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  • An audience with Syndicate

  • Andytails 12/10/2012

    I did (now incredibly dated) video reviews on youtube between 2008-2010 but always avoided Let's Play stuff... Why would I want to talk about what I had for breakfast while shooting people? More importantly, why would anyone care?

    I haven't been keeping up and do not know this guy at all but if he's like Tobuscus or iJustine... I won't be running to sub anytime soon.
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  • Where can you buy Mass Effect 3 in the UK?

  • Andytails 02/03/2012

    I made a thread on BSN on Wednesday about the whole Game thing since most were massively affected and was honestly shocked at how they clubbed together to look after each other on this issue. Taking a break from the fanaticism to point people to the stores that had stock and such.

    Almost brings a tear to your eyes...
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  • Uncharted movie has "romance and sex"

  • Andytails 02/03/2011

    More bad news then.

    ...and on this, the day of my daughter's wedding.
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  • New characters confirmed for Dissidia012

  • Andytails 18/01/2011

    XI has some of the better character development in the whole franchise, it's just skipped over so much by those that don't make it to the story available in the game. Or hate that it isn't voice acted. It's a shame the game was so hard back in the day.

    Prishe was cut from the first Dissidia game in favour of Shantotto, so I was expecting this. She's the middle-aged-woman-trapped-in-a-child's-body archetype and has a foul mouth on her. It would honestly be pretty damn funny seeing her having a go at the likes of Sephiroth - she's toppled gods before afterall and while I would have liked to have seen Zeid, Lion or Lilisette stepping up, this will have to do.

    Either way though, she's much more interesting than more XIII characters or Vaan's inclusion...
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  • Dissidia 012[duodecim] FF footage

  • Andytails 16/12/2010

    Where did Laguna get all that hardware? I don't recall seeing gold Resident Evil-style rocket launchers in Galbadia or Esthar. Especially hammerspace ones. Did I miss some optional quest there? If it incorporated Triple Triad, then I probably skipped it.Also, they seem to be really reaching for abilities for him. Might have had more to work with if he was playable for more than just small portions of the game. Reply 0
  • Team Meat skewers PETA spoof

  • Andytails 03/12/2010 Reply 0
  • Ant and Dec in the jungle with DK

  • Andytails 18/11/2010

    ...nice to see Nintendo have selcted the guys who used to do the "Pokémon rap" every week ten years ago and those twats Jedward that can't even act their way through a Dragon Quest advert without sounding talentless to promote their new stuff. Quick DK, dispatch them while you have the chance! Reply 0
  • PC Fable III still in the works

  • Andytails 18/11/2010

    I always reach for a towel when someone says "Don't Panic". Reply +1
  • New fighters confirmed for MVC3

  • Andytails 16/11/2010

    Howard the Duck will probably round up the next reveal... Reply 0
  • Why FFXIV failed to meet expectations

  • Andytails 11/11/2010

    Alpha AND Beta were crap. The release was almost identical to the beta. Go figure.

    Also, as anyone who played FFXI knows, Square rarely take in what the community asks. It's only when they assumed XIV would knock XI out of the market that they started adding a crapload of stuff at once (that would have been considered beyond broken five years ago). I expect the same treatment in this new world. Difference is the former had a way better opening metacritic average.
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  • Obama, Bush play NBA Jam

  • Andytails 11/11/2010

    I never expected McCain to be so spry at his age... Reply +2
  • FFXIV: "Full power on regaining trust"

  • Andytails 05/11/2010

    Square kind of shot themselves in the foot by releasing XIV in the state it was while also making everything in XI so easy at the same time. That Abyssea thing makes levelling way easy (600exp a mob anyone?) and added loads of ridiculous items (The empyrean armours are overpowered) XIV needs a lot more stuff before Japan will let XI go especially. I can't see me ever getting into it though just on how it feels to play and the copypasta in the areas.

    Besides if I played XIV then I wouldn't be the Puppetmaster anymore :)
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  • AC: Brotherhood gets MGS cameo

  • Andytails 04/11/2010

    That's nice.

    ...but does the famous purple-stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork perform a raw blink on the Vatican!? If it does, we all need scissors. 69 of them.
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  • Kinectimals - furs 15 minutes

  • Andytails 04/11/2010

    Skittles~!Skittles~! Reply +2
  • Reader Review of the Month

  • Andytails 04/11/2010

    Agreed that Brian Blessed makes anything better. I disagree with the Tails comment though ;P


    I personally stopped doing the reader reviews here two years or so ago. They always turn into scripts for video riffs these days... but I've been meaning to do some contemporary ones for a while now. Might be fun to have a go again...
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  • Martinet wanted to voice Link

  • Andytails 17/11/2009

    In Soul calibur 2, if you set it to Japanese and fight Link vs Nightmare. That's the same actor going toe-to-toe with himself. Seriously, drop Nightmare off the edge - familiar scream? I thought so.

    He was also Axel in Disgaea 2 and Demetri, Donovan and Pyro in Darkstalkers.. among many other roles throughout games and anime.
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  • FFXI Ultimate Collection dated

  • Andytails 26/10/2009

    Really missing a trick by not providing a Playstation 3 port but there isn't much logic in releasing this so late in the day either. Reply 0
  • Rocket Knight Adventures to return

  • Andytails 06/10/2009

    I can't wait... I loved Rocket Knight adventures/Sparkster. The cutesy facade disguised quite a challenging game back in the day.

    I do hope that the whole thing doesn't get a "modern" or "street" redesign though.
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  • Square Enix being sued by FFXI player

  • Andytails 25/06/2009

    I was under the impression that "late payment" bumped your account offline until you paid them...

    Damages on behalf of the player's for 5 million? How much are they going to share then? Bullshit.
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  • Coronation Street game coming to DS

  • Andytails 07/02/2009

    Coronation Street: Blood on the cobbles.

    Can you go on a rampage with David? Hang on... second player could be Becky. Both armed with drainpipes. Like a less cool version of Axel and Blaze... Last boss would be that ginger twat that broke his face... the only problem is that if you cause any damage the Police come and arrest you. They won't believe you whatever you say, even when it's glaringly obvious they should let you continue - they insist on stretching their dilly-dallying for at least three weeks while you watch a sub-plot about Norris' new meth lab venture with Blanche.

    It'll probably be shite.
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  • Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Andytails 31/01/2009

    I'll bet it doesn't include the Joker's wonderfully tasteful "April fools" monologue... Reply 0
  • Lara Croft to get makeover for next game

  • Andytails 12/01/2009

    Probably just another excuse to re-imagine the TR: trilogy. Only, this time, Natla doesn't inexplicably show up in the third one. This seems to be going the way of the Angel of darkness' edgy thematic - which was an unforgivable pile. What's next? Flame-licked hedgehogs with guns?

    America tends to like the British accent. I doubt they would change that. They'll probably just change her outfit again and turn her into a James Bond style action hero with Union Jack accesories. Probably add a dog that can find treasures... probably.

    Falling short of expectations shouldn't mean ANOTHER reboot though - this isn't television...
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  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • Andytails 18/11/2008

    I wrote this a while ago. Thought I'd included that, actually.

    Read it over and I didn't... bah ><

    I do respect the classics though, of course:
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  • WOW: Lich King sees its first level 80

  • Andytails 14/11/2008

    Being powerlevelled in an MMO is not newsworthy... Reply 0
  • Blizzard announces WOW Authenticator

  • Andytails 27/06/2008

    Grind-lite and overly popular jumping simulator gets a dongle under guise of aid when it is really a ploy to osmose money? Nah... never... These hackings are common but it's mostly people stupidly handing out details to "friends" or getting keylogged because their security is lacking. Square just increased security measures for free using external storage or software keyboards so there isn't really a need to charge. Does it stop everything looking like Disney slept with Tolkienn though? Reply 0
  • SingStar Vol. 2 - Intro

  • Andytails 07/05/2008

    Please. Stop them now...

    ...Why the hell isn't Queen in the Singstore yet anyways?
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  • Square Enix dates FFXI 2008 bundle

  • Andytails 02/05/2008

    Why bother with this? Anyone new to this game is going to have an awful time, low level parties aren't common at all and campaign has almost destroyed mid-to-high level parties, especially in European time. There just simply aren't enough European players anymore. If you have a nice group of people this game is easy but I don't think many new people stay for more than a week. Then again, I hate MMO's generally but I play this when I can be arsed just because of events and as a glorified chat room... I do love the core of the game and the story (Which MMO tend to lack), just wish there weren't so many dickheads on it... It also does take forever to do anything. I can't camp NM's that take longer than 2 hours because I want to break the game.

    Alright, it's awesome when things are going right (and you don't care to camp monsters that spawn once a week if Elvis is alive and only on a Tuesday between 4 and 4:01 am) but kicks your arse when something goes wrong. Though I suppose after doing two characters through Chains of Promathia before they made it stupid easy makes you resistant... Also, Exp loss is the stupidest idea ever.

    The latest smart idea from Square is a lottery that you have no chance of winning and will probably go to RMT or something. You can win one hundred million gil, some rare items etc. Moglottery or something stupid sounding with a mog-prefix.
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  • Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition

  • Andytails 01/03/2008

    I enjoy all but II really (Above IV mostly. It's just a chore to play. The original is horribly dated but I still quite like it... Reply 0
  • Games arouse and desensitise you

  • Andytails 08/02/2008

    Every week since 1988 someone attacks gaming because they lost to their first Hammer Bros. Violence has nothing to do with supplying nutjobs with guns, of course. If the constitution insisted on peoples right to bear joysticks instead, there would be less shootings... Games don't encourage violence, you have to be a pretty poor Human in the first place. Besides, the real world has much better targetting. Problem is, you only get one life and you don't even last as long as Sam Fisher. Reply 0
  • Nintendo hasn't won yet, says Microsoft

  • Andytails 08/02/2008

    Long Life, huh? My 360 is back in Havant again getting "fixed". Still, at least it wasn't Ł60 this time. Reply 0
  • Telegraph rekindles Bully controversy

  • Andytails 21/01/2008

    "A violent new video game" - Only if you want it to be. You can kiss girls too...

    "The game, called Bully, features a shaven-headed pupil" - Because shaven head = "common" to the old etonites that are probably the target of the article.

    Again, just like with the sudoku comment if these people actually considered playing it they'd probably never say these things. There is probably a special badge for banning a videogame from Ace attourney, Jack Thompson.
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  • Games are "Satan's sudoku", claims Times

  • Andytails 21/01/2008

    Wait... what? Games don't have characters or plots? o.O;

    Someone should tell Kojima... Maybe we should inform the companies that they should stop thinking about what they are doing and create Coronation street games on Wii. I feel sorry for her "outcast" kids, in my day games were a staple in the playground with heated Pokemon battles and the like back when the series had a dregree of integrity between 2000-2002 :P

    ...Bloody hell, why do these people write such ignorant things? If a kids going to slack off from work they'll do it with any form of entertainment, not just this "Satans sudoku". They might even slack off to play real sudoku. I wouldn't mind being wired into the creators brains though, maybe I could transfer some of my own ideas and give them some clout.

    "I'm bored, think I'll say something about gamers today, they are easy to attack because new stuffs is bad and the readership are afraid of them just like me, its their own fault for liking Xboxes and PS2's over Polo and Lacrosse"

    Gamecubes and PS2's, I think shes a touch behind on these things. But hey, I guess even game-hating journalists like the Wii. She would have included it otherwise, maybe she plays Mario Party 8.
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  • SEGA Superstars Tennis - Trailer

  • Andytails 21/01/2008

    It would have been much more symbolic if Sonic had knocked Alex Kidd out instead of Amigo :P

    The trailer is fun, just hope the game is good. Riders had Ulala, NiGHTS and AiAi and still sucked like a supercharged Hoover.
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  • BioWare spills first Sonic RPG details

  • Andytails 14/01/2008

    Do want. They should do themselves a favour and bring back a classic character like Fang instead of this Shadow/Big/Cream stuff though. Heres hoping its good. Reply 0
  • That may be it for 360 BC updates

  • Andytails 10/01/2008

    Good job I purchased a PS2 copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 for using on the PS3 then... Seems my substance is screwed. I can't be arsed setting up the Xbox to play it. Seems Sonic Riders is more worthy of emulation than Snake. Reply 0
  • Soul Calibur IV - Star Wars reveal

  • Andytails 10/01/2008

    I find your lack of tiering disturbing. Reply 0
  • McDonald's links games to obesity

  • Andytails 09/01/2008

    Mcdonalds isn't making kids fat... Games are... I don't know why we didn't see this before. It's exactly like games causing kids to go into murderous frenzies because they killed a "pimp" on Grand theft auto.

    Obviously... Mcdonalds has a cartoon clown. I wasn't a fat kid and I played games, then again I also went outside and didn't exclusively eat Mcdonalds. I always thought Burger King was better anyways :P
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  • Captain Olimar joins Smash Bros. roster

  • Andytails 09/01/2008

    People have been banging on about wanting Olimar for years... Now they have him, I'm sure they'll find something else to cry about :P

    "Olimar can't even do a smash attack without Pikmin" - Could be interesting. It'll probably be an Ice climber follow/mimic situation.
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  • Rez HD in "a few weeks"

  • Andytails 09/01/2008

    Sounds like a party... Reply 0
  • Eurogamer gets a facelift

  • Andytails 09/01/2008

    I like it. Looks like the member Eurogamer TV pages that I always thought were slightly out of style and as for the ads (which do seem a tad more imposing), Noscript turns them into sexy red borders... But on the PS3 right now so I tend to just ignore the script questions.Suppose we'll just have to get used to things being slightly re-arranged like that time I woke up in Shanghai after a particularly crap party.Shame, you can't see the comments on Reader Reviews from the frontpage anymore though. Reply 0
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Andytails 16/12/2007

    It's an awful game and I struggled to come up with much in it's defence. I wrote the bulk of this in November 2006 so at the time the game looked pretty good but the unfair, horribly flawed gameplay and daft glitches are inexcusable. I thought about giving it a 4 or something but decided on a (Probably a tad relenting but still quite meh) 6. Not even a rabid Sonic fan could endure this game long enough to get all the S ranks, could they? o_O

    Mark Hamill is alright, I have nothing against him - Just came to mind when I thought of someone who had fallen quite considerably from what they used to be. Star Wars to Wing Commander and then into an industry where you have to be credited under pseudonyms because of issues with the screen actors guild or starve under a freeway is technically a fall whichever way you go about it.
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