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  • Telepathic.Geometry 8 Jul 2013 10:11:54 12,415 posts
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    Well, Ireland's worse. Maybe the siesta was the difference.
  • Salaman 8 Jul 2013 11:38:25 22,771 posts
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    Gruff wrote:
    I remember reading its used to be the natural way of things way back in medieval times, called a first sleep around 3PM and a normal sleep at night. But modern society dictates otherwise now.

    /Stupid modern society
    Wasn't first sleep until 3am, then awake for an hour, maybe two and then second sleep until morning?
  • BigOrkWaaagh 8 Jul 2013 11:43:48 6,546 posts
    Seen 35 minutes ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    Wolves1877 wrote:
    I've just had a shit, Do I post it on the Internet?
    Yes, apparently.
  • Telepathic.Geometry 8 Jul 2013 12:01:58 12,415 posts
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  • Tonka 8 Jul 2013 12:17:07 26,259 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
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