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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

  • 3william56 17/12/2012

    Remember how we laughed at the NGage? The infamous head taco? Nokia must be crying now.

    In fact, can someone please link to the original EG NGage review just to see how times have changed?
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  • The Last of Us multiplayer mode teased by Naughty Dog

  • 3william56 10/12/2012

    I hope that they have been taking a long hard look at day Z when designing this to stop a frag fest multiplayer ruining the atmosphere of the main game.

    The multiplayer extra damage perk for cash is a bit lame though.
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  • What is Uncharted: Fight for Fortune?

  • 3william56 07/11/2012

    Uncharted Cart racing in 2014. Reply +2
  • You, me and the cube

  • 3william56 07/11/2012

    It should have been a sphere. (a) because it has no point (hoho) and (b) because it's balls. Reply +4
  • Joe Danger 2 coming to PS3, has 10 hours of extra content

  • 3william56 27/09/2012

    "We dropped a bollock"

    Everyone gets a great game. Hello recognize their debt to the PS3 crowd, and another dev groks that exclusivity isn't such a great idea. What's not to love?

    (I'm just happy to get JD. 10 hours extra... think it might overstay it's welcome)
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  • Uncharted movie troubled as Sony gets brains behind National Treasure to rewrite script

  • 3william56 24/08/2012

    You missed the quotes around "brains" in the headline.

    Gambit - the "guys" behind the script of the game was a girl...
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  • Outernauts Review

  • 3william56 20/08/2012

    Watching true artists like Insomniac lower themselves to this to survive is somewhat like finding out that stunning girl you had a crush on in high school 10 years ago now gives hand relief down the docks for a tenner.

    Possibly necessary, but sad as hell nonetheless. I can only hope there's enough mongs out there to help it fund their proper work.
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  • Battle.net has been hacked, e-mails compromised

  • 3william56 10/08/2012

    2 factor authentication now, people. Reply +7
  • Digital Foundry vs. Oculus Rift

  • 3william56 05/08/2012

    Well I was hoping for the flying cars, but I'll settle for this for THE FOOTYURE. Reply 0
  • Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 "a catastrophe"

  • 3william56 26/07/2012

    @manic_mouse Y'all might want to check the reviews for Mountain Lion. Although it can be disabled, the new Gatekeeper function and signed code is a clear attempt to force all OSX applications through the Mac App store and Apple approval, as per iOS / iTunes. It's not totally closed yet, but if Apple have their way, it will become increasingly had to run non App Store code. All in the name of Security of course... ahem. Reply +2
  • E3 Reaction: Nintendo Direct Presentation Resets Expectations

  • 3william56 04/06/2012

    @ubergine /slowly backs out of the room towards a domain registration website... Reply +2
  • Peter Molyneux: Why I quit Microsoft, and why my new game will change the world

  • 3william56 11/04/2012

    Excellent article, and nice to see what happens when a talented guy slips the bullsh*t collar of big corporate PR and starts to talk sense instead of slogans. I'm surprised no-one mentions Journey, which must be the closest current example of what he's on about. Good luck to him - takes b*lls to bust the shackles and kick off solo. I hope his projects live up to his ambitions. Reply +15
  • Huawei Media Pad Review

  • 3william56 05/04/2012

    An important question not answered here: can it link to PS3/360/ other gamepads like the Transformer Prime? This being a game site and all?

    Hooking up my TP to a controller for proper travel games setup (not on-the-bus portable in the Vita sense, but a travel console for sitting down somewhere) is a joygasm, especially if you pack a HDMI cable as well.
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  • 3william56 05/04/2012

    @AOFanboi Or watch more pr0n - is that why you're arm is so strong :) Reply +1
  • Kinect Star Wars Review

  • 3william56 03/04/2012

    George Lucas: cheap crack pimp of an entire generation. Reply +5
  • New iPad Review

  • 3william56 02/04/2012

    It's nice to see a review not hypnotised by that screen. I remember when HD TVs came out, and folk were saying how awesome their DVDs looked in HD... O_o Uh-huh.

    The problem is always content, and apart from displaying photos, there's no content to take advantage of that lovely screen (and with only a 2x tick in GPU, unlikely to be bar smoother angry birds). And at that size, at normal reading distance, you'd never notice it anyway. Still a lovely piece of kit, but add me to the travellers and divers for whom the lack of USB (and apple's restrictive format po;icies) was a deal breaker (a $40 dongle doesn't cut it). Displaying and editing photos and HD Vid straight from the camera in the field, and dumping it to a USB hard drive is a clear advantage of Android tabs like the Prime. If you don't need that, fair enough.
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  • Closure PSN release date announced

  • 3william56 15/03/2012

    if you don't see the Fnord it can't eat you... Reply 0
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review

  • 3william56 15/03/2012

    For once I have to agree wholeheartedly with a DF review. The TFP is a stunning device. The wifi issue is nonexistent after a January software update: mine has exactly the same performance as my phone and (now retired) lappy. GPS? Never tried. The article misses some additional great features... ability to play almost any format HD vid which Apple won't allow,full browsing with flash. The 2 Sd card slots are a huge differentiator as is the full size USB slot which will happily run a hard drive. And with an emulator and a cheap game pad its a travelling or console gaming beast, especially through hdmi to a big telly. ipad's a lovely bit of kit, but the teepee poops on it from a great height. In fact, the real competition it has is a MacBook air or ultrabook, at twice the price. And the pad alone can be had from the us for 500 bucks. Bargain. Reply +1
  • PSN security chief details strategy to see off hackers

  • 3william56 15/03/2012

    Jeez, the tinfoil hat brigades are out in force today. What he means is using profile data *that virtually every major online and credit agency already collects* and using it for your benefit. Move along, nothing to see here. Reply +6
  • App of the Day: Dariusburst Second Prologue

  • 3william56 10/03/2012

    Android police android gamer are decent sources of android gaming info. Reply +1
  • First look at Heavy Rain dev's new tech

  • 3william56 09/03/2012

    Plastic skin, dead eyes, wooden acting... oh, sorry, I was talking about Twilight. Kara could have improved the movie tenfold. Goosepimples all round.

    Bl**dy impressive, especially the eyes. Uncharted has nailed voice acting and body animation, but the eyes were still a mess - always looked like Drake wore eye liner. Mass Effect even worse.

    Even if this is limited to cut screens and QTE type stuff, it's still a huge improvement.

    Oh, and memo to Peter Molyneux. This is how you show a tech demo, no faked interaction and months of denials.
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  • It's time to kick back against gaming bigots

  • 3william56 03/03/2012

    Is this the same Eurogamer that headlined an article about Prince of Persia with a close up of a cleavage? Twice?

    Always worth starting a cleanup in your own back yard. And second on the agenda, banning idiot trolls like RIPCGAMES.
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  • Journey Review

  • 3william56 01/03/2012

    So glad tgc take such risks, and still hit the mark every time. Day 1 for me also. Reply +3
  • WipEout 2048 dev promises free and paid for DLC

  • 3william56 29/02/2012

    2097 tracks pwetty pwease. Reply 0
  • Flower, Journey dev "exploring bigger audience, beyond just PlayStation"

  • 3william56 28/02/2012

    As long as they don't abandon the PS3, good luck to them. Flower on an android tab would be insta buy. I just hope they don't get swallowed up by EA or Acti and lose the great support and risk taking that Sony have given them. Can't wait to start Journey. Reply +1
  • Why Can't Games Do Sex?

  • 3william56 24/02/2012

    @toy_brain Was tried - see Caligula. But then they realised the free/homebrew stuff sells as well or better than million dollar budget. No-one's looking at the sets and effects... Reply 0
  • 3william56 24/02/2012

    @Ryze Wasn't there some dodgy DS game about stroking... er... rabbits that was meant to be "training" for operation of that particular piece of equipment? Reply 0
  • 3william56 24/02/2012

    @Inmediasress As with most questions about seriously excellent storytelling, the answer is Uncharted 2. The relationships between Drake and the two ladies was beautifully handled. There's more proper "sex" in the witty banter there than a dozen God of War hump QTEs. Reply 0
  • In Theory: How iPad 3 Breaks the 1080p Barrier

  • 3william56 23/02/2012

    How is not that interesting. Why is. My Nexus 1 may have a much lower res than a newer phone, but you'd only notice if side by side. Only screen size makes a real difference in usability. 4x the pixels on a pad will make little difference to use or image quality. What's interesting is if bigger is better numbers are all the ipad3 has going for it, it is making exactly the same mistake as the majority of android pads. My prime can outgun an ipad in every way, but the majority of users don't give a toss. Reply -1
  • Trends of 2012: Social Gaming

  • 3william56 21/01/2012

    Credited with the creation of the QTE eh? Where did I leave that sniper rifle...? Reply +12
  • Valor exploit in SWTOR update 1.1 causes player uproar

  • 3william56 19/01/2012

    @Alivada Yeah, but isn't that the way it should be? Overequipped imperials with all the advantages, underfunded rebels getting by on spit and sawdust. The Empire had ATATs and Death Stars, but the rebels couldn't afford a broadband connection or long distance phone call to transmit the DS plans and had to get a amublatory dustbin, a golden ponce and some rube from the sticks to hire a sh*tbox freighter to get a message home manually. Reply +7
  • PSN's best-selling indies of 2011 revealed

  • 3william56 14/12/2011

    America in taste shocker!! Who knew? Reply 0
  • Bayonetta developer Platinum making Metal Gear: Rising

  • 3william56 11/12/2011

    Revengence? Who the f**k is writing this? George W Bush?

    One one hand, it's got the potential to be an awesome DevilMayCry slasher by the kings of explosive cheese, Platinum. Vanquish was the finest slice of aged Roquefort last year.

    On the other hand, it has f**k all to do with MGS, and is pissing from a great height over a true gaming icon.
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  • Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock teaser

  • 3william56 10/12/2011

    Lawsuit from Ratchet and Clank in 3... 2... 1.... Reply 0
  • Rainbow 6 Patriots Preview

  • 3william56 29/11/2011

    "If anything, the severe inequality and major decay of infrastructure inside of this country as well as our current state makes us as much a victim as the innocent civilian across the world who gets collateral-ed by a drone "

    Riiiight - potholes in the roads and low internet bandwidth are just as bad as having your family blown apart by a stinger missile... O_o
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  • 3william56 28/11/2011

    Occupy Xbox! Reply 0
  • Kinect 2 so accurate it can lip read

  • 3william56 29/11/2011

    Kinect 2 so accurate it can smell bullsh*t at 50 paces? Reply +2
  • Mario Kart 7 Review

  • 3william56 27/11/2011

    Mario, Zelda, Kirby and now Mario Kart? Ninty really pumping out the original ideas. Reply -13
  • To the Moon Review

  • 3william56 25/11/2011

    @Ninja_Tino and reading EG at the same time? Way to multitask! Reply +6
  • Ancel shows off Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage

  • 3william56 22/11/2011

    @Rodney Sorry Rodney. It looks both gritty and realistic. And has machine guns. Lots of machine guns. If anything, it looked like a (very nice) version of the Nepalese city sequence from Uncharted2.

    My worry is that they've seemed to ditch the entire fantasy manimal hybrid characters and whimsy Ninty-esque SciFi environment that made BGE1 so unique. The character sketches are all human (the only manimal hinted at is Uncle Pey'j from the original teaser trailer). There's even a cow in there, which would be odd if there were cow people around. The apparent Michael Bay "akshun" and violence doesn't fit the original. If this turns into a COD-a-like with a token pig dude, the world will cry.

    No pot smoking rasta rhino men at Mamago, no sale... please don't let my purchase of BGE HD be for nothing...
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  • Skyrim Timelapse: World in Motion

  • 3william56 21/11/2011

    It's a nice video, but even at max settings timelapse shows up the limitations of current tech: it's well into the Uncanny Valley. Repetitive clouds and birds (and spiders!), grass moving but static tree leaves, the moon(s) look(s) terrible, and the water edges look painted on (no reflected ripples). We still have a long way to go, and need a whole lot more processing power until it becomes truly realistic.

    Very pretty though.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

  • 3william56 08/11/2011

    Well... at least EG is consistent (forgetting Halo 3, of course), as anything else but an 8 would have had the Uncharted faithful headshotting Dan from across the map. But I still think it's bogus downgrade. A game that does everything right with awesome polish, but nothing radically new is still worthy of a 9 or 10, as even according to EG's own score rules 10 does not mean perfect, and never did.

    It still smells a little of controversy / link baiting though.
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  • Factor 5's cancelled Sony exclusive detailed

  • 3william56 07/11/2011

    Google "Catshit One" (yes really, not a joke) to see where this could have been leading. Which I can't decide whether would be awesome or horribly disturbing.

    Maybe PETA gave them a call...
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  • PETA condemns brutal Battlefield 3 rat stabbing

  • 3william56 07/11/2011

    Easy boys. There will be a PETA poster with some hot nekkid woman cuddling a rat in a few days. That will make it all better.

    And anyway - compared to what the Worms and Lemmings went through, one rat is hardly a big deal.
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  • What if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?

  • 3william56 02/11/2011

    Sweet mother of God that is beautiful. Replaying the 2rd at the moment, and that is amazing but this just raises the bar all over again.

    For the folks who are complaining about the walking, I believe the poor bloke just survived a plane crash and has walked across the desert dying of thirst, so a bit of a limp is fairly understandable. The issue (as happened in UC2 in the snow sections) is more how injuries and exhaustion instantly disappear when a gun appears. Same as when he machine guns a bloke point blank, then engages in a fist fight. Now I've never been machine gunned, but I suspect it might slow me down a bit.

    I just wish ND'd come up with a better/more realistic take on combat than shoot X times with bullet Y to kill enemy when damage Z = X x Y but enemy unharmed until dead. Make them harder to hit, but bullets do more damage. Less enemies, more damage to me. Health packs and recharging health just stand out so badly in an otherwise "realistic" game like UC.
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  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • 3william56 26/10/2011

    @swills Uncharted 3. Reply -1
  • Stunning live action Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim trailer

  • 3william56 25/10/2011

    "Help Help! We're being attached by a cliche!"
    "Run Away!"
    "I know - lets mill about and set ourselves on fire so the cliche doesn't have to"
    "What we need is the one thing that can kill a giant cliche!"
    "What? You don't mean..."
    "Yes! A level 31 stereotype!"
    "Send a message to Trope The Unimaginative!"
    etc. etc.

    BTW: where do these fantasy / medieval villages get those buckets of petrol that always seem to be ready to kick over onto a handy cooking fire once Crowd Panic #24 kicks in? Or are these guys so hard they drink moonshine from wooden buckets?
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  • Fresh SSX footage races for survival

  • 3william56 25/10/2011

    Nice to see the new site has doubled up video ads, killed off the iPhone/Android app, and hasn't removed the idiotic shopping spam. 9/10!

    On topic, this looks really terrible, unless it's a PS2 or Wii version being shown. Only the tree and night bits looked even remotely realistic. The character models make Wii avatars look hi rez. Looks like I'll still be waiting for a proper snowboard game.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble With Tie-ins

  • 3william56 24/10/2011

    Basically it comes down to the fact that stuck-in-the-past producers of a movie still see the game (and the book, and the McValue meal) as an advertising billboard, despite games often making more money than films. Read James Cameron's intro to Orson Scott Card's book of the Abyss for the inside story.

    Licenses aren't what kill the games; tie-ins are what kills them. If the game (or book) has to be tied to a movie, it will suck because of schedule (and also, as you read in the Abyss intro, the book authors/game creators often don't get access to the finished concept, art, script, effects, soundtrack etc. for the movie until a scant few months before it releases, so the 8 months mentioned above is mostly run blind.

    Not even Goldeneye was an exception. It (IIRC) didn't release alongside the movie.

    Licenses only kill games themselves when publishers spend too much money on the license, and leave no cash to make the game itself. The best licenses are ones that are (at the time) stagnant, like the original Transformers on PS2. Doesn't cost too much, no schedule or script to follow, and a game can be created.

    (Of course the irony is that exactly the same thing apples to movies tied into games, for mostly the same reasons - hello Super Mario Brothers, Streetfighter etc.). I say mostly, because the main reason game movies such starts with Uwe and ends in Boll.
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  • War of the Worlds release date

  • 3william56 14/10/2011

    Is there a minigame where you have to entice Tom Cruise out of the closet before the Martians arrive? Reply 0