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  • Gigifusc 7 Feb 2013 15:08:20 6 posts
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    Hi all.

    Sorry to those of you that hate this kind of thing, but as a teensy tiny 2 man indie, one of the few ways we can let gamers such as yourselves know about our game is to post in forums such as these. So please forgive us our indiscretions... :)

    Anyway, so we've just released our game on the App Store. Flubby World is a 2.5D cute platform game that mixes a modern control method with a bit of old school platform gaming.

    Would love for you to take a look and am happy to answer any questions or discuss your comments - good or bad! :)

    Here's some links for you:

    App Store

    Our trailer

    Our Web site

    And if you want to see some more screenshots and video's, here's our Facebook page

    Thanks for your time (and patience).


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