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  • whatthefu 28 Nov 2012 18:49:47 878 posts
    Seen 4 months ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    I can set my processor fan to 40% in SpeedFan and its pretty silent. When I reboot or awaken the pc from sleep, it goes back up to 100%. How can I set it to 40% until I choose to change it myself?
  • OmniaVincitAmor 28 Nov 2012 18:52:05 1,640 posts
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    Registered 4 years ago
    Best thread ever.

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  • whatthefu 28 Nov 2012 18:54:18 878 posts
    Seen 4 months ago
    Registered 9 years ago
    Best response ever.
    I will use your help carefully
  • RobTheBuilder 28 Nov 2012 18:57:34 6,521 posts
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    Registered 10 years ago
    Have you tried asking it nicely?
  • jellyhead 28 Nov 2012 19:17:54 24,350 posts
    Seen 2 years ago
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    @whatthefu DB should be along in a bit with a decent anser. All i can suggest is looking to see if you can get speedfan to start with Windows which should then apply the settings.

    Also what motherboard do you have? You may be able to set the speeds there.

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  • RobTheBuilder 28 Nov 2012 19:28:00 6,521 posts
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    @jellyhead Is speedfan running on startup? There might be a bios setting that could help?

    Feel free to ignore when a better answer appears.
  • mrpon 28 Nov 2012 19:30:08 29,973 posts
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    Try PMing anthonypappa if you're desperate. What he doesn't know about fans etc..

    Give me 5 I'm worth it.

  • Spectral 28 Nov 2012 19:30:44 5,025 posts
    Seen 10 minutes ago
    Registered 11 years ago
    Not really an answer to your question but properly configuring speedfan to automatically raise the speed if the temp rises can be a pain in the arse. After lots of messing about when I first got my pc I just bought a quiet fan and leave at 100%

    Edit: But yeah if you only want to control it manually just put speedfan in startup so it automagically loads when you start the pc/come out of sleep.

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