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  • Gamertags to expire after five years of inactivity

  • Bander 26/07/2016

    I'm sure those who don't plan on getting a new Microsoft console any time soon can still sign in via the phone/tablet/PC Xbox Live app or even just by going to Reply +1
  • Sega announces two new Sonic games

  • Bander 23/07/2016

    ethe game is being made by Sonic Team, which, well, what on earth else would it make?
    An English version of Phantasy Star Online 2 that's not locked to Asia?
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  • Is this the best cheap phone for Pokémon Go?

  • Bander 23/07/2016

    Bluetooth support should be an important requirement as well if you're taking Pokémon Go this seriously. There are a lot of phones and tablets that the game can be installed on, but cannot work with the Plus peripheral.

    Daft thing is, everything needed for this sort of AR experience has been a feature of every phone I've owned since 2007 when I bought a Nokia N95. Nokia Live View, released in 2011, demonstrably did everything Pokėmon Go does on 600 MHz single core ARM 11 processors with 256MB of RAM.

    Windows Phone users, Monster Busters: World Invasion came out in 2014 for your GPS augmented reality critter hunting collecting and fighting needs. It probably won't last you as long as Pokémon Go because there are fewer monsters and no gyms around, but there are some things it does better like battles despite being the older game.
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  • Square Enix is making the world's first Apple Watch-exclusive RPG

  • Bander 21/07/2016

    At last, ideas pioneered by the Dreamcast Visual Memory are coming back! There were some cool little dungeon crawlers on that.

    Except let's be honest, after a couple of months we all gave up on the battery replacing and used 4Mbit memory cards with no screen instead...
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  • Life is Strange episode one free to download from tomorrow

  • Bander 21/07/2016

    I liked Life is Strange. Bit surprised to see that there's now something of a backlash against it. I don't think anyone's expectations were too high for Life is Strange originally, so it generally exceeded them, but perhaps the praise eventually got to be a bit much.

    Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey was the better game though! There's much more to it, and the dialogue is not only more believable (not difficult), but often brilliant. Life is Strange's press coverage completely overshadowed it though. Perhaps because Square Enix was the publisher?

    This doesn't make Life is Strange bad, or a poor investment of time or money at all. If you like one you should try the other, either way around. But Life is Strange getting a ton of awards when there was a better game out there at the same time was, well, strange.
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  • 3000 McDonald's to become sponsored Pokémon Go gyms - in Japan

  • Bander 20/07/2016

    @PrimalxConvoy on the rise is no surprise, it's still nowhere near UK and US levels. Also I noticed the article seems to think Asians suffer more from being overweight, so they shifted the BMI goalpost. Where's the Western equivalent of sumo then if we're apparently healthier at being fat? Reply 0
  • Bander 19/07/2016

    @arcam Thanks, you've made me sad now. Reply 0
  • Bander 19/07/2016

    @arcam Because here, with so many news outlets looking to find things wrong with Pokémon Go, everyone involved would face a huge public backlash.

    Of course it's not any different morally to McDonalds having Happy Meals, but those were introduced at a time when people weren't anywhere near as obsessed with controlling the tiniest details of what children get up to.
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  • Bander 19/07/2016

    @Lexxuk Absolutely. Obesity is not a problem where this promotion is taking place, and there's practically no chance of there being similar deals in the UK or US. Reply 0
  • Song of the Deep review

  • Bander 13/07/2016

    @AkumaG I read more detailed articles about the study at the time the results were published. Enough to know that it is specifically about affecting the psyche of consumers, no more or less, addressing your concern in the comment that I quoted.

    That Kotaku have criticised it for not being about something else entirely, and that the researchers are happy to confirm that it wasn't about something else entirely, is not a surprise.

    I do think further studies in games are needed though, because as you say there don't appear to have been many worth mentioning. If VR takes off in a big way, along with AI getting better, gaming will become even more involving and it's important to have some advance idea of how that may pan out in the future.

    Until such studies are done though, the results found from seemingly similar studies into other media should not be lazily applied. Passive media produces role models for better and for worse, showing behaviours between people that are intended to be realistic. Children and impressionable people do pick up on this. Marketing is dependant on it. Anyway, you know this. With interactive media though, the player is the demon slayer, race driver, space marine, town planner, detective, kickboxer etc.. Participants are doing things without being told they can't, and if the game is any good they shouldn't be distracted by the appearance of their avatar, if it's even visible at all. Passive media is incomparable.
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  • Bander 13/07/2016


    Please read some studies, like actual scientific studies, on how representation in media affects the psyche of consumers of that media, particularly in children or vulnerable or impressionable people. What your gut is telling you is wrong. It does affect people.
    New Study Finds No Link Between Gaming And Sexist Attitudes
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  • Watch: Aoife swats some Locusts for the first time in Gears of War

  • Bander 08/07/2016


    Sounds like the story* didn't get spoiled for Aoife at all then.

    *not that it would take more than about two sentences to cover it all
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  • Dirt Rally gets official Oculus Rift support next week

  • Bander 07/07/2016

    Dirt Rally was said to work with an Oculus Rift DK2 from launch, or near launch anyway, on early access. Did anyone try that? Reply 0
  • Introducing Bum Rush: an eight-player car combat dating sim racing game

  • Bander 07/07/2016

    For one: the cast of both playable characters and dates run the gamut between gender, race and sexual orientation
    College kids do share small living quarters with several other people, young people are really horny, and it's quite natural to harbour feelings of bitterness when you're single but most of your peers have dates.
    Can't help but think that those who are hung up about gender and identity politics have sex on the mind a lot more than others in the first place. Uni was not like this for me and I haven't heard of anyone I know making higher education out to be like this either.
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  • Does VA-11 HALL-A capture the joy of a menial job well done?

  • Bander 06/07/2016

    Love the look of this. Reminds me of cyberpunk Mega CD games like Cobra, Rise of the Dragon, Shadowrun and of course Snatcher.

    I've tried Bar Oasis, which similarly is a visual novel with cocktail making gameplay, and haven't been able to get into it. Its drinks are based on real cocktails, so learning things that can be applied to the real world was an educational bonus that VA-11 HALL-A appears to be missing. But my problem with Bar Oasis' drinks mixing is that it's always done to a time limit, and I am not in a mood to be rushed when playing a more passive type of game like a graphic adventure.

    Hopefully this genre will continue to be refined. A VR bartending game could be fun, using hand controls. But it'll need a lot of work to avoid feeling like work!
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  • Nintendo is looking into making smartphone controllers

  • Bander 06/07/2016

    Something as straightforward as a Wii U Gamepad with a smartphone shaped slot could work pretty well at home, although it wouldn't be pocket sized. Such things exist, but so far are not much use for anything other than games streamed from a PC, ports of classic games or emulators.

    To fully reproduce the controls of DS/Wii U games though, the phones would need to work well with a precise stylus. While the games and tech media world were confident that capacitive touchscreens were essential for smartphone gaming, they were a step in the wrong direction. Bayonetta 2 is the proof of this. It's one of the best and most demanding action games out there, yet it works on a resistive touchscreen, done by developers that had made no phone games and weren't even obligated to try. No phone game can compare to it, or is even close.
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  • Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked?

  • Bander 06/07/2016

    @Foolish_Monkey My fingers remain crossed that ancient Egypt will get a good game or movie sooner rather than later.

    However, your examples still illustrate my concern. The new God of War did eventually ditch Egypt after all. The Mummy franchise is just about old enough to have evaded backlash from social media and click-bait websites. I haven't seen any X-Men movies for a long time so I wasn't aware of there being a connection to Egypt, but it only took a search for 'X Men Egypt' to find a Polygon reviewer 'triggered' by it in the top results, bringing up the Gods of Egypt movie which certainly did catch a lot of flak for its racial casting decisions, as did Exodus.

    Risk averse publishers certainly don't help though. Not sure if this is new news as I only heard about it this morning, but Call of Duty was due to get a Roman spin-off around 2013 which was unfortunately canned by Activision.
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  • Bander 05/07/2016

    @kongzi I would love to see ancient Egypt realised as a well researched game on modern gaming hardware. Sphinxs (no idea how to make that a plural), pyramids and mummies have appeared in countless action games for their desert stages. But so much more could be done. I'd very much like to see a game based on the Book of the Dead.

    However, with so many people now on the look out to complain about the identities of characters in games, I doubt any publisher or developer of AAA games will touch ancient Egypt with a barge pole if it's to feature mortal humans. Just as nobody can fully agree on what the rules of Senet were, we just don't know how ancient Egyptians looked. There is no certainty about their racial appearance that the majority of scholars agree on.
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  • Sega doubles down on PC strategy, snaps up Endless Space creator

  • Bander 05/07/2016

    What a world we live in! Sega, once known for its consoles, now solidifies its position as a publisher of hardcore PC strategy games. Quite the Paradox, ey?
    Even more strange if you remember how Sega were once known first and foremost for arcade games.

    Is Endless Space any relation to Infinite Space?

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  • Here's a blast from my Amiga past

  • Bander 29/06/2016

    I remember the publisher Hewson from back in the days of cheap computers dominating the home video games market. But despite having an Amiga I don't recall 21st Century Entertainment! Reply +3
  • Woman awarded $10k after suing Microsoft for sneaky Windows 10 upgrade

  • Bander 28/06/2016

    Is this automatic upgrade going to stop in late July? Windows 10 is only supposed to be a free upgrade for a year, so what happens after that? Reply -2
  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • Bander 18/06/2016

    Games need more realistic animation more than they need higher rates of pixel throughout. But animation can't be marketed as easily as 4K.

    The power of Neo and Scorpio will benefit VR though, as frame rates are critical here. It isn't just 4K TV adopters who will be interested in them.
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  • Nintendo confirms there is no female Link in Breath of the Wild

  • Bander 15/06/2016

    @ubergine I've said a dual gender option wouldn't bother me. I was just answering your earlier question because you had no awareness of games like Zelda that let you play as females, yet you appear to be in the market for some.

    That you've dismissed them all for not being equivalent to Zelda enough is your loss. Regardless of main character gender, what games are? Are they on the game store shelves now?
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  • Bander 15/06/2016

    @ubergine Shantae is from this century and ongoing across several formats. Nothing stopping you picking one up. Maybe doing so will encourage more games with female protagonists! Crazy idea I know.

    Kameo is obviously from this century, and as it stands the game is graphically and technically more ambitious than any Zelda until Breath of the Wild comes out. Eurogamer didn't rate it highly but then Tom Bramwell did say he was sexist...

    Monster World IV is a superb game and part of a beloved franchise that has two releases upcoming. I'm sure it's still available to buy digitally.

    Lady Stalker, okay skip this one, it wasn't great, and was Japan-only I think. The franchise included Land Stalker though, which I preferred over any Zelda game out at the time, even Link to the Past.

    Magic Knight Rayearth you won't find easily, as being one of the most beautiful and best presented 'pixel-art' games of all time has made it very expensive. It has three female leads too!

    Popful Mail was much greater in scope than Legend of Zelda when it came out (easily done, most of the Japanese home computer games in the genre were), and got released on two computers and three consoles as far as I recall, changing substantially each time. I was mistaken about it not having a male option though, you can play as one later on, as well as a floating blob thing for even more diversity.

    These are all easily comparable to Zeldas in scope, budget and quality in their day, except maybe Shantae which has been mostly a handheld series. The brands haven't done as well, but it certainly wasn't me who was being weird over the protagonists' non-existent genitalia and not acknowledging them.

    I wouldn't be bothered by a sex choice at all in any new Zelda game. But if it was up to me, there would have to be some gameplay reason to introduce any other playable character, like there is in Popful Mail and Rayearth, otherwise there's no point. Link can be a hedgehog or a fart cloud, I don't expect to identify as him/her/whatever regardless.
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  • Bander 15/06/2016

    @ubergine In the genre of puzzle-filled action adventure games with family friendly fantasy scenarios, Shantae, Kameo, Monster World IV, Lady Stalker, Magic Knight Rayearth and Popful Mail all come to mind straight away. None of them have a male lead option. Reply 0
  • Here's 14 minutes of Dead Rising 4 gameplay

  • Bander 14/06/2016

    The gameplay also shows off the new selfie mechanic. Here, you can pull faces before taking a snap. I try to do this in dramatic fashion at the end of the demo, stunning zombies in place before whipping my phone out for the perfect selfie. But I failed at the last. Bah!
    This could have been Kinect's killer USP right there, in game selfies! Ah well.
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  • The E3 bulletin: Tuesday

  • Bander 14/06/2016

    @shehzaanshazabdulla I got tired of the 'chatties' also. It's a trend that has been growing for a long time, but it seems almost non-stop in some games now, even if the main character can clearly take care of themselves. Even Titanfall has the bloody mechs talking now.

    Re-code was a game I've been looking forward to that avoided this in its trailer at least. And that ballerina platformer thing.
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  • Sony announces odd-looking PS VR Aim Controller that looks like it belongs to Tracer

  • Bander 14/06/2016

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  • Ubisoft is making a Star Trek VR game

  • Bander 13/06/2016

    @alexatkin The Okudagrams would look great on the AMOLED screens of VR headsets. Better still, you could probably use tablets as controllers if they did that.

    Bit of a missed opportunity, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't Ubisoft's decision to make.
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  • ReCore gets release date, trailer and is Cross-Buy on PC and Xbox One

  • Bander 13/06/2016

    I like the look of this a lot. Hopefully it'll play as solidly as it appears to here.

    Is nobody else all that bothered?

    It might help if there was some indication to say if the game is linear or more open.
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  • The E3 bulletin: Monday

  • Bander 13/06/2016

    @Baban_Iesu Hopefully the single player mode doesn't need an internet connection. Reply +1
  • Bander 13/06/2016

    Titanfall 2 just went from day-one-purchase to a game I'll probably pick up a few months after launch.

    It's using EA's servers instead of Microsoft's...
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  • Here's the Titanfall 2 single-player and multiplayer gameplay trailer

  • Bander 13/06/2016

    The game is using EA's servers instead of the Microsoft Azure servers.

    No wonder there will be 'modes without AI'. Is that supposed to be a good thing? Expect it all to be broken for a while after release anyway.
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  • Apple to allow subscription-based games this autumn

  • Bander 09/06/2016

    The N-Gage service had rental and demo options for all games. Over eight years ago.

    But, you know, Apple had nothing to do with it, so it sucked.
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  • Mirror's Edge proved that the best magic is based on limitations

  • Bander 05/06/2016

    A lot of gamers want a clear sense of progression from their games. Linear games can do that easily. Open world ones, not so much, aside from having some sort of levelling up system and story cutscenes (again, linear). Open world games are often called sand boxes, and just like sand boxes they resemble toys rather than games.

    A lot of Mirror's Edge players wanted an open world version of the game though, before even the first one came out. Reviewers largely didn't state such a thing, and just took points off the game for not ticking the multiplayer/story/long-campaign tick-boxes as was typical around that time. But for every player that became a big fan of Mirror's Edge, there was someone complaining that it should have been open world (also that it needed guns, more story etc.), so word of mouth didn't help the game much.
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  • Mighty No. 9's new trailer isn't going down well

  • Bander 26/05/2016

    Marketing people know that crap adverts and crap trailers will go viral because of the complaints. Stop falling for it!

    Gamers that know what they want never needed a new trailer for Mighty No. 9. Especially as it was a Kickstarter. Many of have them have already paid after all.

    This is about making everyone else aware of it. Many people won't care for it at all. But outside of the world of gaming news sites and forums lies the majority of buyers who are a lot less discerning.

    They probably think Big Bang Theory is good also.
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  • Mirror's Edge TV show is in the works

  • Bander 25/05/2016

    Surely an adaption of Mirror's Edge should be like an epic version of Total Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle?

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  • Former Valve employee is suing the company for $3.1m

  • Bander 25/05/2016

    Sounds like Torsten Zabka is something of a git of the highest order.

    Still, if all it takes is a work contract error and some inconsiderate words questioning gender to get millions of dollars, I guess I've missed a trick and should have been swimming in 'damages' as a result of my first year of employment.

    I've never been fortunate enough to have an employer that lets me work from home in California though. I'm sure it would be far easier to find the right lawyers if I did.
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  • Expired Xbox Live Gamertags to become available again on Wednesday

  • Bander 17/05/2016

    Interesting. I lost my original Xbox Gamertag because making a new one just seemed a lot easier when I got bought a 360. I had a modded imported Xbox, and accidentally left its mod switch on while playing Halo 2 online, which got me banned. Silly mistake as the game was all-region anyway. Reply 0
  • Sony E3 2016 press conference time, date detailed

  • Bander 17/05/2016

    I look forward to Sony 'winning' E3 once again with exciting new announcements of games that won't be coming out until 2018*.

    *if we're very very lucky and they don't get shifted to PS5 or cancelled
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  • Xbox One back compatibility now supports multi-disc Xbox 360 games

  • Bander 16/05/2016

    Great news! Especially as it's not uncommon for one disc out of several to get damaged and make a multi-disc game impossible to play to completion. Downloading the games as a requirement should fix that. Reply +1
  • LG G5 review

  • Bander 16/05/2016

    @Zerobob Why is that an important thing? Looks? Practicality?

    I'll take the camera bump every time if it means the camera is better for it and everything else is equal.
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  • Face-Off: Forza Motorsport 6 Apex on PC

  • Bander 14/05/2016

    @Bagpuss Is there a meaningful difference? Details looks about the same, geometry looks about the same, they could be from the same game!

    If it wasn't for the banners saying 'Project Cars', I wouldn't be able to tell which image is which in your first comparison post.
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  • The first fandom

  • Bander 14/05/2016

    Robin Hood? King Arthur? Santa Claus? Dragons? Reply 0
  • Project Spark is dead - Long live Project Spark

  • Bander 14/05/2016

    It's strange how something like Minecraft can be so incredibly successful even in its early state, yet Project Spark had to be free to have people use it at all. A thought that occurred to me around the time of Kodu Labs on Xbox 360 also. Reply -3
  • Windows 10 will cost $119 after July

  • Bander 06/05/2016

    I much preferred Windows 8 to 10. 8 was a lot faster, although 10 is a bit quicker than 7 at least. Plus the Start Screen was great after taking a little while to getting used to customising it. Going back to a Start Menu has been rather horrible as it's just not as quick a UI for either desktop or tablet use. 10's tablet mode is pants, and not even slightly representative of how Windows 8 was for anyone that skipped it and was wondering. Along with OneDrive not working as well as it did, it's strange how so many of the good things about Windows 8 were not just hidden for stubborn moaners that don't like change, but were ripped out completely with no installable fix. Reply +2
  • In Theory: Will future consoles share identical tech specs?

  • Bander 03/05/2016

    Given that some of the best looking recent games likes MGS5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider still run on ten year old machines, consoles may as well be running on the same graphics hardware already. A more noticeable visual difference can be achieved by changing the television or monitor!

    In effect, unless Microsoft sinks a vast amount of money into a fully custom AMD design, or reverts to CPU and GPU cores from different manufacturers (highly unlikely), the best it can do is to produce a machine with a similar hardware spec to the Neo, or else sit back and wait a couple of years for more advanced hardware to come along. This does not seem likely.
    From HoloLens dev kit teardown reports, Microsoft appear to have designed a new GPU (and 'HPU') that drives greater than 1080p displays within a portable device. Maybe this tech will never transfer to Xbox, but it's demonstrably within their ability to create something new without waiting.
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  • Watch: Video game helicopters are good for precisely two things

  • Bander 02/05/2016

    Thunder Blade, Air Rescue, Cyclone, Silkworm, SWIV... Reply +2
  • Chronos VR: a single-player game that makes you feel like you're two people

  • Bander 29/04/2016

    I loved Chronos! One of the first computer games I owned.

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  • In praise of Gears of War's horrible shotgun

  • Bander 28/04/2016

    @superfurry Initially I loved Gears of War's multiplayer because everyone became a newbie. Skills learned from Quake, Halo and Unreal Tournament were almost completely useless, and I honestly felt Gears was a bit more intuitive considering how unlikely it is that anyone would be able to aim well while running, or moving sideways or backwards. For a while I was doing a lot better in Gears than I had done in other FPSs, before or since.

    That was then though. There are now gamers very used to Gears, while those who have prioritised Call of Duty or any other FPS franchise are rather screwed unless they only play against other newbies.
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