NTSC NES in black and white

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  • Psiloc 14 Jan 2013 13:43:53 1,877 posts
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    Before you say "get an RGB cable", remember that the NES isn't RGB compatible :).

    So I bought an NTSC NES motherboard so I could play games in 60hz and full screen, like you do. However after hooking it up I learnt the TV in my game room apparently supports 60hz but NOT actual NTSC colour, so I get a stable full-screen image but just in black and white. I didn't know this until now because my NTSC consoles happened to be hooked up via RGB and the 60hz consoles that are composite/RF are obviously just PAL60.

    I've found these on ebay:


    but I'm worried about how well an 18 adapter from Hong Kong can do this kind of conversion.

    Has anybody overcome a similar problem before? Ideally I'd like the end result to still be full screen and it still being 60hz is a must.

    *fully expects 0 replies* :)

    21 consoles, 5 handhelds, 2 PCs, 1 Mac and about 700 games from the past 30 years. Every major manufacturer and developer represented. Still a fanboy for disagreeing with you.

  • neilka Funniest Forumite, 2014 14 Jan 2013 13:51:54 16,905 posts
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    Buy an Xbox


  • BigOrkWaaagh 14 Jan 2013 13:53:15 2,598 posts
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    Get an RGB cable.
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