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  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • Ajent 14/11/2015

    @SteadyBarker As @bestius explains below; You can't really condemn harassment by being harassing. I get your point, but you've undermined your argument with your conduct. Reply +1
  • The Destiny matchmaking debate rears its head yet again

  • Ajent 03/11/2015

    @PKMaxx I think this is the best solution, the equivalent of a 'shout' board to request additional raid members or look for groups. I agree with Bungie's point of view, players dropping out is a pain (and it IS less frequent when you've found someone from DLFG - they just seem more committed, evident by the fact that they gone to DLFG in the first place). I think when Bungie's do implement a form of matchmaking (which they'll have to in order to keep the mechanics fresh and snappy) it will definitely be in the form of a Tower vendor / shout board. Reply +3
  • Destiny: The Taken King raid hard mode unlocks next week

  • Ajent 16/10/2015

    @Crea I disagree. Only slightly though. I don't think Bungie are concerned regarding the organising of the raid, it's the commitment of the individuals to remain in a raid. Dropping a player mid way can mean hour/s wasted, potentially.

    I guess it's all a matter of preferences. Personally, I would encourage anyone interested in the raid to search for a like minded clan (this is something you'd want to do even if there was matchmaking anyway) and build a group of regular people to play with. It's really really easy. As easy as posting a comment in this thread. If THAT seems like too much work/effort, then I'd argue that you're probably not the sort of person that the raids are aimed at anyway, since they all regular some degree of commitment and team work. There's a much more social aspect to raids than simply 'doing the raid' that is very important.
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  • Ajent 16/10/2015

    @imagonnawin it's NOT exactly the fucking same at all... Matchmaking allows people to try things on a whim. A raid SHOULD be a commitment, there should be an understood code that dropping out means you're a douchebag. Of course people can still drop out if they been organised via DLFG, but they are significantly less likely to do so due to the fact that they are specifically searching for ways to join in with such content. All the loafers and casuals can't be bothered with DLFG through their own ignorant belief that it's some massive hurdle (it's not, on average it takes me about 20-30seconds to find someone to invite into our clan raids if we're down a player). Reply +1
  • Ajent 16/10/2015

    http://www.eurogamer.net/profiles/ubergine Matchmaking would be a real pain when people just drop out (imagine when people just ran VoG for Fatebringer - you wouldn't want people to just drop out half way through the raid and then you're stuck waiting for someone else to join).

    it seems INCREDIBLY obvious that Bungie are simply trying to maintain the integrity of the experience. Using DLFG really isn't that much of a hardship as people make out. Or using the Recruit functions of the Destiny app. Or PS4 communities. All very, very easy and accessible.
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  • Destiny will soon get microtransactions

  • Ajent 06/10/2015

    @imagonnawin Y'see, it's opinions like yours that I just don't get. You were about to go into a 'rampage' because people want to buy something that you don't? I'd bet my house that you've bought things that I wouldn't want to buy and you'd call me ridiculous if I went into a rage about it. Your opinion of value in relation to Dwstiny is entirely subjective, and completely different to the millions of people who play the game daily. Yet you are still interested enough in the game that you take the time to read an article about the same aspect of the game on two separate websites and then spend further time reading about a game you don't like by scouring the comments thread. Soooo... If they can captivate people who claim to dislike the game, or think it is a rip off (to the point that they would 'rampage' about it) then.... They must be doing something right? Reply 0
  • Ajent 06/10/2015

    There are a lot of sour people in this thread. I don't get it, Destiny is a brilliant game and these micro transactions are a non-issue (at this stage).

    These overly negative opinions about the game are the ones that the industry write about when they say that Destiny has received some deserved criticism and some entirely unfair. This is the unfair criticism in this thread.

    I guess people need something to moan about though...
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  • Destiny: The Taken King review

  • Ajent 25/09/2015

    @muttley84 Are denying that you missed the point? Or implying that you intended to miss the point? I honestly don't get what you're getting at ... Reply +1
  • Ajent 24/09/2015

    @muttley84 You completely missed the point... Well done. Reply 0
  • Ajent 24/09/2015

    There's a lot of sour people on this thread...

    How can sooooo many people state they have such disdain for Destiny and spend so long reading about it.

    I don't like football. So guess what, I don't play FIFA. I have played it before. Thought it was garbage. I literally put the controller down at one point and I still won the match? But I won't be going into the comments section of a FIFA 16 article and start ranting about how FIFA games are terrible for the industry because it's the same recycled tripe every year. That would be a bit silly.

    People who complain about the business model of Destiny seem to have very little understanding of business. The industry will not suffer because of the pricing or model, it will benefit for it. They're making a shed ton of money. How is that NOT good for the industry?

    Plus- Destiny is actually pretty frickin awesome.
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  • New Apple TV has a Nintendo Wii waggle to it

  • Ajent 10/09/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 Apple are pushing the Steel Series Nimbus as the controller to be used with the Apple TV. It's the one they're using at the conference/exhibition and it'll be the one they push to be sold with/for the new Apple TV.

    Edit: link to the TA article about it -
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  • Zombi review

  • Ajent 19/08/2015

    @WorldScaper This is a direct lift from the 'you're not entitled to an opinion' link you posted:

    "You canít really argue about the first kind of opinion. Iíd be silly to insist that youíre wrong to think strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate."

    That's the level of opinion here. Most people are saying they enjoy the game (strawberry ice cream) and you're saying that you don't (you prefer chocolate ice cream). Err go, by definition of an opinion as per the link you posted, you're being silly.

    The article you linked to said that opinions about matters of fact are wrong. Not opinions of preference.
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  • Why I will never call video games a hobby

  • Ajent 15/08/2015

    Interesting read. I agree with the parts that describe the fascinating 'evolution' of games into a more experiential form of entertainment and personally I quite enjoy some of the type of games.

    However, for me, gaming is a hobby. I think your whole perception of what a hobby stands for is flawed. I believe the exact opposite of yourself. If I know a persons family, friends, and occupation, the next question I would ask them in order to find out more about them is 'what are your hobbies?'. A hobby can be a very defining feature of who a person is.

    A hobby isn't necessarily discreet (especially gaming) or superfluous. A 55" TV and various consoles under a TV unit in a dedicated room for gaming is not discreet. With out a hobby I would go mad without being able to unwind and chill out after a hard day at work, therefore making it a very necessary part of my life.

    My gaming is something I do for pleasure/entertainment so that I can forget my days stresses. For this reason I do consider my gaming to be a hobby. It defines a large part of who I am. It influences other areas of my life (I have referred to my experiences and learnt knowledge in games during my day job). My friends and family know me as the 'geeky' one, but it's a moniker I totally own and make it work for me (they mean it in a very modern, non insulting way).

    I don't think the word 'hobby' carries the same meaning that you've implied it to have. I think most people would see it as the thing they do outside of their family, friends and occupation. The 'other' part of their lives. I honestly don't know what else I would call it other than a hobby. You might not like dictionary definitions, but there is a reason that words are defined and that is so that people know what they mean. Trying to change the definition of a word, or implying its meaning is 'something else' can only lead to confusion.
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  • John Wick VR shooter announced for 2016

  • Ajent 08/08/2015

    @ISmoke YES ! And in fact, it is that very part of the scene that makes it. All the action was awesome cool, but the nonchalant reaction of the cop was brill. Reply +1
  • Ajent 07/08/2015

    @ISmoke The house invasion was probably my favourite scene (actually, which house invasion bit do you mean? I'm referring to the second one where John has decided to get 'back in business'). Reply 0
  • Crackdown 3 will offer 100 per cent destructible environments

  • Ajent 04/08/2015

    @weaselrat nah... don't get me wrong. The game looks like insane fun. Probably a lot more fun than the usual online FPS hum drum of recent years. I was just pointing out that MS should really stop with the over selling. It comes across as insincere and contrived. The video was waaaayyy too technical/serious. It should have really embraced a more zany feel - maybe like a serious Sunset Overdrive (if that makes sense). Reply -1
  • Ajent 04/08/2015

    @BigOrkWaaagh That's what I was thinking. Surely it isn't going to be 100% destructible, that would actually be game breaking (since you could, theoretically, be floating around in space in the middle of a earth sized pile of rubble - it also brings into question the size of the map: if 100% destructible environments are what is truly on offer then surely the game area would have to be a planet? If it is just a city then it wouldn't be 100% destructible since the next city/town would still be there).
    I get that this is extremely pedantic, but then MS should have learnt from making stupidly outlandish claims. 'Extreme destruct ability' sure, but 100% destruction of in environment? I highly doubt it (especially if it's multiplayer!).
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  • Anarchy reigns in this new Transformers Devastation trailer

  • Ajent 09/07/2015

    I might just be missing something here... but at what point did we see multiple Optimus Primes? If the screen shot in the article is the reference point, isn't that Optimus and Sideswipe? Reply +3
  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • Ajent 01/07/2015

    Well... I might as well say it... I can't wait. I'm seriously looking forward to The Taken King. I get that Destiny isn't some peoples favourite game (understatement, I know), but I do think that some of the hatred towards it is highly irrational. I play it every week at least once, usually twice, more if I can. I can honestly say that for me, my own personal opinion, that this is one of my favourite games ever (and I've been gaming for a long long time!).

    Edit: Haha! Shocking. I got negged for liking a game. There's that 'irrational hatred' I was talking about.
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  • 5-year PlayStation Plus members get a personalised print

  • Ajent 29/06/2015

    @CliffPromise they don't have a lacklustre online service. It seems a bit daft for them to actually invest money into creating a 'lacklustre' service as well... Reply +4
  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends £40 expansion price tag

  • Ajent 23/06/2015

    @mo0trix Nope. Honestly can't say a 12 year old has ever made me look like a fool. I know a few 12 years olds who are fools though. That's how I made the link. That and your immature attitude and comments. Also, running away from an argument (not a debate in this case, since you can't be mature about it), without offering a single credible point is paramount to admitting you were wrong. You haven't even suggested it's because you 'can't reason' with me. You simply fired off another insult and ran away. Reply +1
  • Ajent 23/06/2015

    @mo0trix how old are you? 12? It would explain a lot... Reply -3
  • Ajent 23/06/2015

    @mo0trix Since you don't like pandering... Yore an absolute fucking moron.

    At no point have I suggested you opinion is invalid. My point was that it is your opinion alone and someone having a different opinion does not make them stupid. Surely I am entitled to defend myself against your vitriolic insults targeted directly at me?

    Also, have you ever heard of the phrase 'Don't assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME'. It's a popular/common phrase because assumptions are so regularly WRONG.

    Just because this is the internet it doesn't mean you get to sling insults without people flinging them back (or at the very least offering a different opinion). You act like the Internet is some kind of shield. I'm not bothered about political correctness, but politeness costs nothing. It would be interesting to see if you would be so abusive in person.

    Also, my Ferrari example still holds. You said a Ferrari is a machine that can do things other cars can't. Yet Destiny is the only software capable of allowing someone to play Destiny, therefore making it unique. The fact you used this fact to make your point only further highlights your ignorance and refusal to accept that people can be different to you.

    Edit: Just so we're clear; I have no issue with you not liking Destiny. I couldn't care less. My issue is you insulting me simply because I do, and because your reason for insulting me is based on incorrect assumptions.

    - Wait; someone else other than this moron also thinks it's OK to just randomly abuse people?
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  • Ajent 23/06/2015

    @mo0trix First, you make a lot of assumptions. Secondly, the assumptions (at least in my case) are completely wrong. Thirdly, you're still only offering your opinion of a game as a justification for calling those who like it, stupid. And fourth, your comment is a contradiction; 'You Sir (designation of respect), are king of stupids (an insult)'. If your closing comment is contradictory, how on earth is the rest of your comment meant to hold value?

    I can't believe there are so many mistakes in your comment; Fifthly, I did not defend the price tag. In fact, my comment highlighted how the price tag is not appropriate. Sixthly (?), Destiny is not a bad game just because you say it is. I'm assuming you hold no kind of definitive authority on what is or is not a good game though, since I have never heard of such a governing body. Your opinion that the game is 'not' good is simply a difference of opinion.

    To wrap up; you're ignorant insults are childish, Destiny is a game that devides opinion (despite millions playing it daily), and this price tag is ridiculous.

    But, just like the price tag on a Ferrari is also ridiculous, if people want to pay it and play with it, that's their decision. It doesn't make them stupid, it simply means that their tastes and priorities are different to yours.
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  • Ajent 23/06/2015

    @mo0trix I'm picking on your comment because it's ignorantly offensive. Just because some (actually, millions) people like something that you clearly don't, it doesn't make them stupid.

    However, in reference to the article; this guy really is doing Bungie a disservice. They should lock him away and not let him speak to any customers or press ever again. I love Destiny, and I'll probably still get The Taken King, but this guys attitude is just rude.
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  • Surprise! Fallout Shelter iOS game out now

  • Ajent 15/06/2015

    @Pythonidae Read the article again. It has IAP's. Reply 0
  • Ajent 15/06/2015

    @Pythonidae Actually, there are about 10,001 reasons. 10,000 different Android devices to test to ensure compatability and piracy. Some devs have been pretty vocal about Android piracy recently. Releasing on iOS first is easier for compatability testing and ensures the app can make a bit of money first.

    It's a case of too many Android users 'biting the hand that feeds them'.
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  • Mariah Carey signs seven-figure deal to promote free-to-play Game of War app

  • Ajent 12/06/2015

    @riceNpea I don't know why @jasonchurch is suggesting that you need to get a sense of humour. I'm finding your posts to be brilliant observational comedy. Reply +2
  • Ajent 12/06/2015

    @priesty_lfc Jesus, talk about high standards ! Reply -1
  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • Ajent 11/06/2015

    The really bizzare thing is that everyone is comparing the price of these rentals to the purchase prices of discs bought in a high street store... The obvious comparison is that the majority of these games have all been on sale on PSN as digital purchases for less then £5. Why would I rent a game for £4.99 when I know I'll be able to buy it 'for keeps' at some point during a sale. Bonkers ! Reply +3
  • Destiny: The Taken King release date leaked

  • Ajent 09/06/2015

    @robthehermit I agree about there being too many other games. In fact, it's probably my biggest gripe with Destiny - there's loads of other stuff I want to play but for some bloody reason I can't stop playing Destiny. They've trapped me in the grind loop ! Reply +2
  • Ajent 09/06/2015

    @robthehermit Whilst I also think azajabar1's comment is complete tripe, you have to acknowledge that your counter argument is incredibly subjective. Destiny is a very good. You might not like, but there are millions who do. At the very least, on a technical level, it is a very sound and accomplished game. The value to be taken from Destiny is very much dependant on how much you like it. If you a bit 'meh' about it then £35 probably doesn't represent good value (just like £50 for a FIFA game is not good value for me - or even £35 on any football game). However, this expansion represents brilliant value to someone like me. I've probably put 400+ hours into Destiny. Even if The Taken King only offers an additional 15hrs then it is easily comparable to any other full priced game - so long as you find the content entertaining and enjoyable. But, it is more likely that there will be somewhere closer to 100+hrs added gameplay for me, if not more. So, £35 is quite reasonable.

    As another commenter has stated, if you compare it to similar persistently online games the costs are nothing new.
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  • Fortnite confirmed for Mac, beta this autumn

  • Ajent 09/06/2015

    @mouseymouse the 5K iMacs have AMD graphics cards don't they? M290 or M290x. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Store reveals Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

  • Ajent 04/06/2015

    @Dizzy Whats wrong with remasters? They give people who missed out on the games a chance to play them and those who are big enough fans of the games to play them again at their best. You seem unnecessarily bitter... Reply +11
  • GAME-exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood DLC gameplay

  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @GeminiXLII wait... what don't you agree with? How can you 'not agree' with what a EULA is? That's what YOU ARE agreeing to when you buy a game. If you don't agree with it, well, it's like buying a petrol car and not agreeing with the fact that you can't put diesel in it. It is what it is.

    Also, why is my UNDERSTANDING of the development process worrying? Again, I just seem to understand something 'is what it is'.

    As for my 'buying' the companies bullshit... The only thing I have bought is their games. Sure, some of them have been a bit of a let down, but nothing I'd really call 'shit'.

    The DLC on debate here isn't really 'nickel and diming' is it? But your comment and opinion does highlight this point by the fact that you did not answer the question at the end of my previous comment. How does your not buying this DLC affect your experience of the core game, and if you don't buy it are you missing out on something significant enough that it diminishes the experience of he core game? If it doesn't on both counts then how on earth is this 'nickel and diming'?

    Your trying to insinuate in some way that I'm gullible, when all you're really doing is highlighting your distinct lack of understanding of game development and general business. Another tid bit (food for thought); if pre-order bonuses and DLC didn't exist, do you think the developers would still invest the additional time to make said content if they weren't going to make any additional income on it? ;)
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @GeminiXLII Again, fair enough. Although, again, I believe you're wrong. You haven't bought any locked content on the disc (or in the original download). This is the simple truth a lot of people just don't seem to get. Read the EULA. You are buying a licence and the disc is the medium on which the licence is stored. The EULA on most games clearly states that using the licence and the content it grants access to is controlled by the dev/pub. So you're not paying for the content twice, since you never bought access to it the first time. If you feel 'short changed' that's a matter of adjusting your expectations, but paying for something as described is not shady business practice. It's just business (bear in mind, I highly doubt you've ever paid for a game and the devs/pubs have sold it and described such DLC as being part of the core package and price?).

    As for quality DLC - that's incredibly subjective.

    Your opinion that DLC should only be developed in its entirety after the original game releases just shows a lack of knowledge with regards to game development. If an artist on he game finishes their work, are they to just sit there and do nothing? Simply because 'it isn't right to start work on DLC yet!'? Or should they use their time effectively? Maybe complete some of the base work so it can be coded onto the disc so that when it is released as DLC and when the remainder of the work (maybe the physics guy needs to finish his bit) is done the download is minimal. Waiting for the game to release before continuing to work on DLC just doesn't make sense, especially business sense since you'd have an employee sitting on their hands. It also increases development time and prolongs a teams ability to move onto a new project.

    But getting back to the point; if we can at least agree to disagree on the whole DLC issue in general, how does its existence truly affect your decision to buy a game? If you're going to buy it anyway, just pretend it doesn't exist. So long as the core experience remains satisfying, you haven't really lost out - have you?
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @GeminiXLII I guess we just have very different views on that. Both Stree Fighter and Need for Speed still let you play their games without the additional content you describe. The core experience was unchanged. New cars and characters ADD to the experience, not detract. Whether they're on disc or downloaded, it doesn't matter. So long as the core game is decent without them.

    Anything else is subjectively assessed value for the individual consumer and a very obvious business model for the publishers/developers. And at the end of the day, they are a business as well as content providers.
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @GeminiXLII Again, yes I have followed what Capcom do with their games. Some are better than others, but mostly none of this detracts from the core experience. Having the option to buy a 10 costume pack for Street Fighter doesn't detract from the core game. Even if it is already on disc (in fact, this can sometimes be better in my opinion. At least if I want to take advantage of these options I don't have to download them, they're already there. But then I also understand that buying a disc is buying a licence, not ownership of the digital coding contained on the disc).

    It's not a scam if it's transparent what is being offered. If you feel you've been 'scammed' maybe you're just misinformed?
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @captainT I definitely don't work for them, I'm in a very very different occupation :)

    What missing content are you referring to? DLC isn't missing content. Unless the core game has been artificially gimped in some way this isn't a valid point. DLC is purely supplementary most of the time. Both City and Origins had DLC and at no point was the core game any less of an experience because of it. With that kind of argument you could argue that any games that come before sequels were 'missing content'. Sequels are usually more of the same (with slight variations) sold for an additional cost. Playing all the games in a series enriches each games experience but no single game suffers because of the existence of sequels. I view DLC in the exact same way (the Red Hood stuff are challenge maps, the Batgirl stuff is a prequel story, the skins and extra challenge maps are frosting - nothing revealed at this stage seems to detract from the core experience).

    And do you not see the irony in the last part of your comment? You don't pre-order games blindly unless they're Halo or Forza? So why are people 'wrong' for doing the same with Batman games?
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @laurence83 Oh I definitely agree about GAME wanting to dominate sales. I mean, they are a business first and foremost.

    As for my 'trust in a product'; I just have realistic expectations I think. I do actually think Arkhan Knight will be awesome. But if it only turns out to be as good as Origins (which whilst being the worst of the Batman games, was still good), then I'll be slightly more disappointed but I wouldn't regret pre-ordering. Like I said, it's also a time management thing for me. The money's has been allocated, so I have it to spare. If I wait for it to go cheaper I'll miss out on playing something else because I won't have the time to play both. Despite how good or bad the game is, I'm fairly certain I'll definitely want to play it regardless and I'm willing to pay asking price for the pleasure(?).
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @laurence83 Thank you. Your question is fine and all, but you even said yourself - these people are likely going to buy day 1 anyway. The choice of buying day 1 probably has nothing to do with the pre-order bonus, initially. The pre-order bonus would likely influence 'where' to buy on day 1; a decision that would likely be made when considering cost of retailer-compared-to-retailer. But to state "That's it. I'm not buying this game", just because of day 1 DLC or pre-order DLC, especially if you're also stating "I had this pre-ordered, but now I've cancelled because of this bullshit!", just seems foolish and to use a well known phrase 'cutting your nose off to spite your face'.

    If you were going to buy on day 1 anyway, what difference does it make if there's extra DLC?

    EDIT: And to answer your question (a least a little bit); I'm happy to pay the cost day 1 simply because all the previews I've read have been glowing, the game actually looks awesome fun, the other two games were both brilliant and I'm a huuugge Batman fan. I want it day 1 so I can play it as soon as possible (and there are other games coming out at the back end of the year that I want as well and I only have so much time!).
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @captainT Well yeah!?! Again, what's confusing about this? This happens absolutely everywhere with all other products. And why does your personal preference of not shopping at GAME make this a bad thing?

    Personally, I pre-ordered it on PSN. I really want the Red Hood DLC, but I had PSN credit so did it that way. I'll get the Red Hood DLC when it's available on the PSN store.

    It's like people who buy new cars just so they have the new registration, or people who buy the annual iteration of the iPhone. It's all preference and there is a level of exclusivity to getting it early.
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  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @laurence83 This is what I don't get. You ask 'what are you worried about' in relation to people who pre-order. But what about everyone complaining on here? What are THEY worried about? It's a 'PRE-ORDER' exclusive DLC. Not EXCLUSIVE full stop, since as the article states, it will likely be included in a GotY edition or be available as a separate download a few months later.

    The only difference between the people on here complaining and the people lapping it up is - preference. Mostly a preference of 'how soon do you want to play this stuff and how much are you willing to pay for it'.

    When stuff is new it always has a higher premium. And notice I said 'stuff'. Not games. But absolutely every other commercial product, unless they are rare/collectable. It's the same with DVD's, cars, music, TV's, sound systems. You want it now with bells and whistles 'for free', you pay for it. If you'd rather wait and pick it all up at half the price in 6 months, do that. It really does perplex me how people don't understand this.
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  • Splatoon adds Port Mackerel map and new modes

  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    @h15c0r3r Ah! That explains a bit... He was showing me how to play it on the gamepad. The right stick seemed incredibly unresponsive, like the dead zone was massive. Using a Wii remote does make more sense. Reply 0
  • Ajent 02/06/2015

    I think I really need to give this another go. I played it at my step-brothers over the weekend and was considerably unimpressed. It was probably how he had it set up though, the controls were all over the place.

    Now... If I could just convince the wife to let me buy a new Wii U.
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  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • Ajent 26/05/2015

    @Murton Really? I paid £40.49. No discounts or codes, but I did have it pre-ordered since it was available. I wonder what the excuse is for increasing the price so much? Reply +1
  • Destiny: House of Wolves review

  • Ajent 25/05/2015

    @jabberwoky as stated in a reply to another comment; value is extremely subjective. If you don't like Destiny it doesn't mean that it isn't good value, it just means that it doesn't represent good value to YOU. To me? Extremely good value. I've ploughed over 350+ hrs into Destiny and I'm likely to put in at least another 50 hrs into HoW. It's a game I find extremely enjoyable, and therefore this represents extremely good value to me.

    To criticise the review because 'EG likes Destiny' is a little disingenuous. You could almost say that about any review. I don't like football games, but if one gets a good review I don't suggest the review is fallible simply because the reviewer obviously likes football games.
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  • Destiny fans wolf down House of Wolves' hardest challenge

  • Ajent 20/05/2015

    @Gurgeh Of course, if you bought Destiny without realising the massive online cooperative component was a significant part of the gameplay and especially the end game then I guess you'd only have yourself to blame. So your 'review' only really clarifies the obvious for the ignorant. Reply 0
  • Smite Xbox One closed beta launches, and we're giving away keys

  • Ajent 14/05/2015

    @telboy007 Dance Dance: King Arthur Edition? Reply +3
  • Sony's knuckles rapped over PS4 20th Anniversary Edition competition

  • Ajent 13/05/2015

    @Shadders Whatever keeps your conscience clean I guess. I you think it's OK and I think it's wrong. Reply +2