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  • Condemned creator considering letting an indie studio make a third outing

  • AnsemsApprentice 02/02/2015

    Would love a decent sequel. Criminal Origins is one of my games of the last gen. Bloodshot had its great moments -- that bear sequence is amazing.

    I wonder what Red Barrels Games would do with it? Just out of curiosity.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's tavern songs are available for free

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/01/2015

    These were all well-written. I was surprised and impressed during my playthrough, and the singer has a lovely timbre. Thanks, Bioware. I'll enjoy them.

    "Empress of Fire," and "Nightingale's Eyes" are especially beautiful.
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  • Listen to Andy Serkis play the bad guy in Mike Bithell's Volume

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/01/2015

    Loving the electric origami look; nice voice-acting. Let's hope it's fun. Seems like a no-brainer to me, I'm excited. Reply +3
  • SimCity 2000: Special Edition is free on Origin

  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2014

    'La Bamba' has the voice of an angel.

    Anyway, great game; great gift.
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  • 20 years of PlayStation: the Ridge Racer revolution

  • AnsemsApprentice 03/12/2014

  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions review

  • AnsemsApprentice 01/12/2014

    Beat the final boss yesterday, and I enjoyed my time with the game a lot. I like the variety of the stages; changing your whole thought process from level to level is challenging at first, but stopped me from raging too much. It's great fun, I think -- not a classic, no, but worth playing.

    I'm with everyone about the music and sound. It's fairly stock, in a similar way to Resogun. It's no REZ, that's for sure.

    I've never played the first game. It seems beyond my skill to be good at it, which scared me off ever buying it (maybe I should, now?), and I heard this game was a lot easier. It's clear just from hearing people talking about it that it's far from a pure Geometry Wars experience, but that's what intrigued me, in all honesty.

    I'm still playing it. This and Binding of Isaac are my current podcast games.
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  • Bloodborne dev teases a procedurally-generated area

  • AnsemsApprentice 20/11/2014

    This could be the PS4's first classic-status game. Ticks all my boxes, anyway -- the art direction, realistic animations, interesting mechanics (countering to get health back, combining weapons to create different moves, etc), challenging enemy encounters, sprawling interconnected levels, and tonnes of detail. The alpha I saw online seemed to be at 60fps, also, but I could be wrong.

    Are there no shields in the game? Perhaps the generous health system and huge dodge animation will make that a non-issue. Can't wait, anyway! Looks like they've been working on this for a long time.
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  • Watch Dark Souls 2 beaten in under an hour without glitches

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/11/2014

    And I thought me just finishing it was a feat. Now people are finishing it in two percent of the time it took me, or with rhythm game peripherals. I love it when people bend challenging games to their will. Reply +4
  • Mass Effect 4 concept art teases new planets, species

  • AnsemsApprentice 07/11/2014

    What I'm saying is, I never played Mass Effect for its main story. I never sat down and said, "Oh man, I can't wait to see what happens with the Reapers!" That's always been boring. It's about the characters, and their place in the universe, and the feeling you're influencing what they're saying and what's happening. Those dialogues about their lives, their pasts, and their reactions to you, and yours to them. The story is actually an afterthought, for me. It's how the inhabitants are reacting to it that's good.

    That's what I meant. The story itself is very bland, but it doesn't matter, because they make you feel part of it so well.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 07/11/2014

    I'm pretty sure if you randomly picked a commenter on any Eurogamer article, they could have written a better story for Halo 4. Maybe I'm being harsh, but it's laughable.

    Ah well, Mass Effect has never been about the story, but some of the side-missions are pretty well written. Let's hope that's true for the next game.
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  • de Blob IP purchased by Nordic Games, could see a comeback

  • AnsemsApprentice 31/10/2014

    @Unstable_ISOtope That would be mouth-wateringly good. They could manage it, no doubt, but will they give it the love it needs to be a classic? Maybe! There's huge potential in its basic form, but they need to modernize the mechanics a bit.

    Edit: if they even bother, of course. I have no idea how it sold.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 31/10/2014

    I like the games, but they need to give you more incentive to fully paint the world. Manually touching every surface gets repetitive, fast. Make each sequence more interesting -- like sliding down high buildings becoming an 'on-rails' puzzle race against an enemy; or a rhythm-game component, painting wall by wall with different coloured paint corresponding with the buttons on your control (no button prompts, just free-form).

    The art style is the reason I kept going. They're awesome in that regard. Making the backgrounds crazier wouldn't go amiss. I'd go full Nintendo.

    Would like a Blob game on PS4, definitely!
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  • Telltale's Game of Thrones is coming later this year

  • AnsemsApprentice 28/10/2014

    Hope it's a new engine! That's the only issues their games have had, outside of some unsatisfying (subjectively) plot twists.

    Excited for this. I loved the first season of GoT, but then my interest seemed to fade in the second season. Maybe the choice-making and different characters (?) will reignite my enthusiasm for its merciless world.

    Have there been screenshots yet?
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  • The many styles of Mortal Kombat X

  • AnsemsApprentice 08/10/2014

    I love the way it looks. The art direction is more dense and interesting than in previous games, and the character designs might be my favourite of all.

    I think NetherRealm should be given kudos for managing to keep the franchise appealing after all this time. The fighting was smoother than it's ever been in MK9, and with the return of a block button, this should be the new standard.

    I've always loved the mythology of the MK universe, strangely; MK3 sparked that, and remains my favourite entry, but this looks very cool in that regard. Yeah, I'm very impressed. Having not played Injustice, a lot of this will feel totally new to me.
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  • Woman sets Guinness World Record for largest Silent Hill collection

  • AnsemsApprentice 19/09/2014

    I think it's closer to obsession. I have thousands of pictures of foreign, classic movie posters on my computer. Some things just strike a certain treasure-hunting feeling in you. Reply +3
  • AnsemsApprentice 19/09/2014

    The soundtracks are definitely worth owning! Cool collection; I'm a big SH fan. Love the figures, and the Lakeside poster, and the blood-thirsty Energizer bunny.

    I can't pretend I wouldn't buy a lot of that if I had the money.
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  • Surreal horror adventure Darkwood creeps onto Early Access next week

  • AnsemsApprentice 18/07/2014

    Looks brilliant to me. Would be fantastic on Vita, I bet; dearly hope there's a PS4 version one day. I've been dying to play this since they showed the first footage. Reply +6
  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/07/2014

    Two PS4 EU codes:


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  • AnsemsApprentice 17/07/2014

    What are people having issue with? Just downloading the beta? Mine's installing at the moment, 2GB so far of 10.97

    Have others not got that far?
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  • Microsoft is heavily discounting Titanfall and more this week

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/07/2014

    So far I've bought Bastion (way better than the demo suggested), Guardian of Light, BloodRayne, and Vanquish. I love them all so far.

    Was nearly tempted by Left 4 Dead 2 today, but I'm more of a single-player guy and wouldn't get the most out of it. I'm gutted I missed the previous sale -- really wanted to play Sonic Generations, but oh well.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 08/07/2014

    Wow, I've played a lot of those games; pretty good list. There must be seven or eight classics there.

    I never got round to buying BloodRayne, or Tomb Raider: GoL. Those jump out the most, to me. I'm in the mood for something interesting.
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  • Video: 11 minutes of exclusive Kingdom Under Fire 2 gameplay

  • AnsemsApprentice 30/06/2014

    This looks great fun. If the abilities get more devastating, and the gameplay is varied, I'll definitely get this.

    Can you make the HUD transparent or anything like that? My TV won't be pleased with all those fixed bars and icons.
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  • PlayStation Plus gets TowerFall, Strider and Dead Space 3 in July

  • AnsemsApprentice 25/06/2014

    Just bought Dead Space 3 for a few quid on 360 recently. I liked it more than 2 (CONTROVERSY, BLARGH).

    Strider and Towerfall will be fun I bet. Never heard of Vessel. Destiny Beta is more than worth the subscription price, for me.
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  • Watch the full Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 demo right here

  • AnsemsApprentice 19/06/2014

    Oh my god; it's Subsistence and Peace Walker joined at the hip.

    This could be amazing. It looks lovely and smooth, gameplay and graphics. My worries have faded significantly.
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  • Tech Analysis: Destiny alpha on PS4

  • AnsemsApprentice 15/06/2014

    The vehicles, the names, some of the designs, and the shotgun are the only things that remind me of Halo. Everything else feels totally fresh and exciting, methinks.

    If the servers hold up, and the campaign is fun both online and offline, alone or with friends, then this game is an instant buy. Looks ridiculously high quality.
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  • Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/06/2014

    The footage of Rainbow Six: Siege is more what I was looking for from Hardline. Disappointed it looks so average -- I kind of wanted a SWAT 4 style of gameplay with Counter-Strike multiplayer. Reply +5
  • Batman: Arkham Knight release date slips to 2015

  • AnsemsApprentice 03/06/2014

    Shame, but I'm still looking forward to Diablo III (PS4), Evil Within, Alien Isolation, Dragon Age 3, and Destiny. Witcher 3 early next year. Not terrible, but slower that expected.

    This game looks like what I wanted from Arkham City. Will wait!
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  • This Mighty No. 9 gameplay is absolutely, definitely not at all Mega Man

  • AnsemsApprentice 30/05/2014

    The graphics look a bit soft, and the gameplay wooden. Some of the animations and effects are pretty nice, though. I'd be interested if it were a bit faster, but it seems like a similar pace and difficulty to Sonic 4, which were that game's worst elements. Reply -2
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor promises plenty of strategising - and accidental chaos

  • AnsemsApprentice 22/05/2014

    @Mr.Spo It just seems like the only thing not integral to the game is the Lord of the Rings stuff, as if it were a mildly interesting afterthought.

    I'd much rather control Sauron in his younger years, perhaps making certain choices which dictate whether you become the Dark Lord, or an alternate version that can unfold. This seems mostly gameplay-focused, so why bother tacking on the rich world of Tolkien? I guess I'm saying it looks like a watered-down vision from what I've seen; LOtR in microcosm.

    We'll see, we'll see. I could be making a big deal out of a whole lot of nothing, and I'm not going to judge it just yet, that's not fair.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 22/05/2014

    Monolith are one of my favourite devs, and I adore the universe Tolkien created in its various forms . . . so why is this doing nothing for me?

    Maybe it's because it's not quite Monolith and not quite Tolkien. I don't know, something just isn't clicking. I hope they make me feel stupid as more footage is revealed and prove me wrong. I'm desperate for that one special Middle-Earthian vision that isn't made from LEGO, as much as I loved that, and I hope this is it.
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  • See the first image of the next Call of Duty

  • AnsemsApprentice 01/05/2014

    The magic of the fantastic COD 4 still hasn't been duplicated, but I'm always hopeful the series can return to that level of quality. Reply +39
  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/04/2014

    Can't say 'til I see more of the games. No one can. The hype will die down before they're released, and all the better for it -- I want to have no expectations and be pleased.

    It sounds like, in a way, the article is leaning toward the opinion that these games are too old to matter on a certain level; that it's not just the unreachably-high expectations put upon them that's the issue, but how other games have innovated far beyond what HL3 or whatever could possibly manage at this point . . . and I say bollocks.

    If ICO came out tomorrow, it would become an instant classic. Same goes for Half Life 2. It's not just what they did for games as a whole, it's how damn well made they are. GTA V had a bunch of cool tweaks, but that's not the reason it's good: it's exceptionally well made, that's why. It's not a crowning achievement in terms of gameplay, but it unified the elements those games are known for in the most elegant way yet, and who's to say HL3 or The Last Guardian won't do the same in their own way? It's not even close to impossible.

    I'm with you about long development time; it never ends well, really, and I do worry a little about it -- we know The Last Guardian was in a right state according to reports and stuff -- but I still have confidence in talented people. Writing them off at this point, if that is what you're doing, is dumb. Still, fills an article, I get that. It's not an uninteresting topic.
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  • Video: Creative Assembly on creating a faithful Alien game

  • AnsemsApprentice 07/04/2014

    @havoc33 I saw it a long time after it was released. I'm 22, I had my first experience with it on the Alien Quadrilogy boxset. My first thought when it finished was, "Why do people hate this movie?"

    I'm not religious, but that aspect of the film was immensely interesting. I already commended the acting. I thought Pete Postlethwaite was fantastic as ever, and Weaver played a totally different kind of Ripley -- like a hardened, seen-too-much-death-to-give-a-shit version, but still retaining that motherly side all the while.

    It's not a very good sequel, but it's a great film. I was pleased with the more understated tone after Cameron's, "Woo hoo, space fight!"
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  • AnsemsApprentice 07/04/2014

    @havoc33 I liked Alien 3 a lot, as long as I disregarded what I liked about the first two movies. It's quite different, but I loved the atmosphere, setting, and acting. Get a Pitch Black vibe from it.

    Could make a cool game, yeah. This looks rad as ever to me.
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  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/04/2014

    @thegofp You're right, I just meant I think they highlight the improvements better than the video does. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 05/04/2014

    I think the screenshots tell the true story, here. I shouldn't have judged the game by that video at all. My bad, looks alright. I am disappointed with the subtle differences, but that's my inner purist being a dick. Will pick this up methinks!

    Apologies for my previous knee-jerk comment if anyone saw. Typing before I think again...
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  • Telltale releases The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3's "launch trailer"

  • AnsemsApprentice 01/04/2014

    Hopefully the long gaps are the result of some technical improvements, because the performance on 360 is kind of shocking, but I doubt it.

    Still, really enjoying it from a story point of view, and the art style is lovely.
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  • Alien Isolation: "I didn't expect smiling and laughing"

  • AnsemsApprentice 28/03/2014

    As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with Colonial Marines outside of the publisher, so don't fret too much; that game had a long and troubled development if I remember right, and that's what's important, not the name, "Sega."

    This seems much more focused and tight with less reliance on action, so the chance of the Xenomorphs losing their fear factor is greatly reduced -- a big problem with you-know-what game -- so tick that box.

    Atmosphere has been well and truly nailed from footage I've seen, graphics look nice, story sounds very interesting, main character seems to have great appeal. I'd rather a relative of Ripley than a voiceless nobody.

    I dunno, I think it looks like a classic in the making.
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  • Hotline Miami 1 heading to PS4 as Cross-Buy

  • AnsemsApprentice 24/03/2014

    Saves carry over, right? I still have three levels to A+, would be nice to do it on PS4.

    I think Hotline Miami is one of the coolest videogames of all time. Am I crazy? I found myself grooving out at the results screen every single time. Feel so badass when that score tots up.
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  • The Last of Us' film adaptation will follow the game's storyline

  • AnsemsApprentice 14/03/2014

    @metalmike25 As soon as Ellie came into Joel's life, I knew she would end up being his lifeline. I'm not saying its intentions weren't interesting, or that killing to survive isn't a story in itself, I just think they went about telling it in a very obvious and bland way.

    Adding zombie-like enemies for the hell of it seemed bizarre, too. I don't get what they add to the game from a story perspective. That whole arc is thrown out the window at one point anyway.

    I guess I think it suffers from an identity crisis most of the time. It tries to be I Am Legend, Children of Men and The Road rolled into one package, and I felt that it never quite threaded those themes into each other seamlessly.

    Maybe I'm highlighting its flaws a little harshly, but for something people have called one of the best games of all time and the apex of storytelling in the medium, I expected something more.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 14/03/2014

    @frunk I'm not sure how that relates to what I said. I never mentioned the quality of writing in most Hollywood films, I mentioned the quality of writing in The Last of Us and the films it's inspired by that, in my view, it's not as good as. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 14/03/2014

    @Ybob1234 Yeah, I liked Ellie's vibe. I won't say a fourteen-year-old badass who swears is a revolution in writing or anything, but she was pure and loving beneath that hard shell. Again, to me, it just wasn't fully realized. I think it's half game and half movie, and that really jarred me. It's harder to like people between bricking hobos in the head. I never really felt like I got to know anyone in that world, and the odd note on the ground or mini-conversation with Ellie while looking for the yellow-coloured thing to get me to the next section felt really clumsy and intentional.

    I dunno. It's definitely not bad, but it merely does its thing almost as well as the works that inspired it, to me. Anyway, I'm not going to slag it off, it's a well made game.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 13/03/2014

    I don't want to take away from the obvious effort they put into the game, but the story is nowhere near good enough to make a competent film out of in my opinion. If I'm honest, I found it quite amateurish, even cringe-worthy at times with its in-your-face exposition and half-baked ideas. That's only my interpretation, mind.

    I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, nothing's certain, but I have to come out and say I don't think the writing is anywhere close to the quality a lot of people have described. Good game, but damn.

    Will keep an eye on it though. Good luck on the project.
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  • Xbox Achievement hunter finally hits a million Gamerscore

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/03/2014

    I just reached 100K last night with Stick of Truth, and I reached it almost exclusively on games I enjoyed. This guy is on another level, and I mean that in a good way. He's obviously just a different kind of gamer who, possibly, doesn't give a shit about his health, mentally or otherwise. I'm not proud of my three-days-straight Demon's Souls run. . .

    Assuming he's payed for a lot of those games, he's put money into the industry and evidently enjoyed himself. I won't demean someone's idea of fun, no matter how pointless it may seem. We all love games, some just more intently than others.
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  • Costume Quest 2 is real, coming this Halloween

  • AnsemsApprentice 10/03/2014


    Sorry. . . If you couldn't tell, I'm quite, quite pleased.
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  • Payday 2, Brothers help Starbreeze to historic profit

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/02/2014

    @BigDannyH I played through Butcher Bay again just the other week -- the HD remaster of it that came with Dark Athena. The atmosphere and storytelling are pretty killer, so that holds up. The graphics are still solid (lighting is very nice). A little above DOOM 3 I'd say. Gameplay-wise, it's nothing spectacular. Very old fashioned, but the sections in the dark are just so damn cool. I'd recommend it to anyone to be honest. I've always been a huge Pitch Black fan, though, so keep that in mind.

    Edit: Forgot, the melee combat was ahead of its time. Satisfying as hell.

    The Darkness is a must-own. Mike Patton, black holes and darklings; nothing more to say.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 27/02/2014

    Brothers is stunning; The Darkness is one of my favourite games of all time; and Escape from Butcher Bay is one of the best licensed games ever. Love these guys. I certainly hope they never stop making games, and am really pleased to hear of some success.

    Haven't played Syndicate yet. Seems like a good romp for a fiver.
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  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/02/2014

    I'm totally jealous of the X1 for this game. It's so charming I just want to squeeze a kitten like a toy; love PVZ.

    Oh wait, I've got a 360. Oh yeah! Been so swept up with the amazing deals on PSN I forgot about my little white tank.
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  • Wii U has finally overtaken Xbox 360 in Japan

  • AnsemsApprentice 26/02/2014

    If the WiiU had a great new character and beginnings of a franchise to latch onto, to justify it more than alternating Mario and Zelda games, I'd snap it up. With an exclusive like Bayonetta 2 along with that, it could begin to carve itself a unique place in the market that would encourage people like me to get it. By people like me I mean those who aren't wowed by non-standard control methods and the focus on characters I fell out of love with ten years ago.

    Gameplay is still of a high quality in those games, but I'm frankly sick of the sight of Mario and Link, as iconic and important as they are to our culture.
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

  • AnsemsApprentice 25/02/2014

    Can I purchase the PS3 version from the US, then? Region free 'n' that. Reply 0