Bad Day(iOS) (Universal)(SoftLaunch)

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  • lisyarich 20 May 2013 19:43:45 2 posts
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    Mobile tactical shooter, S.T.A.L.K.E.R like.
    Game is still on beta version, more features will be added in next update.
    Now it has:
    3 maps, with great 3D environment
    4 different types of bots
    6 types of weapon

    Game has been made by two people.

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  • TarickStonefire 21 May 2013 10:59:46 3,780 posts
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    If it's in beta why isn't that mentioned on the iTunes description and why are you selling it?

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  • lisyarich 1 Jun 2013 20:30:34 2 posts
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    @TarickStonefire , cause by the rules of Apple application cannot be named Beta, Demo, Alpha etc.
  • DFawkes 1 Jun 2013 20:35:08 24,950 posts
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    I played a couple of betas on iOS, the dev can let you use the game using some file you open in iTunes. Or you could call it Prologue, put it on the App Store for free then remove that version when it's out of beta. There are options, at least :)

    Bit more here on Apple's Own Developer Site.

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  • HandsomeCrab 1 Jun 2013 20:54:33 279 posts
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    That's a lot of (brackets) in that there thread title.

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  • BigOrkWaaagh 1 Jun 2013 23:10:44 2,596 posts
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    I don't like this trend of charging for betas - they're meant to be test versions of software to check that it works properly. It's ridiculous and can be a cop out for devs releasing buggy software.

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