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  • Wonder Boy 3 remake introduces new playable lead: Wonder Girl

  • Bander 24/03/2017


    Does being female change dialog options? Because, whether anyone likes it or not, people of both genders treat men and women differently.
    I don't care much if there's a change or not. I've played the original to death and so know just how little time is spent in human form in this game.

    Additionally the original game has almost no dialogue at all. There's some opening and ending blurb, item names and that's it. As the other three Monster World games had quite a bit of chatter, I always thought that Wonder Boy lost the ability to speak after being cursed. My imagination as a child was probably filling in an unintentional blank there.

    Still, adding to what you said, the game did have a charisma system that determined whether a shopkeeper would sell an item to you or not. To do something different but fair with it involving Wonder Girl would mean having shopkeepers other than just the smoking pig though!
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  • Bander 23/03/2017

    @Malek86 There's already the animal forms with their different abilities, everything is tightly woven around those. Still, there could be some surprises in store after completion.

    I am now wondering what's happening with the charm stones in this game though. I recall reading something about the charm system being changed, but it was ages ago, long before the announcement of being able to use Master System passwords which implied that everything was to stay the same.
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  • Bander 23/03/2017


    For all of the two minutes or so at the start of the game before the curse!

    Edit: This game is coming to PC also, but its release date isn't announced yet.

    Another edit: This goes into a bit more detail, such as explaining why they didn't use Asha for the female role (I needed to see a reason for this because Asha is awesome):
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  • Bloodstained announced for Switch, cancelled for Wii U

  • Bander 22/03/2017

    When the Kickstarter was started, The Wii U still had Xenoblade Chronicles X and a Zelda to look forward to, Splatoon was all new, and Super Smash Bros was still fairly fresh. All would be fine if the game was ready for release before now.

    But why does Bloodstained need so much time to be made anyway? 2D platform games used to take less than one year to make, on a much smaller budget and with weaker development tools. I could understand if the game is a labour of love between a handful of part-timers, but then where does the $5 million go?
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  • Mana series slated for Switch in Japan

  • Bander 22/03/2017

    I've love to have these on Switch, although I haven't bought the console yet.

    From the trailer it looks like it's the Super Famicom version of Seiken Densetsu 2 though, and not the redrawn version released on iOS a few years ago, which did look better without sacrificing the pixel art charm (quite a feat considering how so many attempts to do this look horrid). I'd rather play the remake with Switch controls than the original.

    This video make the iOS side look fuzzier than it should, but it illustrates that it was different.
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  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night turns 20 today

  • Bander 21/03/2017

    My experience of Symphony of the Night on Saturn was a bit of a disaster. Not because of the reason usually brought up about the Saturn version being a sloppy port (it was though, and compared to some of the Saturn's 2D exclusives, the PlayStation original wasn't visually doing anything very special in the first place), but because of the extra playable character, Maria.

    When picking a character for my first ever play of the game, I went with Maria. Without any help I managed to beat the game in about an hour or two. And that's it. I think Maria had some kind of super high jump ability that let her get around relatively easily. But I ended up thinking the game was very short, unchallenging, and massively overhyped, and I couldn't be bothered with it again after that. Oops.
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  • Wii emulator so accurate you can buy games from the Wii Shop Channel

  • Bander 18/03/2017

    I'm curious as to why there are so many articles on Eurogamer about how to access Nintendo IPs in ways Nintendo never intended, while so much of GDC a couple of weeks ago got ignored. Reply +6
  • Unreleased Dreamcast racer found on devkit, now playable

  • Bander 15/03/2017

    I've not heard of this game before, but it looks like a spiritual sequel to Zyrinx's Scorcher on Saturn and PC. Reply +1
  • I am Setsuna on Switch is a visual match for PS4

  • Bander 13/03/2017

    As a turn-based old-school-inspired JRPG, I'm stunned that anyone even bothered to check the resolution and frame rate.

    I think Grandia ran at 20fps most of the time, but for many it is still one of the best JRPGs ever.
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  • This is the new PS VR Aim controller, out in May

  • Bander 09/03/2017

    @Mr_Writer85 about stuff coming to Xbox, it looks like the announcement of UWP games coming to Xbox One was something that was ignored also. Reply 0
  • Bander 09/03/2017

    @Mr_Writer85 That's a bit like saying an Amiga wasn't for people looking to play games! Reply +1
  • Bander 09/03/2017

    Best timing for a spambot:

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  • Bander 09/03/2017

    Meanwhile a $299 VR headset with HoloLens-based inside-out tracking is announced for a spring release and is ignored. Reply -1
  • Nier: Automata review

  • Bander 07/03/2017

    All I needed to know was whether Nier: Automata is as good as Nier or better.

    Well, that and the PC release date and minimum specs as I don't have a PS4. Those are a bit of a concern. A GTX 770 is a lot more powerful than the PS4's GPU isn't it? I understand that Automata runs at 60fps on PS4 but otherwise it doesn't look very demanding.

    As for the game not being on Xbox, there is no deal with Sony here at all. The developers just looked at the Xbox One's Japanese sales figures and decided it wasn't worth bothering, which isn't surprising after how Square Enix handled Drakengard 3. If Automata sells well outside Japan, there is nothing to stop a port to Xbox One. It'll be very late, but could work out if the first Nier is made backwards compatible, or if the effort is combined with making a Switch version.
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  • How things end

  • Bander 06/03/2017

    For me, comparing new games too old, something that has been fading away is a sense of progression. It became very difficult to know how much game is left to play through. Am I at the halfway point? A third? near the end? I quite liked knowing this. If I've cleared say, one of seven levels during one evening session, I like to know that I've done a seventh of the game. But normally with a game session now I rarely know if I've seen a lot of it or barely made a dent in it.

    High scores are a form of knowing how a player is progressing also, even if the game is set to never conclude if the player is skilled enough. This works far better with short games than long ones though, and if the game is simple enough for the scoring system to be understood.
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  • Oculus Rift price cut

  • Bander 02/03/2017

    It's expected that other VR headsets with built-in positional tracking will be available soon for as cheap as $300, Both the Rift and Vive will have to compete with those, in addition to PSVR and (crappy) phone VR.

    We don't have official sales figures for the Rift, but back in January 2017, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney told Glixel that out of the approximately half a million PC VR headsets sold to date, rival VR headset HTC Vive had outsold Oculus two-to-one.
    Hang on, doesn't that mean the consumer version of the Rift hasn't even managed to outsell the Rift DK2?!?
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  • Wonder Boy 3 remake lets you use your original Master System saves on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

  • Bander 01/03/2017

    The adding of this feature is great news.

    However, there's more than one 8-bit soundtrack! The cartridge had code to make use of FM sound hardware of the Japanese Master System. Is choosing between them an option?
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  • Nintendo Switch has its first portable-only game you can't play on TV

  • Bander 27/02/2017

    I would have expected the motion sensors in the joy-cons to be able to substitute for touch screen controls when the console is docked. Either this developer missed a trick, or it suggests the joy-cons aren't accurate enough to be up to the task.

    Using joy-cons instead could be a bit tiring though, so no great loss there.
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  • The case for a video game musical

  • Bander 26/02/2017

    I quite like the idea of a musical video game. Have to point a few things out though:

    No mention of Space Channel 5?

    A very successful franchise with musicals being a core part of its theme is Sakura Taisen, which even had real stage musicals performed as spin-off stories. Sadly not much has been seen of Sakura Taisen here.

    Eurogamer didn't bother to review Fantasia: Music Evolved for some reason. Why was that?

    Also, this:

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  • Meet the man camping for a month to get the Nintendo Switch

  • Bander 24/02/2017

    I queued for an Xbox 360 on launch day. Why did I do it? Was it cold? Was it dangerous? Did it bring fame and fortune, or scorn and ridicule? Here's my amazing story!

    I walked to the GAME store 5 minutes up the road just before it opened for the day, which was at something like 6am on this occasion, waited behind about three people at the checkout, and then picked up the 360 I had preordered. I carried it home and went to work. There had already been a 360 in the living room at my home for a few weeks prior to this because a flatmate was in the industry, so there was no rush to set it up. I played Kameo a bit in the evening.

    Can I have 100,000 fans worshipping me now please?
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  • Nier: Automata's Japanese launch tomorrow has English subtitles

  • Bander 22/02/2017

    It's unclear if the voice-acting will be available outside of Japanese, but chances are it's better acted in its native tongue anyway.
    The dubbed acting in Nier for 360 and PS3 was amazing though. Especially the voices of Weiss and Kaine.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • Bander 20/02/2017

    This would be an example of a game that I'd love to see get an 'arcade mode'. No story, no wandering around, just robo-dino battles one after another at a pace similar to something like Golden Axe or the original Strider. Like a sequence of curated highlights.

    The problem with checking all the AAA checkboxes is that I'm rarely in the mood or have the time for many of them unless they are exceptional enough to keep my mind engaged. They have to feel necessary to what the game is as a whole.
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  • Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

  • Bander 16/02/2017

    Waggle controlled fighting? Welcome to 1999.

    I would have hoped that we would have progressed to something less janky in all the time that has passed. I've long been tired of one-on-one fighters always being viewed from the side only. This first person mode, while pleasing no long-time Street Fighter fans, may come into its own at a gathering where there's going to be ranges of player skill levels from the highly competitive to the complete newcomer. But it does need to look a lot less like a concept demo.
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  • The new Konami is doing very well indeed

  • Bander 15/02/2017

    @PSfourskin Not with mine, via RGB SCART from a PAL Saturn with a 60Hz switch. It works but the picture is annoyingly off-centre and no amount of fiddling with the TV settings will fix that. Reply 0
  • 29 minutes of new Nier: Automata gameplay reveals moose-riding, exploration and more

  • Bander 15/02/2017

    @Brainflowers The voice actress is so prolific that you probably have heard her before, but not from Black Lagoon.

    Laura Bailey
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  • Bander 14/02/2017

    I hope there's dialogue like this in Automata:

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  • Bander 14/02/2017

    Sadly my hard drive corrupted shortly after I began the journey to the next ending and I never got round to playing it all again.
    Considering what happens, that's quite ironic in a way.

    Aaaaarrrrggghhh!! My head...
    Playing it wouldn't help your head much, but for different reasons!

    Playing it once doesn't give an explanation as to who or what your opponents truly are. The second playthrough, which starts from a midpoint rather than the beginning and can be done fairly quickly, gives them a voice.

    I'm a little puzzled as to how this game is related to the original Neir.
    The full details won't be known until the game is out. But it'll no doubt be as complicated as the connection between Drakengard and Nier was. There are short stories already about events that happen after Nier concludes though.

    Which does make me wonder why it is even called Nier. It seems extremely unlikely that Nier will be in it in any form, but then, Yoko Taro...
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  • Valve is making three "full" VR games

  • Bander 10/02/2017

    @MrTomFTW I can only imagine. Or maybe not, I'm not even sure I can imagine stereo 3D even if it's bad.

    What about autostereograms? I've never been able to see those either.

    I quite like VR though, especially with positional tracking. Maybe because I don't get motion sickness, ever!
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  • Bander 10/02/2017

    If you can wait 50 years you'll probably get VR contact lenses free in your space crispies.
    My introduction to '3D' was red and blue images printed on the back of boxes of cereal to promote the third Jaws movie. The required filtering specs would have been inside the box.

    I had amblyopia (still do), so it didn't exactly work...

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  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • Bander 10/02/2017

    "There have been cases where we've updated products 5-6 times in a day," he added. "When we did the original iOS of Steam App, right, we shipped it, we got a whole bunch of feedback and like the next day we're ready to do an update. We weren't able to get that update out for six months!
    So maybe release a product that's finished and not in dire need of updates, like most console developers used to do?

    Why does Steam need to fetch itself an update practically every time I start my PC anyway? It's because of this I won't ever be installing it on anything portable.
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  • Netflix Castlevania series launching this year

  • Bander 09/02/2017

    "I personally guarantee that it will end the streak and be the western world's first good video game adaptation"
    Surely that was Mortal Kombat Conquest?
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  • E3 2017 will open its doors to public for first time

  • Bander 08/02/2017

    Is it still free for media and industry attendees?

    I recall it being pretty easy to blag entry in the past.
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  • This Portal-themed HoloLens mod is a triumph

  • Bander 07/02/2017

    This demo might not progress any further, given that Portal is Valve's property. But I'd like to see if scanning of a room as part of a setup process before playing would make it possible to see through to the other side of the portals. It might be possible to make some sort of procedural game out of it. Reply +1
  • Super Mario Run hits 78m downloads

  • Bander 31/01/2017

    I confess, I downloaded it very soon after its launch, and the app has been sitting there untouched all this time while I deal with this backlog that I will never clear because I keep doing this! I'm like this with other services also, ever since the Xbox Live Arcade demos. So as good as this game might be, I'm not one of the 4m people who paid.

    I'd like to know how many of the 78m also have left Super Mario Run 'sealed' and haven't paid just because they haven't formed an opinion on it yet, rather than being put off by the price.
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  • 27 years later, scrapped ZX Spectrum version of Total Recall now playable

  • Bander 30/01/2017

    Looking at it, I was sure this did come out. But then I remembered that the ZX Spectrum versions of the Red Heat, Predator and Running Man games all looked pretty similar (but certainly didn't all play the same way) and I must have been recalling one of those instead. Reply +1
  • Dirt 4 is more evidence that Codemasters is back on track

  • Bander 30/01/2017

    Yep. Where are all the arcade racers? Conspicuous by their absence this gen, that's where.
    They are still being made, for arcades only where most of us will never find them!

    I played Cruis'n Blast earlier in the month at EAG Expo, and even with just five tracks, I'd buy it if it got a home release.

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  • Ninja Theory virtual reality game Dexed comes to PSVR next week

  • Bander 27/01/2017

    From the video it reminds me that the first time I tried VR with positional tracking, I immediately wanted a VR version of Child of Eden. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch touchscreen shown in action for the first time

  • Bander 24/01/2017

    I wish Nintendo had gone with a resistive touchscreen, or at least one capable of using a precise stylus for this, like the Wii U and DS series before it.

    Straight away it means backwards compatibility with those systems can never fully be realised. I can't name a single multitouch game on phone or tablet that if ported wouldn't work better with the Joycon controls (please tell me if I'm wrong, I want to check these games out). And for games, resistive proved itself with Bayonetta 2. There are no capacitive touchscreen games that match Bayo as an action title, because they are not precise enough and using them with fingers obscures too much of the screen. Of course resistive also works with gloves and fingernails.

    But the masses have frowned upon resistive screens ever since the iPhone turned up with its pinch zoom gimmick, so I guess for marketing purposes it was a no go. I still double tap to zoom with things like photo viewing on a phone because it can be done with one thumb and is much faster (except on iOS where the double tap zoom is a slow transition), but whatever.


    While I'm moaning about downgrades over the Wii U, I doubt Switch will be as versatile as a media player and web browser either. You can't use it as a touchscreen keyboard and output to a big TV at the same time. With more than one person, you can't have one person leave (to fetch snacks from another room for example) and yet have everyone still be able to keep watching without pausing. And I don't know if Switch can double as a TV remote control, but I'm mentioning it anyway because its very useful feature of the Wii U Gamepad that's almost entirely ignored. It was a shame disc playback was absent and a lot of video streaming services ignored it.
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  • Microsoft announces inflatable Xbox One controller for your pool

  • Bander 17/01/2017

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  • BBC iPlayer discontinued on Wii U today

  • Bander 16/01/2017

    As another of the three people who were fond of using the Wii U as a media player, I'm sad about this. Mainly because the controller allows for some extra convenience and navigation options you wouldn't otherwise get in one console. Although iPlayer didn't make the best use of it. Reply +1
  • Super Mario Odyssey revealed, due this “holiday season”

  • Bander 13/01/2017

    Is the opening shot of the city, panning down to a manhole cover, a homage to Sonic Adventure?

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  • Let's compare and contrast the US and European Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild box art

  • Bander 13/01/2017

    I can relate to the European version Link.

    He's thinking 'nope, no way am I getting closer to the edge, the view is just fine from back here thank you, and I'm not letting go of this sword either'.

    Seriously though I do prefer the European one, just for being a lot less clichéd.
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  • Cancelled Halo Mega Bloks game revealed

  • Bander 09/01/2017

    I quite like the look of this! May even have bought it too. Reply 0
  • GeForce Now streaming coming to PC and Mac

  • Bander 06/01/2017

    This could work well for those times when you're visiting older relatives, who always have Virgin Media's fastest internet service for some reason but you couldn't bring your full gaming rig with you.

    In other words, this could have been useful a couple of weeks ago.

    Although if I couldn't go just a few days without playing a game that needs a GTX 1060, I should reconsider my priorities.
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  • Intel Kaby Lake: Core i5 7600K review

  • Bander 04/01/2017

    @harryisme Yes. Although on my first Windows PC the button simply wasn't internally connected. It was funny seeing some MS-DOS games running several times faster than they should have done. That's when I realised its purpose, but in my case (ho ho) it did nothing to fix that. Reply +6
  • Bander 04/01/2017

    'Enhanced Turbo' is part and parcel of XMP memory overclocking on all enthusiast boards these days.
    Can we have this as a button on the case though?

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  • Alien: Covenant is getting its own VR game

  • Bander 04/01/2017

    Having been lucky enough to play Alien: Isolation in VR at home (it involved a DK2 and some .ini file tweak I think), it's frustrating how close it is to being VR's killer app. Not just with how an already tense and scary game can be so much more so, but the attention to detail in the retro-future aesthetic, and the sense of scale (spaceships are certainly not for the claustrophobic) was amazing right from the start, before even considering the game's challenges. In these areas, playing on a flat rectangular screen is incomparable.

    It was just an incredible shame that the UI, and in particular the HUD (most of the HUD elements fell outside of the viewable area), were unfinished for VR, making it more or less unplayable once you had to do something other than wander around.

    If Alien: Isolation could be reshaped into something that didn't need the HUD elements, it would be worth the cost of the headset to play it.

    How was it decided by Sega or The Creative Assembly that it wasn't worth it? Was it just because the commercial headsets were too far away from being released?


    Speaking of VR headsets though, Eurogamer is doing that thing where they're ignoring the announcements of new headsets again.

    Lenovo’s New VR Headset Packs More Pixels at Lower Weight & Cost Than Rift and Vive

    NOLO VR Promises $99 Positional Tracking and SteamVR Gaming on Any Mobile VR Headset
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  • Watch: The games delayed into 2017

  • Bander 03/01/2017

    @plysovej_kaktus Maybe because Microsoft rarely announce anything as ridiculously far in advance as Sony do?

    Having said that though, Cuphead and Scalebound definitely count as games initially expected before 2017.
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2016

  • Bander 02/01/2017

    USGamer also went with Overwatch as their Game of the Year. Dragon Quest Builders was in their top three though, and that game didn't make Eurogamer's top fifty at all!

    USgamer's Best Games of 2016: Our Game of the Year
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  • Nintendo's wildest handheld is bowing out with style

  • Bander 30/12/2016

    Obituaries were already being filed for the Wii U soon after its release in 2012, so now that its days have properly been numbered by Nintendo with the Switch's impending release there's been little fanfare around its imminent demise.
    A review of the recently released Shantae: Half-Blood Hero would be nice though! It's multiformat and not necessarily cheapest on Wii U, but it looks and sounds great, with the graphics resembling the series' promotional artwork brought into motion.

    I only bought it last night, so can't say much about gameplay just yet, although nothing seems out of place apart from Shantae perhaps being able to withstand more hits at the start than usual.

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