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Alatair (aka Avatar David) has most recently played Rayman Origins, Mortal Kombat, The Witcher 2, and The Raven on Xbox Live.

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  • Age of Conan

    I reckon he's about 53. Answers on a postcard... 4120 Members

  • Battlefield Heroes

    Battlefield Heroes 9 Members

  • Bionic Commando's

    Group dedicated to Bionic Commando. This game kicks spiderman in
    the ball's! 3 Members

  • Bladestorm

    Group dedicated to the flegling Bladestorm series. 5 Members

  • Call of Duty 4

    Out with the old, in with the new. 36930 Members

  • Civilization Revolution

    Group dedicated to the console debut of the killer pc RTS series
    Civilization. Build a civilization from the stone age to the
    space age 4 Members

  • Elveon

    Elves. Swords. Yay 4 Members

  • Empire of Sports

    1190 Members

  • Fable 2

    The Fable franchise arrives on the next Xbox system with its
    distinct brand of evolving RPG gameplay 48 Members

  • Fallout 3

    The group for the ULTIMATE RPG Fallout 3. You will not regret
    buying it. Made by Oblivion creaters Bethesda Softworks. Set in
    a post nuclear war world 23 Members

  • Halo Appreciation

    Halo 1, 2 and 3- hell anything Bungie created will do in this
    group! Official Halo 3 Mega thread: HERE The Offical
    Halo 3 Beta Thread: HERE 327 Members

  • Mass Effect

    Bioware. Space faring RPG. Xbox 360. Yay! 77 Members

  • Red Alert 3

    Discuss the Red Alert series and organise online games. 12 Members

  • Sacred 2

    The long awaited console debut of the sacred series has arrived,
    well soon anyway, don't hold your breaths people, mid 2008, you
    may be dead before it appears. 2 Members

  • Splinter Cell Sneaky Group

    Discuss the Splinter Cell series and all thats cool about it 8 Members

  • The Infinite Undiscoverers

    Group dedicated to the RPG game, produced by final fantasy
    creators but with PROPER action swordfighting combat, Infinite
    Undiscovery. 3 Members

  • The Travian League

    45 Members

  • Tom Clancy's Endwar

    The Revoulutionary RTS which uses voice commands as it's default
    control mechanism. Play as the Russians, Americans or Europeans
    in a global scale conflict. Onl… 1643 Members

  • Too Human

    Too Human is an Xbox 360 exclusive in which you kill stuff!!!
    It's a level based rpg with looting from corpes and the best
    fight mechanics ever! 4 Members

  • Two Worlds Online

    This is a group for all online player of Two Worlds on the xbox
    360. 5 Members