Next-Gen expectations

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  • Futuristicgamer 2 Feb 2013 16:15:17 6 posts
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    Hey guys,

    This is my first forum post here.
    I'm Futuristicgamer and some people may know me from the gametrailers community.

    Anyway, I'm really intrested in gamers' opinions when it comes to the next-gen of gaming.

    I'd be very thankful if some of you would your time and answer following questions:

    1.-Some Xbox360 and Playstation 3 Exclusive games surprised a lot of people.

    Do you think Next-gen exclusive games may exceed our expectations again next-Gen?

    If yes, at which point? Early, in the middle or later in the console lifecycle?

    2.-Do you think that it'll be possible to make a significant jump towards authenticity in General?

    Is it going to be the first generation with clever A.I, authentic wars with hundreds of NPC's, Racing games with 24-or more cars on the track at steady 30 fps?

    Which genre will benefit the most?

    3.-On/Offline Multiplayer

    Is anyone expecting more than the friendlists we're used to?

    What about own Social Networks from Sony and Microsoft instead of Twitter/Facebook integration?

    Will most of the devs ignore Splitscreen again?

    I'm a fan of spectator modes like in Gran Turismo 5 The idea of watching others competing against each other until you join the game is quite cool.

    Any hope more devs will focus on additional MP experiences like that?

    Are you expecting any positive/negative surprise when it comes to online service?

    For instance>Free online MP on Xbox live


    SEN/PSN where you have to pay. ( I doubt it since some Guy confirmed PS Plus for PS4 )

    4. And ultimately.

    Will it be the generation Gamers have always dreamt of?

    The generation that will satisfy most gamers for a long time?

    Edit: leave it Open mods, thank you ;)

    Edited by Futuristicgamer at 16:16:33 02-02-2013
  • Dirtbox 2 Feb 2013 16:21:40 88,378 posts
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    It got spliced with an existing thread for a reason. It's a shit thread.

    Edited by Dirtbox at 16:22:15 02-02-2013
  • Dirtbox 2 Feb 2013 16:21:55 88,378 posts
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    Post deleted
  • Futuristicgamer 2 Feb 2013 16:22:52 6 posts
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    Dirtbox wrote:
    You know that 99% of this forum use the all thread view, right? You're not going to make any friends by spamming the place up with the same thread over and over.
    Spamming? I'm replacing a closed thread= No spam.
  • Dirtbox 2 Feb 2013 16:24:52 88,378 posts
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    Nah, you're just going to get yourself banned instead. Your thread didn't get locked, it got merged. Read the text at the bottom and click the link.
  • Dirtbox 2 Feb 2013 16:26:07 88,378 posts
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    Good luck making a thread for a topic that doesn't already exist in some form.
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