Giveaways Pirates of the Burning Sea Open Beta

Eurogamer, Koch Media and Sony Online Entertainment are giving you the chance to set sail and join the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta test.

Here you can venture back to the romantic golden age of pirates in the eighteenth century, when peg-legged villains swaggered across the ocean plundering huge Spanish galleons overflowing with gold. Useful for spending on rum and women, you see. And carbon off-sets.

Now it is your turn to live your dreams, as you fill the buckled boots of an unproven seafarer and join your friends on vessels of all shapes and sizes hunting for your fortune.

Sail ships, blast cannon, swing from the main mast to board enemy ships, trade cargo in ports, dress to look the part and laugh with your friends as you drown yourself in rum.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is one of the most unique persistent online worlds ever to appear, and you can claim passage now and begin your very own adventure on 7th December.

© 2007 Flying Lab Software LLC. Pirates of the Burning Sea is a trademark of Flying Lab Software LLC. Platform Publishing and the Platform Publishing logo are trademarks of Sony Online Entertainment LLC.

This giveaway has now finished. If you successfully claimed a key, it should appear below, along with instructions for what to do next.