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  • Latest Humble Bundle offers Battleborn for $15

  • Avaloner 20/07/2016

    @AgentDaleCooper Well the single player missions, which can be played in coop, do a good job of easing you into how each character works without the pressure of competitive multiplayer Reply 0
  • Having no daily/flash deals made Steam Summer Sale 2016 more money than ever

  • Avaloner 09/07/2016

    Got myself - nothing. I subbed to World of Warcraft again. Reply +1
  • Gearbox offers a roadmap to Battleborn's extensive DLC plan

  • Avaloner 28/06/2016

    To this day I just cannot understand the hate this game gets where someone who simply states 'Good stuff. I really enjoy this game.' gets negged to oblivion Reply +4
  • What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?

  • Avaloner 25/06/2016

    @Dopedrop oh get over yourself Reply +4
  • Avaloner 24/06/2016

    @Azovyr I don't know it and neither does the dictionary. Reply +1
  • Avaloner 24/06/2016


    a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

    I will just leave this here
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  • Paradox, this is why we need to talk about your mods

  • Avaloner 01/06/2016

    While I see limited scope for such a mod I cannot see how this mod is racist to be honest. A mod which turned all humans into Asians would not be racist. A mod which turned all humans into females would not be sexist either.

    What next? An rpg which forces you to have a mixed race party? If anyone wants to be prejudiced I'd rather they do it within the realms of fantasy.
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  • Dear Donald: How video games could help you trump Hillary

  • Avaloner 28/05/2016

    @JadedEntity It was directed at whoever negged me.

    We all have to appreciate that people tend to express themselves in different ways. Some make their case eloquently such as you do - others less so. Ultimately its in EG's best interest to try and read the underlying message, however it is delivered.
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  • Avaloner 28/05/2016

    @JadedEntity Feedback is the lifeline of any outlet. I feel that your complaining about other people's feedback is much more redundant than the complaints here since other users are not beholden to you. However EG relies on its patrons. Therefore their feedback, good or bad, is necessary. I see a lot of criticism here and most of it goes beyond just saying 'This sucks'. Most of it is 'This sucks BECAUSE...'

    As a matter of fact you not telling them when you don't like something is a disservice to them. As you should tell them when you do enjoy something. And here is a hint - you don't actually have to read the comments if they aggravate you so.

    Edit - and yes, definitely downvote my comment if it makes you feel better
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  • Avaloner 28/05/2016

    @spamdangled He did not say that. He said 'he's not even running for office in the UK, so if you're not in the US, you have little skin in this game' which means that whichever way you feel about Trump, unless you live in the US, you can do jackshit about it. Reply +7
  • Avaloner 28/05/2016

    Like I said before - if EG was an all encompassing games website there would be space for articles such as these and the gazillion news tidbits concerning the writers flavor of the week (currently Overwatch which dethroned Destiny). However many games go unmentioned, a lot of news goes unreported. Reply +7
  • Overwatch Review

  • Avaloner 27/05/2016

    @ulix Baffles the mind... TF2 not acknowledged at all here but Overwatch was mentioned quite a few times in the Battleborn review. Having now played all three games I can say that Battleborn and Overwatch have little in common. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 27/05/2016

    Many are touting the lack of progression as a positive. I don't like that. It is a great game but still prefer what Battleborn did despite its flaws. Clearly because I much prefer the MOBA template than the TF2 template. Reply -1
  • Here's help with finding the perfect Overwatch group

  • Avaloner 16/05/2016

    And with the pre requisite Overwatch article out of the way we can proceed with the content for the day Reply -6
  • Battleborn review

  • Avaloner 08/05/2016

    @EnormesCojones I think it is unfair to say the game was not marketed properly. They immediately said it is a First Person Moba and I feel that is a very good description. Overwatch is a TF2 style game. Whoever is making that comparison is going on the facts that they are both FPS, both look cartoony and they are shipping in the same timeframe. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 06/05/2016

    @matislavbelkovic Maybe you should play them? They can be extremely fun, especially with friends. Then again not all genres have to please all people so it is possible that they are not your thing. Reply +1
  • Avaloner 06/05/2016

    @MisterPGibson Smite works incredibly well on console Reply 0
  • Avaloner 06/05/2016

    This review has me confused... it laments the fact that this game provides a novel concept which apparently the reviewer struggled to click with and keeps mentioning the existence of Overwatch as if it is meant to be a point against Battleborn. Meanwhile reading the review I am none the wiser regarding what works and what does not. Reply +5
  • Call of Duty fan campaign mass-downvotes Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer

  • Avaloner 05/05/2016

    It would be interesting if some research was conducted into this mass down voting phenomenon. At which point do the majority of the down votes per minute stop being directly related to genuine displeasure and more concerned with implementing a social 'show of force'. Reply +7
  • Blizzard has nerfed Hearthstone's "sorry" emote

  • Avaloner 26/04/2016

    I would like to say I'm sorry about this change but Blizzard won't let me. Wow. Reply 0
  • YouPorn-sponsored esports team banned from ESL

  • Avaloner 25/04/2016

    What's a YouPorn? Reply 0
  • I don't accept the premise of the question

  • Avaloner 25/04/2016

    I definitely play the game following the rules set out by the developer. When I go to the movies I do not spend my time actively trying to find plot holes or mistakes. I go there to be immersed in a story as the director intended. In fact I quite dislike it if the story just yanks me out of immersion due to poor writing. It is the same with my games. I want to be immersed in another world with clearly defined rules and I only want to discover things which the developer wanted me to discover even if that takes a bit of inventiveness from my end. Reply +2
  • Gearbox confirms that Borderlands 3 will be its next game

  • Avaloner 23/04/2016

    @regret 'wildly' successful? I did not mind the writing in Borderlands 2 but definitely not memorable. Reply -2
  • Avaloner 23/04/2016

    @Dorlingus frankly whoever bought Aliens Colonial Marines in this infomational age only has himself to blame. Don't pre order. Reply +11
  • Smite streamer leaves Hi-Rez after controversial comments about suicide

  • Avaloner 20/04/2016

    His reply was fueled by total ignorance on what clinical depression is. Yes, we are all 'depressed' sometimes and yes, we all feel like giving up. However a clinical depression is much more than that and too many people fail to understand this basic fact. However I do get the feeling that DM Brandon was going through a rough time himself and this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Reply +6
  • Here's the most streamed Spotify music on PlayStation

  • Avaloner 15/04/2016

    @Father_Gascoyne you can control Spotify on PS4 using your phone. Works a charm. Reply +6
  • Avaloner 15/04/2016

    The music kids listen to these days Reply +47
  • The end of Nintendo's weird GamePad era

  • Avaloner 14/04/2016

    @WelkinGunther Well by proper online I meant having games tied to an account rather than the hardware, having facilities to create a party and chat, not forcing you to buy the same retro games over and over... Reply +1
  • Avaloner 13/04/2016

    I quite like the Wii U although I feel there are areas where Nintendo should have provided the consumer with more value. A bigger HDD, more capable hardware and proper online services come to mind. It still is the go to console for enjoying games with people who don't like to game. In that regard Nintendoland is a gem. Reply +5
  • Enter the Gungeon sells 200k copies in a week

  • Avaloner 13/04/2016

    Have yet to move past Area 2 Reply +2
  • Dark Souls' official Twitter account inserts Ben Affleck into From's latest

  • Avaloner 08/04/2016

    Watched it twice to make sure I was not going bonkers seeing all the bad press it was getting. I enjoyed it even more second time round. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but you have to be cold blooded not to appreciate the sheet spectacle of it. Ultimatelu enjoyed it more than any Avengers movie. Reply 0
  • Baldur's Gate: SoD head of studio addresses political backlash

  • Avaloner 08/04/2016

    @frazzl I have no idea who NullDev is. If you still cannot comprehend that GG is made up of many free thinking individuals and not some hivemind there is nothing much to say.

    Edit: Having said that I feel it is important to reiterate that I do not consider myself part of GG
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  • Avaloner 08/04/2016

    @Fox-2076 I feel you are missing the point. Twilight was not based on Bram Stoker's Dracula but rather inspired by it. Likewise for Tolkien. The Witcher, on the other hand, was directly based on the books and used characters from those books.

    There are many types of fiction but most fantasy is usually based on or inspired by historical facts. Of course an author can decide to do whatever s/he wants with the fiction as long as it feels cohesive to the world. Having laser guns suddenly show up in Baldur's Gate for instance would not feel right even though it is a fantasy world.
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  • Avaloner 08/04/2016

    @frazzl I will debate and discuss issues all you want but internet memes are not my thing. Reply -2
  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @melnificent You don't see an issue but the developer does and they are going to fix it.

    All this situation is ridiculous to be honest and can be summed thus:

    Internet: This character is pure tokenism
    Developer: OMG! GG are onto us for having a trans character in the game
    Media: 'GG harasses developer for having trans character in the game'
    Developer: We admit that we could have represented that character better
    Media: 'Trans character not only stays but will be developed further'
    Internet: Thank you
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  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @KanePaws While there is definitely merit in what you are saying in that the creator of a fantasy can literally mold the world to their will, it must be stressed that some fantasies are based on mythology which is itself rooted in hisotry. Furthermore some games, such as The Witcher, are themselves based on someone elses' work so they have to abide by the rules set out by that person. Reply +1
  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @wibbl unfortunately harassment has been happening since forever in any industry. The media is focusing on it more since it actually generates duscussion and therefore increased clicks (and revenue) giving the impression that it is a new phenomenon . Obviously with the advent of social media the magnitude has increased and many companies would do well to create a dividing barrier between employees and customers in the form of a faceless pr account. Reply -1
  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @MrTomFTW hah... Quick on the downvote eh? Reply -2
  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    Thanks Jeffrey for this misinformation. The problem was not that the inclusion of the character was too pc but rather that some dialogue, part of which is the shoehorning of a gender dysphoric character, felt forced, out of place and there just to serve the writer's agenda and not the story. The writer's agenda was declared by the writer herself so its not like people were making assumptions. Furthermore the developers decided to taint the original games as anti women which many fans did not appreciate.

    Basically they are admitting they handled this badly and will try to rectify things, which is good for them. Of course, just to make my position clear, I wholly agree that personal attacks on the development team are to be condemned. Criticise the product all you want but always respect the creator.
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  • Enter the Gungeon review

  • Avaloner 08/04/2016

    @LittleBigDave Of course I realized you were joking. Unlike some people right here who need to really lighten up :P

    On another related note I think that EG staffers do their best to review AAA games and are more selective with indies. I think they usually review indies which look promising, are high profile or many people are looking forward to. That is why most indies reviewed here get good reviews... the bad indies are just ignored.
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  • Avaloner 08/04/2016

    @LittleBigDave I feel this one really deserves it. Enjoying it so far. Reply +1
  • Overwatch beta adds new season-spanning Competitive Play mode

  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @matthewhaycock Fair enough. However I have noticed a trend I am not particularly keen on here at EG... that is staffers reporting disproportionately on games which they are currently playing. While I appreciate that this is unavoidable to a degree it pains me that it happens at the expense of other titles which get little to no coverage as a result. Also makes the site feel much more like a well written gaming blog than anything else.

    I am keeping an eye out on both but will more likely dip into Battleborn when it comes out. Cannot afford to play them both... not at launch anyways.
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  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    Would be nice if some of the staffers started playing Battleborn so we can get frequent news on that game too. Reply +1
  • Yoshinori Ono discusses Street Fighter 5's launch problems

  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @bad09 Well the core gameplay was not rushed apparently. I still have to play it so I am just relying on online reports. Like I said... I do believe it was a failing in how they handled it rather than trying to make a quick buck by releasing asap. Reply 0
  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    @bad09 They did gear it towards satisfying the esports crowd however I feel that they did not go about it in the correct manner. First off they failed to communicate this correctly to the majority of consumers - the ones who just go to the shop and buy a game without first reading every online tidbit regarding the product.

    Secondly they should have released a cheaper, limited run, e-sports version with the option to upgrade to a full version once available. In this way it would have satisfied those who wanted to play the game before EVO without trying to pass for the full version of the game. It would have also given them the benefit of launching the game twice and making it easier for reviewers to recommend.
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  • Avaloner 07/04/2016

    Does Capcom really not have any analytics as to what people tend to play in their game? Moreover, did they really feel they could get away with not having an arcade mode, which has been a staple of any fighting game since before SFII? Reply +33
  • Coleco Chameleon boss: "I am officially tabling the console venture for good"

  • Avaloner 05/04/2016

    'I won't name that person here because this is only Kennedy's version of events'

    Wait what? If it has already been established that Kennedy is making the allegations why not name the person, maybe after contacting them and taking their take on how it all went down?
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  • Nintendo fires marketer after sustained online hate campaign

  • Avaloner 01/04/2016

    @Fox-2076 my point was that internet harassment is not gender exclusive . It is something that happens on social media to anyone. Is there a disparity between the sexes? Could be. There is no doubt in my mind that indivoduals with different sexual orientations are more prone to being harassed so it could be the same for women. Or maybe men tend to speak about it less because appearing to be affected by it is seen as a sign of weakness. Reply +1
  • Avaloner 01/04/2016

    @frazzl I saw the pictures and what I saw is not softcore porn but rather sexy modelling. The pictures and tweets are circulating twitter if you really want to see them. Of course she has every right to do whatever she wants with her body. I support that fully. But don't blame others if it comes to bite you in the ass. Reply -4
  • Avaloner 01/04/2016

    @frazzl I've seen many dipshits on the gamergate side. I have seen many dipshits on the anti gamergate side. Dogpiling and doxxing is something both sides regularly engage in. Likewise with harassment. As a matter of fact, even outside this conflict, I have seen the same abhorrent behaviour. Bottomline - being a dick is endemic to social media culture and not exclusive to one side or the other.

    I sympathise with gamergate for two reasons - I followed the whole thing closely and saw first hand how the media demonized GG, absolved anti GG and helped some individuals become rich at the expense of GG.
    Also I have challenged the arguments of individuals from both sides of the fence and I can attest that the kind of toxicity I got from the anti GG side blew my mind. While GG was usually very willing to engage in discussion and glad someone is hearing their point of view, anti GG usually accused me of harassment simply because I respectfully disagreed on a public forum. The usual reaction was insulting then blocking me thinking they are on a moral high ground which justifies this kind of behaviour.

    Of course people reading articles like this one without knowing much about the complex background of GG one would assume they are the bad guys. And here lies the crux of the problem - gaming journalists are finding it so hard to remain objective when they should be. If you cannot be objective when reporting on facts hiw can you be even slightly objective when reviewing a game?
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