Giveaways Everquest II: Rise of Kunark™ BETA Giveaway

EverQuest II is growing again with the Rise of Kunark™ expansion, and you have the chance to leave your mark on it by joining the beta test.

Important: You must have an active EverQuest 2 account to be able to join the Rise of Kunark™ Beta test.

Here you can explore the wild and lush continent of Kunark, embarking on countless quests and encountering new and probably-will-eat-you-without-asking monsters. You will also get the chance to play as the new Sarnak race, as you gradually uncover the truth behind this war-torn land that hides ancient and powerful relics.

And like all good expansion packs, it comes with bundles of other fantasy treats to get excited about. There are epic weapon quests for all 24 classes, new armour sets to collect and items to find, as well as new deities to worship and Kunarkian Rhinoceroses to tame and ride as your beastly mounts. Stamp, snort.

You can also extend your accomplishments by increasing your Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild levels up to 80, receiving rewards and envious looks from your friends as you do.

Get involved and get that head start you have always wanted.

This giveaway has now finished. If you successfully claimed a key, it should appear below, along with instructions for what to do next.