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  • NimbusTLD 26 Mar 2013 20:43:34 65 posts
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    @Boab XKCD's shown method yields a strong easily remembered password. It is effective mostly because it is made of so many characters. A password using random characters using an equal number of characters will still prove harder to crack.

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  • Deleted user 26 March 2013 20:47:39
    Says it all when I believe a cartoon over a person.
  • megalomaniacs4u 27 Mar 2013 11:12:34 78 posts
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    The trouble with that xkcb strip is most sites won't let you use a password that long....
  • DFawkes Friendliest Forumite, 2016 27 Mar 2013 11:26:12 31,821 posts
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    I've not even looked at the last page, but I bet it's the one with correcthorsebatterystaple as a password. I didn't try to remember it, it's just true that it's super easy.
  • barrylyndon 7 May 2015 05:11:35 144 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Someone tried to change hack my account by trying to change the email. They had the email and password. I have only bought the crew so I assume they were trying to access that. Changed my password now. Hope that's the end of it.
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