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  • Sega's brilliant Sonic Mania Collector's Edition is coming to Europe after all

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/10/2016

    I would have paid 10-15 for the game, 40-45 for the statue, and 10-15 for the rest. The rest of the cost comes from the fact it's a collector's item and has a lot of nostalgic pull. I paid £50 for my LEGO ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters. Are the pieces worth that individually? Probably not, I'm not sure, but it's my fondness that gives it that invisible value. I don't think it's such a bad deal really -- I'd say it's about a tenner off of perfectly reasonable. I get why people just see 'plastic' and rage, but that's a little reductive for my liking. A physical copy in a Genesis-style case would absolutely seal the deal for £79.99, though, no doubt. That is a shame.

    (Shh, I'm just justifying my purchase to myself! Leave me be.)
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  • AnsemsApprentice 17/10/2016

    Okay, you hit me in the nostalgia, Sega. You win this round. Pre-ordered. I wish there was one that had just the game and the statue for, say, £59.99, but I will save up a little here and there for spring so it doesn't make a big dent.

    Now, I just hope I don't forget I pre-ordered it...
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  • Watch: Final Fantasy 15 is making great strides

  • AnsemsApprentice 10/10/2016

    They really quelled my fears and cleaned up that frame-rate significantly. So the improved E3 demo wasn't BS; that's something! My only nitpick now is that it's mayhem with four people in combat, all dressed in black and slashing all over the place. Very distracting and busy. I was starting to get a headache from all the frantic movement.

    I have little fears now. It's back on my purchase list; I can't wait to see more fantastical environments and magical beasts. Bring on November!
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  • World War Z author writing Minecraft novel

  • AnsemsApprentice 26/09/2016

    @spamdangled I always thought a more humorous, Douglas Adams style would be a great foundation for a Minecraft story. So if Brooks' take is a more serious one, I'll be doubly impressed if it's good. But if there's already good unofficial stuff out there, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 26/09/2016

    As beloved and brilliant as Minecraft is, its overall style and gameplay systems are what make up the bulk of that brilliance. If he can make a good novel out of the very loose fiction tied to that world, I'll be amazed. Best of luck to him -- I can't wait to see what he comes up with. Reply 0
  • Seraph, the balletic shooter with no aiming, leaves Early Access

  • AnsemsApprentice 21/09/2016

    Just bought it thanks to this article. This game looks like it will perfectly scratch my Vanquish/Bayonetta itch I've got quite nicely. Loving the visuals as well. Angelic yet hellish; great combo.

    It's discounted on PC right now. £6.49 -- a bargain. I was shocked. Oo, it's downloaded. I'm off!
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  • US PlayStation VR demo disc has 18 games, 10 more than Europe's

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/09/2016

    VRexit. SCANDAL, I cry. SCANDAL.

    They'll crop up soon I'm sure.
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  • The Forza Horizon 3 demo is out now on Xbox One

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/09/2016

    This looks fun as hell. I just finished up Dirt 3 on PC -- the first racing game I've gotten obsessed with and deep into since Burnout 3 -- and loved it. This seems very much in the same vein of, "fun, but with stuff to please carheads too."

    Looks gorgeous. Hope it'll run nice at 1440p. That should look stunning.

    3 seems to be the magic number with me and racing games.
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  • Sony Tokyo Game Show 2016 conference live report

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/09/2016

    I'd love a decent chunk of new Persona 5, KH3, and Nioh gameplay. The new Nier, also.

    Long shots: Some new Deep Down footage; FF7 remake footage; an announcement for Yakuza games coming to PC, perhaps.

    Extra long shot: Mickey's Wild Adventure remake with the original included in remastered form!
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  • Firewatch spreading to Xbox One later this month

  • AnsemsApprentice 03/09/2016

    The snarky, unnatural dialogue did completely alienate me at first, as it felt polished in a hollow way, and lacked any sense of spontaneity -- these two characters having a seemingly endless supply of witty quips to perfectly drop in every single conversation, but I grew to enjoy what it was despite that, and changed my responses in the game to make it less jarring (to me). It gets better and better, and I should finish it one day. I transitioned to PC before finishing it, so I'll buy it again when it's sub £10.

    It was just getting really interesting, too. Damn my capriciousness.
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: Metal Gear, Skyrim: Special Edition, Fallout Anthology, and more

  • AnsemsApprentice 20/08/2016

    Some great PC deals on Origin right now, too. Syndicate for 1.99, Mirror's Edge for 2.12, The Saboteur for 1.09, Dead Space for 3.99, Bad Company 2 for £1.99, etc.

    I nabbed Syndicate. Only Starbreeze game I've never played.
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  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided review

  • AnsemsApprentice 19/08/2016

    @ubergine I had to check, just in case you were teasing, but yeah . . . there it is in black and white. I don't know whether I should be glad or slightly offended that I'm on pun-level with Eurogamer.

    Oo, oo! If it was a bad review, the subheader could've been, "Hanzer drag on."

    Forget it.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 19/08/2016

    I'm disappointed the subheading wasn't, "Praxis makes perfect," but I'll let it slide!

    Looking forward to this a great deal. Seems like it shines in many ways, albeit fewer than the brilliant original, but that is saying something. Definitely on my playlist.
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  • Deus Ex Go sneaks onto iOS and Android today

  • AnsemsApprentice 18/08/2016

    Yes exactly. That's why it would've been funny and cool if there was, and it was Pritchard. Reply +2
  • AnsemsApprentice 18/08/2016

    It would be funny if Pritchard was the narrator for this or something; that he programmed this game for Adam's training, and guided him through each puzzle. That would've been cool!

    Will get this soon. Looks great. Loved the other two.
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  • Tekken 7's Harada on the thorny subject of sexy swimsuits and Western sensibilities

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/08/2016

    @HappyGator I think a much wider discussion about what is acceptable and what is not, and why, can be important, and educate people on the differences between the mildly sexual, and the sordid. Not necessarily from a moral perspective, but more to question the thought process of that niche market, to put it in perspective with more harmless sexual material in games like this. I don't care how much they sell, particularly, that is beside the point (to me), but I know it isn't a popular genre, and hope it fades naturally with social awareness being as high as it is.

    Still, they disturb me, and articles about them and their type of objectification seems far more valuable and worth discussing, in my opinion. That's what I mean by focus. Not a witch hunt, but an intelligent and unbiased discussion. That is progress.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 17/08/2016

    There's nothing wrong with enjoying sexual imagery; we, some men especially, are hard-wired to enjoy it. To have that in games can be really funny, and definitely can provide some mild sexual satisfaction. That's actually okay -- it's not even seedy. I'd say it even healthily scratches that itch some of us get sometimes. It's not hardcore porn, it's just sexy. Sexy is harmless.

    If someone doesn't like that, that's fine too -- those Dead or Alive volleyball games are way too much for me, for instance -- but for some reason, those people often tend to believe they have the right to say you don't have the right to enjoy that, or it means you're sexist, or any other number of bizarre, self-righteous claims. It's much more complicated than that. Trying to suppress harmless acts of gratification is tyrannical, and a deep misunderstanding of what some think freedom of speech is.

    I also agree that to say it's for any reason other than you designed these costumes for the sake of eye-candy is silly. That is so what it is; it isn't artistic vision. And no one should give a shit. We should be focusing on those insanely disgusting Japanese rape-y games you see popping up, not this mild shit.
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  • Humble Bundle offers cheap Nuclear Throne, The Beginner's Guide and more

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/08/2016

    @kimchibaka When you go on the page the bundle is on, it shows all the games you'll get, plus a grey mystery box with a question mark on it. Click that one, and it tells you when the new game will unlock on the page!

    The way they do it is email you saying "Your order is ready." When you click that, you'll come to a page with all your games on. There are two buttons beneath each game: leftmost is your redeem button, which reveals the key for you to activate via Steam or whatever client. The other (gift to a friend) gives you a link that you paste to a buddy, and they get your key through that link.

    You don't need to sign up I don't think, but I would, because they email you new bundle days and stuff.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 17/08/2016

    Octodad Key

    Already had this one. :0)
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  • Yooka-Laylee's ice level lets you transform into a snowplough

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/08/2016

    There's some snowplough action here, 'round the 33 second mark.

    Mr. Plough, that's ma naaaame, that naaame agaaaain is Mr. Plough.
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  • In Theory: Can Sony upgrade PlayStation Neo's specs?

  • AnsemsApprentice 14/08/2016

    So is Scorpio a new Xbox, or a new version of an Xbox One?

    The PS4k sounds like an overclocked version of the PS4, but the Scorpio seems way different to a One, so it doesn't even sound like they can be compared that much. Unless Neo and PS4k are secretly two different things.
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  • No Man's Sky isn't going over well on Steam

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/08/2016

    Just an update, the game has been running at a rock solid 60fps for me for the last couple hours, all settings maxed at 1440p (1070 OC, 6700k, 16GB ram), post-update.

    Vsync on, frame-rate set to MAX setting. Textures look poor, and jaggies are all over the shop and look ugly, but the game is still pleasing overall, visually.

    I feel bad for anyone who's having terrible performance issues still. That does suck, but this explosion of hate is edging on embarrassing. Not saying being angry is wrong, that's justified; I'm referring more to some of the childish, knee-jerk comments (not here that much, but some of the Steam and Metacritic ones are so horrible I dunno whether to laugh or weep, ha).
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  • AnsemsApprentice 12/08/2016

    I can confirm, for me, that updating and restarting has solved my performance and crashing issues. The game runs perfectly for me now. Reply +22
  • No Man's Sky's PC settings revealed

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/08/2016

    I have a 1070 paired with a 6700k, and this game is running fairly poorly for me. Chugging like a mofo, actually. It's crashed twice, also. Once at the beginning, then again when I repaired my starship and launched it. I lost all that progress, too.

    Not sure what to do. What's weird is it runs better at 1440p -- I bumped it down to 1080 to see if that would help, and it was notably worse.

    Edit: I restarted my PC to no avail before, but I restarted again and it seems fine now. Weird.

    Hopefully it doesn't CTD when I fly this time!

    Loving the game so far, regardless.
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  • Florence + the Machine made some Final Fantasy 15 songs

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/08/2016

    As long as the majority of music is still by Earth angel Yoko Shimomura, I don't mind a couple F+TM tracks here and there.

    Do we know if you can play songs from the car radio, GTA style?
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  • Jelly Deals roundup: PSVR pre-orders, PC summer sales, Xbox One bundles and more

  • AnsemsApprentice 06/08/2016

    Is Green Man Gaming legit, or edging on shady like G2A and such? That Abzu deal is tempting but, hmm... Reply 0
  • Pokémon Go banned in Iran due to "security concerns"

  • AnsemsApprentice 06/08/2016

    Regarding the actual trading game, and that whole booster pack rip-off, I definitely see the value in restricting that type of content in more conservative countries, for fear of engaging that "just one more!" sensation in children. That would be a fair argument, and more than just another religious state flexing their muscle.

    Pokemon Go isn't quite that, but whatever. If it's a security fear then that also is fine, and their prerogative, but with so little info about their reasoning, it makes them look bad and encourages comments like . . . well, like you'd expect.

    I'd like to know how this 'ban' would take effect, though. I doubt it means everyone would be reprimanded for playing the game, right? Not every place in Iran is uniformly strict in this way, surely? Will it just be impossible to download now?
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  • AnsemsApprentice 06/08/2016

    If Pokemon is gambling, then is Top Trumps? Where does that end? I buy that argument even less. I agree gambling is dumb and wrong and a waste, but Pokemon is the last thing I would think of to tar with that brush. Reply 0
  • AnsemsApprentice 06/08/2016

    Why so Krabby? Just because a lot of data is gathered with Pokemon Go stats doesn't automatically mean spies are trying to get a Pikachu.

    But seriously, if there was a flaming goat Pokemon called Lucifur or something, I'd understand some aspect of hesitance, but if a six-pointed star in such a mild, child-friendly context can be deemed as cause for concern and result in cries for subsequent censorship from sensitive religious officials, maybe their followers should start to question this kind of rash judgement more intelligently. I'm not sure Japanese video game artists are the most likely spreaders of Christian propaganda. Just sayin...

    I doubt all of Iran is up in arms. Just another minority kicking up a fuss to sound like the majority. I don't buy it.
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  • Watch: 6 gaming dishes we'd really like to try

  • AnsemsApprentice 06/08/2016

    Iguana bits! Sugar Bombs!

    I also would love to try sea-salt ice-cream from Kingdom Hearts II.

    And I'd love to taste a Soul of a Hero from Dark Souls. Mmmmm...
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  • Prey For the Gods Kickstarter nears end with confirmed PS4 and Xbox One versions

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/08/2016

    Definite Team Ico vibes in terms of movement, pacing and such, but with a very unique bestiary of its own design it seems. Skull-faced, leathery leviathans and malicious revenants. Very cool. Impressive animations, atmospheric winter setting... Seems to have a similarly minimalist storytelling method applied by other smaller teams that works so well, based on the lack of narration most trailers/teasers show.

    I'm excited. This and Horizon: Zero Dawn look to scratch my 'take down vast mythical beasts' itch that hasn't been satisfied since Dragon's Dogma. This is particularly impressive due to the sheer ambition and quality of what's on show when paralleled with such a small team. Good show!

    My eye will be trained on it with Sauron-esque precision.
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  • Abzu review

  • AnsemsApprentice 02/08/2016

    The trailer for this was on before a YouTube video I was about to watch, and I didn't skip it! I was mouth agape at the beautiful visuals.

    Will definitely check it out based on that alone.
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  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance: the last great licensed video game?

  • AnsemsApprentice 31/07/2016

    I think Arkham Asylum, Walking Dead Season One, LEGO Harry Potter, and Shadow of Mordor aren't just good licensed games, but classics in their own right. Even Transformers: Devastation was pretty damn good. Alien: Isolation blew me away and lived up to every expectation.
    I loved Ultimate Alliance plenty, but it's not as interesting as the Legends games.

    It sounds like another headline designed to turn some heads to a fair degree. There have been a lot of those recently, I must say.

    Edit: And How could I forgot my favourite of ALL licensed games? THE DARKNESS.
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  • Little King's Story HD remaster is coming to PC next week

  • AnsemsApprentice 30/07/2016

    Great news! Put it on my Steam wishlist. I hope more and more Wii games get PC ports. I struggled with that control scheme for physical reasons, and missed out on finishing a bunch of gems because of fatigue -- MadWorld, No More Heroes, the Mario Galaxy series, etc.

    The more the merrier.
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  • Someone replaced all of Dark Souls 3's textures with Nicolas Cage

  • AnsemsApprentice 30/07/2016

    Ah man, if someone can mod a gesture so your character screams, "I'M CASTOR TROY!" whenever you engage it, this would be perfect.

    Actually, that would be better than this...
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  • Quadrilateral Cowboy review

  • AnsemsApprentice 29/07/2016


    positive remarks +10; negative remarks -10;;



    target Oli Welsh



    I think this game is brilliant, but definitely divisive, and Oli made many good and fair points. I personally love the design of it, and the jumps from gadget to gadget. It always feels new on each set of jobs, and zips about like a loopy cheese dream. It's a very empty game in terms of how it sets you up in the world and makes you feel part of it -- in fact, it doesn't even bother -- but there is a lot to get out of it if you completely let yourself soak up what is there in writing, artistic direction, and just overall vibe.

    When I figure out the perfect string of commands and write the code out as one action and re-do a level with one click, it's an orgasmic feeling. Perfectly timing everything so that all you need to do is maneuver yourself and focus on the objective while your carefully-programmed DECK does all the work is so fun. Yes you have to figure each rung of the ladder before you can put it all together and do the perfect run, but that type of trial and error is so new to me, and it feels satisfying as hell. I'm totally in love.

    If they do a sequel, and build some kind of minor narrative around the gameplay, and focus what you're learning/have learned to create more diverse and interesting missions, they'll be on to something very, very special, but I'm super happy with the silly, interesting, and fun package that this is. I for one am excited to fully learn the language of every gadget and have it become second nature, and smash all my best times.

    Here's the first perfect string I memorized:; wait(5);; wait(7);; wait(5);; wait(5);; wait(6);; wait(10);

    To see that stuff trigger in real time is thrilling, and all from one click. My first run I did each command individually and learned the ins and outs, and my time was 3mins 30 something. I shaved that down to 31 seconds flat with the above string, and can probably get it under that. Might sound boring, but I legitimately felt like a hacker.
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  • Hyper Light Drifter review

  • AnsemsApprentice 26/07/2016

    I bought HLD and am playing it right now. So far, the low-fi '80s thrum of synthesizers is orgasmic. I'm gonna dig this.

    Quadrilateral Cowboy is 80p off ATM, so I'll get that first (how cheap am I), which will leave me ample time to give Inside the full attention it deserves in September. Thanks for the recommends guys, but my inner cheapskate won the argument.

    Okay, back to this stylish mofo of a game!

    Edit: I keep singing, "Hyper Light Drifter," in the style of Paperback Writer. That's gonna be in my head for weeks...
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  • AnsemsApprentice 26/07/2016

    Ah, dilemma... I have £30 to spend on games for August. Do I get HLD and Inside, HLD and Quadrilateral Cowboy, or Inside and QC... Aaaaargh.

    Which of those three can wait 'til September. Inside seems the shortest of the three, so maybe that would be better for September, as it won't interfere with my No Man's Sky binging too much (being a short, linear game).

    Whaddya think? They're all so delicious to me.
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  • Is Sonic Mania the sequel we've waited decades for?

  • AnsemsApprentice 26/07/2016

    @GamerBhoy89 CD felt like a knock-off Sonic game to me -- conflicted and unpolished and rushy in an anti-fun way -- but I'm still quite fond of it. Figure that out, haha.

    I actually thought Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations were both great games, so couldn't quite agree that it's been 15 years since a good one, but it's not far wrong. Mania looks like the dream game in terms of nostalgic pull.
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  • There's a whiff of Destiny about No Man's Sky's menu screens

  • AnsemsApprentice 22/07/2016

    Oh my god... SQUARES WITH PICTURES ON. Those thieving bastards!

    They are kinda similar though.
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  • Watch: 11 minutes of Cuphead demo gameplay

  • AnsemsApprentice 20/07/2016

    For me this is like an Uncharted situation: true, the gameplay is only slightly above average, but I'm in it for the graphics and the characters . . . and sometimes that's okay. Sometimes that's done so well that you happily overlook lack of depth, because your other senses are overwhelmed with joy. This also has brilliant music on its side, and looks set to be a smorgasbord of pure art.

    The shooting sound is extremely annoying, however...

    £14.99 or less: I'm there day one.

    Edit: I hope it's harder than the footage shows. Nothing challenging for regular fans of the genre, from what I saw.
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  • GTA 5 Redux makes GTA 5 look even better

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/07/2016

    It's lost any sense of artistry the game had, I think. The huge fidelity increase has robbed it of character completely. Looks horrible IMO, though undoubtedly an impressive visual showcase. Reply +28
  • PlayStation 4 filing points to DualShock 4 PC adapter

  • AnsemsApprentice 06/07/2016

    I use Pinnacle Profiler and it has never failed me. This would still be cool though! Reply 0
  • Forbidden Siren is out now on PS4

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/06/2016

    Best game promotion website ever. A tense, atmospheric experience in its own right.

    I think Blood Curse is the better game, but the original has style, tension, and grit in droves. Well worth a try.
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  • The new Zelda is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • AnsemsApprentice 14/06/2016

    Should I wait for the NX and hope for some form of WiiU compatibility, or just buy a WiiU? Because this looks like the perfect scratch to my Shadow of the Colossus itch. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 15 Xbox One gameplay showcases a screen-filling boss battle

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/06/2016

    The frame-rate seems to have been significantly stabilized since the second demo they released. That's really encouraging to see; I'm pleased.

    Hopefully it's indicative of the whole game's general performance. Colour me excited for FFXV once more!
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  • 'Empires fell. Teabags were invented' - DICE on the brilliant Battlefield 1

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/06/2016

    Looks bombastic and fun. I remember loving BF: 1943. I'm starting to miss the more history-inspired shooters/other genres now, so I hope this is a nice fix for me.

    I'm getting the taste back. I'm going to buy Company of Heroes, and Valkyrie Chronicles, etc.
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  • Bethesda E3 2016 conference live report

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/06/2016

    This is the only thing we've been shown that's worthy of a Bethesda conference so far. Liking the new setting a lot. It's a big contrast with Dishonored's regal, Orwellian sprawl. Reply 0
  • AnsemsApprentice 13/06/2016

    Demos sounds like a classic DOOM map. Reply 0
  • Castlevania's spiritual successor looks great in our best look at it yet

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/06/2016

    The concept art they showed looked a lot like the 2D Bloodrayne game, and it just seemed like such an attainable goal to go for. It's not that we don't understand that concept art rarely reflects the final art style, but having health bars in them really didn't help if it wasn't meant to relate to how it would actually look, and it looked super good. This looks bland in comparison, and on its own.

    And who's to say they didn't try to make it look like the concept art and gave up? How do you know? None of us are fully privy to what the development of this game has been like.
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