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  • The link between Kylo Ren's Lightsaber and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Ahskay 18/01/2016

    Great article, still a silly lightsaber though. Reply +3
  • Payday 2 fans react in surprise at paid-for Goat Simulator tie-in

  • Ahskay 13/01/2016

    Man i predicted this from Overkill two years ago that they were money greedy sheep but only now the community is starting to catch up. Other and better games to play, nothing to see here and Almir, you still smell like a rotten fish. Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • Ahskay 06/01/2016

    I rather spend double that on Valve's VR set that comes with specific controllers for VR and not a clunky controller. They must be mental. Reply +5
  • Microsoft reportedly working on VR devices for Xbox

  • Ahskay 18/03/2014

    Must be a lot of fun when you wear VR glasses and the only thing you can see is framedrops and screen tearing up close because your console can't handle the load. Reply 0
  • Naughty Dog confirms European version of The Last of Us censored

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    Just use that ego tripping brain of yours and follow EU politics.

    I'm out, like i said earlier, i know who you are.
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  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    What moronic racism? It's the truth and you did the same thing. Makes you a moronic racist aswell then. Welcome to the club. And if you don't believe germany rules Europe you need to wake up because the only reason why there's still an EU these days is thanks to Germany. Racism has nothing to do with it, it's a sheer fact.

    Edit; I remember know who you are, you are always being an annoying spoiled person who attacks people and offend them. Good day to you, i only respond to people who are 1. Not afraid to quote a name instead of hiding it way. 2. Are grown ups that can converse in a decent manner without calling people names.

    Good day to you moronic racist nr. 4
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  • Ahskay 05/08/2013

    Even after all these years Germany continues to rule Europe. Thank you for your silly censorship rules Germany. Reply -17
  • Here's a new look at Assassin's Creed 4's naval forts

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    Now that's an AC game i would play. Also prefer the Japan setting and playing like a ninja. It would be Tenchu evolved.

    These AC are just boring. Only AC 2 was mildly interesting.
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  • American McGee's Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter successful

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    Yes, give your money to a loser with a vision like so many kickstarters that fail to finish. There's a reason why they won't get funded by anyone but kickstarter idiots.
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  • Ahskay 05/08/2013

    Why do people keep giving money to people that never succeeded in a project, made mediocre games and don't get funded by either a bank, media company or publisher.
    It's just ridiculous.
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  • id Software's first attempt at Doom 4 "didn't have a personality"

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    Rise of the triad singleplayer is a unpolished piece of crap. Only the multiplayer is fun. The original is far better.

    If you want to play a good old skool shooter play Shadow Warrior Redux or wait for the remake that's being made by people who are far more experienced and will deliver.
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  • "There is an end" to the Assassin's Creed series, Ubisoft says

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013

    It will end when people learn that yearly entries for a franchise is boring and slows down innovation. Reply +1
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist has no offline co-op on Wii U

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    Why should other versions wait and sit on the shelve when another console isn't selling well and the multiplayer for it will die soon anyway. Not a smart business move. 7 months waiting = loss of a quarter sale that was planned to make profit.

    One more year and the WiiU is irrelevant like the Wii was if it won't be sooner. No need to plunge money into projects that will equal a loss.
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  • Sony explains lack of Planetside 2 PC and PS4 cross-platform play, teases character transfers

  • Ahskay 05/08/2013


    No he doesn't but it's clearly when you look at the DF article and other previews that Killzone will be dissappointing in the optimizing department and will dip under 30fps when the engine is stressed. It's been this way with previous entries and it will always be like this in the future.

    If they targeted 60fps a dip too 45fps would be bearable. Anythng that dips under 30fps is not worth being called next generation.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review

  • Ahskay 04/08/2013


    Ok, how can Apple be environmental friendly when it's produced in China in a polluting factory, shipped over the world to be assembled and shipped again to sell. That isn't logical. And i'm doing my best not to bash Apple as most companies do it, not only Apple.
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  • The Xbox One controller retails for $60 in the US

  • Ahskay 03/08/2013


    You can get one now and plug it in? Just like the next one, it's Microsoft. Good controller with stupid D-pads that are from Microsoft will always work on pc sadly enough. There are better controllers out there but it's sometimes a real pain in the ass to get them to work.
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  • Ahskay 03/08/2013

    I bet it's D-pad still plays like shit. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. the 2.5K display revolution

  • Ahskay 03/08/2013

    I rather stay at 1440p with my dell screen. Excellent screens for a modest pricetag that vid cards can run with ease. Besides, we will all be playing with oculus rifts before these screens become standard for gaming. Reply 0
  • Sam Fisher punches, wears dog on Outside Xbox

  • Ahskay 03/08/2013


    I do too, it seems so irrelevant. They should better do a multiplatform thing or call the show Xboner.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. the Alienware X51 R2

  • Ahskay 03/08/2013

    Alienware tech support is awesome though. Within 24 hours my problems were replaced and fixed with better stuff. Can't complain about that.

    I didn't built one myself last year when i was sick but got the aurora one delivered at house, plug and play for only 240eur less if i would have built one myself and with excellent warranty and no stress.
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  • Cancelled $123K Kickstarter board game finds new publisher

  • Ahskay 02/08/2013


    He's not a scam artist, while i don't agree how he managed his kickstarter a scam artist he's not. He's just a normal guy who got in way over his head and just got saved. He even pledged to pay every single one of the backers back. You can call him many things like a fool, idiot, nave, ignorant and much more. But not a scam artist. He won't get blacklisted either as he didn't make any debts, he just spend all his kickstarter money and ran out.

    Besides, in the UK you should worry more about your internet freedom, your secret service being funded by the US for over 3 years or try to get in the top 50% of people that don't have trouble paying bills because of the crisis. A US kickstarter funded by amateur investors who never heard of a business plan is not on the top of the list for any government.

    Kickstarter is only an idea and a promise, if it gets executed is up to the ones who started the kickstarter, they are obliged to nothing.

    Why do you think that the majority of the kickstarters won't get funded by companies or banks? Because most of the times it's empty air with nothing left to earn your initial investment again and it's just a paycheck for people to keep themselves busy.
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  • Carmack says next generation is "anyone's game"

  • Ahskay 02/08/2013

    He's not the only one appalled by the 30fps thing. Instead of moving forward we will probably get the same as last generation meaning unoptimized games that dip under 30 fps when the engine is stressed. Reply +13
  • World of Tanks dev Wargaming buys Total Annihilation and Master of Orion franchises

  • Ahskay 02/08/2013


    Stardock is a great dev with much love for the strategy franchise. Been playing both Sins and Fallen Enchantress and they are both addicting while the hours tick away. Star Control will be great, i'm sure of it.
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  • Ahskay 02/08/2013

    I don't feel like i can say yay. If it goes free to play prepare to shell out big for these games if you want a triple A experience. Reply +1
  • CliffyB appeals to Phil Fish for games industry return

  • Ahskay 01/08/2013

    Drama queens, each and every one of them. People get more abuse going to work or shopping for groceries these days then these losers. Grow up and get a life, Fez creator at first place and while your at it make a better game cause FEZ is a crap game. Reply +2
  • One man created this gorgeous RTS somehow

  • Ahskay 01/08/2013

    @Toddwjp Looks like you don't know your RTS. There are far better RTS out there than Starcraft and there are plenty of them too. Reply +8
  • Asda no longer selling Wii U consoles, games in supermarkets

  • Ahskay 01/08/2013

    It's just a good dust collector, nothing more. ONe good game that only half the player base is interested in isn't going to change it. Pikmin isn't a system seller, it's to keep the fans busy so they won't sell their WiiU. All the rest with sense has already moved on and Nintendo is becoming more obscure and irrelevant. Reply 0
  • Ex-EA CEO John Riccitiello is skeptical of free-to-play

  • Ahskay 01/08/2013

    If you are so skeptical about free to play than why ffs did you make your company go all the way up to beyond free to play for all your shit games, the plan went fluke as soon people realised it isn't free to play but pay triple what you would normally and then you got fired. Reply 0
  • Kickstarter game raises $123K, then gets canned after 13 months

  • Ahskay 26/07/2013


    i agree, when these are going to a bank or an investor they need a business plan. I backed several projects already but those were from companies i trusted like the Shadowrun game that's just been released and the Divinity games because i know those guys and the studio. It's only a ten minute walk from where i live.

    Those that want to start a project need to have a better pitch than; 'we love the community and we want you to be a part of it. We are a bunch of hardworking guys to make the game you want or i have made adventure games since the 80's and i have an idea and i need that much, when they get 6x more they ask for even more because the project ran out of money.'

    If they are not carefull people will back away from kickstarter and it will only be remembered as a temporary hype. That would be a shame.
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  • Ahskay 26/07/2013

    People invested, the investment went bankrupt. People shouldn't have invested.
    Blame anyone you want but the blame is with the people that kickstarted it for believing a random person on the internet with an idea.

    They don't have much ground for legal action as he never signed any papers with his autograph on to promise the investors a finished project. There's only the kickstarter project and that doesn't hold up in court and he will walk free by declaring himself bankrupt.

    This is only the first and more will follow cause idiots keep kickstarting projects of idiots. Most of the times there's a reason why these people don't get funded by a publisher or a bank but hey, there on kickstarter with a great pitch and a great idea and get funded, live good life of the money and essentially never deliver.
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  • Rayman Legends to arrive on PC alongside consoles

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013


    Trine 2 amazes me every time i play that game. It's too damn beautifull.
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  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    Great! I thouroughly enjoyed Origins on the pc. Reply +5
  • DICE reveals next-gen Battlelog for Battlefield 4

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013


    So basically EA and BF devs are the same kind of scum like the WarZ/Infestation devs.

    There are no words for this.
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  • See Payday 2 being played the right way

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    Is there any set release date other than 'august'? Really looking forward to the game but waiting for a paycheck to come in so i can pre-order it and i don't want to be too late. ^.^ Reply 0
  • Nintendo is not accepting submissions from Japanese indie devs

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    Great way to support your own country and home fanbase. No Indie tentacle rpg's on Ninty's console. Reply 0
  • COD developer appeals for calm following death threats

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    And because of kids that grew up as a 1337-speak generation because of games like CoD, one day the internet will have registration or id acces required. I'm not saying all players are assholes but the lowest form of the community or internet are the reasons why rules and restrictions are applied. CoD has a lot of fun players but the lowest form of life is strong in this community.

    I would ban all those handles that lowered themselves threatening that man or anyone else because of this.

    All companies should do this. Online gaming would be much more fun.
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  • SimCity sold over 2 million copies

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    2 million+ idiots in the world. Reply 0
  • Shadowrun Returns review

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    And not one word about the silly checkpoint system where you have to replay great chunks of story because you can't save when you want and the checkpoints are too far apart. Reply +3
  • Microsoft will allow self-publishing after all

  • Ahskay 25/07/2013

    They just keep changing policies. There's just no clear vision on how to progress at Microsoft unless it involves Kinect. What a dreadfull company. Reply +6
  • Xbox One records the last five minutes of your gameplay

  • Ahskay 23/07/2013


    Don't say that out loud, if we do we get negged and burned to hell.

    I'm a Sony fan and even i'm dissappointed that their promise of every game 1080p 60fps is a lie. It's why i'm sticking with my pc and buying a 1440p screen. Maybe in a few years i'll buy a console again to play the exclusives at a discount.

    The consoles i pre ordered will be going on E-bay when stock has ran out in the first week.
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  • Ouya software sales figures revealed

  • Ahskay 23/07/2013

    Ouya takes 30% of the devs? Whatever happened to a free console?

    Not only have they made their own online store wich invalidate that statement about freedom but now they are taking cuts aswell?

    Indie devs are better off with pc and it will always be this way.
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  • Microsoft will "aggressively challenge" any government attempt to use Kinect for snooping

  • Ahskay 23/07/2013


    That show is invalid as there are new laws in place that gives the NSA freedom to do whatever they want.

    Sure a cop can't do and needs to go through the procedure just like in the wire but we are not talking about cops here.

    This is about the government and the NSA being intrusive and making up laws that give them the freedom to do so at will. Patriot Act and the drafts that followed it up.
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  • Pikmin 3 review

  • Ahskay 23/07/2013

    A 9 or not, it's still Pikmin and not the killer console selling app Nintendo needs. People who think that this is a system seller don't know the market. Reply +3
  • How The Crew was ported to PlayStation 4

  • Ahskay 19/07/2013


    Doesn't matter

    I hate Microsoft, if you look up my posts you would know i love Sony but fact is the only game untill now that delivers on the promise of 60fps and 1080p gaming is Titanfall.

    Underwhelming graphical assets or not, it has 60fps and 1080p.

    If Sony can't deliver then the first thing announced shouldn't have been; 1080p 60fps gaming!

    Even Killzone is aiming for 30 fps. It's a shame really.
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  • Ahskay 19/07/2013

    That's all very nice and informative but at the end of the day we were promised by Sony 1080p 60fps gaming and this game is aiming for 30fps. When will the first game that's 1080p 60fps be announced or do i have to go and look at Microsofts console for Titanfall or stick with my pc? Reply -24
  • Ouya hopes to boost exclusive games development with $1m fund

  • Ahskay 19/07/2013


    Not always needed. If he used to play it on the NES and bought it it means he has a license and is entitled to use that license this way.

    When gamers really want we can fight back against the industry with the license stuff meaning if you buy once, according to most agreements you have a license to play it whenever and where ever you want.

    Same thing if i bought a dvd and i'm on vacation and want to watch that dvd but forgot it at home. I can download it via a torrent and i'm operating perfectly legal cause i'm just making use of that license.

    Offcourse, it also depends on the country you live in but i have a fairly regulated use of licenses where i live and i'm not treated as a criminal like you insinuate just because i download stuff.
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  • Rogue Legacy review

  • Ahskay 19/07/2013


    I have to disagree with the jump and sword below attack. It's very easy to exploit enemies this way as you just hit them, bounce up and hit them again till they are death. Makes mid-bosses for the chests a breeze.
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  • Ahskay 19/07/2013

    This game is awesome. Been playing it since release day and it's a steal for 12EUR.

    HIghly recommended if you like platformers and rogue games.
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  • Warhammer Quest review

  • Ahskay 19/07/2013


    No, just no.

    It's obvious that you are biased and angry that your fav game got a low score.

    The review is excellent and Dan is not a beginner, he's doing his job of warning us not to throw money away at these silly things.
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  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • Ahskay 19/07/2013

    I played the game and i felt cheated. There's only half a game in there, animations are horrible. Even the jokes are dull and the narrator is friggin annoying.

    Expected much more from this, especially after we have been spoiled with good adventures and not this kind of crap.

    To anybody who wants to play a good adventure that's better; play Metal Dead available on Gamersgate for a couple of Euros. Much better way to spend your time with.

    Larry is a relic better left alone.
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