borderlands 2 ultimate vault hunter mode

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  • strange-quark 7 Apr 2013 18:49:34 32 posts
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    the xp doesn't seem to be scaling with the difficulty.i'm at level 51,my shield is at 62000,but an ironclad lunatic takes 2 rounds of twin turrets and more than 100 rounds from a caustic weapon to bring down,then you get less than 500 xp. a few melee hits and my shield is gone. how far into the playthrough do you start getting decent equipment?
  • Jono62 7 Apr 2013 19:03:05 15,507 posts
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  • Metalfish 7 Apr 2013 19:03:49 8,984 posts
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    Hi, we've already got a borderlands 2 thread here: (it's often a good idea to see if there's a recent thread on the same topic 'cause the follow thread function means people interested are more likely to see it)

    Anyway, I think it's quite likely that the devs designed UVHM with the expectation that you would have powerful L50 equipment from the get-go. I suggest going back to the previous mode and seeking out a few extra items, as everything starts off as massive bullet-sponges, especially armoured enemies.

    If nothing else, a level 50 meteor shower grenade mod from the torgue DLC will get you pretty far. Oh, and slag EVERYTHING.
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