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  • Zelda-like Norse adventure Jotun succeeds its Kickstarter goal

  • Bander 21/08/2014

    "the mood of Journey and the scale of Shadow of the Colossus"

    And the graphics of Adobe Flash.
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  • Routine ditches Oculus Rift support due to motion sickness

  • Bander 21/08/2014

    @merrickx @thekeats I did know this. But 'retro first-person sci-fi horror adventure' says something different to me than 'retro-sci-fi first-person horror adventure'.

    The style of the game has me very interested, as I love '80s sci-fi, and stuff like the '00s Battlestar Galactica with the titular ship being a flying museum. I hope the four person team working on Routine can hold their own against Alien Isolation.

    However, I couldn't resist an opportunity to take a dig at the current trend of indie developers asking money for games that look and play like unfinished Atari Lynx software. Although it turns out that what I should have been annoyed about was the anti-Oculus headline on a story that failed to mention that the developers were using the older dev kits.
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  • Bander 20/08/2014

    "Retro first-person sci-fi horror adventure"

    What's retro about it? Because it's an indie game that isn't going to be stuck in early access for over a year or pretending to be 8-bit?
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  • Watch Microsoft's Phil Spencer accept the Ice Bucket Challenge

  • Bander 19/08/2014

    @DrStrangelove Turns out I didn't have to look very far, it's on Wikipedia.

    "After resuming control of Apple in 1997, Jobs initially eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs. Jobs's friends told The New York Times that he felt that expanding Apple would have done more good than giving money to charity."
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  • Bander 19/08/2014

    @DrStrangelove I can't recall where I heard this but apparently one of the first things Jobs did when resuming control of Apple was to shut down all their philanthropist activities.

    I want to hear Reggie say "my body is ready" if he does it. If that happens, he wins the internet.
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  • Watch Dogs is Ubisoft's last mature game for Wii U

  • Bander 19/08/2014

    "They are very interested in Just Dance"

    People that want dance games use Kinect. And I include myself in that as I do have three dance games on 360 and no interest in Just Dance. What I'm interested in is Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, and other non-casual games I can't run on my PC.

    As others have said, almost nobody has just a Wii U as their only games system. If you want a game to sell on it, it needs to be exclusive, or make good use of the Gamepad (throwing some crap occasional puzzle game onto it that contributes to less than 1% of the overall gameplay doesn't count as good), or otherwise represent good value compared to other versions, not still be full price if released later when it's competing with sale and used prices. Otherwise, forget it.
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  • Shenmue fan is remaking the classic adventure in HD

  • Bander 18/08/2014

    Admirable effort. But the bloom and depth of field effects are things I'd turn off if I'm going to play a game for hours, they're a bit harsh on the eyes.

    Many of Shenmue's assets look great in HD already. If Sega were to re-release it, I'd say the only things needing attention are making it widescreen, reducing the loading times, updating the exploration controls so they use two thumbsticks and aren't so clumsy, and maybe using some ambient occlusion to locations and objects that need it. Oh, and adding Shenmue III.

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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • Bander 16/08/2014

    If you watch playthroughs of all the Metal Gear Solid games on YouTube, which of course works on PC, it's practically the same experience anyway. So the Steam announcement makes no difference.

    *dives under cardboard box and shuffles away*
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  • Sonic Boom has a release date on 3DS and Wii U

  • Bander 14/08/2014

    All Sega need to do is shoehorn Hatsune Miku into a Sonic game, and I can finally be disgusted enough to forget that I used to like this franchise. Reply 0
  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • Bander 13/08/2014

    @jinglejangle Need for Speed on Wii U costs even more than £50 now. If EA pressed more copies and re-released it at about £20-£25 they'd make money from that version effortlessly. But they apparently hate Wii U gamers. Reply +3
  • Bander 13/08/2014

    I'm still waiting for the Tomb Raider franchise to return to the Sega Saturn where it began. Reply +5
  • Remember Me dev announces new game Life is Strange

  • Bander 11/08/2014

    Good to hear that Dontnod are active and making something to their strengths. Remember Me had a lot going for it, but the action and controls weren't among them. I'm sure it would have been better off as an adventure game like Dreamfall or Shenmue. Reply +3
  • Not for everyone: exploring the strange pleasures of exclusivity

  • Bander 11/08/2014

    @Ryze Thank you for keeping us informed. Reply 0
  • Bander 09/08/2014

    Radiant Silvergun being rare is a myth, lots of copies were made, although obviously not to a point where there was a surplus. The reason its price is so high is because it really is that good a game. It is a great showcase for the Saturn's abilities and controller, and most people that bought it, hung onto it. Visually RS is best suited to a CRT though, and the 'enhanced' XBLA version looks a bit papercraft-ish. It also doesn't deliver the instant gratification of many newer 2D shooters as it's a long game by the standards of the genre, so the demo does the game a diservice.

    Still, I otherwise understand what the article is saying. It doesn't even change the situation with Radiant Silvergun all that much.
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  • New BBC iPlayer for Xbox One this year

  • Bander 11/08/2014

    Shame about the lack of a Wii U version. The Gamepad is more comfortable to hold for long periods of time than a phone, tablet or laptop, so it would be the first system I go to if I wanted to use iPlayer but wasn't able to be in front of a big screen at the time. Reply +2
  • The Xbox One hard drive upgrade guide

  • Bander 10/08/2014

    @DryHeat Yup, the machines are both big enough to accommodate another 2.5 inch drive bay to save everyone a lot of hassle. I'd say the same about the 360 and PS3. Phones and tablets could use more than one MicroSD slot also. Two memory card slots appeared to be normal for the original PlayStation.

    Edit: Wow, what did people have against the idea?
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  • Bayonetta 2 is a sequel to savour

  • Bander 08/08/2014

    What's the EU release date for this anyway? I was expecting October but some retailers have late November. Reply +3
  • Bander 08/08/2014

    One uncertainty though is whether the EU version will actually come with the first game bundled in?
    ^this, assuming you mean whether Bayo 1 comes on disc or as a download code. After the free game with MK8 offer, my Wii U has ran out of space. If I'm prepared to buy a console mainly for this one game, then I guess getting a new SD card isn't much of a stretch. But I'll always choose a disc version when it's available. Not getting a limited edition of Bayo 1 was something I regret.
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  • Video: Expendabros live stream

  • Bander 08/08/2014

    Expendabros didn't click with me at all. I've had more fun (and infinitely less slowdown) from platform games found on random Amiga magazine discs sold in packs for use as blanks because nobody wanted them.

    What aspect of Broforce requires it to be in development for three years?
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  • The Power Glove documentary launches a Kickstarter

  • Bander 08/08/2014

    @darc Marketing for the movie, so it hits news stories once again without having to go to the effort of becoming slightly more interesting as a concept. Reply 0
  • Bander 06/08/2014

    Is there enough that can be said about the Power Glove to even justify a budget?

    A Kickstarter campaign was started to get some free marketing more like.
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  • Watch a fish play Pokémon

  • Bander 08/08/2014

    That this is a thing that is being watched and reported on is quite possibly the most depressing bit of video gaming news I've read since the Dreamcast got discontinued. Reply +4
  • As Table Top Racing hits Vita, WipEout co-creator turns attention to PS4

  • Bander 06/08/2014

    Or even before that, seventeen years ago this existed:

    Go next-gen! Although to be fair barely anyone got to play these two.
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  • Dead or Alive 5's Bath and Bedtime DLC could be its creepiest yet

  • Bander 04/08/2014

    Phwoar etc.

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  • Bander 04/08/2014


    DoA1 was beaten to the boob physics by many games, with King of Fighters '94 and Fighting Vipers being earlier examples in 2D and 3D respectively. By the time DoA1 came out it was unusual not to have bouncing tits in fighting games, along with gratuitous bathing scenes and clothes falling off women etc. in pre-rendered intros and endings.

    I think DoA's boobs got noticed more because the exaggerated bounce looked pretty terrible.
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  • Bander 04/08/2014

    Some of the less revealing casual/street fashion outfits available as DLC for DoA5U have been quite attractive, and appropriate for the more realistic backdrops that originally defined the visual direction for this game. It made me wonder why other fighting games (along with many an RPG and action game) keep insisting on gaudy super-hero/heroine comic clothes for every character.

    Alas, those outfits are completely buried in the long lists of DLC now, don't make for click-bait headlines, and I'm guessing nobody bought them. I didn't either, but that's just because virtual outfits isn't much of a priority as far as my financial management goes.
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  • Final Fantasy character designer Tetsuya Nomura re-imagines Batman

  • Bander 24/07/2014

    Is this really a Nomura design? The Bat Utility Belt isn't even there, let alone the other dozen poinless buckles that go with anything he comes up with O_o Reply +5
  • Mario Kart 8 Japanese ad embraces Luigi's death stare

  • Bander 23/07/2014

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  • Xbox One's August update updates activity feed, unlocks 3D Blu-Ray

  • Bander 19/07/2014

    If it can be measured in bytes, it's digital. What do people think the first D in DVD stands for?

    Some video games are partially analogue, like laserdisc games, Game & Watch, and Computer Space which didn't have memory chips. But the Xbox One doesn't play those, so I guess it's going to automatically download everything even if you have the disc.

    Edit: All negs huh? Could someone please tell me why anyone would want the word digital to mean something completely different and not even related to how it's currently defined?
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  • Microsoft announces 18,000 jobs to be cut in the next year

  • Bander 18/07/2014

    @MattEvansC3 Every new OS has to start somewhere. The N9 launched after Elop had already declared it dead, so it was known to be a dead-end and never marketed as being the future. Nobody was expected to invest in an end-of-lined ecosystem. As for OEMs, Tizen is basically Meego merged with Bada, and Samsung and other companies are quite keen to pursue that and not be so dependant on Android.

    Scored badly as a consumer phone? The only faults were a lack of apps (obvious), a camera that was weak compared to the N8's (but still comparable to the best that others were offering), and I don't recall reading much about power consumption. Perhaps it was weak in that area compared to a Symbian phone, but if people didn't want an N9 because of that reason, they wouldn't go for an Android, Windows Phone or iPhone either.

    Meanwhile, the first Lumias launched after the N9, didn't review as well, were missing lots of features, and also turned out to be a dead end due to lack of compatibility with Windows Phone 8. And relying on someone else to make and update an OS meant that Nokia had less choice as to what hardware could be used in their phones, and what they could do. No image processing chip like the 41MP 808 from 2012, so the 1020 released a year later is slower at taking photos than its Symbian equivalent and doesn't supersample video at all. No always on clock for ages which the 2010 N8 had. Still crap multitasking, worse file manager than an Xbox 360, extremely minimal customisation options, no TV or HDMI output or USB-OTG, blah blah blah.
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  • Bander 17/07/2014

    @NathanDaviesUK The first Symbian phone was released in 2002 I think. The last in 2012.

    iOS and Android are now just as old as Symbian was when people started writing it off because of its age. And it shows. iOS updates have been pretty minor since iOS4, changing far less than Symbian did, although on the plus side four-year-old models haven't become obsolete. Meanwhile Android's CPU, RAM and battery requirements are ridiculously high just to remain moderately smooth. Somehow this works for it because the high specs become a selling point, while the phones become less mobile.

    Nokia had a plan to switch to a new OS. The N900 from 2009 was a very capable albeit chunky smartphone running on Maemo. Its successor, the sleek N9, got amazing reviews in 2011. But Elop announced that he was ditching that branch of evolution before anyone got to see the N9. The phone didn't even get a UK or US release. That was the way forward, but Elop and the Nokia board of directors decided to take a cheque from MS in exchange for screwing their own company and employees over in the not-so-far future.
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  • The Last of Us Remastered lets you lock frame-rate at 30fps

  • Bander 16/07/2014

    Can we have a 720p toggle instead please?

    A smoother framerate is noticeable on every television, at any viewing distance. Dropping the resolution makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to anyone using a less than 1080p television, or is sitting on a sofa on the far side of the room from the screen.

    If the PS4 can't handle PS3 games at 720p 60fps, what's the point of it?
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  • Sega has no plans for the Wii U Virtual Console

  • Bander 16/07/2014

    ORIGINAL STORY: There are no plans.

    UPDATE: To clarify, there are no plans.

    Stay tuned for more nothing as it continues to not develop.
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  • Bander 12/07/2014

    I don't think Sega have decision makers in the normal sense. They just put on blindfolds and throw darts at a board with the names of hardware on.

    Sonic fell on Wii U, but the Wii U chunk of the board fell off and slipped behind the radiator, so nothing else can now land on it.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 fell on the floor, which means no chance of it coming to a western audience ever. Shame as it keeps getting updates, the latest one adds giant Titanfall-like mechs that you can summon and stomp around in. I'm sure there's no way interest in this could possibly include non-Japanese people.

    Phantasy Star Nova, a great looking single player Phantasy Star that got announced a few days ago, fell on PSVita, despite being made by tri-Ace who are much better suited to working with more powerful hardware. I suspect this dart will also fall on the floor and remain Japan-only.

    Fantasy Zone II, a port of the 'System 16' version with some extra bits, recently got announced too (surprised it isn't part of this story actually, a screenshot of it makes up Yusuke Okunari's current Twitter profile pic). It landed on 3DS, because it's a completely two-dimensional game with lots of very fast tiny bullets. Perfect!
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  • Microsoft says developers have been requesting an Early Access option

  • Bander 15/07/2014

    On 360, a lot of Indie Games have been treating the service like paid early access. I guess it's just about okay to do that within XBLIG's limitations, behind the warning that software is community tested only, and games don't cost much there anyway. But even then, developers are taking the piss as there's never any guarantee of games being finished. Reply 0
  • PGR4 remains arcade racing at its very best

  • Bander 14/07/2014

    The timing of this game's release was a disaster. Going up against Halo 3 was one thing, but Call of Duty 4 came out at around the same time too. Sega Rally ran into the same problem as another high profile racing game being released at the same time as PGR4, so they were both competing for the same scraps (and against Dirt for the PS3 version of SR). That resulted in Sega Racing Studios being disbanded, although Sega Rally should have been held back anyway for the sake of finishing it properly - everything about its presentation and progression structure seemed like a temporary placeholder. Reply 0
  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • Bander 12/07/2014

    The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay...

    ...for our bank accounts. Waiting until 2015 for a compelling reason to get an Xbox One or PS4 is fine by me while I still have a backlog to clear.
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  • GameStop seeks to fund games in exchange for exclusive gameplay

  • Bander 11/07/2014

    @KanePaws No it isn't. For a start I didn't say anything about day one.

    It's like if you're collecting a range of toy figures, and a particular chain of stores is the only place where you can get a particular figure because that chain arranged for the exclusive with the toy manufacturer, to draw customers to their store. Maybe the chain commissioned the exclusive figure because they had reason to believe there would be demand for it. But the buyers are still completely free to buy the other figures elsewhere, and not penalised for doing so. You don't have to bring in the receipts for the other figures to prove where you got them from.
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  • Bander 11/07/2014

    I don't like it at all, but that's business I guess.

    Have any retailers ever considered just having DLC exclusives without the game purchase being necessary? That is to say, a gamer could buy the game anywhere, but to get a particular character/costume/vehicle/level/weapon/whatever, you can only get the code from one retailer, who presumably funded the creation of that add-on?

    For example, you buy a fantasy action game from Tesco, or download it from Steam or wherever, hear that you can ride around on a unicorn if you get a code from GAME which they funded, and then just get that code for £1 or something at any time and not ever worry about all the pre-order research nonsense we currently go through.

    I'd much rather still have a complete game out the box from day one, except perhaps in the case of online persistent world games which need updates to remain interesting (which would be paid for by subscriptions). But to me it looks like retailers have skipped an obvious step just to be amazingly annoying to consumers.
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  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous £100 premium beta

  • Bander 11/07/2014

    For a franchise known for being about earning your wealth and reputation by actually doing things, and where visiting everything in the game is unfeasible anyway, what's the point of the expansion packs?

    It's this fragmentation that has put me off the game quite a lot. Otherwise I'd be keen on giving them my money.
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  • Transformers Universe open beta begins tomorrow

  • Bander 03/07/2014

    @Uncompetative The new Transformers arcade game by Sega has you playing as humans. Not that anyone is likely to find it these days, but as rail-shooters go it's quite good, and an impressive first effort from a new development team.

    The other missed opportunity in Transformers games is ignoring the disguise aspect. The vehicle forms usually serve no purpose other than adding a change of speed or being able to fly. The arcade game makes use of disguises in the city levels a bit, when it's not clear which vehicles will become a threat, but this goes out the window after the game moves to other locations.
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  • Bander 03/07/2014

    It's a pity this game is f2p, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now. Reply +2
  • Streets of Rage was much more than a Final Fight clone

  • Bander 29/06/2014

    The best singular gaming moment for me in recent times was when this appeared on my screen (Saints Row IV spoiler):

    The game then converted my 'Boss' into a low-res, colour reduced sprite with jerky animation, to play in a 2D brawler.
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  • The sickening side of the Steam summer sale

  • Bander 28/06/2014

    "There are, I'm sure, people who are able to play just one at a time, but for most of us this is the easiest way to sap each individual game of much of its flavour."

    Not having enough hard drive space to install half my purchases takes care of this quite neatly.
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  • Have mobile graphics finally surpassed last-gen console?

  • Bander 26/06/2014

    Why have they made a video that illustrates exactly why the K1 chip is currently pointless?

    There's lots of detail, plenty of atmospheric effects, but when it comes down to it any mobile game that looks like that won't be so immersive on a small screen with thumbs covering part of the display. 3D action games don't control well on a touch screen and the phone needs to be plugged into the mains if you don't want to risk draining the battery and being without a working phone, and odds are if you have a power cable and supply to hand you probably also have access to a PC or console.

    So may as well play Tappy Chicken instead, something that's simple to play, won't kill the battery in an hour and doesn't rely on visual fidelity. And from a developer point of view, it'll always cost less to make and potentially reach a much larger audience!

    Improving mobile GPUs will probably come in handly when decent VR headsets one day become untethered from large machines. But the content of this video just seems very odd if it's supposed to be promoting graphics on phones and tablets.
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  • Mirror's Edge 2 has to support Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, right DICE?

  • Bander 20/06/2014

    @ithis initially I thought that too, but in a fast game like Titanfall I've personally found melee combat works rather well, when you can close the distance between yourself and an opponent before they can turn to face you.

    Although, it might be fair to say that my aim is a bit rubbish and I'm not that good at remembering to reload.
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  • Bander 20/06/2014

    "There's a reason why there's not a lot of games focusing on first-person fast movement with first-person combat: it's because it's really hard to do,"

    So long Quake and Unreal Tournament, it appears you've been completely forgotten.

    And Titanfall for that matter, even though it's by the same publishers. Best not mention it though as people (including myself) want Rift support for that game too.

    Now to go bother Sega about Rift support in a first person Sonic the Hedgehog game...
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  • DreamHack's Hearthstone tournament winner accused of cheating

  • Bander 17/06/2014

    @TekMerc I've not heard of Hearthstone at all either. Nor do I recognise the images, so maybe my friends have dodged it too, or kept it to themselves.

    I've heard the name Leeroy Jenkins countless times, but it always flew over my head and I've not bothered to pursue its meaning until now. Turns out it wasn't worth looking up, it's just a name after all. Like how I saw Anchorman for the first time last month and somehow I already knew all the lines from every corner of the internet, but more importantly it wasn't even slightly funny anyway and the sequel had even less going for it.
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  • Over half an hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay

  • Bander 12/06/2014

    Blah blah poor graphics blah blah pop-up blah blah textures...

    ...this looks loads better than No Man's Sky though, and people are acting as if that's the best game of E3.
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  • Female character option cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op

  • Bander 11/06/2014

    Lack of resources? Extra production work? Surely not a problem for the publisher that claims to have finished Wii U games but can't be bothered to release them. Reply +1