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  • BioWare outlines big Dragon Age: Inquisition patch due out today

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 09/12/2014

    "This is especially strange behaviour if you know you get angry about this sort of thing."

    Honestly I find it stranger that this state is still acceptable and not pursued by some companies that deal in customer rights.
    With every other product, you as a customer have right to get the final working product that match the description. If the product is not working you have a warranty (in my coutnry it has to be fixed in 30 days or they have to give you money back). And they can not afford to do false advertisement. If the pre-release photos and information of new iPhone would not match the sold product there would be huge fines for the company a people would be entitled for refunds.

    Only in gaming industry it is possible to do false advertisement (not just improving the graphics. But showing gameplay videos and trailers that are not from the game at all.). You can release broken (sometimes not working at all) products. You dont need to deliver promissed features.
    There is nothing to prevent companies from this.

    And if customer complains, the usual aswer is that it is actually his fault, because he should be already use to this state? :-D
    Crazy, isnt it?
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  • Yes, Sony Santa Monica is working on a new God of War

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 08/12/2014

    Well... last generation truly redefined meaining of word "Trilogy". Reply +4
  • Minecraft dev's Scrolls will cap your spending so you don't break the game

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 05/12/2014

    Honestly I dont think there should be legal cap in this way. I believe there should be requirement for each game to have a "full version" so you buy the complete game with all ingame purchases unlocked in one bundle. There would be no price limit. But this "full game bundle price" could be the only price shown on the marketplace. So instead of game showing as "Free" and then somewhere in the description hidden that you need to spent lots of money to play, they would have to show it as a game for "20000$" (to unlock all paid items and get unlimited gems) and they could included info about "free limited version" into the description.
    This way there would be no cost cap on the game (and there really should not be any for private companies) but it would help a lot, if the game that require you to pay to play could not be sold as a free games. But would have to show the real full game price to the customers.
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  • Bethesda shows glimpse of The Elder Scrolls Online's console version

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 05/12/2014

    And it is actually sad, that this become something we are starting to consider a bonus.
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  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 07/11/2014

    I would definitelly go for that, if they actually go one step further and use this remaster oportunity to completelly re-do the ending (just scratch the last 30-60 minutes of the gameplay) and start from "scratch" (original script).
    If they finish the story with something that actually makes sense, create multiple screnarios of the final mission (based on previous decisions), remove some sliche parts (it is a final battle, how is it, that each of my teammates have time to say last goodbey?) and possibilty add some more content - now if they know exactly the events of all three games, they should be able to add more stuff that transfers betwen the games (maybe add some new options into ME1, that can affect events in ME3, etc... somethink that was not so easy when writing ME1 choices when ME3 script was not done) and I will buy it.

    But Im not gonna spent more money (and mainly time) just to see that A/B/C ending with hooded kid. No thank you.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and The Crew in UK Steam no-show

  • Agarwel_Idiriz 07/11/2014

    Well if you buy Ubisoft game on the Steam all it does is install uPlay, force you to create account there and sell you the key to activathe the game there.
    From customer point of view, I find this absolutelly ridiculout. So I hope the reason for disagreement and removal is currently ongoing "negotiation" that should force to release their games as everbody else (playable from Steam)
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