Giveaways Combat Arms beta giveaway!

Keys for free online FPS up for grabs.

Eurogamer has teamed up with Nexon - the online gaming company behind worldwide sensations MapleStory and KartRider - to bring you an early chance to play the company's online FPS for PC, Combat Arms.

We've got 10,000 more keys to give away for the closed beta of the European version of Combat Arms. The game is available to download and play now.

Just click below to claim your place on the beta, and we'll send you a message containing your key and all the information you need to register an account, download the game and get started.

Combat Arms is an entirely free-to-play, free-to-download online shooter with no subscription fees, no locked "premium" areas, and no paid-for weapons or other items that might affect gameplay balance.

Weapon and character customisation is Combat Arms' major draw, with over 30 base weapons and countless permutations of scopes, ammo clips and more.

There are fast-paced One Man Army (death-match), team Elimination, Search & Destroy (bomb-disposal) and capture-the-flag modes available on its multiple maps. Combat Arms is set in a Cold War between the world's superpowers.

You'll also find support for friend lists and clans that goes far beyond what's offered by many full-price online FPS games. Nexon is aiming to bring all the quality you expect from cutting-edge shooters to the world of free-to-play gaming.

(Please note, not all game features will be available at the start of the closed beta. They will be added to the game progressively through the launch period.)

And don't worry about being able to run it - Combat Arms will work on virtually any PC, with minimum system requirements of a 1GHz Pentium III, 256MB of RAM and a Geforce 2 MX. We're pretty sure our washing machine meets those.

You've no reason not to give it a shot. Click below for a key, and check out the Combat Arms gamepage for screenshots and more info. Combat Arms will have its official launch later this year.

This giveaway has now finished. If you successfully claimed a key, it should appear below, along with instructions for what to do next.