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  • Mega Man Legacy Collections 1 & 2 are coming to Switch in May

  • Ajent 20/02/2018

    @Xitel FYI; when they announced these games they also announced Mega Man 11 and a Mega Man X collection, so youíre all good. Reply 0
  • Bayonetta 2 physical Switch launch down on Wii U

  • Ajent 19/02/2018

    @minky-kong youíre only slightly wrong. If you buy Bayonetta (for £24.99) then Bayonetta 2 is in fact £25. So it is dependant on a previous purchase of the first game, but it also means that for some people it will actually only be £25. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Labo lets you see through the Joy-Con's hidden camera

  • Ajent 15/02/2018

    @Kiliko Because Nintendo said so. In fact I think it was a tweet or interview with Reggie. They have since clarified what they meant (that they are looking at ways to make replacements available), but it does explain why some people who arenít aware of the update still think that Nintendo will make the plans available.

    Additionally, @Umang never said Nintendo will make them available or that they would be available from an official source. He just said that they will be available. Which, letís face it, they will be in some shape or form.
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  • Next week, Destiny 2's Nightfall becomes more like Destiny 1's

  • Ajent 09/02/2018

    Iím not sure how adding Ďburnsí increases the difficulty. In my experience a burn always made the game easier. You could feels so OP with the correct loadout. It was tons of fun. Reply 0
  • BioWare's Anthem will launch spring 2019, EA confirms

  • Ajent 31/01/2018

    @TinyKaiju Yeah, I agree. This decision shows learning. Plus, more time to get it right isnít a bad thing. Now I just hope they learn from the Battlefront 2 fiasco and get any micro-transactions done correctly. Reply 0
  • Ajent 31/01/2018

    @TinyKaiju Iím going to go with mistake. Iím not as tin-foil hat wearing as the theory you seem to be suggesting. Reply +3
  • Ajent 31/01/2018

    Makes sense. They donít want to repeat the mistakes they made with Titanfall 2. Reply +26
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is the perfect winter pick-me-up

  • Ajent 08/01/2018

    @The-Bodybuilder I think the genral consensus is that Mickey Mouse was very important for cartoons and animation in general, but you raise another very good point and make it well.

    Since you seem a bit of a DB buff... do you know anywhere, above board, where I can watch DB? I tried to start watching from the beginning recently, but Iíve found it difficult to track down a decent place to watch it.
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  • Ajent 08/01/2018

    @The-Bodybuilder Haha. Fair enough. You worded it significantly better than @pisky though. His comment came across as a bit wingey.

    I totally get where youíre coming from, even though I think the author was just trying to inject a bit of personality into his writing. He did say that Dragonball is to Anime what Mickey Mouse is to cartoons after all. I donít think he was taking DB for granted.
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  • Ajent 08/01/2018

    @pisky I suggest you read the above article. It didnít have a condescending start at all. The author talks about how he has little knowledge of Dragonball, but that the game was accessible anyway. There you go... wish granted. Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch hits 10m sales in nine months

  • Ajent 12/12/2017

    @cowell Well... thatís a weird thing to subtly judge someone for. Thereís a lot Iíd like to say, as Iím acutely offended, but I wonít. Reply 0
  • Ajent 12/12/2017

    @cowell I might be confused, but... no?

    I was agreeing with you. Being a parent, with limited time, but all these spare little bits of time in between daily activities and being with your family- itís time that Iíd otherwise spend flicking through websites on my phone, or browsing Netflix to decide what to watch later.

    Instead, I can now play Switch. And on my commute. Like you said.
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  • Ajent 12/12/2017

    @cowell +1 for the gaming parent comment.

    This is my favourite thing about the system. The fact it has an instant sleep/wake mode (like smartphones) means I can start a game of Mario+Rabbids whilst the kids eat their dinner, pause whilst I put them in the bath, have another 10 minutes whilst they have a soak, pause it again whilst I get them dressed, and then have another 15-20 minutes whilst the wife reads them a bed time story.

    Thatís about 45minutes of gaming that I would have otherwise missed out on! Add in commutes and Iím playig an extra 1-2hrs a day ! Awesome.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess to launch on Android in 1080p

  • Ajent 05/12/2017

    @pelican_ I canít believe youíre being Ďneggedí for stating that people should not pirate games. This community is baffling sometimes.

    I, for one, agree with your comments. I will admit I have been guilty of downloading the odd rom in the past, but I like to think I am wiser and more respectful now.
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  • Street Fighter 5's new Kolin costume lets her cosplay as Elsa from Frozen

  • Ajent 29/11/2017

    @Flim I was literally just about to comment about how the reference image of Elsa looks absolutely nothing like the image of Kolin.

    I can only assume that the Kolin image isnít actually the Elsa costume and is a mistake, or ... well, the only other explanation is that the article is just plain wrong.
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  • Destiny 2 may not be giving you as much XP as you think it is

  • Ajent 28/11/2017

    @The_KFD_Case Not a difficult concept at all. But then I donít see that as being the case here. People simply misunderstood.

    Itís also a case of picking your battles. For all those opposed to micro-transactions, is this really the hill on which they wish to die?
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  • Ajent 25/11/2017

    @jonbwfc Yeah, I can agree with that. Although, even that shows that the system isnít that bad. I agree it would be easier if the items were on sale ALL the time, but even in its current state- if you really want something from an engram you can just wait until Tess stocks it (assuming that in the time during the wait you acquire the dust needed to purchase - but again, in my experience, this isnít difficult with normal play). Reply -1
  • Ajent 25/11/2017

    @iucidium Bright Engrams only contain cosmetic rewards (another reason why it seems unreasonable to get bent out of shape! - this is how people are saying they SHOULD be done) so they wonít include anything that you actually NEED.

    In terms of having an increased chance to provide items you want/ fill in the gaps of your collection? I donít know if they do or donít have a skewed reward, but if Iím going to spend money on them rather than getting ones through normal play, then Iíd kinda hope that they have a higher chance. Again, isnít that kinda the point of micro-transactions? To provide shortcuts to those without the time to invest if they desire to have the new sparkly ghost or emote !
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  • Ajent 24/11/2017

    @CrashOkami I donít think this punishes Ďnormalí players with limited time. Iíd consider myself a Ďnormalí player, maybe playing only two nights a week. On average I get 3-4 bright engrams a week. Thatís about £7-8ís worth. Not bad for just playing.

    This is more about making sure the game canít be broken by those with much more disposable time. To flip the article on its head just read the statistics in reverse- if you only have a bit of time you get a 95% boost to compensate. If you can play a bit longer you get a 50% boost. If you can sink a ton of time into it you get the normal amount with no boost.

    The reward rate is fine. I feel that the game is way too rewarding enough. Iíve acquired most of the collectibles/ equipment with Ďnormalí play, in about one third of the time that I did with Destiny 1.

    EDIT: clarified my point at the end of paragraph 2.
    EDIT2: hmmm... a few negs. Are people disagreeing that D2 isnít rewarding enough? Seriously? Seems a bit bizarre. Most of the people who I know who play have said that theyíre a bit dissapointed at how Ďcasualí the game is compared to D1. I wonder if those Ďneggingí are D2 players with experience of the reward system, or is it more likely that they are part of the anti-micro-transaction brigade and theyíre just jumping on this story?
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  • Destiny 2's first year of raiding looks like it'll take place entirely on Leviathan

  • Ajent 16/11/2017

    @IamUrple +1. I completely agree.

    This is my biggest gripe with comment threads. There seems to be a lot of people with conspiracy theories - for a video game !

    And they donít see how ridiculous this looks when you take a step back.
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  • Ajent 16/11/2017

    @Mister_Vimes Matchmaking is for all Strikes. Not just one. You just need to go into the playlist. Itís not even something you can miss since itís all automated.

    The Roster is a bit hard to miss as well. When you open up the director it pulls up the map for the area youíre in. Assuming youíve progressed from one planet to another, you must have realised that you have a tab at the top of the screen (clearly visible) and selected another planet to go to. The ĎRosterí tab is the only other tab, literally next to the map tab. Itís kinda so obvious that the game doesnít really need to tell you about it.

    Then thereís still the ĎInspectí option as well.

    Iím just saying, there are loads of options for meeting people in game AND even more expansive options outside of the game if youíre looking for a specific clan to join (which is always going to require communication outside of the game anyway - unless youíre glued to your system of choice everyday, for the majority of the day).
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  • Ajent 16/11/2017

    @Mister_Vimes I think the campaign is the only part of the game without a matchmaking feature. Iím not sure how youíve missed it in every other mode. Crucible and Strikes have matchmaking, Nightfall and Raids have Guided Games. Thereís the social spaces in the Tower and The Farm where you will meet tons of players. In fact, I think that it is only the Trials of the Nine which does not have any matchmaking type facility (which, in my experience, requires not just a team but a team of people who already know each other - itís super competitive!).

    EDIT: Iíve just realised that you might not be aware of the ĎRosterí menu in the Director which lists all players in you vicinity. You can select players from the Roster and invite them to fire teams and chats. Additional, you can Ďselectí players within view of your HUD by aiming at them and pressing a button (Options on PS4 I think). This then brings up an ĎInteractí option specifically for that player youíve selected.
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  • Kingdom: New Lands dev patches wonky Switch version, updates icon, makes trailer about new icon

  • Ajent 14/11/2017

    @Mwulf and on that glowing recommendation... I might just buy it !

    I was already intrigued, but youíve just knocked me off the fence.
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  • Rime developer addresses Switch performance issues

  • Ajent 14/11/2017

    @neems @abeeken Thabks for the responses guys. Looks like Iíll still be picking it up then. I donít mind a visual downgrade if the performance is still good. To be expected I suppose. Portability is a big sell to me.

    Apologies to everyone else for the slight tangent !
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  • Ajent 14/11/2017

    @ongrui At the risk of de-railing the comments thread... Whatís wrong with Rocket League? I was looking forward to downloading it when I got home. Reply +4
  • Meet the new boss rush

  • Ajent 30/10/2017

    Amen to that indeed.

    The Inti Creates games on Switch are some of my favourites. I canít wait for the Marked for Death one. It looks really interesting.
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  • Jelly Deals: GAME is selling PlayStation VR with Resi 7, GT Sport and more for £350

  • Ajent 25/10/2017

    @MrLovePump Thatís the exact same reaction I had ! It gets updated with really current stuff as well (and of course you still get to watch the Ďliveí channels). Reply +2
  • Epic is suing two alleged Fortnite cheaters

  • Ajent 13/10/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer donít think of it as physical damage but as damage to the software that is part of the computer acting as the server.

    The code they have inserted into the software (the cheat) Ďdamagesí the software (the game) that is Ďpartí of the server side PC. That software being Ďprotectedí by EULA and other such legislation.
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  • Ajent 13/10/2017

    @FilthyAnimal In addition to what @aniki said; if the American legal definition of fraud is similar to the UK definition then I think you also need to prove that the fraudulent act was done with the intention for monetary gain, to avoid a monetary obligation or to intentionally deprive the victim of monetary gain. You might be able to argue that cheating deprives Epic of monetary gain, but then there is also the matter of burden of proof. Again, if itís similar to the UK, criminal and civil courts have different levels of burden of proof. In a criminal court itís much higher. If thereís an option to pursue a civil option that has a similar level of impact on the defendant then that is generally always your better option.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong since I know nothing about the American legal system.
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  • Stealthy murder mop-'em-up Serial Cleaner is sweeping onto Switch later this year

  • Ajent 12/10/2017

    Looks good. Iím loving all the quality indie games on Switch. Just started Axiom Verge yesterday, having never played it before. It feels so Ďrightí playing it on a Nintendo ! Reply +2
  • Destiny 2's prestige raid rollout hit by last-minute delay

  • Ajent 10/10/2017

    @AgentDaleCooper Thereíre guns as well. Bungie tweeted about it yesterday to allay the fears that some had (similar to yourself).

    So far itís know that thereís a scout, auto, sidearm, HC, fusion rifle and pulse. Thereís possibly one of each weapon type, but thatís as much as I know at this time (which, take with a pinch of salt, because although Bungie did tweet there would be weapons, I believe the specific info was data mined).
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  • We asked EA to explain why you can't play FIFA 18 online against friends on Nintendo Switch

  • Ajent 05/10/2017

    The Nintendo Switch is such an awesome piece of hardware that the complete lack of integrated online infrastructure is baffling.

    Iím really looking forward to Rocket League on Switch, but will it have similar issues?

    The Switch is a truly great console, I just wish Ninty would pull their thumbs out of their butts !
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  • Destiny 2 is already nostalgic for Destiny

  • Ajent 20/09/2017

    @FortysixterUK Raiding with bots is a terrible idea. Whats wrong with the Guided Games function?

    Also, you can play any of the Nightfall Strikes in the standard Strike playlist. The Nightfall isn't a special singled out Strike not available anywhere else, it is a standard Strike with modifiers (such as the times element) and more difficult enemies. It's supposed to be an end-game challenge to reward top tier loot. If you want to 'take your time' in a strike just play the Strike playlist and you can.
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  • Firewatch review-bombed following PewDiePie racism incident

  • Ajent 19/09/2017

    @Bombado You know what... Nevermind. I see no point in trying to explain it to you. You crack on supporting a persons right to be racist. Reply +9
  • Ajent 19/09/2017

    @Bombado Well, wether the method to secure the end were correct or not, I certainly don't see it as censorship. You're previous comments seemed to indicate that you're implying that Campo Santo don't like what PewDiePie said about them or their game. But you've clarified that you're aware this wasn't the case (which only makes your previous comments all the more confusing).

    I'm from the UK. If PewDiePie was standing in the street when he made those comments he would have been arrested for Racially Aggravated Public Order. Defending racist abuse is a completely foreign concept to me.

    Edit: I understand the people believe that DMCA might not have been the 'best' (which is debatle) way to accomplish their goal, but what ever method they employed (contacting PDP directly, using YouTube, etc.) the end result would be the same and this isn't censorship. It's just distancing yourself.
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  • Ajent 19/09/2017

    @Bombado you're still confused. He wasn't critiquing Firewatch. The video during which he made a RACIST comment (he didn't offer an opinion, he used a racist word) he was playing PUBG. Not Firewatch.

    He has however published Let's Play videos (again, not reviews) about Firewatch off which he has profited and Campo Santo also profit from the exposure.

    Campo Santo's DMCA effort was to remove their association from PewDiePie so that they could not be accused of profiting from someone who makes racist comments on an open forum.

    They weren't trying to silence his 'opinion', only remove their association to someone using racist language. They didn't want that kind of 'brand recognition'.
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  • Destiny 2 is a lot less annoying, but a lot more of the same

  • Ajent 10/09/2017

    @Naetharu Y'sre, you highlight my point exactly. You e used the example of WoW and then listed a whole load of things that it adds with expansions, in some apparent attempt to highlight how it has done it differently to Destiny 2.
    New worlds - in Destiny 2 (Titan, Nessus and IO)
    New enemy types - whilst the factions are the same there are dozens of new enemy types (if the publisher of the article has completed the story then he would have come across them)
    Major story advancements - this has been easily accomplished by Destiny 2
    Additional Player Character Types - each class has a new subclass and the character creation has been updated
    Major mechanic revisions refining the game - the previous subclasses have all been tweaked to provide two obvious and distinct ways of playing each class, the entire weapon system has been refined to kinetic, energy and power, weapons have been updated to include new customisation options with mods, there are revisions to PvP, additional clan functionality that directly benefits involvement and participation (even if you don't participate that week!).

    And these are just the things that instantly come to mind. Add in Heroic public events, a completely new detailed map, new patrol activities like world chest, lost sectors, adventures and more.

    All of the above is either a completely new addition or a revised addition to refine the game. I've (for the most part) only used the points you yourself raised as what a sequel should have and provided examples (obvious and significant ones) of how Destiny 2 DOES have those features. That's why I don't understand the rationale of 'it's just more of the same'.

    The core gameplay is the same (it's set in the same franchised world and it's a very tight FPS with loot driven mechanics), but, admittedly in my opinion, it does significantly more than most sequels (and not just your AC's or CoD's, but darling games like Uncharted as well).
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  • Ajent 09/09/2017

    @Bluemaster77 Well, I guess the world would be boring if we all had the same opinions. For what it's worth I believe that Destiny has made a significant sense of progression. The weapon system has been completely re-worked (not just from primary, secondary and heavy to kinetic, energy and power- but also the scope applied by the introduction of mods), patrols have significantly more activities to compelte with several new modes added, Crucible has all new maps with new modes of play, there are new powers and abilities. I could probably go on and on, but I reckon you probably get the idea as to why in my opinion I believe that there is a clear sense of progression.

    I wouldn't expecting the game to 'play' differently at all and the core gameplay should be indistinguishable (Uncharted is an easy example of a sequeled franchise that gets rave reviews with very little addition/iterations between release as an example - I can't really think of any other sequel that does play so different that it becomes distinguishable, that's why I said 'isn't that kinda the point. You look at it/ play it, and it's instantly recognisable).

    Edit: changed the autocorrects in the last paragraph.
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  • Ajent 08/09/2017

    I'm really enjoying it.

    I've seen a lot of 'more of the same' comments, but I don't understand the rationale of those 'complaints'. It's a sequel? Isn't that what sequels do? Slight additions, maybe a mechanic tweak here and there, a new story and setting? What else do we normally get in sequels? Destiny 2 has done all of the above and a lot more.

    I agree a new enemy type would have been nice, and I had a few other (admittedly, quite unrealistic) hopes for inclusion, but as a sequel Destiny 2 is about as good as anyone can expect. Definetley (so far) a lot better than Destiny, and I loved that game.
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  • Here's when Destiny 2 Trials, Iron Banner and Xur return

  • Ajent 08/09/2017

    @mrcheesyelf f***in brilliant. Well done. Giggles I had. Reply +2
  • Destiny 2 director defends its shaders as one-time use items

  • Ajent 08/09/2017

    @davetobin I've had pretty much the same experience as yourself so far.

    I'm normally a supporter of micro transactions and DLC. I understand the necessity. And if I'm honest, I like getting the little things from them and the expansive additions to gameplay. I don't mind paying for that privelige.

    But the last paragraph in your comment sums this up perfectly. They have 'paywalled' a previous feature of the prequel. That is not OK. The only way they can fix this is to increase the size of the stacks (3 is not enough when you have 11 customisable items) and increase the drop rates so that you end up with huge stockpiles to eliminate the FOMO when you use one.

    Having micro transactions available to try and get the one shader that's been eluding you is fine by me though. The system just needs changing.
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  • Destiny 2's pre-order loot takes a while to unlock

  • Ajent 06/09/2017

    @Jonamok That's what infusion is for. If you do find something with a higher power rating, but you prefer the sword (maybe because of the perks or the aesthetics) you can use the higher power item to bring up the power level of the sword. Reply +2
  • Warner Bros. insists it won't profit from the Shadow of War Forthog Orc-Slayer DLC

  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @spamdangled that's correct, but I thought it was clear that I was offering them as two separate possibilities, hence why I used the word OR.

    IF we're being pedantic about it.

    Anyway, I'm well aware that on this page I'm truly in the minority. I've said my piece. Thank you for being respectful in our disagreement (that's sincere btw).
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @mrcheesyelf evil money grabbing bastards, or people who make and sell products for people to buy?

    Maybe your definition of evil is different to mine.
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @spamdangled so, your rationale is that WB intentionally made a decision to do something that they knew would cause people to accuse them of profiteering from death? And that's why this upsets you?

    I'll just put this down to 'differing opinions'. You can carry on being upset by it, I'll see it for the positives, WB will donate the proceeds to the family and they'll get the financial support. We all get what we want. And I get to play Shadow of War because I don't want to boycott them ;)
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @spamdangled like I say, I'm being pragmatic. A lot of people's 'anger' seems to be based on the theory that WB are being evil and profiteering from a death.

    I reality, they're not. And there's no way they thought it would have been perceived as that, otherwise they probably wouldn't have done it. The logic of the situation lends itself more to the theory that this ultimately came from a good place.

    Plus, read the last sentence in the second to last paragraph of the article. Ultimately, this is nothing but good for Forgey's family.

    Anyway. I'll stop now.
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @spamdangled again, what's the alternative? No DLC? Are you really going to argue that the family shouldn't get a big chunk of money to help them? That seems a bit cruel. This will generate a massive cash injection for his family.

    The fact that WB will make money as well? I DON'T CARE. And I think it's pretty horrible that so many people don't see it that way either.

    Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm a delusional optimistic (I don't think I'm either, I'm just being pragmatic).
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @8itmap_k1d yes generous. Everyone seems to think that WB/Monolith had to do this. They didn't. They're giving those community members who care another way to support the family. It generates more money for them (the family). This is at the expense of Monolith and WB.

    If I am to suppose that you, someone I again assume has no connection to Forgey, has already made a donation to his families fund me page, then you can damn well be sure that I will assume his fellow colleagues and employers have made contributions as well.

    This 'outrage' smacks of stereotypical Internet angry nerd rage.
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    @Nathan-DTS I'm not refusing to accept that WB could just make a donation at all. That's a big jump in logic you're making, considering what I wrote.

    What I said was, isn't this better than nothing? Raises more awareness for the family, encourages people to make some kind of contribution, and if YOU want to help the family and don't live in one of the relevant states in the US then YOU can go to the fundraising page and donate, but you also have the option of having Forgey immortalised in your game as well. If you don't want to pay for the DLC, you don't have to. It's a nice side effect of having the DLC that the family get supported.

    You SEEM to be suggesting that this shouldn't exist, and as such you SEEM to be a supporter of removing a significant chunk of change from Forgey's surviving family members.

    I don't care if WB do end up making some money out of this. The greater purpose and good of it existing being that it supports a widowed family.
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  • Ajent 05/09/2017

    I can't believe the amount of people getting angry about this. What's the alternative? WB/ Monolith don't do this? How does that help the deceased's family?

    WB should not have to justify why they are doing this and explain how trade law and tax works in every country (and even some states in USA, since I believe there are 2-3 states that purchases won't translate to donations as well).

    They've said they're doing this very cool, very generous thing, and people are giving them shit for it. Seriously, the alternative is that they don't do it? Is that really better?
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