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  • Ion Storm's lost Deus Ex Sequels

  • BastoJ 16/11/2014

    Fantastic article, great to see this sort of journalism and hope to see more of this sort of thing in the future!

    I absolutely loved Deus Ex and it is still a game I go back and replay every so often. Human Revolution was good as well, if not quite up to the original. Looking forward to the next Deus Ex!
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  • Watch Dogs has shifted 9 million copies

  • BastoJ 31/10/2014

    I really wanted to like Watch_Dogs but as others have noted it was just so lacking in anything to make me care about the game world. Still, the core concept is (in my opinion) very strong so I have hope that the next game in the series will be able to deliver a much better overall package. Reply +1
  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • BastoJ 20/10/2014

    Definitely sounds like what he is trying to say is that the Xbox One platform does not yet support the idea of having an install disk and a play disk, which is a bit crap if that is the case. Having said that I can understand that perhaps it wasn't scoped in yet as in the first year the chance of games needing more than one disk might be considered very low.

    Need to add that soon though as making people download a massive day one update just to play MP is ridiculous! Especially as Halo 2 MP is the bit I was looking forward to most! :P
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  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • BastoJ 13/09/2014

    It's good to see Bungie made the effort to go for parity across both platforms, other than the frame pacing issue on Xbox One, so that everyone can get as similar an experience as possible whatever console(s) they own. Reply -11
  • Titanfall update adds private matches

  • BastoJ 10/04/2014

    I'm quite pleased that so far I haven't noticed any screen tearing yet on Titanfall when playing on my Xbox One. I have mainly played attrition and hard point game modes so perhaps that's why, I'm guessing that 'Last Titan Standing' is the mode where it occurs most?

    Please don't anyone take my comment to be a denial that it exists as I am very sure it does given the number of people commenting on it, I'm just happy that I haven't noticed it yet. And I'm going to avoid looking for videos or pictures of it because once I see it I'm sure I'll see it all the time when playing the game. Like when you notice a dead pixel or DSE on your TV :P.

    On topic, pleased to see more tweaks to the game. Though still a little disappointed in the reduction in XP for defending hard points as it removes the incentive to play a what is meant to be a team mode as a team with people defending and others attacking.
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  • Titanfall on Xbox 360 will run at over 30fps

  • BastoJ 05/04/2014

    @MeBrains Exactly the point I was trying to convey :). The post I was replying to implied that only the Xbox One had access to the 'cloud'.

    I was simply stating that the 360 version has access to the same 'cloud' setup, as does the PC. And of course any PS3, PS4, Wii U etc game could equally take advantage of a cloud platform whether it was AWS, Azure or something new setup by Sony, Nintendo etc.
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  • BastoJ 04/04/2014

    @ariasj The 360 version uses the same Azure cloud infrastructure to run the dedicated MP servers as the Xbox One and the PC version of the game. Reply +3
  • Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

  • BastoJ 18/03/2014

    Odd thing with Titanfall for me is that the first 3 or 4 games I played* I thought it was okay but not great, and went away and played some Rayman and PvZ and found both more fun. After coming back to it and playing it a bit more it suddenly clicked and found it really fun as all the hype had promised. I guess it just took a while for me to stop playing it like all other FPS games and appreciate all the wall running, wall climbing etc. Still can't recommend PvZ:GW and Rayman enough though, super fun games!

    * They were campaign games and honestly despite the negative points made about it it was even worse (story wise) than I had expected!
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  • What Outside Xbox makes of Titanfall

  • BastoJ 16/03/2014

    Really been enjoying Titanfall, have to say that I went off of online FPS games for a while but this has got me back into it, somehow it just feels like fun even when I'm not having a good game. Dark Souls 2 sounds good as well so going to have to look into getting that soon! So many games all of a sudden. Reply 0
  • Xbox One: six things the March update doesn't fix

  • BastoJ 09/03/2014

    @suicidal_penguins The last thing I would think of when it comes to Eurogamer is that it has an Xbox bias at the moment. Probably in the past but these days it feels if anything pro Sony. Or if ignoring the comments sections then neutral. Reply -1
  • The most popular arguments in favour of Xbox One DRM

  • BastoJ 21/06/2013

    One I'd like the article is to address is whether the instant game switching used for 'Smart Match' will still work with Xbox One games because I presume it won't. For those who didn't see the demos, smart match meant getting a online game setup etc in the background whilst you're playing another game, which I thought would be particularly useful for those older games where getting enough players into the lobby takes 10+ mins. The instant switching seems kinda essential to it being a useful feature, if it tries to switch then asks for you to swap disks by the time you've done that you've no doubt been booted from the match. And it's just inconvenient to keep doing that every time you want to play another game whilst waiting for the match to be prepared.

    If that feature is gone for disk bought games I think that really will help solidify that perhaps the Xbox One is no longer a console for me, at launch anyway as I think I'd rather get a PS3 much cheaper and play through it's much cheaper back catalogue of top games and wait whilst the Xbox One gets some decent features back / gets cheaper to compensate for the gimped feature set.
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  • After Xbox One U-turn pre-owned is back on the table - but at what cost?

  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    I haven't bought any used games that I can think of since the 360 came out. But I certainly don't think it's wrong that others do, after all I used to when I had a PS1. The only thing that I find wrong with the used game market is the ridiculously high prices of used games. And indeed sometimes the used games cost more than the new ones. Reply +1
  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    The Xbox One is suddenly a whole lot less interesting and exciting. As I said in the other thread though I guess the silver lining for me is I can seriously consider canceling my pre-order and using the saved money to buy a PS3 now as I've been watching to catch up on the likes of Uncharted and Heavy Rain for ages.

    Hopefully once the price drops a little either the PS4 or the XB1 will be a bit more interesting, or the Xbox One will at least have these removed features back AND an offline mode that simply deactivates those features on the users console and for anyone playing that users shared games.
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    Well this is a bit of a pain, not sure whether to keep my Xbox One pre-order now or cancel it and get a XB1 or PS4 at a later date and get a PS3 now (for Blu-ray and of course all those great games like TLOU, Heavy Rain etc that I've missed out on). Reply +1
  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    @Teamallstar My only worry with the download route is if games are RRP £49.99 for download versus ~ £39.99 (or cheaper) in stores. Reply 0
  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    @darrenjones It's still a nice feature to be able to play any game you want* without having to hunt out the game disk, especially if you only have a short time to have a quick game. Fortunately download still allows that but I'm not sure if it'll be priced competitively and of course with bigger games it'll take longer to download.

    Certainly I liked the idea of being able to finish watching something on Netflix, jump into a quick 10 - 15 minutes on FIFA, have dinner / watch TV or whatever then jump into a longer game of The Witcher 3 without having to keep swapping disks etc.

    EDIT: Having said that I do concede it isn't a make or break feature, and obviously game line up etc is more important, but convenient simple features are good. Just look at wireless sync for iOS, not necessary but it's convenient and simple and generally thought of as good.

    * Given it's a 500gb hard drive I can imagine removing some older / less played games but still.
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  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    @wraithdub2 True, but as my internet connection is not that fast (best of 6mb) and can go down considerably I don't really want to be waiting ages for these presumably massive next gen games to download. Additionally I would want to be able to do stuff like watch Netflix at the same time, which whenever I download games now I cannot do.

    On the otherhand if I can pre-download before release (steam style) so that it all downloads overnight and when I'm at work that would be absolutely fabulous. As long as the prices are competitive with retail.
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  • BastoJ 20/06/2013

    @LR100 To be fair as someone who did pre-order the Xbox One (after much struggle about whether to get that or the PS4 first) I can share the feeling they might have of disappointment.

    I absolutely think having an offline mode was important but I would much rather they preserved the perks of the 24 hour check and simply removed those if you're console did not check in after 24 hours until your console is next online. Entirely removing the positive features really feels like a step back to me.

    On the other hand for people who rent games I can see where this is a big positive, unless MS had plans for enabling rental.
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  • BastoJ 19/06/2013

    Unfortunately for me this damages my view of the Xbox brand as I was sold partially by the features they are now removing (along with of course the obvious ones like launch games etc). I do wonder if all they've really done is damage their relationships with customers upset about the daily online requirement and now damage it with those who liked the console for the features enabled by the once per day check. Reply +2
  • BastoJ 19/06/2013

    @dloob Yeah I completely agree, feels like a backward step. Albeit I absolutely would prefer if the features were kept if your console does 'phone home' within 24 hours, if not then you go to the offline state where you need the disk to play and other people can't play your shared games.

    Feels like it makes so much more sense to add the offline mode than gut the forward thinking and convenient features they had.
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  • BastoJ 19/06/2013

    I really do hope they can add in the diskless gameplay (for disk based games) and the sharing etc at a later date on the basis that those features deactivate if the console has not checked in for 24 hours.

    As it is I've been switching between Xbox One and PS4, and finally went with a Xbox One at launch (and get a PS4 later) on the basis of these two features (especially for the diskless gameplay) and for the launch lineup of games. Now it's far more tempting to go to PS4 for it's performance advantage. Having said that I guess it would be stupid to swap when I still prefer the launch games on the Xbox One. Just feeling let down as I put my money down on the basis of these features only to have them removed.
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  • BastoJ 19/06/2013

    I am so disappointed at the loss of the ability to play without disks, so often I just want to play a quick game (like FIFA or something quick) between whatever is on TV or Netflix and then later go to my main game like Skyrim or whatever and having to keep swapping disks is just a pain and sometimes just takes too long in those quick breaks.

    The sharing thing is fairly disappointing loss as well as the person I mostly share games with lives quite some distance away so being able to dip into each others games whenever would have been so much easier.

    Really feel that I might cancel my pre-order and consider the PS4 now as that at least has a theoretical performance advantage and doesn't appear to be much behind the Xbox in terms of other features now :/.
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  • HTC One review

  • BastoJ 30/03/2013

    @arronfitzgerald For what it's worth I was very confused by that decision given that on my tiny (by comparison) Lumia 800 the power key is on the right side which is naturally the ideal place.

    Having said that I haven't actually had an issue getting used to the power key, took me maybe half an hour to get used to it now it's just a muscle memory thing to slightly adjust hand position and comfortable reach it with my index finger.

    Having said that I would still prefer it on the side, but it certainly isn't that big of a deal, for me at least. I can imagine for people with below average sized hands it would be a real pain and is an stupid thing for HTC to do given that most major rivals have the better side placement of the power button.
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  • BastoJ 30/03/2013

    I've recently got one, previous had the Lumia 800. So far I've found it to far exceed my expectations, and the camera for me has been very good as well and no doubt that is helped by having OIS (like the Lumia 920) and the Zoe feature is great. Seeing the 'highlight' thingy it does for each event section is nice too and really helps bring back the feelings and the moment in a unique way.

    The battery life for me has been good, my typical use is mainly listening to music, browsing websites, taking photos, checking news and so forth. I don't tend to play that many games so perhaps that's why my battery life has been above average. Still, reading around I've seen a lot of people with heavier use than me that have got fantastic battery life by turning off the stuff they don't need such as Google Now etc.

    Also the remote / tv app is very neat, definitely handy for it to recommend shows as I hate trawling through the EPG to find shows. Anyway, I rate the phone very highly and can't recommend it enough.
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  • Microsoft details Windows Phone 7 games push

  • BastoJ 25/01/2012

    I'm really looking forward to trying these and the EA / Nokia games (they will be on all WP7 phones once their exclusive period ends), I haven't really bought many of the Live games but I've got quite a few of the 'indie' ones which have been generally very good and often free. Hopefully these will give me an excuse to buy some Live games to boost my gamerscore! :P

    To echo what those above have said, Windows Phone 7 is really excellent in my opinion after having tried iOS and Android previously, but obviously it is very much down to personal taste but in my view more competition can't be a bad thing! I recently upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 800, brilliant device which I would highly recommend! The 710 also looks like fantastic value for money and will hopefully sell well too.
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • BastoJ 25/02/2011

    This sounds so good, I just wish I knew whether to get it on console or PC. My heart says PC but I fear that it has been designed with consoles more in mind and the whole DLC situation. Reply 0
  • WP7 gets Sonic, Angry Birds, more

  • BastoJ 25/02/2011

    @ArcticGabe - "apps are too expensive on wp7"

    True, but there are some very good free ones, and I imagine the price will go down as the platform matures. I think standard price points closer to the other major platforms will be found in the next year or so.
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  • BastoJ 24/02/2011

    That's quite good in fairness, WP7 does need more games and Plants vs Zombies is just what I need to waste away the day, just needs Peggle now :P Reply +2
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • BastoJ 14/02/2011

    ilomilo is absolutely wonderful, perfect sort of mobile game in my opinion. Hope to see more like it :). Reply +4
  • Doctor Who game footage on Saturday

  • BastoJ 16/04/2010

    It's a free product so I can't see it being a problem, they'll justify it as saying they are just promoting their extension of the Doctor Who universe from one media to another.
    If it was made by BBC Worldwide (and therefore had was free but had ads / had to be bought) then I can't imagine it being allowed. Though they'd probably do a few news items about it ;)
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  • Halo 3 coming to Games on Demand

  • BastoJ 07/04/2010

    To be fair I could see these being much cheaper if they went the iTunes route and made it so you only got one download. As it is part of the reason for the price is to cover the bandwidth costs of some people who will download the games again and again (because of small hard-drive or w/e). Equally I could see the price point being quite good if this service carries over to the next Xbox and lets you download them onto that... Reply 0
  • Iron Man 2 - Enemies and destruction

  • BastoJ 24/03/2010

    Wut... Well that was odd, some of the controls and gameplay appeared quite... stilted for lack of a better word. Sad :( Reply 0
  • First trailer for The Witcher 2

  • BastoJ 24/03/2010

    That looks brilliant, really can't wait. Reminds me how much I need to finish the first :P Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • BastoJ 23/03/2010

    Very nice review, appreciate the effort put into it! Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution teaser

  • BastoJ 12/03/2010

    Hard to judge the game on that but hope it has more depth than just endless fights because he's different. Reply +2
  • Molyneux: Natal upgrades "countless"

  • BastoJ 05/03/2010

    I can imagine it must be relatively expensive to product demo units for these type of things so I can see why they wouldn't want to start making any more until the last possible moment so that they have the best possible version for E3 2010. Reply +3
  • New STO raids introduce the Borg

  • BastoJ 25/02/2010

    Ask on the (Eurogamer) forum for a 5 day trial code :) Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC Roundup

  • BastoJ 02/02/2010

    I loved the Mako :( Anyway please can people include spoiler tags please :( Reply +5
  • Ray Muzyka: BioWare's Illusive Man

  • BastoJ 28/01/2010

    Some of these answers... *facepalm* Reply +7
  • Mass Effect 2 tech upgrades impress

  • BastoJ 24/08/2009


    You didn't mention the bioware twitter feed in the original post, maybe if you had people might not have thought you were just spreading FUD. Also, people might take you more seriously if you didn't resort to swearing when someone queries something you say ;)
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  • Google announces operating system

  • BastoJ 08/07/2009

    It's just a Linux distro (well when it's released), I'd be intriguided if they can out do the likes of Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu etc. Having said that they might, I just have concerns about using an OS from an advertising agency... Reply +5
  • New ratings logos green-lit for UK

  • BastoJ 17/06/2009

    @Hexagon, when designing a system one must attempt to make it as easy as possible for the end user to understand and use. When possible a system should avoid requiring the user to 'learn' (or re-learn) a system as much as possible, when there is an existing system that the user understands the new system should generally try to follow existing design conventions.

    In this case users understand the BBFC system used on DVDs etc, it would be much cheaper and benefitial to have the new system either use the BBFC system or follow its general principles. Of course the PEGI system is simple, but the BBFC system is better understood in the UK. I'm sure the money spent on educating people about the PEGI system could have been better invested elsewhere.
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  • BastoJ 17/06/2009

    Indeed, ELSPA was great, I miss them. Surely it would have been better to have the BBFC continue to rate them. They're generally fair and relatively lenient (compared with the censors in countries with a similar moral 'standard' as the UK) and everyone recognises the BBFC logo.

    Also I'd much rather have one little BBFC logo on the front of the box than the PEGI logo and those stupid spiders etc.
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  • UK "centre of excellence" proposed

  • BastoJ 17/06/2009


    Pot... kettle...
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  • Financial dispute puts Witcher on hold

  • BastoJ 30/04/2009

    In fairness you might enjoy it more on PC, unless it's a brilliant port I imagine it'll be very fiddly on console. Having said that I've got the PC version and was planning to get the 360 version just to play it through again. Preferably this time with faster loads :D Reply 0
  • Witcher for consoles cancelled?

  • BastoJ 30/04/2009

    Personally I preferred The Witcher to Oblivion in many ways (though I did love Oblivion) but that's because I prefer a strong structured story in an RPG rather than (what to me) felt like a rather flimsy story in Oblivion. Of course I think free-roaming games can do story well, but I tend to find that they're less effective at it normally. Reply 0
  • Pirate Bay founders sent to jail

  • BastoJ 19/04/2009

    @the_mtfr - If they only linked to trackers hosted eslewhere then they would have had a much clearer chance, the problem is that as they hosted the trackers themselves its much less clear. Some people might argue that by hosting the tracker they effectively were directly involved. It's not like a search engine where you find something yourself, it's like a map where it tells you where to get each piece from. If TPB was just a search engine it would probably have been fine, but by hosting the tracker etc it made the issue much less clear cut.

    Much like if I gave you a map of places to steal from, and you stole from them I'd be in conspiracy with you to commit theft. Likewise with any other crime.

    It's a hard case that depending on your interpretation coudl have gone either way. Morally I believe they were right to get done, piracy (without the intent to buy later / already have a copy) is a despicable act. Legally I'm not an expert in the field (and I very much doubt anyone here is a legal expert on copyright with more than 5 - 10 years experience) but I think that it could have gone both ways.


    Of course the actual protocol itself is fine, the fact the Judges questioned it is very odd.
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  • BastoJ 18/04/2009

    I noticed a couple of people saying that The Pirate Bay do not host .torrent files, yes they do, that's the main reason this case was a success. Reply 0
  • MS investigating XBL account blunder

  • BastoJ 18/02/2009

    They'll restore them from one of their backups I'm sure, being a major service like this I'd expect at least full backups weekly with incremental ones done daily. Reply 0
  • 100 Classic Book Collection

  • BastoJ 13/02/2009

    I can't see the appeal of E-Readers, or indeed paperback books (well I like paperback books for use on the train etc), but I guess theres a market for it. Still it seems the execution is poor, which is a shame. Oh well. Reply 0