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  • A Way Out crafts a cocky new forced co-op concept

  • Ajent 11/06/2017

    @Der_tolle_Emil When I initially saw the reveal I had a very similar reaction to yourself. However, the more I see/ read about it, the more interested and excited I get. I can't remember the last time we got a game that had such an important focus on each of the two players. It's seems new, even though I'm sure it must have been done before.

    My biggest concern is who I would play it with. I grew up abroad, so most of my childhood friends live in different countries or difffetent areas of the UK. I would normally play with my brother, but he lives in the Middle East now. I can still play it with those friends over the Internet, but it really does feel like this should be played as a couch co-op game.

    Maybe when my brother comes to visit at Christmas 2018 - but then it'll be whether or not this game still has my attention by that time.
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  • Nintendo Switch wired headset looks like a right faff

  • Ajent 01/06/2017

    @Zomoniac If it's docked then the game sound will come through your TV/sound system and you can use a single ear piece chat solution with your phone (a bit like the chat earphone included with PS4's).

    Don't get me wrong. This is still incredibly stupid. Evident by your question and then the necessity for some one like me to think of a solution. We shouldn't have to be even having this conversation.

    The really bizarre thing is why Nintendo think people should pay for the service if this is the level of quality that the service provides. So, so silly.
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  • Watch: 7 new things you can do in Destiny 2

  • Ajent 21/05/2017

    @Galactic_Inquisitor I'm hoping for some kind of information regarding this at E3. Without the necessity to go to orbit, if they remained purely cosmetic they'd barely even perform that function.

    I figure we're probably due at least two more info dumps before the games release.
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  • GAME launches unattractive new £36 loyalty card scheme

  • Ajent 19/05/2017

    @CalamityJames It's actually worse than that.

    Elite card:
    10x £40 = £400
    10% = £40
    £40 - £36 join fee = £4 reward.

    Standard card:
    10x £40 = £400
    2% = £8 reward (!?!?!?!)

    You'd actually have to buy 12 games to beat a standard card benefit. 11 games equals £8 elite, £8.80 standard and it's only at 12 games you get £12 elite, £9.60 standard.

    This is ridiculous.

    (Do as I did with Mario Kart Deluxe. GAME = £49.99. Amazon = £42. Instant £8 saving!)
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  • Destiny 2 gameplay changes, new features, beta details and everything else we know so far

  • Ajent 19/05/2017

    @Supra_Hans That's a fair statement. Managing expectations is always difficult (I, for example, had a very different experience and have no issue with the business practices and I enjoy the grid - but I have a great group of people I play with, and I'm pretty sure that helps make it such fun).

    However, you've articulated your issues with game a lot better than the usual dismissive/ aggressive comments that these articles tend to get.
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  • Ajent 19/05/2017

    Destiny articles are so strange. I've never known a game to attract so many comments from so many... odd(?) people.

    People spend time reading an article about a game they don't like and then take further time out of their day to write comments about the game they don't like. I findnit odd because I doubt these people do the same with every other game they've no interest in playing or following. Some of these people then come back to the comments to reply to people, thereby spending even more time talking about something they don't like.

    It's strange.

    As for Destiny 2- I'm looking forward to it. Looks aces. I especially like the Clan support. It's a smart solution for Raid match making.
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  • Meet the man with 1200 Platinum trophies

  • Ajent 04/05/2017


    "Other users might feel ashamed to play many games because they are weak and have no spirit. They are afraid of what people will say about them."

    "I would like to end it every day, but I am just too addicted to trophies, so I can't."

    Not only does the second one ring more true, doesn't it also kind of cancel out the first quote? Wouldn't it be more accurate to assess addiction as being 'weak and have no spirit'? Surely if I'm able to pry myself away from something I want to stop that makes me the stronger, more determined person?
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  • Teenager behind Microsoft and Sony hacks jailed for two years

  • Ajent 26/04/2017

    @spyro_de so... crime's OK so long as it is not directly violent? He cost people £million's. who knows what rippling effects that had. Bear in mind there are over 600k potential victims, with £millions lost in cost of repair and loss of business (plus down time for any services such as education). It is entirely possible that his crimes had a causal link to someone being harmed in some way.

    If you think that people should not be happy about such a criminal receiving a custodial sentence, then it's not JUST the gaming community that isn't your 'community today'.
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  • Ajent 26/04/2017

    @Azovyr I don't think 'dealing' with it was man.the.king's point. I think his point was that using 'bullying' as an excuse for criminal activity isn't acceptable (which it isn't, otherwise the law would reflect that).

    I don't think man.the.king meant to belittle the efffects of bullying, he even references how he was bullied (he even mentions the psychological and physiological impact that bullying had on him).

    Mudd's mention and attempt to use the possibility that he was bullied to justify, or at least mitigate, his criminal actions is what is really offensive towards the issue of bullying.

    It might explain things, but it isn't an excuse.
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  • Super Bomberman R Nintendo Switch update adds free levels

  • Ajent 21/04/2017

    @Mister-Wario Haha. That escalated quickly. I thought I was being cheeky, sorry you got so much flak for it.

    To address your question - as others have pointed out; what I was 'telling you', was that any persons reason to buy something (value?) is subjective and most of the time based on their singular opinion.

    However, on a sidebar- I did actually pay £45 for Bomberman R. Twice (copy for me and one for my son). For me, worth it.

    Having said all of that, I kind of agree with your point. £50 is waaayyyy more than I would have expected to pay for a game like Bomberman, it's just that where you have no reason to buy it I had two.
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  • Ajent 21/04/2017

    @Mister-Wario "Wow, there is literally no reason for me to buy this as-is".

    Fixed that for you. ;)
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  • Here's your first proper look at the new Micro Machines game

  • Ajent 19/04/2017

    This looks like a perfect fit for Switch. It'd be unlikely that I'd play it on PS4, but it looks like a perfect commute game or a quick to set up party game. Reply +16
  • Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in the US

  • Ajent 14/04/2017

    @BonzoBanana Fair enough, we don't know how Skyrim will perform on Switch. And you're right, we are in the hype period.

    However, I was instantly underwhelmed with the Linx. After I couldn't get Skyrim to work I tried Portal. That also didnt work. I then tried actual mobile stuff like Asphalt. Couldn't get that to work. XB1 streaming didn't work properly.

    The Switch works. And the games released on it work. And in my assessment that's why it's a better performing device. But, each to their own and all that...
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  • Ajent 14/04/2017

    @BonzoBanana The Linx Vision is Most definetley not comparable to the Switch in terms of performance. I could barely get Skyrim to run on the Linx. Streaming XB1 doesn't even work fully as some games don't support it. Not only that, but it isn't a streamed over network solution, it connects directly to the XB1 like the Wii U gamepad to the Wii U. The Linx is in no way a comparable device. The Switch absolutely trounces it.

    I've had both. I'm talking from experience.
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  • Ajent 14/04/2017


    1) I do know what trolling is.
    2) People have told you that they bought a Switch to ONLY play Zelda? Or did they buy a Switch to play Zelda (and they'll obviously play other games on it.) ?

    Your original comment stated that people seem happy to buy a console to JUST play ONE game. I bought my PS4 at launch to play Assassins Creed 4 and Battlefield 4 (seemed like the best place to play them). That doesn't mean I had no intention of playing other games when they come out. I imagine that will be the same for the 'people' you've spoken to regarding the Switch.
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  • Ajent 14/04/2017

    @williamarthurfenton I don't think anyone bought a console for one game. That would ignore the fact that there is already more than one game on Switch and would assume that no more games are going to be released - or maybe that having purchased a Switch a person would not buy any other games. A bit of an odd assumption.

    Or maybe you're just trollin'... ;)
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  • Mr. Shifty review

  • Ajent 13/04/2017

    @bemani it was up on eShop the other day in the 'Coming Soon' section. If it isn't today, then I think it's Wednesday next week. Reply 0
  • Destiny 2 teaser shows the Tower going up in flames

  • Ajent 30/03/2017

    Nice trailer, but I was hoping for some gameplay. Still, I'm pretty psyched for Destiny 2. I've even decided to jump back into Age of Triumph and run the old raids in anticipation of it coming out ... ! Reply +1
  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • Ajent 28/03/2017

    @garethwilliamwhiteho dude, that's some seriously over the top and completely unwarranted hate. Wishing cancer on people is pretty evil.

    Especially since your entire comment (which was posted after the article was updated) is based on an incorrect assumption.

    Not cool dude, not cool.

    Try not getting so worked up about stuff like this and maybe promote a healthier online persona. It's not difficult to disagree and not be hateful.
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  • Zelda directors reveal their favourite foods, locations and characters

  • Ajent 28/03/2017

    I'm just going to add my thoughts. I'll mirror what both @Samael_Blackwing and @SBandy have said... one Divine Beast to go, I've 67 shrines under my belt, and I've put in 75+ hours. Before I do the last story quest I'm going to clear up my side mission log and try and find all the armour sets (and get them ranked up/maxed out).

    I haven't loved a game this much in ages. It feels modern, yet still retains that classical Nintendo charm.
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  • Six talking points from the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

  • Ajent 27/03/2017

    There are so many positive comments in relation to the testfire, I must've been playing it wrong. I really want to like it, but I just didn't get on with the game at all... even to the point that I struggle to see how the first game could be considered any good.

    Luckily, I'll be buying a copy for my son who absolutley loved the testfire (he's 7) so I'll be able to pinch his copy and put in an hour or so before committing to a purchase myself.

    If I could have played the testfire with my son then I reckon I'd have enjoyed it a lot more. Nintendo really need to figure the user end out for their online service.
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  • Ajent 27/03/2017

    @djangodjango I never played the original, but I found that the aiming in general was very sluggish. Unfortunately I didn't have much luck connecting to a game either. The first session I didn't find a game for the full hour. The only other session I was able to play was the last one. I got 5 games in, but came away a bit dissapointed. I've heard such good things about Splatoon, but so far the uninspired level designs (I understand the argument that they're simple to ease new players, but with two levels they could have had a simple one and a decent one), sluggish controls, and general lack of options (playing with friends) have really turned me off.

    Shame really.
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  • Breath of the Wild shows Nintendo is learning from PC games

  • Ajent 16/03/2017

    @JoelStinty what a f***in' awesome Bokoblin/ Octo-ballon idea. I'm trying that as soon as I get a free moment to whip the Switch out of my bag ...

    ... that's why I love this game ! Crazy ideas like this seem completely possible.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner finds surprising new way to travel

  • Ajent 09/03/2017

    @djkav I see someone else already beat me to it, but yeah you can transfer energy via hitting it with a weapon.

    That's what the arrow indicates. It grows and changes colour when you hit it more times/ harder, having transferred energy from the weapon hits to the object frozen in time.

    Just try it in game to see. Hit it once with a sword and then try again and hit it multiple times with a heavy hammer or something to see the difference.

    If it was just changing the kinetic energy to potential energy and then redirecting it with a weapon before changing back to kinetic, then what does the arrow and colour signify? Plus, I'm pretty sure the game explains about 'transferring' energy when you get the power.
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  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • Ajent 06/03/2017

    @dylillama I am in the exact same boat. The immediateness (is that a word?) of the system is genuinely really useful. And Zelda... it's the first game in a long time that I've played where I'm hankering for another session whilst at work/ with kids/ cooking dinner/ being a grown up! Reply +6
  • Nintendo Switch eShop games and prices revealed

  • Ajent 02/03/2017

    I wouldn't say that Bomberman at £50 is a surprise. We've known that for ages (or at least, anyone who has looked at pre-ordering).

    Sure, it shouldn't cost that much. But it's not a surprise at this point.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will no longer be a Switch launch title

  • Ajent 22/02/2017

    Having previously had very little interest in this game, for some reason I now find it intriguing. Isn't nostalgia strange?

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  • Snake Pass release date set for March on all platforms, including Switch

  • Ajent 16/02/2017

    Wow, I was actually quite impressed with that trailer. This looks pretty decent. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

  • Ajent 16/02/2017

    @S3M holy crap, what an awesome idea. So simple. It's just like the Puyo Puyo Tetris mechanic. Would've been brilliant. Reply -1
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild hard mode, Cave of Trials part of £17.99 season pass

  • Ajent 15/02/2017

    @vert1go Dude, really, I even pointed it out to you.

    My point was that you isolated a single word in my comment and then IGNORED the rest of it and then called me ignorant.

    THAT's ironic.

    If you take my whole previous reply and read it in full, in context, then it's clear that I was suggesting that if you DIDN'T know about the DLC it would unlikely detract from the main game, you wouldn't get to the end of the game and feel like something is missing.

    Jeez, the fact I have to spell it out to you only further emphasises the second point I made about your ironic 'ignorance' reply.
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  • Ajent 14/02/2017

    @vert1go I bet you don't even see the irony in your own reply, lol. Never mind, you've kind of proven my point. Reply +1
  • Ajent 14/02/2017

    @vert1go dude, complain about the hypocrisy of the comments section (Nintendo season passes are fine... because, well... Nintendo), fine, that's something I'd understand.

    But your complaints of this whole 'incomplete game' garbage is just rubbish. If you feel BotW is incomplete after you've played the game (suspending your knowledge of the DLC), if you play it and come to think 'hmmmm... that didn't quite make sense', then fair enough. Same goes for any game really.

    What you're describing is 'FOMO' - fear of missing out. Which is entirely a problem of your own making.
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  • Nintendo just detailed Switch's smartphone app a little more

  • Ajent 13/02/2017

    @3en even before the PS4 'event' function came along, you could still schedule gaming sessions. It's just that it would be done like you do in real life - by talking. Or in the PS4 / Xbone case, you'd just send your friends a message on either the system or via their respective apps that also allow messaging.

    I don't get why a third step is seen as a bonus. It's the opposite to streamlined.
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  • This iPhone and iPad controller looks a lot like a Switch

  • Ajent 31/01/2017

    @Daemoroth Agreed. Now thing wrong with debate, but we're clearly both happy in our stance. Which is fine. It'd be boring if it was any different.

    Have a nice day.
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  • Ajent 30/01/2017

    @Daemoroth ... nah, your still making assumptions. 'If it was optional, he would have said so" is an assumption. That's just a fact. Unless you can provide evidence of Nintendo categorically stating that the app is the only way to set up matches and chats?

    The original comment that I replied to stated that GameVice was cheaper and more powerful than a Switch (the 'more powerful' indicating that the OP was including the iDevice in the comparison). I replied, asking how a GameVice plus an iDevice is cheaper than a Switch. Because it isn't. If the OP was meaning to just compare the GameVice, then they are still wrong since the GameVice isn't more powerful, since it is just the controller.

    The basis of your argument seems to hinge on the implied pre-existing ownership of an iDevice, which for the sake of debate means your trying load the argument in your favour whilst blindly discounting all the other factors. It's like trying to prove a theory without using base samples for validation. It just isn't credible.
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  • Ajent 30/01/2017

    @Daemoroth You're making some huge assumptions there. Nintendo haven't said that the Switch CAN'T voicechat/matchmake without a phone, just that it can be done with a phone.

    Plus, there's plenty a Switch can do that an iDevice can't, so following the logic of your argument in any comparison you'd have to include the cost of an iDevice and a Switch for the sake of completeness- ergo, the math is still good since you'd still need a GameVice for the iDevice making it £80 more expensive for iDevice gaming.
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  • Ajent 25/01/2017

    @Daemoroth ermmm... nothing wrong with the math. I replied to a comment that stated the GameVice was cheaper and more powerful than a Switch.

    The GameVice is just a controller, and compared to the Joy-Con (also just a controller), they're the same price. Nothing wrong with the math there.

    Making a full comparison of Switch + Joy-Con (£279.99) to the GameVice plus iPad Mini (£458.99), means that it is definetley not cheaper. The comment I replied to said the iDevice would be more powerful, but I'm not sure if an iPad mini is. It certainly has no games like Breath of the Wild on it (on a depth, scale and function).

    Still, regardless of that debate, there's nothing wrong with my math.
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  • Ajent 24/01/2017

    @ihnm_aims I'm all for challenging the fanboys, but how on earth is an iDevice plus one of these controllers cheaper than £280?

    The two controllers compared side by side are the same price. And whilst 'power' is a bit of a weird descriptor for a controller, these GameVice controller actually have less power/tech than the Joy-Con.
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  • Ajent 24/01/2017

    Eh? These have been out for ages (I was looking at buying one last May for my birthday). And there isn't 'older' versions of them as far as I am aware. They're also nothing like the Joy-Con. These devices are one single unit that acts like a vice (hence the name), not two separate controllers.

    It might look like a switch when assembled together, but following that same logic you could say the same of the Vita.

    It's just a bit of a pointless and infactual article.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • Ajent 18/01/2017

    @NullDev But... but... it's supposed to be more expensive in the UK. I mean, EG blamed Brexit and everything... ;P Reply +1
  • The amazing story of how Lionhead silenced a troll who threatened the studio

  • Ajent 15/12/2016

    @Apostate ... a person commits a crime, you think the Police investigating said crime is a waste of their time. I'd say that my 'grasp' of the situation is pretty sound. It's still bizarre that you think the Police are wasting their time investigating crime, or that the commission of crimes isn't something that they would find important. What exactly is your understanding of the role of a Police constabulary?

    Don't get me wrong, Lionhead's actions definitely saved time and money, I'm just playing devils advocate. If this matter had been dealt with by the Police then there would be significantly less moral and legal ambiguity.
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  • Ajent 15/12/2016

    @Apostate I find it bizarre that you find Police investigating crime to be a waste of their time... Reply -4
  • Super Mario Run sees Nintendo's mascot leap confidently onto iPhone

  • Ajent 08/12/2016

    @SHPanda if you and your wife use IAP's for the same app but different phones, then the app will be registered to the same account.

    The OP was correct. If "Family Sharing" an app then IAP'a won't transfer across and need to be paid for by each individual account holder for that app.
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  • The bizarre drink driving Dead Rising 4 tweet

  • Ajent 05/12/2016

    I find this article weird... What is EG trying to do, or what is the message they are trying to convey? Discourage these sort of ads/ campaigns? Why would Eg want that??? Maybe EG is trying to influence a better choice of game? Which, just... I dunno, is ironic (given the tone of the article)? Reply -5
  • There's more to Destiny's December Dawning update than just Sparrow racing

  • Ajent 05/12/2016

    @philreeduk "quality of life" is not gaming lingo. It is a commonly used term ustally used to describe a change that has been made to make things more streamlined, i.e. predictive text was a major quality of life change for texting. Reply +2
  • Mass Effect 2 and 3 now available on Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Ajent 08/11/2016

    @AkumaG I don't know if I'm just lucky or if the store glitches out for me or something, but I logged on last night to see how much they were (at this point I was assuming they'd be available to buy and download) and the store listing shows them as unavailable.

    However, under the box art image was an 'install' button. I clicked the button (on both games) and they downloaded straight to my Xbox. I started up ME2 and it worked fine.

    I don't have an Access sub, so it isn't that. I don't even have a Gold sub at the moment, since I still need to renew it.

    I appear to have obtained both games for free !
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  • Here's everything in Watch Dogs 2's £29.99 season pass

  • Ajent 03/11/2016

    @SonicUk Y'see, that's my point. What you described as being shafted, I'd describe as being serviced. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that I won't. Just because you think that it is a problem that needs to go away, I might view as a positive way to keep the games I love playing lasting a bit longer.

    It's just a difference of opinion. You've said that people need to vote with their wallets. Haven't they already?

    @mega-gazz said that people buy DLC/ season passes for all sorts of reasons (fear of missing out, supporting devs, friends and marketing influence). I think he was trying to suggest that this doesn't mean they like DLC. But all of those reasons still mean that DLC is something they want. If you don't want to miss out and buy it, that's because you want it. If your friends have it and you WANT to play with them, you buy it. The friends that have already bought it clearly wanted it in the first place. The fact that DLC and season passes still exist and seem to be thriving is evidence that people are voting with their wallets. They just disagree with you and those who share you opinion.

    And don't worry, I wasn't offended. I hope you aren't offended by anything I say. This is clearly a debateable issue. And let's face it, I'm the one who posted a comment on a thread that's clearly contradictory to popular (on EG) opinion.
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  • Ajent 03/11/2016

    @mega-gazz Fair enough, I am assuming that my opinion is the majority one, but it's based on a sound theory, itself based on a suggestion that is put forward by the majority of people who disagree with me on this subject - 'vote with your wallet'. If this is the case then surely DLC has a market, since those who ARE voting with their wallets are saying 'we like this'?

    Most of the DLC I have bought is clearly additional content - I'd agree that stuff like additional costumes and skins sold for £20 is clearly 'milking it' since the dev time and end use of such content is more limited than the use or development time for additional or supplementary story DLC (like in Assassins Creed or the Batman games). I don't see how that type of content would fit in the base game, ie. be cut for resale as DLC, since they usually feature characters not in the original campaign story therefore their placement would not make sense. And I certainly don't see how the option of being able to expand such a game makes the base game worse. Following that same logic route, would sequels also be viewed as detrimental to the original games appeal/ value, since sequels are generally 'more of the same', albeit they usually have an additional mechanic or two?

    The DLC/ season pass specifically discussed here seems to offer a bit of both types of DLC. Flashy, insignificant fun items like the garish skins etc. , but it is also selling additional story missions with characters and plots not directly linked to the main story. They're clearly supplemental. Optional. Luxury bonuses to be paid for.
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  • Ajent 03/11/2016

    @SonicUk Look, I accept that my opinion won't be the popular one around here, but your reply is a little bit reductive, ignorant and assuming.

    My difference of opinion does not mean that I am not affected. I'd still have to buy the DLC if I wanted it and the announcement of the DLC still effects my awareness of the product.

    As for your suggestion that if I don't say anything I would be condoning such a practice; that's a bit inaccurate. My buying the season pass would condone it. If I was indifferent and said nothing it would not affect the release or pricing one bit. Only sales affect the development, pricing and publication of such content.

    As for people who do buy the season pass making it worse for everyone else; How? Going back to my earlier football comparisson, how's does my lack of interest in the recent release of FIFA and my lack of support (by not buying it), make it worse for anyone else? Everyone still gets the game or DLC that they want/ bought. If I buy BF1, but I don't get the season pass, and then you do buy the season pass, how have you made my game worse? Looking at BF4, it meant that the game was played for a longer period, supported by devs with patches, and although I lacked certain games modes and maps the base experience I paid for actually improved because of the prolonged period that the game was supported.

    I know my opinion is unpopular and I don't expect anyone in this thread will agree with me, but my opinion is clearly the actual IRL majority opinion (I like the option of DLC, and I will buy it if it is for a game I enjoy and it's done well). This is evident by the fact that a lot of people buy DLC and season passes.
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  • Ajent 03/11/2016

    I always find it bizarre that soooo many people feel justified to complain about something that they don't want... just don't buy it or read about it if DLC is not something you're interested in.

    I don't watch football or buy tickets because I'm not interested in it. I certainly don't read articles and then complain about how I don't think it's worth it.
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