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  • Rock Band gets official Euro date

  • Aaarrrgh 08/04/2008

    Correction, not a full euro release.

    EA Denmark are even refusing to comment on any possible release date here in Denmark (as can be read here )
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  • The Orange Box

  • Aaarrrgh 25/11/2007

    on ep1: Reply 0
  • Counter-Strike: Source in-game adverts

  • Aaarrrgh 14/05/2007

    @Slurpy J


    That said, if you're still playing the original CS, you deserve to have a countless amount of ads smacked right in your face.
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  • Fahrenheit demo available

  • Aaarrrgh 27/07/2005

    @Mofo, replay the demo. I actually found it to be very very non-restrictive. For instance, you simply had the option of leaving the bathroom a little earlier, and possibly interact with the surroundings outside. Reply 0

  • Aaarrrgh 21/06/2005

    Please stop using my name in the same context as the crazy frog.

    Thank you.
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  • Sony's Phil Harrison on PlayStation 3

  • Aaarrrgh 19/05/2005

    Phil Harrison: Not all of that - in fact, none of it was real-time because it was all running off video. If you make a presentation to two and a half thousand people, you're going to put some of it on video just to be on the safe side.

    Haha, does Phil think we're morons? WAY to dodge the question.
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  • Xbox 360: Full Game List

  • Aaarrrgh 14/05/2005

    I'm thinking you should probably take halo 3 and dimitri off that list. Neither are confirmed, and both figured in the gamereactor article as 'we heard a rumour that someone heard a rumour' type of things. It was confirmed that a new halo was in the works, but from the way it was worded, it sounded like halo 2.5 more than anything.

    In all honesty, gamereactor seemed more interesting in creating big headlines, than providing the readers with actual knowledge.

    Also, where's my bloody fighting game? I want a next gen soul calibur, goddamnit.
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

  • Aaarrrgh 25/09/2004

    "Demo bored me, unfortunately - its EXACTLY the same structure as starcraft, which is, what, 7 years old? Nice graphics and a reasonable game, but there is a massive lack of any sort of innovation here - fine if you wqant more of the same, but im bored of the tank rush - looks like R:TW for me then (now if only they would make a turn based wwarhammer game, and keep it true to the depth of strategy....)"

    You couldn't be MORE wrong on all accounts.

    a) There is NO 'tank rushing'. Naturally, there is an element of rushing, a quickly produced squad of seer council WILL wreck havoc. But, that's it. A tank-tech-rush is simply impossible, because it implies that you get at least 50% of the tactical points on the map. Problem is, unless the opponent isn't interesting in taking yours (which he will be), the majority of the early- and midgame money will be spent on reinforcing your squads with new men and weaponry. However, if he doesn't, you should be able to have ONE (yes, one) dreadnought after six minutes (this is based directly off the beta, where such tests were conducted). alternatively, your opponent will probably have 2 squads, a force commander, several scout squads. In short, you'll be a goner.

    b) massive lack of innovation? Tactical points? Morale (which is far from a gimmick. Any experienced player will tell you this)? the fact that both closecombat and ranged combat plays a role, not seen in any other game before? Sorry, but I completely disagree with this.

    c) same structure as starcraft? What, because it's based around getting ressources? Or because it's a fast RTS? Or that you build buildings? Sure, there are similarities, but this is more a troll than anything else.

    As for your final R:TW comnent. Well, QUAKE II IS THE BESTEST GAME EVER SINCE NFS:UNDERGROUND. Apples and oranges doesn't compare well.
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  • Pariah

  • Aaarrrgh 10/03/2004

    This looks most excellent. Reply 0
  • Savage: The Battle for Newerth

  • Aaarrrgh 17/02/2004

    As a player of both NS and Savage (although I've not played much of the latter, lately), I just thought I'd drop a comment on how I feel about the two games.

    Savage is much larger, technically superior in terms of large areas, and is often a breeding group for large scale battles. Ns however, focuses on tight areas, intense firefights, and extreme teamwork (especially compared to Savage). Furthermore, I find that the 2 sides in Savage are somewhat similar, whereas they're widely different in NS.

    As mentioned above, the levels in savage are much bigger than those in NS, and more importantly, they feel like RTS levels rather than FPS levels. But while the levels are big, and the grass sure is pretty, I often feel that some of these levels lack personality. NS, in the other hand, is technically inferior, But while the engine lacks power, the level design, and general design of the game certainly delivers. No wonder though, as it using one of the biggest, oldest and most experienced pools of mappers in the world. From the Monstrous halls of "ns_agora" (which happens to be the prettiest map on I've ever seen on the aging HL-Engine) to the claustrophobic rooms in co_core, this mod is quality throughout.

    I'll honestly admit being quite biased when it comes to these games. I like NS much more, the entire gameplay is much more in my taste. It's a clear 9/10 in my book. This does not mean that I don't enjoy Savage however. They're just two different experiences.

    I do however recommend that you check out natural selection. It still deserves some shine.
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  • Black Isle Studios shut down

  • Aaarrrgh 09/12/2003


    I have nothing else to add. :(
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  • Uru: Ages Beyond Myst demo

  • Aaarrrgh 13/11/2003

    such a damn shame that this fine game is overlooked as it is. Also a damn shame that people like Bizzy are posting here, nowadays. Reply 0
  • Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

  • Aaarrrgh 31/10/2003

    Let me just put it like Australia.

    W T F mate?
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  • Breed slips to 2004

  • Aaarrrgh 25/10/2003

    TennesseeStiff, and what about DNF? Reply 0
  • State of Emergency 2 receives backing

  • Aaarrrgh 15/10/2003

    me to the rescue! Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • Aaarrrgh 20/09/2003

    hahahha FWB.

    Brilliant ;)
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  • That Worms 3D demo again

  • Aaarrrgh 19/09/2003

    Any mouseview when using first person in this demo? Reply 0
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  • Aaarrrgh 15/09/2003


    KOTOR is freaking awesome.
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  • Valve gets gobby

  • Aaarrrgh 07/08/2003


    Or ten...
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  • Half-Life 2 not on Xbox?

  • Aaarrrgh 09/06/2003

    who'd want to play the xbox version anyway? I've never understood this.

    Admittedly, it'll run on all consoles, but you don't get the moddability, or the sexy mouse controls.

    *dodges, and hopes to avoid a flamewar*
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  • System Shock 2 reborn

  • Aaarrrgh 05/06/2003

    I've been waiting for this for a week or so. I downloaded it. I installed it. I played it for 20 minutes. I have but one comment:


    Jesus, this is as scary as I remembered it. I'm scared now. I really am.
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  • World Of Warcraft

  • Aaarrrgh 03/06/2003

    Is it just me, or are several duplicates present in the above set of screenshots? Reply 0
  • Music 3000

  • Aaarrrgh 02/06/2003

    Best linking. Evar! Reply 0