Nobi Nobi Boy - Keita Takahashi's (Katamari Creator) PS3 Title Page 16

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  • Carlo 9 Oct 2013 18:32:23 18,652 posts
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    Re-downloded this for the kids. They've been playing it for hours!

    They like this more than LBP Karting and Great Ghana Sisters.

    What's wrong with them!

    (Although, I had a quick go too, for old times sake I went through one of the doughnut clouds)
  • DrStrangelove 11 Oct 2013 00:33:47 7,151 posts
    Seen 13 hours ago
    Registered 6 years ago

    It is a lot better than LBP Karting. Never played Great Ghana Sisters, but it is so much better than LBPK.

    Sure, you can't compare those really... but matter of fact is, it's so much better than LBPK.
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