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  • Salaman 21 Apr 2013 13:04:10 22,875 posts
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    Some of these were fetching some very nice prices I saw!

    A question of my own.
    My cherished Nintendo ROB is in the loft at my parents. I was quite dismayed when I found they'd gotten it out a few years back for my sister's kids to play with.

    This afternoon, they were at a car boot sale and a guy had a bunch of old consoles. My sister remarked that I used to have one of them NES consoles back in the day, with a little robot.
    The seller offered them 50€ for it. Explaining that it's not valuable per se but it's a nice little gadget and there's a few games that can only be played with the ROB, so people will give something for it.

    They rang me up to see if they can dig it out and sell it. I half want to hold on to it and I half suspect they can get a better prices selling it themselves on ebay or something similar.
    Unless my parent's chucked them out or my sister's kids brokes/scattered them in between the lego and playmobiles, it should have all the parts, spinners, etc.
    I had a look here at my place and found the gyromite game that came with it.

    The ROB + gyromite + all bits and bobs must be worth more then 50€ right?
    I can only find auctions for the boxed set or massive sets with light gun, duck hunt, games, etc, so it's hard to gauge the value.
  • Nitramuse 23 Apr 2013 12:39:59 1 posts
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    @Salaman It is mass produced, it isn't all THAT rare. Depending on the condition, €50 is pretty normal. And if I were you, I wouldn't sell it.
  • Psiloc 23 Apr 2013 16:34:15 4,191 posts
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    If the retro section was a bit more active here you'd already be up to your arse in matching offers for that ROB. I know I'd give you €50 for it.
  • quadfather 30 Apr 2013 13:26:25 29,689 posts
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    @Mumtoucher - did you ever find any snes stuff in the end?
  • Salaman 30 Apr 2013 13:51:31 22,875 posts
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    Yeah decided not to sell it in the end. I've been holding on to it for year and I don't need the cash really.
    I think the folks and my sister were surprised some old "toy" of mine would be worth 50€ and figured they might as well sell it unless I object.
  • macmurphy 30 Apr 2013 16:56:46 2,597 posts
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    Just a question really. I was also thinking of getting rid of my gamecube and N64. I wanted to sell each console separately but as a job lot with all controllers and games, just to save time and in (the rather naďve) hope that a genuine collector buys it and cherishes it, as opposed to a dealer that will just break it up.

    But I have some stuff that is quite valuable and a bit niche - so on the N64 I've got some Japanese treasure shooters for example. Do you think it's better to just risk it for a biscuit and sell it all in one or break up the collection? I saw the website for sealed games but is there one that advises how much second hand ones are worth, or is it best to just check on ebay.

    Any advice from people that have done the same would be welcome. If anybody is interested in buying, let me know. The gamecube, for example, has the twenty highest scoring games on metacritic (sports titles excluded). I hope that doesn't come across as a shameless plug, like I said I would just rather a genuine gamer could take it all than some dealer that will just break it up for profits.
  • Psiloc 3 May 2013 14:01:35 4,191 posts
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    Even genuine collectors break up and sell off most of a job lot anyway since it's pretty unlikely they'll 'need' everything in the lot.

    For example I've bought a job lot of a Megadrive, 32X and so many games before and it was just so I could get the 32X for a decent price, plus selling the rest off individually basically paid for it. I'm guessing your more worried about someone cynically buying the lot solely for profit but the lines are pretty blurry.

    Either way if you want everything to go straight to a gamer you want to sell it all individually. Unless you can sell it all to a mate or something your collection just isn't going to stay together.
  • Deleted user 3 May 2013 14:40:39
    Your Japanese Treasure games should definately be sold individually.

    Im currently selling off my retro collection via ebay. Ive come to the conclusion that either 'buy it now' or high starting price is the way forward.

    From what Ive seen an auction starting at 99p doesnt always result in the best prices.
  • macmurphy 3 May 2013 14:50:42 2,597 posts
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    Ok. I might try and price it up with a buy it now. I will sell the jap games separately, it's custom robo 2, sin and punishment and bangaioh if anyone's interested. I haven't put it on yet, I think I will next week. I've also got a yank mischief makers.

    I am a bit worried about it not getting enough cash, but I think people avoid items with a reserve so I don't want to do that. At the same time I don't want to let it go for way under what it's worth.

    I'm hoping if I make it nice then I will get a couple of dealers bidding against each other. I want a private individual to get it but at least a dealer will know what the stuff's worth and hopefully I'll only lose about 10-20% on the value.
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