My Xbox 360 and Xbox Live account are banned

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  • Barabus 13 Jun 2013 18:00:49 13 posts
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    Today my Xbox 360 and Xbox Live account banned. Microsoft accuses me of piracy. It's a lie.

    The console is completely clean. I use used only legal games. I've spent on games in the last six months, more than 500 euro. The only reason for the ban may be in the purchase of two games with my British account. One of them is Castlevania HD (unavailable in Russian Live), the second is Kill Team. But since I bought them, not stolen.

    It's funny that I still can play my games, including those that are installed on the console itself. I just can not do anything more to buy from Microsoft. They are strange people.

    In general, I decided for myself that it's my first and last console from Microsoft. Fuck them with such an attitude with customers.

    I recommend to ignore the XBox One and only buy the Playstaion 4.

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  • B0rked_Gamer 13 Jun 2013 18:01:50 2,689 posts
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  • Steve_Perry 13 Jun 2013 18:02:11 4,231 posts
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    Have you been online in the last 24 hours?


  • neilka 13 Jun 2013 18:02:19 15,919 posts
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    A map is like comparing velocity and speed.

  • MrTomFTW Moderator 13 Jun 2013 18:02:45 38,176 posts
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    Go complain about it on their forums or something. I find it doubtful they've made a mistake.

    Shame no longer exists! It was good for a laugh.

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  • jamievilla 13 Jun 2013 18:03:23 535 posts
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    Awesome. Thanks for that, please report back tomorrow on what you had for breakfast, I can barely contain myself.

    WhywasIbanned has gone? Gutted, that was one of the funnier sites.. Remember all the people getting their parent's to write in for them.

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