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  • PC demo for PES 09 available

  • AnotherMartin 02/10/2008

    And out on the PC last night.

    There's a fix for the res issues and another for some other bits over on the evo-web forums.
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  • Pure

  • AnotherMartin 26/09/2008

    No PC demo (yet?) and no PC version reviews that I can see. Hell, the local GAME didn't even get the PC version in stock today. And we're told it's 'the pirates' that are killing PC gaming.!? Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

  • AnotherMartin 05/06/2008

    Can't wait :-)

    And hopefully by the end of August the new ATi/nVidia cards will all be out, and for long enough that the prices have dropped to normal levels.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • AnotherMartin 05/11/2007


    hope my pre-order turns up on release day, earlier would be nice as well. :)
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  • Crysis demo delayed

  • AnotherMartin 25/09/2007

    In other news, the MP beta's quite fun! :) Reply 0
  • Crysis demo on 25th Sept

  • AnotherMartin 28/08/2007

    schweet! more than enough time before full release to see if I 'need' another upgrade or not. :) Reply 0
  • Condemned PC trial

  • AnotherMartin 31/03/2006

    Just tried this out and it doesn't look too bad, pretty short demo though. Runs ok as well, the auto detect seems pretty conservative. Whacked up most things to max and was still getting a fairly steady 30 fps. And even in the short demo the sound, as Furbs mentioned, does stand out as being pretty good.

    Might be too scary for me though. :(
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  • BF2 expansion due tomorrow

  • AnotherMartin 20/02/2006

    Latest annoucement is it's been put back until after the 1.21 patch.

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  • BF2 Euro Force delayed?

  • AnotherMartin 27/01/2006

    Exactly, I would rather it was delayed than released broken.

    Though some of the forum chat seems to wonder if it is more to do with the upcoming patch being delayed and trying to stop a repeat of the SF issue where by SF came with an outdated patch making you install it with a patch and then having to install another newer one over the top.

    But what ever the case, I just hope it all works!
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  • DS performs well in Europe

  • AnotherMartin 05/01/2006

    05-Jan-06 16:20:28
    if the new supermarios more like the snes version of supermario with great use of the twin screen's ill love it. ill not be too happy at a weird 3d hlaf arsed platform romp... any pics yet?

    Is this the one you're after?
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  • AnotherMartin 05/01/2006

    For an experiment that only wanted to reach 10% of the GBA market it does seem to be doing rather well for itself. Just goes to show you can never count Nintendo out and the whole Sega comparison thing is way off.

    I've said it before but I really hope they can carry this success over to the Rev.
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  • Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

  • AnotherMartin 21/12/2005

    A must buy for me to. Loved SSS on the GBA and PM2 on the GC and this review makes it sound right up my street. Now can I wait for the Uk release or not? Maybe I'll replay SSS while waiting, hhmmm? Reply 0
  • Epic VP slags off Rev controller

  • AnotherMartin 27/10/2005

    I though he sounded bad after reading his comments. Then I watched the video...
    The man is a grade A cock. Nothing to do with what he said but the man is a buffoon.
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  • FEAR patched to 1.01

  • AnotherMartin 18/10/2005

    arse, ordered this as I needed a decent single player shooter to play while waiting for my adsl to be reconnected and now i need to d/l'd a patch. :-(

    At least it's not too big, should only take an hour or so. o_o
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  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike

  • AnotherMartin 30/09/2005

    This is a must buy for me but I am worried about the adictiveness of it again! The 2nd one the GBA stopped me reading books for about six months as it eat most of my spare time! Reply 0
  • MS laughs in Solid Snake's face

  • AnotherMartin 20/09/2005

    Personally, I want people like Moore to fan the flames of the next gen war. Without people wishing to speak out, you lot would have less to rant about...

    I'd prefer it if they just released more facts, screenies, vids etc for us to all happily geek over with out the slanging matches and arguments caused by vauge 'mines better than yours' comments.

    But you're right, it's better than nothing and does at least give us something to talk about.
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  • AnotherMartin 20/09/2005

    ...The fact that they feel the need to have Snake tell you that it's powerful, that could be seen as a sign of worry, or weakness, potentially," Moore concluded.

    as could your need to tell us this Moore!

    If the proof of the pudding really is in the eating then why don't they all just shut up until the damn things out instead of trying to keep their jobs alive by spouting pointless drivel and trying to slag each other off every 5mins.

    It's as bad as people on the forum always trying to have the last word even though the conversation is pointless until it can be backed up with facts.
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  • No further news updates today

  • AnotherMartin 07/07/2005

    Glad to hear you're all ok.

    And you're right the website comes second, you need to make sure you and yours are all ok. Take as long as you need, see you all (safe and well) on the other side.
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  • Mario & Luigi 2 details

  • AnotherMartin 23/05/2005

    If it's half as good as the first one (and really with two screens it should be twice as good ;-) this will be a must buy for me. Loved both the first one and Paper Mario to bits so really looking forward to this one. Reply 0
  • New Zelda name, trailer

  • AnotherMartin 18/05/2005

    afaik it's using a modified Wind Waker engine, so I'd be suprised if we didn't see some cell shading in there, or at least be reminded of it.

    Looks great either way, can't wait.
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  • Pariah

  • AnotherMartin 12/05/2005

    So, not as good as H...?

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  • Killer 7

  • AnotherMartin 11/05/2005

    Capcom's Hammersmith Euro HQ

    oi, I'm only down the road you buggers! Give us a shot next time you go. :-D
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  • Eurogamer's changed! Here's how and why...

  • AnotherMartin 09/05/2005

    i've yet to look around as I wanted to say congrats on getting it done, before I look around and find something that makes me not want to. ;-)

    It looks like you've put a lot of work in and anything that makes your jobs easier, which hopefully means more content,is good with me. Especialy in the run up to E3.
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  • More Zelda details

  • AnotherMartin 26/04/2005

    Can't wait.

    I'm really hoping what with this being one of the last big games for the Cube and seeing what capcom did with RE4 will give them the kick up the arse they need to make this something very special.
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  • Retro expo will go ahead

  • AnotherMartin 19/04/2005

    Good place for a meet? Espec as the annual ECTS one won't happen this year. Reply 0
  • Reports of CEX closure 'nonsense'

  • AnotherMartin 19/04/2005

    Sorry to be rude but the CEX store in the west end is a stinky shit hole staffed by twats. no tears would be shed here if it closed tomorrow. I don't think there's another shop I've been to where I've felt so uncomfortable or unwelcome. Reply 0
  • Euro PSP announcement very soon

  • AnotherMartin 15/04/2005

    Don't you just love these announcements of dates for announcements! Reply 0
  • Name that Nintendo tune

  • AnotherMartin 15/04/2005

    Watched this the other day and it's great, smiled the whole way through. It's just a shame the quality is not a bit better. Reply 0
  • Nintendo to open dedicated store

  • AnotherMartin 07/04/2005

    What's this has to do with eurogaming?

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  • Pirates caught out

  • AnotherMartin 06/04/2005

    undisclosed number of Viagara tablets.

    is that because they haven't taken their cut yet?

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  • Designer PSP Cases

  • AnotherMartin 24/03/2005

    Why are the pics so small? There where some larger ones linked in the forum yesterday. Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • AnotherMartin 18/03/2005

    RE:4 is the only game this week, GO BUY NOW!!!

    (it is Europe, not SA. Or maybe they've just typed a spoiler?)

    (and maybe act of war, if i ever get around to trying the demo)
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  • DS smashes console sales record

  • AnotherMartin 15/03/2005

    Wow, impressive. Good work Nintendo.

    It is odd that when reading the net the impression is that the DS wasn't going to do that well but when you actualy get out and see the public reaction it's a lot better.
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  • Nintendo dismisses Zelda speculation

  • AnotherMartin 14/03/2005

    binky, afaik it's been announced as is being worked on. Supposidly it'll be heavily influenced by four swords. Reply 0
  • Zoo Keeper review review

  • AnotherMartin 11/03/2005

    A great piece of brave and honest writing, I can't see too many other people in your position doing the same. It also makes me feel a bit better about wanting to pick this up after hearing good things about it from other DS owners. Reply 0
  • GDC: Legend of Zelda trailer

  • AnotherMartin 11/03/2005

    The graphics truly are amazingly detailed. I cant remember seeing anything this good on the Xbox?

    I'm really hoping Capcom and RE:4 have given them a kick up the arse and shown them what the Cube is capable of. I can't see Nintendo letting them get away with having the best looking game on the GC.
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  • AnotherMartin 11/03/2005

    Chris G, you could just wait for the Revoloution and pick it up then. Reply 0
  • Nintendo DS launches in Europe

  • AnotherMartin 11/03/2005

    Mario with the thumb strap is the only way to play it imo. After a while and a few stars later it really does work quite well. You have to get in the habit of not letting your thumb slide out of position too much, basically tell your self that it doens't matter how far you slide your finger he's only ever going to run up to a certain speed. So far I haven't come across anyting in the game that I haven't been able to do using the thumb strap. 37 starts and counting... Reply 0
  • Darwinia

  • AnotherMartin 07/03/2005

    Cheers spindizzy, that's good to know. Guess I should take my own advice and read the web site! :-) Reply 0
  • AnotherMartin 07/03/2005

    humanchu, mac and Linux ports are in the works and shouldn't be too long. There was even talk of a Mac demo at one stage so keep an eye out. There's a credit in the manual and game credits for the Mac and Luinux ports so they definatly had someone working on them.

    Check for details.
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  • AnotherMartin 07/03/2005

    Bought this on saturday, completed it on sunday. Admittedly it was two fairly long sessions but the game is too short, could've easily done another half a dozen levels or so. Just the fact that by the end I still hadn't fully upgraded all the tasks etc shows that it could've and should've gone on for a bit longer.

    I really hope they release episodic updates or map packs, or even that the community get's behind it and uses the level editor to make community maps. I've been thinking about a two player on-line mode and it could kind of work, epecialy if they did something like in WH:Dawn of War where you have to control certain points on the map.

    I didn't really find it much of a challenge either, apart from the last level where a couple of failed attempts to take an island resulted in it becoming over populated and near on impossible to get onto. Luckily one quick crash later* and I went back into the level to find it pretty much picked up where I left off but the over populated island had reverted to something a bit more managable.

    * - and that's one bad point, it does seem to crash quite a bit and a couple of times it really chugged, which would either sort it self out after a bit or crash me back to windows, looks like it could be a memory issue when being on a level too long.

    This may all sound a bit negative but i really did like, while it lasted. It's one of those games that if I was a reviewer I would love to give it a 10 out of 10 and tell everybody to buy it but in reality after finishing it and looking back it's probaly a strong 7 or an 8.

    The gfx are really nice, love the style. The music and sfx a pretty decent alround and suit the style well (though seem a bit low quality in places). I really did take to the story, how it's presented and the bit near the end with the Temple and all the little Darwinians is quite emotional.

    Oh and the different loading screens are ace, some real gems, including a faithfuly recreated Spectrum loader! complete with squeeks and everything!

    Overall I'd say if the demo got you interested then it'll probably be worth a purchase. And if it drops below twenty notes and you're still um-ing and ar-ing pick it up.
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  • Star Wolves

  • AnotherMartin 22/02/2005

    cool, i like the idea of the little info post as the first comment.

    Good work Bertie.
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  • MS to replace 14.1m Xbox power cables

  • AnotherMartin 17/02/2005

    Christ! haven't they only just started turning a profit on the X-Box?

    In an extraordinary demonstration of its commitment to consumer safety,

    ha, ha, ha, ha, puh-leeees!
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  • Europa Universalis II on Nintendo DS

  • AnotherMartin 17/02/2005

    Games like this is what I got my DS for, bring it on!

    /also can't wait for soemthing like C&C and of course AdvanceWars!
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  • Sony announces pricing for PSP's UMD movies

  • AnotherMartin 17/02/2005

    I still think they are wasting their time with this. They'd be better off putting out blank discs or cheap and large mem sticks and the software for people to rip their own movies, kind of like how mp3 players are used at the moment, and then use the time and money to concentrate on the games market. If they want to be the No.1 handheld they should ditch the frills and concentrate on the gaming aspect. Reply 0
  • Resi 4 Chainsaw Controller coming to the UK

  • AnotherMartin 15/02/2005

    It does look nice but have you seen how small it looks once in someone's hands? Some how I expected it to be a bit bigger. Reply 0
  • Xbox 2 will release 'in late October, early November'

  • AnotherMartin 11/02/2005

    Hmm this is going to be an interesting one to watch!

    Personaly I think it's a mistake on MS' part and that it really isn't going to do them any favours. But we'll see.
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  • Play Resident Evil 4 with a chainsaw

  • AnotherMartin 09/02/2005

    there's some nice pics of this and the box it comes in over at at the mo. Looks quite nice and they even say that no two sets of blood splaters are the same! Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4 Cube bundle on 18th March

  • AnotherMartin 03/02/2005

    But you'll need the special adapter to turn the GBA:SP in to a set of bellows to allow you to pump it up. Reply 0
  • Touch! Kirby's Magic Paintbrush

  • AnotherMartin 28/01/2005

    Press Kirby Press Reply 0