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  • Costume Quest 2 finally out in Europe on PS4/PS3 today

  • 2099net 15/04/2015

    @Murton Yet surely Sony know their European store is literally a joke with most mediumcore or hardcore gamers?

    If Sony really want a digital only future at some point in the next five to ten years, they must understand they need to work on their digital reputation.
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  • 2099net 15/04/2015

    @Murton OK so it failed. But what's different about digital releases over physical releases? How often do we hear of disc based releases being cancelled due to QA?

    There still seems to be something wrong with SCEE's certification for digital-only releases.
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  • Poland and Portugal not supported at Xbox One launch, importing near ruled out

  • 2099net 13/06/2013

    [slow hand clap] Reply +2
  • The big interview: Microsoft Studio's Phil Spencer discusses Xbox One

  • 2099net 13/06/2013

    @RussellGorall Not its not. I was talking about digital downloads only. Sony has DRM now on digital downloads and will have in the future.

    Depending on how this 10 user family sharing works, it sounds like Microsoft will allow more flexibility to share a digital purchase than Sony will.

    I really don't see how the 10 user thing will work and expect it to be reduced after a honeymoon period though (just like Sony reduced their shard access from 5 to 2(?))

    I wasn't talking about disc based. That sucks. But if both Machines were Digital only with no optical drives, it would appear the DRM policies more or less balance out (Microsoft more shared users/devices but 24 hour/1 hour access; Sony fewer shared users/devices but no regular checking)

    But we still don't know the final details.

    I feel Microsoft were building an online console only, begrudgingly threw in an optical drive and got carried away with the infrastructure they have already built and... well you know the rest.

    But yes, I have no illusions Microsoft want everything digital only. I bet to be honest they're more annoyed about Blu-ray and DVD movie play back than optical disc sales. Imagine all those movies and tv shows not being rented?!?!
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  • 2099net 13/06/2013

    @SlackMaster RE: DRM Currently, yes Sony has the best. The Xbox One (for digital purchases only I must stress) seems more generous than Sony's. But as you say, we don't know how it will work currently. Reply -4
  • 2099net 13/06/2013

    @jabberwoky Yes, you can deauthorise a device via SEN on a website and authorise a new device. Reply +3
  • 2099net 13/06/2013

    @SlackMaster Well, Microsoft has this family 10 user thing. I'd say its better on the whole. Microsoft don't have other platforms for you to play, say [original] XBox games on. So its not really a valid comparison.

    I will say, I'm happy with Sony's Digital policy and I'm happy that with big releases I have a choice - PSN Download and the "convenience" with limitations or Disc Based with none.
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  • 2099net 13/06/2013

    I really can't understand why Microsoft didn't put backwards compatibility with the X360 in there. If anything was going to reassure customers about digital licences, allowing them to keep their 360 library would have been a great help.

    As it is, when announcing this licencing plan, they've confirmed they don't support their previous plan! If they want to compare themselves to Steam or iTunes, they've fallen at the first hurdle! No portability.

    It remains to be seen if the next Xbox will do so - it remains to be seen if there even will be a next Xbox, so looking too far into the future is moot for most people.

    Actually Microsofts DRM is better than Sony's if we just take into account digital sales. It seems Microsoft begrudgingly included the disk drive in their console (I can easily see a drive-less Xbox One coming out with the first or second round of cost cuttings).

    They really should have kept disc games as they were, worked on transitioning people to digital via incentives (mainly price). While I sort of accept mass discounts of games alienate resellers, Microsoft could still do more pop-up sales, and lets face it, most XBLA titles don't have physical copies so Microsoft could price these more competitively and open them up to sales more frequently.

    Alas, with Microsoft (who, lets remember wanted to put the iPlayer behind a firewall and still put paid for services like Netflix behind one) they have no trust, and have done nothing to earn it.
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  • Microsoft explains Killer Instinct reboot's free-to-download, pay for more characters business model

  • 2099net 11/06/2013

    Well ladies and gentlemen. The new Microsoft's business model (and its contempt for its customers) clearly on show. Another damming indictment to add to the list.

    And the damn console isn't even available yet.
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  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    Well, it seems easily beatable by Sony. Sony would have to do something really stupid to loose the goodwill they currently have Reply 0
  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    So same old, same old. + Skype. Reply 0
  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    Sony mush have learned their pricing lesson after the PS3... eh guys? guys? Reply 0
  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    @fightman5b2 I don't think they can go much lower though - especially if the fabrication issue rumours are true Reply 0
  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    I hope PS4 will be £375 Reply 0
  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    Don't forget the tax, but really it should have been £399 - £350 ideally for a "sweet" price Reply 0
  • 2099net 10/06/2013

    It's pricier than I thought it would be. Oh for the psychological £399. What went wrong Microsoft? Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection spotted

  • 2099net 18/04/2013

    Good lord. Concentrate on your other IP Konami! Reply +3
  • EA cans Dead Space series following poor sales of Dead Space 3 - report

  • 2099net 05/03/2013

    Sigh. Will EA (and others) never learn? If you make everything the same as everything else, what incentive is there for people to buy it? They're more likely to buy what they consider the best example of that type.

    This is why Call of Duty always sells well - rightly or wrongly (I really have no opinion) people perceive it to be the best at what it does. Thus it gets big sales.

    A CoD die-hard may buy one or two other CoD type games each year - but they're not going to buy 10s of the same game. They're not going to buy a game series that started out as a survival horror title - nor is a survival horror player likely to jump at the chance to buy a CoD shooter.

    There's very little overlap. Making a game more like one genre than the other isn't going to increase the overlap either. Dead Space did what it did very well. After the Resident Evil debarcle is was seen as THE title for survival horror on consoles. It was slowly building it's audience. It was doing fine.

    I can't help but think that if the extra development time required for the co-op play was dropped, perhaps it wouldn't have to sell "5 million" copies to be "profitable". [shrugs]

    Aren't they doing a live action film? What will happen to that now? Would it have broken through into the mainstream at cinemas? Probably not, but if done well I think it has the potential to. But now it appears it never will be given the chance. A case of EA cutting off its nose to spite its face?
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  • Don't like the way Sony runs the PlayStation Store? "You should be careful what you wish for" says Yoshida

  • 2099net 19/10/2012

    So... how exactly are disc based games Q/A and certified worldwide and the majority have a release within the same week world-wide? Surely the fact that these are bigger and have to be manufactured & distributed only adds complications?

    If Sony can do physical releases worldwide (in both large and small countries and languages) surely they can do digital releases too? Especially as we are constantly told "digital is the future".
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  • Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time sneaks into stores next March

  • 2099net 22/09/2012

    I'm surprised the SCEE PSN QA can pin it down to March for a digital release, when they have so much trouble predicting what will be released in a week's time every single Wednesday update! Reply 0
  • EA's Gibeau: "I have not green lit one game to be developed as a single-player experience"

  • 2099net 05/09/2012

    "Proud" of "24/7/365" offering for gamers

    Until they turn the servers off.
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  • Walking Dead Episode 2 out now on EU PS Store

  • 2099net 05/07/2012

    I really don't understand these QA issues. How can a massive game like Assassins Creed III already have a release date locked down, before (presumably) anyone at SCEE QA has seen it? Or if they have seen it, its far from the final build.

    Why is it always the downloadable games that seem to suffer from QA delays? And why can such delay's sometimes be one or two months. I can't think of one disc based game delayed for over a month for QA reasons. And presumably the disc based games are bigger - with more text, more voice overs and scope for more bugs.
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  • New PSN boss: "we're doing what's right for the gamer"

  • 2099net 07/03/2012

    Sort our the certification process, and then developers and customers may give a damn. Reply -7
  • The Simpsons Arcade PlayStation Network delayed

  • 2099net 01/02/2012

    Dear Konami. I look forward to you delaying games in the US when they're not available in Europe. Oh, sorry. You don't do that do you? Reply +2
  • Saints Row: The Third PS3 sweetener announced

  • 2099net 17/11/2011

    No reply from THQ yet? Great way of having to say anything uncomfortable - just don't respond to the question. :evil: Reply +1
  • Capcom confirms Darkstalkers for PlayStation Network

  • 2099net 17/11/2011

    I look forward to it appearing on the EU PSN Store in 2013 Reply +1
  • EA: downloadable Battlefield 3 on PS3 has "issues"

  • 2099net 10/11/2011

    How can it have "issues" when SCEE Q/A is so strict? Just look at all the games on the US PSN which have "Q/A" issues here! Reply 0
  • EU PlayStation Store update 9th November

  • 2099net 09/11/2011

    Still no Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. Come on Eurogamer, you're slipping not mentioning this.

    We should embarass Warner Interactive/SCEE into submission.
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  • BBC debate: Games aren't art yet, but that's okay

  • 2099net 02/11/2011

    "I'd suggest that the things we really consider art are the things that allow us to ask profound questions about who we are, how we live and the state of the world around us. I think most games don't get to that place, and it's important to set that bar quite high."

    Three words: Silent Hill 2. Thank you. Now ends the debate.
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  • Payday: The Heist European release date

  • 2099net 28/10/2011

    @Daeltaja - The fact is many people HAVE bought it. Either through the PLAY promotion or via the pre-order promotion. That's why there was more fuss than usual when it was released in the US without any indication when it would be released in the EU. When money has been put down, we expect communication.

    I hope SCEE have learned from this experience for when they next do a promotion or pre-order, but I doubt it.
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  • Sony quiet on EU Payday release

  • 2099net 21/10/2011

    "PAYDAY: The Heist is out now on PlayStation 3, and PC."

    But it's not out now on the Playstation3 in Europe, and there's no sign of a release date for it in Europe either on the Playstation 3. Isn't this the whole point of the article?

    I'm not sure no matter how many languages they have to certify for (although this "requirement" makes you think about the Arc The Lad fiasco) should make a difference. Most "on disc" games are considerably bigger, have considerably more text/speech and are still released more or less simultaneously worldwide. I'm sure the certification process is much more demanding and time consuming for the majority of these. And yet they manage.

    Why are the PSN downloadable titles different? Is it just down to planning. If so, how can the same problems still be in place when they were identified years ago? Does Sony really think their Vita has a chance of upping their download sales in Europe when they're so slap-dash with their European Store updates?

    We're not talking about their incompetence resulting in angry fanboys. We're talking about their European Store's incompetence costing them potentially millions upon millions in lost sales. I'm certainly not even going to think about purchasing a Vita until I'm confident that they have the means and the intention of supporting it fully. You've a long way to go SCEE in my eyes, and I guess in many others.

    What's even more annoying is when the US GT5 DLC was revealed to be a week late, in the same statement American Store users were promised an addition of "something special" to make up for it.
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  • Sony: time not right for download-only

  • 2099net 07/10/2011

    @MattEdWithCheese - but there's no games for a PSPGo. The EU store has a fraction of the titles available in the US, especially PSOne classics. How could they expect people to buy a download only machine when they can't be bothered to put stuff up. Any enquiries at to why something is missing usually gets the same, stock response: "technical issues" No apology, no indication of if a title when or will be released... nothing.

    Everytime a game is delayed in retail, we get informed and a new release date. When a game is delayed on the PSN store we just seem to get shrugged shoulders at best. See the non-release of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection and the responses to enquires about that for example.
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  • 2099net 07/10/2011

    Some Sony PSN regions aren't ready for download only either. Sort out your EU PSN Store first Sony! With the state the current store is, the notion of even discussing download only is just laughable. Reply +4
  • Sony: Only On PSN US only

  • 2099net 03/10/2011


    Well, if the future is to be digital download, Sony needs to convince its customers it can supply digital content before they release a download only console. Given how shoddy their European PSN Store is I'd say they have a decade to go - even if they turn things around on a dime tomorrow. We've just been neglected and ignored for too long. I don't have any confidence that they can support a digital only delivery method in Europe at all.
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  • 2099net 03/10/2011

    Well I guess "the majority" is par for the course. After all we only get the "majority" of US Store content now, why should this be any different.

    And to think, when the PSP Go was released, Sony thought digital distribution would be the future. Not in Europe, obviously.
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  • From Dust PS3 release date

  • 2099net 08/09/2011

    Given the disappointments lately with the Euro PSN store, are we really expecting this to turn up on-time? :) Reply -1
  • PS3 and PSP both get new firmware

  • 2099net 19/11/2009

    When is Sony going to release a firmware which actually upscales SD content on Blu-rays? The upscaler option specifically mentions BD as well as DVD. It must be part of their plan. So when will they actually do it? Reply 0
  • Facebook confirmed for PS3

  • 2099net 12/11/2009

    Forget sodding facebook, twitter etc. When the hell are they going to make SD content on BDs upscale? I still can't believe this hasn't been added! Reply 0
  • New PS3 firmware update coming soon

  • 2099net 24/06/2009

    I wish they'd do something when playing 4:3 content on Blu-ray - its often used for supplements, especially archive stuff taken from old DVDs, and the PS3 insists on playing it in widescreen through HDMI. Being as their DVD software is clever enough not to do this, why can't their Blu-ray software? Reply 0
  • Activision "might stop supporting Sony"

  • 2099net 20/06/2009

    I wonder if Activision has half an eye on the next generation platforms?

    Let's face it, games are expensive to develop on this generation of HD consoles. Imagine the next generation (when ever it may be - 4-6 years time).

    It would benefit Activison enormously if there was only 1 console. Sink the PS3 now, and Microsoft is the most likely default for the next generation of HD consoles. Not only that, but another reason to bet on Microsoft is its seemingly endless supply of money (something Sony as a whole is having problems with in this economic climate). Maybe they're willing to sacrifice their returns on their PS3 titles gambling their actions will result in only one console next generation and therefore a better environment for them to develop, publish and sell games in the future?

    I don't think Activision loses money on every PS3 game it publishes - probably none. Do the justify the return on invest? Who knows, probably at least half don't. We can't really say.

    However, Activison can. And Activision have proven to be ruthless over the past two years - I know of no other publisher which would decline Ghostbusters. As I understand it, its the success of Ghostbusters (or even more accurately, the success of the pre-release buzz for the Ghostbusters video game) which has all-but greenlighted an actual Ghostbusters 3 movie sequel. Likewise Brutal Legend had massive pre-release buzz. Activision has shown its capable of dropping titles if they don't consider them capable of measurements of financial success Activision seemingly demand.

    So I think it wouldn't be wise to simply dismiss this as "toys being thrown out of the pram" - Activision have made seemingly illogical decisions in the past, obviously based on profit and profit alone.
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  • Not Sony's David Reeves

  • 2099net 01/05/2009

    The Dreamcast didn't have a good line up? Their line-up pissed on the PS2s for the first 2.5 years of the console (and quite frankly, pissed on the PS2 line-up as and when the DC was 'retired'). Reply 0
  • No PlayStation 2 price cut for the UK

  • 2099net 31/03/2009

    Well, its obviously because the pound is a little weak at the moment but...

    I seem to remember when the pound was strong, we got no pricing favours from Sony.

    So the rule seems to be the following for pound/dollar conversion in Sony-Land.

    Strong Pound - maximise the cost in the UK so Sony get more money (while in the PS3's case, stripping it of features).
    Weak Pound - maximise the cost in the UK so Sony get more money.

    Good to see Sony always benefits, no matter what the exchange rate is, and the UK consumer always loses.
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  • DC Universe coming in "early 2010"

  • 2099net 02/12/2008

    will this me subscription based? or free play (presumably with ads)? Reply 0
  • Microsoft claims huge US holiday sales

  • 2099net 02/12/2008


    How can Ninja Gaiden be a God of War rip-off, when NG1 was available on the Xbox1 before GOW was released on the PS2?

    Surely GoW is a DMC rip-off anyway :)
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  • 2099net 02/12/2008

    "more broad-appeal social titles than any other platform"

    Every game is a social title, thanks to XBox live's ability to group chat. :)
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  • 2099net 02/12/2008


    Most people who are getting multiple replacements are doing so because they are sent back a refurbished console, which is (I would imagine) more likely to Red Ring than a brand new console. While I accept that their is a fault with the 360 and refurbished replacements are not a good solution to the problem - at least MS is offering replacements under warranty (but I also accept MS should be sending out NEW consoles to all affected customers).

    The PS1 definitely had a fault of the console. How many people do you know who didn't have to resort to loading discs with the console upside down. It was a well known problem. Same with the reliability of the drives on the early PS2s. Again, it was a well known issue. Issues like this are still "the fault of the console". I still had to buy new consoles due to either initial design flaws on the console or Sony using cheap components.

    I'm not a Sony hater - I have a PS3. But its simply not true to say Sony consoles never had reliability issues. They did. And from my experience with my single, launch 360, Sony consoles have proven to be less reliable FOR ME.
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  • 2099net 02/12/2008


    Maybe, but are you telling us none of those 100m+ PS2s were replacement consoles then? I had 3 PS2s - Disc drive went on the first (after about 2 years BTW, so my current 360 has lasted longer), power supply went on the second, and third (a slim) was hardly used.

    All but 1 of my friends had more than one PS2 too. Oh and I had 2 original playstations (again, disc drive went on the first after months of having to load games with the console upside down).

    Finally for your information, it does appear that my 360 drive is on the way out - it sometimes struggles with constantly streaming games. But after 3 years, I'm happy enough to buy a replacement. It's no different to my various Playstation experiences.
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  • Rating Compromises

  • 2099net 02/11/2008

    I really still cannot see anything wrong with the PEGI system. It had the age clearly marked, it had the reasons clearly marked (in text as well as icons) and if the game was a marked as being only suitable for 15 or 18 age group, it would most likely have a BBFC rating (and pointedly the BBFC rating on game cases is significantly bigger than on DVD cases).

    There was no confusion. No confusion what so ever. Any parent who gave a damn about what they were giving their children could scan the box and see the guidance in seconds. It wasn't hidden. It wasn't written in mirror writing. It wasn't written in riddles. It was guidance and if a parent wanted more guidance, they only had to ask the retailer for more information on the game. Plus the BBFC ratings were still on the majority of games rated for older players, and it is still illegal to sell these to minors.

    Any system, be it BBFC only, PEGI or new traffic lights won't make a blindest bit of difference. Its not the ratings, its the adults and their slap-dash approach to parenting.
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  • Rock Band 2 "this side of Christmas"

  • 2099net 29/10/2008

    Well given the recent slide of the pound against the dollar, I shudder to think how much this will cost! Reply 0
  • 2.2 million 360s sold in last quarter

  • 2099net 24/10/2008

    But beckyh, if the real installed userbase is closer than people may think, why aren't the software sales? Are PS3's mainly being used as blu-ray players? If so, how does that help software publishers? Or even the person in the street? The average person who wants a games console (and just a games console) will buy the one with the most games available. At the moment that's still the 360, and frankly, is likely to remain so until PS3 software sales catch up. Which if a proportion of PS3s are being used just for blu-ray, probably won't happen until PS3 unit sales significantly leapfrog 360 unit sales. Reply 0