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  • Raymond: Splinter Cell popularity held back by its complexity

  • Anthony_UK 23/04/2013

    The reason the sales on Spinner Cell decreased is the same as with Dead Space. There watering the game down to the point where ain't it becomes another 3rd person shooter with a cover mechanic. In there attempt to somehow make there games appeal to the COD mob, there making every game feel the same. Reply +10
  • Xbox 360 mandatory system update goes live

  • Anthony_UK 27/11/2012

    Xbox video has never had subtitles as far as I can see, is this a new feature? Reply -2
  • New PES 2013 gameplay trailer recreates the goals of Euro 2012

  • Anthony_UK 17/07/2012

    This looks like how pro evo has always looked since forever :/

    This isn't the revolution that will beat FIFA 13, to suggest so is almost laughable
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  • Forza Horizon pre-orders bonuses revealed

  • Anthony_UK 11/07/2012

    I'm not sure they've spelled it out for sure, but think it's a open world racer similar in structure to Test Drive unlimited, im pretty sure it doesn't have the same MMO element though :( Reply +8
  • Ellie Gibson returns to Eurogamer, Oli Welsh becomes Deputy Editor

  • Anthony_UK 10/07/2012

    When one of Ellie's negatives in the Alan Wake review and presumably a part reason why she marked the game down was that Alan Wake's wife took women in gaming back years...... For being scared of the dark? Scared of demons? Who knows? I'm not surprised there were more than a few scathing comments. Reply -16
  • Starbreeze: Syndicate was "a lost battle from the get-go"

  • Anthony_UK 19/06/2012

    Free tip.... When you develop game for 3 years, releasing a confusing co-op/multiplayer demo in a buggy, laggy almost unplayable state won't make people want to part with there cash. Reply +7
  • Gotham City Impostors fixes on the way

  • Anthony_UK 17/02/2012

    Unrealistic demands? I've unlocked half the weapons in the game after 4 hours?

    The only things in the game that have the 'buy now' option are clothing options/costumes for your in game avatar which don't effect gameplay and are unlocked through normal play anyway.

    And the first batch of DLC is free next month that includes a map with new weapons and abilities and dedicated servers.

    First FPS I've really got into in a long time. Ignore the lazy review and at least give it a try.
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  • New Warhammer 40K: Space Marine DLC announced

  • Anthony_UK 18/01/2012

    Loved the single player and the multiplayer is so much better than I imagined. I'm slightly tempted to pick up this DLC purely to play something different but I'm worried that the I imagine to be a small player base well get split even more.

    You'd think developers of games like this would release the DLC for free to attract players back!
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  • Stunning Spec Ops: The Line teaser trailer

  • Anthony_UK 22/11/2011

    They had a beta for this earlier this year which I played with the half a dozen others who bothered :/ it really was functional at best. By the numbers slightly sluggish 3rd person action, with very basic graphics and a cover system that felt more mass effect than gears of war...

    Basically it looked nothing like the awesome looking gameplay trailers doing the rounds at the time, so hopefully it was either a very early version of the game or they've gone back to the drawing board.
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  • Brink Autumn Cup announced

  • Anthony_UK 21/09/2011

    Can the game even be played with 5 on 5 without it becoming unplayable? Reply +2
  • Deus Ex: HR boss fights interview

  • Anthony_UK 19/09/2011

    Surely the developers are well aware of the feelings towards the boss battles, it's almost like they've done this vid purposely to say 'Hey don't blame us! It was this dudes fault!!' Reply +3
  • Driver: San Francisco's garages detailed

  • Anthony_UK 31/08/2011

    That got a grin from me... Reply 0
  • Star Fox 64 3D footage barrel rolls out

  • Anthony_UK 21/08/2011

    3DS killer App's - 15 year old N64 gamesVita killer App's - Uncharted, MGS4...There's a reason why the 3DS is dying on it's arse Reply +1
  • Saints Row 3 pre-orders double SR2

  • Anthony_UK 28/07/2011

    "Saints Row's digital ecosystem will contain the most comprehensive suite of digital content across our portfolio, including a season pass, microstransactions, planned DLC offerings for nearly a year post launch, game add-ons, consumables and an in-game store," he promised.SOLD! :/ Reply +5
  • THQ abandons Red Faction franchise

  • Anthony_UK 28/07/2011

    As above RFG is probably my favourite sandbox game this gen, so why after the after the previous game did the decide to make the game underground with aliens and take away the cover system amongst other things?Whoever gave this the green light needs shooting! Reply +4
  • PES 2012: control two players at once

  • Anthony_UK 21/07/2011

    Yeah FIFA tried this years ago, nice idea but in reality you need the co-ordination of 15 ninja's for it to be of any use. Reply +5
  • New Homefront DLC announced

  • Anthony_UK 19/07/2011

    I'll be buying but it's a shame they'll be splitting the small community even more. The way it simply boots players who don't have the DLC as maps rotate is also a pain

    The game has it's issues, the servers for example still have issues sometimes when joining games with friends, though for all it's faults I absolutely love it, it's just a great multiplayer shooter.

    Give the multiplayer demo a go if you haven't already! And if you have the game try it anyway, noob slaying is fun!
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  • MS planning one OS for Xbox, PC, phone?

  • Anthony_UK 15/07/2011

    I'll try again.. As with windows phone 7, it feels like something fresh and new - especially after the coming update. As much as I love my iPhone 4, I'm just plain bored of IOS now...Windows phone just seems to do things that would take a dozen or so apps to achieve on the iPhone... Reply +3
  • Anthony_UK 15/07/2011

    As the above poster said, I think it will more likely be a common GUI or at least similar between the various platforms. I'm a big fan of my xbox and having my phone especially feel like an extension of that is very attractive, especially as windows phone 7 with Reply +1
  • MW3 makers dig at Battlefield 3's 30FPS

  • Anthony_UK 29/06/2011

    They must be worried if that's the best comeback they've got! Reply +14
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer

  • Anthony_UK 15/06/2011

    This is buy the same people, so I've still got my hopes up for this one. The multiplayer especially in WFC was a blast! Reply +1
  • Dual-wielding Darkness II gameplay

  • Anthony_UK 02/06/2011

    I half agree with the post aboveStarbreeze are masters at setting the atmosphere and putting you in the shoes of who your supposed to be. The actual game mechanics of both Riddick and The Darkness were clunky to say the least. Reply 0
  • Portal 2, Dead or Alive crack Japan chart

  • Anthony_UK 25/05/2011

    Out of interest how do UK hardware sales compare? Reply +1
  • Test Drive 2 dev Eden goes on strike

  • Anthony_UK 11/05/2011

    Whoever was responsible for releasing TDU2 in the state it was in needs to hang there heads in shame, whether that was Atari or Eden. These days people won't stick around until DLC time and trade your game faster than you can say 'laggy unfinished mess' Reply +1
  • Homefront multiplayer demo coming

  • Anthony_UK 04/05/2011

    They really did nail the multiplayer, such a shame they scared the COD faithful that dip there toe in away with the lack of being able to join friends and just games in general for those first few weeks...Shame as other than BC2, this is probably my favourite online shooter this generation. Hits the sweet spot right on the head between all the vehicle based action and strategy of battlefield with the pace of COD.Seeing as Fronlines has new weapons and vehicles as well as maps for it's DLC I've got my fingers crossed for something similar here :) Reply +2
  • XBL chart: COD rules, Homefront falters

  • Anthony_UK 21/04/2011

    That's a major tail off on Homefront after the amount of copies they apparently sold, there was around 500,000 names on the xbox leaderboard the week after release. I'm still loving it, but aiming for the COD masses, then have constant cashes and not allowing people to play with friends was suicide really...Everyone bar myself on my friends list has traded this in purely because of the state of the servers those first few weeks...shame :/ Reply +3
  • Bilson: Homefront is "not a 71"

  • Anthony_UK 12/04/2011

    Why the hate, short single player aside the multiplayer is great fun.The scale of Battlefield with the pace of Call of Duty, I love it personally! Reply 0
  • iPhone 5 release late 2011/early 2012?

  • Anthony_UK 12/04/2011

    Wake me when they release an iPhone that opens to reveal some form of dpad.... Reply -1
  • UK top 40: Crysis 2 denies Shift 2

  • Anthony_UK 04/04/2011

    Zumba Fitness isn't new, it's just had a price drop Reply -1
  • Mafia II: Director's Cut sighted

  • Anthony_UK 23/03/2011

    The likes of John Teti and Ellie are some of the main reasons Eurogamer reviews mean little to me these days.

    Pretentious overlong intro, followed by missing the point entirely, forgetting why the average Joe plays video games in the first place. Go work for Edge or something.....

    Anyhow it was pretty clear no matter how good the released game was, that it was butchered for the sake of creating some DLC. In an ideal world the directors cut would be as the finished game should of been. Now that would have me buy it a second time around!
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  • Homefront trailer reveals multiplayer

  • Anthony_UK 04/03/2011

    Whats wrong with the troop animations, why does the HUD and fonts look half COD half mid 90's PC FPS, why show the action so quick we can't actually get a grasp of what's going on....Please be good Homefront, I'm starting to get worried :( Reply 0
  • Cliffy B: "The middle class game is dead"

  • Anthony_UK 04/03/2011

    He's got it wrong though, it's not all about being AAA. It's quality, it also has to be quick to pick up and have the longevity. But I think sadly marketing is a massive part of things now also.Pretty much all of my friends own an xbox. But only a handful at most have even heard of the likes of Vanquish. A game which makes Gears look very ordinary in comparison.What happened to giving demo disks at retail, again on xbox it's surprising out my 'casual gamer' friends how they never even venture anywhere near the demo section of the marketplace Reply +6
  • Rolando publisher slams NGP, 3DS

  • Anthony_UK 02/03/2011

    If NGP can deliver a console quality COD game, online especially. It'll sell.You just can't have the same kind of games on an iPhone, touch screen d-pads etc just doesn't do it for me. Reply 0
  • Operation Flashpoint: Red River trailer

  • Anthony_UK 22/02/2011

    Are Codemasters trying to mate this the first game ever to gradually put you off the game more after each trailer? Reply +1
  • Danger Close working on Medal of Honor 2

  • Anthony_UK 18/02/2011

    Just been playing the multiplayer on this and in a lot of ways I prefer it to Call of Cuty. Love how the map design creates almost a frontline despite the small play area, the one hit kills with the sniper rifle the only deal breaker for me Reply 0
  • Bizarre says goodbye with farewell video

  • Anthony_UK 18/02/2011

    Thankyou Bizarre for some of my most favourite gaming memories, I wish you all the best for the future.That videos made me feel all sad, very touching :( Reply +2
  • Eden working to eliminate TDU2 bugs

  • Anthony_UK 14/02/2011

    @HarmonicaYou either sound like you work for Eden or are a member of the TDU2 Defence Force, seriously i'm enjoying the game at the moment despite the current situation, but claiming the game is anything but broken at the moment is just wishful thinking. Servers are hit and miss to whether there online, and other players currently so laugh it's not even fun, multiplayer games still keep booting you mid race, game saves being deleted and clubs and other various elements of the multiplayer are either broken or in the process apparently of being fixed.Love the ambition of Eden with this game, but it's still a mess at the minute Reply +3
  • Anthony_UK 14/02/2011

    Eurogamer looks like you haven't actually spoke to Atari or Eden and just lazily copied that from the official forum...... Do some bloody reporting for a change instead of waiting for VG247 and copying them..... All the free Jolly's to press events around the world must to hard work, but please try... Reply +14
  • Kotick: online COD fees not a priority

  • Anthony_UK 11/02/2011

    How does Acti manage to be slowly killings itself and everyone but the top management there can see it plain as day?As with all there other IP's that they've milked to death, they'll keep producing a very similar product year after year frightened of any real change, then they'll charge subs.....Then COD dies a slow deathUtterly clueless, it's embarrassing Reply +15
  • Battlefield 3 has dedicated servers

  • Anthony_UK 10/02/2011

    Slightly odd this news story? All the console battlefield games have had dedicated servers anyway? Reply +12
  • Activision kills Guitar Hero

  • Anthony_UK 09/02/2011

    Clueless, they've just milked franchises to death for a fast buck without even thinking of the future, who buys a Guitar Hero game or Tony Hawk game every year? Knowone that's who, surely they knew that.... They've killed in the past 12 months:Tony HawkGuitar HeroDJ Heroand.....Bizarre Creations :/DICE and EA please nuke those fools from orbit with BF3..... Reply +3
  • Anthony_UK 09/02/2011

    There clueless aren Reply -3
  • DICE demos Frostbite 2 engine footage

  • Anthony_UK 08/02/2011

    Tease! I was expecting bullets and boom boom... :/ Reply 0
  • Starfox 64 shows off 3DS capabilities

  • Anthony_UK 10/01/2011

    Disappointment levels rising...After all the talk of 'more power than the gamecube' and games 'looking close to current gen' a 3D Starfox 64 leaves me cold....the DS could bloody pull of N64 games for gods sake, they couldn't even be arsed making a new game! Reply +1
  • Homefront urges you fight for freedom

  • Anthony_UK 04/01/2011

    Frontlines with a bigger budget is a good thing! But for all the talk, it does look like a Call of Duty wannabe (But not quite there yet) from the brief gameplay clips they've shown so far Reply 0
  • Fingers on the pulse

  • Anthony_UK 22/12/2010

    Brilliant article, that was actually quite interesting Reply +6
  • EA: Acti has made "horrific mistakes"

  • Anthony_UK 22/12/2010

    He's jumping on the bandwagon but Acti deserve it!Look at EA and there output over the past few years. Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Bad Company 1 and 2 and the latest Need For Speed. How they turned the tide on Pro Evo with FIFA... Sure there still big evil EA but they seem to using there might to actually create games that we gamers love....and if they fail they come back stronger. The amount of time they've given DICE with BF3 is another example of how there taking there time to create great games rather than rush it out of the door and sell something off the brand name alone.Acti? Where have they done any of the above... They've rode in on the back of Modern Warfare, Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero and have done nothing and will do nothing to progress either in any meaning full way and will simply bleed each particular series dry....Who's idea was it to reboot Tony Hawk with a plastic skateboard? Do they even ask gamers what we want? How long before the masses realise that COD is basically the same year after year within reason...what will Activision do then?Bizarre Creations also? Who buys one of best Dev's of the past 10 years or so and do what they did with them.... Blur? Awesome game but was poorly marketed with a too clever for it's own good ad campaign.....and to top it off, wasn't even on the shelves of either Game or Gamestation on release day! (Rumour being Game refused because Acti wouldn't take back unsold Guitar Hero stock) either way baring on mind Red Dead had just been released the combination of events basically meant Bizarre were fed to the wolves as they were with James Bond... Released with no marketing alongside bloody Call of Duty!!!! Clueless springs to mind!.....and relax.... Reply +14
  • Acti insists Tony Hawk is still relevant

  • Anthony_UK 08/12/2010

    How long before they realise we want Tony Hawk to back to it's roots?We want score attack and showing off in front of friends on small skate parks like the first few games!Not plastic stakeboard controllers.....seriously who comes up with these ideas! Reply +7
  • PC, 360 Bad Company 2 will lag today

  • Anthony_UK 30/11/2010

    They can be hard to take down, but with a bit of practice it only needs a pilot to slow or pause in mid air for a moment and they can't be picked out of the sky with a standard rocket with practice......admittedly against a skilled apache pilot, it can still be hard to avoid the spawn rape of death :) Reply +1
  • Introducing: Eurogamer Asks

  • Anthony_UK 26/11/2010

    Serious question..

    Seeing the amount of money games cost to make, why do publishers hype a game for launch then pretty much leave it at that. Mario games on wii constantly sell because of brand awareness and the fact there always advertised, why don't over publishers on other platforms do the same, especially when a game doesnt sell as well as it should.

    Blur for example, bombed but was a brilliant and at the same time causal friendly, but very few people I shown the game to had even heard of it, the ones that did play it bought it. It was advertised at time in a perhaps a to clever ad for it's own good, as it wouldn't have meant anything to anyone who didn't already know about the game. A second wave of advertising aimed a little better could have really worked but instead the game is left to die and the publishers shift there attention elsewhere.
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