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  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • Bander 22/12/2014

    Looks like a hot day, fixing vehicles can be hot work, the denim is practical, her hair being just about short enough to not needing tying back if she wears a cap is practical, the jacket looks fairly hard-wearing, and she actually has a legit reason to wear an obligatory FF belt to hold her tools.

    The only problem I see is the heels. That, and the sliding out from under a car on her debut is a bit of a mechanic cliché.
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  • Visual novel Steins;Gate is getting an English PS3 and Vita release

  • Bander 16/12/2014

    I recall playing the demo of this on Xbox 360 years ago. It seemed to be quite a big deal at the time, enough so to spawn several spin-offs and an anime series.

    How come the original never got a translation, yet the ports over to other machines do?

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  • Hasbro and Jagex's Transformers Universe to close down next month

  • Bander 16/12/2014

    The Matrix has been passed to a new leader, Ultra Micropayments.

    Offer expires while you wait. Operators are standing by.
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  • Microsoft's game streaming tech codenamed Arcadia, new report claims

  • Bander 16/12/2014

    @StooMonster DeLorean/Outatime does reduce the lag problem, by sending several predicted frames at once in advance of players moving. It does require more powerful server-side renderers and higher bandwidth to work though. Reply 0
  • Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign launches on Steam Early Access

  • Bander 12/12/2014

    Why the early access? If it's based on an existing game, and there's been a couple of decades playing it so generally people know what they want from it, what is there left to tweak from user feedback that can't be done with a handful of paid and experienced testers, probably in less time?

    I'm looking forward to this, but don't wish to spoil the experience for myself or risk becoming tired of it before it's even finished.
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  • Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

  • Bander 10/12/2014


    How about a Dinosaur? Or a Panda? Or a Kangaroo?
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  • Tekken 7's latest new character is a breakdancing catgirl

  • Bander 08/12/2014

    As wacky as the new additions to games like Tekken appear to be, they still seem a bit half-arsed and uninspired compared to pretty much anyone in Fighting Vipers, nineteen years ago. Reply +2
  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • Bander 08/12/2014


    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! sorry...

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  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • Bander 05/12/2014

    @grassyknoll "especially when SF is tied so closely to Playstation."

    Said no-one with the Saturn or Dreamcast versions of any SF games ever.
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  • Sir Clive Sinclair crowdfunding new ZX Spectrum computer

  • Bander 02/12/2014

    There are several things that could make good use of the ZX Spectrum legacy. An iPad case that looks like a 48K Speccy and slides open to work as a keyboard (albeit a crap rubbery one). Or a desktop keyboard for PCs that looks like a grey +2. Or a tape unit that can load real games, but also have the ability to save them or go online to grab the ROMs to speed up loading times and avoid loading errors, so the nostalgically inclined can dig out their Speccy collections from storage and have them on a shelf in the living room. If the latter can deal with tapes for the C64 and other computers too, even better.

    The Vega however, is just a bit stupid. For the price, it should not only have all the buttons, but also its own display built in. Even then, Android and Windows tablets are available for less.

    Can't Clive Sinclair do something more useful, like resurrect the C5? As rubbish as it was, it was still pretty amazing that he got an electric vehicle out there for just £400, and I wouldn't mind looking like a prat in a plastic buggy if it meant not having to use London public transport ever again.

    Something like this would do nicely:

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  • I am Bread rises on Steam Early Access this week

  • Bander 02/12/2014

    Early access? Seems more like an experiment that has already ran its course, and is now just being thrown onto Steam to try and make money out of it. Reply +1
  • Infinity Blade coming to Xbox One in China - report

  • Bander 25/11/2014

    I'm surprised there haven't been a lot more ports from touchscreen to Kinect, or LeapMotion. Fruit Ninja Kinect worked superbly, better than most Kinect exclusives. Reply +9
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric review

  • Bander 24/11/2014

    @andrewsqual How the hell did a shite video like that get over two million views? Sonic Team didn't even make Sonic R.

    @iceytoa1 If you mean Traveller's Tales, who made the LEGO games, they made Sonic R and Sonic 3D: Flicky's Island.
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  • Valve tightens Steam Early Access rules for developers

  • Bander 21/11/2014

    If you are trying to test out a concept and haven't yet figured out what players are going to do in your game that makes it fun, then it's probably too early.
    Early Access is intended as a place where customers can have impact on the game.
    Good to have that completely cleared up.
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  • Man builds £3K Elite: Dangerous cockpit

  • Bander 20/11/2014

    A lot of people's first reaction to playing Elite on an Oculus Rift DK2 is not being amazed at being able to look around, but being amazed at seeing the contrast of stars and space on a display with infinite contrast for the first time.

    ...a few minutes later the lenses fog up and the effect goes out the window. But projector screens still seem a bit lousy for this unless you're okay with space being a mid-grey.
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  • Never Alone review

  • Bander 20/11/2014

    I was excited by this upon early previews but admittedly had completely forgotten about it.

    Bit of an odd review though. I'm sure it will mean a lot to others who have played it, but to anyone who's missed the little previous coverage of Never Alone, it just sounds like a platformer that lasts two hours and can get a bit tricky later on. It's not even clear what the fox does, but looking at it I can imagine that it attacks armed enemy soldiers like the white dog in Shadow Dancer. Are there enemies? Not a clue!
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  • Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack One review

  • Bander 14/11/2014

    @chubster2010 Reply +3
  • Bander 14/11/2014

    If this DLC was a standalone game, eight tracks only, at 7 quid it would still be great value given how good the tracks are.
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  • Oliver Twins return with SkySaga: Infinite Isles

  • Bander 12/11/2014


    Is it called this to try and get BSkyB and King to sue them simultaneously, hopefully causing enough confusion and hilarity to make everyone involved be consumed forever up each other's arses?
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  • Nintendo shows off another two waves of Amiibo toys

  • Bander 11/11/2014

    I wasn't aware that they were writable in the first place! Typically NFC alone doesn't transfer or store much more than a few bytes. Not megabytes or kilobytes. Bytes, enough for a fairly long user name and password, or a URL, but that's about it.

    Potentially they could get around this by having an Amiibo link to cloud save data, but I wouldn't have expected a figurine with NFC to replace a memory card any time soon.

    Additional: To store more data, the Amiibos would have to also include Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, along with a battery to power it and a data storage chip. Multiply those costs across a set of figurines that should be affordable for kids or as gifts and I think people's expectations are a bit high!
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  • Blizzard details Overwatch, its upcoming competitive first-person shooter

  • Bander 08/11/2014

    Conceptually it looks extremely similar to Gearbox's Battleborn. They could probably share the same written descriptions, with a few name changes.

    Alas, as much as Blizzard throwing a load of clichés at a game will no doubt be immensly popular, I'm more inclined to try something different like Splatoon, or even Titanfall.
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  • After Burner 2, Fantasy Zone, OutRun and more remastered for Nintendo 3DS

  • Bander 04/11/2014

    @number1024 I know the 1080p thing is a joke, but Galaxy Force II on PS2 did benefit from a boost to resolution, as it brought out the details of sprites in the distance, which were previously a bit of a sparkly mess. However it did make the pop-up behind them a bit more apparent.

    Agreed about CRTs still being better though. I'd actually love to see '80s arcade games ported to Oculus Rift, as the current AMOLED pentile low-persistence display reminds me of CRTs a great deal. That, and regardless of the resolution of the sprites, I've rather see them large than taking up a tiny fraction of a tiny pocket-sized screen.
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  • Bander 04/11/2014

    Might be worth mentioning that 3D Fantasy Zone 2 is going to be a 3D version of the version of Fantasy Zone 2 released for the Japanese PlayStation 2 about six years ago, that was made as if it was a System 16 arcade game, which the real Fantasy Zone 2 never was as it was primarily a Mark III/Master System home title. So most gamers wouldn't have seen it before. But it is very good.

    This game makes me wonder why so many 'retro pixel-art' games look utterly pants, when here's a game deliberately constrained as if to run on obsolete hardware that visually works so well.
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  • Facebook eyes 100m Oculus Rift sales

  • Bander 30/10/2014

    So when I'm talking about that as a 10-year thing, its building the first set of devices

    CV1 not releasing in 2015 - confirmed.
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  • Nintendo earnings improve, but Wii U and 3DS sales still slow

  • Bander 29/10/2014

    While the software catalogue makes me happy to have a Wii U, Nintendo aren't helping themselves as far as the hardware sales go.

    With the New 3DS, a great feature to add would have been to make it work as a Wii U Gamepad. Then a cheaper version of the Wii U could be make available without the Gamepad, making it a great value proposition for handheld gamers, particularly the Japanese market and the many Monster Hunter/Smash Bros./Pokémon etc. faithful that still can't currently justify the cost of the home hardware. It would add the convenience of having one less device to recharge, and enable New 3DS gamers to play games like Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World and Bayonetta. But the New 3DS is finalised as it is out already in Japan, so there's not likely to be any new Nintendo handheld with home console integration for quite a while. It could have been done with the 2DS as well come to think of it, for an even cheaper option.

    The possibility of a Wii U without the Gamepad seemed quite likely regardless, as so many key games published by Nintendo have not made essential use of it. But if it was going to happen, it should have been before now, before the PS4 effortlessly outsold the Wii U in a short time, at a higher price, with far fewer good exclusive games.
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  • Dying Light no longer a PS3 and 360 game

  • Bander 29/10/2014

    This game wasn't on my radar at all as I don't care much for zombie games. But viewing the trailer for the first time, it looks pretty good. I'm hoping the Mirror's Edge-like movement means that surviving against the zombies will be more about finding intelligent ways to traverse the environment to outsmart them, rather than just having a lot more firepower like practically every other zombie title. Open world too? I'm starting to understand why this might be difficult to pull off on last gen, even if screenshots initially make it look like brown FPS #798121. Reply 0
  • Video: Watch us play Bayonetta 2 from 4.30pm BST

  • Bander 24/10/2014

    @benfresh76 if there was even so much as a split second of nipple in Bayonetta 1 or 2, I wouldn't be arguing. As it is, the character comes across as a refreshing change from the many videogame heroines that act as though they are completely unaware of sex so that teenage boy players can hold onto their virgin princess fantasies.

    That's why Bayonetta as a character is a hard sell. Too sexual at first glance for people who care what their games collection looks like, too strong to be attractive to the wimps looking for something to fap over. Although so far, within my friends the game is probably more popular with women than men.


    My copy of the First Print Edition just turned up :)

    Shame I have to go to work soon, and then work all weekend :(

    Edit: Some reports have said that Bayonetta's personality has been toned down in Bayo 2. Less dishing out insults, more following instructions rather than doing her thing. If true, I think this is a shame, although gameplay comes first. Books do characters better.
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  • Bander 24/10/2014


    Between Bayonetta being clothed a large proportion of the time, and the many male action heroes that like going shirtless or further across games, films, comics, television etc., the opinion seemed odd.

    Having said that, Bayonetta's camera angles do make the game one that I wouldn't play in front of anyone that isn't very like-minded.
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  • Bander 23/10/2014

    Some argue that she is a strong, 'badass' (eurrgh) female character but for some reason I can't remember a badass male lead that spent a large proportion of play time naked.
    Your trolling is naked.
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  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round release date announced

  • Bander 24/10/2014

    @squarewindow, wow, no 360 retail disc? That's a surprise, but perhaps fair, given my concerns about the value of one! Reply +1
  • Bander 24/10/2014

    @squarewindow Thank you for the reply. However, it doesn't sound like anything that couldn't be added via DLC to Ultimate at the moment, and there's already a crazy, and unaffordable, amount of costumes available there.

    If I could choose two things to add to DoA5, they would be a reduction in loading times, and endings for each character. Like 2, 3 and 4. Not critical things, but they make the game feel incomplete compared to its predecessors.
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  • Bander 23/10/2014

    What does DoA5: Last Round add over 'Ultimate' for 360 and PS3 buyers? Anything? Reply 0
  • Bayonetta 2 review

  • Bander 13/10/2014

    Also, I want Platinum to develop a proper 1 on 1 fighting game too, I bet they could go very deep on the technical fighting side of things.
    Ever since the final Jeanne battle in the first Bayonetta, I've wondered what Platinum might be able to do with the genre as well.

    The dream would be if Capcom were to let Platinum handle Darkstalkers 4.
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  • What the hell is Gamechurch?

  • Bander 10/10/2014

    I'll just leave this here.

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  • Xeodrifter merges Metroid, Mutant Mudds and Moon

  • Bander 09/10/2014

    In the future, all the blocky Metroidvanias will link together into one giant blocky Metroidvania, and the work of all indie games developers will finally be done. Reply +2
  • Capcom: no new Darkstalkers any time soon

  • Bander 09/10/2014

    I bought Darkstalkers Resurrection, but it was entirely to show my support, I don't feel as though I got anything out of it. I've played the Saturn version to death, and when I do feel like a bit of Vampire Savior action, I'm still more likely to play that version for many reasons. Saturn VS is a single coherent game with everything a fan is likely to want, with options and presentation where they should be. And with its low-res visuals, it's just nicer to play the game on a CRT over SCART. The basic combo system works exceptionally well on the Saturn controllers too.

    The added UDON artwork of the characters only served to make Darkstalkers Resurrection look even more outdated.

    If Capcom wanted to judge whether the franchise was still popular, all they had to do was notice the amount of Darkstalkers fan art and cosplay still happening despite there being nothing new in the franchise since 1997. If Capcom are not confident about making a 1-on-1 fighting game, Darkstalkers could easily jump genres to something like action-adventure. Or even a Kart racer! Just keep the theme of legendary scary monsters with bright colours and over-the-top animation and it'll stand out among today's high-def-so-long-as-you-like-brown-and-grey 'AAA' games and bad-programmer-art unfinished indie releases.
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  • Ex-WayForward dev's platformer Adventures of Pip succeeds Kickstarter goal

  • Bander 07/10/2014

    I've already played these games on an Atari Lynx.

    (the premise of this seems quite appealing to me, but I had to say it)
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  • Touch the future: meet the games embracing the material world

  • Bander 04/10/2014

    Physics can be very important. But even with almost no physics at all, this voxel demo occupied me for hours several years ago. I think it ran perfectly smoothly on the single core Athlon XP processor my PC used the time. There's no game there as such, but the experience felt a lot more like playing within something solid than anything else I've interacted with on a screen.

    That demo's also the reason why I'm somewhat stunned at how bad all newer voxel games still look. Sorry lazy indie devs, adding shaders to massive cubes still looks like a bunch of massive cubes.
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  • Lynx-starring survival game Shelter 2 delayed until Q1 2015

  • Bander 03/10/2014


    Prepare to feel old. The Atari Lynx is 25 years old, not 15!
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  • New Oculus Rift prototype Crescent Bay unveiled

  • Bander 22/09/2014

    @SvennoJ 6K per eye sounds about right. A whopping 12K in total though, an increase in resolution 36 times higher than the 1080p/1K per eye of DK2.

    People should lower their expectations and just have fun in crappy pixel worlds! Mojang selling for more than Oculus did should have told them something.
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  • Bander 22/09/2014

    Having now used DK2, I think pursuing higher resolutions is just going to be a waste of time. The individual sub-pixels making up red, green and blue are clearly visible, like if you look very closely at a large CRT television. That tells me not only that 4K won't be enough, but 8K won't be either. You're not going to see inexpensive displays and GPUs that can deal with this in 2015. It may not even be affordable for another five years plus, and they could keep making prototypes indefinitely, with minor jumps to 1440p or so being a waste of time.

    I'm not sure if there's going to be a solution to the colour aberration problem soon either, until there's either pupil-tracking or a complete change in display tech. Between that and the resolution, I would say that DK2 is as good as it's going to get for a long while. Games developers can't pursue high resolution realism and still hope to have low enough latency for VR to work well. Initially, VR should accept that it's going to be blocky with rainbows around the edges in its early consumer years, and be accompanied by bright, stylised games that are more like Mario, Virtua Racing, Tron, Space Harrier etc. rather than going straight for the army men simulations.
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  • Hack 'n' Slash review

  • Bander 15/09/2014

    The latest experiment to pop out of Double Fine is built around a pun so brilliant and so obvious, you wonder why nobody has done it before.
    Anybody else read that, look back at the title, and then think this would be a game about coughing and weeing on things?
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  • Frontier reveals Elite: Dangerous launch price

  • Bander 15/09/2014

    @Uncompetative Now that you've mentioned it, a wireframe or flat-shaded poly mode would be something I'd very much like to see! Reply +1
  • The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD review

  • Bander 12/09/2014

    there's a disproportionate amount of time spent playing hard-to-decipher PC-88 games, some questionable dallying on erotic material and an embarrassing compilation of photo cutaways to Tokyo Game Show booth girls that veers into full-nerd territory. Although it's never boring, the way the film ambles over lesser areas like guide book collections
    The computer stuff does interest me though. Western coverage of Japan's video game history usually makes out that it was mainly total domination by the Nintendo Famicom. But most Japanese console games were watered-down ports of computer and arcade games, up until the point when those '80s computers like the Sharp X68000 died out. As it is today and always has been, developing for computers and their cheaper distribution channels is a lower risk, even if the audience is less than that of consoles, and so that's where most games started and many also ended. This is indeed the untold history. I'm fond of older guide books also and the insights they give into how games were designed.

    I'm still sceptical of Kickstarter being used as a means of financing books and documentaries though. It comes across as getting paid to go on free holidays and meet your heroes, and the description of the project is no indication of whether the final project is in the best hands.
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  • Life is Strange: It takes time to be different

  • Bander 12/09/2014

    Blah blah blah Square Enix should hurry up with Final Fantasy XV blah blah. That's how the comments went last time, didn't they?

    Actually, Life is Strange sounds more interesting to me right now.
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  • Motorola's new smartwatch now has a GoldenEye 007 interface

  • Bander 09/09/2014


    Samsung managed to double the battery life of their smart watches by switching to Tizen.


    Oops. I've only played Goldeneye briefly in multiplayer about 15 years ago and didn't realise the watch played any part in it, and had forgotten what it looked like in the movie. Absolutely nothing alike as it turns out, they used Omega watches, mostly Seamasters, all the way from Goldeneye to Skyfall. But the mentioning of shield and health meters should have been a clue.
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  • Bander 09/09/2014

    Is there anything to do with video games here, at all, even slightly?

    Well, since the topic is smart watches, I am interested but I won't be getting one that runs Android. The OS is just too inefficient with battery power.
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  • Alone's upside-down thinking brings new life to a tired genre

  • Bander 08/09/2014

    *turns control pad/keyboard/mouse upside down*

    Wow, with this fresh innovation, suddenly all my tired old games have new life!
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  • Digital copies of Destiny can be upgraded to new consoles for free

  • Bander 08/09/2014

    Digital copies of Destiny can be upgraded to new consoles for free
    Sucks for those people planning to buy analogue copies of Destiny on VHS and vinyl.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub

  • Bander 07/09/2014

    Drive Club sounds technically great, but looks phenomenally boring to me. Volumetric clouds and half a dozen anti-aliasing techniques don't make a game fun!

    Alas, I can say this about just about all the recent high profile racing games too, except when it swings completely in the opposite direction like Mario Kart 8. There's nothing inbetween. Genuinely inbetween, not slightly 'arcadey' just because there's not much penalty for crashing. If it has an option to follow a glowing racing line, it's going to play just like all the other many sim racers, because arcade racers don't need those, ever.

    At the moment, I've gone back to playing Sega Rally (Revo), on PC where it can run at 60fps. I used to have it on console but the 30fps update was horrid for the speed of the gameplay. It's a flawed game, with a progression structure that at best comes across as a placeholder put there while it was still in testing, basically the game was released unfinished. But on the track, bumping, sliding and bouncing your way through your opponents while the road surface gets ripped up and you're covered in snow, sand and mud, it's still the most fun I've had from a driving game since, hmm, Ridge Racer 6/7, again not realistic! Alas, it looks like it became offline-only ages ago and it probably won't ever appear on Steam or anywhere else due to expired licenses.
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