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  • Watch Everybody's Gone To The Rapture's mysterious launch trailer

  • Bauul 03/08/2015

    @MerryLoony Given that Ethan Carter was heavily inspired by The Chinese Room's first game Dear Esther, I fail to see how you can accuse this of being derivative. Reply +4
  • Dota 2 tournament offers $18m prize pool

  • Bauul 03/08/2015

    Hey, I live just across the lake from Seattle! I will immediately... load up Twitch and watch it from the comfort of my chair. Reply 0
  • DriveClub overtakes 2m sales

  • Bauul 03/08/2015

    I picked up the PS+ version, which turned out be to be way more hamstrung than EG made it out. It was both simultaneously overwhelming (e.g. Forcing you into a race before even letting you access the main menu for the first time) and constraining by locking 95% of the tracks and cars into the full game. I've given it a good go but the experience left me with a bit of a bad taste. Reply +3
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition comes with all the Gears games

  • Bauul 03/08/2015

    @FromTheHalfWayLine Because then the 360 games are free. I don't think they're going to stop you accessing the original games via BC if you don't buy the HD remaster, you just don't get them for free, right? Reply +4
  • Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts

  • Bauul 02/08/2015

    @Suarez07 Seems reasonable enough to me. I've had to contact Microsoft a couple of times before to Activate a version of Windows and it's always a pretty painless process.

    Although it sounds like the best approach is if you're going to make a big change to your PC (like replacing the motherboard) grab a spare USB and create a backup to boot from. That's probably good practice anyway in case something goes seriously wrong.
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  • Face-Off: World of Tanks

  • Bauul 02/08/2015

    @mega-gazz I'm a PC FPS diehard fan (have been since Doom) and this doesn't describe me at all. I turn the graphics up until it feels a nice compromise between looks and fps, usually around the 30-40 fps mark depending on the game. I'd hate the feeling that I'm sacrificing elements visuals simply to have more frames when the gameplay is anything slower than a Q3A speed twitch-shooter. Reply 0
  • Bauul 01/08/2015

    @mannyYearsAgo 60fps wouldn't really benefit this over 30fps, as you're entirely limited by the speed of movement/aiming of your tank. It would look smoother sure, but there wouldn't be any kind of gaming advantage. I think I'd rather twice the graphical fidelity and 30fps than the other way around in this particular title. Reply +5
  • Worms WMD announced for PC and Xbox One in 2016

  • Bauul 31/07/2015

    Perhaps Windows 10 / Xbox One cross-play incoming, which is why it isn't on PS4? Reply +2
  • Nidhogg dev's latest, Flywrench, is coming to Steam next month

  • Bauul 31/07/2015

    Anyone know if the Nidhogg update is coming to the PS4 version? It still gets a lot of play in my household! Reply +1
  • Wasteland 2: Director's Cut confirms a release date

  • Bauul 31/07/2015

    I backed the Kickstarter but never got around to downloading it. This sounds like just the push I need! I'm without a gaming PC at the moment too so I'm doubly glad it's coming out on console. Reply +1
  • Looking to the Horizon: how Guerrilla moved on

  • Bauul 30/07/2015

    This was a highlight of E3 to me and I'm glad to see it holds up in further demonstrations. I particularly liked the look of it: It's not often games can combine post-apocalypse with bright, bold colours and designs. It makes for a refreshing change! Reply 0
  • Northern Ireland's government recreates its country in Minecraft

  • Bauul 29/07/2015

    So it's a 12.5:1 ratio? Kind of disappointing, I was hoping for a proper 1:1 recreation! Come on Ordnance Survey, step up your mapping resolution! ;) Reply +1
  • Just Dance 2016 demo out now on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U

  • Bauul 29/07/2015

    A Windows Phone version? I'm tempted to grab the demo and app just to make a point that we do like having things on our phones please!

    Unlikely to get the whole game though, I'm not THAT desperate!
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  • Ouya isn't honouring its funding commitments following Razer's acquisition - report

  • Bauul 29/07/2015

    It's good of Razer to honor the pledges, but Jesus what a mess Ouya is being revealed to be. If they really didn't disclose to Razer they hadn't fulfilled their pledges (even if it is technically outside of the scope of the deal) it's properly shitty. Reply +2
  • The Street Fighter 5 beta isn't working

  • Bauul 28/07/2015

    It's fascinating how a beta test, something that shouldn't really be "fun" as it's basically there to bug test, has become an incentive. Capcom should be thanking everyone for being willing to test the servers, not apologizing for them not working.

    Devs should stop using betas as glorified hype-events and actually use them for what they are. Then if they do go wrong it isn't an embarrassing fuck-up but merely a process of learning in the way it should be.
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  • The Witcher 3 is getting a New Game Plus mode

  • Bauul 27/07/2015

    @2late2die NG+ can vary in how much new content their is. Sometimes it's literally just starting the game again with all your stats intact, but with harder enemies to compensate. Other times though (e.g. Dark Souls 2) NG+ also mixes stuff up: enemies, powerups and items are all found at different places. It's like a remix of the main game. In all cases though, it's specifically for when you just want to keep on playing but the game has already ended. Reply +3
  • PS4 keyboard / mouse controller replicates PC FPS-style gaming

  • Bauul 27/07/2015

    This actually rather appeals. I currently don't own a gaming PC, but I've never gotten on with playing FPS games on a controller (it's just so cumbersome compared to a mouse). I was genuinely considering buying a PC to play the new Doom, but with this perhaps I don't need to! Reply +3
  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • Bauul 23/07/2015

    We had an Amiga 1500 growing up, a model so rare even the Commodore support staff hadn't heard of it. I later learned it was an unofficial variant of the Amiga 2000 produced by Commodore UK against the wishes of Commodore International.

    It does remain the only computer I've ever had that came with two floppy drives. Literally unbeatable. :)
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  • How's Xbox doing?

  • Bauul 22/07/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Just to point out, Xbox to PC steaming (as far as I know) doesn't use your Internet connection (unlike Steam or PS4 Share Play), it just uses your local network. So any lag would be down to the quality of your Wi-Fi/cables.

    In other words, use a gigabit Ethernet cable and there should be no issue with lag or quality.
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  • StarCraft 2's new prologue missions are another slice of gimmicky delight

  • Bauul 20/07/2015

    @FortysixterUK I agree, I love turtling in RTSs. The problem is it makes for very stale multiplayer, so in recent years few RTS titles have encouraged it.

    I'd enjoy a return to it though: I have fond memories of walling the AI force into their own base in the original C&C, spending a couple of hours building the biggest force imaginable completely unopposed, and then smashing them in a totally unfair fight. Glorious!
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  • A dramatic controller disconnect, shirtless shenanigans and one hell of an epic fail

  • Bauul 20/07/2015

    Thanks for the round up EG! I don't have the interest in fighting games to watch it live, but definitely appreciate a highlights reel. Feel free to do this with any other big e-sports tournaments too. Reply 0
  • The Flock will only be playable for a limited time, ever

  • Bauul 18/07/2015

    @Liuwil A few weeks? I figured they'd pick a number that at least lasted a few years. Hopefully anyway. Reply +1
  • Meet the man cleaning up after the Godus disaster

  • Bauul 17/07/2015

    Made me laugh when he said it was bizarre how no-one in the company criticized Molyneux. It's well documented that he's a petulant tyrant who'd scream at anyone who tried to criticize his genius ideas.

    I wanted to like him, but a few too many things he said had the question-dodging victim-complex narrative Molyneux uses. Oh well.
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  • First in-engine Total War: Warhammer trailer released

  • Bauul 17/07/2015

    Looks promising! Given Warhammer has no real city or base function, just two armies against each other, I wonder if we'll be back to an early Total War experience of simply moving about a campaign map attacking armies, with less of the macro strategic side. Could be great! Reply 0
  • Prototype's HD Biohazard Bundle is a big disappointment

  • Bauul 17/07/2015

    If these games do come out on BC it makes sense why Activision released this half-assed.

    I reckon they started the remastering process, and then the conversation went:

    Exec A: "You hear about the new BC?"
    Exec B: "What, but we've just started remastering the Protoype games! Oh well, that was a waste"
    Exec A: "Perhaps not. Let's just release them as they are"
    Exec B: "But we've done like an afternoon's work on them, and that was just by the tea lady!"
    Exec A: "Do it anyway"
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  • 15 games later, Rovio announces Angry Birds 2

  • Bauul 16/07/2015

    Not to pick holes in this important and vital bit if journalism, but I'd argue Bad Piggies is a spin-off, not a sequel. The gameplay mechanic is entirely different after all. Reply +5
  • Surprise! Prototype game bundle released for Xbox One today

  • Bauul 14/07/2015

    I suspect these will be first on the list of games Activision says "like hell we're allowing backwards compatibility on the Xbox One!".

    Bundle the two 360 games together for $20 and market them as a 'launch' BC title and they'd have far more success than this.
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  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 arrives next month

  • Bauul 13/07/2015

    Some may complain about the release frequency, but I think Cawthon is doing it right from a business perspective. The FNAF enthusiasm was always going to be short lived: This isn't a game that could survive popularity across extended gaps between releases, given it's target audience are teens who rapidly move on to the next big thing.

    FNAF's popularity is a kind of cultural event, not because it's a particularly fantastic game. It's like Tamogotchi or The Darkness's one hit album, a single event that a specific demographic gets really behind for a short period of time. From that perspective, riding the enthusiasm whilst it lasts just makes perfect sense.
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  • Video: The least regrettable tattoos in videogames

  • Bauul 12/07/2015

    Congrats on the million subs guys! Although would it be too mean of me to unsubscribe so you drop back down to 999,999? ;) Reply +1
  • Video: We play through a full level of Mighty No. 9

  • Bauul 09/07/2015

    @CamberGreber I think you're spot on. Even if the lighting is baked, there's just zero contrast. The entire level is lit in exactly the same way, even moving from inside to outside has no difference. Ironically they even have light shafts coming through the windows at the back, but they don't translate to any light changes on the objects in the game.

    Maybe other levels will be more interestingly lit? Hopefully.
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  • Microsoft to cut 7800 jobs as it restructures phone business

  • Bauul 08/07/2015

    Reads to me like they're going down the Surface / Google Nexus business model: Produce just one or two high-end 'reference' products and hope third parties can produce the long tail of lower end devices. It's sad for the employees, but I can see why Nadella is taking this route. Reply +2
  • 22 years on, Doom retains the ability to shock

  • Bauul 07/07/2015

    What sets apart Doom from modern shooters is it actually wasn't so much about aiming, but more about movement and priority. It says a lot that apart from a small handful, enemies don't use hitscan (i.e. bullet) weapons. It's all physical projectiles and melee attacks that it's possible to physically dodge. Shooting the enemies is the easy part, it's avoiding being hit in return that the real skill lies in.

    In fact, load the map view up, stick on the cheat that displays enemies on the map, and it basically plays like Asteroids. At it's heart, it's a first-person top-down arcade shooter, with more in common with the games that came before it than the games that came afterwards.
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  • Bloodborne 1.05 patch matches player levels when using passwords

  • Bauul 06/07/2015

    @AgentDaleCooper There's a frame pacing issue? I'm nearly 100 hours in and haven't noticed anything like it. The game can slow down during co-op in some areas, but apart from that runs pretty perfectly. Reply +20
  • PlanetSide 2 review

  • Bauul 06/07/2015

    @CaptainKid Wait, so even though you've enjoyed a thousand hours of it, EG should encourage everyone else not to even try it because of a few things that (whilst annoy you) clearly aren't so bad as to put you off playing?

    That makes absolutely no sense!
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  • Bauul 06/07/2015

    I played for a day or so over the weekend and really enjoyed it, in a kind of "I'm not sure what's going on but it's fun nevertheless!" way.

    Weirdly I got dumped on a main continent (not the starting one) straight away. My first hour was being part of a huge army that swept from one facility to the next obliterating everything. It was pretty amazing, until enemy reinforcements arrived and the whole thing went pear shaped.

    It is very glitchy (I'm endlessly dying a second after spawn because the spawn-bus renders on top of me a second later) and at one point FPS dropped to what felt like less than 5, but it's weirdly compelling to keep playing. Plus three cheers for the F2P model: I've not once felt pushed to spend any real money or felt the need to. Good on them.
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  • New PS4 hardware is more efficient with less fan noise

  • Bauul 06/07/2015

    My apartment gets pretty hot this time of the year (measured it at 30 degrees the other day). Unsurprisingly in those temperatures my PS4 is very noisy when playing any demanding titles. It clearly does a decent job of keeping the console cool enough (never had a warning message about the heat or anything) but it's when it's going full tilt it's by far the loudest of my three consoles (PS4, PS3 Super Slim and original 360 Elite). Reply +1
  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta announced, free to existing PC players

  • Bauul 06/07/2015

    Cross-device interoperability is one of MS' big pushes for Windows 10 (all their Universal Apps), so it makes sense they'd develop a version of Minecraft that does precisely that.

    They likely started with the Pocket version because it's the simplest and will slowly upgrade it reach parity with the more advanced console version. I totally expect to see Pocket/Windows 10/Xbox cross-play at some point (maybe even PS too, depending on whether MS values Xbox exclusivity or Windows 10 uptake more).

    The core PC version will likely never go away as it's an altogether different beast than the others.
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  • Allison Road looks like the fan-made spiritual successor to P.T.

  • Bauul 02/07/2015

    Looks amazing! I'm almost sad none of this will be in the final game, but I like that we've got a taste of what they're doing without seeing any spoilers.

    And I for one LOVED how British the house felt. It was about 1 second in when I went "That house looks like it's in London".
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  • A Cities: Skylines expansion will be unveiled at Gamescom

  • Bauul 01/07/2015

    Excellent little game, and the first time I've truly had fun with a city builder since Sim City 3000.

    If there's one area they could definitely improve, it's that by providing unlimited scope for your imagination they've removed any real sense of challenge. If you don't have much of an imagination or set yourself personal goals, you can find yourself running out of motivation (although really this is just me being sad realizing my aged brain just isn't as creative as it was when I was 10 playing the first Sim City).
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  • Dark Souls series sales surpass 8.5 million

  • Bauul 01/07/2015

    @Dave797 I'd start with Dark Souls if you can. Dark Souls 2 is great, but it's kind of like a bigger, diluted version of Dark Souls. Make no mistake, it's absolutely enormous (if you play the SOTFS edition it's by far the largest of the four games), but it lacks the intimacy and careful design of the other three. Definitely don't miss out on it though, it's just a 9/10 where the others are 10/10s. Reply +2
  • Never Alone Wii U release date set for Europe

  • Bauul 28/06/2015

    I played it in co-op with my wife, and we had a good time. She absolutely adored the setting and look (instantly went and got a load of books on Native American myths out from the library), so if it set out to enlighten people about Alaskan Native stories, then job well done.

    From an actual game point of view I agree it was rather basic. Good fun in co-op (although everything is), but I think if I had played it just by myself I would have been a bit disappointed by the end.
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  • Dying Light dev takes the piss out of Destiny's Red Bull promo

  • Bauul 27/06/2015

    @muro Major Nelson's job is to promote Xbox - if he didn't include some kind of reference to Xbox then he isn't doing his job right. Remember he's not a developer who just has a public presence, he's the mouthpiece for Xbox's PR department. Reply 0
  • Shuhei Yoshida on saving The Last Guardian and PS4 in Japan

  • Bauul 26/06/2015

    @StooMonster From a practical sense, it depends, but from a technical sense, there's quite a bit of difference. The phrase "remaster" has links back to the music industry, where the last stage of an album production is the mastering. A remaster is taking the original instrument/vocal tracks and re-editing/producing them. It's the same performance by the musicians, it's just mixed better. Same with games: a remaster is taking the original assets and doing a cleaned up version using more powerful hardware.

    A "remake" is literally recreating everything from scratch. In the Master Chief collection for example, Halo 1 and 2 are remakes, Halo 3 and 4 are remasters. This is contrast to a straight port, where a game is released on a new platform with new tangible improvements.

    To use movies as another example, the Star Wars Special Editions were remasters, the recent Robocop remake was a remake.
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  • Games With Gold now offers two Xbox One games per month

  • Bauul 26/06/2015

    @yodizzle What do you think of the new UI they're rolling out in a few months? Reply 0
  • Blindfolded man conquers Super Mario World in 23 minutes

  • Bauul 24/06/2015

    @penhalion According to the article... about a week. :) Reply 0
  • Xbox One back compatibility supports Xbox 360 DLC

  • Bauul 23/06/2015

    If this takes off, I can see MS adding their on-demand 360 titles into the Xbox One store. Personally I think this would be excellent: the One suddenly gets hundreds of new games to play, and plenty of old titles get a new lease of life. And that's on top of being able to play all the games you already own.

    It all depends on whether MS can smooth out the wrinkles in the tech and publishers get on board, but I can't see this being anything other than a good thing (and I don't even own a One).
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  • Fallout 4 lead male and female voice actors revealed

  • Bauul 23/06/2015

    @ansionnach All the replies were fully voiced in Fallout 3 though, right? So I don't think it's down to budget.

    I think they're simply trying a more cinematic approach, and that's fine by me. It might work, it might not, but it'll be interesting to see what it's like in a full open-world Bethesda game.
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  • 25 minutes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay

  • Bauul 19/06/2015

    Looks actually quite impressive! Getting a real Blade Runner vibe from it, which is great.

    I suspect that many of the abilities shown here will require slowly unlocking over time, which is a good thing I think.
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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst won't let you use guns, ever

  • Bauul 18/06/2015

    I enjoyed the occasional use of guns in the first, but I understand why they're dropping them. Having guns was what sank the first game: loads of people (including many reviewers) thought it was an FPS and then got unhappy the shooting was so clunky (as it should be).

    I suspect this time they don't want any confusion, and the easiest thing to do is just not have guns at all. It's a shame for us who enjoyed the options, but from a publisher point of view it's understandable they don't want a repeat of last time.
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  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • Bauul 18/06/2015

    I played the first and really enjoyed it (although I don't think I ever finished it), but never the second. Was it as good as the first?

    Edit: EG's review seemed to say it was a good game, but lost a little of the magic of the first. I think that's kind of what I had in the back of my head. It's not really talked about with the same awe as the first after all.
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