Batman: Year One (Animated)

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  • Deleted user 12 December 2012 16:37:25
    I have the chance to pick up Batman: Year One on Blu-Ray reasonably cheap and I want to know what your thoughts are on it.

    I know the iconic Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy isn't in it and I've heard conflicting reports if it's worth watching or not. Help?
  • quadfather 12 Dec 2012 16:49:53 16,164 posts
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    One good animated one is the batman beyond: return of the joker if you haven't already seen it

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  • Moot_Point 12 Dec 2012 16:57:33 4,778 posts
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    Watched this ages ago. Have they given up on making Year Two?


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  • Deleted user 12 December 2012 17:02:35
    @quadfather Yeah, I watched that a looong time ago. It's a shame it wasn't released over here. Warner Brothers are terrible for not releasing DC animated stuff over here. They didn't even bother to release all of the 90's Batman The Animated Series.
  • Tonka 12 Dec 2012 20:24:39 22,412 posts
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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    It's a slavish animated adaptation of the comic with zero additional creative interpretation. The most significant side effect of this is that is feels really static.

    If you can read this you really need to fiddle with your forum settings.

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