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  • Stardew Valley is getting new single-player content after all

  • Anhunedd 15/11/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Surely that's just lightning strikes on your farm causing minor damage? Add a few more lightning rods, although I don't think you ever completely remove the chance of storm damage. Reply 0
  • Universe simulator Everything's trailer is an astounding short film in its own right

  • Anhunedd 15/03/2017

    The Game of Life (See here). But on acid. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Account sign-ups live, Miitomo pre-registration open

  • Anhunedd 17/02/2016

    And when you've collected nearly enough platinum or gold points to get anything half decent, Nintendo will just expire them for you to save you the hassle of actually using them. Reply +56
  • The Unfinished Swan spreads its wings on PlayStation 4, Vita next week

  • Anhunedd 23/10/2014

    Is it finished now? Reply +30
  • Microsoft announces Windows 10 for late 2015

  • Anhunedd 30/09/2014

    Hang on... they are skipping Windows 9. The Windows logo is a square. 3 squared is 9. This can only mean one thing...

    Half Life 3 confirmed, to be an exclusive for Windows 10!
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  • BAFTA 2013 video game nominations revealed

  • Anhunedd 12/02/2013

    @kenichi-san If you read the BAFTA category descriptions (,2469,BA.html) you'll see Strategy includes Roleplaying games. They could rename the category to make it clearer though. Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim UK price roundup

  • Anhunedd 11/11/2011


    Amazon took 5 days to deliver my copy of Battlefield 3 through their half-arsed arrangement of home delivery drivers, so they are not exactly reliable either.
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  • Anhunedd 11/11/2011

    Simply Games / Royal Mail fail:

    "Following feedback from many customers regarding non-delivery of Skyrim today, we have fully investigated the situation with Royal Mail. Unfortunately, we’ve now learned that our local sorting office failed to deliver some of our sacks to the main distribution hub on Wednesday evening. This has effected many orders – mainly for Skyrim on PC

    Royal Mail have confirmed that the delayed sacks were then taken to the distribution centre the following day (Thursday) and therefore the affected orders are now on route for delivery and should be with you very soon.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for this delay. Simply Games has an excellent reputation for getting new releases to customers by release date and we are very sorry if this delay has effected your order.

    Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies for this delay and any inconvenience caused. We assure you that your order will be with you very soon if it hasn’t already arrived."
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  • Anhunedd 11/11/2011

    I work for Bethesda, and we pre-ordered from ShopTo. It turned up early enough that we could ship it off as the gold master and avoid the whole end of project crunch. Thanks ShopTo! Reply +3
  • Battlefield 3 UK shop pre-order deals

  • Anhunedd 04/08/2011

    Eh? Why is everyone saying Shopto is the best choice?

    I've just compared prices on the PC version (the only *proper* version...) and they are one of the more expensive places AND don't give you any bonuses.

    Or was there a super-cheap pre-order in the past?
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  • Introducing Nintendo Wii U

  • Anhunedd 08/06/2011

    Sure, Nintendo will have the cheaper package, but couldn't you do everything this kit does with a PS3, PS Move and PS Vita? Reply 0
  • GAME's £190 Nintendo 3DS trade-in price

  • Anhunedd 22/02/2011

    If you are VAT registered can you make a profit here?

    Buy the 3DS for £197 online. Claim back nearly £33 of VAT. Trade it back for £180 cash. You're £16 up on the deal.
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  • MS advises against "clutter" for Kinect

  • Anhunedd 29/09/2010

    It wil also ship with two dozen ping pong balls. If you could sellotape one onto every major bone, that'd be great, thanks. Reply +15
  • DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue - 15 mins

  • Anhunedd 23/09/2010

    id rather cut my face off with a screwdriver

    Now - I'd watch 15 minutes of THAT!
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  • PS3 owner gets Other OS refund

  • Anhunedd 09/04/2010

    Interesting comments after mine.

    First of all, I *am* inconvenienced by this. I (did have) a Linux OS on my PS3 which (to be fair) I haven't used much. But I did install it as it was one of the things which was "cool" about the new PS3. That's why I was a day one purchaser of the original kit. I chose on balance that I'd rather have the PSN features over the Linux features and so ditched the other OS. But either way, I "lost" something a few days ago that I bought 3 years ago. Again, why should I not be compensated over this?

    Should Amazon be paying? No. Is it the law that they are the ones you pursue in cases like this? Yes. So I *have* to go after Amazon (or my credit card company, which in the UK is legally jointly liable). You know what? If Sony turned round and said "hey - sorry to all you original PS3 owners - here's some PSN credit, or a choice of games to compensate", then maybe they wouldn't have people so upset. But they've chosen not to.

    In fact, if you read the original claimants posts about this issue, you'll find he didn't actually ask for 20% back off his PS3 - he just asked what Amazon's policy was on this matter. Their policy appears to be to offer a partial refund. And that's the same with me. I want to know what is going to happen because I personally lost out. And Sony are under no legal obligation to do anything about it.

    As chance would have it, someone raised French cars as a joke. Strangely enough, it is a Citroen car over which I am still pursuing £5K worth of compensation under the very same laws. It went wrong, badly, out of the (largely useless) warranty, but inside the UK six year limit on claims. Citroen wouldn't lift a finger to help me - I had no contract with them, I had a contract with the retailer. So that's who I had to claim against. They went bust, so now I'm claiming against the credit company. It's Citroen's fault, but unfortunately the law means I have to claim from someone else. They then in turn can claim from Citroen.

    It's the same here - Amazon are legally obliged to deal with my complaint. They then in turn will claim back from Sony.

    And in the UK it is six years (five in Scotland). The Sale of Goods Act incorporated the EU directive and goes above and beyond it. I do not have an automatic right to replacement or a full refund, but I do have the right to persue appropriate compensation.

    And it is irrelevant, but I've been hit by another car at about 5mph. Even at that speed, one ton of car contains enough energy to jolt you badly enough to hurt. And no, I didn't claim...
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  • Anhunedd 09/04/2010

    Well, as an Amazon day 1 PS3 purchaser, I've made my email claim for compensation. UK law is quite strong and in favour of the consumer in matters like this, and it provides for the consumer to make a compensation claim when things like this happen, so why shouldn't I claim? Don't forget if you paid by credit card, that credit card company is jointly and severably liable in cases like this, so if your retailer won't budge, get the CC company on the case.

    If this wasn't prevented by law, an unscrupulous company could release products which automatically downgrade or fail after a certain time period making you buy new models.

    Sony shouldn't have done this. They have every right to secure their console, but not to downgrade it to do so.
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  • GTAIV Episodes coming to PC and PS3

  • Anhunedd 29/01/2010

    Rockstar are the New EA when it comes to employee abuse. Don't buy it!
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  • Sony shows off 3D LittleBigPlanet

  • Anhunedd 19/01/2010

    I would imagine that most current HD TVs could theoretically be firmware upgraded to display a 30fps 3D display if they wanted from a 1080i signal - just line double each field and display it for 1/60 second instead of keeping each field on screen for 1/30 second.

    All you then need is the glasses to operate at 30fps instead of 60fps.

    Not going to happen of course - they then couldn't sell you a new TV.
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  • Star Trek Online beta key giveaway

  • Anhunedd 06/01/2010

    I *dream* of 14 KB/s. I've dropped to less than 2 now.

    What is very strange is that it is a torrent style downloader, and I am uploading at pretty much my full line capacity (so much so that I've had to limit it using Netlimiter a bit to stop it saturating my connection). So where's it all going? And if it is a torrent style system, why are we all downloading so slowly?
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  • Anhunedd 06/01/2010

    8372MB. Which at the speed it is downloading for me (3KB/s), will be complete just after the main game gets released... Reply +2
  • GDC: DRM a "waste of time" - 2D Boy

  • Anhunedd 24/03/2009

    DRM companies should have to refund in full their fee if a fully playable version of the game they "protect" is downloadable from the Internet within 28 days of release.

    They would soon go out of business.
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  • WOW guild leader wins an Oscar

  • Anhunedd 24/02/2009

    Oscar? Hunter weapon. Reply 0
  • Free HD Remix multiplayer for Silvers

  • Anhunedd 05/12/2008

    XBLA games should have free online play for everyone anyway. Casual gaming online will never catch on with a 40-quid per year subscription fee.

    Sure, if you play a lot of big releases online, 40-quid per year is perhaps value for money. However nobody is going to pay that just to play a bit of Uno and the odd game of online chess with a friend or three.
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  • Star Trek Online to feature PVP, classes

  • Anhunedd 13/08/2008

    Can I play a Tribble? Reply 0
  • PlayTV saved files no longer transferable

  • Anhunedd 13/08/2008

    At times like this, we need a picture of an aghast cat, going "!!WTF NO PS3 COPIEZ SUXORS!!!111"


    And I like Sony stuff.
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  • Sony dismisses exclusive GTA 360 content

  • Anhunedd 31/03/2008

    Believe you me, it is no bullshit. With the fans on alone, say playing a XBLA title, my 360 is a bit louder than my media PC - an ageing Shuttle XPC. Which means I have to notch the sound up one or two blips on my TV. Not too bad, but tolerable.

    Fire up a disc in it and I literally have to put the volume of my TV up by around 50% to cover it up. Seriously. Which late at night with kids asleep is not practical.

    As I understand it, some units are quieter, which explains why some people think we are making this up. Mine is an Elite and it is still one of the noisy ones.

    I work in dev, and I am surrounded by an overclocked fan cooled PC, a Wii devkit, a PS3 devkit and a 360 devkit. The 360 will easily drown out the noise of all the rest put together, and that is without the drive running.

    One day I'm going to find a decibel monitor to quantify this.
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  • Anhunedd 31/03/2008

    From the pre-order charts in MCV (trade magazine) based on Amazon's figures:

    14/3/08 - PS3 GTA IV ahead of 360.
    21/3/08 - PS3 GTA IV ahead of 360.
    28/3/08 - PS3 GTA IV ahead of 360.

    Live figure on Amazon checked just now (31/03/08) - PS3 GTA IV ahead of 360.

    Now, that could just mean everyone is buying it in HMV or Game on 360 due to the bonus points, or it could just mean that PS3 people are more likely to pre-order. I don't know. The charts on the Monday after will be the only sure fire way to find out which one sold more. But it nonetheless makes interesting reading.

    Me? I own both consoles and will order on PS3. I will be playing this game a lot, and I know I won't be able to stand the noise of the disc spinning in my 360 for that length of time. I imagine that the game will probably be much the same on either one to be honest.
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  • X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Six

  • Anhunedd 29/11/2007

    I tell you exactly why the PS3 version comes out, on average, slightly less well than the 360 one when a game is developed simultaneously on both:

    1) In the games dev company I work for, we got 360 devkits before we got PS3 kits. So our next gen engine was developed on 360 first and so the PS3 boys had to make theirs match the 360 one. We also therefore have more experience with the 360, and have built our development procress around them first. Inherently this leads to minor compromises.

    2) We have stacks more 360 kits than PS3 kits. Both due to the 360 coming first and the relative price of them. So once you take a few out for each engine team to work with, there's only 360s left for the game teams. So they develop the game to work perfectly on the 360, and again the PS3 is second fiddle.

    End result? The PS3 version is ever so slightly not quite as good.

    Now, look back through these comparison exercises and you'll see one example where the PS3 version had seperate room to breathe - Oblivion. Result? The PS3 version is as good as the 360 one.

    We've now got some PS3 dedicated people who are beginning to work with what is under the hood and early indications are that once they fully crack how to use the Cell efficiently, the ability of the PS3 to do in game processing (Physics, AI, etc) will exceed the 360. Graphically, there's not a lot in it.

    What it will mean is that games developed specifically for the PS3 will get better over time. Exactly what happened with the PS1 and PS2. On the other hand, I expect games developed on multiple formats at the same time to be biased towards the 360 ever so slightly - it's cheaper and easier to develop on, and so it will more often than not be the lead console of choice in those cases.

    Personal choice? I've got both and if the game is available on both, I go for the PS3 version. Reasons? Two. I personally hate achievements as a concept, and in my gaming room, the 360 is just too loud when running the DVD drive.
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  • Manic Miner

  • Anhunedd 26/11/2007

    I believe 6031769 was Matthew Smith's phone number in Liverpool at the time.

    In tribute, I use that number as my random seed in everything I code. That includes parts of some very big selling games!
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