Policy centre How we work

Gamer Network has a fundamental, long-term commitment to games. Our business is games and our people are gamers. We want to build great long-term relationships with our readers and advertisers and to operate with integrity in both creative and commercial areas.

Gamer Network believes in the highest possible journalistic standards, and as such abides by a strict editorial code of ethics that aims to reflect the core values of objectivity, accuracy, fairness and transparency.

Therefore we've compiled a list of things we hold important - a set of rules that we live by, and procedures that we follow:

  • Advertising and editorial departments are completely separate.
  • We report stories as we see them, as accurately and impartially as possible - we serve our readers and thereby our advertisers best by being reliable, fair and impartial.
  • If we receive a response after publication, we update the story or add a new one where necessary.
  • We always offer a right to reply, correct any factual errors brought to our attention, and credit our sources clearly where applicable.
  • We do not publish an unsubstantiated rumour without first having attempted to verify it ourselves, but will respect any request for sources to remain confidential.
  • We believe in being fair, honest and transparent in our dealings with advertisers.
  • We will not 'oversell' nor over-claim about our readership. The traffic on all our sites is regularly verified by third parties, and we publish that information promptly.
  • We provide a consultative sales approach based on understanding our readers, our advertisers and the marketplace.
  • If you believe a particular story or feature or aspect of how we work falls short of the above, please contact the editor.
  • We do not attend "VIP" review events at hotels or abroad.
  • If it is ever necessary to review games at a company's offices then we will cover travel and accommodation costs ourselves and disclose the conditions under which the game was reviewed.
  • If we accept travel or accommodation from a company then we disclose it.
  • We will only accept games, items for reviews and things that enable us to do our job (i.e. consoles, peripherals).
  • Games and other items received through work may not be sold or traded. If they are no longer useful for work then they will be given to the GamesAid charity.
  • If we are sent or otherwise receive promotional items without requesting them, they will also be sent to GamesAid.
  • Staff and contributors are not permitted to do "mock reviews" for or provide consultancy to publishers.
  • Staff and contributors may not write about a company they have worked for in any capacity within the last two years.