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  • Dutch court convicts teens of virtual theft

  • Ari 23/10/2008

    Gotta love translation software...

    "Previous year stood the Netherlands on his head because of the threat of a boy in Friese lion ears. The best boy became two other boys of its school forced to its personage in the MMO Runescape to them giving.
    The victim was kicked in each other and he was deprived of its virtual items.
    Today a sentence has been pronounced in the court of lion ears, where suspected the two minors is condemned for virtual robber stable. It is for the first time in the Netherlands which someone is condemned for this indictable offence.
    The two daders both has got a work sentence of 180 hours. Also they have got four weeks conditional youth detention for their infamous action."

    You crazy Dutch people ;)
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  • Flagship Studios closes doors

  • Ari 30/07/2008

    I thought Mythos was a great little game. I hope HanbitSoft does something decent with it... Reply 0
  • GameSpot ed gone amid rumours

  • Ari 30/11/2007

    Come on, fellas. Just because Eurogamer has scores that are different from the average on MetaCritic, doesn't automatically mean they're on the take. It means they've subjectively reviewed a game based on what they think, not what others tell them to think. Anyway, I thought we were bashing CNet and Gamespot - come on, keep the flaming focused ;) Reply 0
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

  • Ari 24/02/2007

    Sorry, but the first page of the review seems like a justification for why you're giving a potentially good advertiser a bad score.

    I think the score is fair, if a little harsher than what I would have given it though. I thought the rest of the review was balanced and considered as well. In future though, don't apologise for having a strong opinion, it smacks of being pussy-whipped by your advertisers and it's the kind of thing that gets on my wick.
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