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  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 18/10/2017

    Im still at the beggining of the game. But so far my feelings are mixed. The combat seems better (this game actually may have some gameplay). But the jokes does not feel so funny (at least in the beggining). It really fells like they trown all great ideas into the first one and now this is just collection of the leftovers. (but hopefully it will get better later on).
    Also the enviromnent is almost completelly the same. So it feels more like story DLC than a new game. And especially if you play both games one after another (because you get first bundled), you may be dissapointed by same locations. (I mean imagine purchasing fallout 4 just to find out that you are starting in Megaton and almost whoel map is the same...)
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  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 11/09/2017

    Im just curious. What is the big difference between saying "N-word" - used several times in this article or discussion without any problems. And saying it in full? Both of these versions mean exactly same thing!
    Why is the spelling so much more important than context?
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  • The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack coming November

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 22/08/2017

    Deja vu. I remember playing this datadisk 11 years ago. Reply 0
  • One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been?

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 09/08/2017

    Considering how the game was patched, updated with content and mainly price droped to the propper indie level, this game is now really worth the purchase.
    It will not give you infinite content, you will not probably "finish it", but it will give enough fun for the value paid. It is really simple to spent 10-20 hours without even realizing how fast the time flies. And that is more than enough for some 20 bucks.
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  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 09/08/2017

    From what I understand from the articles the death system is not punishing. It is not like hardcore mode in Diablo or Iron man in Xcom. It is acting more like placebo effect. It is forgiving, you should have no problems finishing the game playing normally. But you jsut feel the deaths are more impactful.
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  • GTA5's recent Steam reviews are "overwhelmingly negative" amidst mod controversy

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/06/2017

    Wow. So many people are angry someone is trying to prevent them to paly with cheaters? Reply -4
  • Looks like Minecraft: Story Mode will get a second season

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 06/06/2017

    Minecraft series was the weakest TT game of this type. But I guess that it sell well because of the name :-/ Reply 0
  • The cancelled Prey 2 had an incredible plot twist

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/05/2017

    Considering how good is the new Prey, I guess we can be glad the previous attempt was cancelled. honestly Im more happy for basically great System Shock 3, than Prey 2 :-D Reply +4
  • Valve hired former Kerbal Space Program developers

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2017

    Hopefully there is some light at the end of tunel. The console version was not developed by the Squad, but outsourced to another company. After all these faulered, they hired completelly anothor studio (with better reputation) to finish/rebuild the console version and they are working on it for more than half a year. So hopefully their version will actually work and will be certified.
    This is also one of the main reason for the huge delay. They are not just making patch. But basically working on a new port.
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  • Outlast 2 review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 28/04/2017

    "A pinch of combat is really needed to shake up the eternal monotony of stealth and constant running."

    Exactly. In my opinion pure stealth games does not work well as a horror. If you add some action, it is much scarier.
    The thing is - it is just a game and it has to be finishable. You know that you can get out of every situation with reasonable difficulty. So as long as a game keeps me without any weapons and other means to defend myself, Im just too much aware that there is no real danger to be afraid of. Such games basically become walking simulators. And no matter how much I like this genre, it just does not works as a scary horror.
    But give a player few powerfull weapons and sudenly the player will expect danger behind every corner. Browning his pants each time some shadow resembles something running to him.
    I mean I was much more scared as a marine i AvP1 (action game) then in the first half of the RE7 (horror game) exactly for this reason.
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  • Learning to love Dwarf Fortress, gaming's deepest simulation

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 17/04/2017

    This game is not as difficult to learn as some people say. The biggest obstacle is graphics. But it does not take long to start to understand what is what. It is not complete random gibberish. So soon you understand that smiley face = dwarf. "d"= dog. Blue square = water. quotation marks = grass, etc.
    Once you undertand this, then there is gameplay. And I would say it has two levels. The first is traightforward building strategy. There is nothing so much complex about it. If you are able to play Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, etc you will be able to play this. You dont need months to understand this game. Few hours and you are in.
    Then there is the second level of crazy details that simulates basially everything. But you dont need to understand this. You dont need to plan the nail grow of your dwarwes. But all these details are what creates interesting funny stories that can not happen in other games. They will make oyu loose the game. But it will be fun loosing it in some surprising way. And you will have fun talking about it on forums.
    This is what makes the game stand out of the other competition. It is not about winning. It is usually about loosing in some funny unexpected chain of events that other games can not provide.
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  • Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 07/04/2017

    Not sure if remaster is worth for people who played it already.
    But if you missed the game, just do yourself a favour and buy it. Awesome game. It may not look from the videos, but the gameplay is really polished and really fun. Different weapons and interactive enviroment gives you lots of possibilities how to eliminate the enemies. And it is balanced in a way that you have a great control over what is happening on the battlefield. Giving you great sense of satisfaction when you pull out some nice combos.
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  • Dark Souls trilogy ends on a high note in The Ringed City

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 31/03/2017

    I dont believe we may wait for another DS or BB for a really long time. I dont believe that by this turning point Miyazaki ment end of the series. I just believe they want to switch the gamedesign and genre. They dont want to end up as a one-trick-pony doing basically same game (no matter how good) over and over again as some other developers. (looking at you Telltale) So I guess their next title may still be in DS universe, but with completelly different gameplay. Something completelly new build from scratch. Not just as "a big DLC". Reply -5
  • Persona 5 review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 30/03/2017

    True. But "not discussing gay issues in a story that is not about gay issues at all" is not same as "Pretending they dont exist".
    Again. Lets not jump from extreme to extreme. If we dont want to ignore gays, it does not mean it should be somehow mandatory to explicitly including them everywhere and pointing out "This is a gay character! Loook! Dont overlook it!"

    As I mentioned... how do we know, there are not gay / trans characters in the game? Is it really stated about every NPC in the game?
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 30/03/2017

    Of course they are not as bad. But how is that related?
    Beiging against pedofiles is fine.
    Being against racism is fine.
    Fighting racism with racism is wrong.

    Your comparisons is kind of flawed. because being (active) pedofile is wrong. But there is nothing wrong about beigin gay. And there is nothing wrong about being straight.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 30/03/2017

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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 30/03/2017

    And what is the difference between saing "These characters are gay and I dont like it" and "These charactes are straight and I dont like it"?
    What is the difference between "This director should win the Oscars this time, because he is white and we believe more white directors should win." or "This director should win the Oscars this time because he is black and we believe more black directors should win."?
    Or what is the difference between "Sorry we can not hire you because you are black and we need to hire some white people now." and "Sorry we can not hire you because you are white and wee need to hire more black people now." :-D

    One of them is clearly wrong. And we try to be so much correct that we believe that complete oposite is actually right. even if it is racist in exactly same way.
    Shouldnt we be like "This character is great because he is interesting?" "This director should win because he directed best movie" or "We will hire you because you are most qualified?" Not mentioning race/sex/.. at all?

    Anyway - how do we even know, that there are no trans/gay people in the game? Most of them dont advertise it publicly anyway. So this discussion and complains are not really about missing trans/guy people in the game (we can argue that half of the NPCs are trans who dont talk about it with everybody they meet). We are discussing if the game should shovel this issue to your faces even when it is completelly unrelated to the story.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 30/03/2017

    Makes sense to me. You dont have to have problem with gays. Yet you can find it annoying when somebody is making up some issues from the thin air.
    Saying it is wrong that the game/movie/... has a black or gay person in it is bad (we all probably agree it is wrong) as much as to complain that there are only white or straight people. In both case you have issue with the race/sexuality of some character.
    Equality is a great thing. But people dont realize that more does not mean better. And that if you take it far you are doing exactly the same thing you are trying to fight.

    The correct approach is to not care about character sexuality or race. If you care to the extend that you complain, you are doing something wrong. And it really does not matter if you complain that the character is gay. Or if you complain the character is straight and not gay. Both are same complains.
    So you can be totally fine with gays. Yet you can be really anoyined by people who use political correctnes to push their racicm/sexism.
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  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 28/03/2017

    ""What next? Empty cartridges, just so physical fans have something to 'own'?"
    This is basically reality for many years (at least on PC). You buy physical box, it is compeltelly empty and you just get a redeem code for Steam. Nothing new.
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  • Ubisoft defends For Honor's controversial progression system

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 23/03/2017

    Another full priced F2P game? Maybe soon you will have to even pay monthly subscription to play this fully priced f2p game. Oh wait, on consoles you have to... whats next? :-D Reply +10
  • Everything is the most ambitious catalogue of things ever committed to a video game

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 22/03/2017

    So far Im really surprised that it is getting positive reviews:
    Honestly I expected another Wander / Noby Boy / Black Tiger type of game.
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  • No Man's Sky patch 1.23 resolves PS4 Pro 4K frame-rate issues

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 21/03/2017

    Just buy it. With two big updates alerady released, it will give you more that Ł14 worth of entertainment.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/03/2017

    What was most dissapointing about ME3? The ending. (maybe last hour?).
    After dozens of hours of building suspense, characters, lore and preparing for the final battle. And after all the promisses where develoepr ensured players that there will be multiple endings according your choices and what you did was meaningfull, ... after all this they basically thrown everything away and slapped together the ending that was not just bad, but also lazy and felt like from another game. It just left like they run out of budget in middle production and did not have roesources to finish what they planned, so they just put something else as fast as possible.
    After all the quality storytelling before that point it is still mind bending, how they could not keep up the quality for a few more minutes.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/03/2017

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  • Outlast 2 banned in Australia due to “implied sexual violence”

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 17/03/2017

    Good .Nobody will be offended now

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  • Mass Effect: the story so far

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 16/03/2017

    I believe they gave little alibistic response. Oficially it is not a trilogy. But decisions are saved. So if it sells well, there will be sequels. If not, nobody can complain.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda: the first five hours

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 15/03/2017

    "BioWare's strengths have always been its story and characters"
    This was true till they were bought by EA :-( Since then the quality is going downhill.
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  • Universe simulator Everything's trailer is an astounding short film in its own right

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 15/03/2017

    Hmm. From what I can see they created the open world and let the player move the objects around. Is that all? Reply +2
  • Pathologic teaser demo released for free

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 14/03/2017

    "I know it takes time to review a game, but isn't that is why companies have full time staff...."
    I believe the full time staff is basically what holds big review sites back. If you do it full time, you have to be paid. You have to be paid enough to make living by playing games and making reviews. So you have to write review that will have enough visitors to actually generate enough money from advertisement to pay you.
    So technically there is some treshold and if you expect review of such game to have less readers, it is just not worth it and you cant afford it.
    (I mean if you need to spent 10 hours to finish the game and wirte review and advertisement on that article would generate only 20 bucks, would you do it for a living and as a full time job? Or would you review some big AAA title that everyobody will read and it would have hundreds of comments?)
    If you want to have reviews for not so well known games I guess you need to be on some side, where people write for free just because they love to share their opinions about games. (but then there is a problem in quality and that reviews are usually writeten by fans of the game = biased opinions and scores) But it is not viable on comercial site.
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  • Big No Man's Sky update out this week

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 10/03/2017

    Am I really the only one who bought the game and got exactly what he expected? (actually even little more) How difficult is it to read something about game after it is realeased (even on the launch day after you get home from work) instead of purchasing based on few years old info hoping that nothing changed during development process? Reply 0
  • Agarwel_Idiriz 09/03/2017

    "If only HG would start to update people a little more between patches, they may start to rebuild some trust."

    I guess they learned their lesson. When you develop something ,some plans change. So imagine if they shared their plans for next update and then they decided to do something little differently over next months...
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  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is Sony's biggest PS4 franchise debut

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 06/03/2017

    This game is just proof that you can create awesome game without QTE, farming, fetch quests, zombies and hudreds of collectibles. Hopefully some other developers will notice. Reply +10
  • Agarwel_Idiriz 06/03/2017

    No surprise there. It lived up to the huge expectations. It is pure fun, packed with interesting conented (forget copy pasted activities, grinding, fetch quests, and searchign for three hundred treassure boxes,etc.) HZD manages to provide dozen hours of interesting content that will keep you engaged. Reply +17
  • The case for a video game musical

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 27/02/2017

    Honestly I can not imagine how something like "Game musical" would work as a propper big game.
    The musicals (as we know them from the movies) are basically about very precise choreography, that is maching the music as much as possible. So you have main characters matching the music. You have lots of extras synchronized with the main characters. And also the camera is involved and the way it moves and when it cuts is important to create interesting musical number. (imagine opening of La La Land with static camera and cuts.)
    So if you are developing the game, this really limits your options when talking about gameplay. I can not imagine how you can create good musical performance and give player the standart 3rd person freedom at a same time. In my opition it is imposibel to do. And if Im wrong it would be veeery difficult.

    So when you are talking about musical games, you have just two options in my opinion. You can create rhytm game. So you dont control the game (the musical number is fixed) and the game just tells you what to press and rates you how good you are at following instruction. From this point of perspective we have lots of musical games. Mostly party games. Guitar hero, singing games, dancing games. But I believe this is not a type of "musical" this article is talking about.
    Second option is to to a standart game and just use musical number in the cutscenes. But then people still judge the game by gameplay and dont consider it musical anyway. Or did you hear anybody to refer to Gat of out Hell as a musical game?

    If you want a game where gameplay parts are on part with La La Land, you are just out of luck. Nobody found a way how to mix it yet. And nobody know if there is a way.
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  • Meet the man camping for a month to get the Nintendo Switch

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/02/2017

    Now imagine if another store on the next side of the town breaks the embargo (not so unusual), so people who just walk in to that store will get it sooner, than him. :-D Reply +4
  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/02/2017

    "the very definition of a review is to evaluate whether something is good or not."
    The main purpose of the review is to describe the game to you. It is then up to you to determine if it is something you will like. (because the same game can be meh for me and msut have for you. And vice versa). This is also main reason why all the scores are meaningless.
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  • Disney ditches Pewdiepie after anti-semitic stunt

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 15/02/2017

    "YouTube has now taken its own steps to distance itself from its biggest star."
    Seriously? I get that Disney may have some policy reagarding this behaviour. And no matter if we agree or disagree with it, it is their decision.
    But Youtube? Common. It is full of videos and shows from Sarah Silverman, Louis CK and other similar comendias that are making living doing much much worse and moer offending jokes about such touchy subject.
    So I dont rally understand why they go after one person for one stupid joke and keep the others? What is the difference? Im really confused here. Can you joke about holocaust on youtube or not? No matter what is the answer, the steps taken by youtube do not make sense. They should either keep the PDP video up. Or they should take down many others.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 14/02/2017

    Anybody has access to most of the stand up comedians shows. Actually via the same source. Youtube. Full of jokes ranging from racism and religion to holocaust, rape, abortion and dead babies. They make living by telling these jokes and thousands of people pay tickets to see such shows.
    Are these videos and shows getting the same response and attention as this one single stupid joke? Dont you find it strange that society is raging about one joke and not the others? Im just pointing it out :-D This whole discussion is really not about "what is offensive" but "what is curently trending". If people really cared about offensive jokes, they would not be here. Their time would be spent fighting much worse offendands than Felix.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 14/02/2017

    What always surprises me, that some kind of jokes are totally acceptable when one person is doing them (for example many stand up comedians), and then when somebody does something similar (many times even less effending) the "internets" just goes into bersekr mode and we see so many articles about going over the line, etc.
    I mean why we have such discussion about this video. Or why did internet haters basically ruined one ladys live for stupid tweet joke ( ). Not ot mention totaly stupid afair about Chevy Chase "racicst" quote during filming of of Community.
    ...and at the same time Sarah Silverman or even Louis C.K. makes living by going much further behind "the line" and nobody seems to care? :-D
    Now dont take me wrong. I love Sarah and Louis. (who does not?). So at a same time it would feel little hypocrital to complain about video like this :-D
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  • Valve is removing Steam Greenlight this spring

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 13/02/2017

    Well it souds like a nice idea, but in my opinion could be done much better. My suggestion:
    1) Ask for even higher payment
    2) Let it work as a crowdfunding service. (so if you need to pay 10 000$, let the users support you, so interesting titles does not need to be fully funded from developers wallet)
    3) Based on the average rating in the Steam Reviews after month on store, give portion of the money back to developesr (so lets say you release great title, you will get 8 000 bucks back. And if it was crowdfunded it is actually your additional income). This should really motivate to release finished and good games.
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  • Hitman: The Complete First Season review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/02/2017

    "have persuaded me to wait for the inevitable Hitman: The Complete Game."
    And you know the complete version has been released already and this review is abotu the full game, right?
    Or are you complaining about "season 1" ni the title? Then I hope you did not palyed any Uncharted until the U4 was out and you could play the "complete game" and not individual episodes. (and same for any game with sequels). You are planning to play Resident evil 7 yet you dont even know if it is a final episode in the series? :-D Maybe you should postpone it until whole RE series is out.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 31/01/2017

    Best Hitman game. I agree that Silent Assassin has been better in some aspects. But new Hitman is pretty close and brings bigger maps with so much more possibilities and ways to eliminate targets, that overall I consider it even better game. I have spent dozens hours in this game and with new mision and new difficulty I will spent much more.
    Looking forward to season two.
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  • Life of Black Tiger is the worst PS4 game we've ever played

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/01/2017

    Well, but it seems that by the mysterious power of the internets, the game will be among the rated games:
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/01/2017

    "Life of Black Tiger is the worst PS4 game we've ever played"
    Did you try Wander?

    No matter how bad this is, I seriously doubt it is worse, because from videos I see that there are at least some attempts of gameplay.
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  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/01/2017

    As long as one game is receiving scores from whole range of scores, than it is meaningles.
    Im just considering purchasing game, that has review scores in range 3-10. And user score of course in range 0-10.
    So is it a good game or not? Will I like it? Would you like it? If I read one review and there is 3/10 is it a bad game? And then I read second review with 10/10 does it become so much better in these few minutes?

    You know what Im getting at. As long as very good games can have 3/10 and very bad games can receive even 8/10 then score 3/10 at the end of the article doesnt mean a lot, does it?
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/01/2017

    And how is the number score going to tell you the quality of the game?
    If you want to know how good it is, here you go:
    So far RE7 got these ratings:
    And user opinion so far are:

    Hopefully these numbers are usefull for you and gave you more information than fast reading the article :-D I find them meaningless.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/01/2017

    And considering some people are still having problem to understand score system with 4 options Im surprised how many of them wants to go to the system with 10 possible outcomes :-D
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  • The killing joke: How Hitman turns murder into farce

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/01/2017

    I would also count "The Icon" as ninth small map. It is taking place in the same location, but it is changed so much, tak it is not fair to consider it a same map as the Italy episode.
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  • Yakuza 0 review

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/01/2017

    Is this a good purchase for someone who never player anything in the series? I mean is it standalon title (like GTAs?), or is this part of the bigger story and player would be jumping into running train (Like justp laying MGS4 or ME3)? Reply +2