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  • Yes, Overwatch has a story. Here's everything you need to know

  • Ajent 23/05/2016

    @peejamm tin foil hat season is it?

    I guess it's bizarre to you that people would just want to write about something they like?
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  • Assassin's Creed movie mostly set in modern times

  • Ajent 18/05/2016

    @GamerBhoy89 Ahhhh... No. Not what I meant. Miscommunications definitely. I would explain further, but I feel we're discussing semantics and derailing the comments thread! 🤗 Reply 0
  • Ajent 18/05/2016

    @GamerBhoy89 I don't know you very well, that's true. And my comment wasn't meant to cause offence. I simply stated that your own comment and the perception that it implied ('you're creeping me out with shit like this'), says something about you. Which it does.

    As for you girlfriend; I don't understand the relevance, but well done.
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  • Ajent 18/05/2016

    @GamerBhoy89 I think it's possible for a person to comment on how how they find an actor good or even attractive and it not come across as creepy. Especially when it is only done subtlety or inferred.

    I think the fact that you find it creepy says more about you than the author of the article.
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  • Ajent 18/05/2016

    @Murton I'm in agreement with you. I think a lot of it has to do with Internet hate train as well. It's the same with CoD. They're actually good games, but because of the annual release, monetisation, blatant business side of it all, people feel a need to rebel against 'the man'/greed/worst company ever or whatever other label they give it.

    For me, I always enjoyed the modern day stuff. Again, I also wished they'd continued with the Desmond story. If anything, the modern day stuff did become more disjointed after that.
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  • Looks like Call of Duty: Black Ops is back compatible on Xbox One today

  • Ajent 17/05/2016

    @vert1go are you seriously saying that the Wii U is NOT a console with a load of games that might as well have "Another" before the title?

    How about Another Mario, Another Zelda, Another Mario Kart... I'm sure you get the point. This is another example of throwing stones in glass houses.

    The Wii U is an awesome console, but it has many more flaws than both XB1 and PS4. The owner/sale data is a pretty decent reflection of this.
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  • Super Mario (officially) in Minecraft on Wii U

  • Ajent 10/05/2016

    @Darkolol oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I don't think there's any need for name calling. Throwing stones in glass houses and all that... Reply 0
  • Nintendo details E3 plans, no sign of usual event

  • Ajent 05/05/2016

    @northlondon01 The problem with comparing the NX to the Neo, and the public awareness of the two devices, is that the Neo is very catered towards your high end user. The sort of person who will visit game websites and be well aware of all the info. The NX is Nintendo's new main console. They don't have a base/ standard version of the console that already has 40million devices in people's homes. They need this to be their flagship, and for that they need to tell people about it. In simple terms, they need to advertise the thing they want to sell (and they only have 9 months left to do it apparently!!)

    I'm not disappointed that Nintendo aren't going to do E3 because it means I don't get to see something that I want; I'm disappointed because it makes no commercial sense. You said that 'saying nothing isn't a problem', but it is. If Nintedno don't say something, don't tell ANYONE about the NX then not only do we, the gaming obsessed fanboys, not know about it- how can Nintendo expect the wider casual user base to be aware of it. If people don't know about it they aren't going to buy it. If Nintendo miss out on E3 they're missing out on the largest gaming news event of the year.
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  • Ajent 05/05/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Completely agree. Missing out on E3 might be seen as Nintendo being confident, but to me it's just disappointing. Like Christmas but no turkey (picking up on your Christmas comparison). Reply 0
  • Ajent 05/05/2016

    @melindaharmon61 No. Reply 0
  • Ajent 05/05/2016

    I can understand the whole 'we want to announce on our own schedule', in a perfect world.

    But unfortunately this just smacks of stereotypical Nintendo arrogance.

    The rest of the world does not pay attention to Nintendos schedule. The rest of the world will have some awareness of E3 (mainstream news networks typical have some coverage), but are unlikely to report on a randomly announced Nintendo YouTube video. Showing something at E3 - even if it was JUST Zelda, but actually on the NX- means wider coverage, more consumer awareness, which will eventually turn in more pre-orders/ purchases.

    This is Nintendo catering to their faithful again. If they're not careful then this will translate into 2.8million NX's being sold (or whatever the current figure is).

    I'm really really excited to see what Nintendo have planned. The potential is almost tangible. But their current behaviour is a major concern.
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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Ajent 27/04/2016

    @Syrette yeah, this is what I'm assuming they'll do. One of those Nintendo Dirext videos or something.

    Which would be stupid. When was the last time you saw a mainstream news outlet report of a Nintendo Direct video? And yet they all mention E3 in some way.

    To get mainstream awareness they need to attend E3. Otherwise it'll be another console that only the fans/ core gamers are aware of.
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  • The Gears of War 4 season pass costs £40

  • Ajent 26/04/2016

    @cloudskipa I find it very disheartening that you have been down voted so much on this comment (the one where you break down the cost per map). I actually like DLC. I like it for the reasons you've pointed out; if I enjoy the game then surely more of the same is a good thing? Also, value is completely and totally subjective. I bet all those people down voting you spend large amounts of money on other things that I would never consider buying.

    Ultimately, I think you're being downvoted on that comment simply because your reputation as a fanboy has preceded the actual point you're trying to make, which in itself is very fair.

    I don't agree with everything you say, but on this occasion you've made a valid point which was fairly explained.
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  • The Division players are queuing to use a laptop

  • Ajent 09/03/2016

    Hmmm... I don't get it. There were tons of people crowded around the laptop when I did that bit and I just walked over in the general direction. I wasn't particularly close when the prompt came up and I just accessed it. Must have been about 20 other players around it at the time. Reply 0
  • The Division leaks point to Destiny-style Light level system

  • Ajent 07/03/2016

    @almondo so.... YOU don't like Destiny. Therefore the tens of millions (or at least the millions who still concurrently play it) of other players who do, be damned. We should look to reference all games across the entire history of video games when making comparisons between games? It's a little in-efficient don't you think? Reply -2
  • Ajent 07/03/2016

    @Apostate you really need to chill. Your point would have more relevance of it wasn't solely based on you're individual opinion. The FACT is that Destiny was a pretty big thing to happen to gaming recently. It has done both commercially and critically pretty well. Sure it has its haters, but it has retained a player base that is pretty huge.

    I think any kind of criticism of EG's use of the comparison is actually, ironically, ignorant.
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  • PlayStation 4 to PC Remote Play coming in next update

  • Ajent 01/03/2016

    @albertino I'm with @SHPanda on this. Remote play using a wifi hotspot/hotel wifi is fine. Again, so long as your expectations are reasonable.

    I also used it to do daily quests on Destiny, scavenge for scrap in Fallout 4 and other such slower paced game play.

    It is better when I get a decent 4G signal and I tether (on a 60+mb 4G connection my Vita has a 10+mb connection speed!).
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  • Nintendo Account sign-ups live, Miitomo pre-registration open

  • Ajent 17/02/2016

    @Saul_Iscariot hmmm... I just tried to sign in with my NNiD and it tells me my account has been deleted !!! WTF !!! - Granted, I haven't used it in over a year, but to just delete it and not tell me ??!?!?!

    Edit: Not too bad though... Just created a new account from scratch with exactly the same email, user name and password. All pre-registered and done.
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  • Rodeo stops making new games after poor Warhammer 40k Deathwatch sales

  • Ajent 17/02/2016

    A real shame. I have both Warhammer Quest and Deathwatch on my iOS devices. Both are excellent games. But both are also premium titles- which is what they are probably referring to when they say "the changes in market".

    F2P really does ruin things some times (actually, most of the time...).
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  • Song of the Deep is Insomniac's new aquatic Metroidvania

  • Ajent 28/01/2016

    @Hailst0rm What do you mean 'reduced to?' . This looks like it could be really good ! Reply +7
  • The Witcher 2 headlines Xbox One January back-compatibility games

  • Ajent 21/01/2016

    @XenonDurango ooooooooh... I'm gunna go git it ! Yay ! Reply 0
  • Ajent 21/01/2016

    Has anyone got the disc versions of any of these games, and can test to verify BC? Witcher 2 is currently unavailable on the Ms Store and the Bc list on Xbox.com doesn't list any of the above games. Reply 0
  • Ajent 21/01/2016

    @DX12 It's no longer available on the MS Store website either. It was a few days ago (I was thinking about picking it up in anticipation of it being added to the BC list), I think it was £14.99. But now, there's no 'buy' option at all... Hopefully it's because they're implementing the changed option and it'll be available for download imminently. Reply -1
  • Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

  • Ajent 21/01/2016

    @GoldenFrog MS had a fair number of remasters also. It isn't a PS exclusive 'thing'. Just sayin', it isn't the strongest point to make when you're using it as a tool to bash Sony, stones and glass houses and all that. Reply 0
  • Sony says sorry for PSN falling over with 1-day Plus extension

  • Ajent 18/01/2016

    @riceNpea Ah... I thought he meant apply for the code. Like how you apply for beta codes etc. I've never had anything 'automatic' like that on PSN (or XBL), so I just assumed that's what he meant. My mistake.

    Edit: and as I reply, it appears others assumed the same as me 😁 . At least I don't feel daft now !
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  • Ajent 18/01/2016

    @Pondis I think they do give it automatically. I got my email without doing anything. I wasn't even expecting it. Reply +1
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • Ajent 14/01/2016

    @dogmanstaruk I'm with you on this one. Generally, I don't have a problem with DLC (so long as it is a genuinely non-essential supplementative product and the base game is full in its own right - which is definitely the case here). This is basically Nintendo saying "Hey, we beefed up this game you all love. It's got some extra bells and whistles and if you don't mind dropping a few extra quid on an Amiibo we've even built a new dungeon for those willing to reimburse us for the time and effort. Thanks". Reply +1
  • Oculus Rift costs £500

  • Ajent 06/01/2016

    @Bauul That's fair enough. I suppose they could even go all the way to £499 as well, given the cost of some 'new' consoles through history. Is that Kaz Hirai Twitter a genuine account? His reaction (if it is) would indicate that Sony are coming in significantly lower.

    Personally, I'm not that surprised by these prices. I always thought that this was going to be a niche thing that they would have to grow.
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  • Ajent 06/01/2016

    @Bauul If the 'new console' that Sony are comparing the cost to is a PS4 (which, given that it's Sony, is likely), then that means that PSVR could cost as little (!) as £250. Even if they are suggesting a NEW 'new' console, that's just been released, it still makes sense that they're comparing the cost to PS4, so £349. Either way, a saving of £100-250 is quite a bit and in my wallet does constitute 'loads'. Reply +4
  • Bungie finally sheds light on Destiny: The Taken King DLC plans

  • Ajent 11/12/2015

    @Murton You're welcome to the polite discussion :) Devolving a disagreement into pointless name calling and irate banter only serves to undermine any point either party would want to put forward. Debate is good.

    I'll leave it there for now though. It seems we have reached a mutual point of being able to agree to disagree. Good day sir.
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  • Ajent 11/12/2015

    @Murton hmmmmm... I'm not sure what you're referring to anymore. I'm certain the games in the sale have always been those prices (they may have been in previous sales though).

    So I'm pretty certain the sale isn't illegal, hardly dishonest and it isn't even anti-consumer (PSN store is actually very pro-consumer in a number of ways). It's simply a product being sold at a price that you don't like and you feel you can find it at a better value price else where.

    As for the fact that different retail outlets selling similar products at different prices being newsworthy? I disagree there also. It's pretty obvious and I'm sure most people already know about it.

    I totally respect your right to comment on your disapproval of PSN prices, I'm just saying that there's little validation in trying to suggest EG have some kind of agenda in the situation.

    Edit: - On topic ! Screw Prison of Elders. That was the most blatant form of grinding. Just give us another raid. I love the raids. Even Crota's End.
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  • Ajent 11/12/2015

    @Murton EG silently condones a company selling something for a price that the company sees fit to sell it at? Isn't that just commerce? Reply +3
  • Quantic Dream addresses Beyond PS4 skin tone changes

  • Ajent 06/12/2015

    What I find really (really, really) bizarre and hypocritical is the fact that these articles seem to be stipulating that Arab people HAVE to be darker skinned?!?!?

    How many Arab's actually have darker skin? I've lived in the Middle East for half my life. I'd estimate about half the Arab people I've met have a skin tone slightly darker (resembling a more 'mediteraenean' tone) than my skin (I'm white British).

    Those people screaming 'white-washing', I'd argue are only highlighting their own ignorance. Pretty moronic really.
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  • SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats

  • Ajent 14/11/2015

    @SteadyBarker As @bestius explains below; You can't really condemn harassment by being harassing. I get your point, but you've undermined your argument with your conduct. Reply +1
  • The Destiny matchmaking debate rears its head yet again

  • Ajent 03/11/2015

    @PKMaxx I think this is the best solution, the equivalent of a 'shout' board to request additional raid members or look for groups. I agree with Bungie's point of view, players dropping out is a pain (and it IS less frequent when you've found someone from DLFG - they just seem more committed, evident by the fact that they gone to DLFG in the first place). I think when Bungie's do implement a form of matchmaking (which they'll have to in order to keep the mechanics fresh and snappy) it will definitely be in the form of a Tower vendor / shout board. Reply +3
  • Destiny: The Taken King raid hard mode unlocks next week

  • Ajent 16/10/2015

    @Crea I disagree. Only slightly though. I don't think Bungie are concerned regarding the organising of the raid, it's the commitment of the individuals to remain in a raid. Dropping a player mid way can mean hour/s wasted, potentially.

    I guess it's all a matter of preferences. Personally, I would encourage anyone interested in the raid to search for a like minded clan (this is something you'd want to do even if there was matchmaking anyway) and build a group of regular people to play with. It's really really easy. As easy as posting a comment in this thread. If THAT seems like too much work/effort, then I'd argue that you're probably not the sort of person that the raids are aimed at anyway, since they all regular some degree of commitment and team work. There's a much more social aspect to raids than simply 'doing the raid' that is very important.
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  • Ajent 16/10/2015

    @imagonnawin it's NOT exactly the fucking same at all... Matchmaking allows people to try things on a whim. A raid SHOULD be a commitment, there should be an understood code that dropping out means you're a douchebag. Of course people can still drop out if they been organised via DLFG, but they are significantly less likely to do so due to the fact that they are specifically searching for ways to join in with such content. All the loafers and casuals can't be bothered with DLFG through their own ignorant belief that it's some massive hurdle (it's not, on average it takes me about 20-30seconds to find someone to invite into our clan raids if we're down a player). Reply +1
  • Ajent 16/10/2015

    http://www.eurogamer.net/profiles/ubergine Matchmaking would be a real pain when people just drop out (imagine when people just ran VoG for Fatebringer - you wouldn't want people to just drop out half way through the raid and then you're stuck waiting for someone else to join).

    it seems INCREDIBLY obvious that Bungie are simply trying to maintain the integrity of the experience. Using DLFG really isn't that much of a hardship as people make out. Or using the Recruit functions of the Destiny app. Or PS4 communities. All very, very easy and accessible.
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  • Destiny will soon get microtransactions

  • Ajent 06/10/2015

    @imagonnawin Y'see, it's opinions like yours that I just don't get. You were about to go into a 'rampage' because people want to buy something that you don't? I'd bet my house that you've bought things that I wouldn't want to buy and you'd call me ridiculous if I went into a rage about it. Your opinion of value in relation to Dwstiny is entirely subjective, and completely different to the millions of people who play the game daily. Yet you are still interested enough in the game that you take the time to read an article about the same aspect of the game on two separate websites and then spend further time reading about a game you don't like by scouring the comments thread. Soooo... If they can captivate people who claim to dislike the game, or think it is a rip off (to the point that they would 'rampage' about it) then.... They must be doing something right? Reply 0
  • Ajent 06/10/2015

    There are a lot of sour people in this thread. I don't get it, Destiny is a brilliant game and these micro transactions are a non-issue (at this stage).

    These overly negative opinions about the game are the ones that the industry write about when they say that Destiny has received some deserved criticism and some entirely unfair. This is the unfair criticism in this thread.

    I guess people need something to moan about though...
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  • Destiny: The Taken King review

  • Ajent 25/09/2015

    @muttley84 Are denying that you missed the point? Or implying that you intended to miss the point? I honestly don't get what you're getting at ... Reply +1
  • Ajent 24/09/2015

    @muttley84 You completely missed the point... Well done. Reply 0
  • Ajent 24/09/2015

    There's a lot of sour people on this thread...

    How can sooooo many people state they have such disdain for Destiny and spend so long reading about it.

    I don't like football. So guess what, I don't play FIFA. I have played it before. Thought it was garbage. I literally put the controller down at one point and I still won the match? But I won't be going into the comments section of a FIFA 16 article and start ranting about how FIFA games are terrible for the industry because it's the same recycled tripe every year. That would be a bit silly.

    People who complain about the business model of Destiny seem to have very little understanding of business. The industry will not suffer because of the pricing or model, it will benefit for it. They're making a shed ton of money. How is that NOT good for the industry?

    Plus- Destiny is actually pretty frickin awesome.
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  • New Apple TV has a Nintendo Wii waggle to it

  • Ajent 10/09/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 Apple are pushing the Steel Series Nimbus as the controller to be used with the Apple TV. It's the one they're using at the conference/exhibition and it'll be the one they push to be sold with/for the new Apple TV.

    Edit: link to the TA article about it -
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  • Zombi review

  • Ajent 19/08/2015

    @WorldScaper This is a direct lift from the 'you're not entitled to an opinion' link you posted:

    "You canít really argue about the first kind of opinion. Iíd be silly to insist that youíre wrong to think strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate."

    That's the level of opinion here. Most people are saying they enjoy the game (strawberry ice cream) and you're saying that you don't (you prefer chocolate ice cream). Err go, by definition of an opinion as per the link you posted, you're being silly.

    The article you linked to said that opinions about matters of fact are wrong. Not opinions of preference.
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  • Why I will never call video games a hobby

  • Ajent 15/08/2015

    Interesting read. I agree with the parts that describe the fascinating 'evolution' of games into a more experiential form of entertainment and personally I quite enjoy some of the type of games.

    However, for me, gaming is a hobby. I think your whole perception of what a hobby stands for is flawed. I believe the exact opposite of yourself. If I know a persons family, friends, and occupation, the next question I would ask them in order to find out more about them is 'what are your hobbies?'. A hobby can be a very defining feature of who a person is.

    A hobby isn't necessarily discreet (especially gaming) or superfluous. A 55" TV and various consoles under a TV unit in a dedicated room for gaming is not discreet. With out a hobby I would go mad without being able to unwind and chill out after a hard day at work, therefore making it a very necessary part of my life.

    My gaming is something I do for pleasure/entertainment so that I can forget my days stresses. For this reason I do consider my gaming to be a hobby. It defines a large part of who I am. It influences other areas of my life (I have referred to my experiences and learnt knowledge in games during my day job). My friends and family know me as the 'geeky' one, but it's a moniker I totally own and make it work for me (they mean it in a very modern, non insulting way).

    I don't think the word 'hobby' carries the same meaning that you've implied it to have. I think most people would see it as the thing they do outside of their family, friends and occupation. The 'other' part of their lives. I honestly don't know what else I would call it other than a hobby. You might not like dictionary definitions, but there is a reason that words are defined and that is so that people know what they mean. Trying to change the definition of a word, or implying its meaning is 'something else' can only lead to confusion.
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  • John Wick VR shooter announced for 2016

  • Ajent 08/08/2015

    @ISmoke YES ! And in fact, it is that very part of the scene that makes it. All the action was awesome cool, but the nonchalant reaction of the cop was brill. Reply +1
  • Ajent 07/08/2015

    @ISmoke The house invasion was probably my favourite scene (actually, which house invasion bit do you mean? I'm referring to the second one where John has decided to get 'back in business'). Reply 0
  • Crackdown 3 will offer 100 per cent destructible environments

  • Ajent 04/08/2015

    @weaselrat nah... don't get me wrong. The game looks like insane fun. Probably a lot more fun than the usual online FPS hum drum of recent years. I was just pointing out that MS should really stop with the over selling. It comes across as insincere and contrived. The video was waaaayyy too technical/serious. It should have really embraced a more zany feel - maybe like a serious Sunset Overdrive (if that makes sense). Reply -1
  • Ajent 04/08/2015

    @BigOrkWaaagh That's what I was thinking. Surely it isn't going to be 100% destructible, that would actually be game breaking (since you could, theoretically, be floating around in space in the middle of a earth sized pile of rubble - it also brings into question the size of the map: if 100% destructible environments are what is truly on offer then surely the game area would have to be a planet? If it is just a city then it wouldn't be 100% destructible since the next city/town would still be there).
    I get that this is extremely pedantic, but then MS should have learnt from making stupidly outlandish claims. 'Extreme destruct ability' sure, but 100% destruction of in environment? I highly doubt it (especially if it's multiplayer!).
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