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  • Double Fine's Tim Schafer

  • ArtOfLife 12/12/2008

    To this day I still keep meaning to start the Lucasarts adventure games. I have a huge backlog of games already anyway but most are sequels or spin offs of series I'm already into, whereas I have yet to play through even one of the Lucasarts adventure games. Essentially all of them should really be on my to do list. And I just know I'm going to enjoy them. The only one I physically own is Grim Fandango, and a recent Neogaf topic on it got me thinking I should finally start it. Reply 0
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

  • ArtOfLife 27/11/2008

    Wow, just got this from the US PSN store; it's awesome! Great character art and sprites, and as fun to play as ever. I'm terrible at it though. I can't get good at Street Fighter, no matter how hard I try.

    Also, I always loved the Ken theme on the Overclocked Remix site (as well as tons of other stuff on their site as well), and it's great that Capcom got those guys on board to do the official soundtrack for their latest game, as there's some brilliant stuff being made over there.
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  • Suda 51

  • ArtOfLife 17/10/2008

    What a cool guy. I still don't have No More Heroes though, because I don't own a Wii. Killer 7 was mostly great though. I'm very interested in that Flower, Sun and Rain game he was working on for the DS. Reply 0
  • Siren: Blood Curse

  • ArtOfLife 24/07/2008

    Any recommendations on where to get a disc based version of this?

    I usually order from Play Asia but they don't ship PS3 stuff to the UK.

    Also, does it specifically have to be the Hong Kong version of the game if you want English text as an option, or should the Japanese version have the choice too? I can't think why it would, but you never know.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • ArtOfLife 30/05/2008

    Can't wait to get Metal Gear 4. I love MGS. Love Snake, love the ninja, love the cutscenes, love the 'complex to the point of ridiculousness' direction the plot goes in, love the endless hours of codec conversations. Since Metal Gear 4 has that, I'm sold. I'd actually be disappointed if any of those things were missing.

    So it turns out MGS4 got an 8 out of 10 on this website. Who cares? You know you're going to buy it anyway if you already were a fan. And if you weren't a fan previously, number four was hardly going to change your mind. I expected a 9 from Eurogamer, but they gave it an 8. What, am I going to cancel my order now, just because some guy I've never met told me it was worth one point less? And I mean no offence whatsoever towards the reviewer himself, as after all his opinion is that the game is worth 8 out of 10 and he's entitled fully to state that.
    My point is that every single reviewer is, at the end of the day, just some random person like you and me, who happens to be in the position to publish their opinion on games, whereas we are not. If I wrote for a games website or magazine and I reviewed Halo, I'd give it a 6. If I reviewed Shenmue I'd give it a 10. I'd probably give GTA4 a 7 or 8. But who cares what I think? I'm just some guy. If you were a Halo fan you'd buy Halo 3 anyway, and if you hated Halo then all the 10/10s in the world isn't going to change your mind.

    Never will I understand the rage that a number at the end of a games review can spark off (amongst admittedly a small minority of people).
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  • Rock Band "won't magically get cheaper because you wish it so"

  • ArtOfLife 11/04/2008

    I remember when Turok Dinosaur Hunter on the N64 cost £70. Seventy pounds! And I paid it, like a fool. Then again I was only 12 years old.

    Anyway, surely the thought has crossed the publishers' minds that selling their game at £180, telling lies and using exaggerations to try and justify it, and then issuing an arrogant statement in an attempt to silence perfectly justified customer anger, has done nothing except put off huge numbers of their potential customers. Surely well over half. Going by the comments on this and indeed most game websites, I'd struggle to find even ten people per site out of the hundreds and hundreds of comments, who are still on for buying the game now. But since we can't judge the general public's feelings on this, let's say as an example that only half the potential customers have been lost.

    How is selling the game at £180 and inevitably selling a hugely reduced number of copies, in any way preferable to selling it at a cheaper price to a much larger customer base and making more money overall? I really fail to understand the publisher's logic. If they'd stuck a £130 or even £150 price tag on the box they'd make £30-50 less but sell to a huge number of people, maybe twice or three times as many as they're going to with the £180 charge. So why deliberately limit your number of future customers?
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  • Harmonix's Rob Kay

  • ArtOfLife 10/04/2008

    No offence to the guy because he’s been given the impossible task of trying to put a brave face on yet another video game related disaster, but as always with these things, most of the answers involve sidestepping the questions. To say that at that price you will get an experience which can’t be found anywhere else is simply not true, because I found that exact same experience two weeks ago in Times Square and it cost me £85.

    The US sales tax was around £7.
    For anyone mentioning how VAT is already included in UK prices and to keep that in mind when comparing, this is how much extra you’ll pay on Rock Band in an American shop. The exact figure at the counter was $215, and I bought Rock Band ($170) and Professor Layton ($30), so not that it was, but even if the entire $15 tax was due to Rock Band, that’s only £7.50 extra added onto the price. That’s still miles off the UK price for Rock Band, which is a ridiculous amount of money for the exact same thing the Americans got months ago. The game is the same, the songs are the same, the peripherals are the same, the ‘experience’ is the same; nothing’s changed, therefore it should be marginally more expensive and no more. There is absolutely zero justification for whacking an extra £95 onto the price. Besides, £85 is what it obviously costs to sell the item and still make a profit on it, so charging £180 for it is daylight robbery.

    And to mention how they’re offering consumers a choice is again not the issue. The Americans are getting a choice too; you can buy the game for $60 (£30), the drum kit for $80 (£40), and the entire thing, game and all, for $170 (£85). So to say that Europeans have the choice to buy just the game, or just the drum kit, is something US customers have already been able to do this whole time, except that it cost them a whole lot less.

    “Or, if they want the full-on Rock Band experience, they can buy the instrument bundle. The combined price, if you add all that up and decide you want that full experience, is quite high. It's not something that is normal in videogames. But Rock Band isn't normal in videogames. This is an entirely new thing. What other game comes with three peripherals that are all different?”

    …em, the American version of Rock Band does. It comes with three peripherals that are all different. And it costs half the price!
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

  • ArtOfLife 17/10/2007

    I'm finding this absolutely brilliant so far. I received my copy at the end of last week (to be honest in retrospect there was no real incentive to order the American one when the UK gets it so soon after, but oh well); anyway, despite not having played very much of it so far what I have seen has been great. Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • ArtOfLife 16/10/2007

    One of the games I most want the Wii for. I went back and had a go at the first two the other day, and just wandering around reminded me how good this series is, so I don't think I can decide to just not play this one. Reply 0
  • Super Metroid leads VC update

  • ArtOfLife 12/10/2007

    I think the Super Nintendo Contra was Contra III, which was called Super Probotector in the UK. So Contra II might be also known as Super Contra. I didn't think Nintendo started with the 'Super' prefix until after the NES, but then again it is a Konami game so who knows... Reply 0
  • ArtOfLife 12/10/2007

    Every time I see this game mentioned I feel a little guilty; I've finished about five Metroid games but for some inexplicable reason, not Super Metroid. And I actually own a copy of the Super Nintendo original; it's sitting in the attic right now.

    I know it's going to be brilliant, I've heard the nostalgic reports, and I have the positive experience from several other Metroid games to go on, and yet I still have yet to play and finish what's generally accepted to be the best in the series.
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  • DQ Joker in early 2008

  • ArtOfLife 12/10/2007

    Quite looking forward to this; I remember the original on the Game Boy Color being fun and a good alternative if you'd played Pokémon Red and Blue to the point where you'd literally seen and done it all. The graphics look nice too. Not so sure about that box art which keeps popping up everywhere though! Reply 0
  • Sonic to star in Smash Bros.

  • ArtOfLife 10/10/2007

    Just watched the trailer after reading this announcement in work and having to wait until I got home to see the video!

    It looks awesome. With this and Metroid coming soon I don't think I can resist the Wii much longer.
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  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

  • ArtOfLife 04/10/2007

    Maybe the reviewer just had specifically PS1 RPGs in mind when he named the three, hence Chrono Cross over Trigger. Reply 0
  • PS3 Store Thursday again

  • ArtOfLife 04/10/2007

    I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of a Pro Evo demo considering how long the 360 has had it, but I'll give Agalest Senki and the Simpsons demos a go in the meantime. Reply 0
  • Mistwalker making two for DS

  • ArtOfLife 02/10/2007

    So is Mistwalker's situation like Rare's; of the three main systems they're tied to developing only for Microsoft, but there are seemingly no problems with them releasing games on a rival's console if it's a handheld?

    For some reason I keep thinking that Mistwalker are part owned or at least have their development costs funded by Microsoft in exchange for exclusivity, and I have no idea if it's a half truth or if I've imagined it ^_^
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  • GrimGrimoire

  • ArtOfLife 02/10/2007

    Although I haven't played much of this so far I've had it since the American release and from what I've seen it really is quite brilliant.

    The name is admittedly strange (well it's okay normally, but some sites have it listed as 'gRimgRiMoiRe') but in all honestly the artwork actually drew me to the game rather than away from it.
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  • Eternal Sonata

  • ArtOfLife 02/10/2007

    Can't wait to get this; it looks amazing, the concept sounds interesting and as a JRPG lover it's been near the top of my list for some time now. Although I will have to wait for the PS3 version as I don't own a 360. Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • ArtOfLife 24/09/2007

    Wow; I wasn't expecting a 10, or in fact all the reviews to be so consistently high. And well done to the makers of Halo; they've kept the standard of the series up and delivered what sounds from all the reviews like an incredible end to the series, and one which more than lives up to the hype. Halo personally isn't really my thing as I'm not a fan of either first person shooters or science fiction, but I enjoyed the first one and all this talk about Halo 3 is getting me more and more interested in it. I feel like I'm missing out by not being able to play it whenever half the world's games players are doing just that, right now! Or at least, by the end of the week.

    At the moment I only own a PS3 and not a 360 or Wii, but the more games of this calibre released for those two consoles, the harder it's becoming for me to resist the urge to buy them ^_^
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  • TGS: Yakuza 2 heading to US

  • ArtOfLife 24/09/2007

    Can't wait; it sounds awesome. Reply 0
  • TGS: Portable Kingdom Hearts

  • ArtOfLife 21/09/2007

    Very excited by the news, although also slightly disappointed as I thought what is now confirmed as a mobile game was in fact going to be for the PS3. Still, I'll be getting the other two without a doubt. Reply 0
  • PSP sales rocket in Japan

  • ArtOfLife 21/09/2007

    It's interesting how a single new game can propel the sales of a console so much; I've been wondering for a while now what'll happen to the PS3 in Japan once the likes of FFXIII and Metal Gear come out and it looks like this is evidence of what's likely to happen there too. Reply 0
  • TGS: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

  • ArtOfLife 21/09/2007

    Definitely one of the games I'm most strongly considering buying a Wii for. Although I never got to play Christmas NiGHTS the original was I thought one of the best games on the Saturn. Reply 0
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • ArtOfLife 17/09/2007

    Aaaah that special stage; I remember as kids my sister and I fighting with each other by continually jumping so as to be the one in front (and therefore get all the incoming rings).

    First game I ever got for the Sega Mega Drive and one of my favourites of all time. I can forgive any and all of Sega's recent failures after going back and playing five minutes of this.
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  • SEGA Rally

  • ArtOfLife 17/09/2007

    Wow! I wasn't expecting it to be this good, after the last one got such disappointing reviews (even though I did like it). Definitely going to have to get this. Reply +1
  • Eternal Sonata PS3 confirmed

  • ArtOfLife 15/09/2007

    Can't wait for this now I know it's definitely coming. One of the games I'd have been most looking forward to if I had a 360. Reply 0
  • LocoRoco PS3 next Thursday

  • ArtOfLife 12/09/2007

    At that price I think I'll be going for this. Loco Roco's brilliant and as I don't have a PSP I suppose this is the next best thing ^_^ Reply 0
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials And Tribulations

  • ArtOfLife 12/09/2007

    Can't wait to play this; my friend got the Japanese version so as soon as she finishes it (and I finish the second one!) I'm going to play this next. Reply 0
  • Game music most influential

  • ArtOfLife 07/09/2007

    souljacker2000, although I've only played a demo of Blue Dragon and haven't encountered any bosses, if the music you're referring to has cheesy metal vocals and some guitar soloing two thirds of the way through, then it's a song the composer Nobuo Uematsu made especially for the game and simply requested that Ian Gillan (ex Deep Purple singer) do the vocals. They didn't reuse an old song; it's new. Admittedly it sounds very 80s though!

    As far as I know, the only songs ever used in any Square Enix games full stop which aren't composed by the games' composers are new singles by J-rock and pop artists like Gackt and Utada Hikaru. Also a few have been written by the composer and then offered to a popular artist to sing especially for a key scene in the game. But I don't think they've ever gotten the license for an old song and used that. Unless you count CALLING from the end credits in Advent Children.
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  • Devil May Cry 4

  • ArtOfLife 05/09/2007


    considering its yet another multiplatform game and has been known as such for ages i'm baffled."

    Ah yeah it's multiplatform, it's just that I don't have a 360. And I'm trying to stick to just one console of the three, so to me the game's a system seller ^_^
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  • ArtOfLife 05/09/2007

    March 2008 can't come soon enough; I'm really looking forward to this one. Actually it's possibly the first of the 'big name games I bought the PS3 for' to be released. Reply 0
  • Harvey Birdman for US only

  • ArtOfLife 05/09/2007

    Looks like the Swap Magic discs will be dusted off once again for this one. It's a pity about threre being no UK release though; fair enough if you own a PSP and you can just import it, or if you have a PS2 as importing is cheap and easy, but I can't see any way of getting around this if you own the Wii.

    Then again if the show really is that obscure outside the US I suppose it's in Capcom's interests to not bother with a PAL release. Still annoying for the European game players who were looking forward to it though.
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  • Squenix confirms TGS titles

  • ArtOfLife 04/09/2007

    Really can't wait for these Dragon Quest rereleases; this'll be the first time us poor saps in the West will have had the chance to play them!

    As for the large number of Final Fantasy games on the list, I don't really mind as long as they're new games ^_^ Aside from a DS remake of IV (which is a never before seen, fully 3D remake anyway, and as such isn't a port) all of those Final Fantasy games are brand new.
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  • DS - 2007's Most Wanted

  • ArtOfLife 26/08/2007

    Of those, the essentials for me are Phantom Hourglass, Revenant Wings, Subarashiki Kono Sekai/It's A Wonderful World, Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton.

    I'd also like Crystal Chronicles, Heroes of Mana and Sonic Rush Adventure from the 'almost' list.
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  • Blue Dragon

  • ArtOfLife 25/08/2007

    I always assumed that Blue Dragon would be an attempt to return to an older, more Dragon Quest/early Final Fantasy style of RPG anyway so although taking steps backwards in a genre is technically a bad move I don't really mind too much.

    And after all, it's only a review; one guy's opinion, and for every person who hates it there'll be another who loves it.

    I don't actually own a 360, but this was one of the main games I wanted for it if I ever got one. And I still do want it.
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  • GC: MGS4 bosses unveiled

  • ArtOfLife 23/08/2007

    Cannot wait for this game ^_^

    I loved the first three so something of that level of quality again will suit me fine, although you just know Kojima's going to go all out on this one and make it the absolute pinnacle of the series. He hasn't disappointed me so far with any of the other MGS games and I'm willing to bet this one will be more than worth the wait.
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  • Blue Dragon

  • ArtOfLife 27/06/2007

    "although there's an utterly dreadful and misjudged rock track with English lyrics in there too

    Would that be that absolutely terrible band Enter Shikari"

    As far as I know they're referring to a song on the soundtrack with, for some unexplainable reason, Ian Gillan of Deep Purple doing the vocals. It's hilariously cheesy =P

    I would absolutely love to get this game; the guys making it are responsible for some of my favourite games of all time and the game itself sounds along the lines of Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest VIII; two games I thought were amazing.
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  • Nintendo dominates Japan

  • ArtOfLife 15/06/2007

    I love the DS, and although I'll admit that so far I haven't been very impressed with the games on the Wii (except Zelda, but it's primarily a GameCube game), I'm very pleased to see Nintendo back doing so well. Not so long ago I remember people saying that Pokémon and Game Boy were the only thing keeping Nintendo surviving, and that as Sony had destroyed them in terms of sales in the home console market, if a portable PlayStation ever were to be released it'd be the end of Nintendo.

    Yet look at them now! On top in both fields and showing no signs of slowing down. And what's with the ridiculously high DS sales; either people are buying replacements over and over to replace broken ones, or else every third person in Japan owns one by now.

    Or else they're all buying multiple colour versions ^_^
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  • PS3 firmware update tomorrow

  • ArtOfLife 23/05/2007

    Please please PLEASE Sony add in some feature whereby pressing the PS button brings up the option to temporarily revert back to the main menu/read your messages/etc (like with the 360) without having to actually exit the game completely.

    Aside from that, pretty much everything else I was hoping future system updates to do seems to be included in the new update. Awesome XD
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  • Subarashiki Kono Sekai

  • ArtOfLife 19/05/2007

    As far as I know it'll still be called 'It's A Wonderful World' like before; the name Subarashiki Kono Sekai is just that in Japanese. Reply 0
  • GAME takes action over dodgy PS3 comparison poster

  • ArtOfLife 15/03/2007

    I really don't get this idea of Game staff being biased towards one console or another; any store I've ever been in just had generic ads for whichever big name games were out at the moment, as well as advertisements for each console and then their various preorder and trade in schemes. The staff are just ordinary people there doing a job like anyone else in a clothes shop, music shop, entertainment shops, whatever; no-one I've ever spoken to had some hidden agenda and attempted to influence me and make me buy their or the corporation's product of choice. They just take your money and give you the item, same as anywhere.

    In fact a few years ago I had a temporary job over Christmas working for them, just to make a bit of extra money. I and the other guys there were given the jobs by being one of two things: a good salesman, or knowledgeable about games. I'm guessing it wasn't the former for me =P But anyway, in a meeting before I and the other temps started, we were told basically to just sell stuff. Sell anything on the shelves. It doesn't matter what console it's on. If the customer appears interested in something and asks you about it, don't put them off. Simply mention that product's good points. Oh and also offer them the official strategy guide or whatever deal of the week was running at the time. There was no 'okay guys, what we're trying to do here is hype the PlayStation and try and put them off buying Xboxes, now go get 'em'.

    Although clearly this poster says otherwise; but then they've pulled it now anyway.

    I used to like UK Resistance, but to be perfectly honest that joke has been done to death about a thousand times over. Even if they are attempting to be funny and in reality don't actually mind the PS3, the comments section on each story would imply otherwise. I've no idea if the writers for the site are anti-Sony fanboys or just having a laugh and couldn't care either way, but as the comments sections are riddled with biased fanboyism I'm guessing none of the comment-leaving readers are on the same wavelength as the website's writers.
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