  • Bauul 22/01/2015

    @ChiefGB Really? I'd have thought MS allowing any device running Windows 10 (which, given they're giving it away for free, is going to be A LOT) is going to perform far better than Sony's which is limited to very specific pieces of hardware (IIRC). Reply +3
  • Bauul 22/01/2015

    @L_A_G What would you rather, Microsoft implemented this feature for smartphones and tablets but locked out PCs just because you can't see a use for it?

    Don't be daft. It's coming to PC simply through the virtue of this being an OS level feature, so it just works on anything. No-one is suggesting you ignore your gaming PC power and just stream from the Xbox, obviously. This is for people who simply want the Sony Remote Play experience for their Xbox.
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  • Bauul 21/01/2015

    @Drunk-Si Fair enough, I've never actually tried one! :) Reply 0
  • Bauul 21/01/2015

    I'm amazed so many people don't understand this. It's Microsoft's version of RemotePlay, they've just opened it up to any device running Windows 10.

    "Why would I run this on my PC?"
    - You wouldn't necessarily, this is more useful for tablets or laptops. But as this is an OS level feature it'll be available on everything that runs Windows 10, which is why it's possible (although not all that useful) for a PC.

    "The other way around would be better!"
    - Wireless HDMI adapters exist already, just use one of them if you want to stream your PC to the TV. Doing it this way around is more interesting as most tablets/laptops don't have an HDMI in, so you couldn't use a cable to plug your Xbox into your tablet.
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  • Microsoft demos Windows 10 Xbox app

  • Bauul 21/01/2015

    @marmaduke Cortana actually has some rather funny lines about Clippit if you ask her about him. Reply +1
  • Bauul 21/01/2015

    @Mr-Writer I understood it was available for any game, it's built into the OS. I think EG just talked about Steam to show it isn't limited to Microsoft games. Reply +4
  • Retro first-person shooter StrafeŽ parties like its 1996

  • Bauul 20/01/2015

    Hah, that was absolutely excellent. Nice idea for the game too - basically looks like a rogue-like Quake 2, and that sounds like a pretty sweet idea to me!

    Although not sure about those new-fangled polygons they're using...
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  • GOG Star Wars splurge includes X-Wing Alliance

  • Bauul 20/01/2015

    I think this is all a bit tactical by Disney. They're releasing all the old catalog to see what sells well, and may well make some future decisions based on that.

    Given the resurgence in Star Wars popularity and the success of Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Disney employed Sith Lord somewhere rubbing his hands together and planning a new space fighter game.

    Edit: Oh that video brought back memories! I never liked the TIE Interceptor due to its complete lack of shields. The TIE Defender on the other hand... flying death machine. :)
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  • Steam Broadcasting has arrived

  • Bauul 20/01/2015

    @bigfriendlygamer My brother is very good at cricket, yet he still watches cricket on TV. Being good at something shouldn't exclude you from enjoying watching others do it!

    I sometimes watch streams in bed for five minutes before going to sleep. It's a nice way to unwind. Not twitch-shooter type stuff or anything linear or with narrative, but strategy games (especially something like Hearthstone) can be very interesting, as you learn from players who are better than you.

    Finally, after each day's Spelunky Daily Challenge I'll often watch the day's to score to see where I went wrong and what they did differently. It's always illuminating.
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  • Watch Dark Souls completed in under 50 minutes

  • Bauul 20/01/2015

    @PenguinJim I believe 50 minutes was quite a barrier that people had been struggling to get below, so it being beaten is quite big news amongst DS speed runners anyway. Reply +1
  • Rock Band dev Harmonix asks fans to fill out "important" survey

  • Bauul 19/01/2015

    I actually have a bit of a love hate relationship with Rocksmith. I think it's a great tool for learning to play the guitar, but a terrible tool for learning to play a song.

    The reason is it completely lacks the ability to simply show you what the notes are in advance, so you can learn and memorize them. Instead it can only display them as you play the song. That's fine for individual note riffs, but for complex chords (especially arpeggio chords) you end up having to pause the game to memorize the finger positions. And then there's no "unpause" button - it restarts the entire section. Drives me up the wall.
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  • Bauul 19/01/2015

    @abeeken Oh completely, but the right audio set up is part and parcel of the game: It tells you enough times when you load it up! That said "the right audio set up" is hardly expensive. I have a pair of $15 speakers plugged directly into the back of my 360, or when my wife is trying to sleep I just use my usual earphones I usually use to listen to music. Doesn't exactly require much special investment, certainly compared to owning an actual guitar! Reply 0
  • Bauul 19/01/2015

    @sits Funnily enough as someone who learned to play guitar brute ever trying Guitar Hero I simply couldn't ever get on with the controller. Have you tried Rock Smith? That's a proper guitar workout! Reply 0
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection's latest update detailed

  • Bauul 19/01/2015

    @nothough well the worse case scenario is then releasing a broken game, and then NOT releasing any patches to fix it. Perhaps EG should have said "it's not as bad as it could have been""? Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 details its Scholar of the First Sin patch

  • Bauul 16/01/2015

    That Agape Ring seems like a half decent stop gap for the silly soul memory mechanic. Hopefully they just don't include it for any future games. Reply 0
  • Microsoft reinstates Xbox One price drop in the US

  • Bauul 16/01/2015

    I would like MS to continue to sell well, because then it's a sign that if a company chooses to listen to its customers (which MS has showed signs of doing in fairness), they should be rewarded. Plus if MS stay in the game it keeps Sony competitive. If MS were to pull out of the console industry it'd be disastrous for everyone. Reply +5
  • Mortal Kombat X Kitana and Kung Lao gameplay revealed

  • Bauul 15/01/2015

    @nottorp I guess I just find it odd that many people are acting like playing as Goro is some long running essential part of Mortal Kombat, when it really isn't. I don't like pre-order bonuses as much as the next person, but I suppose this just doesn't strike me as terrible as it seems to many other people. Reply +1
  • Bauul 15/01/2015

    It is worth pointing out that Goro isn't meant to be a playable character really: he wasn't in the last game. People are getting wound up, but all they're doing is offering a gimmick: playing as Goro is, was, and never will be a usual part of any MK game. Reply -1
  • Total War: Warhammer revealed

  • Bauul 14/01/2015

    @jamiepcampbell It wasn't just the server problems (although you can't ignore them), the whole economy of the game was borked due to the inclusion of the Auction House. It just wasn't fun to play in the long run. The console version, as it had no auction house, had a much more enjoyable economy. The PC version is all fixed now though of course. Reply +1
  • Bauul 14/01/2015

    @bastiansoijer Actually Diablo 3 is a terrible example of why PC games shouldn't go to console. The PC original was a hot mess, but the console port a year later was pretty much the definitive version. The PC version has now caught up, but for a long time console was by far the best place to play Diablo 3.

    On topic: Given how faithfully they adapted the Alien license, I have faith CA will do this right. Looking forward to it!
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  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong launches Kickstarter, succeeds goal in two hours

  • Bauul 14/01/2015

    I kind of like this idea: no relaying on crowd funding to fund the core game, but the chance for fans to increase the size of the scope if they can afford to. It's like the best kind of pre-ordering.

    Obviously this won't work for any crowd funded project that actually needs the money, but for something small but successful like this I think it works quite well.
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  • Xbox One Evolve pre-purchase unlocks characters you'd otherwise have to grind for

  • Bauul 12/01/2015

    @Skirlasvoud Turtle Rock never used the word "grind", that's all Eurogamer. They just call it a pre-order bonus.

    It does seem a little odd in some respects, but at least they're not removing game content for non-peorders. As far as pre-order incentives go, this offends me far less than what many publishers do.
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  • Jon Blyth on: Barks

  • Bauul 10/01/2015

    Well I found that very funny. Silly game humor isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's bang up my ally, so bravo! Looking forward to your next column. Reply +5
  • Ninja Theory's Hellblade also confirmed for PC

  • Bauul 09/01/2015

    @BlueBits That only applies to small indie games using ID@XBOX. Everyone knows that. I'm sure you do too actually, and you're just being a troll. Reply +1
  • Blacklight and Daylight developer Zombie Studios officially shuts down

  • Bauul 08/01/2015

    That is a shame! I've wandered past their sign a couple of times but shamefully never realized who they were, I presumed it was just some other Zombie named company (probably a symptom of growing up in rural Derbyshire where there are no video games developers, then moving to Seattle and still presuming all the devs are still based in some far flung exotic location).

    Best of luck to the team.
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  • Video: Five exciting survival games for 2015

  • Bauul 08/01/2015

    @drhickman1983 I also have an interest in FPS games, RPGs, RTSs, MMOs and x4 Strategies, but damnit there's no written article about them either.

    I'll say it again: It's not like this was ever going to be a written article and Eurogamer decided to turn it into a video: Ian is a video editor, he makes videos. Saying this should have been written is like having Chris Nolan make a film and just saying "pfft, he should have written it as a book instead".

    Plus, given this was a preview piece, having actual video footage is extremely useful: I know far more about the games than if they were described in text, so personally I'm glad this was a video and not written.
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  • Bauul 07/01/2015

    Videos are fine, it's not like Eurogamer is reducing it's written content to fit in videos. If you don't like watching a video, just don't watch it. No-one's forcing you, and it's clearly labelled as a video on the front page so you can avoid it. Reply 0
  • Microsoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

  • Bauul 02/01/2015

    @Fake_Blood Because we all told them to? Company listens to customers shocker. Reply +4
  • Games of 2014: Alien: Isolation

  • Bauul 31/12/2014

    I liked the video, it was well produced and enjoyable to watch. However, I did click on the article and then upon seeing it was a video have to leave it for three days until an opportune time to watch it, so I can tell why people object.

    On the other hand, I am glad it wasn't written down, as then I probably would have never would have seen the video and i actually really enjoyed it! Maybe just label them in future though? That should help.
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  • Origin System's unmade games and rejected ideas

  • Bauul 21/12/2014

    Another excellent article Joe. As soon as I saw it was another retrospective I hoped it had your name on.

    Hopefully these will encourage other big developers to open their vaults too, there must be reams of interesting ideas out there that never made it to release.
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  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Bauul 09/12/2014

    When the news broke it struck me as a deal done for marketing cost reasons (almost all retailer exclusivity deals are done for the same reason). Squenix couldn't afford to market the game to the extent they wanted to, but get MS on board and suddenly they have all the marketing budget they need.

    Squenix clearly feels that multiplatform with little marketing will sell less than Xbox exclusive and all of MS' marketing. Whether they're right remains to be seen.
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  • The Talos Principle review

  • Bauul 09/12/2014

    Wow, hadn't heard of this, but it's now firmly on my radar. The Serious Sam games always did have some fiendish puzzle elements, so I'm glad Croteam have allowed themselves to spread their wings.

    I'll definitely be checking this out now, thanks EG!
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • Bauul 09/12/2014

    @azun If you really did beat the game in 13 hours I just feel sorry for you: that isn't remotely enough time to experience everything the game has the offer. I suppose you could skim-read War And Peace in a few hours too, but likewise I suspect you'd miss most of the finer details. Reply +1
  • Bauul 08/12/2014

    @azun "well, I did the same with dark souls 2, just over 13 hours"

    Do you honestly think anyone will believe you completed a 50 hour game in 13 hours on your first run through?

    I can only presume you hold the record for speedrunning the game you're clearly so good.
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  • The Game Awards 2014 live report

  • Bauul 05/12/2014

    @feistycheese I totally agree. I watched it last year for the first time and it was an embarrassment to the industry. But the BAFTAs are nothing but class. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 heading to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Bauul 25/11/2014

    @ghostgate2001 I'd be interested to know if there are any other Xbox games that have this kind of light-touch multiplayer and worked without Xbox Live Gold?

    I certainly haven't heard of any, and if there aren't, I'm still confused as to why you thought it would be different for DS.
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