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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance review - history is a double-edged sword

  • AnsemsApprentice 21/02/2018

    Really refreshing to see so many reasonable comments that aren't fueled by offense, but don't ignore the potential issue at the same time. Criticizing art politically should happen, but after as many facts are gathered from as many of the best sources you can find as possible. If a strong pattern emerges that the team who worked on the game ignored, adjusted, unfairly disagreed with, or simply poorly implemented the information they gathered from experts they consulted over the years, then I'd be fascinated to hear about it, preferably as a separate piece.

    Based on the information of your source and the inclusion of some of Vavra's views in the article, what's clear is that not-insignificant bits of it are founded on evidence that pertains to regions outside of the one in question, or brandish "if"s and outlying possibilities to back itself up as if their mere potentiality were damning enough, whilst the article's referencing of the director's various non-PC/intolerant opinions colours said information in an unjust way.

    Every piece is going to lean somewhat, that's our nature, but this feels unusually unsubstantiated without those citations or a strong foundation of solid reference-points, and, to be guilty of that -- in a time where some people seem more confident to stand by their alternative facts than ever -- is worrying, even as mildly-worded and uncontroversially as it was laid out in this review.

    I fall nearer the middle myself, and I don't think you were jumping on the bandwagon of other sites or purposefully adding fuel to the fire with malintent. If your instinct tells you something is wrong with how a game represents people, so be it, but if you invested as much time from the other perspective, you might come to a far more tricky and complex (but rounded) outlook on the situation.

    As for Burzum's leading member being a murderer and racist . . . well. Questionable world views and behaviour are a huge part of so many art forms and artists. You can't pick and choose what moments to directly link fandom with the creative forces behind them, whatever the moral standing of said force.

    That's where I am with it all currently. The game itself has many moments of brilliance, and I'm steadily appreciating its positives more strongly with each session. Wandering through rainy, Bohemian forests is quite magical.
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  • Fans have created a full 80-level sequel to New Super Mario Bros DS

  • AnsemsApprentice 03/01/2018

    Let's-a-gooooo (to court).

    I hope not, though; that's doubtful. It looks well worth playing. Some interesting level design there.
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  • Sony resurrects MediEvil for PS4

  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2017

    That is true, TinyKaiju, I thought of that, but questioned myself when the game is only ten months away from release (they said in time for the 20th anniversary, which is October 2018). Surely they'd have footage of a new game by now? I dunno. My hopes aren't high. Reply 0
  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2017

    @Malek86 You're right, they clearly stayed true to it mostly, but I mean the fact it's not a proper new remake with the PS4 in mind like I wanted has me somewhat depressed, not the choice of source material; they're both way too old to do it justice by 2018's standards.

    I like the updates they did to it though.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2017



    Yeah, I can now confirm it. I just watched the intro cutscene of the PSP remake and the clip from the teaser is in it, and is not in the PS1 original intro cutscene. So this is going to be a remaster of the 2005 remake that wasn't received all that well it seems.

    I'm not sure how to feel about it really. Definitely not jazzed about it.

    Here's my source. It's at the 2:44 mark
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  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2017

    @Nikanoru I hoped for that until I saw that uprezzed zombie from the PS1 game 40 seconds into the teaser. The crazy aliasing is a clue, too, though maybe it was just for laughs. Reply 0
  • AnsemsApprentice 09/12/2017

    Replayed this the other month and it's still charming, fun, and unique. The music's a treat, too. It always gave me a Rare vibe.

    Still, a remaster? I don't see the point at all, and question the decision if no remake ever happens. This game was destined for a great remake or at least re-imagining.
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  • Sony unveils new "five adventure" PS4 Pro bundle, just as Xbox One X arrives

  • AnsemsApprentice 08/11/2017

    A Pro and PSVR for that would've been insanely competitive. This is fairly bland but looks like a lot at face value, so I guess it implies a bold move without the risk. Reply +6
  • StarCraft 2 will go free-to-play later this month

  • AnsemsApprentice 03/11/2017

    Well now I have no excuse. Gotta try it. That's a nice surprise! Didn't think I'd be playing SC2 in 2017. Reply +4
  • The original Mafia is back from digital purgatory and out on GOG

  • AnsemsApprentice 19/10/2017

    I liked Mafia 2, but it was a bit like going from a chilled, fine wine to a merely adequate wine left next to a radiator. It's easier to go back to than the first one, but it didn't last long in my memory. I remember the intro, coming home in the snow, Little Italy up in lights. That was a beautiful, immersive intro, but the game was going for a more stylish, Scorsese vibe that strayed from the orginal's more mafia simulator style.

    I finished Mafia 3 last week and it was another step down from that, even. Good moments, but boring, overlong, janky and soulless, despite the '60s goodness.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 19/10/2017

    I was ten when I played this. I followed the traffic laws and was a good mafioso.

    I only remember driving, one mission (rigging a racing car to explode), and one cutscene (taking sanctuary in a church). I really liked it. There may have also been a torture scene where I had to pick my handcuffs, or I've made it up. Fifteen years ago, after all.
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  • SNES mini teardown confirms recycled NES mini tech

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/09/2017

    You're paying for the stellar software and the aesthetic novelty in a neat package, not the literal specs of the hardware. What is the big deal? Why would such old games need to be on very different types of tech anyway? This is emulation of '80s and '90s games in 2017 from one company. If you didn't expect them to be almost identical under the hood . . . well. That's your problem.

    Any sensible hardware manufacturer would save money and aim for a bigger profit by releasing two consoles with similar specs aimed at three different types of people, essentially:

    NES fans
    SNES fans
    Console enthusiasts/collectors.

    They would've sold way less if it was some weird NES/SNES combi that wasn't instantly recognizable and cost over Ł100. What do you want? Two unique chipsets that run the games just as well as each other anyway? Why?

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  • Surreal puzzler Back to Bed is free through Thursday on Steam

  • AnsemsApprentice 20/09/2017

    This will make for a nice companion piece to that other surreal puzzler The Bridge, so to speak. Looking forward to it. Reply 0
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 is shaping up to be every bit as good as its predecessor

  • AnsemsApprentice 15/09/2017

    The first was loved and praised by most, but I found it too slow, and my eyes were assaulted by the cartoony colour-scheme. This has a much more subtle colour palette and seems snappier overall; I'm very, very excited to play it. Reply +2
  • Bungie removes "hate symbol" from Destiny 2

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/09/2017

    Bungie didn't 'admit' the logo was in the game, because it isn't. They agreed it shared a similar design to the now-relevant 'hate symbol' and are removing it.

    The fact it's considered a symbol of hate now is true regardless of its origins, unfortunately, much like the swastika was and still is a sign of spiritual principles in East/Southeast Asia -- a sign of good -- before it was bastardized. Not because they're the same. Guilt by association is a weird thing.
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  • The video game pacifists

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/09/2017

    That's my preference, too, and I get that choice from a lot of games, but I don't have such a serious outlook about it. I agree it should be an option in more types of games -- it's fun being a ghost monk! -- but there is nothing moral or immoral about 'not killing/killing' (not reducing/reducing a collection of polygons' hit points to zero 'til their animations stop) in a video game. Not that he said it was, he's clearly a gamer, but my point is that I kind of doubt that in the very near future there will be many 'non-gamers' to gasp anymore.

    It's like playing battleships and saying, "No, I don't want to kill those soldiers." This isn't a movement like being straight-edge, is it? I have no idea. When we get to the point that games can look and feel just like reality, it will matter a lot more, and I'll be on board, but in 2017 it comes across as self-awareness to the extreme. I just want to have fun.

    I actually agree with a lot of it, however the way it's framed here is a smidge over-the-top for my outlook. When I play Assassin's Creed, I'm not shocked at the fact I'm required to kill people. I didn't know people existed that bought an assassin game and were disappointed they needed to murder fools.
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  • PewDiePie apologises for racial slur

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/09/2017

    Since yesterday I've been thinking about all those times he punched and berated his cardboard cut-out of Ainsley Harriott (is it relevant here?); then the "kill all the jews", nonsense; and now calling some random person that. It's created a damning image.

    Some people don't even realize they have racist tendencies. Having grown up with and around racists, yet not having white friends, I am myself plagued with thoughts of horrible slurs from time to time; echoes of my family. My dad would make racist comments about my best friends to their faces sometimes; my sister believes all the myths about black people (scared of dogs, can't swim), thinks they look the same. My mum is a holocaust denier and hates 'fake' jews.

    I don't know what kind of upbringing Felix has had, or what info he's been fed or reading. Racism doesn't spring up from nowhere. I am not on the defense here, I'm actually wondering where this behaviour of his is stemming from. Kid needs to wake up quick.

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  • Share your favourite moments from Obsidian games and win consoles!

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/09/2017

    Stick of Truth: Jimmy's bard song, stuttering and spluttering about the awful legend of a slutty maiden from Stoneberry Hollow (who is also your mum). Could not stop laughing.

    Alpha Protocol: When you wake up in restraints and you can let the unbelievably brazen SIE take advantage of you. I literally picked the option that said, "Might as well." I've never felt so James Bond in a game before or since. What a beautifully stupid choice.

    Pillars of Eternity: As soon as I fired up the game and heard the music on the title screen last week, before I even pressed a key, I was so inspired by what my ears were experiencing that I immediately composed this track, which I even named Pillars of Eternity at first. It made all the brilliant moments from Planescape: Torment -- the best video game story of all time -- rush through my mind again, and it was a lovely experience.
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  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/09/2017

    @nethstar I think a lot of black folk actually think it's more pathetic than deeply offensive or worth gasping about, and that could easily be viewed as inner strength or a very reasonable individual who thinks a word echoing the past isn't the same as the past itself, merely a flippancy toward it.

    I wouldn't call a black person weak if they didn't get up in arms over every use of the word, it's said thousands of times a day I bet, but I genuinely think it would help the cause, in this day and age, if more people like you (black but not prone to knee-jerk outrage) got involved in the cause, if you're not already. Malcolm X was so racist and aggressive in his youth, and then he turned a corner and became even more of a cultural icon. Constant anger will never get you to a place you need to be, and I think you and people who feel similarly could change the way racism is viewed, even if it's just among people you know. I'm not giving you a pep talk, I'm just saying it's always refreshing to hear a more neutral view amid the mad screaming matches.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 11/09/2017

    Throwing out negative epithets with no thought erodes the very foundations of equality. As does blurting things like, "equality," and "freedom of speech," in response to/defense of ignorance. You have the right to say what you want, but not without consequences. Simple as. Reply +19
  • AnsemsApprentice 11/09/2017

    @Nibbles Racism is often a cause for murder, and rape, even. All oppression is bad to all reasonable people, last time I checked. This isn't sticks and stones kid stuff, this is a word meaning black that was itself raped to dehumanize a group of people -- another kind of rape. Reducing a person to a colour, or a number on their arm.

    Saying one pain is worse than another, or more in need of stopping, is the beginning of this mindset. Lack of empathy in one way or another is part of all hatred.

    We all tend towards xenophobic, possibly -- probably as a now-unnecessary territorial defense mechanism -- but not racist. It's not necessarily a positive difference, but there is a difference.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 11/09/2017

    A targeted racial slur is targeted whether a black person is present/the target or not. Paying a couple clueless guys to hold up an antisemitic sign is at least open to interpretation as a joke.

    Calling a person 'a' nigger immediately changes the context from humorous, self-aware, ironic, or parodical to something much more vicious in concept. Me and my black friends would often imitate characters like Jules or Jimmy from Pulp Fiction and say nigger in its intended context (i.e. a brutal hitman/non-PC criminal with a filthy mouth), and it was fine. It's called parody. Throwing out slurs is simply racist and ignorant.

    People can slip up and say something they didn't formulate well, sure, it happens, but when you're watched by millions, you need to keep that stuff in check. It's goddamn vital, yet he's dropped the ball multiple times. For Christ's sake.
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  • Darkwood developer releases its own game on Pirate Bay

  • AnsemsApprentice 25/08/2017

    Bought it day one. I had been following it for years, and I support and commend their actions in the face of iffy dealings. I have bought from key sites multiple times for older games, but no more. Reply +7
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Skyrim on Switch

  • AnsemsApprentice 24/08/2017

    @Solegor I saw that piece, great stuff. But I wasn't wondering if Pixar-level graphics were possible in games, but if current Pixar-level movies would be possible on future computer hardware we'd all have in our homes as opposed to render farms.

    Regarding 8k @ 144hz, I watch LinusTechTips a lot and it's clearly coming fairly soon, but I was talking about tablets when I said at this scale. I was thinking would something like a Switch exist in 30-50 years that could pump out that res at that framerate with high quality assets and the whole shebang. Simply pondering how Moore's law will be pushed fascinates me, but I'm not the best at predicting.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 23/08/2017

    @BabyBabyBabyOh I assumed exponential in that context meant getting better and smaller infinitely for some reason. I stand corrected, thank you.

    Edited my initial comment to be more accurate I hope.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 23/08/2017

    To see a huge open world game that struggled on the 360 -- which itself was better than most PC hardware in its infancy -- running better on a tablet released just over five years after Skyrim, is a massive sign of how far gaming has come.

    Moore's law is not set in stone, but it frightens me that phones could run GTA V by 2020, or Crysis 3 maxed out by 2030. I wonder where the actual maximum power at this scale will be in 30-50 years. 8K gaming at 144hz in your hands?! Where will affordable, mid-range PCs be at then? Will we all have the ability to make Pixar-level movies at home if we wanted? Iunno what I'm talking about, but it's fun.
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  • Sundered review

  • AnsemsApprentice 10/08/2017

    @Yogafire I could have finished it in under thirty hours if I'd found certain required items in the best order, but playing at my normal pace, checking every nook and cranny, getting over 60% of the achievements, it took me over 50 hours to reach 85% game completion. I unlocked the path to the final boss around the 45 hour mark, however, so could've ended it there if I wanted. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 10/08/2017

    Damn, I just finished Hollow Knight and need to cool off from the genre for a bit, but this looks delicious. Reply +2
  • City of Brass looks like Prince of Persia meets BioShock

  • AnsemsApprentice 07/07/2017

    A little ways off -- I assume polishing is commencing now, and by release I'm sure it'll be a fun romp. I hope for the best with every game, so we'll see. I like the look. Reply +5
  • Rust dev reveals Steam refund figures - but they aren't as bad as you might think

  • AnsemsApprentice 29/06/2017

    Maybe it's because rust is a sign of the elements, decay, and the harshness of those truths. Not sure how deep it goes.

    His attitude is good about the refunds. I'd be curious how many refunded NMS. More or less than we think? Closer to a million or shyer?

    If we had more than 2 hours over 14 days to decide whether to refund or not, I wonder how many would have gone through with it (regarding Rust). If you didn't have that pressure of, "I'm going to lose my cash to this game I'm not enjoying yet." Performance issues aside, that is.
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  • Detroit: Become Human tweet swiftly removed after poking fun at Xbox

  • AnsemsApprentice 22/06/2017

    Despite Detroit's ideas being about 35 years out of date already, Mr. Cage is a very charming and sincere trope vampire whom I like a lot, but that tweet (which is actually quite funny albeit on the nose) is attached to the wrooooong gaaaame. A lot of Xbox guys probably really want to play Spider-Man if anything! Reply +35
  • Call of Cthulhu looks suitably creepy in its E3 trailer

  • AnsemsApprentice 17/06/2017

    Better; much, much better. That last trailer was bad; this one was effective and more polished and had superior voice acting by quite a bit. Now I'm getting excited. Great stuff. Reply +3
  • Level-5 is trying to make a Layton game work on Nintendo Switch

  • AnsemsApprentice 15/06/2017

    @Dark_Witcher I meant the Layton fanbase who are so used to playing it this way wouldn't bother, I should've clarified, but your point is a valid one I hadn't thought about. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 15/06/2017

    Yep, joycon pointer. No one would see it as the main way to play anyway, and go undocked. I play it undocked 99% of the time; that screen is really good.

    Once they 'solve' this, price the game intelligently, and see it sell a tonne, all those other beloved games will follow suit *giggles*.

    From another perspective, they could make, say, a new Trauma Centre game that is joycon-only. This isn't 'limiting' the ways of play, it's vastly expanding the game library. That is well worth the slight inconvenience or hoop-jumps.
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  • Victor Vran's tribute to Motörhead is wonderfully judged

  • AnsemsApprentice 05/06/2017

    Just finished Vran the other day; the music, vibe, and gameplay are all finely polished and lovely to behold.

    It outstays its welcome a little. The first hour plays exactly like the whole game does, without any gameplay twists to speak of, I mean, outside of decent weapon variety. There's hidden treasure and challenges, but you will be slashing and shooting the same kinds of enemies for 15 hours.

    The story is thin, but it's Geralt's voice actor, so there is some cool stuff in there. There are a bunch of modern references that will make your eyes roll (full-on meme shit), but it has its charms otherwise. It is an unshakably solid seven of a game.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake development moved in-house at Square Enix

  • AnsemsApprentice 30/05/2017

    I read a story the other day, think it was quoting a Square-Enix statement saying the remake and KH3 would be released in the next three years. Better than I thought if they're on schedule . . . but this is Nomura and co we're talking about. Reply 0
  • Netflix's animated Castlevania series has a debut trailer

  • AnsemsApprentice 25/05/2017

    Some of that seemed really well done to me. Other than the main guy sounding like text-to-speech software at the end (eep).

    I'm interested. Really enjoyed Vampire Hunter D and Hellsing, and it looks along the same lines (quality-wise).
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  • Gothic metroidvania Blasphemous features some truly inspired pixel art

  • AnsemsApprentice 24/05/2017

    Love Dark Souls; love Nioh; like Salt & Sanctuary; The Surge is decent, etc.

    This looks great -- I'm excited to play this and Eitr -- but the Souls-esque vibe, whether it's in gameplay or art direction, is becoming a bit derivative lately. Castlevania and other games started that beautiful fad ages ago, but there are dozens of this particular style already coming or released, so I'll be glad to see if Blasphemous' systems share little in common with those

    Nothing wrong with a resurgence of a genre, though, so let's hope it's more than the sum of its own parts, not more than the sum of other games' parts. The animations on the blood spurts and whatnot are very satisfying.
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  • Nioh's big update brings more depth to an already brilliant game

  • AnsemsApprentice 12/05/2017

    Just finishing off Horizon and I will nab this. I'm excited I'll be playing the best version of it off the bat after these little updates. I got a PS4 Pro really cheaply, too, so I'm really happy I can have the 60fps/1080 option for a game like this. I'm glad I waited to play it now; finally gonna be playing a Team Ninja game again! It's been too long. Reply +2
  • Square Enix trying to find a buyer for IO, future of Hitman in doubt

  • AnsemsApprentice 11/05/2017

    I wonder if Sony will buy them and make them part of SIE. Reply +1
  • Arkane's living prisons

  • AnsemsApprentice 13/04/2017

    Just bought Arx Fatalis thanks to this mention. Looks great.

    Prey seems like the claustrophobic game I've been waiting for since SOMA. Can't wait.
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  • Rain World review

  • AnsemsApprentice 29/03/2017

    @Diji1 Yes exactly.

    Oh, wait, I see, haha. I meant to say games "I'll" love.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 29/03/2017

    I'm usually right about games I'll love, so I will still happily play this when I have some spare money in my whim wallet. The look and sound design oozes style. Reply +5
  • Destiny 2 teaser shows the Tower going up in flames

  • AnsemsApprentice 29/03/2017

    If this is more than just a tokenistic gesture from Bungie, and they're showing us they're aware of the original game's issues by sacrificing the tower in some kind of dark cleansing ritual, then I am actually really excited for what they have to show.

    They fixed some of the big problems with that Taken King content; the shooting was always fantastic; and the story elements still have the potential to be great, so I hope their internal disappointment with how much flak the game got is fueling their determination, and that every step of the development of Destiny 2 has held the original (in its original state) under a bright light of scrutiny.

    Good luck Bungie. Remember, you're Bungie. Now make naysayers like me look stupid, please. I'm begging you. I want to be punished with no safe-word.
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  • Machinists carve Triforce into a Switch, sell it for nearly double the price

  • AnsemsApprentice 15/03/2017

    It isn't the destruction itself that people are objecting to, but the unbelievably boring, ugly, and average way in which it was destroyed. Who cares about the money? That's up to those involved. Some people actually give a damn about the effort that goes into making a cohesive piece of hardware, and would like the owners of high-performance tools to actually put some thought into carving it rather than some wonky triangles that probably took a couple of minutes of 'what ifs'. How the hell is that fascinating? What a low bar to aim for. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 15/03/2017

    @slammers But if it looked somewhat presentable it would negate the destructive element entirely. The tri-force shape wasn't even centered. I'm all for cutting expensive stuff up if it turns into something else cool and worth looking at, but this is like a kid with a pair of scissors cutting off their sister's Barbie heads to me. I don't like seeing gear maimed and sold with so little effort; it seems so ugly from all angles. Reply 0
  • AnsemsApprentice 15/03/2017

    It's hideous; what a waste of time and money. Three triangles sawed out of a handheld. Not creative in the slightest. There are stunning console customizations out there that are less destructive and well worth a higher price.

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  • Nintendo Switch has its first portable-only game you can't play on TV

  • AnsemsApprentice 27/02/2017

    @RawShark Exactly my thoughts, I'm with you. When I said 'at some point', I meant either with some clever fellas making it possible in the future via a patch, an accessory Nintendo releases later down the line that allows it, or a hardware revision in a couple years (or sooner). I'm confident there's a way. The second-screen content never seemed the type that would strain even a weaker (relatively speaking) processor like the Switch's -- it was often map stuff, or a modest menu screen -- so processing-wise, I see no trouble, but actually implementing it could be well beyond what I imagine. Computers are weird after all. Reply +1
  • AnsemsApprentice 27/02/2017

    @samharper True, if you used the kickstand, or if that theoretical game had a TV mode. I struggle with my arms, so both options would be awesome for people like me. Touchscreen is preferable, as the IR stuff can be finicky, but both work. Either way, more games!

    A lot of people were unsure how much the touch-screen would be utilized, if at all, but we forget that it's up to developers to think about that, not Nintendo. In one move, this game has shown that the theoretical library of games on the Switch has the potential to be much larger than we thought.
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  • AnsemsApprentice 27/02/2017

    Oh, that's awesome news. So a Layton game on Switch is totally viable, among other games that genuinely benefit from touch controls. Maybe a decent Mario Maker port or sequel isn't out of the question either, then. I bet they can turn your Switch and TV into a big DS at some point, that would be cool.

    But yes, I can't spin this into a big negative. It just means more games.
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