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  • Microsoft, Square Enix "very happy" with Rise of the Tomb Raider, despite reported sales

  • Bauul 30/11/2015

    The original Tomb Raider reboot was a bit of a sleeper hit. It went on to sell actually pretty well over the subsequent couple of years mostly through word of mouth.

    I suspect something similar will happen here. It launched at a bad time (who takes on Fallout 4?) but I reckon it will be slowly picked up by the majority of Xbox One owners over the next 12 months. Then come the PC and PS4 launch, it'll do excellently (I know I'm not alone in really looking forward to buying it).

    18 months from now I reckon sales will be fine.
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  • Watch: What makes for a memorable boss fight?

  • Bauul 28/11/2015

    @simpleexplodingmaybe Good point on the Sonic bosses! Very good boss design - the way each took exactly eight hits to kill (except perhaps a couple of the final bosses). Dying usually happened from being greedy and trying to chain too many hits together instead of any cheap boss tactics.

    Lots of people have mentioned God of War, but I actually didn't find the bosses there that special. They LOOKED amazing, great spectacle, but the gameplay was usually very simplistic (hit, roll back, hit, roll back etc. etc.) punctuated with QTE events (that really no-one likes).

    The best one is probably the Minotaur from GoW 1, that one was a great multi-stage boss that looked awesome (and no QTE events IIRC!). I can't think of any more that really stood up well on pure gameplay terms. I found the mini-bosses (like the first ogre you meet, or the Cerberus enemy) more straightforwardly challenging and fun.
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  • PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals go live

  • Bauul 28/11/2015

    @StooMonster Very good point: all other media has moved away from physical. I've never been one for owning DVDs or CDs: When Napster arrived I was there with bells on and have never looked back. These days I pay $10 a month and stream everything.

    Games aren't there yet for a whole host of very good reasons, but going full digital isn't an unusual brave new world, it's how other media (and even PC games) have been for years.
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  • Bauul 27/11/2015

    @Big-Boss Apart from Bloodborne (which I pre-ordered from Amazon), every single game I've bought on PS4 has been digital.

    Bloodborne was the only game I paid full price for though: I'm happy to wait for a good deal (like today) and then buy a couple. Just picked up The Order: 1886 for $10 (seems about right) and The Witcher 3 for $25.

    Yeah I could have picked up both off eBay for less, but frankly I like not having to wait for delivery. Thankfully my Internet connection is quick enough that entirely redownloading a AAA game only takes about 20 minutes (until it's playable anyway), so it's a not a big bind.

    I guess I just find it easier, more convinient and less work.
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  • PlayStation 4 Remote Play headed to PC and Mac

  • Bauul 27/11/2015

    @ZoidbergForPresident And how exactly will a $1500 gaming PC allow me to continue playing through the Bloodborne DLC? Reply +1
  • Watch: Bloodborne's The Old Hunters is too hard for me

  • Bauul 27/11/2015

    To everyone about to try the DLC: You might be able to access it from an early part of the game, but it is absolutely late-game content. Don't even attempt it until you're towards the end of the game and suitably leveled up, it's easily harder than anything in the main game. Reply +1
  • Xbox 360 at 10: The brilliance of the 360's dashboard

  • Bauul 23/11/2015

    @Malek86 Totally agree. The non-gaming ads were stupid, but most of the time they were just highlighting new things available in the store.

    I rather wish the PS4 did a better job at telling you what's on sale. I've missed a few good deals because I didn't think to go look into the Store to see what was there.
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  • Watch: Overwatch is different - and really, really good

  • Bauul 20/11/2015

    If I had a working gaming PC I'd be all over this, but I'm finding myself concerned the console version just won't play as well. It looks like the kind of old-school Q3 style of bouncy FPS, which just doesn't translate well with a controller.

    Has anyone in the closed beta tried it with a controller instead of KB+M?
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  • Matchmaking, microtransactions and Street Fighter's comeback: Yoshi Ono on V

  • Bauul 20/11/2015

    @Jchild Do we actually know Sony are co-developing this (like they did with Bloodborne)? Have you got a source for that?

    I seem to remember with ROTTR Crystal Dynamics said something about Microsoft putting additional money into developing the game after the money-hat deal (they took on publishing duties), but I haven't seen anything similar about SFV?
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  • Huge 9GB patch paves the way for Bloodborne's expansion

  • Bauul 20/11/2015

    @Trinitron it's much smoother now than it was at launch (no more 20fps co-op) but I'm not sure about the frame-pacing issue (I never noticed it in the first place, so wouldn't know what to look out for!) Reply +1
  • World of Tanks PS4 open beta dated for December

  • Bauul 20/11/2015

    I was a huge fan of WoT on the 360, so I'm really glad it's coming to PS4. I can't play twitch shooters on console (I'm just not quick enough) so I fell in love with the slower pace.

    Yeah it's a massive grind to unlock the higher level stuff without paying, but the lower level stuff is so much fun it's almost not worth it. I almost feel bad I've put so much time in and haven't spent any money yet.
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  • Looks like Halo 5 microtransactions are doing the business for Microsoft

  • Bauul 19/11/2015

    @grassyknoll As Catbutler says, in the past most games supported dedicated servers, but the developer never promised to host their own. I remember there's be usually just a handful of games hosted by official servers (which were obviously always full), with the other 99% being hosted by individuals. That's why we had server browsers.

    To actually host enough dedicated servers for every single player on the likes of Call of Duty or Halo is a waaaaaaaaay bigger deal, so whilst it's a shame I'm not surprised devs are looking for ways to offset the cost.
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  • Why I'm tired of Fallout 4 encumbrance

  • Bauul 17/11/2015

    Perhaps allowing fast travel while encumbered would be a good mitigation? You can't exactly do anything whilst over encumbered, but then you don't have to go dropping things just to warp in and out.

    On the other hand, I've always found RPGs that implement an equip weight, not a carry weight, to be the more enjoyable system (e.g. Dark Souls). But that would require quite a reworking of the underlying systems for a Bethesda title.
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  • My favourite thing about about Star Wars Battlefront? The death animations

  • Bauul 14/11/2015

    I actually think the article makes a good point, and one I agree with. When playing the beta it struck me how physical the game felt, exaggerated death animations and all. It was only later I realized there was absolutely nothing in the way of blood or gore. It makes a nice change from gritty realism! :) Reply +4
  • Microsoft's cheeky video explains Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Bauul 13/11/2015

    @SuperShinobi Yeah I need to give TLoU another go (I've got the HD version too, so will try that one instead of the PS3 original). I know it's meant to be amazing (even my ultra cynical PC Master Race friend told me it was!), but I think I just had a bad first experience with it. I got stuck in the first big room with the clickers (didn't realize the ladder hidden at the end was an interactivable object) and literally spent an hour wandering around getting more and more frustrated. When I finally realized that what I thought was just decoration was actually the exit-switch, I was so annoyed I turned it off and never went back. :) Reply 0
  • Bauul 13/11/2015

    @SuperShinobi "Spot on" only if you agree with them. I turned off The Last of Us after a couple of hours, found it more movie than game. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but it highlights how no one person's opinions can reflect everyone else's. Reply 0
  • Bauul 13/11/2015

    Just watched the vid: that IS pretty cringe worthy, but it doesn't look like an "official" Xbox production.

    Looks more like Microsoft Europe has got itself it's own version of Outside Xbox (or was it a resurrected Inside Xbox?) and that's who created it. I suspect The Studios (i.e. the actual Xbox team here in Redmond) would have done it differently.
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  • Bauul 13/11/2015

    I don't own a X1, but do own a 360 and have quite a catalogue of games, so frankly once they get more games working on BC I will definitely be retiring my 360 (which is a first gen machine, amazingly still going strong after like 9 years!) and replacing it with an Xbox One.

    I went PS4 so far this gen due to specific exclusives (Bloodborne) and better multiplat performance, but have been looking for a good reason to get an X1. As a 360 replacement, with a bunch of new games as a bonus, seems a perfectly reasonable reason to me. :)
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  • Rebels now have an easier time of it in Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode

  • Bauul 13/11/2015

    @Mr-Writer I think they valued a fun game mode over authenticity. The Hoth map doesn't particularly match the layout of the area on the film either! Reply 0
  • Black Ops 3 bucks Call of Duty's recent sales decline with $550m launch

  • Bauul 11/11/2015

    @Jose_Snake Why are we talking about roman numerals? The Romans didn't use 0-9 in their number system anyway, so attempting to fudge their symbol for "thousand" and "million" onto the modern decimal system is surely incorrect in the first place?

    I'm not a mathematician, but I do work in statistics, and I have literally never, ever, come across anyone using roman numerals to represent large numbers.
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  • Fallout 4's list of voiced player names is stuffed with pop culture references

  • Bauul 11/11/2015

    Will he only pronounce one name, or can you stack multiple? If so, anyone know what the upper limit is? Reply 0
  • Big Diablo 3 patch adds new areas, adds special Set Dungeons

  • Bauul 09/11/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing What version are you on? At least on console, once you've completed the game it unlocks Adventure Mode. This is where the bulk of the after-game stuff is, including the Nephalem Rifts and a bunch of new areas. Based on the above, it seems Blizzard are enjoying being able to add new areas in Adventure Mode without needing to tie them to any narrative act. Reply +1
  • Bauul 09/11/2015

    @Dr_Cowley I was about to point out Hammer Jammers have been in there since the last-gen version on consoles. Although the description is something like the arguably funnier "You can't touch these pants". :)

    I put a bunch more hours into D3 after the last big patch, and I suspect this time will be no different.
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  • Xbox One list of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility games revealed

  • Bauul 09/11/2015

    @render_10 You realize it's not up to Microsoft? They have to get permission from the publishers, many of which would rather sell us expensive HD versions than allow us to use our original titles. Reply +3
  • Bauul 09/11/2015

    I reckon a lot of the publishers are waiting to see if BC causes a sales spike for old games. I'm sure they'd all rather sell us a price inflated "HD" version than have us just use our old copies, but if BC proves a success in driving sales of the 360 originals I expect we'll see more publishers jumping on board. Reply +3
  • Hard Core: A look at the original Tomb Raider games

  • Bauul 08/11/2015

    @simpleexplodingmaybe I think Tomb Raider Underworld also came out on 360? Also get the recent isometric games (Guardian of Light, and the newer one). They're really good fun if you don't mind the change in perspective.

    Don't pass up on the reboot. I really enjoyed it, and as someone currently wading through the first Uncharted (and getting really quite bored) it is substantially better.
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  • There's a new Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer and it's voiced by Shepard

  • Bauul 08/11/2015

    @janishewski So you're excited for it then? Reply +2
  • Bauul 07/11/2015

    @ImpericalLegion I'm a Mass Effect fan, and fem-shep was my favorite, ergo she's a fan-favorite. ;)

    As an aside, that final synth note they played in the trailer, gave me proper goosebumps. Made me want to go play through the trilogy again!
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  • Overwatch: Origins Edition hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One spring 2016

  • Bauul 06/11/2015

    F2P in the TF2 model works very well. I'm rather interested in this. Frankly that announcement cinematic they released was so utterly brilliant that I can't not be interested in the game! Reply 0
  • Bloodborne free update will add new covenant and hunters

  • Bauul 05/11/2015

    So the gameplay improvements of The Old Hunters are free to everyone, but the content is part of the DLC? Sensible way of not dividing the online community. I think they did pretty much the same with the Dark Souls DLC.

    And also, that "Holy Moonlight Sword" is the Moonlight Greatsword, From's legendary greatsword that has appeared in one form or another in every one of their games. Glad to see it making an appearance here!
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  • This ambitious live action Metroid fan film is worth watching

  • Bauul 03/11/2015

    Chobot's not the most amazing actor but she didn't detract from my overall enjoyment. Does make me miss Metroid though! Reply 0
  • Uncharted, VR and what was absent from Sony's show: The Jim Ryan interview

  • Bauul 30/10/2015

    Interesting interview, but his evasiveness was a little surprising. They weren't exactly loaded questions. Maybe he's been stung in the past with being misquoted? Reply 0
  • SXSW considers harassment conference after pulling game panels over threats of violence

  • Bauul 30/10/2015

    @Roburt Oh I agree it's not just an issue limited to gamers, but gaming is a space where it is supposed to happen regularly. And we're limiting the study to just gamers because that's what the company wants.

    It does mean I can't share any of the results (they belong to the company) but i will be able to make more informed comments, if that makes sense. :)

    The screener process we're using is actually pretty robust, so its really only pretty hardcore gamers we're capturing. They have to play for more than 10 hours a week, spend at least 50% of their gaming time playing against other people, and have to spend the majority of that time on one or more of the following networks: PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo's network,, Riot, Origin or Steam. It's pretty comprehensive.
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  • Bauul 29/10/2015

    @LittleBigDave Interesting chart! Although I think targeting "all Internet users" is probably casting the net too wide for any real conclusions (given that includes basically everyone).

    I'm in the process of setting up research that specifically targets people who regularly play online games (similar base size to your quoted study), for one of the big tech companies. It'll be interesting to see how the results for gamers compare to the overall Internet population.
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  • Bauul 29/10/2015

    @Roburt Wait, there have been threats of violence because the "panelists are questionable"? What kind of messed up world are we living in where this is even remotely a thing? Reply +3
  • Bauul 28/10/2015

    Are we to presume the threatened acts of violence are from GamerGate advocates?

    If that's true, what puzzles me about this story is the objection to the second panel ("SavePoint...") which seemed to be about literally what GamerGaters say the movement is concerned with (journalistic integrity), and not about online harassment. Why object to that one too?
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  • Xbox Games with Gold November titles named

  • Bauul 28/10/2015

    If every 360 Games with Gold release from now on has to also work on the Xbox One, that's going to add an extra clause to the process of a publisher getting their game onto the service (that they have to agree to make it BC).

    I wonder if that would prevent some older games that would have made it onto 360 GwG now not making it?

    I suspect not - if the publisher is willing to give the game away for free then they hardly are likely to object to more people being able to play it, but it's an interesting thought.
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  • Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide review

  • Bauul 27/10/2015

    I'm really glad this turned out good. I loved L4D, and always enjoyed the super grim-dark vibe of Warhammer, so I think this will be a day one for me when it comes to consoles. Reply +1
  • What works and what doesn't in Halo 5: Guardians

  • Bauul 26/10/2015

    60fps makes such a difference in FPS games that you can understand 343 dropping the other things to accommodate.

    I wonder, if they'd included a 30fps/60fps switch, how many people would choose the lower amount for better visuals? My suspicion is that most people would try the 30fps, realize it felt worse (even if it looked better) and switch back.

    But then again I still play Doom and think it looks great, so perhaps I'm the wrong person to judge graphics!
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  • Halo 5's campaign goes back to basics - and it's all the better for it

  • Bauul 26/10/2015

    @Uncompetative TLDR Reply +4
  • The carry: The strange career of a League of Legends star

  • Bauul 25/10/2015

    Good article, thanks EG. I'm don't really follow any esports, but the human stories that come out of them are always interesting. Reply +1
  • Guitar Hero Live review

  • Bauul 23/10/2015

    I keep being thrown off by your references to the top and bottom row, as on a real guitar they're referred to the other way around. :)

    Sounds potentially promising, but I wonder if its the kind of game you want your mate to buy first so you can try it around their house and see if it reignites the magic of the first couple of games.
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  • Gameplay of canned Star Wars Battlefront 3 shows impressive ground-to-space tech

  • Bauul 23/10/2015

    The new Battlefront is obviously much smaller scale, but I suspect the whole idea behind the game was to tie in with the release of the new film (may even have been a requirement from Disney). If that's the case, I imagine EA and Dice took a long, hard look at what they could and couldn't reasonably achieve, and (sensibly) opted for something smaller.

    Compared to other AAA titles that attempt far too much and end up struggling with the basics or feeling like a jack-of-all-trades, I actually think keeping the new Battlefront smaller, but crucially working properly, is not a bad thing.

    At least then we can make a properly informed decision about whether we want to buy it, knowing what content there is will hold up reasonably well.
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  • Overlord: Fellowship of Evil review

  • Bauul 23/10/2015

    @Murton Perhaps they weren't mentioned because either the reviewer didn't experience them, or they weren't widely known about at the time of the review? Reviewers can only review what they experience. Reply +5
  • Space combat roguelike Everspace confirmed for Xbox One and Windows 10

  • Bauul 23/10/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler Being available for "Windows 10" in this case means the Windows Store, I.e. a closed ecosystem with cross platform possibilities. Long term I expect to see X1/Win 10 cross-compatibility more regularly. Reply +5
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Dark Souls 3

  • Bauul 22/10/2015

    @Antropie Erm, no, your point was (and I quote) "From Software has a huge history of bad Xbox ports". Which from at least DS onwards simply isn't true. You can't then turn around and claim your point was the complete opposite! Reply +2
  • Bauul 22/10/2015

    Sounds promising. Dark Souls has never really been about pushing the technical envelop, the engines should work fine enough to allow From's amazing art department to bring Miyazaki's visions to life. As long as they've avoided the super long load times of pre-patch Bloodborne I'm sure everything else will be just fine. Reply +8
  • Bauul 22/10/2015

    @Antropie I read the link to the first Dark Souls digital foundry article you posted, and it specifically states there's no overall benefit to either last-Gen platform. What are you on about that From has made bad Xbox ports in the past? Reply +4
  • YouTube confirms paid subscription service

  • Bauul 22/10/2015

    Download videos and play from lock screen? Can't you do this already using third party smartphone apps? I do it all the time for long flights, very handy! Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: the story so far

  • Bauul 21/10/2015

    @kangarootoo One thing AC4 got right was the fact Kenway wasn't all that interested in being an Assassin. What he and his crew wanted mostly to do was sink ships and plunder treasure. Which brilliantly solved the usual open-world problem of "the worlds going to end, but not before I can do these dozen side quests".

    Often you'd only go and do a main quest mission when you got bored of pirating, which was precisely Kenway's motivation too. It let you play the game at your pace and progressing the story felt very natural, unlike many open-world games who kind of presume you'll clop through the main quest at a relatively steady pace.
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