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  • -cerberus- 30 Jan 2013 20:35:16 2,946 posts
    Seen 18 minutes ago
    Registered 3 years ago

    Kickstarter Trailer

    Official Website

    Survival horror goodness, it seems!

    Take the plastic bag challenge to cure stupidity.

  • MetalDog 30 Jan 2013 20:55:26 23,697 posts
    Seen 13 hours ago
    Registered 13 years ago
    Always up for a chance of being scared by game.
    Kickstarter page:

    Steam greenlit. I wish them well.

    Edited by MetalDog at 21:01:02 30-01-2013

    -- boobs do nothing for me, I want moustaches and chest hair.

  • neilka 30 Jan 2013 21:04:46 16,105 posts
    Seen 10 minutes ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Looking forward to it, get Scratches from GOG if you haven't already played it!

    Lastly, I am gay, disabled, and a liberal.

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