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  • Can Kingdom Come Deliverance's tech deliver its ambitious vision?

  • AngelAngelus 17/02/2018

    It’s definitely refreshing albeit with some bugs but they’ve already started working hard on fixing them and one for the lockpicking will help when it comes otherwise definitely worth the purchase Reply +2
  • Devastating Dragon Ball FighterZ combo is literally over 9000

  • AngelAngelus 30/01/2018

    Impressive stuff to see. Wish I was able to figure a way to do that as a newcomer to fighters some of the opposition have been brutal! Reply +8
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017 voting

  • AngelAngelus 15/12/2017

    For me there was a vast amount of games which were deserving of votes but personally my top 5 were as follows;

    Persona 5
    The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Yakuza 0

    As a few others mentioned Issac on switch took a lot of time for me, especially with hospital visits, and looking forward to the next year of games coming.
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  • Rest of Rock Band 3 setlist leaked?

  • AngelAngelus 19/08/2010

    Now this will be interesting if it does include the full version of this - Yes – Roundabout as Rick Wakemans Keyboard skills are legendary so that may be a bit of a nightmare on pro mode for the keytar! The mans fingers move at an ungodly speed - see Gone But Not Forgotten on youtube when it goes into the chorus type part if you can call it take in a intrumental! Reply +1
  • Ubisoft's Michael Jackson game detailed

  • AngelAngelus 08/07/2010

    @StooMonster - Bit harsh on the Glitter Band as they are actually pretty well respected as a band without Gary's involvement... if you said Gary then that's a different story..... Reply -1
  • Harmonix not making Green Day: RB

  • AngelAngelus 27/01/2010

    I agree and get some Showbiz tracks or even just Showbiz on the DLC! Reply 0
  • iPad

  • AngelAngelus 27/01/2010

    Price is as follows according to the reports - Mr Jobs described the tablet, which will cost between $499 and $829 in the US, as a "third category" between smartphones and laptops - Thanks to the BBC article on this one. Also some of the things it can do is here as well - Reply 0
  • Price Pressures

  • AngelAngelus 17/10/2009

    I am curious how Sony/Nintendo and Microsoft's next consoles will be priced in the supermarkets compaired to places like Game and Gamestation. I think if they are "crashing" prices on the games to levels what comsumers see as a good price point at around £25-£30 then how will they play the console pricing overal as this would be the next big step for the market share if they manage to get game prices lowered overal even for a small amount of time?

    Also there are people are always willing to pay over the odds to get their hands on the latest big thing be it the Wii/360 Elite or PS3 Slim especially when it comes to the holiday season for their family members or partners etc especially when it becomes short on supply around Christmas. I would suggest this may be part of the reason for the £55 price or other price increases around now...
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  • Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage

  • AngelAngelus 08/01/2009

    Razorus you will know when this is. There area is near Rivit City but with out spoiling it I would suggust saving it when you head to the Brotherhood of Steel building. This would be the best time to go searching the other areas of Fallout I'd say but you'll know when your near the end by the choices left for you.

    I hope this helps....
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  • AngelAngelus 08/01/2009

    For all the people saying about the ending and how to continue, you do know you can just load it before the end as it Autosaves unless of course you switched this function off? So if they have patched it not to include the ending I am sure they would have thought of this.

    Also for the others saying why is it not being made as DLC for the PS3 at the same I would suspect as it has been mentioned that the PS3 is not the easiest console to develope and test DLC on. This would either be the PC or 360 so I wouldn't say it was favouritism as such but rather that they want to make sure it is working as well as possible for the PS3.
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