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  • Modders are remaking Fallout 1 in Fallout New Vegas

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/11/2015

    A did you try to give it a change?
    I must confess that when I first got a Fallout 1 (it was included on CD bundled to some game magazine) a had no idea what it is.
    And when I started it I must say I did not play it wary long. I found it too boring. I starts with really slow combat with mices in caves. Then you move somewhere else and do same long combat in caves with radscorpions? Then you are in small village with little to do.... With so boring story to just find one item with no good idea where to start? No thank you!!!
    It took me like two other years until I tried it again from boredom, spent a little more time and found how amazing it is. It just has a slow beggining. And takes some time until you find enough quests, perks, weapons,... than the game really opens to you. Once you start undersdand the world, whe main topic of the story, it is very difficult to leave it. And even the fight get better once you get better weapons. Then it is completelly different then trying to kill on mouse with knife where both of you misses 80% of the time...

    But if you wan to play such game today, i would suggest Wasteland 2 even more. It is basically copy + paste of the original Fallout. But with better graphics and interface.
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters walkthrough and guide

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/11/2015

    1%? How is that calculated? I guess it is from trophies. But these are showing how many BB owners finished the DLC? So even the people who dont own the DLC at all are counted among the 99%?
    Also many people may not even tried it yet. I bought it, but started new game. I unlocked the DLC already, but Im still planning to level up a little bit before going there.
    So these statistics are really missleading. Important is how manye peple reached the first boss and remained stuck? Nobody knows.

    Also I beleive this is what people wants? To have a challenge? Maybe they need to learn a few tricks how to defeat him? To compare:
    Before I bought BB some time ago I did not played Souls game. I was new to the genre. I was not able to get past the beggining. I died maybe more that 100 times in Central Yhranam. Mostly on the initial square. But if I made it some other enemy killed me shortly after.
    So I can say the beggining was exactly the same what you are describing with first Boss fight of the DLC. But after I learned a game little bit, I was able to finish it now almost without dying (ok I admin I died 5 times before I completelly looted Centran Yhranam and reached Catedral Ward).
    So from this point of view, the DLC is same. Maybe we jsut need to learn a few new tricks?
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/11/2015

    1) Look for hidden shortcuts (cometimes you need to break stuff to see them). At the beggining it can change the game from "this is impossible" to "this was kind of easy".
    2) Play online. If you help other players and die you will keep all echoes. Great way to learn the level without risking anything. You can also summon help. And believe me - boss fight in two players are less challening. And in three are just buttonmashings :-D
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  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 25/11/2015

    "These games can be punishing, but that only makes every little success feel all the more rewarding."

    Luckily for us, these games make "punishing" in a correct way. I really hate a opinion that "More difficult way means the game is better". There are many way how to achieve difficulty. Some of them are really terrible (bulletsponges in Fallout 3 on hard difficulty. Or too much randomness - lets say in Xcom).
    But Souls and Bloodborne is rare example how to make difficulty in a good way. I believe the main difference is that they implemented death as a gameplay mechanism. In other games when you die, it is a dead end (no pun intended). You reload last checkpoint and you have to do everything again and again and again. That can be very frustrating. You are not achieving anything at all.

    In BB when you die, you and your enemies "respawn". But even if you are dying, you are progressing. You keep all the items (progress), unlocked shortcuts are still open (progress), you may be able to level up (even if you loose echoes, you keeps items that give instant echoes = progress). Same way you may be able to upgrade your weapon with new blood stones (progress). Etc.
    Even if you are dying constantly in BB, you are not stuck in one place. There is a feel of progression and your character is getting stronger.

    And I believe this is very important design, that makes diffeernce between awesome and really bad game.

    The second point, why difficulty works in Bloodborne is a story. Story here is really not important. it is there, hidden, but most players dont care. It is not what drives you ahead.
    And even when it sounds like a negative on paper, it is not.
    In my opinion story and difficulty dont go very well together. If you have a great storydriven game, and you make it difficult it will kill pacing of the game and becomes frustrating. Players are really interested what happens next, but they cant. For example I cant imagine Heavy Rain to have same difficulty as a Bloodborne and still be a good game. Such game needs casual difficultry where you can not loose at all.
    On the other hand, the Story in Souls or BB game is not so interesting and player basiaclly dont care if he spends one or two days killing Amelia. They are having fun, they are gettnig better gear, improving statistics,... and they dont feels as much frustrated as they would be if it was some important cliffhanger story moment.

    So all in all - they somehow managed to mix all the elements that they can pull off difficulty that would ruin other games.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 25/11/2015

    Actually I dissagree with some points a feel a need to epand the reply with my commnets :-D

    1) Focusing on leveling health is good idea. But you should not forget ather stats. At the beggining stamina as much important as health. It will allow you land more hits in a row (staggering enemies and preventing them to atatck you). This is very helpfull especially with bigger stronger enemies. And can save your life more that longer healthbar.

    2a) There is kind of a level scaling of the enemies. It is not based on level. But on the insight. As your insight grow, enemies become stronger.

    2b) It is very very difficult to become everleveled. It is easy only at the beggining of the game. The reason is how the leveling system actually works. At the begiining you get lots of atribute points for each level (for example +25 health). But this lows down. Later you may get +1 health for two levels. So basically (number are just approsimation) difference between lvl 10 and lvl 25 may be much bigger than difference between lvl 100 a lvl 200. basically later in the game you are leveling so slowly that there is really not any real impact on the game.

    Here are of my tips:
    1) Look for hidden shortcuts. This can change beggining of the game from "this is impossible" to "this is kind of easy"
    2) Play online:
    - If you help other player and die, you will not loose blood echoes!!! Helping other players is great way to learn the level without risking echoes. So you will get few free levels this way.
    - If other players helps you, the game gets much easier. Especially boss fights. The fight that may be really challenging in 1 player is just few secconds of buttonmashing of three players.

    In my opinion Bloodborne is pretty easy (with exception of the beggining where you dont have many features unlocked). If you find it hard, you are ignoring some features (mainly online) because you are not used to them from other games.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/11/2015

    "Bloodborne is NOT a GOTY winner by any means."
    I wouldnt be so harsh. Its not a goty for me too (I would choose Witcher or F4). But it is one of the best games this year. And I can see how it can be goty for some other type of the player.
    In my opinion it deserves same goty nomination as other great games. And then lets the voting decide :-D
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/11/2015

    I dont agree compeltelly. In my opinion Souls / BB games are not diffucult. They are just very very different. So when you play them same way you are used to - you die. And you die a lot.
    But when you start understanding what is expected from you and how some mechanics (online) works, the game becames pretty easy.
    When I bought the game it took me two days to get to the first boss. When I will start the game today with the DLC it will probably take me few minutes. It is not difficult, I was just not playing it right way first time.

    That being said - I dont believe the Sousl / BB games have problems with difficulty. But they need better tutorial for newcomers.
    When you start the usual game it tries to show you how to play. When you start BB it tries to show that you are not able to play it (honestly the first clusterfxxxx of the enemies is worst you wil lencounter in the whole game! They put the most tricky and difficult part as the introduction.)
    From my point of view it is bad gamedesign that will drive players away.

    If the game would explain better how to play to newcomers, more people would enjoy it. And honestly I dont believe it would ruin the experience.

    So all these games needs is better tutorial and tips how to play properly and people would die less than in mayn other games.

    But I can do that for newcomers:
    - Look for hidden shortcuts!
    - Play online (if you die helping someone you will not loose eachos. Great way to learn the level without risking anything!)
    - Boss fights are not based on phycis. What I mean - you need to learn where the hitboxes are and how to roll to avoid. The fact that boss directly steps on you does not mean he will damage you! So dont be afraid to get close.
    Basically these three rules could same me hours of frustration when I was not able to get anywhere :-/
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/11/2015

    What is the difference? In both cases you get same contetnt for the same amount of money.... but one way is msut buy and other is unacceptable?
    Ok.. I undersatnd the little inconvinience to download the DLC, but is it good reason to completelly avoid the great game?

    Basically I can assure you this - even if the DLC itself is on the disk, there will be updates and patches released. So you wont get whole full content on the disk (as with any game). If that is a good reason to miss the game, you loss :-D
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/11/2015

    From what I understood it should not be difficult. You need to find one text (in the plae you will probably notice) and then it will kind of happen at some moment of the game.
    So you will probably not miss it if you are playing from the start to finish.
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  • Fallout 4 beta patch due next week on PC

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/11/2015

    Honestly - compared to previous Bethesda games, this one is pretty stable.
    In my 65 hours I encountered only this:
    2x subtitle timing was wrong.
    1x the dialogue did not reflected gender of my character
    1x NPC was sitting 1meter away from the chair.
    1x the game crashed when I was flying around whole map in Vertibird enjoying the map from the skies.
    1x the Quest related NPC was attacked by oposing faction (random event that occured at a bad time). So I had to travel away and back.

    So most of this are just minor cosmetic details.
    Im sure, there are many other bugs, when you put list of everything that happened to someone. But during normal gameplay you are pretty safe. And for exmample Wasteland Directors Cuts was released in much worse state (for me it was crashing each hour and companions were dissapearing forrever - kind of huge gamebreaking problem.)
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  • Fallout 4 encumbrance: how to lighten the load

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 19/11/2015

    But people usually want to take even other stuff to use later :-D
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 19/11/2015

    Well. They add a nice new features but kind of forgot to balance other aspects of the game. In F3 junk was useless. Weight capacity was well ballanced. Now it is usefull, but they forgot to include this fact into the game.
    I dont believe that justi ncreasing the limit is good solution. I like the limit that is put on stuff like Guns / armor ... it is not ballanced perfectly. But it is something that should be there to prevent you from becoming overpowered.

    I would propose these solutions:
    - Decreasing junk item weight like 20x. So you have same limit for weapons and stuff. But you can carry much more junk.
    - Split this in two separated limits. Give me some limitation for weapons / armor, etc. And independent limit for junk.
    - Let settlers to help (maybe some building needed? let me drop all the junk on the floor in (relativelly) safe location. Let me mark it with signal light. And someone else will pick it up and brin it to the workshop. This way I dont need to go there and back again. The weight limit is still in place. And items are added to my workshop.
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  • Sony responds to claim PS4 used for terrorist communications

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 16/11/2015

    And now for the much more interesting question - why none of the MS platforms were blamed for being to hard to listen too? Hmmm... Reply +10
  • Forza 6 gets Fallout 4 cars

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 05/11/2015

    Its nice to have a cars. Adding some post apo themed track would be also nice :-D Reply +1
  • Watch: Should games be made about 9/11?

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/11/2015

    Well. Ye. It is definetely good to have a open mind. And look at the media information with some doubts. Mostly dont be afraid of consiracy. Just that media needs advertisement click, so they have to present every news in sensational way. And journalists often wants to spread their opinion (even without illuminati behind their back :-D)

    Problem is that many people see black and white. And if they want to support "consiracy" they go all the way. Completelly bananas :-D
    Creating stories even more unbelievable that then actual story they try to disprove.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/11/2015

    "I find that, to be closer to understanding the truth, you have to want to find it. It doesn't help that for every 'conspiracy theorist' that presents rational, undeniable evidence, there are a thousand tinfoil hatted loons rambling about reptilian shapeshifters."
    This is very important. I would be willing to accept some theory that it was different than we are told to (I mean, almost all news are twisted today at least in a way to become clickbait instead of a boring reality. And many journalist prefer to write you opinions instead of facts). But Im willing to accept such theory only if it is not full of holes that you can desprove with common sense (and most of the 9/11 theories are just like that. Totally unbelievable and almost funny.)

    And for example I believe that yes - if you crash fully speeding Boeing to the skycraper, that it will go down. I mean how it could be standing? All reasearch telling me that fire alone could not bring it down are meaningless (it was not fire alone). Telling that it was build to withstand "hits of planes" is nice. But does it mean anything? Titanic was build to be unsinkable. Bullets can penetrate bulletproof vest,...
    Second think is people telling you tt was arranged demolition. I mean how many people would have to be involved. Nobody speaked yet? Why?

    I would bewilling to talk about theories who and why and how get the planes there? But all the consiracies about no planes and demlitoin groups and make up victims are just too crazy :-D
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/11/2015

    When over 1500 of the worlds top scientists, engineers and archeitects say that there is no way those buildings fell through fire alone you have to pay attention.
    Yes. If you think that at 9/11 is about "fire alone" in the buildings you need to pay more attention.

    buildings that were designed to take multiple hits from planes.
    You know the "plane" is very genering term. Ranging from this:
    to this:

    So the bulding can be build perfectly to survive hits from several planes. And still be destroyed by the plane hit. Same way as you can shoot throught bulletproof vest (it is designed to stop several bullets and yet bullets can penetrate it. No conspiracy there too :-D)
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/11/2015

    Well. Every WW2 is a game about event that killed 30 mil civilians. And that is ok: Just because it does not show it directly?

    And about my point - what if you go to the civilian who is not interested in war and killing and tell him "You go fight or die in the work camp"? Is this a civilian death? Because I can imagine you are killing many of these in the game and you dont care because they have enemy uniform and red icon on minimap? So its ok...
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/11/2015

    " we are quite far off from WWII and that involves soldiers not civilians"
    Are you serious - there were about 30 000 000 civilian deaths caused by this. (plus many soldiers - especially in russia - were forced to be soldiers. Go fight or we will kill you for treason. So the line between soldier and civilian is very blurry here and civilian causalties would be even higher if you count even civilians foced to fight dressed as soldiers.) And we are not so far from it. There are still living survivors.

    " can lead to a heavily inaccurate depiction."
    And that is bad? Nobody ever complaint about this for example in Wolfenstein :-D
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/11/2015

    Well.. if it is ok to create games or movies about WW2, why censor other terrible event? Reply 0