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  • Netflix doing a Choose Your Own Adventure TV show for adults

  • Andeus 05/12/2017

    Anyone here remembers Psychic Detective for PS1 ? Reply 0
  • No One Lives Forever: The spy shooter that saved Monolith

  • Andeus 01/10/2017

    Great game, back in the day. I wish Monolith would try a FPS again. Also I didn't know about the abandonware, might give it another playthrough.

    As other people already mentioned there were other female leads in video games back then and many of these were commercially successful too. I'm pretty sure we can think of more such as American McGee's Alice or 1997's Nightmare Creatures to name a few off the top of my head.

    But hey, if we do remember all that then how would Rick Lane be able to fill 4 paragraphs about feminism ? Or how a shower scene would be bad for a video game because there is a *gasp* woman in it?
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  • Jelly Deals: 8Bitdo's latest wireless SNES pads are designed for Switch, available to order now

  • Andeus 25/09/2017

    How good is the D-pad on these for Fighting games? Reply 0
  • Share your favourite moments from Obsidian games and win consoles!

  • Andeus 11/09/2017

    Oh man, I loved New Vegas. I started playing late at night so when I reached Nipton for the first time it was like I was playing a horror game, with that ominous music giving me the chills while I was walking next to crucified citizens and me thinking "what the hell happened here".

    Also I still remember doc mitchell's lines in the beginning when you create your character. Nicest interaction during a character creation process ever.

    "Can't say it's what I'd have picked for you. But if that's your name, that's your name."

    Also, I don't know if Planescape: Torment is allowed in the competition, if it's not that's fine, I just want to say this because I rarely get to talk about it and it's in my Top-3 memorable moments in videogame history (and I've been playing videogames since 1993? Somewhere around that time), so here goes:

    Planescape: Torment

    The moment you meet Ravel and the dialogue that ensues.

    I remember wanting to find her, as if she was the end boss, I thought she was, the game made me think she was, so when I finally reached her in that maze and my character talked to her, I was in awe of what the game designers did.

    I had spent hours in the game to reach that point and that dialogue with Ravel changed my perspective to everything that had happened up to that point.
    I remember that I had this desk from my PC with a keyboard-drawer-shelf, so when Ravel dropped the truth-bomb about what was really going on, I calmly pushed away the keyboard-drawer, got up, went to the living room, sat on the sofa and stared at the wall for like 5 minutes while I was contemplating what had just happened and replaying in my head, with that newfound knowledge, everything I had done from the beginning of the game up to that point.

    It's been about...erm, 16 years since I played Torment? And I still remember that.

    Also my kinda idiotic moment: When the Pillars kickstarter was announced, first thing I did was go and donate. But since I didn't want to know even the slightest spoiler or hint about the game (I wanted the pure-new-game experience), I avoided all the dev blogs on purpose, except for the one to secure my copy as a backer (and even that I happened to see by accident I believe). So I also didn't see the backer message about if I wanted my name to appear in the credits of the game, and thus my name isn't there.

    I found out about it once I played it. Ha!
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  • EA gamescom 2017 live show report

  • Andeus 21/08/2017

    wait wat
    That's it?
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  • Andeus 21/08/2017

    Having vehicles in a 5v5 setting can be tricky though. Either they end up a gimmick or grossly overpowered. Reply 0
  • Andeus 21/08/2017

    @ihnm_aims lol me too. I was like "are they really bringing it back? holy shit" Reply 0
  • Andeus 21/08/2017

    Up to now this presentation gives me an uneasy feeling. It's like we've come a long way from that Doritos-Mtn Dew moment in gaming conference history. We've managed to get even worse. Reply 0
  • Andeus 21/08/2017

    Cringe. Reply 0
  • Meet the volunteer coaches making the world better at Street Fighter 5

  • Andeus 06/04/2017

    I just beat him at Street Fighter 5 by throwing out my critical art on wakeup - something he suggested just five minutes ago. It would be a surprise attack, he said
    Oh come on Wes, you've been playing SF for quite a while, you know what people really think about wake-up supers
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  • Nintendo confirms there is no female Link in Breath of the Wild

  • Andeus 14/06/2016

    Link is Link. There's no need to change him in order to appeal to the latest obnoxious trend of turning male characters to females.

    They can easily introduce some new female characters or make a new side series in the Zelda universe where you play as Sheik.
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  • Here's Vega in Street Fighter 5

  • Andeus 03/08/2015

    @TheEarlOfZinger @grassyknoll

    He can't happen. Chances are he never will, since Arika has all the rights for the EX series, not Capcom.
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  • Nintendo president Satoru Iwata passes away at 55

  • Andeus 13/07/2015

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  • Microsoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • Andeus 15/06/2015

    So this is about fog of war. Old news. Reply 0
  • Andeus 15/06/2015

    Tobias? Reply 0
  • Andeus 15/06/2015

    @Poncho+D Ubi's US pres, Laurent something. Reply 0
  • Andeus 15/06/2015

    Close your eyes and listen to him: Doesn't he sound exactly like the Scarlet Pimp. from the 3rd season of BlackAdder? Reply 0
  • Andeus 15/06/2015

    new version of Creation Engine aka new version of Gamebryo engine.

    Prepare for a bugfest. Again.
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  • Andeus 15/06/2015

    Why is the gun's running animation like as if little red riding hood moving her basket around while walking through the forest? Reply 0
  • M.Bison revealed for Street Fighter 5

  • Andeus 19/05/2015

    @FoureyesZero Actually we don't know that. It's more probable for it's timeline to be between SF4 and SF3.

    SF4 was after but closer to SF2's timeline, whereas SF5 looks like the events after SF4 leading to the rise of the Illuminati in SF3.

    Ryu got his Denjin Hadoken, Bison in the trailer has gray hair showing signs of deterioration on that body etc.
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  • Chris Donlan on: Closed doors

  • Andeus 25/04/2015

    Anyone here remembers the Chat Gem from Diablo 2 online lobbies?

    Ηow that thing taunted everyone to find out what it was for and why it was there. To this day we don't know, and haven't found any use for it so players kinda came to the conclusion that it never did anything. It was just there for you to click.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player cap, no campaign

  • Andeus 17/04/2015

    I like the 40-player cap.

    I've been playing BFs since the 1st one (1942) and when BC2 was announced I was one of the haters for it's 32 player cap.
    In retrospect I had more fun with BC2 than with BF3 and BF4, and one of the reasons for that was the lower cap. Still it was kinda too low imo, and always felt that something like 40-48 people would be the optimal number to make big maps not feel empty but also give room for player maneuvering to show individual skill.
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  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • Andeus 18/03/2015

    I disagree.

    Even before we heard of NX I wanted to make a thread with a rant about how now is the perfect time for Nintendo to strike.
    Both MS and Sony played their hands with mediocre titles and failing one expectation after another. At this point, there just isn't anything better to compete with them so people end up buying a PS4 or a XBONE.

    In a year from now 20nm process will be the mainstream. Nintendo can easily team up with AMD and make a 20nm chipset that surpasses the 28nm Jaguar found in Ps4 and XBONE while remaining fully compatible with them for multi-platform games.
    All they need is to fulfill the -mostly failed- promise of 60fps/1080p console gaming which should be easy to pull off (even with some AA) with relatively cheap hardware to keep the cost down.
    All they have to do for launch is to port existing Wii U games in their new console and get some multi-platform ports. This should buy them more development time to get new titles going.

    Let's not forget that with the Wii U they have fixed many online features and have an infrastructure in place that could be used on their next system. This isn't the scrappy Nintendo of the Wii era.

    So does that mean that the Wii U failed?
    In a way yes, simply because it never met the sales of it's predecessor but does it mean that we should start coming up with "console tombstones" and just mark it as a failed-all-along console? Definitely not.
    Console cycles are about to get smaller, I wouldn't expect PS4 to have the same lifespan as the PS3, and even if we put all that aside let's not forget that the Wii U is in a generation cycle of it's own.

    This is mostly sensational journalism, after all if the NX details were announced on the March of 2016 wouldn't Mr. Robinson write the exact same article, albeit with more games on both sides of that picture?

    Nintendo mentioning NX doesn't show a company panicking or admitting defeat, it shows a company that knows what it's doing and just found an opportunity.
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  • Dead or Alive 5 tournament soft ban on "over-sexualised" costumes sparks heated debate

  • Andeus 02/03/2015

    Here are some of the costumes proposed to be banned:

    Seriously? Apparently now that gaming violence outcry has (mostly) died, people found another scapegoat.
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  • Guilty Gear Xrd review

  • Andeus 19/02/2015

    Also got it for 20$ with Valentine's day offer.

    As for day 1 DLC chars...weeeell you can't really say that because all who pre-ordered or got the game during a X amount of days from it's release got them for free.

    Still kind of a shitty move. They could instead give you the extra colours for free and let all the chars in, or if they really wanted the extra incentive for pre-orders keep only Sin as DLC who is cheap to purchase.
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  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • Andeus 10/01/2015

    Are you sure about that architecture translation?

    To me it seems that what Nintendo would like to keep is the architecture of remote play provided from the Wii U controller and the whole interaction it provides.

    Other than that, they don't really need something very specific. Just a modern x86-64 architecture that scales well. Use it on both systems, then adjust the graphics options so that it runs smoothly on both, or disable features that wouldn't run well on the handheld system (eg. SSB not having 8-player on 3DS).

    Even AMD's new APUs could pull it off, and if they still keep their similarities with 2013's Jaguar cores then Nintendo could get 3rd party support, since every PS4/X1 title would be easy to port over.

    edit: Oh ye that Tegra 3DS thing that dropped for "unknown reasons" ;) . They probably dropped it because it was shit.
    Every device around that time that released with that Tegra was gutted. From the 1st Nexus 7 to the HTC One X (such an amazing phone, destroyed by that silly SoC). Everything that had the name Tegra in their spec sheet back then flopped, due to Tegra being notorius of being way too power hungry, emptying batteries in a matter of hours thus rendering portable devices unusable.

    No wonder companies are skeptical with Nvidia SoCs since that time. It's only until recently with the Nexus 9 that Nvidia is getting a 2nd chance.
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  • Games of 2014: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

  • Andeus 30/12/2014

    Btw did EG review WoD? I can't find anything. Should we expect a review from Oli ? Although this article actually reads like one, minus the score. Reads like a 9.

    The mine is supposed to spawn these critters (so does the herb garden) and your 3rd upgrade is supposed to help against those critters.
    They don't spawn untill you have the 3rd upgrade though
    They spawn just fine for me on both level 1 and 2. You're just lucky with RNG, that's all.
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  • PlayStation Experience conference live report

  • Andeus 06/12/2014

    Real Talk: Isn't the gameplay depth of this game the same as the old FMV adventures in CDi consoles? Reply 0
  • Andeus 06/12/2014

    Ah Ru Weerosomething. The blizzard artist from the Warcraft 3 days Reply 0
  • Andeus 06/12/2014

    Skeleton hanging by a rope and a pirate reference? Was that a Monkey Island 2 reference? Reply 0
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Andeus 27/08/2014

    Really? This article, now? Sarkeesian on EG?

    On the advent of the whole Zoe Quinn scandal who slept her way to gaming site's publicity (an EG sister website at that too)? A person who was also backed from Sarkeesian herself?

    Great timing.
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  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor beta key giveaway

  • Andeus 25/07/2014

    Got one. Thanks EG :D Reply 0
  • Andeus 22/07/2014

    /fingers crossed Reply 0
  • Far Cry 4 villain's magnificent suit explained

  • Andeus 12/07/2014

    Looks like fashion designer Kostetsos was the inspiration for that

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  • After over 15 years, Grim Fandango finally comes to consoles

  • Andeus 10/06/2014

    This is the better than any game released on PS3/X360. Yeap. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this autumn

  • Andeus 10/06/2014


    Was hoping for a PC Red Dead Redemption port.
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  • Amazon lists next-gen Mortal Kombat 10

  • Andeus 02/06/2014

    Why is it that Sub-Zero always loses on SZ vs Scorpion trailers? We all know that it should be the other way around. :p Reply +3
  • Jack Tretton departs from SCEA

  • Andeus 06/03/2014

    It's like a series of images on human devolution that leads to this 3rd image:

    Actually this might be an evolution after all.
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  • A DOA Xbox One, Microsoft support and a paperclip

  • Andeus 30/11/2013

    Good read.

    At first when I clicked the link, I thought the "paperclip" would be a macgyver reference regarding trying to fix the broken unit
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  • Editor's blog: Important note for Eurogamer account holders

  • Andeus 28/11/2013

    Was Uglybanana too.

    Unsurprisingly I didn't win 1 of the 3k Hearthstone keys a couple of weeks ago but managed to be 1 of 2k peeps to get this. Dammit.
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  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta key giveaway

  • Andeus 26/10/2013

    Good luck peeps Reply 0
  • Watch Valve show its Steam Controller in action

  • Andeus 12/10/2013

    If you take a moment and think about it, the comment in the video about the drawbacks of analog sticks in FPS is actually right. It's a velocity based control, so for FPSes a 1:1 movement sensor adjusted to the sensitivity of your choice should be a much better input method.

    Colour me impressed.
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  • Fez debuts on Mac and Linux in Humble Indie Bundle 9

  • Andeus 12/09/2013

    Oh great. Now I can get Fez without giving my money to Mr. Fish.

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  • Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto 4

  • Andeus 09/09/2013

    Not to mention all the PR stunts that Rockstar pulled off with this game. One example was the Edge review where the review gave it a 9 and "somehow" that turned into a 10 upon publication, because Rockstar wanted an Edge 10.

    Then again it's Rockstar. Not surprised.
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  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare bags 1.2 million sales in 9 months

  • Andeus 13/08/2013

    @benderbrodriguez Hm are you sure you're not doing anything wrong?

    I have a 6950 and the game played just fine when I tried it on a free weekend. Don't remember settings but I almost always set them High-ish.
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  • The story of a raiding guild with a PR but no game

  • Andeus 27/07/2013

    @Mizpah Yeah, I get where you're coming from. As I said in the previous comment, I got from the article that your problem is that you want to keep your 40-man raids.

    That's cool. Hell, even I'd like to try that again some day.

    Just wanted to clarify some things about the current quality of WoW PVE since I was left with a sense of possible disappointment about it from the article (if that even makes sense). Or at least express my opinion about it.
    I mentioned your guild as an example, I wasn't trying to promote WoW or anything to you.
    It's just that in WoW threads I'm used to seeing "Enigmas" where they'll just discard the current game simply on the basis that it can't possibly be as good as the game they remember. That's it.

    As for the player thing: Sure you could have all 40 players to be good and what-not, but you're some lucky guys/girls for having built something that good within your guild. For the average 40-man guild getting all 40 people to be as good, without conflicts, or a jackass ( :p ) or a troublemaker is extremely hard.

    A guild has to last as long as yours to filter the bad elements and replace them with good ones. You got something unique going on there and I wish you the best to keep it going, but if, say, a few random peeps in a random MMORPG decide tomorrow to create a 40-man guild, it's gonna be a nightmare and chances are the logistics alone are gonna burn it down. It's just how it is. Not every guild out there is lucky enough to have a guy with the dedication you have to put the hours needed to make it work, which by the way is also Blizzard's official statement on why they killed 40-mans in the first place: Logistics.

    Unfortunately I have no idea about Wildstar. The NDA is prohibiting me from learning the info I want to even get excited. And those guys at Carbine haven't invited me yet in the beta :P

    If it's as good as everyone is implying then even I might hop on back to the MMORPG train.

    And now, since it's a different post, let's get another story. A Vanilla one:

    I think it was Emeriss (one of the green dragons anyway). On our server things were good between guilds, we had proper PR between us: One guild at a time, if you wipe then it's the next one's turn. The rotation was decided on a first come, first served basis. So we gathered up to make a raid and we had this kid, almost a teenager, in the guild who was playing a Hunter. He was horrible, like most vanilla hunters in our server, but we let him tag along for the world boss.
    We were waiting for the other guild to start their try when they finally decided to pull.

    Then came the flood of accusations. The other guild's officers started spamming us and we were like "wtf is going on".
    Apparently our Hunter had actually tagged the boss. We started yelling at him to pull back but he wouldn't listen.
    He thought that he was riding with us while in reality he charged in with the other guild and managed to get the 1st hit.
    We were like "dude, didn't you notice the nametags around you? Screw that, how about the fact that everyone around you had a different guild name under their character's name?"
    "No!" he replied in childish innocence.

    And we spent the next minutes trying to convince the other guild's officers that we hadn't tried to intentionally sabotage their try and that the hunter was an idiot. Of course they never believed us because "how could he not see the guild name, or the minimap to see the rest of the raid, or...etc. What do you think we are to believe such a silly excuse? Idiots?" And the PR with that guild fell apart.

    Good times. At least the Hunter got a lot better in TBC and he was a good kid. :p
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  • Andeus 27/07/2013

    This is probably gonna get negged, mostly from people who raided WoW only for a certain period and find what I'm about to say to be unfathomable, but this is coming from a guy who raided in WoW since Vanilla release until 5.2 (when I quit) and thinks that Vanilla was overall WoW at it's best, or at least it's most fun:

    The raids in Mists of Pandaria are probably the most challenging and some of the best that have ever been in WoW. I'm not talking about normals and I'm not talking about the LFR crap. I'm talking about Hard-modes.

    Bear with me here for a moment before you burn me at the stake:

    Yes, having 40 people is WAY more epic than anything 25-mans have to offer, but let's be honest, you never needed 40 people playing @ their maximum capacity to kill a boss. It was like 30 good players dragging the lesser ones. Only Naxx was more unforgivable than usual.

    Nowadays the PVE race is more exciting than ever. You see the world's best guilds, the world's best players trying to kill 25-man bosses with their "A" game and it still takes them days. Hell, Throne of Thunder took them weeks and there wasn't a bug or a wall preventing like it was the case in previous tiers.
    And these guys are really the best WoW has ever seen, if one of them fails then the kill is not yet impossible but it just got a lot harder. If 2-3 of them die at some point then it's probably a wipe. And I'm just talking deaths here, if you have mediocre players in the raid then you're gonna fail, end of story.

    What 25-man brought to the table is that each person's performance bears more significance to the outcome of the raid. Each mistake costs more to the rest of the team. By decreasing the amount of players required to raid they increased the importance of each player in the raid as a unit, as a team player. Sure, we all remember our vanilla kills ( Vael is, to this day my favorite boss, I'll explain later on why) but it's mostly nostalgia that makes you forget the little details...and these also tend to be the bad ones so you end up remembering only the good stuff.

    This is Method, a very old top tier guild, finally securing the World number 1 position in the current Raid Tier:

    Don't need to watch it all, go to 11:35 and watch till it's over. Are the sounds familiar? That tension, the yelling of last second tactics trying to organize the chaos as if everything is about to fall apart and all those screams of joy and relief when the boss is finally dead?
    Yes, it's still the same thing like everyone's 1st Ragnaros kill back in vanilla MC. All you need is a focus, doesn't have to be world 1st. Try server 1st in a well populated server, try continent 1st, whatever.

    Let me clarify that I'm talking about cutting edge here. Top guilds in the world. If Enigma are looking for a great PVE challenge then the world race to no. 1 is still there and as satisfiable as ever. I know that the 25-man restriction is probably what drives them away, just want to clarify that this is the only reason and not the lack of good raiding content. WoW, for all it's shortcomings, still has that in spades.

    Now for the Vael story. I have many stories, many tales from the lands of Azeroth, most of them hilarious or humiliating. Some others are...well, pretty sad. But those are stories for some other time, because this is just my Vael story:

    When we finally killed Razorgore, we knew that it was time for The Boss. Everyone had heard the stories about how he could destroy guilds, not everyone had read the tactics (ah, 40 man days...). Back then Vael's gate would only remain open for about 1 hour -if memory serves correctly, they nerfed that later on- so you had only a limited amount of time for tries on him.
    So our raid leader decided to explain the tactics and make use of whatever time is left after that. He asked us to sit down in a circle around him (ah, those romantic vanilla days x2), while he would explain the tactics.
    20 minutes later, after everyone was assigned with their roles in the encounter, we were getting ready for the pull.

    The raid leader did a countdown. He said "pull".

    Vael turned around and burned all 40 of us.
    We had just spent 20 minutes figuring out all the details, came in the room feeling confident and the boss wiped us in 4 seconds tops. There was an awkward silence in Teamspeak for a while after that while everyone was staying there dead, not running, just looking at their screens :p

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  • Dota 2 review

  • Andeus 16/07/2013

    Good score, good game, bad review.

    It reads more like an ad rather than an actual review. Half of the "positive" features mentioned are general MOBA features that apply to every other MOBA out there too. It's like it gives a 9/10 to the genre.
    In my opinion the first 1/3 should be a brief MOBA explanation for the uninitiated and the rest should be about why this is a good MOBA game and how it stands out from the rest of the genre's top dogs.

    Instead we get an article which reads like a fanboy-ish essay on the official Dota 2 forums and a little stub doing a relatively silly comparison with LoL which is kinda wrong too. Sure it's a Valve game, but you won't see that in it's UI or it's art style. Those are true recreations or Warcraft 3's Dota and it reeks of Blizzard.
    It shows mastery on behalf of Valve's artists to actually take another company's art style and adapt to it. But that's it, nothing "Valve" about it.

    Don't delve too deep in this article. Just go and try the available MOBAs out there and stick to the one you and your friends are having the most fun.
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  • Have traditional MMOs had their time?

  • Andeus 07/07/2013

    Mark Kern's article is a bit misleading though. It has a valid point regarding the loss of the journey in today's MMOs but it's partly wrong to blame it solely on Blizzard. Although this way he gets to promote his game by making a contrast with the most popular MMO out there ;)

    But let's toss that subtle PR move aside and focus on what's important. Yes, the journey is gone, but times have changed.
    It was around the TBC era that MMOs got an influx of many new players who weren't cultured in the whole persistent world -or even in RPGs in general- and the stories revolving around them.
    They were there for the competitive scene, be it PVP or high-end PVE. They didn't care for anything else besides getting to the max level and participate in that "scene".
    It was a scene comprised of people who'd play MOBAs or Quake or competitive CS or whatever is the popular competitive game at a given time.

    Competitive game nomads.

    In the end of the day the MMO part of WoW was actually a hindrance, a roadblock that kept people from enjoying the end-game aspects of WoW. It was at this time that the player-base made the use of quest-helpers a requirement, a time where people even stopped reading quests and only cared about what everyone was posting on youtube (streaming wasn't that widespread back then). It was also at this time, when the game got filled with non-MMORPG players, that you realized what everyone else was talking about in news articles and subscription numbers:
    The game had gone mainstream. More than any other MMO ever could.
    Not strictly because of MMO players though, at least not the kind of people that all other MMORPGs at the time were trying to attract, which is also why none of them were successful.

    And that's why when the LoL's and CoD's and SC2s arrived these people jumped ship. They never cared for the world or anything, they just wanted their competitive fix, and WoW was getting old and stale. When a good, new competitive game arrives they will gladly jump ship again.

    It's also worth noting that this has a side-effect: It makes WoW look bad because it's bleeding subs. In an age were you can find free to play competitive games with lots of famous streamers it's only normal that this big mass of players will move away from the game that requires a subscription.

    I've been playing MMOs for almost a decade. I played WoW from release till 3 months ago. Was a Guildmaster, a raid-leader, been through many guilds, many servers, I tanked, I healed, I DPSed, I PVPed and I met a lot of "online people". I quit because well...pretty much everyone else did and I was too tired to start fresh again by myself.
    Most of the peeps I knew stopped because, frankly, they could get their competitive PVP (and even some PVE) fix from games that are either free-to-play or pay-to-play. Also these games tend to be more popular nowadays, attracting even some of the aforementioned peep's real-life friends who never touched WoW, or an MMORPG for that matter, simply because the scope of the world of an MMO seemed too daunting.

    The mainstream doesn't seem to want the MMO part, and that's not new as we mentioned earlier, but back then they didn't have so many alternatives without it so they put up with it. Well, not anymore.
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  • Blizzard considering in-game micro-transactions for World of Warcraft

  • Andeus 07/07/2013

    There is nothing going on that would allow pay-2-win. It's an elixir that doubles your leveling experience and it's gonna be sold in selected regions.

    Even if it was released globally, it's as useful as buying a pet from the blizzard store. It's not the end of the world (of warcraft) or something to make you dig up the old "WoW is dying" argument.

    The only thing that the community is actually wondering is if this is just a way for blizzard to test the waters for a more varied Shop and eventually a free-to-play option. Which would be beneficial to both the game and the players, in terms of number of people playing, but might screw up some of the game design.

    Yes, even more.
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