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  • Activision indefinitely postpones Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Ajent 17/04/2014

    @scuffpuppies it's been confirmed to be the X360 version in the gameplay trailers Reply +2
  • Here's a look at more of Batman: Arkham Knight's cast

  • Ajent 16/04/2014

    @ToiletDuck Read the latest issue of OPM. These are stills from the game running on PS4 dev kit. The article in OPM goes to lengths to specifically explain that this IS what the game looks like, and that they are NOT 'bull-shots'. So it's a fair assumption to say that these ARE PS4 shots (a lot are the same as those used in the article - although there are aome new ones here). Reply +4
  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • Ajent 15/04/2014

    @PlugMonkey CandySwipe. See my other comment for a link. Reply +1
  • Ajent 15/04/2014

    @PlugMonkey which raises the question, why trademark the words 'Candy' and 'Saga' in the first place. Did Sony trademark the word 'Last' or 'Second'? Did Capcom trademark 'Dead' or 'Rising'? No. Because it's stupid and creates situations where if you want to defend your trademark, you need to target innocent companies using generic words, which inevitably leads to bad press and a general feeling of discontent toward your company.

    You're right in your understanding. But it's the fact they acquired these words as trademarks in the first place. Why not just trademark 'Candy Crush' and 'Candy Crush Saga'. That would be totally understandable.
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  • Ajent 14/04/2014


    Ooh, debate.

    - when I say 'stop making games', what I mean is that the devs stop making the game until they figure out how to proceed. I suppose it would be more accurate if I said that its slows development time whilst legal contestations are sorted out. Plus, if it is only to combat 'copy cat' games, then why target Banner Saga at all? It couldn't be more different, and it would be really difficult for anyone to confuse the two IP's.

    - when the filing is made, that may very we'll be all King wants to do. And whoever they file against probably don't need to do anything about it in such a situation. But would you not seek legal advice if someone made a legal filing against you? Especially if it could potentially upset your entire livelyhood? Especially when you have no legal training yourself? Any dev that King make a filing against would absolutely have to seek legal advice (which would cost them a consultation fee- at least), just to make sure they aren't going to have there earnings ripped from them in the future, or worse. And do you really think that King turn to these guys after making the filing and say "Hey, don't worry about it, it's just 'in case'". And do you think anyone would trust an employee from a company like King who said something like that to you, after they just made a legal filing at court against you, with no prior consultation process?

    - I would argue it is rightful to hate (maybe not hate, it's a pretty strong word - maybe, disgust) King's practices, because they do target games like the Banner Saga. Also, the guy who made Candy Crunch (I think?), who made a game almost exactly the same as Candy Crush (even down to the art style). But he released his game 10 months before King as a premium iOS game. King have tried to remove his ownership rights to his game due to the use of the word 'Candy'. Where do they get off attacking a game that came out a significant amount of time befores there's? Just because this guy didn't make the douchey move of copyrighting the word 'Candy' (although I do believe he copyrighted the title of his game - which makes more sense).

    EDIT - link re CandySwipe (it wasn't called Candy Crunch as I called it above) http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-02-13-candyswipe-dev-king-taking-the-food-out-of-my-familys-mouth
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  • Ajent 14/04/2014

    @Vorflynn I don't have an issue with the f2p model, so long as it's done well. But King don't do it well. The way they do it is exploitative. It's very different to the f2p MMO games. For one the prices for single transactions are much lower (when comparing the highest tier payments).

    I think the biggest issue people have with King are the other business practices it employs. This douche states that they respect others games, yet they have actively sought to use developers using the words Saga and Candy in their games (The Banner Saga is the most obvious example - 'saga' by it's very definition is a story of epic achievement, usually Nordic or Icelandic in origin. The Banner Saga was an adventure game about Vikings. The use of Saga makes sense. What the fook has matching fruit got to do with 'saga'?). By pursuing such legal actions, that King claim are in defence of their product, they are stopping other developers from making games that are much better. King claim that they have no intention to pursue the claim, it just needs to be filed. But these indie developers then need to seek legal support to contest the filing, which costs money they don't have (because they're indie's) and so they have to stop making the game until they can resolve the issue.

    This is the sort of crap people hate King for. And rightfully so.
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  • Watch Dogs season pass includes new playable character

  • Ajent 09/04/2014

    @TeaFiend you're not alone. I actually like seasons passes. I like that games are supported beyond release. The size of the downloads make it very clear that this is content that has to be developed post release (ie. It isn't on disc). It therefore has to be paid for and is extra. It isn't content removed - especially evident in the fact that the DLC is for a different character, playing missions and experiencing the game for a different perspective. That's quite a bit of difference.

    And it appears the 20 odd people on here nay-saying are very much the minority when you look at how popular both ACIV and the season pass for that game were.
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  • MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro with GTX 880M review

  • Ajent 06/04/2014

    @mega-gazz on the subject of 'only applies to a particular type of person', your comment only applies to PC gamers (in terms of stating that next gen systems are under welming).

    The PS4 and XB1 are quite obviously aimed at console gamers. The only fair comparison is to other games consoles.

    Comparing to PC's is to compare two completely different user groups as well. The majority of gamers use consoles for ease and simplicity. I haven't gamed on a PC in over 10 years for this reason. I am very impressed with the improvement from PS3 to PS4. That's a fair comparison.
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  • The numbers game

  • Ajent 05/04/2014

    It's a bit of a strange article. I completely agree with the writer. The text of a review is so much more important that the score (EG's inFAMOUS Second Son review for example - I completely disagreed with some of the comments, so I knew I would love it).

    However, I think the article presumes that the majority of people who buy games are 'core' gamers. The kind of gamers who would read a full review. I think in reality core gamers probably only account for 30% of gamers. The rest, 'casual' gamers, will buy their flavour of FPS (BF or CoD) and FIFA, plus the odd game that gets a good score. They aren't the sort of people who will take 10-20 minutes to read a review. They're just not that interested, they just want to be told if the game is good or not. If you don't tell them, they won't buy the game anyway, which is arguably worse than a score.

    The expert Metacritic score is a fairly neat representation of the general considered quality of a game. It isn't a single persons view, it is an amalgamation of an industry of experts opinions as to whether the game is good. For the gamer who only plays for an hour or two a week this is a perfect 'buyers guide'.

    And when that sort of gamer makes up for 70% of the consumer base, well, arguing against it is seems pointless. To us an analogy raised by Mr Whitehead, trying to convince these people to invest more time to gaming (reading reviews) instead of playing football with their mates, is like trying to convince people that they should be eating chocolate ice cream instead of strawberry, because chocolate (reading reviews) is better.
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  • Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight are April's Games with Gold offerings

  • Ajent 31/03/2014

    @Spong true, but PS+ is infinitely better ;oP Reply +11
  • Oculus Rift's John Carmack reckons Facebook "get the Big Picture"

  • Ajent 31/03/2014

    @goggyturk I honestly don't think they will be able to make this a success now. The core group of people who would have bought it at launch are the same people who are the most upset by this whole thing.

    Unless FB can somehow market the Rift for £50 I don't see any 'casuals' picking it up. And I don't see it selling for anything less than £100 (and I think even that may be optimistic). If I use the office I work in as a snapshot of society (it's a varied mix of people) there at least five people I know who play games out of 28 people in total. I'd consider us all to be core gamers (be being a little bit more leaning towards 'hardcore'). I know that I am the only one who knows about Oculus, but being a console gamer I'm more interested in Sony's offering. No one else in my office knows about Oculus. To try and sell this thing to the other four gamers and the rest of the casual smartphone game playing members of my office/ general public, well... I honestly can't see people looking at it and think 'Ooh, must get one'. Especially if it's expensive (£100+).

    I understand the use for other media, movies, teaching, virtual tours etc., but you need to build a consumer base first and then expand. Gamers (or geeky hobby types in general) are the only consumers who would engage with such a product at such a cost.
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  • PlayStation Plus for April: Mercenary Kings, PES 2014, Sly Cooper, more

  • Ajent 28/03/2014

    @Malek86 Most long time PS+ members will have Batman anyway. We got it last year. Sony don't really repeat PS+ offerings.

    Like others have said, I think it's just testament to how good PS+ is that people actually find this month disappointing. Personally, I'm stoked for Mercenary Kings and Hotline Miami !
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  • How the Batmobile opens up Arkham Knight's next-gen Gotham

  • Ajent 27/03/2014

    Introduce Superman and Wonder Woman at some point and make the next game a next-gen Justice League game.

    It would be awesome if next-gen could power a game where you play as Superman and you can actually fly around the world. Or at least all of America. It would be EPIC !
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  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • Ajent 26/03/2014

    @blarty no. I totally agree. That was my point. I was pointing out that it should be obvious why Facebook want the tech (it's the new 'in thing'). But in my last paragraph I was saying how I DON'T want Facebook to be a pioneer of the tech, specifically with regards to gaming. Reply +1
  • Ajent 26/03/2014

    @penhalion you're comment seems to indicate that you only perceive VR as a gaming medium, when in fact VR is a new medium for all entertainment. It's seems blindingly obvious why Facebook would want in on that.

    However, viewing VR as a means to experience video games I agree with you. Facebook are not the company you want to push a new gaming experience. I think PC based VR just got shot in the foot. Thankfully Sony's offering looks good for PS4.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • Ajent 21/03/2014

    @Chickenzilla yeah, ACIV last year, ACIII the year before that. ACV this year would make that a pretty straight definition of annual release.

    I assume you are recently new to the hobby of gaming. Usually, large publishers like Ubisoft will have multiple teams working on different iterations of major IP's so that they can leap-frog each other on the release schedule (ie. Call of Duty between IW and Treyarch).
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight screens show off Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler

  • Ajent 21/03/2014

    The latest issue of OPM has an 8 page article on Arkham Knight. The first paragraph is used to explain that the screenshots in the article are not 'bs-shots' but that they actually do represent how the game looks (the article describes what they saw when they went to view a gameplay demo at Rocksteady). It's a really good article if you're looking forward to Arkham Knight.

    And yes, the screens in the magazine look amazing. As in, the reveal trailer might even be in game graphics!
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • Ajent 18/03/2014

    @Playstationman "No matter how good it is it cannot possibly be worth £30 for 30mins - 2hours.
    Thats on par with crack !"

    Or far a slightly more legal and relevant example... A trip to the cinema for two people. Are you also suggesting that going to the cinema is also unworthy of your time/money? If so, then I think you will find yourself massively outnumbered and also missing out on some superb entertainment.

    As many have already said... value is subjective.
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  • Microsoft quietly ends Xbox subscription offer

  • Ajent 14/03/2014

    @Jay-ITFC I'd agree with you both, kind of. Gaming is great value, but value is subjective and it's still expensive.

    Also, compring one expensive activity with another expensive activity still means both activities are expensive.
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  • Matt Stone: South Park The Stick of Truth censorship "not that big a deal"

  • Ajent 07/03/2014

    @danielhorvath sorry, I think you misunderstood my comment. I'm not blaming anyone. I'm simply suggesting that the article (paragraph 9) specifically states that the censorship may be down to the USK.

    I was suggesting that the EU version of the game may be published under one inclusive publishing deal for all EU and therefore certain concessions have to be made due to the censorship enforced by USK. It was merely a suggestion that this may be why. And it's not Germany's fault, it would be USK's fault.
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  • Ajent 07/03/2014

    @TeaFiend it seems fairly clear in the article that it is the German USK (their version of PEGI) that can censor content. It is because of the censorship in the Germany that the UK version is also censored. I imagine it has something to do with the business of publishing an EU version of the game as opposed to different publication deals for each country within the EU.

    It's similar to the reason that the eShop on Wii U used to be censored until 11pm when it first released. That was due to the Nintendo EU HQ being in Germany and being restricted by their rules.
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  • Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at £19.99

  • Ajent 06/03/2014

    @NathanDaviesUK I didn't really want to say the same as you have (for fear of being negged into oblivion), but I totally agree. I really don't get the hate for DLC, it's just expanding a game you already like playing. Reply 0
  • Interceptor buys 3D Realms amid Gearbox lawsuit

  • Ajent 03/03/2014

    @mrsquare that's exactly what I took from it as well. What an odd thing to say! Reply +1
  • Rambo: The Video Game review

  • Ajent 21/02/2014

    I kinda skipped to the score and the last paragraph.

    The last paragraph actually makes me want to play the game...
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  • Win a £400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • Ajent 21/02/2014

    Batman Arkham City's Harley Quinn's Revenge.

    Being a massive bat-nut I absolutely devoured the main game. I also read the Arkham City comics published in conjunction with the game. I love the idea of cross-media and I feel the story of Harley Quinn was really fleshed out in both the DLC and the accompanying comic.

    Plus you got to bash joker hoods with a big stick as Robin. A stick that transforms into a shield! Transforming sticks! Awesome.
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  • The Lego Movie Videogame beats Final Fantasy

  • Ajent 17/02/2014

    @menage I'm playing it with my little lad having beaten Lego Marvels. If you've seen the movie you'll get all the references and jokes (as with all Lego games, it helps to have an understanding of the source) and it's actually just as good as any other previous Lego game. In fact, they even introduce new gameplay mechanics. It's quite fun. Reply +5
  • Looks like Rise of the Dark Spark is the first next-gen Transformers game

  • Ajent 14/02/2014

    Cross-gen is not next-gen Eurogamer. Come on, basics! Reply +4
  • inFamous: Second Son is likeable, but not yet loveable

  • Ajent 12/02/2014

    So... If you like inFamous games you'll like this inFamous game. If you didn't like the other inFamous games then you probably won't have your mind changed with Second Son?

    Seems pretty obvious to me. +1 for common sense.
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  • Sony shows off £79.99 PlayStation 4 wireless headset

  • Ajent 03/02/2014

    Anyone know where I can actually buy these? Reply 0
  • Can a £100 PC graphics card match next-gen console?

  • Ajent 27/01/2014

    @bad09 it's funny. You have been bashing zubnut for not getting the point for most of this comments thread, and yet you are also missing the point.

    You both have valid points, but zubnut is not wrong. You cannot compare the price of one individual component for PC against an entire unit like the the PS4. The article makes the assumption that for the £100 card to be the only expense you already own a comparatively competent PC (comparative to PS4).

    Granted, if you're reading the article then chances are you do own a PC. But then the headline is somewhat leading to the whole argument.
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  • Games of 2013: Candy Crush Saga

  • Ajent 21/01/2014

    I've just read this article having followed the link in today's CCS article.

    I have to say. I find it funny that the author states it's her favourite game of all 2013. Sure, it might be a good game. Maybe even the best game an individual might play on a mobile device. But I can't believe such an individual would be a 'gamer' as such. For example, my wife. This is also the best game she has played all 2013. But she only plays free-to-play iPad games. And there's nothing wrong with that. But I can't believe a games journalist would actually suggest that this is their BEST game of 2013. Even if just compared to other iOS/Android games. Compare it to all the other games that the author must have played (being a games journalist) on all other platforms and I fail to see how you would expect such a claim as 'CCS is the best in 2013' to grant you any kind of credibility. I except you enjoy it, it's a good game, it's value for money, but you seriously can't be telling me this is better than Last of Us, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Tearaway, Animal Crossing, Pokemon X/Y, Guacamelé, Gone Home, or even mobile (iOS) games like Xcom, Walking Dead, Device 6... the list games on for more (what I would have thought - obviously) deserving games to hold the accolade of 'best game' .

    I can't see myself trusting any of your reviews. And in that sense you have failed.
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  • Candy Crush dev King has trademarked the word Candy

  • Ajent 21/01/2014

    @PlugMonkey Mario Lemieux Hockey on Megadrive. Done. Reply +1
  • 13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

  • Ajent 21/01/2014

    @frazzl I have no idea where individual people get their data, but the fact that it has been so widely reported on gaming websites and that the reports all pretty much match gives me no reason to disbelieve it.

    As for why MS would lie, easy. To make there system appear better. There are already other reports today stating that Machinima have been paid off by MS to proactively support XB1, not saying anything derogatory and not mention anything about the deal. Shady.

    And, I don't believe they're downplaying DR3 by stating it is the third best. They're hyping it. As the other data suggests, DR3 is a long way from third. You have to bare in kind that if they start suggesting it is better than Forza or FIFA (which were both sold as day one official deals) then it would be even more obvious.

    One way to look at it, they are saying that DR3 sold more copies than either one of Forza, FIFA or COD. Very hard to believe.
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  • Ajent 21/01/2014

    @frazzl they've been pretty well publicised on loads of sites.

    MS are basically saying that DR3 sold better than at least two of COD, BF4, FIFA 14 and ACIV on there own system, and then by claiming it is the fifth best selling across all next gen platforms they are stating that the PS4 (which sold more than double the number of systems) only sold two games with higher sales numbers than those you can get on XB1 ?!?

    Given how well the above referenced games sold, and taking into account the higher install base of PS4's, I just don't see how MS expect this statement to be believed.
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  • PS4 survival horror Outlast coming free to PlayStation Plus

  • Ajent 14/01/2014

    This is another great update for PS+.

    Although, note to EG: Maybe pay attention to the E3 announcements as it was announced back then that we would be getting Don't Starve, Outlast and Secret Ponchos for the first three months on PS4. As well as Driveclub PS+ Edition at some point.
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  • IGF finalist Don't Starve free on PS4 with Plus

  • Ajent 08/01/2014

    I've been looking forward to Don't Starve. Looks interesting. Reply +10
  • NES Remix, a new Wii U game, is available now

  • Ajent 18/12/2013

    @Lync graphics and licensing do in fact go a long way to convincing the more casual gamer. Because they are instantly impressive.

    Retro/indie/old skool stuff is for long time/ core gamers that understand the relevance and why certain mechanics are fun.

    And the split you speak has always been there. It isn't increasing. In fact it's probably shrinking. If graphics were not so important then developers would stop making games look better.

    There are fun games on XB1 and PS4, and I find your last comment a little ignorant (because you either have impossibly high standards or haven't played them).

    My original point was that whilst the likes of you and I may enjoy NES Remix, Ninty's problem is not about getting you and me to play/ buy Wii U. They need to get my mates at work to buy it. And they'll only do that with the appropriate games that appeal to a wider audience other than. Nintendo fans.
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  • Ajent 18/12/2013

    Very meh...

    This is great for Ninty fans, but Nintendo have already sold the Wii U to them (well, some; since if hazard a guess that there are actually more than 250,000 Ninty fans in the UK).

    Nintendo REALLY need to make the Nintendo appealing to the remaining gamers. Games like this just won't appeal. I think it looks cool and wouldn't mind having a bash, but my friends at work will take one look at this and wonder why anyone would buy a game made up of a load of games from the NES era. Regardless of budget price.
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  • Dead Rising 3's Operation Broken Eagle DLC detailed

  • Ajent 13/12/2013

    Am I the only person who likes DLC? I remember when I was growing up (90's) the idea of additional content in a game (ie. DLC) was exciting and everyone was raving about it. I even remember when DLC first started to appear for games, how everyone raved about it (adding longevity to games you already own and love).

    It only seems recently (last couple of years) that people have started to voice their distaste. But I still get where people are coming from. People complaining that they're annoyed they're not getting a full game. But you are. I've not played DR3, but I am aware that the game plays out via this Nick character and it is his story told in the game. His full story (so far- pending a sequel). This DLC is about some other dude, an army dude to be exact. Seems quite different to Nick. Therefore I can only view this DLC as an alternative take on the game, via a different character, with additional features for a nominal fee that I am sure a ton of people will actually pay and play. It's the same with ACIV. The DLC there tells a story of a completely different character with new features, and can be viewed as a separate, additional experience that enriches the already existing fame world.

    Don't get me wrong, I am aware DLC can be done badly. But when it's done good, it's good. Plain and simple. The problem isn't DLC, it's the shoddy developers who release cruddy DLC.
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  • PlayStation Plus gets Don't Starve, DmC, Borderlands 2

  • Ajent 13/12/2013

    @ChrisOTR if my understanding is correct, they change the offerings about every 4 weeks, but the content is always updated on a Wednesday (in the UK).

    Your best bet is to check the PS Blog about every four weeks. The Playstation app is worth getting and has a direct link to the blog within the app. Also, EG tend to post an article when the content update is announced.

    Hope this helps. Welcome aboard.
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  • Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after accidentally sending free Vitas

  • Ajent 10/12/2013

    Agreed. I would imagine that the difference in value would be a big factor.

    If they sent them two games instead of thee one, then that may be easier to argue. But a Vita which is worth significantly more than the £20 game you originally ordered is obviously not a 'gift'.
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  • Ajent 10/12/2013

    I don't get how this is 'muddy'. I especially don't understand why Eurogamer, who I assume read the article befor publishing, find the situation to be muddied.

    It seems quite clear that the law states that any items sent can be kept, do not have to be paid for and do not have to be (important difference coming up...) SENT back by the consumer. But the consumer is under a legal obligation to inform the retailer and request that they COLLECT the items.

    That seems pretty clear.
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  • Take-Two boss has high hopes for PS4 and Xbox One

  • Ajent 04/12/2013

    I find it bizarre that someone at the top of EA doesn't see the difference between PS4/XB1 and Apple/Google products. What the hell does he do at EA? Is he not aware of the games they just published on the new consoles? Is he honestly suggesting that Apple are better at doing that? Does he think the people who like playing those games (3.2 million and growing - fastest is has ever been) will eventually prefer Temple Run to Need for Speed, because 'just because'?

    Also, I think he's been drinking too much of the MS water cooler juice. The last paragraph he seems to be comparing them as TV devices. In which case he's either missing the point or making a completely stupid one. He either doesn't see that the PS4/XB1 are GAMES consoles primarily or he's only comparing their TV streaming capabilities and the type of consumer that would attract. In which case, if all your bothered about is streaming Netflix etc. then obviously a £99 Apple TV will do better than a £429 XB1. That's just common sense.

    Rant over. Guys an idiot.
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  • Warframe review

  • Ajent 03/12/2013

    @Zyrusticae that sounds like a much more balanced review. It's obvious you e actually put a bit kore time into playing it.

    I also get the impressions the reviewer (article) isn't very good at the good. He talks about wildly swing the sword around hitting nothing in his confusion. After reading this review and having previously heard nothing but good things (aka metacritic), I decided to fire it up last night. Sure, using the sword is confusing. For about 5 mins. After which I found it very easy to use. I'm surprised the reviewer can't appreciate this as a simple learning curve.

    Also, I quite liked the game and would encourage anyone to at least give it a go.
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  • Microsoft slammed for sexist Xbox One ad

  • Ajent 28/11/2013

    Why have Microsoft apologised? That's the real controversy here; the fact that MS have retracted on every bloody decision they have made with the XB1. They are displaying a complete lack of integrity. They should be calling people out, not apologising because other people are stupid. Reply 0
  • EA PS4 games cost an eye-watering £63 from PlayStation Store

  • Ajent 25/11/2013

    I must be looking at a different UK PSN Store.

    The EA games I looking at (NFS, BF4 etc.) are £59.99. Granted, it's still expensive. But not quite as bad.

    Also a bit weird is a Killzone: Shadowfall season pass for £16.99. I thought Sony already said all KZ:S DLC was free? Unless I missed something?
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  • Crackdown retrospective

  • Ajent 24/11/2013

    @jrockey I did play this game on 360 (bought on release) and absolutely lived it. But now you draw the comparison the InFamous (probably one of my favourite games ever) I see how similar they are. InFamous is like Crackdown but with a decent story.

    Crackdown was great fun, but InFamous is awesome. Both for very similar reasons.
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  • Jimmy Fallon shows off the Xbox One

  • Ajent 21/11/2013

    Erm... It might just be me, but I swear I saw Will Forte shout out and raise his arms in the air when he won. Again, might just be me, but I only do that when I'm excited?

    MS have done made some pretty douchey decisions in the run up to the XB1 launch, and as a result I'm all for a little micky taking, but this article seems to just bash the XB1 for no reason (and using references that make no sense?).
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  • PSN EU resets many user passwords as a "precautionary measure"

  • Ajent 21/11/2013

    @omisnad I notice a few people have already pointed out to you that paulf was presuming only 50 people were affected.

    Even if 200,000 were affected. That's still only 1%. Still not 'common'. In order for the issue to be defined as common, you would need at least half of the user base to be affected. Unless 10 million have been affected, this still isn't common (the definition being that common is something that happens mostly or often)
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  • Shigesato Itoi-signed EarthBound cart auctioned to help cancer patient

  • Ajent 21/11/2013


    Although, I'd be interested to see how much actually gets raised. The nature of a 'cut-throat' auction does not sound like something that would entice many gamers. I think you'd have to be a real collector to put any serious money down.

    This will be interesting.
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