Recommend me a Wireless 360 Headset

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  • northernlights 6 Apr 2013 10:30:29 941 posts
    Seen 18 hours ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Hi, Im interested in getting a headset for my 360 with the following requirements:

    - Must be wireless
    - At the very most Ł100
    - Must hear game audio through the headset (seem some need separate adapters)

    Ideally as well ones I can recharge as I understand they all run out quickly.

    Turtlebeach seems the main ones but are very expensive. Afterglow as well seem OK
    and alot cheaper unsure if they play game audio as well.
  • NOSAVIOUR 6 Apr 2013 10:55:56 2,847 posts
    Seen 4 months ago
    Registered 12 years ago
    PX5 best headset I've owned. Digital 7.1 now under a Ł100 on certain sites.
  • DUFFMAN5 6 Apr 2013 12:22:51 22,075 posts
    Seen 3 hours ago
    Registered 13 years ago
    I have had my TB x41's for over a year and they are ace.
  • Vortex808 6 Apr 2013 12:36:28 11,743 posts
    Seen 6 minutes ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    My turtle beach x3's now don't work for voice comms after 4 years :(

    Any feedback on trittons? May just need a new cable from the headphones to the pad for my x3's. does anyone know if you can buy replacements?

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  • Vortex808 6 Apr 2013 14:02:47 11,743 posts
    Seen 6 minutes ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Balls. X3's are discontinued and no replacement parts fit them. I have contacted TB in case they can suggest something/have some lying around.

    Guess I need to buy some new headphones. Annoying at the end of gen to have to buy new ones that may be obsolete on my next console purchase.
  • BiggerBFG 7 Apr 2013 16:12:09 1,260 posts
    Seen 3 hours ago
    Registered 10 years ago
    I've had Turtle Beach PX5s for well over a year, still working great. Fantastic buy. They're not rechargeable but it's not hard to get a set of rechargeables and charger.
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