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  • AMD "design wins" suggest three upcoming console reveals

  • AnsemsApprentice 22/04/2016

    I have no qualms with paying for incrementally better machines every few years -- last gen went on for far too long -- as long as an upgrade path is available. 150 every three years is more attractive than 400 every six or seven. That's closer to how it used to be, really.

    I'm not paying full price for that though. I will happily say 'fuck you' if that's what is required of people who supported them to begin with. To splash out 700 when the last one came out in 2013 is disgusting to me, personally.
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  • Gears of War 4 trailer channels daddy Fenix

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/04/2016

    No one cares about the relationships of Gears characters. No one cared about Marcus' relationship with his dad, with Anya; didn't care when Dom's wife was lobotomized and shot; and they won't care about Fenix senior and junior's relationship. Why the trailer focused on that is beyond me, though I hope further ones will show different aspects, and this is just the initial 'garner interest' stage. The Sound of Silence was a great choice of song, though.

    The screenshots I've seen look very cool. I still want to play it a lot.

    (I'm not saying the trailer sucks, by the way. It's well made.)
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  • Finding the humanity in Dark Souls 2

  • AnsemsApprentice 10/04/2016

    The jump in art direction was the biggest revelation about DSII. Lordran was dark and muted like the ashes it was decaying into. Drangleic was vibrant and colourful and its world more in the middle of its downfall; the locations were more detailed and alive than anything in Lordran, outside of the illusory beauty of Anor Londo which was a lie, and the crystalline divinity of Seath's kingdom.

    I had more gasp moments in DSII, from Heide's Tower of Flame spewing its belly fire before a stunning ocean; the mind-boggling walk up to Drangleic Castle in the rain, seemingly chiseled from a mountain of perfect obsidian; the Dragon Aerie, edge of sky to edge of sky dominated with draconic activity; the castle beyond the castle home to the colossal Ancient Dragon.

    The gameplay wasn't as smooth or immediate as it should be -- the backstabs lost their pizzazz, too -- but the extra weapon reinforcements and extra ring slots felt exciting at the time, and the initial terror of your constantly-dwindling health should you die was real. Stuff like mediocre weapon durability on certain weapons and enemies no longer respawning were less welcome changes, also, but manageable.

    It suffered from boss fatigue, too. Many could be removed without causing a change, like the Covetous Demon or the Medusa lady. The giants weren't nearly present enough, story-wise.

    It's a fractured experience at times, but once everything was learned or re-learned, it was quite the experience. I loved it in many of the same ways as DS1 and many new ones, but it's kind of like the more handsome, less intelligent younger brother of Dark Souls 1. To come that close to another almost-perfect game with so much change is saying something, and that's why it's a great game in its own right.
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  • Dear Esther treks onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One this summer

  • AnsemsApprentice 06/04/2016

    Sub 10 and I'm on board, though it becomes one less thing to play on PC when I get a good one finally. Hmm.

    At least I finally get to play it! Always loved the look of this, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was in my top ten last year, so I know this will go over well with me.
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  • Underworld Ascendant reveals a tabletop miniature-inspired new look

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/04/2016

    Love it. Love it, love it, love it.

    When I finally get my PC built this year, this is on my to-play list, no doubt. Wishing them luck on the project.
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  • Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy 15 Platinum demo

  • AnsemsApprentice 04/04/2016

    And this frame-pacing issue plus dropped frames creates noticeable input lag, which adds to the frustration. It's a real shocker at times. I dearly hope it's fixed, and I wish the developers luck. I want this game to run smoothly, because the art direction and graphics are a dream.

    Seriously, delay the game. Don't release it broken and patch it back up to snuff in 2017.
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  • Watch: Ian's streaming ninety minutes of the DOOM closed beta at 3:30pm

  • AnsemsApprentice 01/04/2016

    This should totally be the trailer music for this game:
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  • Eli Roth made an animated Dark Souls short

  • AnsemsApprentice 31/03/2016

    Liked the look. I had no reaction outside of that; I think Eli Roth is a hack, but this is at least interesting, unlike most other projects he's touched. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 15 really has a flying car

  • AnsemsApprentice 31/03/2016

    The FF15 demo is a bit troubling to me (I just finished it.) Stuttery, jerky framerate. Janky platforming sequences with a terrible jump animation. Interminably slow combat -- there's a distinct delay between button pushes and actions playing out. Dodging successfully is a case of wrestling with/pre-empting the input lag rather than any actual skill. I've enjoyed games with slower mechanics like that before -- Dark Souls, etc. -- but this felt unintentional. It's no wonder they made it so holding circle to continually attack was a way of overcoming that lag, because the delay feels profound. If they don't fix this stuff, I won't be confident in purchasing it. It just feels very clumsy, and turning the camera always results in dropped frames, which is distracting.

    I'm a huge fan and understand demos aren't finished products, but I'm unconvinced on this game.
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  • Two Worlds 3 officially announced for 2019

  • AnsemsApprentice 29/03/2016

    The ideas for a fantastic game were there, no doubt. I saw a lot of potential in Two Worlds II. I'm well up for a lesser known developer finally making a smash in the open-world, high fantasy RPG genre.

    Good luck I say, but 2019. Seems like a ludicrously early announcement, but it's happening, so there.
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  • Face-Off: Dark Souls 3

  • AnsemsApprentice 26/03/2016

    So neither is amazing. That's a shame, but not a total surprise considering what I assume their budget is and all that. Dark Souls 2 seems to be the best From have done technically, and that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement, but the art direction in their work more than makes up for it. I don't see how PS4 owners can be bragging or mocking people who just have Xbox Ones, though. Even the PC version has a bunch of weird issues at the moment, though not performance-wise. I've heard it's quite impressive on PC outside of bonfire crashes.

    I hope an incoming patch can improve things further than the day-one patch has already by the time April 12th rolls up.
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  • Below is coming out this summer, finally

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/03/2016

    Awesome! I've had my eye on this since release. I adore the tiny diorama look to bits. I finally bought an Xbox One the other day, too; lovely bonus. Reply 0
  • Ninja Theory announces new name for Hellblade

  • AnsemsApprentice 16/03/2016

    As a huge DMC fan and one who was skeptical of what this company could do with that universe, they proved me wrong and made a very good game. Their best yet, I think. The character definitely wasn't as fun or ridiculous as fan-favourite DMC3 Dante, and that was the main thing naysayers had an issue with, but the cool take on a lot of its themes and the slick gameplay made that a non-issue. 60fps would have impressed even more on consoles.

    Enslaved had very interesting themes -- great writing by Alex Garland -- but I think the game felt incredibly dated even at the time from a gameplay perspective. I found it tedious to play, but liked the characters and their ties to the great Monkey TV show/original novel.

    With this game, I fully expect them to marry everything they've learned to finally produce the experience they've always just missed the mark on. I'm super excited to see what they've been working on.

    And if that's the game cover, it's brilliantly iconic looking. It's like a Japanese Braveheart poster or something, ha.
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  • Team Ninja's Nioh looks like Ninja Gaiden meets Bloodborne

  • AnsemsApprentice 07/03/2016

    @like3cokecans Oni, that's it! I wonder how much it still has in common with that script. It would be an incredibly unique game if it has retained any of that depth of character Kurosawa was loved for.

    I was twelve when I first saw screenshots of the game, that's crazy.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 07/03/2016

    Wasn't this once a tie-in of a never-released Kurosawa movie like ten years ago or something? I swear I remember it. It looks very familiar, but it wasn't called Nioh...

    Game looks rad. If it is that other thing, I'm glad it's finally nearing a release. I remember being very excited. Bring it on!

    Edit: I did see the beginning of the article, but I was remembering more info that wasn't mentioned.
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  • Alan Wake's Return trademark sets tongues wagging

  • AnsemsApprentice 25/02/2016

    I loved the game for what it was, and found the combat thrilling, but the writing is pretty bad, and it isn't the game it seemed to be when they first released footage and screenshots: that was more of an open world with survival horror elements. They stripped it down and added walls around everything. It's a great game and I'm glad I own the special edition; it was worth every penny and I've got fond memories. I need to play it again, actually.

    So while I can't forget my disappointment as the direction became more linear and the reality of those amazing tech demos fizzled out, I would welcome a sequel with open arms, especially if they opened up Alan's world just a little. I don't want GTA, I just want to freely drive around the main little town at least, and hide away until morning when the dark recedes.

    New Nightmare was great too, and felt roomier.
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  • Watch this latest Dark Souls 3 gameplay trailer

  • AnsemsApprentice 24/02/2016

    I beat DS1 twice yesterday in 20 hours! I got so pumped for 3 and had to go all OCD on it again, to get myself ready. I bought Scholar of the First Sin today, and hope to beat it and get through the DLC before 3 is out. I'm pumped. Looks better than I expected.

    I was disappointed with how small Bloodborne felt and how unappealing and empty the bosses were to my tastes. Loved the combat, though it was a little on the easy side for a Souls game. I rushed through it. Aesthetically it's a masterpiece, and it's great fun, but its lore and content don't feel as deep as Dark Souls. I think even the director said it felt a little limited, and I agree.

    This looks like a perfect mix of the new style Bloodborne created with the old Souls magic. It has that lovely, frenzied speed of BB.

    Basically, yay.
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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta registration now live

  • AnsemsApprentice 04/02/2016

    That's a good point, you're right. I think my ridiculous fanaticism of the first one is what's making me paranoid and worried, ha. The snippets of the new soundtrack I've heard on the Mirror's Edge Soundcloud page have been hugely impressive to me, so far, so at least that's a more known quantity to me.

    I'll just hope!
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  • AnsemsApprentice 04/02/2016

    I'm deeply worried we've seen barely any footage of the game, and it's three months from release. Is this just how EA does its marketing? Much closer to release dates than other publishers? Or is it something to be concerned over.

    The first game took my breath away. The amazing Solar Fields soundtrack; quick, perfection-encouraging gameplay; and stunning art style. What a punch in the chest of a surprise gem that game was. The DLC was great, too. I hope there are tonnes of time trials in the base game of ME2.
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  • Take-Two sued over portrayal of player tattoos in NBA 2K16

  • AnsemsApprentice 02/02/2016

    So do TV companies have to pay money for showing the tatts? Where does it stop? Isn't a game version of a real person just an approximation of reality... A tattoo is part of the body, so it should be illegal to make someone else pay for that, in my opinion. Attention to detail isn't a crime. Zero damage has been done, and certainly nothing close to 1.1 mill.

    Are they abusing their work, or just rendering a guy's arm? C'mon now. Get a grip.
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  • The Witness costs 29.99, pre-orders now live

  • AnsemsApprentice 19/01/2016

    I was going to complain about the price, but I paid the same (hesitantly) for The Talos Principle and -- in hindsight -- it was worth every single penny.

    I hope this will be the same, but I won't pre-order, even with Blow's (so far) one example of pure excellence.
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  • Pimped game controllers with bullets and diamonds - who makes these things?

  • AnsemsApprentice 08/01/2016

    I would happily buy a customized controller if I had the money, but not with gold or diamonds or bullets. That is what people think of as high class, but so many people think that, and it loses its creative value/wow factor. I think that's what people mean when they call it vulgar -- not that the business isn't worth it or worth anything. There's a market for everything, after all. The Bobby George look isn't for most, though.

    I'd have all my controllers Tron-ified in a heartbeat if I could, though, or a T-800 head with the home button as the red eye! Oo, oo, or like they're made of LEGO bricks! GOLDEN LEGO BRICKS... No, that's a step back; calm down...
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  • Wii game A Boy and His Blob revived for modern systems

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/01/2016

    Ah, no way! I always loved the look of this. Very Ghibli. What a lovely surprise -- I will buy it day one. Reply +1
  • Amplitude review

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/01/2016

    What are the controls, does anyone know? I have trouble with my hands - not much strength. If it's the shoulder buttons and triggers, I can't play this on anything above an easy mode, if it has it... Can I use the face buttons and d-pad? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/12/2015

    1. Metal Gear Solid 5
    2. The Witcher 3
    3. Mario Maker
    4. Shovel Knight
    5. Tearaway: Unfolded
    6. Dying Light
    7. Grow Home
    8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
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  • Symphonic Fantasies concert tickets on sale tomorrow

  • AnsemsApprentice 10/12/2015

    Fingers crossed for some more obscure tracks, like Destati from Kingdom Hearts, or Celes' theme from FFVI.

    I hope all the performances are available to purchase at some point! I'd snap that up.
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  • Nuclear Throne review

  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2015

    Another Vlambeer baby that oozes styyyyyyle from every frame. I love the underground comic vibe to it all. The gameplay is really addictive, too; quick and nerve-racking. Furthest I've gotten so far is to the end of the fifth stage, but I got trapped in a dead-end with the boss. I had full-health and a tonne of ammo, and died...

    The one thing I hate is the pause menu. Sometimes I'll pause just to get my composure, repeatedly forgetting that the game highlights 'menu' as the default option for the X button. Three times I've hit X, expecting it to be on the 'continue' option, only to dash my awesome run completely and be sent to the main menu. That is extremely frustrating.

    Great game, though. Love it.
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  • Yakuza 5 launches on PlayStation 3 next week

  • AnsemsApprentice 08/12/2015

    Any news on the bakumatsu-era Yakuza game being localized? Unless I've missed the release completely. That's the one that caught my interest and seemed a bit different.

    This looks great, though. I'll definitely get 'round to digging into it.
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  • Dying Light Enhanced Edition and The Following release date announced

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/12/2015

    Ooo, I just bought it yesterday. Should I wait for the update, or dive into the game? Reply +1
  • Report: PS4's PS2 emulation won't support discs or PS3 digital purchases

  • AnsemsApprentice 04/12/2015

    I don't mind buying the games I never got the chance to play, and I don't object to paying for better versions of games I did own (at the right price - 7.99 to 9.99 each, maybe), but I can see those prices being much higher, and I will refuse them! Reply +1
  • Rock Band developer announces Amplitude release date

  • AnsemsApprentice 02/12/2015

    I'm a huge fan of Baranowsky, C418, and Darren Korb. I can't wait to zip through some of their tracks.

    I haven't played and loved a rhythm game since Theatrhythm. I hope this is the next one. Looks cool! Day one, for me.
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  • The new Need for Speed remembers what's great about the series, but why is it always online?

  • AnsemsApprentice 02/11/2015

    In my mind, the Underground games always had me racing at night, so that isn't a big deal. I am a night owl, though. I think this game looks really good, and the bad-yet-entertaining FMV sequences really seem my type of cheese.

    The online thing doesn't bother me to non-purchase levels, but I'd prefer the game not to have it in such a passive way. I'll get it when it's around 19.99 in a PSN sale next year or something. It's not worth full-price from the sounds of its more bare-bones feature set.

    I want it though!
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  • Alone in the Dark creator announces stealth horror game 2Dark

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/10/2015

    Fantastic art style; I love all that constantly-shifting inkiness (in the cutscenes). They are cutscenes, right? or just part of the trailer? I hope the animated bits are actually in the game, they're cool.

    The way the character moves reminds me of Bastion kinda.

    Looks refreshing, anyway. I like. Dark yet enchanting.
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  • Karin confirmed for Street Fighter 5

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/09/2015

    That's all well and good, but: *chants* Skullomania! Skullomania! Skullomania!

    Just me...?
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  • Shovel Knight's Plague of Shadows expansion dated

  • AnsemsApprentice 10/09/2015

    Probably my most proud platinum trophy I have. I adored Shovel Knight even more than I thought I would; truly a modern classic, in my opinion. I shall purchase this DLC with haste! Reply +2
  • Borderlands movie in the works

  • AnsemsApprentice 28/08/2015

    Joss Whedon knows a thing or two about planetary swashbuckling. I bet he could do something interesting with the Borderlands license.

    Or the Guardians of the Galaxy director (I forget the name).

    Johnny Depp as Mordecai!
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  • Dragon Quest Builders looks a lot like Minecraft

  • AnsemsApprentice 08/07/2015

    *reads headline*

    Oh, here we go. More dishonest article titles. I bet it actually looks nothing like Minecra--

    *sees screenshot*

    Oh... Cool!
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  • Video: ABZ is a Journey under the sea

  • AnsemsApprentice 25/06/2015

    Very interesting. There's so much room for games set under the sea, especially ones with an exploratory element. I'd love a game where you get bonus XP for mapping out an entire area, discovering new species, taking specimens, etc. You could have a little analysis lab on your boat, where you dump all your finds and get research points and use them to upgrade your equipment (sonar, longer-lasting oxygen tanks, larger storage for your head-mounted GoPro).

    I'm sure there are games like that. That one on the Wii isn't wholly dissimilar (forget what it's called).

    This looks great, though. It's more artistic and fantastical than realistic, but has those points of reference to ground it. I hope it has the depth to reward my curiosity, or if it's a more linear experience. Journey had that -- FlOw, less so -- but I'll remain optimistic. Cool!
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  • Condemned creator considering letting an indie studio make a third outing

  • AnsemsApprentice 02/02/2015

    Would love a decent sequel. Criminal Origins is one of my games of the last gen. Bloodshot had its great moments -- that bear sequence is amazing.

    I wonder what Red Barrels Games would do with it? Just out of curiosity.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's tavern songs are available for free

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/01/2015

    These were all well-written. I was surprised and impressed during my playthrough, and the singer has a lovely timbre. Thanks, Bioware. I'll enjoy them.

    "Empress of Fire," and "Nightingale's Eyes" are especially beautiful.
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  • Listen to Andy Serkis play the bad guy in Mike Bithell's Volume

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/01/2015

    Loving the electric origami look; nice voice-acting. Let's hope it's fun. Seems like a no-brainer to me, I'm excited. Reply +3
  • SimCity 2000: Special Edition is free on Origin

  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2014

    'La Bamba' has the voice of an angel.

    Anyway, great game; great gift.
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  • 20 years of PlayStation: the Ridge Racer revolution

  • AnsemsApprentice 03/12/2014

  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions review

  • AnsemsApprentice 01/12/2014

    Beat the final boss yesterday, and I enjoyed my time with the game a lot. I like the variety of the stages; changing your whole thought process from level to level is challenging at first, but stopped me from raging too much. It's great fun, I think -- not a classic, no, but worth playing.

    I'm with everyone about the music and sound. It's fairly stock, in a similar way to Resogun. It's no REZ, that's for sure.

    I've never played the first game. It seems beyond my skill to be good at it, which scared me off ever buying it (maybe I should, now?), and I heard this game was a lot easier. It's clear just from hearing people talking about it that it's far from a pure Geometry Wars experience, but that's what intrigued me, in all honesty.

    I'm still playing it. This and Binding of Isaac are my current podcast games.
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  • Bloodborne dev teases a procedurally-generated area

  • AnsemsApprentice 20/11/2014

    This could be the PS4's first classic-status game. Ticks all my boxes, anyway -- the art direction, realistic animations, interesting mechanics (countering to get health back, combining weapons to create different moves, etc), challenging enemy encounters, sprawling interconnected levels, and tonnes of detail. The alpha I saw online seemed to be at 60fps, also, but I could be wrong.

    Are there no shields in the game? Perhaps the generous health system and huge dodge animation will make that a non-issue. Can't wait, anyway! Looks like they've been working on this for a long time.
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  • Watch Dark Souls 2 beaten in under an hour without glitches

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/11/2014

    And I thought me just finishing it was a feat. Now people are finishing it in two percent of the time it took me, or with rhythm game peripherals. I love it when people bend challenging games to their will. Reply +4
  • Mass Effect 4 concept art teases new planets, species

  • AnsemsApprentice 07/11/2014

    What I'm saying is, I never played Mass Effect for its main story. I never sat down and said, "Oh man, I can't wait to see what happens with the Reapers!" That's always been boring. It's about the characters, and their place in the universe, and the feeling you're influencing what they're saying and what's happening. Those dialogues about their lives, their pasts, and their reactions to you, and yours to them. The story is actually an afterthought, for me. It's how the inhabitants are reacting to it that's good.

    That's what I meant. The story itself is very bland, but it doesn't matter, because they make you feel part of it so well.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 07/11/2014

    I'm pretty sure if you randomly picked a commenter on any Eurogamer article, they could have written a better story for Halo 4. Maybe I'm being harsh, but it's laughable.

    Ah well, Mass Effect has never been about the story, but some of the side-missions are pretty well written. Let's hope that's true for the next game.
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  • de Blob IP purchased by Nordic Games, could see a comeback

  • AnsemsApprentice 31/10/2014

    @Unstable_ISOtope That would be mouth-wateringly good. They could manage it, no doubt, but will they give it the love it needs to be a classic? Maybe! There's huge potential in its basic form, but they need to modernize the mechanics a bit.

    Edit: if they even bother, of course. I have no idea how it sold.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 31/10/2014

    I like the games, but they need to give you more incentive to fully paint the world. Manually touching every surface gets repetitive, fast. Make each sequence more interesting -- like sliding down high buildings becoming an 'on-rails' puzzle race against an enemy; or a rhythm-game component, painting wall by wall with different coloured paint corresponding with the buttons on your control (no button prompts, just free-form).

    The art style is the reason I kept going. They're awesome in that regard. Making the backgrounds crazier wouldn't go amiss. I'd go full Nintendo.

    Would like a Blob game on PS4, definitely!
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