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  • Star Wars Battlefront review

  • Agente_Silva 21/11/2015

    One more thing... Maybe I saw it wrong but there are videos showing players as stormtroopers with no helmets, looking diferente from each other - arenīt Stormtroopers from the army of CLONES? Isnīt the gene from Jango Fett? Reply +1
  • Agente_Silva 21/11/2015


    Exactly... and that is what I gone wondering after I saw this review! EAīs expecting us to pay the massive STW License and still profit out of this approach to a Battlefront sequel? DICE has so many valuable tools to make this game 10 times better, and they just got left in the drawer.

    Saying itīs a "dip in- dip out" shooter for people who donīt have much time to master a game is not an excuse as well. I play BF4 everyday and I know there is room for everyone there and a lot more content and play time as well.

    Maybe we all agree now this would be better if it was a Starwars reskin for Battlefield (thus making it worth 120€ for Ultimate edition).

    Oh, and regarding Roperīs last post, review is indeed nicely mingled with the rest of the crowd. The constraint tone and the bitterness out of this review are real.
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  • Agente_Silva 20/11/2015

    "Good for a pause from Fallout4" :/ Thatīs an expensive KitKat! 120€ for Ultimate Edition is not making it "broad" as well so yea...

    Doesnīt even make it to Recommended, so itīs fair to assume the gameīs failing!
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  • Agente_Silva 20/11/2015

    "A generous auto-aim"; "A more suitable correspondence can be found in Nintendo's colourful Splatoon"

    OMG... I hope this doesnīt become a trend!
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  • Watch: Lara Croft and I wouldn't be friends

  • Agente_Silva 19/11/2015

    Impressive how Square Enix set the stage when it first rebooted Tomb Raider back in 2013. Graphically it continues to impress and introducing new elements to next gen games - just like Neebs and friends said: "Next-Gen is all about hair" xD Still, just like Allmokrane mentions, it seems some core elements from previous titles are left in back stage. Reply -1
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided delayed to August 2016

  • Agente_Silva 18/11/2015

    Take a look at this Warner Brothers... Reply +2
  • Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA

  • Agente_Silva 17/11/2015

    "... the latter of which is creating a Star Wars title" - this caught my attention. So I googled Visceral Starwars and it seems a kind of STW 1313 game is in development!

    Has it ever been mentioned here in EG? Or this isnīt supposed to be hyped just yet (all focus in Battlefront).
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  • Star Wars Battlefront feels like a return to the GoldenEye era

  • Agente_Silva 16/11/2015


    Having no cover; havoc spawn points; no recoil on weapons; centralized paths to objectives...

    And that is just from playing the beta for 3 hours!
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  • Agente_Silva 16/11/2015


    You heard that a Beta release was available to everyone right?!!
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  • Agente_Silva 16/11/2015

    This article says it all (in kind words):

    . Simplicity
    . Stripped down gunplay
    . Stiff
    . Limited
    . Minimalism
    . Calculated effort
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  • Agente_Silva 16/11/2015

    This isn't a straight Battlefront sequel, as some people were hoping for, and nor is it simply Battlefield with blaster rifles hastily tossed in, as some people feared.

    I wonder whoīs standing in the middle.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront Ģ40 Season Pass contents partially revealed

  • Agente_Silva 16/11/2015


    Thnx for the offering but Iīll pass that one as well xD
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  • Watch: Ian play the full version of Star Wars: Battlefront

  • Agente_Silva 14/11/2015

    A box of Starwars chicken nuggets this game is... Reply 0
  • My favourite thing about about Star Wars Battlefront? The death animations

  • Agente_Silva 13/11/2015

    On the other hand, DICE is releasing another new map to Battlefield4 - a remake of Dragon Valley in all its glory (and while youīre at it, they even mixed Noshaar Canals container yard in what used to be Alpha flag in BF2 Dragon Valley). All this after Operation Outbreak release, 1 month ago (?) with the feedback of BF4 community.

    I dare DICE haters to talk now...
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  • Battlefield 4 map community helped DICE make is out tomorrow

  • Agente_Silva 28/10/2015

    Beautifull map, very team focused... Lack of coordination will get you killed from the back! Reply 0
  • Star Wars Battlefront won't have dedicated voice chat

  • Agente_Silva 15/10/2015


    The opposite of complex doesnīt have to be necessarly dumb. Some people say Battlefiled is a complex game... it isnīt, but it can be. Depends wich class and playstyle you choose. Battlefiled can be really simplistic and acessible - specially if you spawn camp with AA :P Thing is it has the ground to evolve to a completely diferent game extending itīs game life for years.

    George Roperīs view is everything I wanted in Battlefront. I actually posted something similar yesterday. I totally understand his "ranting" about this simpleton game that couldīve been huge and still pleasing everyone.

    This game is underpants and profit.

    edit: oh, and the negs on Roperīs post... I guess it is too complex to have imagination these days.
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  • Watch: Star Wars Battlefront is a bit shallow (and that's alright)

  • Agente_Silva 15/10/2015


    right on... I just logged to post exactly what pops out from this vídeo. The constraint on making a real critic to this game release is almost palpable: "Iīll have both opinions..." because my arse is clinging to this job and weīve been instructed not to bash this one.
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  • Agente_Silva 15/10/2015

    So... Starwars is a "casual thing"?!!!! A freaking movie series with 40 years or so, still kicking for past and recent generations, still making tons of revenue and employing thousands of people is a "casual thing"?!!

    Not to mention the fact someone is trying to convince us that "shallow is ok".
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  • Star Wars Battlefront beta extended until Tuesday

  • Agente_Silva 12/10/2015


    exactly this... you see, when someone mentions "fun" I can only see myself laughing at a good joke, a funny situation or the JOY OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. What Drunk-Si mentions is exactly this last aspect of fun. The joy of gradually being better at something. something that rewards you, firstly because youīre not diying that lot no more.

    That feeling is being lost along the way in favour of "acessibility". Bullcrap, that word only means that itīs a game for people who want results out of no effort. So why would DICE put any effort on the games they make?

    Where is the "fun" in this game? Listening to pew pew over STW audio files and some random STW original soundtracks?

    yet another edit: games are made to sell; hype sells; good games last too many time and people hold to it too many time making them not buying any other thing.
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  • Agente_Silva 12/10/2015

    I wished this was Battlefield4 on Starwars skin but it is not. Itīs not even Hardline on Starwars skin.

    Iīm sure DICE had a lot of work capturing every visual aspect from Starwars in order to comply to the STW license they paid for... other than that itīs as instant as adding cold water to it.

    Unless many features are added itīs an absolute NO GO. Canīt see why they extended Beta. One hour playing the game is enough to understand itīs a casual selling game.

    edit: there are so many cool features that would make this one epic massive multiplayer shooter. If Battelfield is today a reference of its own itīs because it has many things right. Deviating from that could only mean the developer is not willing to provide so many resources on making and supporting the game. Imagine an AT-AT available for riding, you would have to climb some ladder to get to the top hatch. Then an enemy trying to reach the top of your AT-AT to open the hatch and drop a grenade inside, but he gets killed by one team mate of yours. Or you could have proximity scan and be aware of them and come outside to shot them. I can also imagine some team mates riding on top of that AT-AT with you... so many cool possibilities. Now apply this to X-Wings; A-Wings; Tie-Fighter; Tie-Bombers; Tie-Interceptors; Snow speeders.

    DICE could do this but itīs much easier as it is now... and some people will pay full price...!
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  • Watch: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is a bit of a glitchy mess

  • Agente_Silva 30/09/2015

    Itīs so cool to watch them poo on their own shoes... Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 visuals polished up via PC mod

  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015

    Who cares about frames, theyīll fix that later... hire the man, that mod is amazing! I want those graphics in every game from now on :P Reply +14
  • Video: Has the Sniper Ghost Warrior series learned from its mistakes?

  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015


    Project Cars is a driving game to be respected, trust me (donīt let AI get into your nerves xD)

    Sticking to the subject, played and finished the first Sniper, gone not even half way with Sniper2...

    My guilty pleasure? Humm... SimCity5? Where I have more than 1000 hours? My opinion is, itīs not a crappy game at all :P

    edit: from the short vídeo it seems they are putting a lot of effort and listened to playerīs feedback. That must be a good thing and for that they got my attention :P The "more freedom" vs "linear paths" is exactly the better change they couldīve made. Flanking could allow for a more Splinter Cell approach :)
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  • Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta on PS4

  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015


    "... because we hate what it's done to the video-game industry and how it treats its fans..."

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  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015


    ... and you take their judgement as the only reference?! Hum... now your arguments make sense! Carry on...
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  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015


    omg, here comes the casual BF4 player statement: the game is broken, the netcode, the cheaters, the campers... Once again, it seems you havenīt played the game enough.
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  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015


    Probably because you havenīt played BF4 enough (or even at all). If you did youīd find after 2 and half years still new weapons to use, gadgets and even tactics. Not to mention the immense maps (not arenas). Take Hangar 21 for instance... you could fit ALL CoD AW maps JUST in the Hangar (that would be flags A and B)!
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  • Agente_Silva 25/08/2015

    Stable 60 FPS was the only new feature I saw on that movie... Canīt understand how some folks play this arena loop over and over for ages. BF4 ftw... Reply +4
  • The least realistic things video games think cars can do

  • Agente_Silva 24/08/2015

    "A Chrysler PT Cruiser cabriolet..." ahahahahah! the PT Cruiser is the most analish, useless, wanna be car of all times! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs ultra-wide 21:9 PC gaming

  • Agente_Silva 24/08/2015


    Thatīs totally true... regarding online play you also have a much wider field of view aloowing you to pick enemys otherwise not visible. The biggest diference is with chopper and jets (thouh I donīt use jets :P)
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  • Agente_Silva 24/08/2015

    From my experience running 5760*1080 (3*24 inch displays) for more than a year I say youīll need a considerable amount of beef. Initially I was running it with a HD7970 in medium/high graphic setting... Not totally satisfied I purchased a second handed R9280X and Xfired it. Scalability is pratically 90% on FPS count so I uped a notch or two making me playing about everything in high/ultra - BF4 runs flawlessly between 100 FPS and 75 depending on the action.

    Make sure your PSU is a bit over 700W. Playing on 3 screens is clearly an enthusiast choice. Usually and rightousely the main concerne is graphic quality. A wide screen display gives a lot of ambience thou and, in BF4 is awesome for attack chopper action ;)
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  • CoD: Advanced Warfare's final DLC due next week on Xbox Live

  • Agente_Silva 29/07/2015

    LoL... the number of comments here is quite representative of how dead CoD is! If you check Battlefield 4 server list today youīll get at least 20 full servers (with 2 to 6 players waiting in queue), and another bunch at 61/64 and so on - this at any day of the week. Reply 0
  • How the Commodore Amiga changed gaming - and my life

  • Agente_Silva 27/07/2015


    Megalomania: "Tower Critical...!" Itīs always a great feeling reading about the genesis of gaming. For some generation is what gathers us down in agreement. No FPS wars, no face-offs, just the sheer amusement we had playing games like Monkey Island and Indiana Jones the Fate of Atlantis. These are universal.. :)

    Be well fellow gamers :)
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  • 24 minutes of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 gameplay

  • Agente_Silva 23/07/2015


    That is absolutely true, specially after playing the previous ones!


    You got a strong point there, canīt understand the negs you got... sometimes it seems people canīt understand english :P
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  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • Agente_Silva 23/07/2015

    "Ask me about Loom..." Reply +1
  • Project Cars gets biggest update yet

  • Agente_Silva 22/07/2015

    ... sponsored by Audi! Gameīs great anyway... left Simbinīs GTR Evolution to play this and the challenge is certainly there!

    One thing we all agree though... AI cars have no rules to overtake you! They see no kerbs, no chicanes and track marshalls just turn the blind eye at it :@
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  • The re-engineering of Ethan Carter

  • Agente_Silva 22/07/2015

    Huge image ticking in PS4 footage... you can always tell when itīs a console made clip. In every console game shown on video the image is ticking... In this kind of game itīs perfectly acceptable but in game like Project Cars the realism is tottaly put off.

    Btw, this game isnīt that impressive, specially the storyline.
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  • Star Citizen, feature creep and money

  • Agente_Silva 21/07/2015

    My only concern is if the game is too big, overwelming and "space-nerd" focused (donīt take "nerd" negatively... maybe "space specialist") it will scare curious players willing to go to space genre. Will this be a pay-to-play with monthly subscriptions? If so, itīs dead to me already...

    It surely looks like "THE space game"... last of this kind I tried was X-Rebirth wich was nice to look at and try but then itīs mechanics got me lost when I didnīt quite understand how to collect goods and trade them. I felt it had a lot of "back ground" experience to it wich I donīt have...
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  • Rory McIlroy PGA Tour review

  • Agente_Silva 20/07/2015

    "Paracel Storm is one of the prettiest courses, though the Levelution element is restricted to one instance of a carrier ploughing across the fairway before you chip to the green."

    I love the Battlefield4 reference. The graphics in that screen sure resemble Paracel Storm :)
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  • Amy Hennig's EA Star Wars game like Uncharted and 1313, says Nolan North

  • Agente_Silva 15/07/2015

    How Starwars 1313 was never released goes beyond my comprehension... That Demo Video is AMAZING Reply 0
  • Vanishing of Ethan Carter PS4 release date

  • Agente_Silva 13/07/2015

    Mixed feelings on this game... loved the ambience, puzzles are quite simplistic (at least to the point where I played it before quiting :P), graphics are good (not amazing), exploring is involving. There are some "over the top/out of the box" moments, in my opinion out of context. Iīm a huge fan of adventure games like Syberia and all those classics but this one lost me half way! Reply 0
  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury review

  • Agente_Silva 13/07/2015

    ... Iīm just sort of predicting what lays ahead for PC gaming, thatīs all! Reply 0
  • Agente_Silva 13/07/2015

    ... yeaahh, it must be the perfect card to play Arkham Knight, oh no wait that game is badly ported... let me see, FarCry4 - oh no, that was a crap as well... Supporting technology development seems to be pretty useless these days, I wonder why! Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • Agente_Silva 30/06/2015

    "... and thatīs it folks! Say no to Piracy, support the developers!" Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Agente_Silva 27/06/2015


    They donīt give a shit about PC platform because the money grabbing is on consoles. Donīt expect any other atitude than putting the game to work, even if barely.

    I wonder what nVidia, AMD have to say considering they sell a big share of hardware to PCīs when they start losing that cut (Iīm not even considering everyone else that "orbit" the PC world)
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  • DICE: why Star Wars Battlefront AT-ATs are on-rails

  • Agente_Silva 27/06/2015


    ... that would resemble Battlefield too much :P
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  • Agente_Silva 27/06/2015


    Did you even read my post? What does your answer have to do with anything I said? I mentioned Atīs on rails and not being able to ads... Jesus...
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  • Agente_Silva 26/06/2015

    Why are some people happily accepting ATīs on rails are a good thing based on the fact that "kids would wonder off" the map and objectives. Well, too bad for their team he wonīt be scoring any points/kills and their team will get raped - that should be enough to keep players and heavy vehicles battle focused. Itīs the same as saying we are keeping Viper/Havoc on rails to avoid people fly off to no manīs land.

    This game is shouting money grabbing to me... other thing I donīt understand, guns have optical sights attached but you canīt aim them down?!

    I was very hyped until they said it is not Battlefield with Starwars theme. If it was I would surely pre-order.
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  • Agente_Silva 26/06/2015

    DO NOT Pre-Order... Reply +8
  • Watch five minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

  • Agente_Silva 16/06/2015

    Trying to steer away from Battlefield could end up ruining the hype and the game...! Anyone who ever played Operation Whiteout or Hammerhead knows how right it would feel to have some AT&Tīs patroling :P

    The sheer fact that after more than 2 years Battlefield is still on itīs pinnacle with dozens of full servers and many full graded players (140*) must mean DICE has got something right.

    Anyway, that AT&T top-down view looked really nice... they shouldīve used PC gameplay graphics for this presentation though. I was expecting a bit more "textures" :P
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