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  • Steam game's 27 DLC is a PDF certificate

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 21/06/2016

    Honestly I dont have any problem with this DLC. It is upfront telling you, you will not get nothing. It is basically easy way to support the developer by optional non-mandatory donation (absolutelly nothing wrong about that!) that is done in original way that will grab attention.
    I mean - who in the right mind can complain about this? If you ignore it, you want loose anything. There are much worse DLCs like season passes (that goes on sale before first dlc is out = they trick you to pay more for nothing), locked content on the disc (blackmailing to to pay to unlock rest of the game), ending sold as a DLC (Prince of persia), etc. There should be riots and negative press reagarding these dlcs.
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  • Witcher 3 patch 1.22 fixes floating body parts, beehive money exploit

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 21/06/2016

    Well. I know many people are praising the CDPR for their support etc.
    But on the other hand. I started playing cmoplete game from beggining. I did not reached the DLCs yet, so Im playing the vanilla content so far. Yesterday I updated to the latest 1.22 patch. And again (happened even befoe this patch), during one quest, the game stopped playing PCs voices (you heard, music, sounds, Gerald and that it is. NPC dialogue were just the silent subtitles).
    I mean - really? One year afte release we have still such bugs?

    People usually complain about Bethesda games. (honestly much more than about Witcher). But I dont rememeber Skyrim to be so buggy on the release date. Not alone after year of patching. :-(

    So hopefully this is not the final last patch. And hopefully the big bugs (like game stopping to play dialogues until restart) will be fixed too.
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  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole lets you play as a girl

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 21/06/2016

    Yes. it is PS4 version. I believe it is not available othervise (as far as I know you can not buy just the Stick of Truch on the PS4.). But as soon as you preorder (and pre-pay) the Fractured but Whole, the PS4 version is downloaded and you can play immediatelly.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 21/06/2016

    Agree. I actually prefer censored version. Honestly I have seen censored scenes on the internet. And tehy are not interesting or funny themselfs. Then censored screen on the other hand or nicely done full of satiric comments about state of the intusty. Much funnier and more clever than the scene it is covering.
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  • Fallout 4 PS4 mods currently limited to 900MB

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/06/2016

    That is also a question. Because honestly biggest mods are the ones modifying graphics in some big way. But these will be mostly useless on consoles, because there is no spare power to mod it with 4x bigger textures, etc.
    So we will be mainly talking about gameplay mods. How big are these? Will we even reach 900MB fast? (honestly 900MB is bigger than whole Morrowind game!) So how many mods do you need to install to reach this limit?
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  • No Man's Sky studio settles "secret, stupid" three-year Sky lawsuit

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/06/2016

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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 20/06/2016

    Look at the bright side. This is why Skynet did not happened! Reply +50
  • Dead Rising 4 is Microsoft-exclusive for a year

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 17/06/2016

    Its actually probably true. Just not related :-D
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  • 1080p Project Scorpio games "will look different" and some "run a little better" than on Xbox One/S

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 16/06/2016

    So far (according statements) it looks we will have a fight between:
    1) 6TFS console, that will use take game from less powerfull HW (X1) and use the additional power to just render bigger resolution but otherwise will have same graphics (if you downscale back to full HD the difference should be hardly noticable)
    2) 4TFS console (if they dont change the specs) that will take better looking games and use the additional power to improve the 1080p graphics even further.

    Well... it will be interesting fight and Im already looking forward for digital foundry comaprisons :-D
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  • The Last Guardian: the first 40 minutes

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 16/06/2016

    Im still not sure what the fuss is about? From what I saw from this game, it looks nice. But nothing special. For me it looks like nice platforming game like Papo&Yo. Good small game. But not a title worth workshipping.
    Honestly - from all the gameplay videos - did they show something interesting? So i far I jsut saw platformer with sripted ratcat. Nice game to kill two evening and then sell to somebody else?
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  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 16/06/2016

    Seems MS still dont get why the Xbox360 was such a success. It was not a better HW (in most geenrations the weaker console won. I mean PS2 was not strongest. Wii was not strongest,... they dont need strongest console to beat competition).
    it was the games that were available only on that device (or at that time we believed they will be exclusive, because we did not have much experience about what "exclusive" means for MS)
    Now I know X1 still has few exclusive titles. But they are focusing only on few fransies and genres. We have a Forza. We have a Halo. And from time to time something else. I dont doubt these are great games if you are into that genre. But it is jsut not enough.
    When X360 was starting we got Mass Effect, Lost Oddysey, Blue Dragon, Beautiful Katamari, Gear of War (that were fresh at a time), Fable, Saints Row, Kameo, Too Human, Ace Combat, Viva Pinata, Shadow Complex and many other games that were "Xbox only" at that time. So the Xbox360 was a great purchase. There was not just a quantity of the game. But they were also diversive and the console was atractive no matter if you liked RPGs, JRPGs, Action, Racing, Kids Games,... some of these franchisese were even "stolen" under Sony nose (who would thought that Katamaray would be Xbox exclusive and that FF creator would make Xox exclusive JRPG?). They were not afraid to bring new IPs and ideas to move the industry forward. I mean Gears of War was great because it basically defined the whole genre. It worked for this reason. You can not repeat the success by copy pasting it again and again. If you want game that will get attantion of the players like Gears of War did, you can not achieve it by releasing Gears of War 4 with exact same gameplay.

    And this is something that is clearly missing on X1 now. If they dont bring such diversive exclusive games back to the platform, they can pimp the HW as much as they want. But people will stick with PS4+PC.
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  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer: the big interview

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 15/06/2016

    This is poor decision imho. Bigger resolution is nice. But only if you are able to fill it with details. If you look at current games and what they put onto the screen (quality of the models, resolution of the textures, amount of details and object) there is still much to do even in 1080p. Especially in the open world games.
    If you take current console games and you have more power the more noticable change is if you just will the world will additional details, efects, flora, tweak drawing distance etc... it will bring much better results than using the power to draw the same game in 4k.

    What I mean is nicely visible in current gen remasteres liek Skyrim:
    with new consoles they got more power. They could use it to enhance the grafics with details, objects, textures,. effects. And it looks immediatelly better. What if they kept the old graphics and used the performance for 4K? Would anybody noticed the difference?

    And even best looking games are still far away from fully utilizing 1080p. So forcing them to 4k is just gimmick. But first lets use every last pixel of the 1080p with the rich details until you start using more please :-D
    What is the point of rendering the empty ground in better resoluuton if there is no grass on the ground yet?
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  • Grow Home's sequel Grow Up lands in August

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 14/06/2016

    First one was really really fun and unique game. But kind of short.
    So I believe the price will be main factor when deciding if to get this. If they sell it for reasonable price, it will be day 1 for me.
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  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim remaster announced

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 13/06/2016

    Well there may be a troubles with physical copies.
    But many people bought whole game digitally and most of the peopble bought at least all DLCs digitally.
    So it would be nice to allow me to insert both of my gamertags (xlive+psn) to their system. And it could allow me to get discount at least for the content I bought digitally.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 13/06/2016

    I dont believe it will be done on consoles at all. Only on steam.
    But Im in same situation. I have a full version on X360. I would love to upgrade on PS4. But Im not giving full price again.
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  • You can play the first level of the new Doom for free this week

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 13/06/2016

    True. The beggining is kind of simple with just the basics enemies. The true fun begins once you enter the Argent Tower and the game introduces bigger variety of enemies and start mixing them up. Then you are for a real threat.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 13/06/2016

    Imho its because companies dont care about total lifetime sales. But they need to report them "now". That is a reason why preorders are still so important. Why day 1 sales are so important to them (nobody reports on day 4 sales - even when income from such sale is same).
    So I guess the time limit is supposed to force people try it as soon as possible. So as many people will be ocnvinced to purchase full game during same week.
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  • Fallout 4 announces Nuka World expansion for August

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 13/06/2016

    Another two workshop expansions? cmon!
    So far it seems that only one (Far harbor) DLC is interesting.
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  • Volition announces new open-world action game Agents of Mayhem

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 07/06/2016

    Nice to see new IP.
    It is shame they did not show any gameplay. But considering it will be open world game, with super abilities, cartoonish graphics and silly story - it still feels they are building the game on SR4 foundations. Just placing it into another universe. But so far I expect the gameplay to be very similar.
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  • Hitman's third Elusive Target premieres on Wednesday

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 07/06/2016

    Well, when they did on over weekend, there were complains that many people are not home at that time.
    So at least they are moving it to different days and dont stick to a same schedule. Plus they extended the time frame to 72 hours. So the target should be still available even on Saturday morning. I would not call this mid-week :-D
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  • The Witness gets an 8-bit demake

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 04/06/2016

    Go and try it. It is one of the best puzzle games (proudly standing next to Portal and Talos Principle).
    The game and puzzle concept is not just about looking for a path in a maze.
    The panels are usually not a puzzles itself (some are). But just interface to enter the solution of the puzzle that is somewhere else. And most he game could not be replicated in this "demake" for this reason.
    Difficult to describe without spoilers. But there is huge variety of the puzzles and it does not get repetitive.
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  • Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 is due next week

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 01/06/2016

    So far weakest Telltale series they made. I was regretting getting season pass for this one. So Im definetelly not getting these extra episodes this time.
    But it seems it was getting lots of money anyway because it is MC.
    The whole game just felt rushed.

    Hopefully their next game will be better.
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt patch 1.2 adds enemy level-scaling and a lot more

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 31/05/2016

    I would put it even in another words. Level scalling is a good idea. But there is no ultimate universal system, that will work in every situation.
    In my opinion good open world RPG with lots of freedom should contain several different scalling system (including "no scalling" one). And then use these systems based on the situation.
    Basically different scalling system should be used for comon wild animals around roads and viliges. Different scalling system should be used for a main quest. Different system should be used to "Witcher contract monsters". it should behave differently around your starting location. And different in some far away remote swamps and it could be different in some challenging opional hidden dungeon.

    When you mix all such systems together the player will not notice there is any scalling rule (like in oblivion "if you hit lvl 30 all bandints go to change the armor) and the game feels scalling free. Yet there is some complex logics ensuring the game is not frustrating in the beggining, it is not too easy in the end. That you wont slay scary monster that slayed 10 soldiers, by hitting it once by your silver sword, etc. basically every area type and monster type should provide different challenge by different logic. And you just can not achieve this by one system.
    No scaling is bad.
    Scalling every monster to your level is bad.
    Something in between and more compelx is a good solution.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 31/05/2016

    Well.. Level Scaling is actually a answer. But trick is that level scaling can be implemented and tuned in multiple ways. (Oblivion = bad solution. Morrowind, Skyrim = actually pretty good solution)
    Unfortunatelly the new W3 level scaling solution seems to be the bad lazy one :-(
    Would be nice if they took time and updated it in some later patches.

    Basically from my opinion level scalling should not turn every enemy to your level (RPG elelemnts are meaningless). But it should change the ration of weak / strong enemies in the world. Meaning that when you get much stronger, you will encounter more of the strong enemies. But there will be still lvl 4 wolfes running around so you will feel how your strength is growing up.

    No level scalling is bad solution for open world games. (the game becomes too easy pretty soon). Strict level scalling is also a bad solution, because than you ruin the RPG elements. Imho there should be always something in between. Something that will ensure that the game is challeging even on high levels. But it does not removes the weak enemies and areas completelly.

    As I mentionned I liked Skyrim solution. The low level character were able encounter enemies that were strong and unbeatable. High level characters still encountered skeletons that actuation killed themselfs just by attacking me (killed just by reflect damage). But when you got stronger, you encountered little more stronger enemies. The level scalling was not overused. I would love to see this in Witcher.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 31/05/2016

    @Yautja_Warrior :
    Right sorry. Clicked on the wrong reply button....
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 31/05/2016

    Just buy it. Yes it is fantasy with fantasy monsters. And the main story-lne is actually cliche you know from other games, books, movies.
    But the quests itself are usually not focused on fantasy too much (the monsters are there to fight, not the main focus of the story) and are basically one of the best I have seen in the video games. From many perspectives:
    - Script is greatly written
    - Cutsenes have above-average quality and quantity (it is almost unbelievable how much acting they managed to put into one game. Basically every dialogue, including the implest fetch quests, is somehow acted. It is not static like in Fallout or Skyrim.)
    - Quests usually takes interesting unexpected turns and suprise you (you know - you start a quest where bandints steal and kill pig from a farmer.... you expect it to be simple "kill them all and collect reward" quest and it grown into something bigger)
    - Even the structure is great - especially main quests are really long, interwoven one into another and interesting. Dealing even with some serious topcis.

    If you like story games, this is good as it gets. Beggining may look little slower. But once you meet Blodoy Baron, it starts rolling and it is so diffcult to put the game down.
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  • Dragon Quest Builders heading westwards this October

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 28/05/2016

    Never heard of this game. But it got my interest. I like the idea of Minecraft. But so far I was not ble to get into it because there is no story, etc.
    This game looks like it may hit a spot. Minecraft game (better looking) with story campaign? Well if they avoid long grinding quest, dont simplify building too much (I dont want just ot place block, but have some interactive redstone-like elements), and it will be merged with story in interesting ways it will be must buy for me.
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  • GTA Online gets a huge update next month

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 27/05/2016

    GTAO largest expantionvever? Honestly - for something that should offer more new content than Heists, the article is suspiciously brief. Reply +17
  • Watch: Hitman's new episode in glorious action

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 27/05/2016

    And maybe some other? As far as I know six locations are accounced. But if you read the game description properly it states it will be released as a intro pack (=paris) and then six monthly updates.
    That would mean, there should be seven episodes in total and maybe some unannounced location?

    Here is the official quote:
    "On release players have access to the Intro Pack content - Prologue Mission, the Paris Sanguine Fashion Show, full access to Contracts Mode, Escalation Mode, elusive targets and other live content. Remaining content will be available as six releases periodically throughout 2016, starting April 2016."
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  • No Man's Sky delayed, no longer releasing in June - reports

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 26/05/2016

    More time to finish Witcher 3 then? Reply +4
  • Monkey Island creator asks Disney to sell IP

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    I believe another beatifull example that it could be done is new Kings Quest - I mean if you check static screeenshots it just looks almost like hand drawn 2D game. Yet it is fully 3D.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    Petition is useless. No matter how many people will sign it, they dont have a incentive to sell or actually give it back.
    Disney should be asked for a price (there is always some price that would work). And then Kickstarter to raise the money a purchase the IP back for Ron.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    That may be true. But in such case the reason why he can not make game he want is not Disney. But it is us players, because we value name on the box more than actual game (sad, but true)
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    "I would love to get the rights back to Monkey Island and be able to really make the game I want to make,"
    But lets be honest. Disney own the rights for a game called Monkey Island. They dont own the excluve right for all "cartoonish silly comedy parody games with piracy theme and blodne hero".
    Just make the game you want. Just write something else on the box. It wont affect gameplay in any way!
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  • After 10 years of waiting, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 seems further away than ever

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    If they are clever, they wont release HL3 or EP3 ever.
    They can never fullfill what people expect from this game. (honestly - players probably dont know what to expect exactly. Everybody just know that "HL3 will be perfect game somehow" but nobody can say how :-D). So whatever they do, there will be huge backslash. What was new, revolutionary and brethtaking (few scripted ingame cutscenes that told the story during gameplay) is nothing new now and if you read feedback about games like CoD or new Doom, you will find out that scripted events and actually something players are getting tired of. It is not new anymore. It is overused. So how can you make HL3, still keep it HL game in spirit and still be so much orignal and great?
    Its just not possible people. If it will be HL game, it will feel really unoriginal (and mabye outdated?). If it will be different, people will hate it.

    we need to realize that something that blown our minds 18 years ago, wont do the same after 18 years of others improving on it.
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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance delayed until next year

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    Well you are absolutelly right about what you write (that doing a game of such scope is such little team takes a lot of time.)
    But I would expect that the development team would know that too, right? If team of this size, promissess you the game of such scope in such short time (originally planned for 2015!!!) it jsut should their lack of experience and that they dont know pretty well what their are doing and that they are just winging it. And this is something that does not boost the confidence for the final product.

    If the original Kickstarter was for a game that will be released in 2019 (and they asked for much bigger KS goal), I would believe this game. But not in a way they are doing this.

    Also the fact they show the game "as it is" during development may be interesting for few of the players. But it shows they lack basic marketing skills.
    1) They show their product in bad light for anybody for is not deeply interested in development and dont deeply check what they are showing (most of the customers)
    2) They spoil most of the game years before release!
    3) People can be hyped onl for some time. It is fine to feed them with huge amount of info half of the year before release. But doing this since start of the development? Then you are not selling the game, but the development. And enthuasm for the game will be much lower when the game is released.

    If you dont believe these point, just read any forum and what most of the people say about this game. They dont believe its success - and it is a result of how the game is presented to the public.
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  • Agarwel_Idiriz 24/05/2016

    And they were surprised they did not found publisher?
    Lets remember that originally, they were promissions three times larger game (only when they did not get the funds, they split the game to three pieces, to make the first one smaller)
    What release date they prommised for the full games? Maybe the "bad" publishers just had enough experience, their plans are completelly unrealistic?
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  • Face-Off: Valkyria Chronicles on PS4

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 23/05/2016

    The game is great. If you missed it on PS3, just go and buy it.
    On the other hand, it has such a artstyle, that better resolution is not recognizable. If you already own it, new version is not worth it.
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  • The Talos Principle is getting a sequel

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 22/05/2016

    It can be easily fresh. It will be a new game, not just dlc. They can build the came from scrath and puzzles can be build on completelly new mechanisms.
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