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  • Xbox Project Scorpio: Specs vs PS4 Neo, proposed release date, price, and everything we know

  • Arwin 07/08/2016

    This is a Eurogamer article redoing a Digital Foundry article? But DF would have had the sense to indicate we are not actually sure of the final PS4 specs or even release date. Reply 0
  • Why No Man's Sky fans are worried about a patented Superformula

  • Arwin 21/07/2016

    If they are making an engine for games, then No Man's Sky is the best kind of publicity for sure. So yes, at this point I am expecting they are merely trying to get attention for cooperation, and doing it at this point in time means that they get the maximum amount of press during the release window of No Man's Sky. Reply +1
  • VR is a revolution in control more than immersion

  • Arwin 15/07/2016

    As a fan of motion controls (Move in particular), I am totally on board with this. I already felt back then that this was the most important control innovation, and I almost got a Wii as a result (but felt the games were too shallow). Many Move supporting games were pretty hardcore though (Killzone, Infamous) and even the sports games although Sony invested far too little on the presentation, the gameplay was often fantastic. Sports Champions and Move Fitness in particular were great. Hopefully that all comes back in VR format, and I don't really care who pulls it off (Vive, Oculus, Sony) as long as it does ...

    I don't think room-scale is that necessary for something like this. Just being able to track your body and turn around will do a lot ...
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  • Actually, Pokémon Go isn't really a Nintendo game

  • Arwin 15/07/2016

    Somewhere someone at Sony is wondering if they couldn't have done more with Invizimals. Probably not, because they never really had anything like a Pokemon brand for it, but still ... Reply 0
  • Steam warns users against gambling site after YouTube stars discovered as owners

  • Arwin 05/07/2016

    A lottery or any other form of gambling where money is distributed from many to few, is perversely at odds with both social and scientific insight that income equality and unfair distribution of wealth hurts society. Reply 0
  • Porsche coming to Assetto Corsa later this year

  • Arwin 17/06/2016

    Still a crying shame that such exclusive licences even exist - wish there was an EU law against exclusive licences. It's bad for competition, creates monopolies (see EA).

    But wonderful news that a game that actually has a really good driving model gets the cars. Hopefully GT Sports is next ... (I wish)
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  • If you like lots of guns in Resident Evil, 7 isn't for you

  • Arwin 15/06/2016

    Oh, thank heavens. Not even a huge fan of the genre, but bad shooter vs good horror, I prefer the latter for sure. And amazing that it will be playable in VR completely from start to finish. Reply 0
  • Watch: Ian plays the PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Beast remake

  • Arwin 16/05/2016

    Yeah, wanted to ask the same thing - what's with the framerate of this stream? Might as well stream this from PS4 directly ;) Reply 0
  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • Arwin 20/04/2016

    I still have trouble believing it!
    I also can't imagine that it wouldn't integrate the VR breakout box. Surely the extra power could take care of all the processing it does with ease, and the final unit would just have an additional HDMI out.
    The only thing I can imagine is that they expect this to be cheaper somehow, staying with 'average' hardware (most produced hardware is generally the cheapest), or that they feel more threatened by PC, or that they were genuinely worried that Microsoft would go there. Or perhaps this fits better with a slow move to integrate Playstation Now like games. Pff.
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  • Aliens vs. Pinball is Zen Studios' next series

  • Arwin 13/04/2016

    And very likely to Vita as all tables so far got on that :) (benefitting from cross-buy between Vita, PS4 and PS3), which is the best way to play this after the PS4 (and Xbox presumably, don't have one), as both of these are extremely low lag. On PC, the VR version is the best way to go I think as very low lag and looking great (I've had variable performance and lag - definitely leave off the more complex AA options as those were adding huge lag).

    This makes the total now about 50 tables or so?

    As for the rules, they're not that complicated. I don't because part of the fun is finding out, but reading the table guide helps ;)

    I hope one day they try out a real table. I like these original tables, am only curious how well the simulation holds up against a real table (I'm thinking pretty well!)

    Oh and a tip: any decent version of this game doesn't really need the fake ball trail, I always immediately turn that off and then the game looks much better.
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  • Massive God of War 4 leak points to Norse mythology setting

  • Arwin 05/04/2016

    It's a little too close to April's fool for my comfort, especially if land of the fairies is one of the leaked environments ... But I want it to be true as much as I want Eurogamer to get rid of the Gods of Egypt commercials! Reply 0
  • You can play PS4 games on your PC or Mac from tomorrow

  • Arwin 05/04/2016

    @monkman76 Well who knows? Vita Remote Play got really good after that 60fps update ... so I'd settle for equal. Reply +2
  • Vive and Oculus experience early processing hiccups

  • Arwin 04/04/2016

    @advancer By providing binaural audio processing and logic to unwrap the image optimised for VR glasses back to a format that looks normal on TV it does in fact improve performance versus when the PS4 itself would have had to do that as well. Reply 0
  • Bandai Namco is making a VR installation to tackle fear of heights

  • Arwin 02/04/2016

    This is being done in among others EUrope with for instance Oculus Devkits already for two years or so at least ... Reply -2
  • Nintendo fires marketer after sustained online hate campaign

  • Arwin 01/04/2016

    @5lectro The first plausible thing I've read on this page today ... Reply 0
  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • Arwin 24/03/2016

    I can't imagine anything but option 3. They've done similar upgrades (or downgrades!) many times before. Gaming features won't be affected, just multi-media / app functionality. Reply +1
  • Project Cars on Oculus Rift looks intense

  • Arwin 18/03/2016

    @Eaton_Corvinus Reply 0
  • Hitman review

  • Arwin 10/03/2016

    G3 Reply 0
  • Pinball FX2 VR is coming to Oculus Rift this month

  • Arwin 10/03/2016

    Oh, it was already so great in 3D! This could really work great in VR! Good hope that this will come to Playstation 4 as well then (in the form of Zen Pinball 2 VR or something like that). Reply +2
  • PlayStation VR should not be used by children under 12, Sony warns

  • Arwin 09/03/2016

    @spekkeh Considering the limited experience that VR still offers in comparison what's on TV, I think the impact of VR will pale against what they can see on TV, YouTube, or even tell each other. As with everything, you just have to watch and see how a kid responds to something. You can never know - I've seen an 8 year old girl be absolutely terrified without being able to look away from watching the first 20 minutes of Wall-E. I just noticed that she was upset from looking at her, so I asked her about it, and she was completely freaking out in her mind ... where are all the people??? Reply 0
  • Arwin 09/03/2016

    @CurtChapman But it was being silly. There to date has been no proof. Companies just being overly careful of image and litigation. Better than the old days perhaps, but at least it sets expectations. But my 8 yo son loved Homido VR with my phone last year (but lack of content was a let-down), and I definitely see him using this too. Reply -1
  • Finding the fun in Star Citizen

  • Arwin 04/03/2016

    Last word should be 'has' ...

    Friend of mine has been in love with this game for well over half a year already, so I am inclined to agree.
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  • Paragon looks great, but there are already a couple of concerns

  • Arwin 19/02/2016

    There's a really great gyroscope in the DualShock 4 controller. Good use of that and some of the other features (touchpad, triggers, sticks) would make it a lot more even against a mouse ... Reply 0
  • DriveClub's latest update is its most radical yet

  • Arwin 17/02/2016

    I'm personally not convinced that a sequel is the way to go. Just keep updating! Game as a service, and all that! Reply +2
  • Guitar Hero Live failed to do the business, too

  • Arwin 13/02/2016

    @its-iNewton What instruments do you use? All my PS3 instruments carried over to PS4 just fine. Personally I am just bummed that the game is a step back in many respects - no more keyboard, no pro-mode. If the Ubisoft Guitar game (Rocksmith) also supported the plastic instruments and added a scoring mode, I'd probably only play that from now on because it just works great with real guitars. Reply 0
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveal leaked, due in June

  • Arwin 02/02/2016

    When will other publishers and developers realise there is enough market here for more than just the LEGO games? Playstation is doing much better than Nintendo, and is exposed to a young generation much faster in its generation than previously, especially in Europe. So do something with that already! Reply +1
  • Lego Marvel's Avengers review

  • Arwin 29/01/2016

    @Malek86 Jurassic World runs just fine on PS4 imho, kids have played it a tonne. It's a lot of fun, one of the few games where they've been determined to do something - get all the dinosaurs in the game (they did it last weekend) and having a lot of fun creating their own dinosaurs by mixing them up, nicely in the spirit of the latest movie.

    Before Jurassic World, Lego Marvel was very popular, but I personally loved The Lego Movie the most so far.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with HTC Vive Pre

  • Arwin 29/01/2016

    Strongest point for Sony is that the DS4 is very suitable for VR already, having a great gyroscope, a trackable LED on the front, as well as a microphone, vibration, touchpad and headphone plug. This will allow for quite a lot of cool gameplay out of the box already.

    I am very curious though if Sony is going to stick with the Move controllers for the more heavy-weight virtual interaction, or if they will also come up with something new at some point this year.
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  • Assetto Corsa is about to bring one of the finest handling models to console

  • Arwin 22/01/2016

    I do love the physics handling of this game. It's wonderful, especially with the wheel on PC. I haven't tried the console version yet - I'm hoping they will find a way to support the motion controls on the PS4, as a good implementation of those is the next best thing after having wheel controller support. Games like these that come from PC are also good for future VR implementations - driving games are a good fit, and they tend to have graphics that can scale to different specs really well. I run the PC version on three screens (don't have VR yet) so I get a look outside my front-window that is close to real-life size, and that still looks good enough graphically. Reply 0
  • Games of 2015 no 5: The Witcher 3

  • Arwin 31/12/2015

    The only reason that this is at 5, is because a game of the same genre is on 1 ... Reply -1
  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • Arwin 30/12/2015

    Of course, it may also not just be selling on promies, but on being the better console platform for all of the big selling multi-platform titles. The importance of exclusives can, at times, be overrated ...

    Still waiting for them though, obviously. ;) But I've liked a lot of the exclusives so far personally - Tearaway, LBP3, DriveClub, Infamous, The Order (minus the stealth sections and the 'monster' encounters, blech), Killzone, Resogun, played and enjoyed all of them. And if you take into account that people on average don't buy that many games per platform, well.

    But I do agree that there just isn't enough 'new' stuff out there, which is personally why I am hoping VR will do what Motion Controls did earlier - bring some true gameplay innovation. I loved controlling games with Move, and although perhaps I am a minority, I am really excited about the possibility of seeing that combined with VR.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • Arwin 21/11/2015

    Here's some good reasons to do it: good way to learn the differences when developing for a new platform, creates a version of the game that works better on PlayStation Now servers (can run on PC hardware), good way to target new audience that didn't own a PlayStation before. Together, it is a pretty compelling reason to rerelease a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Reply 0
  • The Vita is dead - or is it?

  • Arwin 03/11/2015

    My son's favorite way of playing Minecraft is on the PS4 with his friends (up-to four players at the same time). But when he's on the move, it's the Vita version he prefers over the mobile phone version, just because it controls the same way I guess. And he still plays Rayman Legends regularly of course, which the Vita is perfect for (as you can also play all the Wii U levels as they were meant to, with touch). Myself I use it most of all for remote playing the PS4 now, which is still very good, and still the occasional game - especially fast, arcady games (like Rayman, or Zen Pinball, etc.) and fighters are perfect, as the latency is just so low and the controls are so great. Reply 0
  • The truth about cats and dogs (playing video games)

  • Arwin 11/10/2015

    My cat played with it, then whenever the mouse went off screen, she was looking for it around/under the ipad, figured out it wasn't there so it wasn't real, and then lost interest. Other cat was too scared, but later got him to hit the mouse twice and that was it. Will be interesting to see if they end up showing interest in this again later - I think it's probably too far a cry of how I play with them (much, much faster - and these are old cats too, 15 and 16 or so). Reply +3
  • Northbot or Nolandroid? Destiny's new Ghost actor confirms

  • Arwin 21/09/2015

    Lovely play with accents! And lol at Hemmaroid ... Reply +10
  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • Arwin 08/08/2015

    It will look cool eventually. Reply +2
  • Mario 64 speedrunner posts $1k bounty for reproducing glitch

  • Arwin 06/08/2015

    Thinking about this as a programmer, I would think that the glitch happens when the two ceilings above have just the tiniest of room between them, so that a different ceiling is hit-detected instead. It would probably be useful to look if it is possible that if there is room between the two detected ceilings, you could draw a line to the hangable ceiling that Mario spawns above, and then, considering the low precision of calculations on that system, if it is possible that at such a large distance the spawning could happen too high, or if there is a maximum height.

    Sounds like it could be insanely hard to reproduce though, if the inbetween seam is so small, which is probably why he hasn't managed it himself already.

    All very theoretical though, as I've never programmed a 3D game myself, just messed around with OpenGL very briefly.
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  • Watch a Malboro monster take out Noctis and co in Final Fantasy 15

  • Arwin 05/08/2015

    Assuming this is open world and you can get to monsters you are not ready for, I hope there's a 'runaway' option. Returning to title screen after dying is also a little ... old school? Reply +2
  • Uncharted 2's PS4 teaser leaves us hungry for more

  • Arwin 21/07/2015

    Uncharted 3 could benefit the most, as Uncharted 2 had a cleaner but more expensive AA method, whereas Uncharted 3 had a version of MLAA that didn't always work optimally with the high-detail environments (such as the French forests). Reply +8
  • Performance Analysis: F1 2015

  • Arwin 13/07/2015

    "The physics and handling model has an increased range of accuracy compared to previous 30fps Formula 1 games leading to more precise steering and throttle control, which helps to enhance the realism of the experience. "

    Surely the physics are decoupled from the framerate as in most racing games?
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  • F1 2015 review

  • Arwin 12/07/2015

    @DrManhattan_1972 And you measured that how? I've driven every race in DriveClub with it myself. Below isn't me, just a video I found earlier showing both the controller and the game.
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  • Arwin 12/07/2015

    @Mustberger Only backwards children dismiss something they haven't actually tried (and no, that one time on Wii doesn't count) Reply 0
  • Arwin 12/07/2015

    @samharper I'm really not. But I do believe I am one of the very few to have actually tried it. Try it in DriveClub, if you don't have it, there's the extended demo/Plus edition now, so there's no excuse not to try it. Reply 0
  • Arwin 10/07/2015

    I hate that reviews barely even mention if a racing game supports gyro steering. It's such a big improvement over analog sticks in the absence of a proper steering wheel controller. DriveClub had it, and it was brilliant, Project Cars got it added in the last patch (haven't tried it yet, only have the PC version right now), and I want all racing games on PS4 to have it ...

    So does anyone know?
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  • Games With Gold now offers two Xbox One games per month

  • Arwin 25/06/2015

    Good stuff. Competition is good. Exclusive branding is bad. Down with FIFA licences, booh. Reply +6
  • Dying Light dev takes the piss out of Destiny's Red Bull promo

  • Arwin 25/06/2015

    Fantastic! Reply +2
  • Project Cars boosts visuals - and runs faster

  • Arwin 21/06/2015

    By far the most important part of the update though:

    Motion Controls on PS4! And before you laugh, look/try first. Enabling is apparently not that obvious - when you change your input mapping, tilt the controller for left and right, and don't forget to set deadzone to zero.
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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • Arwin 19/06/2015

    Yes, outright emulating the PS3 on PS4 (or almost anything right now) is outright impossible. Remember that the SPUs each had that 256MB/s scratchpad memory. How are you going to emulate that? That's not to say that a lot of what happened can't be done just as efficiently or better on the PS4 (as shown by remakes of the more challenging games such as Super Stardust, Last of Us, Uncharted collection etc.), but you have to rewrite and refactor parts of the engine to do it. If Sony wants to make PS Now efficient, affordable and a long-term success however, that is still something they may want to do as much as possible - refactor their games to be runnable on PC. Then, they could still offer PS4 owners free access on PS Now to games they own digitally.

    On the other hand, if you looked at the 360 vs the Xbox One, the design was similar enough that I thought it would be a decent possibility, especially with there being a good possibility that not that many games actually went far deeper into the hardware than 'DirectX' level depth. This is one advantage of keeping the embedded RAM setup versus last time. And they confirmed here and there (for instance Kudo in the GiantBomb E3 podcast) that this is indeed proper, full emulation, with the games running in a VM that emulates a 360, hardware and OS, completely. The emulator is expanded continuously with features that certain games require, which allows more and more games to run. Beyond that, it's probably licencing from the publishers that is the final factor in what comes out.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Virtual insanity

  • Arwin 15/06/2015

    @weebl Yeah, I have seen the 'Oculus Rift' simulator website where you can switch between the different versions. ;) I'm curious how Sony's version looks, apparently they have one of the better techniques to get rid of that 'screen door' effect.

    Can't wait for the first meaty Digital Foundry article on this subject.
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  • Telltale's Jurassic Park would have been a great film, but it was a poor game.

  • Arwin 14/06/2015

    @melnificent At least the PS4 version of The Wolf Among Us runs ok. But I am still disappointed that we don't have any progress in dialogue interaction in games, especially adventure games. In fact, I feel most are a regression against the relative freedom typing something into Sierra's adventure games and never knowing what it would respond to, or how. If ever a programmer reads this and wants suggestions, contact me ...

    As for the best Jurassic Park game, I would have to go with Tomb Raider, as no game has given me a better feeling of being chased by a dinosaur. And how depressingly long ago is that? I can only hope Uncharted 4 has dinosaurs in it or something ...
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