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  • Turtle Rock leaves Evolve behind, won't have time to do F2P on console

  • Aretak 26/10/2016

    @Smash41 Except it's not the developers who make these calls, it's the publishers. Direct your anger at 2K.

    This article also really doesn't make it clear that this is again a 2K call. Turtle Rock wanted to carry on working on the game, but 2K terminated their contract. They literally can't do any more work on it, because 2K own the IP.
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  • No Man's Sky subreddit shut down, community erupts

  • Aretak 05/10/2016

    The people defending this idiot might actually want to do a little research, such as looking at his posts since it happened. He's basically a troll and has been called out by moderators of other large subreddits as being such. Whatever your opinion on No Man's Sky or criticism of it, this action is indefensible and will no doubt be undone by Reddit's admins (one of whom has already hinted at such). Reply -19
  • Lost Odyssey receives Xbox One backward compatibility today

  • Aretak 29/09/2016

    @RustyBullet It actually came on four discs. The UK box was a bit rubbish, with the fourth disc coming inside a loose white paper sleeve inside the box. The Asian copy I imported back when it came out had a larger box for all four discs (as well as much nicer box art).

    I know some people don't rate the game at all, but it's one of my favourite JRPGs. Looking back, it was basically the swansong for that style of big budget, traditional turn-based JRPG on home consoles too, sadly.
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  • FIFA 17: How the Frostbite engine improves visuals

  • Aretak 17/09/2016

    I really dislike how games using Frostbite look. They always have washed out, blurry appearance to them, with as many post-processing effects as possible shoved on-screen at the same time (with excessively large amounts of bloom and depth of field effects). You can spot a game using it from a mile off. Reply +4
  • Florence + the Machine made some Final Fantasy 15 songs

  • Aretak 12/08/2016

    @Ace-Reject There was nothing wrong with My Hands. It fit with the game as well as any of the other cheesy vocal ballads that've been in Final Fantasy games. If it'd been done by a relatively unknown artist, nobody would have minded it. Reply +3
  • Telltale's Batman is getting slammed by Steam reviews over buggy PC port

  • Aretak 03/08/2016

    The "funny" thing is that Arkham Knight actually runs really well now. We're talking 100fps+ maxed out (minus the two PhysX options) even on a GTX 970 or R9 390. It's actually a better port than the previous two Arkham games at this point. Of course, nobody really cared by the time they got around to fixing it, and it doesn't in any way excuse the state it launched in. But certainly if you can pick it up cheap (I got the version with all the DLC for £11), it's by far the best version of the game now. Reply +4
  • Steam game's £27 DLC is a PDF certificate

  • Aretak 21/06/2016

    All seems fair enough if it's up front and explicit about what you're getting for your money. If people want to buy it, that's up to them. Reply +63
  • Watch: We tried VR Porn at E3

  • Aretak 16/06/2016

    @Baban_Iesu It's $current_year$ mate. If you're not in an open relationship and sitting there with a buttplug in right now, you're definetly a prude. Reply +36
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 review

  • Aretak 10/06/2016

    OcUK accidentally put their 1070 pages up earlier and it seems like the UK prices are going to be a lot higher than mentioned here. In fact, it's barely cheaper than a 980 Ti, with the very cheapest model being just under £400 and better models pushing £450. For those sort of prices they can bugger off. Reply +39
  • Footage leaks of canned PSP game The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion

  • Aretak 17/05/2016

    All three videos taken down by ZeniMax copyright claims already. Ridiculous. Reply +10
  • Those annoying Windows 10 upgrade notifications will finally go away for good

  • Aretak 06/05/2016

    They seem to be moving on to rather more sinister measures in order to "encourage" people to upgrade from Windows 7.
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  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • Aretak 22/04/2016

    @Rayza Gosh, it's almost like everybody else in the world isn't you or something, and perhaps don't buy enough from Amazon to make paying £80 for delivery worth it. Reply +20
  • How PlayStation 4K Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • Aretak 20/04/2016

    @doplerradar Most indie games already come out on PC, where devs have to target a wide range of hardware. It shouldn't be too much of a stretch to make it run on two different PS4 graphics cards (since the CPU is the same), especially when they're both AMD chips using a similar architecture. Reply +37
  • Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition eBay scalpers criticised

  • Aretak 04/04/2016

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  • You have to level up a new World of Warcraft character to get the next Hearthstone hero

  • Aretak 15/03/2016

    It only takes a few hours to reach 20 these days, and as noted it's totally free. Not a big deal. WoW players had to win a few games of Hearthstone to get a mount back when the latter launched, so it's not the first time the two have been tied together this way either. Reply +10
  • WildStar studio Carbine sheds nearly half of its workforce - report

  • Aretak 12/03/2016

    @KanevilPS_ No, not at all. The entire point of WildStar was to offer something different to WoW, or more accurately something similar to what WoW used to be. They went after the audience who consider modern WoW to be too dumbed-down and casual. As it turned out, the number of people who missed things like raid attunements was a lot smaller than they anticipated. The game's most recent raid has been completed by less than 500 people. Reply -1
  • It sounds like Gears of War 4 will come to PC

  • Aretak 10/03/2016

    @rufflow That's just not in line with reality, frankly. There hasn't been any noticable rise in games coming to PC since Denuvo became a thing. Certainly not in games using it. It's pretty much been limited to big releases from major publishers, which were always coming to PC anyway. From what I've read, it's simply too expensive for smaller outfits to afford.

    As for Microsoft, their sudden interest has nothing to do with piracy and everything to do with the struggles of the Xbone and their desire to get people to switch to Windows 10.
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  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition released on Windows 10

  • Aretak 01/03/2016

    So why the bloody hell this is the only option for a massive AAA game like this is just beyond reason.

    Two reasons. The first being that Microsoft are desperate to get people onto Windows 10, and these games are bait. Containing them in their own little walled garden means that there's no possibility of them ever being modded to run on older versions of Windows, like Halo 2 Vista was back in the day. Secondly, they want control over PC gaming and to turn it into a more console-like experience that they can make money for nothing from. Games for Windows Live was their first attempt, trying to introduce subscription fees for online play and dumb interfaces designed to be navigated with a controller.

    This is the second offensive. Hence, no Steam or any other kind of release for these games. Gabe Newell called it back at Windows 8's release that creating this kind of closed ecosystem was Microsoft's ultimate goal, and he's been proved correct.
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  • Aretak 01/03/2016

    The frame-rate is obviously uncapped on PC.

    Well no, not really. Windows Store "apps" have a slew of limitations, including the fact that they have no proper fullscreen mode (only borderless windowed), meaning vsync is permanently engaged. Other problems include no SLI/Crossfire support, no mods and no support for any external programs at all, such as overlays (from the likes of Steam or Afterburner) or macro programs.

    Microsoft just can't resist fucking everything up when they throw PC gamers a bone, and I hope this new initiative fails as spectacularly as Games for Windows Live did.
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  • Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo review

  • Aretak 29/01/2016

    @Mistress I mean, you're entitled to your opinion and all that, but I'd suggest putting down the crack pipe for a bit and see how you feel about it afterwards. Reply +23
  • Steam's sale changes were a huge success

  • Aretak 12/01/2016

    Can't say they were with me. This was the first sale in a long, long time where I bought absolutely nothing. And it's not like I just own everything that I want at this point. I have a huge wishlist, but the discounts just weren't there. Many, many things I looked at had been cheaper in past sales, often to the tune of 15-20%. I don't have a problem with the changes in theory, but the reality seems to be that it was just an excuse to offer inferior discounts and move away from that "race to the bottom" that publishers were whinging about. Reply +10
  • It looks like Beyond's PS4 version has lightened the skin tone of Saudi characters

  • Aretak 03/12/2015

    Articles like this are why Eurogamer are no longer on my adblock whitelist.

    Bait on, guys!
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  • Digital Foundry vs Xenoblade Chronicles X

  • Aretak 01/12/2015

    @nickbonkersperry Sorry, but that's nonsense IMO. There are lots of 360/PS3 games that look as good as this does. Graphically, it's incredibly similar to the Gran Pulse section of Final Fantasy XIII, rolling plains, giant creatures and all. Reply +1
  • Xbox 360 at 10: The touching dreams of Lost Odyssey

  • Aretak 24/11/2015

    The last "epic" traditional turn-based JRPG really. Final Fantasy became an action game, Tales always was an action game, Dragon Quest became a handheld franchise and then an MMO, Suikoden is dead and everything else is on the lower end of the budget scale (and mostly horrific trash like Hyperdimension Neptunia).

    I had incredibly high hopes for Ni no Kuni, but that genuinely has the worst battle system of any JRPG ever made IMO, and it ruined the whole game for me.
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  • No flash or daily deals during Steam autumn, winter sales

  • Aretak 20/11/2015

    I'm on board with removing the flash sales, but the daily aspect of it was one of the things that made Steam sales exciting. Now you can just buy everything you want on the first day and forget about it, which makes it rather less of an "event". Reply +28
  • World of Warcraft: Legion release date leaked - report

  • Aretak 06/11/2015

    @Kremlik I'm sorry, but you may be slightly delusional if you think that Legion is coming before mid-2016. It definetly won't be "early" next year. They haven't even announced plans for the beta yet, which will last 4-6 months. It's likely that the launch will be timed to coincide with the film, which is hitting in June. It won't be as late as September of course, but you're still in for a long slog.

    WoD's PvP season 3 hasn't even started yet. I believe the current season is ending in a couple of weeks, then there'll be a few weeks of downtime, then the new season. For the record, the shortest ever PvP season was 17 weeks, back in TBC. Generally they're 20+, with the longest being 38 weeks. And they end well before the new expansion launches.

    A year or more of no new content is hardly new in WoW either, despite Blizzard constantly promising that this time, things will be different! It was 14 months between Siege of Orgrimmar going live and WoD's launch. It's going to be a similar wait this time.
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  • Blizzard will no longer report World of Warcraft subscriber numbers

  • Aretak 04/11/2015

    @dogmanstaruk Whilst it's true that a decline in subscribers for such an old game is natural, this really has little to do with that and more to do with the fact that Warlords of Draenor has been the worst expansion in WoW's history.

    Even putting the subjective aside, it's objectively had by far the least content added in patches after launch. There's basically nothing to do at endgame unless you raid, which covers only a small percentage of the game's playerbase. PvPers have been massively shafted this expansion as well, with no new battlegrounds for the first time ever, as well as massive faction and class imbalance.

    People flocked back to the game for WoD's launch, suggesting that the interest is still there. It promised to be an expansion that returned to the glory days of WoW, after many people were turned away by pandas and a similar dearth of endgame content in Cataclysm. What they found was basically half an expansion, desperately short on content and ideas.

    The "natural decline" argument doesn't really hold much water in this scenario when they bled out almost a third of their playerbase in three months (from 10m at WoD's launch to 7.1m in March) and have lost another 1.6m in six months since then. People are just massively disappointed in WoD. And rightly so.
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  • Warner Bros. offers full refund for still-broken Batman: Arkham Knight PC

  • Aretak 02/11/2015

    @SwissTony1994 It may not be "unfixable", but it certainly seems like it's just not economically viable to do so. I mean, if Warner Bros are offering unconditional refunds for everybody who bought the game rather than doing the work to fix it, that'd suggest that just refunding everybody who bought the game and pretending the PC version never existed is cheaper than doing the work to bring it up to par. Which suggests to me that Iron Galaxy's work is completely unsalvagable and that they'd have to literally port the game again from scratch, which they're obviously not going to do.

    Just offering refunds to anybody who wants one isn't a perfect solution by any means, but it's more than companies like Activision have done after releasing complete train wreck PC ports.
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  • Steam Halloween Sale is a monster, has Slender for £1.50

  • Aretak 30/10/2015

    Hopefully at least one of them will be worth playing.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC still broken, players say

  • Aretak 29/10/2015

    @JensWeissflog I mean, one thing you have to consider here is that this is with a 60fps target. The game runs perfectly fine at 30fps on a wide range of hardware on PC, providing a console-equivalent experience. If you look on Youtube, even an i3 and a 750 Ti will deliver pretty much a 30fps lock at 1080p. Of course, a lot of PC gamers don't consider that acceptable.

    The problems arise when you try for higher framerates. It's the exact same issue that The Evil Within had on PC, which ran at 30fps on fairly modest hardware, yet struggled to hit 60fps on the most powerful cards available.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

  • Aretak 27/10/2015

    It's a shame that this does seem to be somewhat less ambitious than Unity was. I had the good fortune to play that after a slew of patches and on a powerful PC (running a GTX 980) and it's by far the most visually impressive game I've ever played. Genuinely the first thing in this new generation that's seemed like a massive leap from what came before it. Reply +6
  • Intel Skylake: Core i3 6100 review

  • Aretak 25/10/2015

    @addman The G3258 doesn't even measure up against the i3 4130, let alone this one, even overclocked past 4GHz. Digital Foundry have done tests involving both in the past and clearly demonstrated that it struggles massively in more CPU-heavy titles. Framerates hit single digits in Ryse.

    It's a solid ultra-budget option for older games, but a dual core, dual thread chip just isn't enough for a lot of newer titles, no matter how much you overclock it.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate review

  • Aretak 22/10/2015

    @McGeeza It was all-but gone in Unity, save for a few voiceovers. You never actually left the Animus, which was great. The first-person modern day stuff in Black Flag was absolutely excruciating.

    Incidentally, Unity is my favourite game in the whole series. I thought it was fantastic.
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  • Remaining Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass content revealed

  • Aretak 16/10/2015

    @exit35 The sad thing is that you're probably right. People never seem to learn, no matter how many of these disappointing batches of DLC companies serve up. I particularly enjoyed the defence/justification of this one that went along the lines of "oh, well it must be good, or they wouldn't be charging so much for it!"

    Just how gullible are you people?
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  • Amazon reveals spruced up Fire TV model

  • Aretak 17/09/2015

    @Mayernator87 I bought a Fire TV Stick when they were selling them for £19 a while back. Pretty much all it gets used for is Kodi, and it does that pretty well. I imagine one of these more powerful ones would make a nice little emulation box too. Reply +2
  • Surprise! Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen headed to PC next year

  • Aretak 08/09/2015

    Fantastic news. The letterboxing and general performance issues completely put me off what was otherwise a great game on PS3. Always wanted a PC version, although I'd long-since given up hope. Reply +9
  • Rainbow Mika is in Street Fighter 5

  • Aretak 27/08/2015

    I see the Cuck Squad aren't too pleased at a virtual women expressing her sexuality. Stop oppressing her you beasts! Reply -2
  • EA removes player accused of sexual assault from NHL 16 cover

  • Aretak 13/08/2015

    @escalinci So do you have evidence that this man, who hasn't even been charged with a crime, is guilty then? Should you not be on the phone to the NYPD right now instead of browsing Eurogamer? Or are you just running with the "no smoke without fire" theory that usually proves so reliable? Reply +3
  • AMD's cut-down, air-cooled R9 Fury is a 4K contender

  • Aretak 10/07/2015

    @masseffectman Wow, you managed to cram all the Nvidia fanboy meme favourites in there! "Worse driver support", even though there's literally no difference when using a single card. "Game support", which I suppose means GameWorks features that cripple performance even on Nvidia's cards. "Hotter" even though the 980 Ti runs just as hot as Fiji. "Significantly more wattage" despite the 980 Ti and Fury X being within 20W of each other (meaning this card is probably less than both). Plus other nebulous garbage like "more frame-dropping issues".

    Nvidia's army of rabid fanboys make me embarrassed to own an Nvidia card.
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  • Radeon R9 390X 8GB review

  • Aretak 22/06/2015

    @meanspirit Sorry, but that's just an absurd usage scenario. Who games for 8 hours a day, 365 days a year with their card in a fully-stressed state throughout? It's not even remotely realistic. Most people aren't even going to come close to using the savings up front in electricity over the life of the card. Christ, even if you were gaming for FOUR hours a day, every single day for two years with your card running flat out the whole time, you'd only be breaking even then. Reply 0
  • MGS5's seedy Quiet figure has squeezable boobs

  • Aretak 11/05/2015

    I'm so faux outraged about this. Reply +54
  • Mortal Kombat X PC patch pulled after it deleted saves

  • Aretak 06/05/2015

    @trampstar The best part is that this is actually the second update of this size. They patched it not long after launch and it was around 15GB. People thought they might be replacing the terrible, black-crushed FMVs from the story mode, but they didn't. In fact, it didn't seem to do anything of note. Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 revealed

  • Aretak 05/05/2015

    @VideoGameAddict25 They were also behind Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, and even managed to fuck that up. The rest of their output isn't even notable enough to have a Wikipedia page. I guess they must work cheap or something... Reply +14
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition gets free multiplayer DLC next week

  • Aretak 01/05/2015

    @super_monty They were really good about supporting Mass Effect 3's multiplayer with free content actually. Tons of it in fact, including 7 new maps (plus 6 variations on the original ones), 40 new character kits, 19 new weapons and a lot more. Reply +8
  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • Aretak 24/04/2015

    @SuperSoupy The thing is, mods for Bethesda games technically belong to Bethesda. I wouldn't be surprised if people like the FNIS developers find that they don't have a leg to stand on legally if somebody chooses to use their work in a paid mod, with Bethesda being complicit in this program.

    I fear it's going to lead to either an exodus of people from the community, because they don't want their work being used in such a way and can't stop it, or a grudging universal acceptance of paid modding for the same reason. Neither scenario represents a bright future for the communities that have sprung up around games such as Skyrim.
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  • Xbox sales decreased 20 per cent year-over-year in Q1

  • Aretak 24/04/2015

    @frazzl Are you implying that people weren't calling the PS3 a massive failure around 07/08? Because as I recall things, that's basically all people did back then. Whether it's "the same people" or not doesn't really matter. There are always going to be people laughing at struggling consoles, and always certain people getting slightly too defensive and upset about them doing so. Reply +53
  • Mortal Kombat X review

  • Aretak 20/04/2015

    Slightly depressing to see the review of such a good game farmed out to somebody who doesn't really seem to care about it, and spends more time using the review as a platform to let everybody know their ever-so-important opinions on social justice issues than talking about gameplay mechanics or the online experience. Whether I agree with Eurogamer's reviews or not, at least they're usually fairly well-written. This is probably the most amateurish and incomplete thing I've ever read on here. Reply +15
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 played on omni-directional treadmill and Oculus Rift

  • Aretak 17/04/2015

    GTA is a "murder simulator"? Have I stumbled into the Daily Mail comments section by accident? Reply +26
  • Blizzard announces Timewalking feature for World of Warcraft

  • Aretak 16/04/2015

    The implementation of this is rather disappointing to be honest. It was datamined back during MoP (indeed, actually playable through a glitch in the PTR client) and looked like something that'd allow people on max level characters to either run every old dungeon for fun, or to help friends on new characters. Instead it's a small selection of dungeons that award sub-LFR loot and are only available at the weekend every now and then. Reply +5
  • $20 WOW Token gold value drops nearly a third in a day

  • Aretak 09/04/2015

    @drhickman1983 Honestly, you should be looking at 1-2k a day, even with minimal garrison management. I've easily been making that from follower missions alone, before you even consider stuff like the jewelcrafting daily (easy 200-300g a day, don't need to be a jewelcrafter), selling stuff from the herb garden/mine, etc.

    I started the expansion with around 160k across all my characters, and am now at over 700k. I've bought a lot of stuff too.
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