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  • Watch Dogs: Bad Blood shows off its new tricks

  • Agente_Silva 17/09/2014

    well, watchdogs is a demanding game for PC (or a bad optimized port?). I suppose you rig is a decent one no? otherwise you wouldnīt complaint... anyway, the way games are developed nowadays, multiplatform that is, it is expectable that this "bad ports" become more and more frequent :(
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  • Agente_Silva 17/09/2014


    True... thing is GTA has been around for like 15 years. It is normal and natural people consider it a reference (even though some missions in GTA itself were a bit dull). Watchdogs just got here, trying to have itīs own identity - letīs give them a chance. WD has the ground to become a great game.
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  • Agente_Silva 16/09/2014

    Amen brother... Iīm totally on that page. Donīt hype before you try... WD is a pretty decent game with a lot of ground to get better. One of the best openworld graphics so far... it surely has a lot to give for the next years. Iīll happily wait :)
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  • Agente_Silva 16/09/2014


    You couldīve tried the Worse mod... it makes gameplay smoother at higher graphic definitions... at least in my end that is what it did (and I played it@5760*1080).

    Drop Aiden Pearce, that saltless freak and bring in T-Bone for Watchdogs 2 (Aiden is easily forgetable and we wonīt feel sorry for him, ahah)

    I donīt get why is it a bad thing to like this game. Some people just expect to much from games nowadays.
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  • David Braben says The Outsider "probably is gone for good"

  • Agente_Silva 11/09/2014

    Why dropping something that looks pratically finished?! EA wouldīve made a AAA hype out of this :) Reply +2
  • EA announces SimCity BuildIt for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

  • Agente_Silva 10/09/2014

    "Designed for gamers on the go"... from the very beggining! Reply 0
  • Project Cars is already a better racing game than Forza or Gran Turismo

  • Agente_Silva 08/09/2014


    You really should m8... maybe it doesnīt have such strong community as in rFactor but still you will find faithfull respectable racers online and some serious modded content! The sound of the cars is really nice as well...!
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  • Agente_Silva 05/09/2014


    " can disable the HUD completely" That is what I do in GTR, relying only on info given by the dashboard (just on a few cars I use HUD instead of dash because I have to set the seat to low, making the bonet hide the apex).

    Anyway, to me those are details... racing games are all about handling and car physics. IMO Simbin got it spot on (GTR 1 was a bit too sensitive and unforgiving, but later with GTR2 and Race07/GTR Evo things were more realistic).
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  • Agente_Silva 05/09/2014

    I like the HUD being scarce and simple. Hate when HUDīs are too big and flashy, spoiling driving environment... Visually looks great, just hope it play like Simbinīs GTR :) Reply +3
  • Intel Core i7 5960X review

  • Agente_Silva 29/08/2014

    Catch on AMD xD Reply -1
  • Hoax call sees YouTuber arrested by SWAT while live streaming

  • Agente_Silva 28/08/2014

    LooooL... Oh well, you gotta love the land of the free! Reply +1
  • Modders make SimCity cities bigger

  • Agente_Silva 27/08/2014

    "It was about intercity connectivity and the challenge of managing a region of cities instead of one metropolis in isolation."

    We all tried that... it doesnīt work. Numbers donīt add up - surplus of workers donīt go work to neighboor city, etc, etc, bla bla bla

    Oh, and this mod, great effort and all but it freaks your land value, as shown in vídeo, wich kind of freaks the whole city planning...
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  • The Crew has artificial 30fps lock on PC

  • Agente_Silva 26/08/2014


    LoL@Twelvety... I can see this is a local shop for local people only :)
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  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • Agente_Silva 30/07/2014

    Refering BF4 associated to this service is just eye candy so we are to believe other AAA titles will be available as well. Do not expect many more in the list... Reply +1
  • Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth review

  • Agente_Silva 28/07/2014

    After one year and a half of BF4 Iīve gone Premium. I was really relutant because in my mind DLCīs are just a fanīs rip off and, back in BF2 new content was free (and it was, after 4 years of game existence). For the last 3 months the game got better, specially because of that server tickrate update - running for cover actually works most of the times and hit detection is more accurate.

    My favourite vanilla maps are Paracel, Golmud, Rogue and Lancang (yes, big maps, just like... you know, Battlefield) - these are maps that take time to get familiar with being infantry, in tank/APC or chopper. Recently when playing these feel too familiar and the same routine - that is why I went Premium.

    Dragonīs Theet is great, really, it brings back that Mashtuur/Jalalabad gameplay of squads running through narrow streets, close quarters in buildings and rooftops (Pearl Market). There other urban maps, way more wide, giving room for nice tank fights, but still a joy for infantry as they have to make through streets, converging to wide squares with proper cover.

    On the veichle side (wich I really like) Naval Strike is a must - if youīre into chopper, boat action this is one expansion youīll love (donīt get the idea itīs infantry nightmare because if you donīt get your routes right youīll be taken down by IGLA/SMAW/RPGīs in no time). Infantry to infantry action is there as well but sometimes great moments are spoiled by a gunboat near by. Anyway, there are water passages that can by mined with SLAM keeping boats from patrolling through islands (restricting their presence to the perimeter). This expansion is the most beautifull, mainly because itīs setting is mostly water and nice tropical vegetation :) There is one map, Wave Breaker I think, with that epic submarine dock that goes through one island wich I think is a absolute joy, allowing infantry encounters for a good amount of time, but after that you come out to the light and get that "uffff" feeling.

    Going back to Caspian and Oman feels great as well... although I didnīt spend much time in this one,naturally, it felt nicely upgraded and balanced - there were a few open areas, for example, in Caspian going from A (Antenna?) to B that have more cover, allowing players to walk without so many exposure (cars are still rather scarce in this map, just like Golmud).

    Considering I payed 34€ for Battlefield 4 (with China Rising included) and another 30€ for Premium now (both in G2Play site), having waited for the game to "mature" was the best thing to do. For those still relutant about Premium I say now itīs a safe buy with lots of worth content (not refering to battlepacks and all of that stuff). I personally love Naval Strike. Dragonīs Theeth is great to bring your squad together and Second Assault is a great return to maps you once mastered (with a pinch of salt :))
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  • The first 100 cars revealed for Forza Horizon 2

  • Agente_Silva 25/07/2014

    Where is Honda S2000?! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Nvidia Shield Tablet

  • Agente_Silva 24/07/2014

    nVidia will regret an Android OS. Windows is the gamers ground and the idea of being chained to a Android exclusive environmet and market reminds why I left consoles back in 2003.

    Iīm very excited to see this gaming tablet evolution but Iīm holding off for the next year and see how things evolve.
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  • Xiaomi MiPad with Nvidia Tegra K1 review

  • Agente_Silva 24/07/2014

    and so it begins...

    Iīve been reading about tablet specs and their ability to turn into a gaming device and realized the party has just begun. For those who consider buying a tablet (mainly for games) I suggest waiting... really... I know there are some nice tablets already capable of some acceptable gaming experience (Toshiba Encore WT8; Lenovo Miix 2 8; ACER Iconia WT4; Dell Venue 8 Pro, etc..) but this are the early party entries. Has you might noticed I only mentioned Win8.1 tablets - being a Win8.1 user on desktop, as most people, I suppose the same experience to be replicated to tablets, just like software (steam, Origin, and all music/video files I have at home).

    Donīt know about Android portability of those software/files (will games already available in Steam/Origin run on Android, or then we have to wait for developers to port a specific game?), donīt know how well Android deals with 3D gaming (I assume it runs on OpenGL API - will AAA games be optimized for this interface?!).

    nVidia Shield Tablet (coming out in August 14th with an entry price of 300$) will definitly set the stage for the gaming tablets and it will obliterate existing gaming capable hardware (mentioned above - rounding the 250$ pricetag). I can see in a very short period of time AMD and even Intel developing their gaming tablets as well, and with the fierce competition we already are familizared with, the specs will ramp so quickly that in about one year or so we will be playing AAA next-gen games on tablets (Itīs not hard to foresee in about 3 to 5 years, PC desktop being replaced by those tablets).

    So, hardware wise things will quickly evolve for us gamers. The only concern here will be software - how well operating systems will cope with hardware specs (I know Windows is not the best example of being par with hardware evolution), how recent/future AAA games will be compatible with Android/iOS...

    Iīm gonna hold my bucks for now waiting for those to unveil. Maybe in a year or so I make my move on buying a gaming tablet, considering jumping in now is still a bit of a risk (althought I would love to take a nVidia Shield for my vacations ;))
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  • Watch Dogs enhanced graphics mod gets a final release

  • Agente_Silva 23/07/2014


    +1 dude... it could be used on the first hour of play, until player gets used to the interactivity of world objects, but after that it shouldnīt flash anymore. It spoils object texture and detail.
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  • Agente_Silva 23/07/2014

    Played most of the game with the Worse mod installed... it did an awsome job in textures, lightining and that sweet cinema blur effect. I did some nice videos to show to a friend, just to convince him to buy a new rig :) The developer clearly stated that this mod would be much noticed for those who could crank it to Ultra. Mind that there are two versions of this Worse mod (the second one takes blur effect a bit farther wich imo makes it perfect since the first one was blurring people and objects a bit close)

    But that was like a month ago... this is old news...
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  • Watch Dogs has shipped over 8 million units

  • Agente_Silva 11/07/2014

    "They need to start thinking about lots of different side missions. Coming up with lots of stories and characters for sub quests" +1

    Driving in Watchdogs was very complicated at first, but then, with some practice (and guitarist nimble fingers) it turned out to be very fun :)
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  • Agente_Silva 11/07/2014


    Thatīs why I didnīt say it is the best of the genre. When I say "Maybe youīve seen all too many of this kind" I was exactly thinking about saint row and sleeping dogs.

    Anyway, my point is Watchdogs is far, way far, of being a crappy super hyped flop.

    edit:"Honestly, I don't give two fucks whether you believe me or not. I don't need validation from some random on a game forum " - and I thought you were here to share some thoughts about videogaming experience. And itīs also great to see your well-so-informed opinion about Watchdogs with only 4 hours of playing it... keep it up!
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  • Agente_Silva 11/07/2014


    and this is one of those frequent posts that donīt need a reading to know youīre a jerk!
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  • Agente_Silva 11/07/2014

    Watchdogs is a great game. Really, itīs openworld is truly immersive, gameplay is great, the hacking city stuff in chases or action packed missions are awesome. The city is superbly made, making me visit all hotspots...

    ...but still, for many people it is not enough. It seems beating AAA titles is the hype of the moment... maybe you guys should go out and turn off your computer for a while. Maybe youīve seen all too many of this kind. Maybe you shouldnīt be playing the same kind of games over and over. Maybe youīre into Minecraft and indie games. Maybe you do not have the specs to be amazed at what is being done graphically nowadays. Maybe you just went straight with the campaign, finished it and never bothered to look and appreciate what developers did in the game.

    I just wished the game had more missions, campaign or side missions. It feels that the city has a lot more potential!

    Watchdogs 2 could be released next week :)
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  • Asus PB287Q review

  • Agente_Silva 07/07/2014

    "... sound quality is pretty poor with no low-end grunt and little depth"

    I donīt really understand why manufacturers keep including speakers to monitors. Everybody has speakers or headphones, and even the cheapest of any are capable to deliver way better sound. Remove speakers, sell a bit cheaper... I think that makes sense.

    edit: LoL Insert Coin... it is inevitable the laughing at fanboys. The amount of all-solidary comments from consolers raging against MSIīs laptop - sorry guys, but yes, youīre the low-treshold in gaming (deal with it). Anyway, it seems to fall a bit short compared to P(B)S4 xD

    edit2 :) @Ep1cNessie: In my opinion 4K is a bit rushed out of the door. The technology is still too expensive per si and it demands even more expensive technology to feed it. I would say at least 2 years to make it affordable in every aspect...
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  • Streets of Rage was much more than a Final Fight clone

  • Agente_Silva 30/06/2014

    Target Renegade... yeeeeea :) Reply +2
  • Another Battlefield Hardline beta coming this autumn

  • Agente_Silva 27/06/2014


    really? where have you been?
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  • Have mobile graphics finally surpassed last-gen console?

  • Agente_Silva 26/06/2014

    Ok, so next-gen consoles have been matched by a tablet (LoL). Ohhh, itīs about gameplay and the controllers... ok ok xD Reply -9
  • Ghost Recon Phantoms review

  • Agente_Silva 26/06/2014

    This is a game in which you can and will shoot a man twice in the back of the head with an assault rifle and watch him walk away.

    So this is a version developed by DICE?!
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  • DICE ponders: what did people really like about Battlefield: Bad Company?

  • Agente_Silva 24/06/2014

    But you already did that... Itīs Battlefield 3! Reply 0
  • Ubisoft explains why Watch Dogs on PC contains hidden graphics files

  • Agente_Silva 20/06/2014

    This mod will have a better result for high end rigs. Keep in mind that the first version of the mod was to be used with the High/Ultra preset, meaning if you change any of the settings (thus making it a "Custom" setting) most of the performance tweaks were not applied.

    After modding I was able to use preset on Ultra without any gameplay/graphic cost.
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  • EA addresses "unacceptable" Battlefield 4 launch

  • Agente_Silva 20/06/2014

    1. Issues in BF4 were already experienced in B3 (mostly tickrate related)
    2. I like how DICE referes to BF4 as the "former title" (Hardline is DLC donīt make it more than it is)
    3. So, when will BF5 release?
    4. Could you transmit that new "product release" policy to MAXIS please?
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  • Why the Batman: Arkham Knight delay was a good thing

  • Agente_Silva 17/06/2014

    LoL vert1go... Reply +2
  • Agente_Silva 17/06/2014


    :) I rushed all the way through Origins and so I know what you mean. Iīm watching dogs for a while...
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  • Agente_Silva 17/06/2014


    but... but... wasnīt it the purpose of "next-gen"? do you still have to beg?
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  • Agente_Silva 17/06/2014

    Origins was great... so great it makes me play the series from beggining! Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline beta performance analysis

  • Agente_Silva 16/06/2014


    ehehe, you summed it up pretty nicely :) No wonder it plays "better" than BF4!
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  • The Hardline beta: it's Battlefield, but it works

  • Agente_Silva 12/06/2014

    "Eurogamer have a right and an obligation almost to highlight that bf4 is still broken for many . " - Correct. But the same obligation applys considering it works great for many people. But I understand, you gather much more people and support by beating the AAA giant, even if hes trying to be friend with us... For example, Eurogamer should review and highlight the last "Netcode patch" released by DICE - wich seems to deal with a lot of important issues.

    I still take in large consideration most of issues are due to userīs bad setup/firewalls/router settings/antivirus or reduced specs.

    Anyway, I reckon there could be more improvements to tickrate (sometimes I doubt if all my bullets are hiting the target or lost in "space". Also the impact on enemy by those bullets seems to be delivered very late - allowing enemy to perfectly aim and kill while being heavily shot), and to map interaction (you still get a lot of bullets hitting walls that are not there anymore - crumbled debris); unable to jump over some fallen objects (trees, rocks); getting stuck in non visible objects - I consider these "small" issues, but still with a big impact to competitive gameplay.
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  • Agente_Silva 12/06/2014

    I guess Eurogamer should stand aside from the hype or fail scenes. That "Battlefield4" doesnīt work thing is a PARCIAL reality! I NEVER had force crashes, or blackscreens or rubberbanding or whatever fatal issues some players unfortunately had/have. There will always be more complaints than compliments and EG should know better.

    Battlefield 4 has always worked for me and several thousands, and to be honest itīs seems far lot better after "tickrate" improvements (at least the "run for cover and dying 30 meters from corner" is not happening anymore).

    The argument "itīs like Battlefield 4 but it works" is stupid and should cost you something!
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  • EA makes Battlefield Hardline official

  • Agente_Silva 02/06/2014


    o_0 LoL... chillout.. Fxxx off
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  • Agente_Silva 28/05/2014


    "competitive shooter"??!! Under 10Hz?!! LOL.
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  • The making of Match Day

  • Agente_Silva 02/06/2014


    QAOPM rules :)

    I would rather play Emilio Butrageņo though... :)
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  • Watch Dogs review

  • Agente_Silva 28/05/2014

    Ok then... Iīm not going to interrupt my Batman session (from Origin to City) and install Watchdogs just now... Not because of this review though...


    Yep, people seem to forget where they came from. We get older and our expectations are different as when we weīre kids, but donīt expect that to reflect in videogames. Maybe this kind of reviewers should step away from gaming a bit, maybe get some fresh air and return with a less demanding attitude (funny thing is probably are the same people who praise all retro gaming). When I go to the cinema I donīt expect Transformers to be a "Schindlerīs list" or something...
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  • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons has been cancelled

  • Agente_Silva 24/05/2014

    "so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences" wich experiences? where? did I miss something worthy? You mean the Cloneīs rollercoaster is Disneyland? I havenīt experienced anything Starwars related since Force Unleashed 2... Reply 0
  • Coming home? The return to SimCity

  • Agente_Silva 23/05/2014

    No page is enough to describe how incoherent this game is. My example: the "active" population (workers, shoppers, students) is 10% of your total population - wtf are the other 90%??? Fetus?


    I wish the main problem was the DRM!
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  • EA launches Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment

  • Agente_Silva 09/05/2014

    Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate Tickrate.

    I do not have Premium because of this...
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  • EA to unveil six new games at E3

  • Agente_Silva 08/05/2014

    "If you don't have a Battlefield in a year, you've got a (stockholderīs) hole there that you have to fill"

    There you go... The Corporate way.

    Battlefield 2 held for 6 years!
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  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

  • Agente_Silva 08/05/2014

    LoL... donīt they ever learn? Are they expecting us to pay for this?! TPB Reply 0
  • Uncensored Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC is geo-locked

  • Agente_Silva 06/05/2014


    "Won't this change the (hi)story a fair amount if they're removing all the Nazi stuff?

    No, guess we all have to admit humans go bezerk sometimes. And besides, itīs not the outfit that makes a Nazi. Surely there are a lot of them out there wearing a suit and tapping your back :P
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  • Agente_Silva 06/05/2014


    Then you should be called "Manuel"
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