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  • Introducing Killer Queen: The world's first 10-player arcade strategy game

  • Avaloner 23/02/2015

    For that money have 8 PS4's with 8 monitors running Awesomenauts. Would definitely be more fun. Reply 0
  • DriveClub free update adds Japan track

  • Avaloner 16/02/2015

    @Malek86 you can make a custom paint job which is just one color. It's a poor workaround but a workaround nonetheless. Reply +1
  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • Avaloner 15/02/2015

    @VodkaDrunkenski thanks! Nintendo owe you a New 3DS XL sale ;) Reply 0
  • Law & Order airs episode dedicated to harassment of women in gaming

  • Avaloner 12/02/2015

    To anyone discussing gaming culture - this is not gaming culture. This is internet culture. It's important that everyone makes that distinction. Reply +5
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • Avaloner 11/02/2015

    Played the first monster hunter. Loved the premise, hated the execution. This is another game that isn't for me. I don't like frustration in my games, and it's especially unforgivable in the 4 th game of a series. Reply -2
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    Was losing interest in this site but this is amazing stuff. May I suggest altering the layout too? I find it silly that trivial news and reviews to anticipated games share the same screen space. Reply -24
  • Towerfall is adding an Anita Sarkeesian skin

  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    @frazzl How are the quotes you posted related to gamergate? Or does insulting Anita automatically qualify you as a gamergater? Reply +3
  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    This is so ironic. In one of her videos we see Anita complaining about female identifiers in games such as lip stick, bows and earrings and here we have a character who is identified as Anita because of the earrings. Well played. Reply +3
  • Runescape player swatted in front of 60K Twitch viewers

  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    @TelexStar I work in a psychiatric ward where patients are often admitted against their will. The worst case was when I exposed someone who was malingering. He threatened to kill me, the police were involved and they did not help at all. He kept sending messages that I'm going to pay long after discharge. Eventually I saw him in the street once and went to speak to him. Maybe because it was a busy street or just that he was only trying to intimidate me but we had a civil but short conversation and that was it. Reply +1
  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    @Unholy_Witchcraft I would miss PvZ Garden Warfare then :( Reply 0
  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    @geoffreydavey we need to start educating children about the internet in schools asap and it needs to be from a very young age. Truth is the parents of many individuals for whom the internet is a way of life have little to no knowledge of it therefore they could offer no education. Considering how powerful the internet is this is a dangerous situation. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 10/02/2015

    @TelexStar I have received a few death threats only one which I considered semi believable. That is beyond the point though. Note that we were discussing believable death threats not serious death threats. All death threats are serious but very few are believable. I'm sure you can make that distinction.

    Also - trying to paint me as a sexist to discredit my argument is lame. There are differences between men and women and acknowledging those differences is not sexism. The fact that you believe that, just because I am not in favor of Anita Sarkeesian I'm sexist, is ridiculous to say the least.
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  • Avaloner 09/02/2015

    @TelexStar you added the 'believable' qualifier there and I agree with you - anyone would be afraid of believable death threats. How many of the death threats Anita gets are believable? When she claims she gets death threats every day and shows screenshots demonstrating some of the death threats she got during one of her talks check to see how many qualify as believable. And presumably she would pick the worst ones to illustrate how bad it is. Mind you - someone simply saying 'If I see you I'll kill you' on Twitter is a despicable human being. However that is not a 'believable' death threat. Reply -3
  • Avaloner 09/02/2015

    Imagine if Anita was swatted during a live stream. It would be all over the news for weeks. There are caustic elements lurking within online communities and they target anyone, not just women. Men are usually not so intimidated by death threats so they get swatted. Reply -60
  • League of Legends tournament openly discriminates against LGBT players

  • Avaloner 04/02/2015

    Maybe to avoid having an all male team, all claiming to be gay, in a female only tourney?

    Scratch that - by gay it seems they mean lesbian in the second sentence.
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  • Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

  • Avaloner 14/01/2015

    Are the digital games still tied to the console though? if so I have an aversion on building a digital collection on a nintendo system Reply +4
  • How Duke Nukem 3D managed to be ahead of its time while trapped in the past

  • Avaloner 12/01/2015

    Duke 3d was a game aimed at young men. Obviously you are not a young man anymore. Reply +1
  • Games of 2014: The Sailor's Dream

  • Avaloner 30/12/2014

    @MrDurandPierre Thanks for the clarification. I understand the need to cover different exceptional games in the past year for this feature. It would be a bit daft (and ultimately boring) if each writer wrote a piece on the same three titles. However I do feel that the way these pieces were framed is more than a bit misleading - especially the link on Facebook which announces each piece as John Doe's Game of the Year.

    Having said that I feel like you should have gone with Towerfall Ascension. Its not like that game got nearly enough cred as it deserved.
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  • Avaloner 28/12/2014

    I cannot really argue about someone's favorite game this year. It is a very subjective choice dependent on many factors. However it speaks volumes that a video game journalist decides to name an unconventional iOS game as his favorite of 2014. This is the year which gave us games like Shadow of Mordor, Mario Kart 8, Bravely Default, Divinity Original Sin, Dragon Age Inquisition and Far Cry 4. Reply -4
  • Games of 2014: Spintires

  • Avaloner 27/12/2014

    @GameCriticDOTcoDOTuk Well said. I cannot understand why Skylanders Trap Team did not even get a review (excellent game) and we get daily Destiny news. Reply +1
  • Games of 2014: Destiny

  • Avaloner 26/12/2014

    For much of the time I spent playing Destiny I was wishing I was playing Borderlands 3 or even the Pre Sequel in HD. A huge let down. Reply +6
  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • Avaloner 24/12/2014

    Feminism is a huge movement and only a fraction of it has a problem with videogames. Not all feminists are made equal. Likewise GG is an unorganized movement which has just started. It is totally disorganized. Claiming that GG did this or GG did that makes little sense. Anyone can do anything and claim to be a GG supporter.
    In my view individuals from both sides of the argument played dirty in this issue. Some GGers have behaved like petulant children at every turn. Some feminists have actively fanned the fires in order to be able to cry foul. I find myself agreeing more with GG in arguments (which is not to be confused with me supporting the movement - supporting a movement with such nebulous cause is a bit silly). I have had feminist supporters be extremely vicious at me under the guise of anonymity.
    There is no right or wrong here. However the way the press reacted in this instance makes me feel like the permise that journalists are driving a hidden personal agenda has a lot of merit.
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  • Avaloner 24/12/2014

    @bobomb I reiterate. The problem is not that there is criticism of the videogame industry. Criticism is necessary. The problem is the fact that prominent people - mostly coming from the gaming press nonetheless - turned against the people who supply their livelihood. It was never critique - it was straight out insults directed at the straight white gamer who cannot handle women in his club. This showed a distinct lack of understanding of the community. Gamers do not have a problem with women who game.

    I am 36. When I was an adolescent and into gaming NONE of my female friends played video games and very few of my male friends did. Today's landscape where almost everyone games and there is a rapidly growing number of females playing AAA games is a dream come true. I feel genuinely jealous of today's adolescents who can relatively easily find a partner who is somewhat into games.

    What is not on is this group of feminists who presume to be speaking for all women saying that the industry needs to change. You do not join a culture and demand that it changes for you. These things happen organically and gradually. I am all out for having more videogames which cater to the female demographic - but criticizing games which are clearly meant to be consumed by a male demographic? It like lamenting a romantic comedy for not having enough explosions.

    Music, Movies and Books do not have these problems primarily because everyone accepts that there are different genres which appeal to different genders. Gaming is still behind in this regard - however the change will happen only if female centric games sell well. Look at Mirror's Edge and Beyond Good and Evil - both games that champion the idea of a really strong female protagonist. Both very good games in their own right. Both games which did not sell as well as they should have.
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  • Avaloner 24/12/2014

    @Great-Googly-Moogly my issues with Anita are not related to her 'work'. She has ever right to share her point of view. My issue with her is the way she sold her work painted as something meant to make gaming better when it is only serving her political agenda. Having said that I have even greater issue with the section of the media who seem to have collectively turned against the gaming community and elevated people like Anita to much more than they deserve to be. Reply +5
  • Avaloner 24/12/2014

    @bobomb all other media had feminist critique for decades. It's just that other media is confident enough to treat such criticism for what it is instead of having high profile members of the community embracing such trash. Music film and books do what they do and don't fall prey to bullying tactics. That is how videogames need to grow as a medium. Reply +5
  • Avaloner 24/12/2014

    if only someone would critique these aspects in order to improve characterisation across the medium...
    I am not sure if you were trying to be ironic here as a means to vindicate what Anita Sarkeesian has been doing with her Youtube 'mini series'. If that is the case I will oblige a reply.

    Criticizing lack of depth in video games characters is a means to opening a conversation on how video games can improve as a medium and thus making them more mature. (and possibly more enjoyable to the gamer).

    Criticizing the lack of depth in FEMALE video game characters is a means of pushing forward your feminist agenda and trying to coat it in a form of critique meant to make video games more inclusive. (without a shred of evidence that such character depth will entice more females to play typical AAA games).

    I can take criticism from someone who genuinely cares for the medium. The same can not be said of criticism from someone who cares more about their movement.
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  • Avaloner 23/12/2014

    @man.the.king would turn the game into a veritable sausage fest Reply +1
  • Avaloner 23/12/2014


    Let me for a moment assume that by 'mature character' you mean someone you can identify with and be emphatic towards in a game. If that is not what you meant apologies.

    Getting to the point - if you are playing Final Fantasy and lamenting that there are no mature characters then you are playing the wrong game. As a matter of fact I would say if you want mature characters then you are delving in the wrong medium. Character development is not exactly the strong point for games, partly due to the limitations of the medium and partly because it is seldom a selling point for the product.
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  • Avaloner 23/12/2014

    @MrDurandPierre I feel its very shortsighted to refer to a video game character as being objectified. In fact I would argue that, just like live actors in a movie, the characters in a videogame are used as objects by the game creator (or director) as a means to an end. In these media actors or characters exist only to gratify the viewer, often in different ways. Sometimes they act as a love interest, sometimes they are the villain, sometimes they are expendable fodder and sometimes they serve as eye candy or comic relief. In that regard I cannot see how one can objectify (as in 'treat as an object') something which is already, by design, an object.

    It's like lamenting that a shop owner is objectifying a mannequin in a shop.
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  • Avaloner 23/12/2014

    @Manwards My girlfriend agrees with your girlfriend. She always tells me 'sexy is a power women have over men' Reply +3
  • Avaloner 23/12/2014

    And there is another point being missed here... its a woman doing what is normally seen as a man's job. But no - there's cleavage. Reply +5
  • Avaloner 23/12/2014

    @nectaris But we saw cleavage so we have to show our disagreement lest we be called women haters. Reply +5
  • Avaloner 23/12/2014

    What is this fixation with commenting on the female characters' appearance? So a man in a game can look any way he wants but god forbid a woman looks sexy. And saying something like '(may) not exactly be the most practical threads for the job' is totally redundant. Nothing anyone is wearing is actually practical for the job they are doing. Fighting in tight leather pants? They would rip apart in an instant. Reply +9
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • Avaloner 24/12/2014

    @MrTomFTW You decide a person's gender based on its reproductive organs not the way they dress. So, for all intents and purposes, toadette does not in any way prove that toads are gender-less. All it proves is that this particular toad identifies with the female sex. Reply -1
  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • Avaloner 07/12/2014


    Reply +1
  • Avaloner 06/12/2014

    Oh. So you can claim that they did it because they agreed with what was proposed in the petition and I cannot claim that they did it for the bottom line without providing evidence? We are both making assumptions of course - however since Target is a commercial entity answering to its shareholders I would say that my assumption is much more likely than your assumption. I explained why I came to that assumption in some detail so if you want to argue against my assumption do not ask me to provide proof, especially since you provided none for yours. If anything attack the reasoning behind my assumption.

    Again, link up some examples of this 18 rated media that allows a gamer to do the things they can do in GTA5.
    This much I can do - 'R 18+ material is restricted to adults. Such material may contain classifiable elements such as sex scenes and drug use that are high in impact. Some material classified R18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community. A person may be asked for proof of their age before purchasing, hiring or viewing R18+ films and computer games at a retail store or cinema.'

    Your claim that interactive media is worse than non interactive media is not supported by any research on the subject.

    And no - your point is not very clear to be honest. I would not be asking you if it was. Saying 'My point is very clear and has been all along' to avoid having to clarify your point is a bit cheeky.
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  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    @Great-Googly-Moogly I question the validity of everything. I think its healthy to have an inquisitive mind. Is it wrong? Are there things which are too sacred to question? Reply +1
  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    And can Nicole, Claire and Kat claim a win here? On a personal level yes. They set out to make Target stop selling the game and they managed to do that. Will it stop the game from getting to the hands of people who are interested in playing it? No. Will all this media attention get more people interested in playing it? I think so. And all this coincides with the re-release of the game on current gen! Perfect timing. Reply +2
  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    @George-Roper And your point is that video games which target a male demographic are, all of a sudden, a bad thing?

    Target accepted the petition because it suits their bottom line. They feel that, in the long term, this decision is going to have a positive impact on their finances. And I have no doubt they are right. All this free 'positive press' versus the loss of some videogames from a supermarket? Advertisements cost millions which is less than they do on the sale of GTAV.

    Does the fact that Target chose to give weight to the petition have any bearing whatsoever on the validity of the arguments brought up in the petition? (especially considering that they still sell R18 rated media) Since when are we looking at mega corporations to inform our morality?

    Moreover I do not have to justify the inclusion of any mechanic in any game. I remember going with a hooker in GTA3 cause it was interesting (and I wanted to see how it worked) but I never did it since and for all I care they can remove it. I am just not expecting them to remove anything that I may find offensive.
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  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    @Mola_Ram Not sure why you addressed me but I agree with all your points. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    @George-Roper The sex workers who brought up the petition? You mean Nicole, Claire and Kat? Cause that is the only piece of information you have about the persons who started the petition. I can start a petition tomorrow and claim I'm E.T.'s second cousin.

    As for the rest of your arguments I will not even bother.
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  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    @shotbyascot How did I not respect your opinion or anyone else's? Also - getting enough negs hides the comment (-10 by default if I am not mistaken). Would appreciate if you did not patronize me by telling me to 'grow up'. We are just discussing things as far as I know Reply 0
  • Avaloner 05/12/2014


    What a ridiculous and irrelevant thing to say.

    Its relevant to the context in which the discussion was taking place (someone blaming Australians for 'banning' the game).

    Why do you need the ability to use and kill prostitutes in a game, sandbox or not?
    Would it be less of a game if that wasn't possible?
    Of course not. But that is not the point. I find it strange that you seem to be ok with GTA if you were unable to kill prostitutes. The game in which you can kill many civilians and police in their line of duty. If you are offended by such things by all means - don't play it. But don't stop others from playing it when there isn't a shred of proof that indicates that these games make violent crimes of women more likely to occur.

    Oh and thanks for the negs. I will not neg you though. Not in the habit of trying to silence opinions I don't agree with.
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  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    @Mola_Ram Moreover most of the people who signed the petition probably aren't Australians to begin with Reply -1
  • Avaloner 05/12/2014

    But we live in a society where women are in the far majority of being victims of violence, including sexual. Surely you know that?
    More men die of homicide in the US. So men are more likely to die of said violence than women.

    Your argument is the same as saying white people are also victims of racially based abuse, and indeed some are, but the overwhelming majority are not white.
    A victim is a victim no matter what race or gender. Categorizing the importance of victims based on race or gender is quite despicable

    GTA propogates this image of women only being useful as prostitutes. That they can be 'used' and then killed as seen fit, by a male in-game character.
    By your same reasoning previously the vast majority of prostitutes are female so this is reflected in the game. If you seriously think that healthy individuals get information about life from videogames then you must go and meet more people. 'Women are only good for prostitution and to be beaten! I learned that from GTA!' I doubt you really believe this and I'm sure you're just saying that to rationalize your point.
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  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U review

  • Avaloner 28/11/2014

    This is the first SSB I played and it's lots of fun. If Towerfall Ascention got a 9/10 I do not see why this should not get at least an equal score Reply +3
  • Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell

  • Avaloner 28/11/2014

    @RedrumMurder while I would prefer not getting banned it would be no big loss for the reasons detailed below. Also banning me for sharing my opinion in a responsible way would just go to show what kind of people are welcome in this community. Won't comment more on this. Don't want to hijack this goodbye article. Reply +5
  • Avaloner 28/11/2014

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

    I am of two minds about your leaving. On the one hand I fell in love with the site while it was under your direction. On the other hand I also started losing interest while the site was under your direction. I used to be a big fan and now I'm just a regular.

    My problem is that the site has often been used to disseminate a pro-feminist agenda. It culminated with the Gamergate incident - and this site predictably came out against the movement perpetuating the same misinformation other sites have been.

    I come here to read about the games and I could not help but notice that games were, sometimes, taking the back seat. I can no longer claim that EG is the go to site if I want to keep up with the latest news in gaming. Conversely its a great place for gamers who want to fight the good fight for feminism.

    Anyways, I have ranted enough. I do not want to come off as being angry cause I'm not. Just a bit disappointed that when I sat down to say some final words as you left EG it is these feelings that unequivocally came on top.

    Again - I hope you find a position that makes you as happy or more happy than your time with EG and I thank you for the positive effects your hard work had on the industry as a whole

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  • Brianna Wu's next game aims to "replace Twine"

  • Avaloner 26/11/2014

    @Bruh I'm sorry. Sharing irrelevant private information on the developer is very inappropriate even if it is readily available on the net. Reply +3
  • Avaloner 26/11/2014

    Would have been very helpful if the article explained what Twine actually is (or linked to the site).

    On another note - those women are overly sexualized with their Barbie shape and short skirts. If only more women made games this kind of crap... oh wait...
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