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  • Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked

  • Agente_Silva 17/04/2015


    Damned the hype is... In I am :)
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  • Project Cars technical details confirmed

  • Agente_Silva 15/04/2015


    Now you made me look like crazy to my work coleagues... LOL

    Anyway, Iīm looking for a GTR substitute: this one or Assetto Corsa?
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  • Digital Foundry vs extreme frame-rate gaming

  • Agente_Silva 13/04/2015


    LoL... exactly... dat 5960xīs price...
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  • Agente_Silva 13/04/2015


    Thatīs the noob way of life. Buy it ready-made, live by the average.

    "All the problems of PC gaming"?!! Youīre not much of research before buying right? Iīm sure people at Sony love you...
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  • Agente_Silva 13/04/2015


    Well, Iīm confused why you would spend money on a unnecessary PSU (1200 watt is too much for that rig, mine is similar to yours, also feeding 3 displays with R9280X xFire and a 850W Corsair is just fine) instead of buying an 80€ SSD!
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets a debut trailer

  • Agente_Silva 09/04/2015


    I bet your culo is ready yes...
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  • Hands on with the Recreated ZX Spectrum

  • Agente_Silva 07/04/2015


    You canīt beat rubbery keys xD I canīt imagine using them on BF4 though.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight delayed by a few weeks

  • Agente_Silva 23/03/2015

    It could well be "rinse and repeat" as some say, but this game is the best movie license Iīve ever played and I cannot have enough of Batman series! Arkham Origins was a pure delight with so many strong section bosses, amazing graphics super sleek gameplay and controls. Iīm an absolute unconditional fan of Batman just like of Max Payne and Splinter Cell... Bring it on with better graphics every year and Iīm in :) Reply +1
  • Nintendo might be making the most exciting online shooter in years

  • Agente_Silva 23/03/2015

    Iīm still having fun on run and gun xD Reply +2
  • Battlefield Hardline steals UK chart top spot

  • Agente_Silva 23/03/2015


    Yep... it would be nice if cheaters switched to Hardline. Anyway, hard to believe this got so high in the rank!
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  • The art of No Man's Sky

  • Agente_Silva 23/03/2015


    Thatīs some nice input man :) thanks! It makes No Manīs Sky even more appealing and desirable.
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  • Agente_Silva 20/03/2015

    Hey... Guilin, a Battlefield 4 map :P Reply +1
  • Six Lucasfilm classics have appeared on

  • Agente_Silva 20/03/2015


    ASK me about Loom

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  • Agente_Silva 20/03/2015

    This is where I started my PC gaming venture :) The Fate of Atlantis and Monkey Island! Reply 0
  • Cities: Skylines review

  • Agente_Silva 19/03/2015


    I agree with your opinion. Still, I think Skylines has a bit more challenge than SC4. But itīs easily noticeable the lack of long term playibility.
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  • Agente_Silva 19/03/2015


    It is still ok to me if Simcity does not depict what should be considered a simulating model. If agents fill jobs for one building and it "rejects" the excess of workers to the next needing building itīs ok to me as well... as long as all worker surplus fills available jobs in due time - avoiding any "Close needs Workers" message. This should allow some cool alternatives to the classic way of playing SC5 - meaning you could almost have a Industrial only city, providing freight to a Comercial only neighboor. These are the kind of challenges that make my SC5 rewarding.
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  • Agente_Silva 19/03/2015


    No, sorry, that is not true... in fact most of those 7000 are going to work in commercial buildings. I watch many 8:00 AM flocks leaving the train station painted in light blue (workers) heading and filling comercial jobs.

    We are not here to please ourselves but to share opinions. I will not make you laugh, that is for sure.
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  • Agente_Silva 19/03/2015


    and that is why I rather think that Simcity5 could be the "first stone" instead of "the last nail". I wish it is a prototype for a marvelous city simulator in coming years.

    In my opinion Skylines is an extension of that average model you mentioned. I would rather see this kind of game to break with that trend and head in way of a more personalized simulation, a pinpoint model, where you really need to have things right before your city starts to build up.
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  • Agente_Silva 19/03/2015


    "... lacks sense of achievement" THIS.

    Simcity 5 was broken - fact. Simcity 5 is small - fact. Simcity 5 is restrictive - fact (specially in efficient neighboorhod deals like correct accounting of water availability to all cluster). Simcity 5 is groundbreaking in its simulating engine of requests and agents - fact. And this is why Simcity 5 is much more complex than Skylines and, in my opinion, more challenging.

    I still play Simcity 5 and when cities start to build up density it feels waaaay more rewarding than in Skylines. Or when you finally manage to have 7000 people commuting in from another neighboor city (wich is actually working as a resident hub only) to fill the massive Available Jobs in a Industrial/Trade city.

    Even when Simcity5 forum was on itīs pinnacle, most players would say "Ohh I rather play Simcity 4 than Simcity 5..." I always disagreed - Simcity 4 was starting to feel shallow and blunt, a case of "just let it go".

    Skylines picks up where Simcity 4 ended, introducing a few modern elements like the organic traffic and SLIGHTLY better graphics - to some people that is a great thing.

    Oh, graphics, a thing that few are refering to, fearing to be flamed by all so-called city managers - graphics suck and are unacceptably cheap. It is very hard to just lay back and appreciate what you are building (notice that I didnīt say "planning") because it all looks jagged and crisp (even modern buildings of residence and commercial/office).

    To sum it all there is something that people tend to forget - the genre of this game, and SimCityīs, is called "city builder" right? But in fact what you want to do is "city PLANNING" or else you would be plopping buildings all across maps, right? Well, if "city building" is your thing, Skylines is your game, for now.

    If "city planning" is what you want to do I would rather stick to Simcity 5, for now.

    Deep down what we all really wanted was a bigger Simcity 5, right?

    ........................... negs on.
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  • Video: Come get a double-dose of Battlefield: Hardline live

  • Agente_Silva 17/03/2015

    The interest in BF Hardline articles is astonishing xD Reply +1
  • Cities: Skylines sells 250K copies in a day

  • Agente_Silva 13/03/2015

    Iīm looking at the picture wondering if that is real gameplay graphics... Iīve seen a few SkyeStorme videos on Skyline Letīs Play and graphics seemed a lot more faint than that picture... Reply 0
  • Video: We hunt Yetis in Far Cry 4's new DLC

  • Agente_Silva 06/03/2015

    I knew I saw a Yeti at the distance when escaping from Durgesh Prison :) Reply 0
  • 1.34GB Battlefield 4 Winter Patch rolls out

  • Agente_Silva 03/03/2015


    A bullet to the head is life ending: in most cases (there are cases where a soldier gets hit by a sniper round in the back of the head, loses 40% of brain mass and comes to TV talking about marijuana benefits :P)

    anyway, I DO agree with you: back in my days a headshot was enough... not headshots!
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  • Agente_Silva 03/03/2015


    I know what you mean... but if you nail your aiming right to the head you just need a couple of bullets :P There is always hardcore mode to play with!
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  • Agente_Silva 03/03/2015

    After 3 weeks resting from Battlefield4 (focusing on Kyrat :)) I returned to the wonderfull large scale online shooter that today it proves to be... The game still feels fresh (after 750 hours), with a lot to discover and master. Iīve been having a great time in Naval Strike and Last Stand maps.

    Unfortunately some oficial sources insist to mention "Battlefield 4 suffered a terrible launch, with a number of high-profile technical issues preventing many from playing". The hype effect is gone and that prevents many from playing as well. Too bad it doesnīt prevent the "too little too late" posts like the one below.

    Genuine BF players are today enjoying the best shooter out there. Hyped child have moved on to another blinking light...

    Iīm very happy that developers are supporting the game making improvments in the core and not just cosmetic and interacting with the comunity. Hardline will have a hardtime xD
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  • DICE wants Battlefield 4 players to help build a new map

  • Agente_Silva 20/02/2015


    Because it was the first BF to consoles I guess... When BF3 came along many didnīt like bigger map sizes - that is clearly a statment from BFBC players not knowing how BF1942 DC and BF2 rolled for years.

    Battlefield was always a more paced and strategic game than any. And that is why it has a solid fanbase who wish BF titles last more than 2 years before getting renewed. We will see that happening with BF4 guys... :)

    It surely had a rough start but that is, in my perspective, normal when you develop something truly new.

    If DICE is adressing netcode again (it could also raise the bar on tickrate) we should all rejoice :)
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  • Agente_Silva 20/02/2015


    BF3 was clearly out to bait BF and CoD players. Still, DLCīs like Back to Karkand and Armored Kill are worth mentioning for map size.

    In BF4 there are more big maps than small maps even in vanilla. If you have Premium you must admit BF4 has clearly steered away from that CoD trend and got back to what BF is really great (I should name a few maps - Paracel Storm; Golmud; Altai Range; Dragon Pass; Silk Road; Operation Mortar; Hammerhead; Karelia...).

    edit: people love to hate - still mentioning the bugged launch, even when 2 years have passed. I wonder how many CoDīs were made during BF4 existence. Itīs really amazing how casual players talk about something they do not bother to try on the long term - if gaming is turning into a shallow mass production industry is exactly because of you (not you DefQueen but "those"), and you ("those") should be shoved with crappy DLCs while your all hyped and excited...
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  • EA to reward Battlefield veterans who buy Battlefield Hardline

  • Agente_Silva 19/02/2015

    So, owners of Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 1942 are not considered veterans :) Whatever, Hardline does not deserve any veteranīs attention anyway :P Reply +8
  • Jon Blyth on: Fixing Far Cry 4

  • Agente_Silva 10/02/2015

    ... and I thought this was to address microstutter in multi GPU configurations! Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline beta

  • Agente_Silva 06/02/2015


    Sweeeeet xD
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  • Agente_Silva 06/02/2015

    ... omg, here we go again :) Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold 45m units to retailers

  • Agente_Silva 04/02/2015


    hereīs my thumbs up... wait for it... it will surely drown in peasant negs xD
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  • Agente_Silva 04/02/2015


    In my opinion PS3 version IS the rip off. If you havenīt found a reason to buy GTA5 on "next-gen" platform youīll surely be happy playing PS3 games for long time :P

    This article is clearly haunted by peasants (sorry, but the neg spamming on FMV and Ironsoldier is clearly peasant ranting) desperatly trying to find a good reason why GTA5 is okish in stone age gen consoles. By todayīs standardīs IT IS NOT OK to play GTA5 in PS3/XB360 (and thatīs why the term "peasants" exist. Peasants will eat bread for their whole life and be happy with it)... it is a fact.

    To someone who claimed "Carpe diem" Iīll say I usually enjoy everyday gaming with todayīs technology, not stone age technology and that is why I stand for the "rather wait 2 years to play it in itīs full glory".

    If it was for peasants expectations we would still be stuck with Pentium processors... dream higher or stfu.
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  • Battlefield Hardline is more than just a palette swap

  • Agente_Silva 04/02/2015


    It seems players expectations over a game (in this case BF4) have dramatically decreased. When you mention weeks/months of gameplay lost in unlock achievements, in my point of view, is not an issue but a natural reaction to the "bling" in these "next-gen" titles. Being an old school BF player (since 1942 DC modded) I find some assigments or weapon unlocks ok even if it means to "step away" from team play (or PTFO) from time to time, but Iīm not doing it on the long term because matches become too frustrating (like capīing a flag and, as you walk away itīs blinking and everyone is just mental to the next pew pew moment - it is then when you realize your team is not acting like one).

    So, long story short, I think it is ok to spend a few weeks unlocking stuff but after that you get back to teamplay since Battlefield is about years of play not months.

    edit: Hardline is definetley a waste and calling it Battlefield is almost offensive :P mentioning CoD when the discussion is about Battlefield is pointless considering theyīre not slightly comparable (pick Titanfall for that). CoD unlocks are straighforward and short because CoD itself is developed to be like that - chew and spit.
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  • Agente_Silva 03/02/2015


    I do agree but want to add that there is time for both if youīre into Battlefield on the mid-long term (and not just a casual BF player).
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  • Agente_Silva 02/02/2015

    If you stood for Battlefield4 for the last year you know there has been a great effort to give fans (old school and new comers) a great experience in both perspectives (close quarters and openfield; infantry and veihcles warfare). From every DLC you notice a map/flag layout improvment and even a graphic improvement (vanilla maps-BF2/BF3 maps; Naval Strike, etc...). Just look at Hangar 21 or Giants of Karelia and you imediattly realize how big maps were taken into BF4 (just like BF2).

    The only "if" (wich could be really damaging to competitive gameplay) is the tickrate thing were it is proven to be a bit under acceptable yet (tradekills and "behind corner" kills still happen).

    Still, Battlefield4 is one of itīs kind with no comparison to anything out there...

    ... and for that I donīt see any reason to go for cops/robbers!
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Battlefield Hardline PC beta

  • Agente_Silva 03/02/2015


    It really is a mod... a blunt one! Cut down in size and vehicles. It is more of a large CoD than Battlefield. There is nothing in Hardline that takes me away from the REAL Battlefield (everything you need is in BF4, from Metro to Kharelia or Hammerhead, from Gulf of Oman to Operation Mortar).
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  • New Dying Light patch accidentally blocks mods

  • Agente_Silva 02/02/2015


    Peasants will be peasants...
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  • Dying Light review

  • Agente_Silva 30/01/2015

    The game looks awesome... too bad Iīm not into the undead trend :( It will surely be a big miss! Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline open beta launches 3rd February

  • Agente_Silva 29/01/2015

    No... Reply 0
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Havoc review

  • Agente_Silva 29/01/2015


    Well, if youīre into an interactive movie on a rainy Sunday... still itīs a pure "rail shooter". To me it has ONE memorable moment and thatīs it :P maybe not so frantic action, a bit more paced but itīs Cow of Duty. Multiplayer is WEAK but this is a biased opinion since Iīm all Battlefield :)
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  • Grim Fandango Remastered review

  • Agente_Silva 27/01/2015

    Great... amazingly I never played Grim Fandango - as a huuuge Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Broken Sword, Runaway fan it is surely a miss (just like Beneath a Steel Sky :)) Bring it on, I want to play it for the first time, ehehehe, now now, donīt be jealous :P Reply +1
  • Battlefield Hardline's next beta has no level cap

  • Agente_Silva 14/01/2015

    No comments? Ahahahahaha... Guess it catched peopleīs interest! Reply -45
  • Advanced Warfare sales 27 per cent below Ghosts in the US

  • Agente_Silva 15/12/2014

    Battlefield4Ever Reply 0
  • Windows 10 leak reveals new Xbox app for PC

  • Agente_Silva 15/12/2014

    "It's time for us to talk about gaming on Windows," o_0 - I donīt think so... busy gaming on Windows (FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS)

    "PC gamers will be keen to see what Spencer has up his sleeve" - BORING, we donīt care...
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  • DICE vows: Final Stand is not the end for Battlefield 4

  • Agente_Silva 11/12/2014


    Halleluia brother... As a BF veteran (since 1942, modded as Desert Combat - wich propelled the BF2 developing) I make your words mine as well.

    BF3 was a let down for most PC players because of the crumpling flag placing despite some maps allowed for a wider gameplay (thinking of Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Damavand Peak).

    BF4 was the return to true Battlefield gameplay and this Final Stand expansion is a great proof of that :)
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  • Get 11.5 teraflops of PC graphics power for under Ģ500

  • Agente_Silva 05/12/2014


    I wonder how many developers will release games at 4K though... We all know where the money is and 4K gaming might die on the road.

    Consoles are lighyears away from anything similar to 4K so donīt hold you cards for too long.

    Since I started using Eyfinity (5760*1080) I realized not many games are 3 screen ready (relying on the wonders done by Hayden with his Flawless Widescreen software).

    With Farcry 4 we experienced the lack of Crossfire/SLI profile and game stuttering like hell (with no solution on the horizon) - all things considered, sadly, I donīt see a happy future for high end gaming rigs.
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  • Agente_Silva 03/12/2014

    Yeaaa... this card looks perfect to run console-ported games @ 1920*1080 30 FPS! Reply 0
  • Sir Clive Sinclair crowdfunding new ZX Spectrum computer

  • Agente_Silva 02/12/2014


    Attic Attack... my first ZX game. and then Back to School, and then Target Renegade and then Saboteur...
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  • Agente_Silva 02/12/2014

    Q,A,O,P SPACE Reply +2