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  • Latest Destiny update unintentionally nerfs exotic weapons

  • Ajent 18/11/2014

    @penhalion fair enough. I've never even heard of them issues. From what I've read (including all the patch notes and weekly updates from Bungie) issues like what you describe have affected a small number of people and server disconnect issues related to IP's and such like we're noted as being mostly tied to players on University campus' and the such like.

    I'm not lying. I just disagree with you and have not experienced anything you've stated. This is also the experience of everyone I know who plays and from the articles I've read it seems a generally solid experience.

    But getting pissed off at me because you've decided I'm lying because my opinion differs to yours... Whatever.
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  • Ajent 18/11/2014

    @ahrmon what??? Reply 0
  • Ajent 18/11/2014

    @penhalion first of all, I can't just go do it now, you need six people. Otherwise, I'd gladly oblige.

    How about, rather than 'getting pissy' with me (which, might I add, is extremely immature considering you simply disagree with me) you specify what these 'bugs' are. I might then be able to offer an opinion as to whether I have experienced such incidents.

    Regarding your edit: the weapons (exotics) being nerfed only relates to some and is a mistake after the recent patch. The game still works though. We're talking about 'BROKEN' games. And as for the 'suck ass' excuse of it being a 'complex game', I'd say your almost correct to assume I would say something like that, but I'd changed the word 'complex' for 'persistently online'. Give me ONE example of a persistently online game that has not had similar issues. This IS to be expected.

    I still don't see the necessity for you to be so abusive though. I simply disagree with you. Why must you insist that I talk 'bollocks', get 'pissed' at me and state that I have 'blind' devotion. Your aggressive and abusive manner is undermining.
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  • Ajent 18/11/2014

    @penhalion OK. What the he'll did I do to upset you? Is it really necessary to call me an idiot and tell me to fuck off?

    My counter-comment would be to alert yourself to your obvious ignorance. Read my comment directly above the one you replied to. It's easy to find, ITS DIRECTLY ABOVE. I have played the raid, numerous times, completely, utterly, totally bug free. I don't know a single person who's experienced 'bugs' at all in anyway. The only thing I remember reading about is 'exploits' which are COMPLETELY different to bugs.

    As for it being the general consensus. I have read a few articles/ listened to a few podcasts this week about the numerous 'broken' games coming out and Destiny generally being used as an example of a successful launch/ non-broken game.

    Just because the general consensus disagrees with your view does not mean that it isn't the general opinion. Of course, it's probably best that we agree to disagree but please keep the aggressive insults to yourself. There not necessary.
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  • Ajent 18/11/2014

    @Sh00terStu This is a Destiny article. At what point has it been 'broken'? If you're just making random comments, I'd suggest you make you statement a little clearer so that you don't seem like some crazy guy. If you're mistaken and you thought the article was about a different game, fair enough. If you're honestly suggesting that Destiny is broken, then I'd ask 'How'?

    Destiny has worked perfectly other than in periods of maintenance (which is totally acceptable). And this is the general consensus. Not just my opinion.

    If you're upset about 'broken' games, there's plenty of suspects available that suit your currently misguided ire - AC:Unity, Halo:MCC and DriveClub spring to mind.

    Not Destiny though. That's one criticism that doesn't stick.
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  • Ajent 18/11/2014

    @snick the main difference between matchmaking and lfg will simply be the type of people each method attracts.

    lfg is full of people who understand the mechanics and are actively specifying roles and tactics. It makes the game much smoother and enjoyable when it's with people who know what they're doing.

    Matchmaking, whilst it may result in similar experiences it will also bring other problems. Players without mics, players who speak a different language (on EU servers - I doubt they'd specifiy a UK server!), players 'just trying it' with out doing the appropriate level of 'reading up', abusive and generally rude players.

    Matchmaking may have its uses, but it probably won't result in the best experience. Weeklies and Dailies, fine - once you're lvl 28+ they're easy enough to solo anyway, so one duff team member isn't going ruin things. The Raid requires a specific mind set and that's going to be difficult to manage.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • Ajent 15/11/2014

    @ubergine This.

    I don't understand why people feel compelled to seek out negativity and use it as a means to justify there own 'moany' opinions.

    Are people really that depressed. I'm quite shocked.

    Personally, I agree. The PS4 (and the XB1) is an extremely competent machine if your expectations are realistic. I've probably played/used it every other day since launch and I still don't have enough time to play all the awesome games coming out. Granted, most of the awesome games in referring to aren't exclusive, but they do perform best on PS4 and for that I am very grateful and I have a lot of fun.

    My XB1 is used less for that very reason, but I'm still having a ton of fun with Halo and I enjoyed Titanfall and DR3. If I had more time I would definitely get Sunset and Forza.

    I don't see how anyone can be justifiably disappointed with either machine. I just don't get it.
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  • Smart Scoping with Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer beta

  • Ajent 11/11/2014

    @Skooch IGN have a 343 ViDoc showing some gameplay. It looks like all 7 new abilities are available to everyone from the off.

    eg. The thruster is mapped to 'B'. Clamber is a second press of 'A' when near to an edge. Charge is 'RB' when at full sprint. Sprint is 'L3'. Slide is 'R3' at full sprint. SmartScope is 'LT'. The only one I'm not sure about is ground pound, but it sounds like this is a case of holding 'RB' after jumping, instead of tapping for a normal melee hit.
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  • The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

  • Ajent 09/11/2014

    @Rooster41 well, as I said, it was in my opinion. I do believe a lot of other people will actually agree though.

    But TLOU being one of PS4's best games is more of a testament to how good TLOU is, rather than an example of how poor the PS4 library is.

    Your reply lacks any context and I suspect you haven't even played TLOU, which kind of invalidates any opinion you would put forward. Correct me if I am wrong, but your reply seems a little fanboy-ish/troll-ish
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  • Ajent 09/11/2014

    @Rooster41 Not really, The Last of Us is still better than anything currently on XB1 in my opinion.

    Both systems have very decent libraries at the moment and anyone who only owns one of either console should be very happy with their system of choice. Luckily I own both and so I get to cherry pick :)
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  • Ajent 09/11/2014

    Overall I like the article. Some good games that I've had a lot of fun playi, and I agree with a lot of the comments as to why they've been included in the list.

    But... Why can't people just cheer up and be thankful. Firstly, the starting paragraph in the article - 'the initial line-up of games was so remarkably drab and lifeless'. No it wasn't. It was great. Killzone was good fun, ACIV was great, Resogun good in short bursts and despite BF4's flaws 64 player battles were still pretty awesome. Compared to previous console launches the XB1 and PS4 were anything but drab and lifeless. Granted, launch line ups rarely contain truly awesome games (I can only think of Super Mario 64 and Halo that meet this requirement), but when discussing the quality of launch line-ups surely we should be comparing apples to apples? And what's with completely mis-quoting Shuhei Yoshida? The link insinuates he agrees's that the launch line-up was rubbish and lead to his own confusion as to why PS4 was selling so well. If you then read the interview linked to he makes no such statement and on occasion states the exact opposite. Not cool Mr Bramwell, not cool. Luckily, the article gets better after this.

    And then all the comments below, moaning and whinging about how bad the current state is. WTF??? Seriously, what ridiculously high expectations do these people have. The recent raft of games have been brilliant. We've got more between now and Christmas. And then more immediately after in February and March. Leading into summer we get at the very least the new Batman and the games currently slated for Christmas next year look truly amazing. Seriously people, cheer up. This is a great time to be a gamer, be thankful for these awesome games and the ones coming out. Turn that completely unnecessary frown, upside down :o)
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  • CD Projekt announces generous Witcher 3 DLC plan

  • Ajent 06/11/2014

    @Seafort I don't think you meant to reply to me. You quoted "incomplete" and I didn't use that word. As for stating 'there is one difference. The other companies charge you', I am well aware of that, that's why I mentioned. I stated that they charge you, but the content is arguably of considerable more value (subjective, I know, but that's why I say 'arguably').

    You state that you can't believe I'm not happy about what CDPR are doing. Again, please read my comment. I think this is great. I said that the first time. In fact, I think I used the words 'brilliant' and 'fantastic'. So I've no idea how you came to the conclusion that I'm 'not happy'.

    And then you get a little offensive by suggesting I like to be 'bent over'. I can assure you that no 'developer' has ever bent me over not have I ever paid 'stupid prices' for DLC. I have bought DLC and I do enjoying purchasing certain DLC. I'm savvy enough to know when DLC offers value to my self and to determine that - to me- the price is not stupid.

    The point of my comment, which you either missed (or you have incorrectly replied to my comment, assuming I was someone else), is that people seem to be proclaiming this method as an all out alternative to other DLC methods which is ignorant to others wants and desires and counter productive.

    People need to remember, just because YOU don't like something it doesn't mean it is bad. Just because YOU do like something, does not mean that is how it has to be for everything and everyone.
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  • Ajent 06/11/2014

    @Hurricane_Of_87 I'm going to be very unpopular for saying this- but I agree. The weird thing is the number of people complaining that other devs releasing 'cut' content for paid DLC (which is most of the time, arguably, considerable more content) and yet believe this content (swords and hair styles) is not, despite being released every week for 8 weeks after launch???

    Don't get me wrong. This is a fantastic approach by CDPR and I think it is a brilliant way to keep customers enthused and to make sure people keep playing the game.
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  • Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Vita and PS3 release date announced

  • Ajent 06/11/2014

    @Alex_Star bah! Too late. It's not there anymore. Reply 0
  • Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users

  • Ajent 05/11/2014

    You're welcome... I guess. Although I also respectfully disagree. Reply 0
  • Ajent 05/11/2014

    @tehgamer2014 you silly person... They're talking about Destiny.

    I don't know what 'shit game' you thought they were talking about.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on PS4 is experiencing issues

  • Ajent 04/11/2014

    @FuzzyDuck Digital probably IS the future. It's just that not a lot of us are currently 'in the future'.

    For example, I have unlimited, 78mbps broadband. I downloaded CoD in a few hours. It was ready to play after dinner. Definitely more convenient than having to drive out to the shop. And sometimes quicker than ordering a disc online (my brother is still waiting for his disc to arrive!).

    So, horses for courses I guess. But the trick is for the consumer to intelligently decide what works best for them. This will change as Internet infrastructure improves and better services become more readily available, which will obviously be in the future.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Ajent 02/11/2014

    @Bagpuss That's a fairly depressing opinion (and your use of the word 'rotten' is a little inappropriate- surely if older games are holding up so well then that is the very opposite of rotten?).

    Halo:MCC and GTAV are no doubt big releases, but your comment seems to suggest a reliance on these games. Are we forgetting that we've just had Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and Shadow of Mordor? Then there's CoD:AW, AC Unity, Dragon Age, Far Cry 4 and The Crew coming in the holiday season. And in the immediate after Christmas period we have Evolve, Witcher 3, Dying Light and The Order to look forward to. And I've probably forgotten a few as well.

    My biggest problem this season is deciding which of the awesome games to buy, not due to a lack of funds but a lack of time.

    This is hardly a situation anyone should be describing as 'not good'. May I recomend that people re-adjust there expectations to something less than fantastical and actually look at what we have and appreciate how GOOD gaming is at the moment.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity features World War 2 section

  • Ajent 30/10/2014

    I'm looking forward to Unity, so I feel compelled to also add my disappointment that this will no longer be a surprise when I play the game.

    'Oh yeah, this is that WW2 but they showed us'. Meh.
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  • PSN ad uses the font from Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive

  • Ajent 22/10/2014

    @dogmanstaruk if this was intentional, then as others have said, it has essentially lead to more publicity on the sale and their competitor advertising the sale via articles/tweets, etc. It may have been a very sly understanding of social media and gaming news sites that lead to an intention use of the font, knowing it would garner such attention. Reply +13
  • Valve pulls game from Steam following dev's tweet threatening Gabe Newell

  • Ajent 21/10/2014

    @Pierre2k if this guy was in the UK, and if Valve reported the matter to the police, he could be arrested. He would be interviewed and most likely released once he made his intentions clear to the police, but nevertheless he would be arrested.

    If the matter is serious enough to get arrested over, then ANY kind of business related termination of relationship is entirely appropriate.

    Bring it to a more personal level. Someone you now as an acquaintance threatens your life. Your not sure how to take it. Do you a) carry on a relationship and become friends or b) think, this guy is weird/unhinged/a moron and cut your ties?
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  • Destiny leak reveals raid gear from upcoming DLC

  • Ajent 17/10/2014

    @Simatron3000 lvl 20's just need to lvl up. It isn't that difficult with the content that's already available. It's pretty much the point of the game. Play, get new gear, upgrade it, lvl up. Reply +1
  • Google announces $99 Nexus Player Android console

  • Ajent 17/10/2014

    @moroboshi What's ironic is that your reply to @Zaiz only further evidences his point. If you're interested in mobile/tablet games because they're really cheap, why would you splash $99 to play them on your TV. If you like mobile/tablet games because you're tatses are 'highly casual' why would you buy a dedicated box to play them on your TV. That is not even casual, never mind 'highly' casual.

    I can see the interest in these boxes, but I would imagine it's more for the emulation/home brew crowd. Casual types (by virtue of them being 'casual') are unlikely to pay $99 for something they can already play on a tablet or phone they already have.
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  • Bungie nerfs Destiny Auto Rifles, Vex Mythoclast, Rocket Yard

  • Ajent 14/10/2014

    @JRPC You're not the only one. I've been rocking Hawkmoon for a while now and it owns in the Iron Banner. I've only just switched to an auto rifle and that's only because I just picked up Atheon's Epilogue in the VoG (and a void damage primary is bad ass for dealing with minotaurs/prometheans- plus it means I can now equip an exotic secondary as well!). Reply +1
  • Destiny averages 3.2m players every day

  • Ajent 13/10/2014

    @NathanDaviesUK I completely agree. Speccing my Titan for an auto rifle/ sniper build and then a hand cannon/ shotgun build has driven me all the way to lvl 29 and I'm not finished yet. I've still got to get full raid gear and by then the first expansion will be out.

    Absolutely loving it.
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  • Video: How many Batmans are in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham?

  • Ajent 11/10/2014

    @vert1go yeah, you win. Don't buy a game because someone also sells something you don't want. Good logic. Well done. Reply +2
  • Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

  • Ajent 09/10/2014

    @Negotiator What game are you talking about? This is a Destiny article. Destiny is an awesome game. Reply +1
  • Ubisoft defends Assassin's Creed: Unity graphics lock for parity on PS4, Xbox One

  • Ajent 07/10/2014

    @thetimeisnow just being a touch pedantic here... I think you meant Ubisoft MAKE false promises, not delivers them. If they delivered on a false promise then the promise wouldn't be false and we wouldn't know the difference. Reply 0
  • Bungie discussing matchmaking for Destiny's Raid

  • Ajent 06/10/2014

    @Lolatron I get where you're coming from, but how exactly can Bungie FORCE someone to USE a headset?

    That would require Bungie being able to force people to speak.
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  • The patch helps, but Destiny still has a loot problem

  • Ajent 02/10/2014

    @number1024 You definitely should now. Strikes and dailies/weeklies now reward engrams post-game. I picked up two purples yesterday in the space of an hour. One decrypted into shards the other a legendary shotty. It definitely feels more rewarding now. Reply 0
  • Ajent 02/10/2014

    @ClockingGames If you fancy spending five minutes searching HMG or 'Her Majestys Guardians' on Bungie.net, you should come across a clan of mature minded gamers who game as much as we can (but who all have real life 'grown up' commitments). We set up regular VoG sessions at least twice a week (First attempt in Tuesday and mopping up on Sunday).

    Once you're in the clan, just stick then Destiny app on your phone and check it once in a while. Once on the friends lists of your fellow clan mates you can even manage contact and request buddying up in game via the roster menu.

    Edit: here's a link to make it easier http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/181811
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  • Ajent 02/10/2014

    @number1024 haha. Michaeljeffriewillie is correct. Your engram was pre-patch. You said that this happened two days ago. The patch only went live yesterday. So it definitely was an engram you picked up before the patch. Reply +3
  • Destiny bug reveals expansion DLC

  • Ajent 30/09/2014

    @Collymilad Just a quick bit of advice. Don't call people 'idiots' just because they disagree with you. Even if a single person calls you an idiot, for you to respond and label everyone who disagrees with your point of view an 'idiot' is just plain ignorant.

    Everyone is ASSUMING this is on disc DLC because it's cool to hate Destiny at the moment. Bungie have directly responded to say that it isn't. I don't know how they can make it clearer to folks, but that's seems pretty clear to me. You also seem to be making assumptions about the content. All of that is fine and dandy, but you're using that as justification to call people idiots. People like me. I've already bought the season pass. I love playing Destiny, I think it's great. And I can't wait for the expansions to hit. Does that make me an idiot. No, it just means you and I have different tastes in gaming.
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  • Destiny 1.0.2 patch changes how Engrams work

  • Ajent 27/09/2014

    @hiscore Legendaries on an hours played basis would break the game. If they did that then I'd already be lvl 30 with fully upgraded equipment. At least this way I still feel like I'm on a continuous treasure. Reply +1
  • Bungie announces next two Destiny public events

  • Ajent 19/09/2014

    @rubthisway I noticed this the other day as well. Also works on the Weekly strike to increase the number of Strange Coins you can get. The only bugger is, I keep getting Ascendant Energy but I don't have any purp weapons !! Reply +3
  • Ajent 19/09/2014

    @Laythe_AD They're not charging. This is 'free' updates to the game. It's the same with most persistent online games. Reply +4
  • The race to defeat Destiny's toughest challenge begins

  • Ajent 17/09/2014

    @Die_nasty I don't think the community forums would suffer. I just think that a significantly large enough group of players would ONLY use matchmaking if it was an option. Then those same groups of people would have enough bad experiences (due to the lone wolf non-communication issues that I state I believe would be rampant) that they wouldn't bother doing them again. That same group of people would more likely write off raids as 'too difficult'. So, yeah, I think there's a chance it would dilute the player base, as you say. I think sometimes, too much choice can be a bad thing. Especially when you are trying to present an experience and you want to make sure people experience it properly.

    Doing it this way, bungie are simply saying "No, you need to be a team. Communicate, strategise, teamwork". And then people turn to the forums for advice and find a bustling community happy to help.

    In case your interested the clan I set up is http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/181811

    Check it out and if you're up for it just submit a request to join.
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  • Ajent 17/09/2014

    @Die_nasty I think the middle man is necessary. You state how older WoW players may appreciate a system like this. And there's a reason for that. Match making would break the game. The number of idiot lone wolfers in strikes is annoying. Not to mention that you wouldn't be able to guarantee that someone would have a mic and actually chat and cooperate. The raids, which are already difficult, would become insanely difficult.

    This is a good approach. They're not ring fencing content, they're forging a community. Seriously, just check out the forums on Bungie.net to see how active the community is.
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  • Ajent 17/09/2014

    @The_KFD_Case I'm afraid I completely disagree. I don't believe proximity chat would work. And in your example people would (most likely definitely) have to go through a procedure to switch off the sea of voices.

    Instead, if you want to speak to someone you have to select them and ask them first (either by invite to your Fireteam, join their Fireteam if they're public, or by sending them a message).

    Obviously, we just have different opinions. I just don't believe it's a difference that would be 'game breaking' regardless of which side you take.
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  • Ajent 16/09/2014

    @The_KFD_Case I'm confused by your comment. Are you suggesting that more emoticon options would be better than voice chat? Because that seems unlikely.

    If you're simply implying that the whole 'communicate' is wrong, then how? As you point out, you have voice chat.
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  • Ajent 16/09/2014

    @Die_nasty I think you over estimate how popular your opinion is. I hardly doubt you and others who can't commit 1 minute to joining a clan, or inviting a random in the Tower constitute 95% of the consumer.

    It really is very easy. Very easy. It takes no where near the commitment that people are making out. I took 5 minutes to create a group on Bungie.net on the Saturday before the game came out. We now have 42 members. 42 people I can go to in order to arranged a raid. 5 minutes that took me. Very easy.
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  • Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

  • Ajent 15/09/2014

    @markypants Again, I completely agree. I'd understand a 7/10, but expect at least an 8/10, where as personally it's a 9/10 for me.

    I just don't get it.
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  • Ajent 15/09/2014

    @berelain I totally, whole heartedly agree. I'm baffled by the hate. Baffled. Reply 0
  • Destiny public events to occur more frequently

  • Ajent 12/09/2014

    Awesome. I've only come across two public events so far, but they were not good fun. A random group of Guardians taking down a Devil Walker felt kind of Epic (there was about five of us and it was quite easy- I felt like a real badass). More of the same would be good. The other events sound interesting.

    For those who are looking for other Fireteam members or for people to eventually raid with, I'm part of a group/clan on Bungie.net for UK based, mature players.
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  • Come play Destiny multiplayer with us from 4pm BST

  • Ajent 11/09/2014

    @SuperSoupy No. It's due to resolution. Bungie stated that a player with a sniper rifle on the PS3 may not be able to distinguish an enemy player at a certain distance, where as a player on PS4 would due to an increase in resolution and clarity. Which makes sense.

    So effectively, this would give PS4 players a slight technical advantage over PS3 players. So they didn't do it.
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  • Destiny guide

  • Ajent 11/09/2014

    @Beevdog y'see. At least your comment is fair. You're enjoying it a lot, but Halo is obviously one of your all time favourites (which is fair, the MCC made me buy an XB1! - I love Halo).

    Halo 3 is probably my favourite Halo. I'd probably put Destiny above the others though, at this point.
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  • Ajent 11/09/2014

    @AlphaCookie Are you playing with other people? Are you getting many decent loot drops?

    I seriously don't get it. I'm not easily impressed, but I'm having so much fun playing it (even solo) that I honestly don't understand how people are bored or think it's bad. I know everyone has an opinion, but I generally I find that I would agree with the consensus and yet with Destiny I feel like the only person in Europe who likes it?
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  • Ajent 11/09/2014

    @Dinkumschnauger Their are two types of chest. Normal and gold. The normal ones are mostly currency, sometimes containing loot. The gold ones always have loot. It seems to be set loot though and not level specific. I picked up a gold chest on the moon last night and the weapon I got was significantly inferior to the one I already had. The real bonuses are the other wise unobtainable class items, emblems and a faster sparrow bike from on of the Earth ones.

    Ignore the guy who says they're just currency. He is the very definition of what is wrong with these articles and comments; people who aren't playing then game properly.
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  • Ajent 10/09/2014

    I honestly, truly don't understand the hate that Destiny is getting. I'm not one to get easily excited, and I do play a lot of games from varying genres, and I am finding Destiny to be an absolutely trememdous game. It's fun in co-op, crucibles a blast and the general play mechanics are tight. Add in the RPG MMO elements and you've got a very deep games as well.

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  • DriveClub details its DLC plans

  • Ajent 10/09/2014

    @Shoozle Are you seriously not buying a game because their is a season pass available? That is the very definition of cutting your nose off to spite your face. Reply +6