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  • Xbox Game Pass games list: Every Xbox One, 360 and Xbox Live game currently available

  • Bauul 25/05/2017

    As and when I get an Xbox One (Scorpio please be good!) this looks like an excellent way to play "catch up".

    I'm quite a fickle gamer: not that interested in the latest and greatest but also never quite sure what to play, so just being able to select from a bunch of games without worrying about buying something I don't like sounds pretty excellent to me.
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  • Valve hired former Kerbal Space Program developers

  • Bauul 23/05/2017

    @arty Nope, they used to be in Kirkland. Again, totally different city.

    Valve have never been based in Redmond, although it's highly likely Gabe worked there when he worked for Microsoft back in the 1990s.
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  • Bauul 23/05/2017

    Yo Jeffery, Valve certainly do not have their HQ in Redmond. That's Microsoft and Nintendo of America.

    They're in a completely different city, Bellevue, along with Bungie, 343, and Sucker Punch to name a few others.

    I should know, my wife works in the same building as them.
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  • Angry Birds movie is getting a sequel

  • Bauul 23/05/2017

    I rather enjoyed the first movie, in the same way one enjoys an Ice Age or Despicable Me. Not ground breaking cinema, but the jokes were good and it was a nice enough way to while away an afternoon. No issues with there being a sequel. Reply +3
  • Hands-on with Destiny 2 - a fun and familiar experience

  • Bauul 19/05/2017

    So as someone who bounced off Destiny 1 faster than a tennis ball being shot out of a cannon, I'm guessing this one likely won't be for me either? Reply +6
  • Vive launching a new VR headset that doesn't need a PC or phone

  • Bauul 18/05/2017

    @bad09 I was more thinking the full room space, 6-axis motion controllers side of things more than graphical power. You're right we won't get a PC's horsepower into it, but DayDream already has functionality for motion controllers so it seems a logical extension. Reply +1
  • Bauul 18/05/2017

    I suspect this is going to be a bit more powerful than I think people are expecting. Yes it'll run on Daydream, but think portable Vive, not souped up Gear VR. Reply -1
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole finally has a new release date

  • Bauul 17/05/2017

    The Stick of Truth was delayed again and again and turned out to be genuinely excellent, so I have faith this will turn out the same. I'd rather it was late and good than the other way around. Reply +2
  • Rejoice! Danger Zone is Burnout's Crash Mode

  • Bauul 17/05/2017

    Does this have hot-seat local multiplayer? Because that's literally the best part of Crash Mode! Reply +2
  • PS4 external storage tested: 4TB hard drive vs SSD performance

  • Bauul 14/05/2017

    @nottorp Your controllers don't need to use the USBs in the front of the PS4, they can use any USB port.

    I plug mine into 2 phone chargers plugged into the wall next to my couch. Much more convenient than running wires across the living room.
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  • The hidden echoes of Resident Evil 7's remixed house

  • Bauul 14/05/2017

    Interesting article! I have a slight side hobby making game levels for various FPS titles, so perhaps I should give the magazine a read, I might learn something!

    Ever since playing through Dark Souls, I've found myself disappointed if a game doesn't go to extreme lengths to tell a story purely through the geometry of their levels.
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  • PS2 classic Resident Evil Code: Veronica X out today on PS4

  • Bauul 10/05/2017

    I loved Code Veronica. But it's a slight source of guilt as it caused a major fight with my brother. I'd gotten pretty far in the game, and he didn't seem very impressed, so to prove to him I had I told him a major spoiler about one of the characters dying.

    It was a dick thing to do, and he was rightly really pissed at me. So it might be 17 years later, but James: I'm sorry I blabbed. :cry:
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  • Strafe review

  • Bauul 10/05/2017

    @Der_tolle_Emil That's exactly it. Essential is 5/5, Recommended is 4/5, avoid is 1/5. Everything else (so the non-badges) is 3/5.

    There's a big editorial on the sight somewhere about how it all works. EG were pretty transparent about it when they made the change.
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  • Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti OC review: top-tier SLI tested

  • Bauul 02/05/2017

    @leeroye When people talk about justifying purchase to their spouse, what they actually mean is they can't really afford to buy it, and that if they did it'd be irresponsible. The spouse is effectively your conscience. It's much easier to lie to yourself than it is a spouse. If you genuinely could afford it without any opportunity cost, you would just buy it. Talking about spouses in this situation is actually merely a proxy for being responsible with money. Reply +6
  • Beat Cop review

  • Bauul 01/05/2017

    @CaptainKid If this is anything like Papers, Please, then the gameplay mechanics are almost irrelevant. Judging this game on the mechanics is like judging Papers, Please on whether you enjoy "spot the difference" exercises.

    The point is the feel of the game, the vibe it gives, and the emotions you experience playing it. The mechanics are almost a side-note - it's not meant to be a dexterity challenge. That's why the review, rightly, focused on how it made Cassandra feel to play it.
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  • Prey was a flawed FPS with ideas worth remembering

  • Bauul 30/04/2017

    I really enjoyed Prey. Never once equated it to Portal, so I find it odd people here did. Prey was a dingy horror shooter and Portal was a comedic puzzle game. Nothing alike at all.

    I didn't even really remember Prey had portals in - I don't recall them being a particular focus of the game. They were just fun floating teleporters you could see through, alike that we've had since Quake 3.
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  • Digital Foundry: Let's play PC games at 8K resolution

  • Bauul 29/04/2017

    8K on a 32 inch monitor is about the same pixel density on a 1080p smartphone. So it would make sense... if you played games with your nose six inches from the screen.

    Sat at a desk, or even more so on a couch, I sincerely doubt most people even have good enough eyesight to tell the difference between a 4K screen and an 8K one. It might have applications elsewhere, but the standard 40-50inch TV likely isn't one of them for a long, long time.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • Bauul 28/04/2017

    I always thought she made some pretty good points, but ruined what could have been something quite educational by being a) overly snide, b) using flat out wrong examples and c) concluding it was because all game developers hate women, which is obviously stupid. Reply +9
  • Watch: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 takes 5 minutes to load. Here's what you can do in that time.

  • Bauul 24/04/2017

    @---___--- Actually Horizon ZD's fast-travel load times depended entirely on how far you fast-traveled. Try traveling from the Embrace to Sunfall and it certainly wasn't 10-15 seconds!

    Still felt acceptable for the sheer fidelity of the world though.
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  • Surprise! Prison Architect dev's unsettling new game Scanner Sombre out in two days

  • Bauul 24/04/2017

    @Frosty840 Surely it depends on the quality of that session? Journey was a single session game too, and no-one would begrudge it a decent price point.

    On the flip side you have something like No Man's Sky which (at least at launch) demanded hours and hours and hours, but ultimately contained very little content.
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  • What Remains of Edith Finch review

  • Bauul 24/04/2017

    @cheekyjay I'm not sure Horizon Zero Dawn quite counts as a Japanese AAA title when it was made in the Netherlands, unless you just mean it was funded by Sony.

    I agree overall though, my backlog is getting bigger and bigger, and it's usually not something that's a concern. I'm having to start actually writing down the names of the games I'm interested in as otherwise I'm likely to forget about them.
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  • May's Xbox Live Games with Gold detailed

  • Bauul 21/04/2017

    @Fourfoldroot LC: Temple of Osiris is... meh.

    The first game (Guardian of Light) felt like a proper isometric Tomb Raider with some light arcadey elements, and I really enjoyed it (played it to the end).

    ToO goes full out arcade though. All socreboards, high-scores and fastest-times. I bounced right of it (it's just not what I look for in a Tomb Raider game) but you might have different mileage.
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  • Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer reveals prequel and sequel trilogy characters

  • Bauul 12/04/2017


    Can't get excited about another CGI wankfest of a trailer. Come back when you have gameplay to show, DICE/EA.
    I hate to break it to you, but all gameplay is CGI. All CGI means is the images are created by a computer, which covers pretty much all games.

    I think "pre-rendered" is what you're after.
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  • Project Scorpio supports FreeSync and next-gen HDMI

  • Bauul 11/04/2017

    I was thinking my 1080p TV was going to last a fair while, but between 4K, HDR Colour, and now VRR, it's feeling increasingly like I'm missing out on a bunch of cool stuff! Reply +5
  • Battlegrounds' PlayerUnknown and the future of Battle Royale

  • Bauul 10/04/2017

    @Pasco_ I think EG meant the popularity of the genre is the world of one man, which isn't an unfair statement.

    The 14 hour day thing does sound a bit hellish though! Hopefully it's a choice and not managerial pressure.
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  • Microsoft reveals Minecraft Store with virtual currency

  • Bauul 10/04/2017

    Stores like this always seem unsavory, but when looked at closely this isn't one of the worst examples. MS isn't locking any integral parts of the game behind a paywall, they're not giving players who pay an unfair advantage, they're not making more money out of a creation than the creators themselves, and they're not putting this in place in any of the original arguably most open versions of the game.

    In fact, it's not far off the same business model as the Apple App Store.

    It's hard to know what Microsoft could have done better, but at the same time, introducing costs for anything that previously never had them just feels... unsavory.
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  • Westworld actress joins cast of The Last of Us: Part 2

  • Bauul 08/04/2017

    She was awesome in Westworld (as was everyone really). I recall she was quite an expressive actor too, so good casting choice for mocap. Reply +13
  • Brenda Romero to receive BAFTA Special Award

  • Bauul 31/03/2017

    Good for her! It's always good when recognition goes to people who teach and sharing their knowledge as much as make use of it themselves. Very dignified choice for Bafta. Reply 0
  • Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy premieres next month

  • Bauul 31/03/2017

    @Tslog The Wolf Among Us was also excellent, but yeah, after that it does seem like they're churning them out. Reply +7
  • The Derby dev reverse-engineering CoD 2 to make the definitive WW2 shooter

  • Bauul 30/03/2017

    @TheTingler Yep, old and horrified pretty accurately sums up my feelings too. In my mind, COD2 was the beginning of modern FPSs, not exactly some "old school" retro experience.

    In hindsight, it's funny to think: in the same time between the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and today, we went from Quake 3 to Call of Duty 2.
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  • Here's what Lara Croft looks like in the new Tomb Raider movie

  • Bauul 28/03/2017

    They've certainly nailed the look of the reboot, and Vikander is a good actress. Granted that means absolutely nothing for the eventual quality of the film, but baby steps!

    She does look perhaps a little less muscular than Lara though.
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  • Mass Effect 2 and the importance of character

  • Bauul 26/03/2017

    @williamarthurfenton The issue with your suggestion of avoiding side missions is you don't *know* if they're turgid slugs or vital experiences until you play them. Games like that Elder Scrolls series are almost entirely side mission based - if you just head for the "main" missions you'll miss 90% of the game.

    On the flip side you have games like Red Dead Redemption who's side missions are mostly more like repeated activities (hunt down bandit, shoot wildlife etc.) with no real plot (although it obviously does have some good side missions).

    The problem is you don't know​ which is which until you begin playing the game. I suspect a lot of the issue with ME:A is because based on the previous titles all the side missions you expect to be super important, super plot heavy story experiences, and I gather they're not.

    I'm a pretty seasoned gamer and I've approached open world games wrong too. I mention RDR because I really messed up with that: I played it immediately after Skyrim, and ended up approaching it in the same way, doing every side task because I presumed it was a mission. It became such a chore to play that I got totally burned out on it and never finished the game. My memory of it is now soured by it just being tedious busy work.

    I need to go back and replay it and *just* do the main mission (and the absolutely most important side missions), but I didn't know any of that until I played it the first time. Essentially you're asking people to be clairvoyant about the quality of the side missions.
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  • Microsoft reveals fancy new Xbox One controller

  • Bauul 21/03/2017

    @Brainflowers It's quite important for the PC crowd.

    Many PC gamers don't need (and would prefer not to have) a wireless controller, and the 360 wireless controller didn't work natively with PCs when it was released without a dongle. So it's still important to specify if there isn't going to be a wired version.
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  • 26 years later, Street Fighter 2 expert reveals never-before-seen combos

  • Bauul 21/03/2017

    Just a wild guess, but could the "falling into a corner pause" be left-over code from Vega's wall jump attack, where he jumps off the wall at the side of the stage? I seem to recall he's the only character that could do that, but my memory could be serving me wrong. Reply +2
  • Xbox One's next update adds tournament feature, custom gamer pics

  • Bauul 21/03/2017

    @Brainflowers I think it's because some people are prone to being overly dramatic, with "threats" of "OMG I'm selling my console!" over the smallest so-called slight relatively common in certain places online.

    So people are sensitive to that kind of post, and are more likely to react badly to it just because we're all so sick of how whiny some portions of the gaming market has become.
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  • Mass Effect's best mission

  • Bauul 17/03/2017

    Great mission, although I was thrown by Mordin admitting he'd helped create the genophage.

    Krogan live for a thousand years, so for the genophage to have had any major effect it should have been in place for at least hundreds. The rachni queen mission in ME1 also plays to the idea this all happened centuries ago (which is why it was so strange to find a living rachni).

    But if Mordin worked on it can't have been any more than a couple of decades ago (Salarians have short lives). It just doesn't feel right, and slightly smacked of retconning the story.

    I small distraction in an otherwise wonderful story arch though. ME3 had an underwhelming ending, but aside from the last 10 minutes it was pretty amazing.
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  • Switch loading times tested: MicroSD vs carts and internal storage

  • Bauul 16/03/2017

    Good analysis, thanks DF!

    Do we have any information on exactly what the tech is in the cartridges? Judging from the article they aren't basic SD cards, so anyone know what they are under the hood? Just curious really.
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  • Microsoft testing PC, Xbox One Game Chat Transcription feature in Halo Wars 2 right now

  • Bauul 16/03/2017

    Speech-to-text in particular sounds wonderful. I turn off basically all public voice-comms because they're inevitably random chatter and nonsense, but in the small chance someone does start talking sense about the game, having it all just appear as a little text box at the side would be amazing. Reply +1
  • Gambling Commission warns parents about gambling websites

  • Bauul 15/03/2017

    @leeroye Not really, as gambling in something like CS:GO doesn't use an in-game currency as far as I'm aware. It uses the actual weapon skins, each of which has a monetary value (in real cash).

    Really the only absolutely sure-fire way to stop this entirely is to ban tradable items of all kinds, but that seems rather an overkill.
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  • System Shock 3 is coming to consoles via new publisher Starbreeze

  • Bauul 15/03/2017

    @MrDurandPierre Shortly before the release of Epic Mickey 2 I saw Spector do a talk at Bafta in London. He's a fascinating chap, definitely something​ of a gaming auteur.

    It's a shame Epic Mickey and tbe sequel turned out a bit crap. The thought behind them and the lengths he talked about Disney history clearly revealed a *lot* of work into them.

    I'm cautiously optimistic about SS3.
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  • Inside the cruellest RollerCoaster Tycoon park ever created

  • Bauul 10/03/2017

    Thanks for the article EG! I always enjoy this kind of stuff. From the stories of what happens if you deliberately kill Sims in order to build a graveyard to that endless Civ 2 game that ended up a spitting image of 1984, it's always interesting.

    Magnasanti, the terrifying Sim City 3000 "utopia" of maximum possible residential density was always a favorite. As was the original Mr. Bones Wild Ride of course!
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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War goes wild with the brilliant Nemesis system

  • Bauul 08/03/2017

    I was looking forward to the first one, but the input latency absolutely killed it for me. I paid full price for it on PS4 and was so annoyed I put it down after about 30 minutes. I still feel frustrated by it now. I'm pretty envious of everyone that wasn't bothered by the input delay. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 update that adds Pro boost mode out tomorrow

  • Bauul 08/03/2017

    @Syrette If you don't have a fast internet connection so would rather only download games once, absolutely that could fill up fast.

    I'm very pleased about this: 500Gb isn't even enough for just the games I play regularly, let alone all the stuff I'd like to have to hand just for the occasional blast through.
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  • Crytek Black Sea now a part of Total War developer Creative Assembly

  • Bauul 07/03/2017

    @Pasco If someone loses their job due to the company no longer being able to afford their role, they're not being fired. They're being made redundant.

    I'm all for cutting through PR, but if we're going to let's at least be accurate. You're fired when you mess up or fail to do the job: it's a response to failure. Being made redundant, which is the technical term, implies no fault on behalf of the employee. And that's a crucial difference.
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  • Bauul 07/03/2017

    I'm happy the studio found a new home, but am I the only one that's anxious Creative Assemblies doesn't go down the same route as Crytek and over-expand? Somehow devs who get big enough to work on multiple projects at once always seem to struggle to turn out quality. Reply +2
  • How Dawn of War 3 uses MOBAs to modernise multiplayer RTS

  • Bauul 06/03/2017

    @PixelJumper Isn't the scale too small for Titans? They'd barely fit in the screen. Reply +1
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 out in April

  • Bauul 06/03/2017

    @Rogueywon Agreed. Nothing wrong with devs offering pre-order incentives that are purely cosmetic.

    Devs are allowed to try to tempt us to buy the game in advance, but locking content away to do it is very underhanded. Cosmetic items only though: no problem.
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  • Finding the voice of The Witcher's Geralt in Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • Bauul 06/03/2017

    @FadetoBlack23 Granted I'm only a few hours in, but so far it does seem pretty generic.

    I also don't care one bit, as while it's clearly built on the shoulders of similar games, it's easily one of the best (if not the best) realization of the genre.
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  • Switch Joy-Cons tested: are there really de-sync issues?

  • Bauul 02/03/2017

    Wireless connections are far more fragile than I think many people realize. My DS4 occasionally suffers massive lag for no real reason (or as my wife puts it when she's playing "It's done the weird thing again!") but we've found moving the coffee table to the side seems to help.

    Basically anything from furniture to hands to too many smartphones in close proximity can mess up a signal.
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  • Nintendo Switch review

  • Bauul 01/03/2017

    Does it have any kind of backwards compatibility with Wii U or 3DS titles?

    I'm guessing not as it wasn't mentioned in the review, but as someone who skipped the Wii U knowing that I could try all those titles too would make a difference.
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