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  • vyseofhr 6 Mar 2012 09:25:26 975 posts
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    Agreed with Mr-Brett.

    I'm from the South-West, have lived in two or three different cities, and Exeter is most definitely not what I would term a 'hole'. Like others have said, it's a little bland perhaps - but it depends what you want.

    If you have no interest in clubbing etc but like artsy things like theatre and cinema, and the outdoors, I would say Exeter is almost perfect for you. The coastline (and coast path) towards East Devon between Sidmouth and Lyme Regis in particular is absolutely wonderful for walking. Exeter also really does have some great restaurants too.

    IMO, the main downside is it definitely is a little bit small-town but then if you're in the SW then honestly, you won't find many places that aren't.

    I presume the comic shop you guys where on about was Crackers? That end of town has gone right down hill now :(

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  • Mr-Brett 6 Mar 2012 09:28:17 13,261 posts
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    Speaking of Lyme Regis, the Lyme Bay Coffee Co makes some very good Coffee, you should check that out :)

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  • Deleted user 12 April 2013 22:41:45
    how you getting on in exeter SBJ? looking at a job there myself
  • ED209 12 Apr 2013 22:56:00 505 posts
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    I gave your mum the night of her life last night. She was in a terrible mess the next morning when I went to Exeter.

    So I remain balls deep in her clunge.

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  • Rose-of-Sorrow 12 Apr 2013 23:23:47 545 posts
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    Drive a little further down the A38, you'll find Plymouth is much better :-)
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