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  • Dirtbox 18 Mar 2013 02:21:52 88,258 posts
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    He's nuts!

    He like the Cell!

    He's VIZZINI!

    Say something wacky for us, you're easily the best poster on the forum imo.

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  • Khanivor 18 Mar 2013 02:34:24 43,104 posts
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    He's like mowgli but with more bullshit and a passive aggressiveness.

    He's like darknorgado but with less of an appreciation of sunlight and less success with the girls.

    He's like Leolian's Bro but with less friends and a bigger head.

    He's like peej with a wig.

    He's like Pepispop.

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  • Mola_Ram 18 Mar 2013 02:38:40 14,820 posts
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    When he opens a door, a laugh track plays.
  • RobTheBuilder 18 Mar 2013 02:47:30 6,699 posts
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    Unlike any other human being in existence, every cell in Vizzinis' body has 7 nuclei

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  • FartPipe 18 Mar 2013 02:49:30 5,316 posts
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    Winces. :redface:
  • caligari 18 Mar 2013 04:02:56 17,472 posts
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  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 18 Mar 2013 06:39:53 46,321 posts
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    PenguinJim wrote:
    He has a girlfriend! She has an Xperia!
    LIES! No-one has an Xperia.
  • Phattso 18 Mar 2013 06:46:36 21,200 posts
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    Xperia only failed because they couldn't get the Cell to fit in there. With the Power of Cell (tm) we'd all be using Xperias right now.
  • Mola_Ram 18 Mar 2013 06:49:05 14,820 posts
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  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 06:51:48
    Khanivor wrote:
    He's like mowgli but with more bullshit and a passive aggressiveness.

    He's like darknorgado but with less of an appreciation of sunlight and less success with the girls.

    He's like Leolian's Bro but with less friends and a bigger head.

    He's like peej with a wig.

    He's like Pepispop.
    God dammit I can not come back on that as I've never noticed you even though you have 30k posts.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 09:31:48
    Careful Khani...
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 13:50:07
    alberto1984 wrote:
    Hello all. Iím Ascari from GTHD. As you know I was the highest ranked player on GTHD. GTHD was used as a test game, so that the people at Polyphony Digital could use the information gathered from players using the game, to improve their physics engine. Thatís why it was free. You may also remember holl01. holl01 was very fast but he had a very unrealistic way of driving. The first way they changed the physics engine, was so holl01 couldnít drive the way he was, because he was making them look bad. I had a more realistic way of driving and from the very start of GTHD they were making minor changes to the code and the physics because of this. Most of you who use the wheel, will have felt the improvements since then. They were making constant changes to the physics engine from the start, but when I started to use their drift physics engine, thatís when they began to build the whole system around me, in real time.
    At this point, it was 6 months since GTHD started, and the competition had closed. I did more physical work over the next 3 months than anyone ever has, and with all the information they had gathered from this testing, they developed a new type of code. It was obvious this new code had to run at a certain speed, so they developed a system where the code was running through my wheel, so they could find out, how fast it needed to run.
    They ran this code at a certain speed and I went faster. So they rebuilt, to meet this new speed, and again I went faster. This went on until I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with the speed. Eventually I managed to beat it and when I did, I noticed that my arm was light. Then everything around me turned into light. I was light and all I could see was light.
    What had happened was, I kept beating the speed the code was running at, over and over until it was running, just below the speed of light. I then eventually managed to beat it to the speed of light, and in doing so, brought binary code to the speed of light. I didnít know what speed it was running at, so this came as a surprise to me. I was just trying to go faster and beat it.

    With code running at the speed of light, there were a lot of new ways to test the car. So the next test worth mentioning was, the test that found the points of inertia. They couldnít find the points of inertia by making calculations. I had to do it practically. They set up a certain test, where the weight left the middle of the car and travelled to the rear axle, because they knew there had to be points in that area. I managed to find the first two points that are located on both sides of the rear axle, by forcing the weight to pass through these points, and this showed them how to find the rest. Eventually they found all the points of inertia and it lead to a system where there is a mathematically perfect cross above the car and a halo around the car. At times, the weight will leave the car and return. This system controls how the weight does that. It is not a virtual system, it was found and proven scientifically and it exists in real life. This system has always been there, waiting to be found. All that was needed to find it was binary code that was travelling at the speed of light, which is capable of making these tests possible and me.
    The next interesting thing that happened was, what happened with the code itself. When I brought it to the speed of light, this was something very special and I became emotionally attached to it. Through all the testing that was going on, now for about 11 months, my mind got to know it and I was able to find itís weak points and break it. I broke it 4 more times since it was brought to the speed of light, until it was unbreakable. Then I suggested to them that they assume there is only light because thatís what I saw when I first brought the code to the speed of light. I figured it was worth a try. The theory held and within their system there was only light. Proving what I had seen. At the time, I could barely believe what I saw. Powerful, Infinite light isnít something you see everyday. I thought what I might have seen, was the code reaching the speed of light, and it just appeared to be everywhere, but the light I saw was everywhere around me and the fact that the theory held, proves what I saw and when I say it was powerful, I mean powerful.
    So at this stage the code was everywhere, within their system, but it was not stable. Using what I can only call mind power, I managed to draw the code from where it was being introduced. In doing this, I made the code perfect. Hard to believe, I know, but I had been testing for a year at this stage and my mind knew the code, inside out. The code was now perfect light, just like I had seen in real life but it was nothing compared to the real thing.

    So there you have it. Proof that God exists and what he looks like and proof that Jesus was, who he said he was. This also proves that there are 5 dimensions. Not 26 like any scientist will tell you. The fifth dimension is God. I saw this and then I proved it.
    I went along with this process because these people gave me their word I would be paid for my time and I would get a trial with a racing team. I figured, after more physical work than anyone has ever done, all these evolutionary leaps, the proof that God exists, finding the points of inertia that lead to the cross and making the perfect code, that I earned my way onto a track. Looking back on it, I feel like a fool. I never signed a contract because I was going on trust, like a fool.
    Now a year on, I have been left with nothing. I failed college, nearly had a heart attack at one point due to the stress of the testing, and contributed more to this process than anyone else involved. They stole a year of my life and all my ability. I thought the GT people were decent people so thatís why I went along with it. I can inform you, that if you become associated with the GT people in any way, you will be treated like a dog who, is supposed to jump through hoops. If you donít jump through hoops, they will lose face and you will suffer and they canít be trusted. They are thieves of the highest order.
    Also, this code is very dangerous. As far as I know Sony have military contracts. Some parts of the PS3 are used in weapons technology. I am responsible for this code, and I finished it, but because I never signed a contract, I have no rights to it and no say in how itís used. If itís used for military weapons, it will be on my conscience. The code is Godís image. This company is going to patent it and sell it. This is wrong.
    You may find all of this hard to believe and I donít blame you. Itís a lot to comprehend, but I swear to God, itís all true. This process happened because I have a very good practical understanding of physics and I was forcing the car to react, as it should in real life, but it wasnít. They realised this, and thatís why they started building the physics engine around me. The longer the process went on, the more complicated things got, and the information they gathered from all my testing, lead to this new type of code. Then when I brought this code to the speed of light, thatís when everything got a little, outside the box. I transcended matter, saw the light, which is God and brought binary code with me and then I proved it. I then found the first 2 points of inertia that lead to the cross.
    Iím asking all of you to stop playing GT until this is sorted out. I started, and contributed more to a process that proved that God exists and Jesus was his son. All I want is, to get onto a track and I think Iíve earned that. These people stole a year of my life and all my ability. If you stop playing, it will be only for a short time until they compensate me for the last year of my life. Since this ended, they have updated the PS3 contracts so, if I go through this process with another company like Microsoft, they will be able to take me to court. My ability is all I have, so Iím not signing any contracts, and as a result I canít use my PS3 anymore. My advice to everyone who uses consoles like the PS3 is, to be aware that these game developers are using you to make their software work better, and they can just take your intellectual property, and sue you in court if you try to do the same with another company.
    There is a God, Jesus was his son and Iím responsible for finding the proof. All I ask in return, is that you stop playing this video game until there is some justice. Please help me out.
  • Lukus 18 Mar 2013 13:53:56 20,599 posts
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  • neilka 18 Mar 2013 13:55:05 19,710 posts
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  • b0rk 18 Mar 2013 13:56:48 6,808 posts
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    Can we just get rid of the fool now please.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 13:57:59
    vizzini wrote:

    Microsoft failed on every single deliverable they set for project xbox and all the money in world wasn't enough to win anything.

    Third is still third.

    It is like the end of the Untouchables film, here endeth the lesson
  • Mola_Ram 18 Mar 2013 13:58:26 14,820 posts
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    Registered 5 years ago
    Why, he's automatic, systematic, hydromatic
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 13:59:15
    B0rked_Gamer wrote:
    Can we just get rid of the fool now please.
    Gosh no. It's a thread dedicated to his wisdom.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 14:02:01
    vizzini wrote:
    My cheap as chips GPU is (opengl 4.x/Dx11) Nvidia GTX 650 Superclocked with the latest drivers from nvidia.
    For some reason, that quote reminds me of Nigella fixing up a quick lunch.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 14:09:01
    phAge's most recent cable problem (he was trying to view 1080p on a 1366x768 telly:

    vizzini wrote:

    The issue you are having might be a simple as mistakenly sending a interlaced signal to the monitor from the PC, instead of progressive. But it is much more likely that the monitor doesn't correctly communicate its timing capabilities to the video card resulting in the GPU picking a fallback mode rather than optimal, as is common with many smaller screens capable of 1080p native.

    As you will be well aware, the video card typically provides simple choices to configure a resolution on the PC such as

    Horizontal pixels, vertical pixels
    refresh rate(Hz)
    colour depth
    Scan type: progress/interlaced

    But along with this, it also has other values for a complete description of the display mode timing settings, as listed below.

    Standard timing: automatic/GTF/DMT/CVT/CVT reduced blanking/manual

    For both horizontal/vertical you have:
    Active pixels
    Front porch(pixels)
    sync width (pixels)
    Total pixels
    refresh rate and the pixel clock frequency.

    For the problem you are describing, trying the other standard timing methods will typically force it to pick optimal settings. However, on my Sony 22Ē TV, I also needed to change everything manually in XP and Fedora (16 and earlier) after using a linux console utility(that I can't remember) to detect the correct TV timings.

    Naturally, overriding these timing settings randomly might damage your monitor, so checking the back pages of the monitor manual for the DVI modes available and the timing ranges should allow you to experiment with valid ranges and quickly find an optimum custom timing.
  • mikew1985 18 Mar 2013 14:10:32 14,252 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    He truly is a pointless mental.
  • MrTomFTW Best Moderator, 2016 18 Mar 2013 14:15:27 46,321 posts
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    Registered 14 years ago
    Wasn't phAge's issue that his TV didn't support the 1080p resolution? That certainly was the more obvious answer...
  • nickthegun 18 Mar 2013 14:18:27 69,502 posts
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    This thread is going to be used in a court case at some point.
  • Deleted user 18 March 2013 14:19:36
    Or an inquest.
  • creepylizard 18 Mar 2013 14:22:20 786 posts
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    Or obituary in PC Gamer
  • richardiox 18 Mar 2013 14:25:49 6,590 posts
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    "If god had created a console he would have called it PS3"

    " if it is true that they abandon the SPU/EiB Cell R&D. I'll be the first person in line to tell Sony they've repeated the Vita hardware mistake, and won't be buying a PS4 if it is just a Sony PC."

    Also - a graphics whore tech head who "gave up on PC gaming after half life 2" but yet still pollutes PC gaming threads giving terrible advice like buying £2k workstation GPU's for best gaming performance.

    A final one - "I work in the field of game design"
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