Required console connectivity - would you opt in for rewards?

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  • cowell 20 Jun 2013 08:57:50 695 posts
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    The change of MS policy on Xbox One is probably a good thing for the health of the market and necessary for them to compete. However if Sony or MS were to incentivise a required Internet check in and buying new, would you go for it?

    Those sorts of policies would help their fight against piracy and encourage new purchase - two of the platform holders key concerns.

    If the platform holders were to recognise every new purchase a console owner makes by encouraging registration and to log consoles connection to servers, those players could be rewarded with exclusive content, demos, discounts, perhaps even week early access to new releases

    As a player who lives in a decent broadband area and rarely deals in second hand, that'd suit me well. I'd see at as a perk to me rather than a penalty to those who don't. Thoughts?

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  • Shikasama 20 Jun 2013 09:00:40 6,869 posts
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    Would you fuck over your console in the event of an unforseen circumstance for the pure, undbridled joy of downloading a game a week before other people could buy the game?

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