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  • Staunchly anti-DRM Witcher 3 dev CD Projekt responds to Xbox One policy concerns

  • BARDLER 11/06/2013

    @simsini Regardless of their DRM stances, they simply are not going to stop the production of that version of the game because of the DRM policy. That would be an awful business decision on their part at this point in time. However, it might impact their decisions for their future products that are not that far into development. Reply +1
  • John Riccitiello out as CEO of EA

  • BARDLER 18/03/2013

    @Acquiescence probably not. It more than likely is due to the fact of a series of issues starting with KOTOR, then Dead Space 3, and then Sim City on top of it. Reply 0
  • Metro 2033 retrospective

  • BARDLER 10/03/2013

    I love Metro 2033. In my opinion the flaws are heavily out weighed by the things it does right. The element of having the stronger ammo be your currency as well is something that weighs on the player the entire time. The story is really straight forward but it is rather exciting as you uncover the evil behind everything going on. Reply +2
  • Diablo 3 Review

  • BARDLER 23/05/2012

    @richardiox While I can see a little where you are coming from I just have to shake my head at people that complain about the auction house.

    If anybody has ever played D1 or D2 you know about the black markets where people sell items for real money. The problem with this system is it has no monitoring, no guarantee, and can be shady.

    Blizzard simply put an option into the game for players to sell their items for real money to people who want to buy those items with real money. The person that sold the item gets real life cash, blizzard gets a small percentage, and the buyer gets his item. No worries of scamming or bullshit. The choice is there for people that want it and its not like that is the only way to get good items either. You can do Hell runs with friends for the best loot, or use the non-money auction house.

    That complaint to me is a completely empty if you ask me.
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  • Diablo 3: Blizzard rejects "dumbing down" accusations

  • BARDLER 14/05/2012

    It is different so therefor I must bitch about it and claim it is dumbed down. Anybody who has looked at the skill tree can easily see that there are tons of combinations of skills and spells. Reply 0