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  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveal leaked, due in June

  • Arwin 02/02/2016

    When will other publishers and developers realise there is enough market here for more than just the LEGO games? Playstation is doing much better than Nintendo, and is exposed to a young generation much faster in its generation than previously, especially in Europe. So do something with that already! Reply +1
  • Lego Marvel's Avengers review

  • Arwin 29/01/2016

    @Malek86 Jurassic World runs just fine on PS4 imho, kids have played it a tonne. It's a lot of fun, one of the few games where they've been determined to do something - get all the dinosaurs in the game (they did it last weekend) and having a lot of fun creating their own dinosaurs by mixing them up, nicely in the spirit of the latest movie.

    Before Jurassic World, Lego Marvel was very popular, but I personally loved The Lego Movie the most so far.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with HTC Vive Pre

  • Arwin 29/01/2016

    Strongest point for Sony is that the DS4 is very suitable for VR already, having a great gyroscope, a trackable LED on the front, as well as a microphone, vibration, touchpad and headphone plug. This will allow for quite a lot of cool gameplay out of the box already.

    I am very curious though if Sony is going to stick with the Move controllers for the more heavy-weight virtual interaction, or if they will also come up with something new at some point this year.
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  • Assetto Corsa is about to bring one of the finest handling models to console

  • Arwin 22/01/2016

    I do love the physics handling of this game. It's wonderful, especially with the wheel on PC. I haven't tried the console version yet - I'm hoping they will find a way to support the motion controls on the PS4, as a good implementation of those is the next best thing after having wheel controller support. Games like these that come from PC are also good for future VR implementations - driving games are a good fit, and they tend to have graphics that can scale to different specs really well. I run the PC version on three screens (don't have VR yet) so I get a look outside my front-window that is close to real-life size, and that still looks good enough graphically. Reply 0
  • Games of 2015 no 5: The Witcher 3

  • Arwin 31/12/2015

    The only reason that this is at 5, is because a game of the same genre is on 1 ... Reply -1
  • PlayStation in 2015: Goodwill ensured that the party continued

  • Arwin 30/12/2015

    Of course, it may also not just be selling on promies, but on being the better console platform for all of the big selling multi-platform titles. The importance of exclusives can, at times, be overrated ...

    Still waiting for them though, obviously. ;) But I've liked a lot of the exclusives so far personally - Tearaway, LBP3, DriveClub, Infamous, The Order (minus the stealth sections and the 'monster' encounters, blech), Killzone, Resogun, played and enjoyed all of them. And if you take into account that people on average don't buy that many games per platform, well.

    But I do agree that there just isn't enough 'new' stuff out there, which is personally why I am hoping VR will do what Motion Controls did earlier - bring some true gameplay innovation. I loved controlling games with Move, and although perhaps I am a minority, I am really excited about the possibility of seeing that combined with VR.
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  • Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?

  • Arwin 21/11/2015

    Here's some good reasons to do it: good way to learn the differences when developing for a new platform, creates a version of the game that works better on PlayStation Now servers (can run on PC hardware), good way to target new audience that didn't own a PlayStation before. Together, it is a pretty compelling reason to rerelease a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Reply 0
  • The Vita is dead - or is it?

  • Arwin 03/11/2015

    My son's favorite way of playing Minecraft is on the PS4 with his friends (up-to four players at the same time). But when he's on the move, it's the Vita version he prefers over the mobile phone version, just because it controls the same way I guess. And he still plays Rayman Legends regularly of course, which the Vita is perfect for (as you can also play all the Wii U levels as they were meant to, with touch). Myself I use it most of all for remote playing the PS4 now, which is still very good, and still the occasional game - especially fast, arcady games (like Rayman, or Zen Pinball, etc.) and fighters are perfect, as the latency is just so low and the controls are so great. Reply 0
  • The truth about cats and dogs (playing video games)

  • Arwin 11/10/2015

    My cat played with it, then whenever the mouse went off screen, she was looking for it around/under the ipad, figured out it wasn't there so it wasn't real, and then lost interest. Other cat was too scared, but later got him to hit the mouse twice and that was it. Will be interesting to see if they end up showing interest in this again later - I think it's probably too far a cry of how I play with them (much, much faster - and these are old cats too, 15 and 16 or so). Reply +3
  • Northbot or Nolandroid? Destiny's new Ghost actor confirms

  • Arwin 21/09/2015

    Lovely play with accents! And lol at Hemmaroid ... Reply +10
  • We're all Palmer Luckey on the cover of Time magazine

  • Arwin 08/08/2015

    It will look cool eventually. Reply +2
  • Mario 64 speedrunner posts $1k bounty for reproducing glitch

  • Arwin 06/08/2015

    Thinking about this as a programmer, I would think that the glitch happens when the two ceilings above have just the tiniest of room between them, so that a different ceiling is hit-detected instead. It would probably be useful to look if it is possible that if there is room between the two detected ceilings, you could draw a line to the hangable ceiling that Mario spawns above, and then, considering the low precision of calculations on that system, if it is possible that at such a large distance the spawning could happen too high, or if there is a maximum height.

    Sounds like it could be insanely hard to reproduce though, if the inbetween seam is so small, which is probably why he hasn't managed it himself already.

    All very theoretical though, as I've never programmed a 3D game myself, just messed around with OpenGL very briefly.
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  • Watch a Malboro monster take out Noctis and co in Final Fantasy 15

  • Arwin 05/08/2015

    Assuming this is open world and you can get to monsters you are not ready for, I hope there's a 'runaway' option. Returning to title screen after dying is also a little ... old school? Reply +2
  • Uncharted 2's PS4 teaser leaves us hungry for more

  • Arwin 21/07/2015

    Uncharted 3 could benefit the most, as Uncharted 2 had a cleaner but more expensive AA method, whereas Uncharted 3 had a version of MLAA that didn't always work optimally with the high-detail environments (such as the French forests). Reply +8
  • Performance Analysis: F1 2015

  • Arwin 13/07/2015

    "The physics and handling model has an increased range of accuracy compared to previous 30fps Formula 1 games leading to more precise steering and throttle control, which helps to enhance the realism of the experience. "

    Surely the physics are decoupled from the framerate as in most racing games?
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  • F1 2015 review

  • Arwin 12/07/2015

    @DrManhattan_1972 And you measured that how? I've driven every race in DriveClub with it myself. Below isn't me, just a video I found earlier showing both the controller and the game.
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  • Arwin 12/07/2015

    @Mustberger Only backwards children dismiss something they haven't actually tried (and no, that one time on Wii doesn't count) Reply 0
  • Arwin 12/07/2015

    @samharper I'm really not. But I do believe I am one of the very few to have actually tried it. Try it in DriveClub, if you don't have it, there's the extended demo/Plus edition now, so there's no excuse not to try it. Reply 0
  • Arwin 10/07/2015

    I hate that reviews barely even mention if a racing game supports gyro steering. It's such a big improvement over analog sticks in the absence of a proper steering wheel controller. DriveClub had it, and it was brilliant, Project Cars got it added in the last patch (haven't tried it yet, only have the PC version right now), and I want all racing games on PS4 to have it ...

    So does anyone know?
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  • Games With Gold now offers two Xbox One games per month

  • Arwin 25/06/2015

    Good stuff. Competition is good. Exclusive branding is bad. Down with FIFA licences, booh. Reply +6
  • Dying Light dev takes the piss out of Destiny's Red Bull promo

  • Arwin 25/06/2015

    Fantastic! Reply +2
  • Project Cars boosts visuals - and runs faster

  • Arwin 21/06/2015

    By far the most important part of the update though:

    Motion Controls on PS4! And before you laugh, look/try first. Enabling is apparently not that obvious - when you change your input mapping, tilt the controller for left and right, and don't forget to set deadzone to zero.
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  • Don't hold your breath for PS4 backwards compatibility

  • Arwin 19/06/2015

    Yes, outright emulating the PS3 on PS4 (or almost anything right now) is outright impossible. Remember that the SPUs each had that 256MB/s scratchpad memory. How are you going to emulate that? That's not to say that a lot of what happened can't be done just as efficiently or better on the PS4 (as shown by remakes of the more challenging games such as Super Stardust, Last of Us, Uncharted collection etc.), but you have to rewrite and refactor parts of the engine to do it. If Sony wants to make PS Now efficient, affordable and a long-term success however, that is still something they may want to do as much as possible - refactor their games to be runnable on PC. Then, they could still offer PS4 owners free access on PS Now to games they own digitally.

    On the other hand, if you looked at the 360 vs the Xbox One, the design was similar enough that I thought it would be a decent possibility, especially with there being a good possibility that not that many games actually went far deeper into the hardware than 'DirectX' level depth. This is one advantage of keeping the embedded RAM setup versus last time. And they confirmed here and there (for instance Kudo in the GiantBomb E3 podcast) that this is indeed proper, full emulation, with the games running in a VM that emulates a 360, hardware and OS, completely. The emulator is expanded continuously with features that certain games require, which allows more and more games to run. Beyond that, it's probably licencing from the publishers that is the final factor in what comes out.
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  • Rich Stanton on: Virtual insanity

  • Arwin 15/06/2015

    @weebl Yeah, I have seen the 'Oculus Rift' simulator website where you can switch between the different versions. ;) I'm curious how Sony's version looks, apparently they have one of the better techniques to get rid of that 'screen door' effect.

    Can't wait for the first meaty Digital Foundry article on this subject.
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  • Arwin 13/06/2015

    @TheDarkSide They don't just sound amazing. Everyone who's tried one confirms its amazing. Same for space games.

    As for the costs, if these devices cost in the line of $300, then they are also a pretty portable display device that has very high quality 3D, huge screen, etc. as well as are suitable for games. That opens up quite a lot as well. Really looking forward to what E3 brings - the Oculus Rift was very light on content but that controller seems very promising, and I expect a more substantial game announcements from the publishers. Only question will be if they will wait until closer to OR's final release date or already show stuff here.
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  • Arwin 13/06/2015

    Here is an article from someone who actually did the homework ;)

    'Trend of 3rd person VR games ... '
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  • Arwin 13/06/2015

    Sony had a good demo at GDC showing how VR could work great with 3rd person platformers. I think the skepticism is understandable and partly justified, but also easy. I think it is here to stay this time for certain. Reply +2
  • Telltale's Jurassic Park would have been a great film, but it was a poor game.

  • Arwin 14/06/2015

    @melnificent At least the PS4 version of The Wolf Among Us runs ok. But I am still disappointed that we don't have any progress in dialogue interaction in games, especially adventure games. In fact, I feel most are a regression against the relative freedom typing something into Sierra's adventure games and never knowing what it would respond to, or how. If ever a programmer reads this and wants suggestions, contact me ...

    As for the best Jurassic Park game, I would have to go with Tomb Raider, as no game has given me a better feeling of being chased by a dinosaur. And how depressingly long ago is that? I can only hope Uncharted 4 has dinosaurs in it or something ...
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  • Oh, Deer! It's the last PlayStation Mobile game

  • Arwin 13/06/2015

    I made a really easy UI / wizard lib for PSM. Not saying it was great - don't think anyone tried to use it. My psprint library for PSP homebrew, as niche as that was, did a lot better, haha. But I was happy with how easy it was to program for me, coming from mostly C# windows programming, and I am really sad this wasn't given the push it needed. I think the biggest mistake was perhaps leaving this in the hands of (hopefully I don't offend) seemingly too inexperienced Japanese developers, where I feel like a month of Media Molecule could have made this a huge success.
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  • Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

  • Arwin 13/06/2015

    Their biggest challenge will be balancing the hardcore that just want games against expanding the audience and introducing VR. Hopefully they can combine some of this ('hardcore' titles with great VR support that does not offend those not interested). This was their biggest issue with Move - Killzone 3 had fantastic Move controls and I didn't want to play SF or indeed any FPS without them, but I was apparently in the minority. DriveClub has fantastic motion steering and foregoing a wheel I want this to be default for any racing game in the future, but the only reviewer that even bothered trying did so because I specifically asked him to in the comments (and his reaction was he was surprised to find it actually works really well).

    Move was one of my biggest highlights for last gen, some real innovation (of course with thanks to Nintendo) in controls and gameplay. I don't own the Wii, but it gladdens my heart to see that so many take to Motion aiming in Splatoon as the better option, and I hope VR will help it make a comeback.
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  • You can now play Threes! Free on iOS, Android

  • Arwin 11/06/2015

    As long as the paid version remains an option! Apps that live on adds only are as dead to me as TV that does the same. Great for a sampler/demo perhaps, but little else ... Blech. Reply 0
  • Project Cars overtakes 1m sales

  • Arwin 05/06/2015

    @ghostgate2001 There's a big patch up-coming, although it was delayed on consoles due to a crash-bug detected in cert (has already been resubmitted). Personally I am not completely convinced by the force feedback in this game yet, and not enjoying it that much, but this is something that is actually listed in the upcoming patch notes. Also, the PS4 version is getting gyro-steering like DriveClub, and I am *really* curious about that, up to the point where I might actually double-dip (currently own PC version).

    Because even if I am not 100% happy with the driving yet, I really support how these developers have made this game ...
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  • There's no PC version of Rock Band 4. Harmonix explains why

  • Arwin 05/06/2015

    It didn't stop Rocksmith though. And sure, pirating the songs happened there (and from what I hear was very easy because no DRM at all!), but with the likes of Steam I think there are actually an increasing group of people on PC who just ... gasp ... buy the games. Reply 0
  • We need to talk about emulation

  • Arwin 31/05/2015

    As long as there is no reasonable alternative I'd say no holds barred. Your comparison with the video industry seems flawed in that sense, because when the movie industry failed to provide a legal way of digitally accessing video and music, lots of big and increasingly successful free or semi-free services popped up to fill in the need, until slowly the big industries started paying attention and started offering this legally. Even then though, today, lots of people I know have popcorn-time and watch stuff there illegally, so let's not kid ourselves.

    I expect things will be similar here - once retro-services and such become actually popular enough to make money (if they ever do - material from the early ages of a medium has been bad and losing value in many areas), then I'm sure we'll see more initiatives. Right now, for many old games I'm willing to bet getting the legal paperwork in order costs more in terms of Intellectual Lawyer lawyer-fees for all countries and regions will be more expensive than you ever will make back.
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  • Lara Croft: Relic Run is out now on mobile devices

  • Arwin 29/05/2015

    I hope this doesn't sound elitist, but I am very glad my 7yo son hasn't taken to these endless runners and is instead playing games like Rayman Legends or Bad Piggies (or whatever it is called) instead, because honestly, even something like Crossy Road seems to me to be engaging the brain more than an endless runner ... .

    EDIT: game does look pretty decent though, nice homage to the original material - now it has me wishing they made this as a proper Crash Bandicoot style platformer with parcours elements!
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  • FIFA 16 features female national teams for first time

  • Arwin 28/05/2015

    First good thing I've heard about FIFA in ... 22 years? And of course thanks for the history lessons from those pointing out that it had been done before. Reply +1
  • The best Vita games

  • Arwin 25/05/2015

    Great list, but Rayman Legends and Zen Pinball 2 are some great games not on this list. Especially Rayman Legends got a pretty high rating on this site ... ;) Of course there are so many more! But Motorstorm RC was a game I played a tonne of, and Tearaway was lovely too. I would trade them for the upscaling mess of Resogun - if you've ever tried the PS4 Resogun on Vita over 60fps remote play, then you'll note how much better the original is, and the Vita version also lacks the fun DLC modes of the PS4 that make the game so much better.

    Still lots of great titles on this platform, not just the indies. But Indie games often have their best best (single player) version on Vita for sure! Just the lighting fast response times and the smaller screens alone help particularly with most Indie titles.
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  • Oculus Rift press event lined up for June

  • Arwin 20/05/2015

    @jaec You're not wrong, but it's wait and see if that really happens and/or in what quantities. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Arwin 20/05/2015

    Yeah, I think I get about 30 fps on my 970 with everything maxed out. It does look nice though. Next I'll have a look what I can disable what I don't miss and will still improve the framerate (though hopefully). And have a look if I prefer three screens or just one (seems ok and the three screen thing is sometimes a bit of a hassle, but I've been pretty impressed with how open-world games turn out on three) Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Oddworld New 'n' Tasty

  • Arwin 17/05/2015

    Unity 5 wasn't finished when this project was done (released first early 2014 on PS4), otherwise I assume that would have really helped. It would be interesting to see if things would improve when ported to Unity 5, and while normally I doubt such a small studio would have the funds to find out, perhaps they will attempt it for a re-release of Exodus?

    As for the rest of the discussion - consoles that get ports from PC versions aren't likely going to be better optimised than that PC version - on the contrary, they will be developed in such a way that they adhere to the requirements of DirectX11 at best. Perhaps things will change once DirectX12 hits the stage. Meanwhile we can only look at some of the exclusives for an early glimpse of what might be possible, but even then, PCs will always be able to buy more hardware than the consoles have. The power of the consoles is buying a piece of hardware that will be a baseline that will remain well-supported and optimised for (well, not so much in the first few years or for budget PC ports, but eventually ;) ) over five years or more. Best bang for the buck, if you will, combined with ease of use.
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  • Digital Foundry on the Assassin's Creed Syndicate reveal

  • Arwin 14/05/2015

    Unity ended up fine in my book, and it's a stand-out title that I've shown to many impressed a looker-on. It's downside is that some of the gameplay just wasn't great, especially if you'd already played to many of them (read: most reviewers). Reply 0
  • Spider senseless: The plight of the arachnophobic video game player

  • Arwin 13/05/2015

    I *only* don't like zombies, horror, gore in games ... spiders are no issue really. Reply 0
  • Project Cars review

  • Arwin 08/05/2015

    Initially I also got a bad impression of the physics. The main problem turns out for me that on PC:

    1. the tire screech sounds are way too soft, to the point of being completely inaudible most of the times, so you can't hear when your losing grip sideways or locking any wheels when braking.
    2. the default force feedback settings *per car* are off. They default to 26, which is far too little. Usually they need to be in the high 60s at least for you to start to feel your car hit the curbs. Even then though, contact with curbs is underreported at least on my DF Pro wheel.

    I also tried driving with 3 screen support, and this is a real treat. It doesn't perfectly support it yet (the perspective seems a little off, making the center of the screen a bit too small, so waiting for a 3-screen setting as Assetto Corsa has), but otherwise it looks wonderful. Here the field of view setting for Cockpit and/or Helmet cams need to be at least 130 though before you can actually see enough of the car (i.e. including the speedometer, rpm, etc.).

    So it needs slighly more work then, but otherwise, you can tell that the game has good physics underneath. I'm comparing, say, the Clio Cup car with my own driving in a Swith Rent4Ring car on the Nurburgring, and the behavior is very similar, and the G-forces are also very well simulated.

    I also would recommend everyone to start with the Clio rather than the karts. They are surprisingly hard to drive (they chose difficult tracks, and don't really give you an opportunity to get to learn them in the career).
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  • Project Cars puts the sport back into motorsport games

  • Arwin 07/05/2015

    @redi So I experimented a little, and increasing the factor of the wheel communication helps. But I noticed something that I cannot solve yet and that is definitely an important factor in what is giving me a lacking feel in this game. I do think the suspension isn't that well communicated in the wheel - if I drive on some curbs, the sound suggests that the simulation is detecting that I am running over them and they are not smooth, but the wheel is often not giving any feedback. Do you know which setting I can fix that with? Reply 0
  • Arwin 06/05/2015

    @benster80 I don't really compare games against each other, I mostly just compare games against my own driving of real cars, including some racing on the Nurburgring, some kart racing, etc. Most 'Sims' can be very unrealistic. I was in a Porsche Boxter S for instance, and you cannot get that to spin/slide or whatever on dry roads. It's almost physically impossible. Many cars are a dream to drive, even at high speeds, and spinning out is really hard. Of course there are also cars that you can spin out easily, but not that many cars are like that at all. Reply +3
  • Arwin 06/05/2015

    @redi Interesting, thanks. I'll definitely experiment with that to see how good I can get it.

    As to the people sensitive to Gran Turismo 6's considered a sim, get over it. It's driving model (with a wheel, no assists) is in fact actually really good. If this game were close enough to that, I could be very happy already.

    I really look forward to making up my mind though myself. Looks like tomorrow night I'll be able to. :)
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  • Arwin 06/05/2015

    @Oli Thanks for that ... this is what concerns me most. Don't get me wrong, I've already bought this game just to support the project, as I did when I chucked 10 euro their way in 2013, but I was hoping for at least as good as Assetto Corsa, but in an overall more polished package.

    Without having tried it, it sounds to me that the steering wheel force feedback simulation is lacking. Games like GT and Assetto add more information to your force feedback than real cars often have because that's your best way to communicate the car's physics.

    Of course, the suspension could be off too - that's easily tested by playing around with the car setup.
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  • Performance Analysis: Project Cars

  • Arwin 06/05/2015

    @FMV-GAMER GT5 was 1280x1080p, GT6 was 1440x1080p (though personally I think they should have stayed at 1280, or go for dynamic) Reply +4
  • Arwin 06/05/2015

    Article actually forgets to mention the resolutions (1080p for PS4, XboxOne 900p) although the comments certianly haven't. ;) Reply +12
  • The best PC hardware for Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Arwin 03/05/2015

    Rather than higher resolutions, I recommend wider displays. 1080p screens are cheap these days, so get, say, a 970 or an r280 and play in 5000x1080. A surprisingly amount of games are really cool this way, much more so than having more detail on a single screen. Case in point: Far Cry 3, for instance. You really feel that much more like you are in that jungle.

    Of course, hopefully VR headsets will be even better at some point, but this is nice for productivity too (at least, 2 screens is usually enough, but hey ;) ).
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