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  • Sony defends decision to block PS4 cross-play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

  • Avaloner 17/06/2017

    @SavageEvil In business you do not always take the decision which will help you most in the short term. Sometimes you invest in the future especially with regards to public perception. Also: Minecraft on PS4 will most likely lag behind all other versions now so there is money involved too. Reply -1
  • Avaloner 14/06/2017

    Microsoft could have stopped supporting minecraft on competing platforms. They didn't. Reply +5
  • Avaloner 14/06/2017

    Responsibility my ass. Sony knows it is on top and affords being cocky. For the players my ass. Very disappointed with this attitude. Reply +7
  • Here's how The Crew 2's vehicular triathlon will work

  • Avaloner 17/06/2017

    I cannot not pass a comment based on that video. The commentator says that you no longer race underground but rather it is an organized festival of sorts. I have yet to see a racing festival where you run over spectators sipping their coffee at the side of the street. It clashes with the whole idea.

    Having said that looking forward to this one. The Crew was an ok game which became a fantastic game with post launch support (as tends to happen with Ubisoft games) Hopefully this one gets it right earlier.
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  • Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 live report

  • Avaloner 13/06/2017

    All those mushrooms have got Mario trippin Reply 0
  • Avaloner 13/06/2017

    A Dorito champion amiibo Reply 0
  • Avaloner 13/06/2017

    What's a Wii U? Reply 0
  • Buy a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription, get Star Wars Battlefront free

  • Avaloner 02/06/2017

    @lacerz And you do not HAVE to buy any of it Reply +5
  • Persona 5's translation is a black mark on a brilliant game

  • Avaloner 17/05/2017

    With regards to translation there are two schools of thought - translate the words as accurately as possible or translate the meaning, the feel, behind the original text. Some people prefer the former, others the latter. Both approaches have their pros and cons. Reply +3
  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • Avaloner 30/04/2017

    @frazzl tropes are not a bad thing. Something isn't bad just because it is a trope. Reply +7
  • Avaloner 30/04/2017

    Reading the comments I'm glad to see more people are seeing this as the scam it really is. Reply +6
  • Mass Effect Andromeda patches to improve lip-syncing, trans character dialogue

  • Avaloner 04/04/2017

    @Koborover oh my... What about the asexuals? They can never get that gamerscore. Reply +42
  • In praise of the Wii U, my son's first console

  • Avaloner 05/03/2017

    Wii U is great. I spent countless hours with my gf and her daughter playing Nintendoland and they are both non gamers. Reply +18
  • Dirt Rally's VR support is now live, costs Ł9.99

  • Avaloner 18/02/2017

    A nine inch nail can cause a pretty nasty puncture Reply 0
  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • Avaloner 05/02/2017

    @seeyoshirun Depends on how much space you have under the TV I guess. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 05/02/2017

    Before I watch Johnny's 4 reasons to buy here are mine. Of course these are very personal to me and not reasons why anyone should buy the console at launch:

    1) I want to share in the 'new console' excitement. Many of my friends are getting it and having a new console launched is not something that happens very often. I want to be part of that.

    2) While it is true that BotW is coming out on the Wii U as well and it would cost much less to get it on a console which I already own the Switch version should run a bit better and, more importantly, is portable. I work night shifts so I will have ample opportunities to use the console on the go and not just for commuting.

    3) I can currently afford the expense. It is as simple as that. If buying it was going to make me struggle to reach the end of the month then it would be a consideration. But I have worked a bit extra so I got the cash for it.

    4) This is the most dubious reason and probably my Nintendo admiration speaking - but I want this console to succeed. I fully realize that if the machine does not sell than it is much less likely to have third party support. I am a big fan of the console's concept and I have an interest in it being something we see more of.
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  • Double Dragon 4 review

  • Avaloner 03/02/2017

    I'll speak for myself. I do not expect there not to be any politics in my games. Not only is it inevitable but in some cases it can be interesting and thought provoking especially if the subtext is subtle. What I don't like is coming to read an article on my favourite hobby as a respite from the constant barrage of politics and find politics shoehorned in the article. Again, if the title of said article makes it obvious that politics are going to be involved I don't mind. Likewise I don't mind politics being discussed in a review of a game which is making a clear political statement (or the creator acknowledged the subtext). It is inevitable.

    In that regard I find the opening part of this review redundant and would much rather have had a separate article discussing such topic more thoroughly if the writer felt like writing on this topic.
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  • Punching Nazis

  • Avaloner 31/01/2017

    @Fourfoldroot so would you go around punching Muslims and Christians? They both claim that if you do not follow their faith you deserve death. There is a distinction to make between someone who claims you deserve to die and someone who actually tries to kill you (or encourages others to do so) Reply +2
  • Avaloner 31/01/2017

    @Fourfoldroot First off you are assuming I am pro war which is kind of weird cause you know nothing of me. But anyways...

    Your argument is flawed since you are conflating two issues. Nazism is an ideology and you fight an ideology with arguments. War usually involves an action. God forbid countries attack each other based on ideologies.

    I would not punch anyone with any ideology in the face for ANY reason and this includes Nazis. However if I see a Nazi trying to kill a Jew or a radical Muslim trying to kill a homosexual then there is absolutely moral justification for punching them in the face.

    Just saying that someone's ideology justifies violence in certain cases is dangerous to the extreme. It was used as moral justification for genocides, war and persecution countless times in the history of mankind.
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  • Avaloner 30/01/2017

    Cannot but agree with the article. Although I'm really not a fan of mixing politics into my hobby I do feel that this made it clear it is a political article all along instead of shoehorning politics for the sake of it.

    Punching anyone for any ideology is wrong even though some might try and find moral justification for it. Moreover it is a woefully bad way of countering an argument.
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  • Super Mario Runs past Pokémon GO's download record

  • Avaloner 17/12/2016

    And then a section of gamers were shocked and appalled because Konami decided to stop supporting most of their AAA titles and instead focus on mobile games and their other businesses. Reply -1
  • Death Stranding's second trailer is even stranger than its first

  • Avaloner 02/12/2016

    @Ramza it got rushed because Kojima went overbudget Reply +5
  • No Man's Sky's long-awaited update brings its galaxy back to life

  • Avaloner 29/11/2016

    Not sure how 'long awaited' this was seeing as to how they barely communicated anything post release Reply 0
  • Battleborn is Ł3.85

  • Avaloner 24/11/2016

    Well worth it... I paid full price at launch and still did not regret it Reply 0
  • Everything new in the Nintendo Switch trailer

  • Avaloner 20/10/2016

    Definitely not aimed at kids this time Reply 0
  • Armature's space MOBA/shooter Dead Star is being shuttered seven months after release

  • Avaloner 20/10/2016

    @Stoatboy Don't mind the negs. Some people feel better about themselves just negging others instead of engaging in discussion. Reply 0
  • The Old Republic's latest trailer is better than many Star Wars movies

  • Avaloner 10/10/2016

    Thoroughly impressed. Great job on this one. Reply +1
  • Dragon Quest Builders review

  • Avaloner 10/10/2016

    @LordDemigod As far as I know it is digital only. I wish it was cross buy and cross save -_- Reply +3
  • Oculus' social media tech looks like an episode of Black Mirror

  • Avaloner 07/10/2016

    ... earlier today Facebook founder, CEO and inspiration for The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg, took to the stage...

    What a weird thing to say about someone... That a biopic was based on him
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  • Sony PlayStation VR review

  • Avaloner 05/10/2016

    but this doesn't quite work if your coach is situated too far away from your screen
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  • No Man's Sky subreddit shut down, community erupts

  • Avaloner 05/10/2016

    First off - why close the subreddit instead of passing it on to someone else who cared? Not sure how Reddit works but if this is possible why did he take the decision to close the thread off?

    Secondly - is venting considered hate now? Consider that people spent €55 on this game. That may be a day's wage for a good number of people. That is a working day wasted. Also some people only buy one game every month. That would be their game for that particular month. I would have been pissed too if the game I was promised and was hyped on turned out to be pathetic lies.

    And finally - did all the toxic players decide to join the NMS community or is it that it is normal human reaction to get angry when someone else makes money off your back? My 38 years experience in this world suggest it is probably the latter. This subreddit was providing consumers with a space to vent. Closing it will not make that anger go away. On the contrary it may very well cause disgruntled consumers to go and complain on networks where they can actually 'harm' the developer.
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  • Lego Dimensions Easter egg references Ghostbusters movie controversy

  • Avaloner 03/10/2016

    @TekMerc Oh my. Let me find the countless studies made on the subject so I can quote one.

    Of course this was based on my personal observations on the matter and mind you - this was after the well documented fact that Sony went about deleting comments criticizing the trailer while at the same time leaving the comments which attacked the female cast so as to create the feminist narrative.

    Having said that - do I have to be a journalist for me to be able to claim 'facts' without the need to cite sources?
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  • Avaloner 03/10/2016

    'certain people decided they really didn't like the idea of a new Ghostbusters film - especially one that changed the team to be all female instead of all male.'

    I am not sure which world you are living in but most complaints had nothing to do with the cast but more to do with the script and look of the movie. The fact that this is a reboot of the universe only meant to cash in on the franchise in a very cheap way. For the record critics generally agreed that this is an average movie which adds little to the Ghostbusters franchise.

    Also the 'certain people decided' part is rich coming from a website whose bread and butter is deciding whether they like or dislike the work of video game makers. If voicing your opinion of something makes you a troll then I suggest you stop providing yours.
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  • Watch: Ian plays Minecraft/Zelda mash-up Dragon Quest Builders live

  • Avaloner 30/09/2016

    @Stefarno shame it is not cross buy and cross save. Or at the very least cross save and with a savings bundle. Reply +1
  • Report: Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey secretly funded pro-Trump meme website

  • Avaloner 23/09/2016

    @UnjollyIrishman I suggest you research the meaning of the word 'fascism' and then come back and explain to me how Trump is one. While you are at it search for the meaning of the word 'bigot' and explain to me how you are not one. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 23/09/2016

    @Widge How many people have memes killed? Injured? This great evil you speak of.. how dangerous is it? And this article - on a gaming website - is it not in itself shit posting meant to paint one side as a clear choice? Or the subtle humor on SNL trying to influence voters - is that preferable to the memes?

    Meme shit posting is silly and yes, it targets a particular demographic, made mostly of people who do not vote. I think it is totally ineffective as a political strategy but then again that is all it is. Let us not paint is as some great evil.

    And both sides do it - https://www.google.com.mt/search?q=anti+trump+memes&newwindow=1&rlz=1C1CAFA_enMT695MT695&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=940&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiI77W4jqXPAhVI7RQKHT5LDiUQ_AUIBigB
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  • Avaloner 23/09/2016

    @benfresh76 So your issue is that he is doing it in secret? As in, is that not his right? There are countless wealthy people throwing money around supporting both sides some overtly and some covertly. Check out the 'Save the Day' ad on YouTube for a clear example. While I agree that Trump is divisive I feel that Hillary is equally divisive. Most people are just butthurt because Luckey supports the opposition. If he was supporting Hillary we probably wouldn't be reading about this on here. Reply +8
  • Avaloner 23/09/2016

    @Fourfoldroot What is funny is that the left has been, for years, painting the right as evil. If the right dare comment on the left then they are PROVING to be evil. I have no horse in this race. They are both inadequate candidates if you ask me and people in the US have the tough choice of choosing the least of two evils. However the way politics gets people to think in absolutes never ceases to amaze me. Reply +6
  • Avaloner 23/09/2016

    Person uses money to promote the political party he supports. In other news the earth is still spherical. Reply +14
  • "We got caught in a s***storm"

  • Avaloner 20/09/2016

    @slimcrowder indeed it isn't Reply 0
  • Avaloner 20/09/2016

    @fabio78 In the introduction the author refers to Konami as 'overlord'. I know that this was in jest and so was my post. Many people refer to Konami as evil overlords because they are butthurt they let Kojima go. I happen to be of a different opinion.

    But yeah I did read the article and I did comment on the fact that the interviewee had nothing but praise for Konami. I did however get the impression that the interviewer was hoping to dig for some anger towards Konami going into this interview. It is currently hip to hate on Konami.
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  • Avaloner 20/09/2016

    @fabio78 Yes I did... what makes you think I didn't? Reply +4
  • Avaloner 20/09/2016

    @wyp100 Exactly. Konami treating this strictly as a business may upset many people (myself included - I love most of their ips) but it does not make them evil.

    I am just hoping that they will re consider and give AAA game development another try. They still have their toes dipped in although I doubt that the reception to MG Sruvivor is helping much.

    Anyways, enjoyed reading the interview. We need more of this. It was interesting to read about Kojima. I always think of him of an egomanic and his approach in this case made me doubt that notion. However it could also be that he has an all or nothing approach - as in he would not want his name associated with a project he did not completely direct.

    Also interesting is how the press handled the allegations by the employee. It is really sad that no one bothered to go ask the studio for their version of events before publishing the story.
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  • Avaloner 20/09/2016

    @wyp100 The feature also indicates that the developer has much more beef with the reviewers than they have with Konami.

    I am sure you understand that for a company like Konami, which has investment in a multitude of entertainment avenues, just being profitable is not enough. Why invest €20 mil in a videogame to get a 10% profit when they could invest those €20 mil in some fitness club or pachinko arcade and get 20% profit. That is €100k down the drain.
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  • Avaloner 20/09/2016

    Oh my god those pesky overlords at Konami. They do not like losing money on their investment. The audacity! Reply -55
  • Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 Pro will have "native 4K" from day one

  • Avaloner 09/09/2016

    Who cares about 4k. Give me a sustained 60fps. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Legion had a level 110 in five-and-a-half hours

  • Avaloner 30/08/2016

    @spamdangled Indeed it is a fantastic game. The greatest game ever created? Well that is up for debate but without a doubt one of the greatest. Reply +5
  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • Avaloner 29/08/2016


    look up lie in the dictionary
    I did and this video came up:

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  • Avaloner 29/08/2016

    @lexlaureijssen1 A reviewer has to strive for objectivity. Just like a judge on a talent show or a sporting competition. Obviously us being human negates 100% objectivity which leads to the varying scores you point at (also some people are better at being objective than others). If a reviewer does not try to be objective then his/her review has very little worth unless you know for fact that they have the exact same taste as you do.

    Going back to the NMS review on EG I would have had no issue whatsoever if Oli pointed out all the flaws (of which there are many) but concluded that he enjoyed the game nonetheless. However his review fails to address basic flaws (such as poor performance, frequent crashing and underdeveloped systems). Even when he does mention that the game might get boring after the initial wonder fades of he does so in a very apologetic manner. If I had read his review in isolation without heeding anyone else I would have gone out and spent €60 on this game. And that is the issue I have here.
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  • Avaloner 26/08/2016

    @Devox I see. So reviewers now have completely ditched objectivity? Good to know. So, unless you are Oli Welsh a review by Oli Welsh is useless. That is not how reviewing works. He can say in his review that he enjoyed it despite all the flaws and failings but the final verdict should not be based on that. Reply -4