Forza 5

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  • Deleted user 11 June 2013 22:40:22

    So yeah, it has shiny paint and 'Drivertar'.

    Which makes me thing of Native Americans crying over their legacy being shoehorned into... cars?
  • neilka 11 Jun 2013 22:44:44 20,570 posts
    Seen 11 minutes ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    Some twat's beaten you to it
  • Deleted user 12 June 2013 10:15:32
    I don't know how this happened.
  • Deleted user 12 June 2013 10:16:51
    no night, no weather, no storefront, no auction house, no thanks
  • spindle9988 12 Jun 2013 10:20:22 4,596 posts
    Seen 23 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    I am so bored of forza, even reading the name maskes me sleepy
  • Psychotext 12 Jun 2013 10:25:49 62,013 posts
    Seen 4 hours ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Some other twat did a much better thread a long time ago:
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