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  • Behold Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 reimagined as an AR game for Hololens

  • Bander 22/06/2017

    While only a proof of concept, this looked more interesting than anything I heard about from E3!

    I'm amazed the HoloLens tracking system worked so well outdoors in a park, if it's not faked.
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  • One of the ugliest controllers ever is about to make a comeback

  • Bander 12/06/2017

    Is this going to have analogue face buttons like the original? Not many games used them, but some did and they ended up a bit compromised when made backwards compatible on 360. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch wired headset looks like a right faff

  • Bander 01/06/2017

    I'd forgotten about needing a smartphone for voice chat on Switch.

    The Dreamcast was able to handle voices in online games. Planet Ring was given away on the the cover of the official DC mag, but I think most of the others were import only, so there weren't many of them. But they worked, with just a crap microphone plugged into a controller, with a cheap console from 1998 and its 33Kbaud dial-up modem.
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  • Gothic metroidvania Blasphemous features some truly inspired pixel art

  • Bander 25/05/2017

    It's odd to be reminded of the Mega CD twice in one day, but this makes me think of the kind of game that the machine should have delivered but ultimately never did, with its memory and scaling abilities but still lacking colours. Reply 0
  • Teslagrad was most profitable on Wii U

  • Bander 25/05/2017

    Not surprising at all, this has happened before.

    Going back to the Sega Mega CD, despite the low sales of the machine itself, Game Arts and Core Design were able to do very well by targeting that machine when many wouldn't.
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  • Netflix's animated Castlevania series has a debut trailer

  • Bander 25/05/2017

    @MrBelmont First thing that came to my mind too.

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  • Searching for a video game hero

  • Bander 20/05/2017

    It strikes me as very strange indeed that anyone could have the expectation to find good role models in video games, It's an interactive medium, and if there is a hero, you are controlling that hero already.

    There's a lot of scope for games to include great rival characters, but I don't see these too often in the games I play.
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  • Sonic Forces will let you play as a custom Sonic character

  • Bander 17/05/2017

    @ChocNut Sonic Generations was one of the games that convinced me that I needed a gaming PC. I'm not especially bothered by resolutions, but 30fps on the 2D stages was just too weird. Reply +1
  • Jelly Deals roundup: Stardew Valley, Vanquish, Steam controllers and more

  • Bander 15/05/2017

    @Malek86 It's a shame Fantasia was played by so few people. I recall it being a pain to find when it was released also, as barely any retailers would stock it.

    I didn't know about the Xbox One version of Fantasia being less responsive. Did Eurogamer mention it in their review? Oh yeah, they didn't review it. The crap waggle controls in yet another Street Fighter 2 remake got a whole article though...
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  • Bander 15/05/2017

    @Malek86 I have to agree about Kinect 360. I accept that the majority didn't like it, and that a lot of its early games were crap to the extent that they probably shouldn't have been released. But I'm quite fond of new interfaces and have had a lot of fun with several Kinect games.

    It was a bit of a cock-up that MS got backwards compatibility running so late. If the Xbox One had launched with the ability to run some of the better 360 Kinect games, but perhaps with some degree of play area improvement, it might have created enough interest to have some developers make some Kinect 2.0 software. But there is no compatibility between Kinect versions anyway, and the array of devices and wires needed to keep Kinect 360 games available to play is a nuisance.

    Making Kinect 2.0 compulsory was still an error though, no doubt about that.
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  • Modders set out to make Half-Life 2 playable on Rift and Vive

  • Bander 13/05/2017

    The weirdest thing about Half Life 2 VR when I tried it was how the game froze when it needed to load data. It was like having the world suddenly stuck to my face, and I couldn't shake it off.

    Once again Eurogamer have ignored the Mixed Reality announcements from the Microsoft Build conference, which involved headsets that undercut even PSVR in price but easily surpass in functionality. Microsoft also said that they will talk more about Mixed Reality at E3. Headset for Scorpio confirmed?
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  • The Fifth Element and the best way of finding out about something

  • Bander 08/05/2017

    While I probably spent an hour or more online everyday back then, I don't think it occurred to me to use the internet for movie info until that Phantom Menace trailer. Everything I knew about Fifth Element probably came from Movies Games and Videos on ITV on Saturdays. And all I needed to know was that Luc Besson was making it and that bloke off of Eurotrash was doing the costumes.

    Also, as nobody else has said it yet, "MULTIPASS!"
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  • Story behind lost Sonic hoverboard game prototype unearthed

  • Bander 08/05/2017

    If I was Yuji Naka, I'd see the Sonic Extreme demo, realise straight away that Sonic on a hoverboard looks a bit daft because he can just get off it and run instead, and then go over to Smilebit and point out that the Jet Set Radio games were far better 3D platformers anyway and that they should make another one. Reply +1
  • Good games done slow

  • Bander 06/05/2017

    @Devox Shenmue was genius, but the reviews I saw always had to include some caveats, and some aspects of the game were mocked for years.

    Also, Alien Isolation in VR is indeed amazing, and distracting! It's an incredible shame this mode went unfinished.
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  • Bander 06/05/2017

    I was thinking about the first Shenmue earlier today, and realised that while much of Shenmue was criticised as being boring or pointless years ago, those same elements would probably he seen as genius by reviewers today, or at least be much better appreciated. Reply +2
  • Code Vein is a new "gruelling" action RPG from Bandai Namco

  • Bander 03/05/2017

    @Banacheck Nier (original and Automata) also has a lot of 3D bullet-hell gameplay, which is still rare in games whether it's an RPG or not! Reply 0
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is Nintendo's first UK chart topper in six years

  • Bander 02/05/2017

    Where were all these eager gamers in the Wii U days?

    The Wii U has been around for longer, has the Switch's best games (for now), was frequently available at a bargain price, came out with barely any of the controversial design faults, and has backwards compatibility with Wii discs, controllers and its online shop dating back to 2006.

    Well done Nintendo. I hope the Switch does well and quickly catches up to the competing consoles and handhelds. But the understanding of the Wii U must have been terrible for the Switch to be doing so much better as this stage.
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  • Night Trap is getting a 25th anniversary re-release for PS4 and Xbox One

  • Bander 26/04/2017

    Another barely interactive game known mainly from its Mega CD version has recently had a re-release too. Taito have ported Time Gal to iOS. Currently I think it's for the Japan App Store only though. And you could just watch the whole game on YouTube and miss out on nothing... Reply +2
  • Why are games so fascinated with cannibalism?

  • Bander 22/04/2017

    Not being a fan of horror games (the gore and shocks don't do anything for me and they look ugly), this 'fascination' completely passed me by. Reply +1
  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap review

  • Bander 19/04/2017

    @Gizmopop It is confusing, and it still is!

    Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991, Mega Drive) is not a remake of any Master System game. There is a Master System version of it, but this 8-bit version came out in 1993, after the 16-bit one, as a slightly downgraded port. It was still called Wonder Boy in Monster World on MS.

    Wonder Boy in Monster Land is an earlier game (1987 for the arcade version, 1988 on console), and part 1 in the Monster World series. Its name has indeed been messed about with a lot for the various ports and different regions! The Japanese Mark III version was called Super Wonder Boy: Monster World...

    So, if anyone is still reading, is The Dragon's Trap really Wonder Boy III, even though it came out after Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair? It's no wonder DotEmu ditched the number... Oh, I recall the title screen changes to say Monster World II if you put it in a Japanese region console.
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  • Bander 18/04/2017

    Somewhere in an alternate universe, Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap is mentioned in the same breath as Mega Man 2 and The Legend of Zelda as one of the great classics of the 8-bit console era.
    It did have that status, prior to the trend of only talking about North American and Japanese video games history.

    Anyway, does this remake feature the Charm Stones? So far I've not seen mention of them, or spotted them in any video or screenshot.

    Lizardcube seems to have gone out of their way to make this true to the original game, as well as add extra value in features like the hard mode. But I'm worried that the charm system went missing somewhere, which added a lot of extra depth to the use of animal forms and equipment.
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  • Looks like Mario Kart 8's controversial fire hopping has been nerfed on Switch

  • Bander 19/04/2017


    No wonder I did so terribly at MK8 playing online. I didn't know anything about fire hopping until now.
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  • Nier: Automata DLC adds Square Enix and Platinum Games presidents as bosses

  • Bander 18/04/2017


    Why is it this revealing outfit in Nier is acceptable but Metal Gears Quiet was not for a lot of the gaming world media?
    (I'm a fan of both outfits!)
    It probably went completely under the radar.

    Between the protagonist being an older dude in a JRPG, and nobody wanting to draw attention to how a game with poor review scores was getting such a fan following, the original Nier got very little coverage. Like Kaine's body really...
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  • There was a weird thing in last night's Japanese Nintendo Direct

  • Bander 13/04/2017

    VR, AR, 4K, HDR, go home. Nintendo's HD Rumble is the future! Reply +3
  • Older iPhone, iPad games now warn they'll soon become obsolete

  • Bander 11/04/2017

    @TekMerc it wasn't that much when most were 59p/69p, didn't eat up much storage and were good for very brief score attack play sessions.

    Between that compatibility breakage problem, apps bloating in size when the storage options are still a throwback to the last decade, and the onslaught of freemium nonsense, my app downloads have plummeted. I'm sure lots of games are being released that aren't bloated and crap, but they're buried under the marketing behemoths and lazy clones.
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  • Bander 11/04/2017

    My iPad 2 is stuck on iOS9 anyway. Hooray?

    About a third of my hundred or so iOS games had problems in the transition from iOS 3 to 4 (I was using a 3rd gen iPod Touch then), but there didn't seem to be any reporting on that problem, and certainly no warning from Apple.
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  • Vote on which games Double Fine makes next

  • Bander 08/04/2017

    @Jules1988 Indeed. April 4th to 7th is what is stated on the Humble Bundle page.

    Edit: voting did conclude yesterday. The winners are:

    I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
    Darwin's Dinner
    The Gods Must be Hungry
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  • BioWare apologises for Mass Effect: Andromeda's poor transgender representation

  • Bander 06/04/2017

    If I was Bioware, I would have said there there were loads of transgender characters in the game, and that Hainly Abrmas just so happened to be the one that was clumsy at introductions by Earth 2017 standards.

    Even then, in the real world, people giving very awkward first impressions of themselves is pretty frequent. I can think of three that I've encountered since Sunday.
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  • Zelda player builds flying contraption, glides across entire map

  • Bander 05/04/2017

    @spike6958 after I posted that, I figured Link needed one of those beer hats. Reply 0
  • Bander 05/04/2017

    How does Link ingest the elixirs if his arms are holding onto the glider!? Reply +10
  • Nier: Automata sells 1m copies in a month

  • Bander 05/04/2017

    @grassyknoll 200K is starting to sound viable now, especially if paired with a Scorpio boost and original Nier backwards compatibility if these things can be done. But it depends on what proportion of the sales were not Japanese, hence my original question.

    I have played the game. I pre-ordered the PC version, and don't own an Xbox One.

    I'd like Switch players to be able to play Nier: Automata also. The convenience of a portable would make pursuing all the different endings less daunting. The graphics would have to be dialled back of course, but the PC version on low settings and around 720p doesn't look too bad and should be matchable.

    Edit: Come to think of it though, I reckon it's unlikely Platinum will eagerly offer to make an XBox Automata after whatever happened to Scalebound. On the other hand, there are Xbox One owners who bought their consoles in anticipation of esoteric post-apocalyptic Japanese games like Crimson Dragon, Scalebound and Phantom Dust.
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  • Bander 05/04/2017


    There is no future for small / mid tier Japanese games on Xbox One and they're never coming.
    But I think I heard something about Nier: Automata hitting 1 million copies sold in just one month.

    That means it certainly isn't a small or mid tier Japanese game.

    Now if only I could remember where I read this 1 million sales story.
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  • Bander 05/04/2017

    How many of those sales were outside Japan?

    I ask because there is no Sony console exclusivity deal on Nier: Automata, and the developers have said the game will probably be ported to Xbox also if it sells well elsewhere.
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  • Persona 5 review

  • Bander 30/03/2017

    Also, could people please stop listing Nier: Automata as a PS4 exclusive?
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  • How to triple your Switch battery life for under Ł20

  • Bander 25/03/2017

    A couple of things about the Lumsing.

    I'm surprised that it didn't come with a regular USB to USB-C cable. Mine did.

    [edit: just checked the box, it comes with USB-C to regular and MicroUSB to regular cables as standard. Mine came with two USB-C cables though, as well as the MicroUSB one. Maybe they gave me Digital Foundry's one by accident]

    Also, you can recharge the Lumsing twice as quickly it you connect both its input ports to power at the same time. The description here doesn't mention the second input at all.
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  • Wonder Boy 3 remake introduces new playable lead: Wonder Girl

  • Bander 24/03/2017


    Does being female change dialog options? Because, whether anyone likes it or not, people of both genders treat men and women differently.
    I don't care much if there's a change or not. I've played the original to death and so know just how little time is spent in human form in this game.

    Additionally the original game has almost no dialogue at all. There's some opening and ending blurb, item names and that's it. As the other three Monster World games had quite a bit of chatter, I always thought that Wonder Boy lost the ability to speak after being cursed. My imagination as a child was probably filling in an unintentional blank there.

    Still, adding to what you said, the game did have a charisma system that determined whether a shopkeeper would sell an item to you or not. To do something different but fair with it involving Wonder Girl would mean having shopkeepers other than just the smoking pig though!
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  • Bander 23/03/2017

    @Malek86 There's already the animal forms with their different abilities, everything is tightly woven around those. Still, there could be some surprises in store after completion.

    I am now wondering what's happening with the charm stones in this game though. I recall reading something about the charm system being changed, but it was ages ago, long before the announcement of being able to use Master System passwords which implied that everything was to stay the same.
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  • Bander 23/03/2017


    For all of the two minutes or so at the start of the game before the curse!

    Edit: This game is coming to PC also, but its release date isn't announced yet.

    Another edit: This goes into a bit more detail, such as explaining why they didn't use Asha for the female role (I needed to see a reason for this because Asha is awesome):
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  • Bloodstained announced for Switch, cancelled for Wii U

  • Bander 22/03/2017

    When the Kickstarter was started, The Wii U still had Xenoblade Chronicles X and a Zelda to look forward to, Splatoon was all new, and Super Smash Bros was still fairly fresh. All would be fine if the game was ready for release before now.

    But why does Bloodstained need so much time to be made anyway? 2D platform games used to take less than one year to make, on a much smaller budget and with weaker development tools. I could understand if the game is a labour of love between a handful of part-timers, but then where does the $5 million go?
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  • Mana series slated for Switch in Japan

  • Bander 22/03/2017

    I've love to have these on Switch, although I haven't bought the console yet.

    From the trailer it looks like it's the Super Famicom version of Seiken Densetsu 2 though, and not the redrawn version released on iOS a few years ago, which did look better without sacrificing the pixel art charm (quite a feat considering how so many attempts to do this look horrid). I'd rather play the remake with Switch controls than the original.

    This video make the iOS side look fuzzier than it should, but it illustrates that it was different.
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  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night turns 20 today

  • Bander 21/03/2017

    My experience of Symphony of the Night on Saturn was a bit of a disaster. Not because of the reason usually brought up about the Saturn version being a sloppy port (it was though, and compared to some of the Saturn's 2D exclusives, the PlayStation original wasn't visually doing anything very special in the first place), but because of the extra playable character, Maria.

    When picking a character for my first ever play of the game, I went with Maria. Without any help I managed to beat the game in about an hour or two. And that's it. I think Maria had some kind of super high jump ability that let her get around relatively easily. But I ended up thinking the game was very short, unchallenging, and massively overhyped, and I couldn't be bothered with it again after that. Oops.
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  • Wii emulator so accurate you can buy games from the Wii Shop Channel

  • Bander 18/03/2017

    I'm curious as to why there are so many articles on Eurogamer about how to access Nintendo IPs in ways Nintendo never intended, while so much of GDC a couple of weeks ago got ignored. Reply +6
  • Unreleased Dreamcast racer found on devkit, now playable

  • Bander 15/03/2017

    I've not heard of this game before, but it looks like a spiritual sequel to Zyrinx's Scorcher on Saturn and PC. Reply +1
  • I am Setsuna on Switch is a visual match for PS4

  • Bander 13/03/2017

    As a turn-based old-school-inspired JRPG, I'm stunned that anyone even bothered to check the resolution and frame rate.

    I think Grandia ran at 20fps most of the time, but for many it is still one of the best JRPGs ever.
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  • This is the new PS VR Aim controller, out in May

  • Bander 09/03/2017

    @Mr_Writer85 about stuff coming to Xbox, it looks like the announcement of UWP games coming to Xbox One was something that was ignored also. Reply 0
  • Bander 09/03/2017

    @Mr_Writer85 That's a bit like saying an Amiga wasn't for people looking to play games! Reply +1
  • Bander 09/03/2017

    Best timing for a spambot:

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  • Bander 09/03/2017

    Meanwhile a $299 VR headset with HoloLens-based inside-out tracking is announced for a spring release and is ignored. Reply -1
  • Nier: Automata review

  • Bander 07/03/2017

    All I needed to know was whether Nier: Automata is as good as Nier or better.

    Well, that and the PC release date and minimum specs as I don't have a PS4. Those are a bit of a concern. A GTX 770 is a lot more powerful than the PS4's GPU isn't it? I understand that Automata runs at 60fps on PS4 but otherwise it doesn't look very demanding.

    As for the game not being on Xbox, there is no deal with Sony here at all. The developers just looked at the Xbox One's Japanese sales figures and decided it wasn't worth bothering, which isn't surprising after how Square Enix handled Drakengard 3. If Automata sells well outside Japan, there is nothing to stop a port to Xbox One. It'll be very late, but could work out if the first Nier is made backwards compatible, or if the effort is combined with making a Switch version.
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  • How things end

  • Bander 06/03/2017

    For me, comparing new games too old, something that has been fading away is a sense of progression. It became very difficult to know how much game is left to play through. Am I at the halfway point? A third? near the end? I quite liked knowing this. If I've cleared say, one of seven levels during one evening session, I like to know that I've done a seventh of the game. But normally with a game session now I rarely know if I've seen a lot of it or barely made a dent in it.

    High scores are a form of knowing how a player is progressing also, even if the game is set to never conclude if the player is skilled enough. This works far better with short games than long ones though, and if the game is simple enough for the scoring system to be understood.
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